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Happy Plutonic Full Moon guys! Of course, the psychological dredging doesn’t stop here. It’s an extended play Full Moon, lingering till the Sun-Pluto conjunction on Sun/Mon. See your Horoscopes for more & okay, it’s also trined by Chiron and squared by Uranus so this Moon is like THE EVERYTHING for swift, productive, healing change.  No denial, just pure raw emotional cool & hyped awareness.

And it’s also apt astro for the latest manifestation of Global Fiscal Fuqery, the fiscal cliff and all. The gigantic Neptune in Capricorn bubble (trillions of dollars of derivatives/futures, inflated land prices, debt upon debt) is being pricked by Pluto….And Uranus. A.K.A the Zap Zone. We stay amazing, innovate, work hard, so survival of the fittest (because health is the first wealth) de-leverage, spend on what truly grows/enriches us and thrive on regardless.

Horoscopes are up till Jan 1 AND i am figuring out the scheduler so it’s like a calendar you can look at for months ahead…So there will be soon be some changes to the Monthly Horoscopes page…Big changes, actually. I am no longer doing the Monthly Horoscopes for In Style so Oestro-Medusa will be no more. I am either going to fold it all into the fabulous scheduler (no monthly horoscopes but a scheduler so you can check out dates months ahead) OR do Monthly Horoscopes but far more whacko, with asteroids, affirmations and secret mojo instructions.  

So, Plutonic Full Moon insights, Global Financial Fuqery and Monthly Horoscopes – thoughts please guys?!


Image: Terry Fan – Full Moon Spirit – Society 6

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242 thoughts on “Happy Plutonic Full Moon

  1. I have managed to not go near a shop for post Xmas sales. Keeping my pennies in the bank for a rainy day.
    Must say for these last couple of weeks the world has been looking clearer.

    • Avoiding stores has brought me a sense of peace and sanity amongst the chaos. Everyone seems so stressed out, on the verge of collapsing from the flu and drained from family fights.

  2. Please do whacko monthly horoscopes! I’ve always felt like your InStyle scopes weren’t quite your style.

  3. Umm… my energy is high, I am singing when I am alone and I am juicing so I am feeling ok.. HOWEVER, I am waiting for the shite to hit the fan to bring me down. Maybe it’s just me not being use to being happy again. But I am looking forward to this w/e (celebrating New Years alone) and just kicking in 2013. So much has happened to me in a great way since October 12, 2012 that I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring. A good workout I hope.. LOL!!

    WIshing you all a Happy, Safe, Healthy and Successful 2013.

    Thank you Mystic. xo!!

  4. I am so unbelievably excited about the long-term day scheduler (as no doubt are all virgos and planning freaks)!!!

    Magazines need to take their astrologers seriously. I only stopped buying Vogue when they cut out the scopes. You should seriously be scoping for the Big Guns. Vogue scopes were crap anyway.

    Healing change? Feeling it. I am a million miles away from the tooth-grinding stress-head martyr I was up until early Nov.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of secret mojo instructions whatever form you choose–be they in the scheduler or the monthly. WOW. MY. CUP. OF. TEQUILA.

    I can just see it!! All Leo moons should throw a hissy fit and drink champagne. Cap suns should buy a new frock and punch the man on their left.

  5. LOVE that pic…. and we’ve had a new family of 4 Tawny frogmouth owls here the last month manifesting the astro clime quite nicely.

    Tonight tho with this bright-as Moon rising as I type, the hounds have been goin orf at 5 black faced Sussex(suffolk?) sheep that got out from down the road and keep on hanging about being sheepish in the east where Luna is rising..

    Funny..first saw them standing in the drive in front of the shed just staring as sheep do..as I was walking up with my 4 yo..named after Milo of Crotonos…
    and turning out Aries/leo,,,

    he instinctively broke off and charged at them….later insisting that he was not attempting to chase but trying to head them off from going into the house..
    fabulous. :)
    too many mince pies :)

    • Got a vivid image of the sheep staring 😯 as they do…. hehe.

      Awww, baby owls. How cute!!! :)

      • They are kinda Zen, sheep… in their own way..
        very matter-of-fact anyway. they stared ..then moved off rather quickly as Milo went after them..

