Lunar Virgo Strikes Again

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Hey, so who’s Virgoing out with the Moon?

The astro is both strongly Uranian AND lunar Virgo.Β  Cleansed but completely bats and ‘don’t mess with me’. Plus Mars is near Eros and Jupiter is on Bitch Goddess Lilith. There is a LOT going on. But first, do the Moon. If you don’t channel the Virgo vibe, it turns turgid and neurotic.

And the Weekly Horoscopes from December 8 are now posted…


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94 thoughts on “Lunar Virgo Strikes Again

  1. Medical health check ups tick. Work admin emails lists etc tick. Uranian oddness with impending urgency feeling check … Going to bed early to catch up on sleep after epic work bender and avoid eating ridiculous non food carbs… Absolutely! Bring on next thurs new moon with a well rested me at the helm!! Pleeeeese!! Loving all the neptunian art btw. Most nourishing to my increasingly fishy sensibilities πŸ™‚

  2. Just completed a chunk of Xmas shopping and admin, booked check up, told myself I didn’t need to buy those large KFC chips as there were plenty of non carb loaded or fryed vegetables in the fridge at home. (Virgo rising)

    Noticing a lot of agro tho. Road rage incidents a plenty. And I know it’s a tense time of year but this feels different.

  3. Well… I am deep in organisation mode, getting ready for my next ‘job’ which involves sailing in Antarctica for 2 months in a 75 foot yacht, following a guy who is doing the same, albeit in a 22 foot row boat. See here:

    So I am furiously packing up my life, throwing stuff out, giving stuff away, radically culling my wardrobe of everything naff/unsuitable, getting my ‘affairs’ in order (whatever that means) and all the other assorted organisation that goes with being completely out of civilisation for two months (and this means no mystic either!!)

    Lucky I’ve got natal Mars in Virgo!

    • Fantastic! Absolutely crazy but omg what an adventure.
      Saw a brief news blurb on it yesterday and felt a mixture of envy, admiration and intrigue.

      • Thanks. I think good luck is definitely going to be needed at times, so thanks for wishing me well.

      • Thanks! I think my internet is going to be super slow down there (think genuine 1990’s dial up speeds) so I doubt I will be able to access MM for a while. I don’t know what is worse: missing coffee or missing Mystic!

        • Go and conquer the world! Drop a note here just to mark your whereabouts and we will keep our fingers crossed!

        • Actually, I have been on very remote Indonesian islands all year and Mystic’s site has often been the only one loading out here. It is amazingly fast and seems to work heaps better than hotmail. facebook, google even and all the other jazz you might or might not miss down there. So here’s a glimmer of hope! Everytime I get off a ship or off an unihabited island and back online, Mystic’s website is the first I check! Good luck on your adventure and remember, after all, it’s going to be exactly what she always says – evolve or evaporate!

          • Oh yes this is a major ‘evolve or evaporate’ moment for sure! Thanks for the well wishes.

    • Safe Travels Toromojorising
      What amazing memories your making
      Blessings and enjoy your sea dreams !

        • Toromojorising, i know you’re going to be busy and all, but remember how you promised to send our minds back on a whale if you saw them floating about the icy seas? Well, it’s probably ok to leave it where it is, frolicking in the Antarctic. I think it needs the holiday. So all you need to do is wave and send it love.

          Have a grand adventure. I hope that even with the hard work you do the Antarctic blows your mind and freshens the heart xxx

          • Ah yes, of course. If I locate your mind I will send it back with a migratory whale!

    • Oh god… Sailing in antarctica… Remote indo islands… What am I doing with my life?!!!!! Where are you, money? Is this the point where I divest myself of my beautiful italian shoes, silk tops, treasured trinkets? But what happens when I grow tired of wearing the same pair of trousers 30 days in a row? Gore-tex has a lot to answer for you know! Jaysus pi, you’re only fighting yourself here … :/

      • I hear you pi (I’m a triple Taurus, I like my ‘stuff’). But I am actually looking forward to this period of two months where I won’t wear make up, have access to a wardrobe of fine clothing or shower that often. Yes, I will stink by the end and probably resemble Charlize Theron in her ‘Monster’ stage, but I think it’s worth it!

        • When I heard about this adventure on the news I thought of you. It’s finally happening ! Good luck and take an ephemeris with you.
          The astro might come in handy. What sign was Shackleton ?

