Neptune Emergent

Neptune/Chiron trine Ceres/Pan trine Psyche/Saturn = excellent grasp of basic, practical magic & your own energies/intent if you set your mind to it and don’t let it meander down toxic memory road. Or linger in a stuck old bit of your brain that you KNOW you’re over. New neural pathways are The Everything now. Intuition – yes. Nebulous idiocy – no.

Also, the Daily Mystic email just got sent out, complete with a mini-take on the main weirding of December. NO it’s not Mayan. As always, if you are a Bliss or a Mega Mystic subscriber, you’re meant to get it so let me know if you are not please.


Images: Virgil Finlay

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53 thoughts on “Neptune Emergent

  1. So true. Have had an experience today where I got a clear message that it’s not my job to fuq with the universe’s plans. Intuition is going bonkers which has become the new normal.
    Love love love the picture, btw – must buy one!

  2. Love love love this pic! My chart is ruled by Neptune and I have spent this eve waiting for a delayed plane to get me home even though I got to the airport early and asked them to put me on an earlier flight as it would be delayed … Seriously I didn’t even think this through twice ( v tired from huge work weekend so that helped) but of course they only shift you free of charge if they know the plane will be delayed ….. Which of course they didn’t πŸ™‚
    Anyhoo have spent hours and hours with said tired brain catching myself doing boring ex fantasy convos …. Which I genuinely am NOT interested in and remind myself of your wise words mystic! This weeks mantra retrain brain and fantasies what I want to materialize!!
    Sleep now

  3. this is one pisces image that I genuinely admire. Maiden, fish, pearls, seashells, stars, symbols.. πŸ™‚

    flogging / fanning into life the flickering spark of motivation for fitness / health and creativity start-up phase. About 1000 planets move into my 6th house within days of each other so i guess that’s what you might call catching a wave.

  4. Again, I don’t know what I should look at but I am complete agitated. Short tempered over little things… This past week I was contacted by my lawyer (who I haven’t paid yet because of finances) my old apartment complex (they want me to pay a $2k termination fee even though they rented out my apartment already) and I just gave over $130 to a charity that I know nothing about.. I do these things (pay for a charity) and then I get angry later. That is a lot of money. I feel guilty for turning them down. So.. Off to to see what I can figure out.. xo!!

  5. How synchronistic…I put on my update that with every no-rejection it brings me closer to the best Yes (was referring to job searching). I even wrote that “the Multiverser and I are in sync”! I mean, I didn’t use to be like this with having faith, so I’m verklempt about this. It just came out and, again synchronistically, the latest Oracle question I asked re: best career-biz strategy, the answer was “treat yourself to something wonderful. It’s all falling into place. More trust!’, which I actually asked yesterday. I’m pretty chuffed since I can’t wait until next year, as I’ve been told of upcoming changes that mean more responsibilities for the casual gigs I’m doing. I’m still open to the Multiverse re: the one more main-job-type gig that’s going to provide stability and the main income, so keeping the faith. =)

    Interestingly, I find the Oracle answer to the biz question perfectly believable, whereas when it came to this random person and the Qs I asked and the answers I got, well, I was laughing incredulously. Soz Mystic, but when I was asking about this guy, I actually thought the Oracle was buggered or smth…! They go well together, though, as in together they make sense. But yeah, still, I still giggle in a ‘yeah right’ way reading them. =) Esp. as I was just enjoying my day at the Melbourne MBS festival, feeling good knowing I had Venus trining my natal Jupiter that day, beaut spring day, wore brights, totes didn’t expect meeting anyone, let alone feel curious and lust and have my interest and curiousity piqued. Not the Intended my grandma and three psychics have told me about, but hey, until that happens I’m still free. =) It was enough in that I was pleasantly surprised to find myself being open to the idea of a something, so yeah, it was good.

  6. Damn, spose to day “the Multiverse”…although multiverser sounds good too.

  7. neptune is really arcing up in my day world right now. I just want to wear capes and swan around without confinements lol

  8. I love this Mystic!!
    Neptune is trine my Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune all in Scorpio in my 10th house..
    I feel like I am more apt to clean something right now, I am very organized at the moment as well. I also want to drink a bunch of purple dragon mojo juice or what ever name you call the need to ecscape..
    you are wonderful!

  9. I think I’m lingering in the old part of my brain like Malkovich. Need to get out of there! I did think I was over all that but oh the wounds.

  10. Our Qi Vampire awful roommate moved out today! Hallelujah! I have a strong Neptune and am an empath, so I pick up on others’ vibes. Ugh, he was truly bad and now he’s gone! Such soul-sucking Qi.

    Here’s my Neptune emergent poem:

    I pour waters in and I pour waters out,
    The tides teach what they show.
    I pour waters out and I pour waters in,
    The tides they ebb and flow.

  11. Im all neptuney like never before.
    Saturn conj Neptune
    Neptune trine mars
    Neptune sq Jupiter
    Neptune opp Pluto

    Neptune is my 5th house ruler in Scorpio.
    These transits go on for years.
    I’m loving the vibe actually.

  12. My mind is floating from one shore to another, no anchor in sight. With pain comes understanding, with understanding comes acceptance, with acceptance letting go. But what a lonely road this is.