        David Lynch seems to like rabbits a lot but sheepness always reminds me of his stuff. :)

        I love Pi’s post following here with the moonlight, grasslands and gums… I got the camera out that night to try and photograph the river redgums in that moonlight..not easy but worth trying.

        and I felt how Galileo must have felt the other day when I worked out you can see a bunch of Juno’s moons just with binoculars…wild.
        Ive been watching Jupiter looking bigger and bigger lately.
        .and timing with the galactic centre weighing in :)
        Interesting times

        • yes! Loved Pi’s post about the moonlight.

          David Lynch is a Cap 29º. Surprised he has no Aqua in his chart. Maybe his Neptune sextile Pluto explains his extraordinary vision, talent and eccenticities. Leo moon, Merc and Venus in Cap. He has a Jupiter venus square. That’s all I can see. Not so good with the interpreations. Would be cool if Mystic did a post on him. Twin Peaks was genius.

          I adore rabbits too… and meerkats. Sheep not so much :)

  6. On a farm til ‘next year’ so am spending no $ and running around a lot more than usual.. This is good.
    Strongly support re-configured astro-calendar!
    Full moon is SO beautiful here. Vast grasslands punctuated by giant gum trees, floodlit by moonlight.
    Trying not to go to la-la zombie land with Ambivalent Leo a long way away. Feet on ground, mobile phone in – um – freezer. (Lol not literally… Yet.) Wondering if I should adopt mantra of less is more. Been going ok so far, I guess. Meeting lovely rello’s of fascinating famous people. Odd but excellent, both for reasons too complex to explain here.. Getting up early to chat to them more.

    • Australian paddocks under moonlight in Summer. Bliss. I’m pea-green. Take a big deep breath of the sweet hot grass.

  7. Am getting excellent clarity around a combination of states of mind of acceptance and change… It’s such a balance! Some questions still around where I am based and work still but it seems my body requires a lot of attention… Jupiter on my sun, and I have ballooned. I don’t really recognise myself like this and I’m not sure how it has happened, I’m regularly active and don’t overeat or eat junkfood, I think it might be stress and depression, it feels like so much to consider…. I’m thinking I need to grab this summer by the balls so to speak and just go for it with excercise and cut out sugar and dairy and see if I can make a change : ) that’s the plan

    • Thats a plan but its probably not going to stop the ballooning. You are already noticing that it’s not really ‘you’ your looking at. So who is it ? Whose life and problems are ‘weighing’ on you so much ? Are you happy to take on this burden ? Find out who this stuff belongs to and give it back, or at least recognize who this person or group or situation is thats laying it on you. Once you do that it will be gone in no time.

      • I think that putting on weight is a protective measure
        from the body’s own wisdom, supplying a shield from ‘something’.

          • Reason why I had gained so much…Got tired of feeling like a PREY…fuqing prey..And if made myself so ugly, would be ignored…

            That worked until the Toro…lol

            But so true…had spiritual teacher tell me that..it’s a protective mechanism for “something”…just gotta know what that something is on the psyche level is all doll…

            Took me YEARS to get thru it…comin’ out the tunnel now as started last year. Love to you darling. x

    • I ballooned last time Jupiter was on my gem sun too – or was at the end of the ballooning. My father had passed away and I was sacked from a job that I didn’t deserve to be sacked from. So angry and sad would be the vibe I felt at the time.

      Of course, towards the end of Jupiter going through Gem sun Saturn arrived in Gem – so promptly lost 27 kgs and took up new study that re-oriented my professional life (and life really when I think of it).

      I always stack it on as a form of protection…particularly when I’m less sure of myself.

      Exercise and sensible eating always helps. I did Chinese herbs and acupuncture last time. Worked a treat and my Mum said I was just glowing. I also walked briskly for about 1.5 hours each day. A lot of exercise, but then again, i had a lot of energy to burn. At the time I’d gone to see a doctor because periods had stopped. He said hormones were fine per blood test but then, looking past my shoulder (ie not into my eyes), ‘It could be that you are depressed…’ Those words were sufficient catalyst to do something about it.

      good luck finding your body again – getting some help to sort through the issues you are facing may be a good way to capitalise on the individual thought processing work you’ve been doing.

