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Hydration! Transverse Abdominus! Saturn on Midheaven – just do it! Sleep Hygiene! Dating The Sane! Mating, But Not In Captivity.ย  Lilith trines Pluto! Growth: Hair, Psyche, Patience!

Wait; that’s just my personal notes. Horoscopes wise, i have been thinking about this and thank you guys for your thoughts as well…And here is how it is going to go down.

* Monthly Horoscopes are going to stay but morphed into a whole new style. As you would have gathered, the previous ones being primarily for In Style magazine, were of a quite different style. So from January 1, you’ll get the new super-whacked-out Monthly Horoscopes. They will be a whole fresh vibe. Apologies to those who preferred the more subdued oestro-mag style of the other ones but hey, what can we do? If you have any particular requests (the other day someone asked that i feature more of asteroid Lucifer – w.t.f?) bung them in the comments. No guarantees as i have my own thoughts on how this is going to pan out but please, love your thoughts.

* The new Scheduler will be launched in Feb – so that i have time to perfect it. Apologies for lack of a January Scheduler but peeps i can’t do everything and still stay fresh enough to think straight about Dark Moon Qi Vampires, Love Zombie Alerts, the Zap Zone and all. It will mean if you have something to schedule a few months ahead, you can check out that month and pick the best date. But it won’t be in detail. For that you need…

* The Daily Horoscopes are (i.m.o) the jewel in the crown. They’re not even really Daily Horoscopes as in i’ll dart forward to mention a vital date months ahead or take the time to do an important Sun/Rising sign rant if necessary. Scorpios, for instance, don’t so much need a daily run-down at the mo as to be gently coaxed into their Brave New Saturn World. Virgos need to get a planning for how to exploit the powers of uber-Jupiter blitzing their Brill Career from late Jan. But they are daily in that are up-dated every day and always as relevant as i can make them sans going insane.They also include Bast, Dark Moon Lilith, Circe, Pan and other asteroid players.

And obviously if there is something BIG happening, each sign/rising sign gets their own take on it. Some say they’re too bitchy/career-money obsessed or even sociopathic but actually, the days they’re really agave and clammy muu-muu soppy are usually when there is serious shit going down. Plus it’s the Zap Zone; my mission is to help you guys thrive, not blob out in hippyville. In 2013, i’m putting the Void Moons in as always but ONLY if they’re super-long ones…it’s not worth getting compulsive-weird about teensy little ones. Having said that, i am still (sort of, a bit) in holiday mode so i forget to put down the super long Void Moon in Kataka this weekend. SORRY! Fixing that now.

The Daily Horoscopes also include the bonus Astro-Flash from the lovely Kim Falconer – she has a brilliant perspective (a bit different from mine so it is a good balance & she is a genius at Draconic astrology).

* The Weekly Horoscopes have been shorter of late – this is because they’re primarily written for the Australian newspaper and they’ve asked for a heaps shorter word length, for various reasons. It’s not practical to add on extra sentences for just the site version, it really isn’t. I considered it. You can still read them there if you’d rather purchase that newspaper than contribute to my Anti-Qi-Vampire-Fund-Of-Awesome. So they’re succinct, timely and all but personally i would prefer a greater length with them. But i compensate with the Daily Horoscopes being longer. And i’m going to totally compensate with the Monthly Horoscopes.

* What else…oh yes, the Oracle is just the Oracle – accurate a lot of the time and really annoying when it tells one to fuq off and get some work done instead of “researching” non-viable lust objects. Pffft. Also, the Daily Mystic email is more the must-know for all the signs and is particularly useful if you can’t read your Horoscopes for whatever reason. Or just want to skim a general astro-scape so that you’re prepped. And i am changing it in 2013 so ALL the subscribers get it. Not just Bliss Mystic & Mega Mystic.

* AND this is by corrective narking emails popular request. On January 12 – (Jan 11 if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) with the New Moon in Capricorn, I am launching the fabulous Astro-Bitch: 2013 Must Know Mission Statement Horoscopes for each sign. I’m going to do them like Astro-Bitch: Cosmic Love Tips 2013. So they will be instantly down-loadable e-books, pay whatever you want.