          • Ah yes I need to start looking into astro of this. I know that Shackleton was an Aquarius… with lots of other plants in Aquarius too. But.. I need to get Tim Jarvis’ birthday to do his chart, since he is re-enacting the expedition. Will have to ask him for his birthday!

  4. So not feeling it. I spent the day reading and am now haphazardly planing a hike to the mountains of Jupiter. In a ‘oh yeah, snow on the mountains you say? Hope I’ve got enough layers, should know in a few days time’ kind of way. Better pack extra chocolate. Virgo is so last life baby (south node in Virgo)!!

  5. Moon in virgo plus uranian? That explains why I started sorting out my linen and stopped half way through….

  6. Slowly but creatively putting my new apartment together. For some reason I get the feeling I will have people over this time. I need to make it workable. I have some talented “peeps” helping me with this.

    Heading to the cold area of the US for a visit with the family. Not looking forward to it but it is what it is.

    I haven’t had a drink in 4 days.

    Eating much better and my body is reacting in a good way. Although my eyes are strained. Pinhole glasses to the rescue.

    Toro/Gem is back at his hiding scheme..

    Got my toe nails done.. LOL!! πŸ™‚

  7. Threw pit lots of clothes that dont fit anymore . No more keeping crap shoes aswell. Dont feel great though! Really unsettled all day.

  8. I’m totally Virgoing out after lazy arsed Leo void moon yesterday. Hired a ute and went for a long drive to pick up some antique dining chairs (they need restored, and I have no table but meh), then off to get some book cases, grocery shopped, got the cat registered, removed body hair, weeded garden, swept front steps and pathway, enquired about antique lounge suite I’m thinking of buying, enquired about removal costs of aforementioned antique lounge suite, did the dishes,moved all boxes and belongings from4 rooms and hall in preperation for commercial carpet cleaning tomorrow, and quality play time with kitty followed by catnip sesh. Now I’m fuqing nackered, but I can’t rest until I’m precision planned what needs to get done tomorrow, which would be all the shit I failed to get onto today. I wish the moon was in Virgo every day.

  9. Insisted my four year old tidy up his toys BEFORE he started playing with them when we got home this afternoon. Thought he looked at me funny! I’m normally pretty relaxed re toys strewn around the living room most of the time.

  10. All prominent ex’s (several overseas) have contacted me this week. Not in a get back way just to check in. My energy is on radical change this week after absolute hell Monday. I am finding it really hard not to crush things that block me, some of them are to be crushed but its a process of discrimination lol. Have been feeling the most unsexual since I can remember, like the thought actually makes me sick, I just want to feel safe in my own skin because I feel like a snake shedding and it’s not a glam process. Very odd to be surrounded by party season feeling all game plan and anarchist jail break.

  11. In the zone. Made dental apps, signed up for three online courses because I’m bored of waiting until next year to learn, watched about 20 massively inspiring talks on and started the hunt for a very good therapist. I’m not going to do 2013 or the rest of my life feeling so endlessly vile about myself or wait for the next round of hefty Pluto transits to do it for me. Hell no.

  12. When did I get a Gravatar image again?? Bizarre, I haven’t been anywhere near it or changed my email address!

    • whoa. That is definitely an uncommon instrument to start picking up. Are you starting to learn or dusting it off and playing again. I just picked up the guitar after about ten years. Fun stuff. All that creative energy needs to go somewhere.

      • I played it for a bit at school, but I recently went to see this fantastic duo called Lily & King play live, and came over all inspired. (You can google them, they’ve got a website). She plays trombone and toy piano. He plays djembe and percussion.

        Good for you with your guitar Gren! Keep it up and keep me posted.

  13. Love the picture of the penguin and zebra ironing! Going to check out whether the artist has more work.

  14. I’m feeling the Virgo vibe in that despite being a bit hungover I am able to pick apart my thoughts and make sense of them by breaking them down into separate pieces and stringing them together. If that makes sense.

    Even though my life is a mess I felt the Virgo vibe last night when hanging with friends and strangers, clarity of communication or something. So often we speak with people but we do not really understand one another or know how to say what we want to say in a way others can understand or interpret…

    Hoping that I keep it together this weekend and am able to finish all my final assignments. Trying to surf this Virgo wave while it lasts and get some shit done.