  8. The moon was full in my first house opposing exactly the sun as it conjuncts my natal Saturn in the 7th. Many vivid messages being received over the last 24 hrs. On the surface all is calm. Spent today sitting on an isolated bush beach with 5 boys,( 2 sons, 1 nephew and 2 young boys from close families.) We all felt the full moon building. Instead of lots of wrestling, running, fighting, laughing, competing, we ended up sitting on a big rug looking out at the ocean, sort of huddled together , the wind blew up but we just sat there, sarongs wrapped around us for hours.
    Last night just as I entered that half sleep I found myself out in space. It looked like a huge flying carpet. As I looked out, the carpet began to lift in one corner and for a minute I looked into the workings of the solar system. like looking at a watch with the face removed. The moving parts. I saw that Saturn was the time keeper but that Uranus is the actual time piece. I saw that Jupiter and Saturn are closely aligned and feed off each other.
    I understood that the timepiece had been re activated as it passed 0 deg Aries and was synchronizing now with earth time.
    This reactivation allows Uranus to sort of take control of the solar network, and usurps Saturn and Jupiters influence.
    But only for a relatively brief period. 15-20 earth years or so. The Pluto squaring is a great help to Uranus in its work.
    I’m starting to rave now… Hmmm, I’ll finish now. Anyway..
    Those that wrote the mayan calendar knew that when Uranus moved past the early degree of Aries at this time ,it was the end of about a 5000 year cycle. That cycle is finished and a new one has begun.
    The message ? We have a choice, we can just ride out the Uranus revolution and stay with the old Saturn Jupiter set up. Or we can get on team Uranus and change things in drastic and revolutionary ways, so that the next 5000 years are quite a bit different from the last.

    Global fiscal fuqery ? Yes. As the fiscal cliff approaches ( I do wonder how it can be described like this..cliffs don’t approach? People tend to walk towards them more likely) I say don’t fall , JUMP ! With grace, poise and style. If we all flap our wings at the same time we may fly and be free of a whole load of deluded fuqers left to wallow in their filth.

    • Lovely visual. Let’s all fly above this mess. I want to be with your flock. And yes to the whacko monthlies MM. Please please.

    • “JUMP ! With grace, poise and style. If we all flap our wings at the same time we may fly and be free of a whole load of deluded fuqers left to wallow in their filth.”


    • Thanks for sharing this! I have been thinking about Jupiter and Saturn too. Read somewhere that they are the two karmic indicators – for lack of a better interp. And wondering how to explain/reconcile the two myths of time (Uranus and Saturn). What you’ve shared puts a grander perspective on all that.

        • Live your life in free fall and you’ll be okay…try to hang on and you’re going to knock your head and get scratched to hell…

          I know what I’m talking about. Been doing it esp since 34 yrs old. x

          • First Saturn Return in late 20’s was like “this is fuqed…this is all life is going to be?”…Oh hell no…

            Was it easy, no. But stronger and wiser. Life brings phase after phase…we’re just in another “phase” thats all.

            • And now that phase includes a lover ten years younger…I’ve earned him…lol

              Thank you Uranus afterall.

              • Huge huge laughs at xmas telling stories of drunken relatives having fist fights in the ktichen in stocking feet…

                Gem daughter has Mars in Gem like me and so it is certainly not lost on her…thought we were going to die…

                Anyway, it got around to different things and how as Cap Moon, Saturn Squares to Aries Sun and Merc, there was a time when the Fire Dept had to come and give me a piggy back ride down off a hill side .~BECAUSE I WOULD NOT JUMP~

                Life has required I jump and I’m glad I did.

                Great topic Davey. Love you and happy hols doll..xo

    • way cool. have also been feeling the complete and utter dominance of uranus. got a funny cage fight visual!

    • Ooh! I love this vision of the galaxy as a clock with Uranian time-piece.
      Have been thinking about how beings love to incarnate here to experience duality, the world of yes & no, love & pain. But an Gaia-synchronised Uranian clock puts even more focus on our doings & beings. How intense!

  9. I vote for ” Monthly Horoscopes but far more whacko, with asteroids, affirmations and secret mojo instructions”. I never use the scheduler.