Image: Ursula (Pisces) Andress – Casino Royale

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73 thoughts on “My Radical New Horoscopes Agenda

  1. I must say Transversus Abdominus at least 300 times a day. Made me laugh out loud to see it written here.

    Whatever you do/don’t do with the horoscopes will be awesome. It always is.

  2. It all sounds amazing. You are rocking Saturn on your Midheaven!

    I’ve learned to view Saturn in a whole new way by reading your site over the last year. One of the best evolutions of my interior life in 2012.

  3. Faves, fresh new vibes and some funny sh!t.. Lucifer and the Oracle doles out the bird for non essential research lol.

  4. Aaaaah I need to know every void moon! For Tarot and writing it just turns out better and sharper and deeper when the moon is void! is there a site that tells you all void moons, even if it’s only for an hour aaaaaah! Or is there a d.i.y. way to find out at astrodienst?

    sorry to cry. love everything else in this post.

    • Ahhh… dry your eyes lovely, plenty of places for that info for example astroprofile ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • yes, what Scorchy says. is my go-to for all the important data like VOC moons, eclipses, Mercury retrogrades, etc. I love esp. their Mercury retrograde calendars because it shows when Mercury is “in the red,” that is when it’s not moving more than 1 degree a day. I have found that those days are indeed when Mercury snafus are the most pronounced.

  5. Hmm, interesting re the Void Moon – I give it in four timezones which i don’t think other sites do – i do sydney, l.a , new york and london – so easier to work out for your zone…

    I’ll think about it – if void moons are important to you, let me know! likewise if the scheduler would be used — ie; months ahead, check a date…

    • Definitely couldn’t work out my mood or the vibe today until I read of the extended void and then it all clicked in.

      I do like to know the extended at least but I’m a bit of a moon watcher in general.

      • Agreed. I’m not a scheduler but I do find knowing the void moons helpful so if things get a little extra woo-woo I know not to act.

    • Didn’t even ‘think’ about the timezone when I surf other sites…I just scan on the fly. Yes, naturally that’s important!

      Void moon = void brain lol.

    • It is possible to get emphemris apps you know. That tell you current positions. Or look at astrodeinst.

    • would love to know the void moons please – I copy everything into ical – if it were available as a pubished or exported ical calendar that’d be awesome – you just type all your schizz into the mac calendar and then export the ical document or email it or whatever and peeps can just load it into their calendar with a few clicks. I think even android can use that format. but maybe I’m wrong about that. In mine it has its own colour and category so i can turn it off if visitors are around. I use it to organise business things around rather than fun/life things. Am super disappointed January won’t happen – it’s the stacked up and the busiest month I’ve had in years – an extravaganza of sorts : ) but I guess astrodienst will have to do in the meantime. It’ll be all about girding my loins to celebrate saturn in scorpio or some other cautionary crap.

      Thanks for your hard work with the new stuff.

    • I have to admit, I do appreciate the void moon information. I have three personal planets in Cancer. It’s really helpful.

  6. I have saturn-mars-northnode in scorpio on MC/10th, Sun-Mercury Libra in 9th house and am rocking it this year! I didn’t download the cosmic love advice but the mission statements sound great so I might give it a go.

  7. Oooh, can we please have a Ms Capricorn year run-down on the January Monthly scopes page? We always miss out as you had a deal with In Style of some sort (sorry, I don’t buy mags).

    But only if convenient. Okay, now I feel demanding and ungrateful. Blame Pluto on my sun with opposing full moon, etc etc. It’s my birthday on Monday. Woo hoo!

    You”re awesome and can’t wait for another year of Mystic!!

    • In case I’m not around Monday, Happy Birthday for Monday EG!!! Wishing you a spiffy and spankalicious day filled with love, big-bright-blessings and all your assorted schnukems! :)

        • It’s Monday, so congrats on another 356 & a bit days around the Sun EG.
          Put on your tights & spikes, shake those gorgeous locks and go have some serous fun.
          If the world’s your oyster you will find the pearl.

          • Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!! I feel I am so much stronger after these 365 days! Have an awesome new year, Peg :)

  8. “Astro-Bitch: Cosmic Love Tips 2013……… they will be instantly down-loadable e-books, pay whatever you want.” And this is what i love and keeps me coming back – a faith in the beautiful and magical art of giving and ‘expecting’ nothing in return……. yet, i suspect, you are receiving so much! A powerful demonstration of faith and acceptance to us all :) You go MM xx

  9. Saturn on MC whoa I remember that. 15 years ago. Insane study ethic, started officially exercising around then and became fitness / diet FREAK for about 18 mths, was probably a bit serious and scary. But also the gloss of late teens was shining high. Naturally being saturn, I also – inexplicably – hated myself … Too ugly, too much of a loner, shit marks at uni (lol not straight HD’s), non-adoring BF – that one was true sadly, too fat, gawd the list was endless. Sadly was no kind/wise woman on hand to guide me. Ah well, that’s what cap moon and pisces sun is for isn’t it..DIY life. Take care mystic. Make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself xxx

  10. Dearest Mystic my subscription ends on the first do I renew it on that day or should I do it prior? Ps I love your awesome insightful advice thankyou for steering me through some tight spots this year.

  11. SO EXCITED!!! esp super psyched about the next astro-bitch! can’t wait to get my mission statement. will it self-destruct after it is read? ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe.

  12. SOOOO looking forward to all the newness Mystic!! And thank you for em!

    Funny you mentioned the Australian, they were the reason I got onto your genius, have followed you for yonks now! I used to cut out the weeklies and pasted them on my journal…….teeeheeee…..

    Not long until I birth myself anew, so fuqing excited! Am buying green candles tomorrow, and prepping/visualizing the ritual for Monday. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I miss the gloss mag inside The Australian, the reason i bought it. Since Myst’s not in the magazine part, it’s cache is lost & haven’t purchased it, their loss.
      Yup used to cut it out paste in diary before joining site 7 years ago. SEVEN! Gleaned so much in that time & made friendships that are precious thro’ highs & lows.
      Love waking up to the Daily Mystic, even tho’ i don’t understand it till later in the morn when more lucid :-)
      As a Very Private & Discerning person it has given me
      opportunity to reach out & share with personages of like ilk that i would never have met in day to day interactions, and a kinda secret world happening at my fingertips.
      Most appreciated.

    • Ditto UVP re Australian intro to Mystic!! Never buy it now since she’s not in Magazine. xx

  13. MM – I got my postcard. You owned my smile for like 5 minutes. Thanks for that. Whatever you do I am sure it will be awesome. I’m happy to contribute funds to your anti-qi-vampire empire.

  14. so astro bitch:Mission 2013 will be this year’s version of annual horoscopes. I’ve loved and lived by the yearly horoscopes you’ve done in the past. They’re great.

  15. Sounds like a great plan! I too wish the weekly scopes were longer but it all makes sense. Take your time making the changes, I’d rather them be light or delayed temporarily and you enjoying the process vs hating it!!!! Thanks for all you do, cannot imagine life without this wonderful program. It has helped and motivated me through massive life changes over the last 5 weeks and gave me a little anchor to hold onto.

  16. the new changes sounds lovely. i am looking forward to the awesomeness of the monthly scopes!! My virgo rising will go crazy with details and mapping out all the best dates. thanks love.

  17. I’ve never seen the magazine with your monthly scopes, but I don’t see why anyone would want them to be subdued. The wild attitude of Rockie Gardiner is what first got me interested in astrology. So go crazy.

    • In Style mag is not Rolling Stone, it’s very mainstream Charles, as way of explanation. Something that usually hangs out at Doctor’s/Dentists waiting rooms.
      And btw wishing you a prosperous NY, however that prosperity works for you, creatively or financially :-)

  18. Thank you MM for the upbeat words and truly beautiful images and all the lol moments. This has been my year of challenges and turn a rounds so it has been a real port in a storm for me. Thank you to all the other people who make this such a great blog xxmm

  19. “Some say theyโ€™re too bitchy/career-money obsessed or even sociopathic”
    bah ha ha – we love it!