    • communication clarity is so basic yet so freaking elusive. i get a massive high for days when it happens. congrats! and good luck with the finals and all… xoxox

  15. virgo 5th house- bloody lonely. yes it’s nice finding me but it’s also been a long time now with no romance. reinforced by dreams last night- multiple affairs with priests in my grandparents house and the crab on stage in a pub playing an ancient harpsichord and us planning to go ice skating on a frozen river together. weird. in reality, i have to schedule a mechanic visit as mini-flood i drove through earlier this week ripped pieces off my new car. πŸ™ green smoothies and barefoot running, endless baths and oh nothing but small talk with my mother… why i still cannot talk honestly to her after all these years i do not understand. actually i do understand- it’s because she is saturnian and unemotional and responsible and prudish and does not approve of anything that matters to me but i don’t know if i want her approval or want to stay strong in my own approval of my self. exhausting, really.

  16. it sure is crazy my computer has/had this j virus kept repeating jjjjjjjj
    anyway. i have to read tarot catds in the street and have come across this palm reader who like a true tauras guards his position 7 days from 7am – 7pm. He said he was going away so i had his spot and it was cool. Then the next day suddenly every person i have ever met in my life decides to bump into me and talk to me for ages. Potential customers go by and i am there and feel trapped and pinned down. One friend from the past had her giant dog with her and he was sweet but there was just no room for me. Another attempt i was about to get my period and then suddenly people rock up again and usually i see them around its no big deal but because i am there trying to get some money they suddenly just want to hang there. Its not them its the fact i not nip it in the bud from the start. IJ practisejdjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    • Might i suggest something along the lines of
      ”Oh good to see you man, not a great time for me right now, with trying to drum up business and all, i finish as 7 if youre still around and fancy a chat, and a catch up, gotta make the bacon to bring home ! (or tofu if youre vego) enjoy the sunshine !” ….
      Best of lady luck and prosperity x

      • oh thanks cosmic fleace ounds better then saying “i have chronic fatigue and need to conserve my energy , because readings take up so much of it and i am doing 15 minutes readings not really making much at all, but cramming so much in, can not even stop for a breath. So they walk away with a lot, astrology, card reading, love card. I need to get of the street and work somewhere normal. But i only have pluto, sun, mercury, uranus in the 6th house! But you have nice friendly response. thanks so much

        • I used to do the markets for years selling stuff I made and I had this problem all the time. People also tend to use you for free baby sitting. It does feel like you’re trapped and you are honestly just trying to promote your business. My advice is to find a good bookstore and/or cafe that will let you set up a table in the corner or get yourself a snazzy little tipi-like tent and an intriguing sign and remain in character, partially hidden. And everyone else who has never done anything like this – remember this issue when you see a friend/aquaintance set up to do business temporarily on the street/in a shopping centre/at the markets and respect their right to earn a living!

        • I Wish you well gorgeousness.
          Sending Prosperity wishes,
          A cafe with an outdoor area would be cool, so you’ve got fresh air about you, and handy toilet access !
          I love the sexy mysterious tent idea from Anon above. …
          And yep,some people have no idea (re the booty blocking you with chit chat). Sometimes it’s necessary to show people how to respect us/ our work/ and space. A smile and light jest lightens situations. And if they dont get that come out guns ablazin’ or Like – ”Hey a 15 minute reading is $- have a seat, You ready to have your mind blown ?”
          (i couldnt say no to a friend/aquaintance hitting me with that)
          Best of luck on your quest to find the perfect place for you lovely. x

  17. loving the virgo moon as i was wondering why i just started clearing out the fridge and doing all things virgo It is true that if u want to be close to god u have to be clean. The temples around the world made of marble are cleaned everyday and in feng shui they say if u have mess around u invite bad spirits. I am living in a room at the moment so how can i improve the energy when i not want to stay here. I can only fit a single bed in it so my love life is not happening and that is okay. I am over weight a bit and need to work on self love. what a fucking intense year.