    • I wasn’t drawn to use the scheduler either – maybe because you can’t always chose the days when things take place. Affirmations and secret mojo information sounds very appealing tho. Thanks for asking Mystic.

      • +1. And, more house witchery tips please! I do cleanings and trips to charity by moon phases now. LOVE IT! You already do some much more than others in terms of house-witchery. Would love to have even more of it. You’re like a subject matter expert of a new subject.

      • Yes please. Love whacko scopes and adore housewitching tips. (Uranus transiting 4th square Pluto in 12th)

          • You could look at your natal fourth, natal moon and aspects 12th house virgo. I have natal moon conjunct Circe so maybe that’s a help for the future now that I know it’s there. Ceres in Aqua means my nurturing is focussed in the community than at home, so any kick up the arse regarding making home a better place for the family is a winner for me. Learning to cook vego meals with love and care. :)

  10. I had an odd dream last night – a small, yellow bird landed nearby my feet, then picked my feline diva up, flying away as if it was not a yellow bird but an eagle. Then the bird dropped the feline diva, thunk! I searched for feline diva but couldn’t find her. Usually these dreams appear when Neptune starts itching a point on my natal chart.

    My FM Pluto insight has been about “equanimity”. Wide emotional mood swings leave my Cap Moon irritated, which irritates my mood more, so I spiral down to a non-productive mind state.

    My vote is for whacko Monthly Horoscopes..

    • Hmmm…my first thought is birds are spiritual messengers and cats represent your intuition but I don’t know what that may mean for you. I had a dream some months back that my cat was larger than she was in real life and covered in parasites. I had a Qi Vamp in my life who was using my intuition for manipulative purposes.

      • Actually yours is a better explanation. I have a blind spot when it comes to my cat, I interpreted my dream almost literally, that I will lose her to heavens – she is a senior cat, so I am smothering her with my constant attention.

        Reading your interpretation, I checked my dream journal – my last dream was about emotions and intuition. Descending stairs under heavy rain.

        Neptune, what a trickster it is. It seems I did the right thing by resuming my daily meditations. Intuition may be blinking back.

        • I did the same thing with my dream. My daughter and I had a case of head lice at the time. I woke up and treated my cat and dog for fleas right away. But…I realized my cat was a metaphor for my intuition and it was bigger than I was giving it credit for. Intuition must be protected.

          • I have been practicing with “gut thinking”. It works when I am receptive and listening. I have yet to invite intuition to my own actions. But respond, not react, principle seems to be coming out alive.

            I better go over my dream journal before Monday.

  11. I would LOVE for you to do in depth horoscopes. I didn’t really resonate with the Oestro-Medusa ones as I felt they were very surface level and I love your more ‘you’ horoscopes xxxx

  12. I’m wheeling, vomit rising, tears welling. We’re about to go to the movies (Les Miserables). I read the text; feel like I’ve been punched in the guts metaphorically but its visceral. Can you hurt me any more? I thought it not possible after all this, this rollercoaster relationship. The words from a recent movie (a gem btw – The Perks of Being a Wallflower): “You get the love you think you deserve” are whirling in my head. And do you know what? I definitely don’t deserve how you’ve treated me. I need to caution myself as I would my child: You deserve better than this shit treatment, walk away and don’t look back. I’m not the person I though I was.

    Full Moon conj natal Moon in 5th house. It’s all so 5th/11th. Am with my children when I get the news, about to go to movies. Spent the day prepping for Best Friend Forever’s homecoming – cooking/shopping/house-magic etc. His (not BFF’s) parents txting me while in movie etc. Didn’t spoil kids night though as I kept it under wraps. Cried during movie and it was so not my thing (daughters choice) – great cast but soo v long and I cannot do musicals as movies (hello I love Russell Crowe who truly captured Javier’s character.. but singing, sorry, cringed). Nearly 3 effing hours in cinema carrying so much emo, cried buckets.

    • PS I should add that I actually chose my BFF over my lover in that I refused to live with lover, told him I would always live with BFF. So 5th/11th Plutonic FM kind of resonates (umm loudly)!