    • Boxing Day get together, Mystic was mentioned as having a ‘quirky ‘way of writing. Obviously they have never been on the blog to read The Real Mystic…lol.
      The same person who said that, actually introduced me to Bernadette Brady in ’88 on an intro to astro seminar.
      What BB said about Libran Moon totally blew me away, especially the mid-heaven aspect.
      Up until then, it was Linda Goodman, then Athena Starwoman, remember her (if in Oz?).
      We have come a long way……………………..

      • haha yes I remember the Australian astrologers. We have come a long way. MMs astrology takes in culture, global events, positive psychology and so much more.We are indeed very lucky!

  20. was back on track then i lost flower remedy
    fringed violet for psychic protection have had the hardest year
    health and $ wise that i was not able to get the half price deal
    payed of loan as of next week so will have $65 extra per week
    pls have another special deal to help
    GETTING A 2013 diary to
    write in wth pics
    to work on challenges in chart
    eg- packed 6th hse ……
    ……awake to ki energy drainers
    aware when interacting how does this person effect how i feel
    if feeling yr energy drained
    straight away end the interaction as watch they not let that happen
    i was giving a reading to this person who was crippled
    every thing i said for her to try she said she not able to drive etc
    i gave and gave and the reading was over
    she wanted to get every last bit of energy i had
    PLS i had period so how is that
    then a past draining friend walks by and i have to talk to her
    I not have skills for this as they get sent left, right and centre

    anyway i know what to do
    when this happens again
    i will look at clock
    and say i have to work
    keep repeating it
    to the energy stealer
    be polite it ends faster

  21. All sounds fab Mystic…and we’ll cope without a scheduler for January as I’ve had to develop my own (saturn conjunct MC from 11 jan, need I say more).

  22. So excited for the new super whacked out monthly horoscopes! Sounds like fun. You getting to be more you can only be good. I find it so energizing when you have a rant. Love that you have raised my Lilith awareness. Thank you so much for all of your great work. Happy New Year MM!

  23. LOL Transverse Abdominus brings me straight back to 10+ years with personal trainer. I still do it on autopilot several times a day actually. Thought I was weird with the daily auto thought pops – eg TA, kegels, posture (imagine a silver thread from the head..) etc. Thankful for it – great sex life after two natural births – virginal almost. Sorry TMI…

    • Absolutley not TMI, we need to know it works. I refuse to call them Kegels tho’ as named after a man, same as our G-spot
      (from dr. graffenberg)..
      Working the pc muscles can result in spontaneous orgasms :-) Ha the wisdom of yoni.

  24. I’m feeling the zap zone all over my first house stellium in Libra. Pluto and Uranus have been opposing or squaring my intimates for a lifetime. Next up: Uranus opposing and Pluto squaring my Mercury. Can the aliens just come and take me away now? When’s the next armageddon?

      • I have mars-Pluto-mercury conjunction. It’s been like non-stop pluto-Uranus transits. My sun, rising and midheaven are all mercury ruled and I feel the pressure. I don’t know if I now feel like time is running out or if I always have. But everyday I feel like it’s my last-only chance to speak. I need to slow down and be surprised. Whew.

          • This transit is really bringing up childhood issues for me. Child-me’s agenda is like “Why should I be quiet? No one listens. No one cares about the truth around here.” Silence would be really hard, but I do need to learn to be a grown-up. I’m not a disempowered kid any longer. And no one sees me that way but me. Why would I want them to?

            The child wants to be seen. I better meditate with her – especially about issues of communication. Honestly, I am scared to go there, which means I must really need to. Fuq.

            • please look and see if you’re having a chiron pluto transit as well. also be aware that there are cultural differences between how the people of different towns, cities and nations respond to ‘stimulus’. sometimes the reception you receive isn’t a conscious choice on the part of others. Just as your actions are not consciously intended in the manner they are received.

              • it’s all about the delivery. there are the learned modes of delivery and then there are the innate. But the fact is you have a piercing mind and you like to push boundaries so no amount of exterior grooming will ever get the subject matter under control. which is why the delivery is so important. Just as long as you’re not diminishing yourself in the process.

  25. Yeh to the changes to the monthly scopes, beening a cap means we have missed out every year on the ‘Year ahead’ and monthly insights for a long time.
    The mags loss and our gain.
    Also sounds like a growth plan that we all sould be doing. :)