  18. went fix the car, went to the dermatologist, had my very first akashic record reading done! discovered lots of new things… all today! thanks La Luna in Vergine! πŸ™‚

  19. Would have loved to do normal Virgo moon stuff, but drove home 20 miles in falling snow with no windscreen wipers. Virgo zen helped, but would have rather organised it differently -, the Uranian twist made me continue as I’d, not so virgo, left my phone at home πŸ™
    It was a rather enlightening journey as I reflected on the lack of clarity in my life – interestingly I could see behind me incredibly well πŸ™‚

  20. Haha that explains why I spent the whole day choosing THE planner for next year, making spreadsheets and making my own diy notebooks with my custom templates… Yep, I am a VIrgo πŸ™‚

  21. Service? Received a nice bonus for being in service to go into my new
    tres expensive wallet (did the feng shui your wallet a few weeks ago), now the money for honey is steadily dripping in.
    The soon i will have compensation payout, no idea how much, don’t really care, the manned up lawyer will figure it for me.

  22. Had woodworking dreams all night and woke up this morning feeling like I had a cold. I took my car to the mechanic, dropped stuff at the dump, called in sick to work and built a daybed. Learning something new is frustrating, but somehow essential. I guess that’s the Uranian twist. Tomorrow, I will give the daybed another another coat of stain, sanding, coat, sanding, seal. Also, have an appointment to get my hair cut at noon and I want to buy a new vacuum. I honestly don’t really know how I’m feeling. Like – physically. First time I sat down all day.

  23. The soon to be ex-husband wrote off the 6 month old car on Wed morning (not his fault), so it’s been insurance, lease company, police report – details, details, details ever since.

    The in-laws have been staying to look after our 11 year old son for the last 3 nights, and all I want to do is clean! Every time I clean “around them” I get grief from them & their son – and they have been incredibly generous with their time so I’ve curbed my burning desire to tidy & clean. Itching to get home tonight and scrub, polish, mop, vacuum, wash towels & bedding etc etc etc. Order will be restored!

    Meanwhile, sorting all the admin & health “paperwork” – researching legal matters and working on budget for 2013. And have signed up for sailing lessons & getting back to contemporary dance after a 25+ year hiatus.

    After years of feeling that I’ve completely lost my sense of self, the last 7 months of growth have been epic! No longer will I accept being unhappy. Carpe Diem!

  24. Virgo Moon gave me a visit to the doctor, my first acupuncture session (with a former nurse), another doc visit today and plenty of tears over this week’s really poor health which after two and a half years i just can’t take anymore – i want my life back – but Saturn opposing natal 6th house Saturn says no. No life for you until you work this out. I shifted my entire house last weekend, though i only had a one day weekend, and am still making some refinements to it. Poor quality sleep has been the issue for some time. Funny but my bed is in a much better position yet just before i undid the last of the bolts they sprang apart despite the lifts and checks i had carefully put in place and the solid wooden headboard hit me full in the back of the skull. Later that night when i showered I kept seeing it, this figure that used to crouch there, right beside the headboard. What is with these negatives that want to feed off you? They become vicious when you make changes. It always sat in the corner, me telling myself there’s nothing there i’m being childish, but saying don’t you dare touch me. I still think that sounds nuts…whatever. I should have known something was up…last week i showered with a humungous spider because i was too tired to get it out and just needed a shower. It was fine but hard to close my eyes to wash my face! She just hid from the water and sat quietly and i took her out later.

    Last night i had a visit by one of my ancestors. There were two sets of numbers telling me the age she was showing me herself at: one i saw the digits, one was spoken to me, both ending in 6. She took me to a craftsman’s workshop, with these sort of bookshelf/body mannequins like shelving units but made of flesh…go a Delvaux or Tanning texture to the flesh and you’ve got the feel of it – texture, not colour, they were oliveskinned body units. they were draped in yellow cloth, and the white cabinets that were their heads were left open doored, Their nonfunctioning organs were removed and replaced by snakes. Once the snakes began to become part of the body units, the white cabinet door to that unit would be closed. My ancestor spoke with the craftsman at the back of the shop, and he came out periodically to tend to the process, while i waited in the workshop.

    Ah Virgo Moon opposing my Sun! I can’t wait until you trundle over my natal Lilith and natal Pluto later. Let this be a healing and rejuvenating weekend. I feel terribly alone but i can’t call anyone. I don’t know what to say. This had better be breakdown before breakthrough. My nearest and dearest are going through crazy accident/illness/reno shit of their own too. Plus the deep deisre for taxidermy. Not the first time it’s been mentioned but the first time i’ve seen it pop up on a xmas list. Long story…ah eccentric family! I love them, after all it’s where my craziness has genesis.