    • Dear MM, exactly as per Scopes – something like whatever emo comes up @ FM you’ll hear more by the New Year – not your exact words BUT exactly true. All is good, he’s wooing and I’m not running towards him but said “If you want me, you need to step up” basically and whooaah. Nothing like a Libran Man in love – swooning (behind closed door) :-)

  13. ya, I keep realizing things, pretty big things, if I just went into it and described it though it would be needlessly long, basically, among some other big things, I remembered what I am all about, I think maybe it shouldnt be me waiting for things to happen and to learn from those things anymore, that mode of existence has gotten me as far as it is going to get, and without realizing that I have become a bit jaded with the world and people because of my lack of progress, as I have been waiting here I have been slowly losing my way, I kept thinking of it in terms of needing to find something or wait for something to break me out of my outdated self, but instead I should have been concerned with the stuff that life is all about for me, I shouldnt wait to be broken, I should just develop until those things are just outgrown, I should go out there and go after the things In life I really care about even if they wont immediately yield the things I want, even if they alienate me from those things for a time, I thought I had one half of life figured out and just needed the simpler shallow half, but now im thinking thats the wrong way of halving it, im half way there and I cant go back, half way there and its too late to want the things I could have had at the start, I can not, even if I wanted to, turn back, and those things arent just going to magically arrive, I have to go the other half further myself, even if I have no immediate role models, even if I dont know where I am going, even if I am scared no one will be there waiting on the other side, if I am going to get the things I want, its going to be by being the person I want, not by some sort of entitled at least im further than everyone else so I should get at least what everyone else is having type of attitude, so ya, I dont know how I am going to go after such themes I think are important to me, but it isnt enough to just react, from here on in, I am going to have to actually find my own way, and I didnt really think it worked that way till now, apparently thus far was the easy part, down the rabbit hole I go

    • You have no choice but to be yourself. So be as clearly yourself as you can. Honestly, you can’t predict the consequences of that so assume them to be an awesome adventure. Shallow won’t work.

          • objectively maybe,
            I am always basically myself, I just meant the things I care about get misplaced is all, I was just paying too much attention to others, I just dont have a direct thing similar to myself to compare, dont have a person to shoot for, I am different and how I pan out will also be different, thats ok, it just disconcerting for now, I will have to make my own path, not wonder how to sneak by the path everyone else takes, bad metaphor maybe

          • like, basically its about growth, thus far I have been able to grow just by reacting to life around me, and have been concerned that the progress has stopped, have thought “now what” and “why doesnt this pan out”, but thats not enough anymore, the rest is up to me, its about action, about priorities, its not worrying about others and how I could get certain things without giving up my priorities, its about perusing my priorities and being my own person and everything will fall into place, so, I was thinking in terms of the direction I have gone is fine, but maybe I have gone too far, and need to backtrack and get the things I want without giving up the things I have gotten thus far, but instead I have to go further, not backtrack, not trying to “figure out” how other people do things and assimilate that into myself, but develop this direction even further, even if no one else has

            • basically, at this stage, I have been trying in vain to reverse engineer others so I can get the things they have, but instead I should follow my own crazy experiments to there completion, even though they have not gotten results yet, even though it hast been cracked yet, I cant go back now and try some other method, the whole point is I figure things out on my own, and in my own way, this is just the stage I have to have more faith and have to maybe even experience a period of no results and keep going anyway, I just got to used to obvious progress, if any of that makes sense

              • Love this share David!

                I can relate as I have been quietly building theses last few weeks as a result of a circumstantial epiphany (the best way I can put it without going into it). Results are mixed but I’m excited as I’ve practiced being comfortable in uncertainty and I now find it a potent and malleable space to be in. If an outcome is defined then there it is.. if it isn’t it can be anything you want it to be and the absence of something tangible doesn’t mean there is nothing happening. i think this is exciting for you!

                When we believe there are conditions to be met in order to have what we love we won’t actually create what we love but we’ll create from those conditions and that can be fine of course but can also leave us feeling like we still need to look.

                Sounds like a potent time for you. I say enjoy the ride :)

    • The more daringly yourself you are (and be gentle with this process! daringly gentle, hehe), the more you’ll find yourself meeting people who live similarly who can support you and be role models, too. Speaking from personal experience, at the end of a long year full of healing / detoxing from non-me patterns…

      Wishing you lots of love and trust!