  13. My ZZ is officially over. Woke to an email to say my trial has been dropped, my case dismissed. Only met with the barrister on Friday arvo.. Toothless lo- virgo faghag’s statement of lies were exposed after her prison records came thro’ at last minute. Prosecution has to reimburse my costs to legal beavers AND i’m eligible for financial comp.
    I will ask the earth, so to speak πŸ™‚

    Who’s the happy Sagg? Who can now celebrate Victory and who coincidentally brought out the card of Victoria, Roman goddess of victory
    yesterday and placed the Horse (Power) next to her. Put 5 drops of Artmenisia ess oil on pillow last night, woke to a dream come true.

    Justice has been done, it took six gruelling months & 4 court dates.
    Telling my lawyer to ‘man up’ shook him up but he came thro’ as my hero
    in the end.
    I WON! I beat the Vamps next door. I am wearing a grin from ear to ear.
    Thank you all. We know you can’t keep Good Woman down, not for long anyways.

    • Flippin’ excellent Pegs…good job and congrats! xo

      Just said the fuqin radio goo-goo and ga-ga..someone loves you..x

      • Sagg Sun currently 11 degrees sextile Gem Jupiter 11…

        You’re a Sagg…any correlation there?

        • Thinking there must be as my Aries Sun 11 and i’m on your wave length seems like….radio goo ~n~ ga…lol

      • Was thinking of you when i wrote, Sweetie & how you was rootin’ for me πŸ™‚
        so tp speak….on the other hand, i wish you would just call the Toro, why have him in your mind, when he can have you under his hands. Say to yourself ‘ i will not fall in love, i’m doin’ it for the Goddess of Touch.

        • Yes, we must have both been posting at the same time…

          Haha, no, I just won’t do it. It’s been a month and he knows he can call..He should have called in the first place after he said he would…this is his doing..I like torturing him anyhow . πŸ˜‰

          In any case, there has been an out of state vehicle in his drive way for over two weeks…(of course I peek when I drive by)…

          So he’s had company of some sort or another…And if it’s a woman, thats his business…I’d still go out with him. This is a very Uranian thing and i need to be just as free as him meaning, he needs to know I’m not needy and not calling him…

          I’ll keep you posted but in the Radio Ga Ga song it says :”you’ve yet to have your finest hour”…But you did!


          • The Pisces called me stubborn a few times….Must be Toro Venus/Lilith square Uranus in Leo (fixed signs…ha)

      • Thanx Matie,
        the Barrister i met with on Friday had a meeting room that looked similar, just a bit similar, to the drawing in the Monday scopes.
        Walked in and said ‘ths is so Harry Potter’ antiques, cathederal ceilings, and books books books.
        Magic in the room?

        • You so deserve this! Brilliant news and so, so happy for you Pegasus lady. Salud to Victoria & the Horse she rode in on! Hug, Andy.

    • Far out, Pegasus! That’s just the BEST NEWS. You must be over the moon, loveliness. All that time…so long to be under that cloud…i’m so glad you have your VICTORY. Lots of love xxx

    • Fantastic Pegs!!

      Just in time for a well deserved Saggilicious new moon x

      Do you think it coincided with the last couple of eclipses then? Timeframe’s about right.

  14. Radio ga-ga and Radio goo-goo


    That’s about it

    “So don’t become some background noise~

    ~Someone still loves you~ πŸ˜‰

  15. Speaking of Neptune, I would love to get the perspective of anyone who has experienced Neptune square Sun. It is coming up for me March 2013 – Jan 2015. Everything I read about it seems so negative and I wonder if it is really THAT bad, or if so how t best work with it. Natally I have Neptune conj Sun in the 4th House Sag. Pisces is intercepted in the Seventh house, Aquarius on the cusp (naturally) so I have had and will continue to have an interminable amount of time with Neptune doing its biz in the 7th. I would loooove opinions x

    • Im doing it now but its bobbing at the end of it. it has been hard but I think it depends where you are in life and I also had some killer saturn transits as well so the fog was hard as the uranus transit i was on previous took out my support and re tornado’d me. Neptune it’self as my natal is 6th was annoying for work and as a visual person not seeing was annoying (still is) but I was quite psychic with it in the 8th.

    • here is an easy cheat for this – look up celebrities born about a week before you – they will have been doing Neptune sq Sun and be helpfully in the public eye with anything neptunian – their strange relationships, nude pix emerging, drug issues OR finding of Source, amazing career/artistic breakthroughs and astral travel.

  16. Telegram to Descendant… Please remember you have Neptune on you. Please do something about it. Yeahcheersthanks.

  17. Hi, I am a subscriber and no, I am to receiving my daily mystic. Thankfully I have a friend who is forwarding her copy to me in the mean time. ????

    • Hi Heidi, I suggest you send Mystic an email and she can check your sub at her end.

      You’re not with Telstra are you? There was a bit of that during Mercury rets.

        • Um, no if you’re with Telstra then contact them. They have been blocking them. Let them know you are paying for this sub and it isn’t spam etc.

          Best I can figure is they’ve moving all their platform from to Windows Live as I’m getting more spam than ever and also had this problem.

          Just email. Don’t stay on hold for .. evvvver!!

            • Have a look at the article by MM – Mercury on Hold. A number of people had this issue. Obviously not all and even with mine it was intermittent. Not a Telstra bagging sesh, just a thing.. or perhaps guff would be a better word?

              Just sayin πŸ™‚

    • Hey it is definitely worth emailing me so i can sort this out as i do not always have time to read all the comments – i just happened to see this. I think Telstra sorted their crap out…x

      • Um, not playing door bitch Myst x

        Hope they have.. but have they? lol. In a former incarnation I was privy to their inner workings πŸ˜‰

        • Thank you both, I will send an email to Telstra and hopefully by sometime in the next century they’ll have sorted it out!