    • Kick that fucking creepy crap out of your house!! White light atom bomb. You don’t deserve that sort of attention and you don’t have time for it, right? I wish I could come to your house right now. I’d nag that croucher straight back to hell. Xoxoxo. I hope you sleep well.

      • This is Saturn in the 12th house. All Qi Vamps will come oon and out so you can vanquish them. Just had a 12rh house Satrun transit recently. Did you try the clock meditation? You need woo-woo energy rituals to keep crap away. Nurse Virgo…what can I say?

    • Thank you both. It’s a bit rock bottom but from there the only way is up, right?

      I stood in the shower and blasted that mofo to hell from the angle i was at. I don’t know why i could never get it away before from being in the room but my sleep circle and protections never seemed to work for long. The thought of VirgoNagging a creep away is absolutely bringing a smile to my face. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ xxx

      • Good. I don’t mess around with stuff like that. If you want to play with the living you have to be able to do something useful, like laundry or weeding or something. Virgo, out!

      • Hmmm, Mille, can i give you an ancient prescription for this type of situation ?

        call (tone) the name El Elyon, project the tone from the crown. Hold the yonnnnnn for as long as you have breath, call as many times as you feel necessary x

        • Wow! Croons from the Crypt! This already SOUNDS amazing and I haven’t even tried it yet. Thank you so much for sharing this ancient wisdom, David, truly appreciated. I have just written the word in purple ink (was going to be green but that ink pen is being a bit slow to start flowing right now) so i don’t forget it.

          Am now experimenting with tones.

          Wow. Got it. Powerful. Thank you xxx

    • I have this phantom sometimes lurking in my dreams. Every time I make a big adjustment in my life, a change or displacement in my living situation, that bastard shows up. Head shaped like a blank white wig holder, featureless as a hard boiled egg. Clothed like a black wraith. Throughout the years, I’ve had to flee, throw objects at it, escape through a maze MC Escher stories of floors, hallways, rooms, atriums, stairways, basements. But the last time it randomly appeared, I remember turning around, cool as ice, grabbed it, pulled it close and proceeded to rear naked choke the bastard out. Best night of my life.

      • Ha ha! Incredible power. None following in my dreams, thank goodness. But perhaps i dream when i’m awake, u know?

        I followed the Oracle’s advice to dream journal and had a sudden ting in my gut while writing at one point. I would have forgotten some details (not all of which appear in my long post).

        What the heck IS this 6th house 12th house axis???

    • Sheesh Mille this sounds really hard core. Take care of yourself hon. Sending love and strength your way xx

    • So much going on for you right now Mille! πŸ™

      The dream is amazing. All I can do is say what stands out to me. So this is like building block people right and they’re draped in yellow which is all about strength, courage, personal power and transformation. It’s also been suggested as being a god or source colour and associated with divinity. The snake is fire and transmutation, vitality, transformation to mention a few. If the building block/shelf people are using snakes ilo non-functioning body parts seems to be a positive sign re health? Of course it’s all about how that feels to you. And it’s clear you have support to achieve your goal even if it may not be feeling that way.

      Ummmm, crouching gremlin..still pondering but reminded me of the post you did on homeless dude and I’d asked if there was another energy around. Not saying these two are linked.. just popped in the periphery as I’m typing.

      Whilst you are working the space etc might I suggest in the interim to bolster restful sleep place a dab of lavender on all your chakra points just before bed. It is said that the upper 4 are the most vulnerable in sleep so at least those however if there is any chance of a determined energy vamp within radius I find that all is best practice. You can set and forget on this and the bonus is of course that lavender is great for encouraging sleep.

      Yay acupuncture. I still say I would do it daily if I could afford but fortnightly is my budget.

      Sending you all the good stuff x

      • Thank you so much, Lady S. Yes you did ask didn’t you about that second energy. And you were right. It was so weird. I’ve never not been able to clear my room before. Remember earlier this year? With the salt and all? And the face? I have never had to do such things before, and there i was trying to assist you! That’s twice this year – bizarre.

        Yes the craftsman draped the body units in yellow, and the snakes were red and black. I was not frightened, just watching and you know patiently waiting. It did feel like healing.