    • this is an challenge of the passive mars, wouldn’t you say? sitting back and letting life happen because it DOES happen. and happens enough to satisfy- so why would you need to learn to strive when success comes so easily? and then one day it doesn’t, and you realize you’re surrounded by aries and cap and -fuq- VIRGO marses who are doing a million fuqing things and you all of a sudden feel totally inadequate. not so fun. but david darling, life happens at its own pace and your lovely sweet cancer mars will attract it all in its own perfect time. give it a push, stretch for sure, but don’t stress. it will come. including the breaking- dear goddess do not sit around waiting to be broken! it will happen and you will see it coming from a mile away and you will KNOW and you will invite it in anyway.

      (apologies if my taurus 12th completely and utterly passive mars ramblings do not resonate with your truth 😉 .)

      • thats actually completely entirely it, I was even thinking of it in terms of cancer mars and its place in my chart perfectly, but it was easier to describe it normally(and still hard) than if i also put it within the astrological angle, you just put it in a simpler way but encompass the bigger complexity, it even has that cancerian shell dilema, oh boy, thanks tho, someone else getting it better than me is just the most comforting thing, kind of like makes me go, woh woh there dont get to carried away with that without context, thanks

        • um, you’re welcome? sorry if i got carried away- it helped me to understand my own to analyze yours. insights drifting along for years crystallized into form. venus and moon ruled marses are similar i think. not meaning to usurp your story with mine… though you do share quite a bit of context, just sayin’ 😉

          • waa, no, it was great, for reals, finding a better or different way of putting something is the best thing ever to me, the woh woh woh there was to my self, if thats what you mean

  14. “Monthly Horoscopes but far more whacko, with asteroids, affirmations and secret mojo instructions. ”

    YES PLEASE. Got to say I thought you were a lot of fun when I first subscribed but you are near guru status now! you are still fun lol but within the fun, you are one of the most intuitive broads out there! I just read the daily horoscopes for dec.29/30/31 and almost woke up my kiddo shouting “I don’t give a fuq! This is brilliant!” Shouting to no one btw. I’m Aries, Gemini rising so the Jupiter-Mars trine business is all me.

  15. You are amazing and your blog is amazing :) cool, uber insightful and keeping sane in the middle of all this crazy season.
    Now if only I could sweep out these psychological cobwebs….hmmmm? Not one for new year’s resolutions myself but eeeish I smell some BIG changes coming on..
    Bring it.
    This bitch is so ready.

  16. The energy felt so good last night I stayed up really, really late just feeling it. I got a message that I think is valid for other here: prep for jealousy to be shown to you. Meet it with compassion (they are people who want what you want, admire you so to speak) but don’t engage with the haters. Really – double down on the “fuq the haters” mantra. I could write a whole essay on jealousy. Its hard to spot sometimes. You can’t afford to care what others think. If someone questions you and your lovely life, insinuates you don’t fit, its because they think you aren’t allowed to be free. And you have to show them its OK to be free by not giving a fuq what they say. That’s how others can follow and society can re-baseline itself.

    Also, I really enjoyed smoking cigs in my house (my daughter is at her Dads for a few days). As I walked through the house, I realized smoke is cleansing. So, maybe I can find some better smokes to work with – incense or whatever. I really do love (small) fires and smoke.

    • LOL THANK YOU this is going to be my new reply to all veiled hating, I will put my hand on their shoulder and lovingly say, “(Name), it’s okay to be free.”

    • yes, I agree great mantra for 2013:
      “but don’t engage with the haters. Really – double down on the “fuq the haters” mantra.”

  17. my full moon is going well. i am reading a book entitled “creating peace by being peace.” this is what i am working on at the moment, peace in body, mind, soul, community, family, and the greater cosmos. manifesting light, love, and unity consciousness. my life’s work is gaining clarity and i am merely trusting myself and the universe. i know i am already well on my path.
    the monthly scopes sound lovely. thanks mystic for everything. you are a reminder to keep being awesome no matter what.

  18. Something has changed. I am noticing and collecting my amulets and hope others here do the same. Not to imply that there is some great danger approaching. Only a sense that we no longer have time for the kind of distractions from self-worth we’ve entertained in the past. Like a treasure has been unearthed that should be treated with respect. Blessings to all.