        Will do the lavender. Had some a few nights ago and it was good, but also was with peppermint (eyes watered!) Will do the chakras. Thank you for the advice and the care, S xx

        • I hear you, have had some shocker runs with a few randoms over my way too. And didn’t they um, spread the love! Gah!

          Do you have any black obsidian? You can get tumbled stones and do a grid for your bed/room. It’s a good protective stone, well one of many but an easily accessible one that does work for this kind of stuff.

          • He heh! I know every stone and shell and petrified tree root i own but i found this strange smooth glassy black stone in my collection. I don’t know where it came from. I sometimes wonder if my CapWitch buddy put it there before i left our hometown. It has gold sheen in it if you turn it to a particular angle, and it is now sitting in that corner. Thank you. I felt a bit odd talking about all this but i do now feel well supported x

            • I guess you figured it was me lol?

              If that’s what I think it is I have one and it’s the stone I talked about in the post in the Inuit people.Nuumite. Google it to check. Super shiny black but in certain lights you see almost gold browns or flashes of light in it. I work mine every day at the mo at work. That would be perfect! Pillow or bedside table.x

              • oh you’re kidding -nuumite? I have nuumite?? And no i didn’t know it was you but i thought gee she sounds friendly πŸ˜† Off to look this up and maybe try some larry david humour before bed. Love you, Scorched x

                • sounds like πŸ™‚ but if it isnt and ou’re interested I know where you can get some.

                  Now the bit about spreading the love will make more sense yes?!

                  Good to see a laugh. I’d do one back except I don’t know how to.

                  Rest well lovely xx

        • So interesting. I had a yellow, red, black, and white vision when I was going through 12th house Saturn transit. It was a spider but also an archetypal shape that just took over my field of vision while I was awake. I tried to make a painting of it and failed. I can still pull it up in my mind’s eye. The colors seemed somehow important, but in a way I could never articulate. Like the numbers one, two, three, but the yellow something more. Perhaps the healer aura. So mystical, I can’t talk about those things.

          My advice is to believe nothing except the validity of your own experience. Here’s the Saturn thing – even if you have power, what do you use it for? If you use it for anything other than staying true to your vision, you will get challenged. Just because you’re a 12th houser doesn’t mean you owe the collective a debt or need ritutals and guardians – it means you innately have protections and duties. And you owe no one on earth anything for your right to exist, no wandering paths. Your path. Your part of creation. Feel your guardians around you. Saturn in the 12th will concentrate your subconscious energies. Aim them at your north node. Good luck, love.

          • Thank you, 12HV. That is a very empowering way of looking at it. Pisceans can be just too apologetic for their existence and their powers, in Lo Mode. Had a terrible sleep…too watchful… plus i think i may have annoyed someone with my crooning El Elyo——n from the crown rather late last night πŸ˜†

            Time to get back to Haute Piscean, listen to Saturn, try not to let the Uranus square Uranus buzz me into the upper registers, and Pluto and Mars over my Mars must not make me regret what i cannot achieve in terms of duty to others. An excellent reminder 12HV.

  25. well way down the bottomhere I am going to annouce that I am so FRICKN AWESOME I make myself sick. ok not channelling virgo here but i was earlier as i conducted my first solo photo shoot,. with my first client in my first digital marketing business. aaagh. toasting myself with champers just now after 3 hours of editing.

    • And yes, Leogroover you are HOT and AWESOME. Enjoy that clink and bubbles. Hope you’re doing that in crystal stemware, but if not just imagine it πŸ™‚

      • thx guys. i’ll have one for you. crystal of course, moet or course overlooking my local beautiful FNC river under the virgo moon with bluegrass softly playing in the backgrond.

    • So nice to hear someone declaring their fricken awesomeness and wise to put a lot of effort into your initial contracts. The first customers I had in my business still refer me on 10 years later. Congratulations LG x

      • No one was meant to see it being so down the blog list. i was just declaring it to the moon.David but i will never say no to bit of good on ya.
        thx XXX

    • Congratulations Groovin Lioness. Yeah, celebrate that and of course it’s fine to say you’re awesome, better with bubbles I daresay. I raise my non-alcoholic ginger beer in a toast to your flourishing success.

      I think you must be doing your sun too after recalling some of the Leo astro.


        • Took me a bemused moment.. huh? Then ahhh, LG has added another post below and I checked that lol.

          Never heard her before. Nice tune and intimate stage set up/feel for her story telling.