    • I think social mood is finally coming to a climactic anxiety ridden apex, and this fiscal cliff is just the tip of the iceberg. We are all fed up one way or the other, whether it’s money, religion, politics, relationships, zombies. I think that is what this new age is about right, flushing out the dangerous illusions that’s caused us all to inflate our own expectations. Somehow I feel feel really calm and prepared. Doesn’t mean I have my own issues, but that is all tied up in the physio/emotional realm.

    • I’m feeling this too, judging from the comments it seems many of us are…there is no time. I snapped out of my own fog very recently and am really re-evaluating how I spend my time…scanning and learning about many things is good but it lends itself to burnout. Time to get real about who I am and what that means my priorities are. Fear is a prison that results in endless distraction.

  19. Out last night and gazed at the full moon waiting for my train home. Absolutely beautiful! I am feeling positive, hopeful and happy, first time in a long time. Also clearing out physically, mentally and emotionally… excited about the new year!

  20. Pluto is trine Venus and Chiron, so good vibes and harmony for now, hoping for a soft landing. Actually the future seems kind of bright for the moment. I’m pretty sure all of the love zombie tendancies have withered away because I have not acted out of the necessity of loneliness (random observation, doesn’t this word loneliness resemble lioness). Nice! Anyways, the curve is starting the upswing as I feel better connected with my spiritual self and physical emotions. Fuq the illusions that can kill you and replaced it with cautious discipline. Not optimistic yet, but just sitting by the fire, in study mode, just keeping myself warm if ya know what I mean. I guess that’s how it goes.

  21. Full moon exactly on my Lilith and opposite my Neptune at 7 degrees Cancer and Capricorn, respectively.

    That was a rough one, but today I felt so much release and peacefulness for the first time in months. Happiness is not intensity. Happiness is calm, goofy, playful awareness.

    • I really love Pluto. Pluto doesn’t fuck around. He’s like shit or get off the pot…and then he lights a fire under the pot and you crap out of pure fear and run away struggling to pull your pants up but then you feel 100x better afterwards. Or something. lol

        • Was told many years ago, by teacher doing a channeling session “I’m going to light a fire under you”..

          Theres been a fire for oh, about twenty some years now..

          Said to inner teachers…”if you had a face, I’d slap it”…lol

          If we want to grow and evolve, the cliff never ends…it just doesn’,t and of course at times I hate it and at other times, I love it but wouldn’t have it any other way.

          • the journey is the destination. :)

            gotta remember that myself…
            process driven life > miserably sleepwalking toward outdated goal attainment.

  22. A big yes to whacko monthlies in your unique and brilliant style, Mystic!

    I seem to have survived the week and the full moon with sanity intact and everyone behaving themselves, more or less. The heatwave is so hideous here – what someone described as ‘crime of passion weather’ – it’s meant a lot of staying indoors, so I’ve been continuing the major declutter. I’ve found a file of an old project plus one new project that I’ve decided to write the proposals for now, rather than later. Nothing to lose, right?
    After spending so much time with my mother, whose Neptunian issues are finally catching up with her, I am taking a long hard look at my approach to health/eating etc. I’ve stacked on about 8kg in the last few months – like Anonymous further up in the thread I too had one of those moments yesterday when I looked in the mirror and thought, “who IS that?” It’s all emo related. Need to address it once and for all.
    There’s so much astro on side for me right now – my earth trine, plus sextiles from Pluto, Chiron conjunct – it’s now or never, on many levels. Prep for major Pluto and Neptune transits in 2013/4.

    • Me too, watching your astro Chrysalis. Also have grand earth trine about to chime by Pluto transit.

      • Oh wow you too Juno? Which planets do you have where? I have Mars/Virgo, Jupe/Taurus (at the top) and Cap moon, also my sun-Saturn-Merc-Chiron in Pisces in favourable aspect to Saturn and Pluto.
        I have a lot of Neptune/Chiron stuff going on as well – Chiron on my sun for yonks – but have worked out the best way to max this out is to work the earth, for grounding.
        For me, 2012 was about just scraping through. 2013 will be the transformation :)

  23. Please, please, please keep the Monthly Horoscopes!! So much more detail and insight than the scheduler!

  24. Yes to whacko monthly scopes. I still remember reading your weeklies in the weekend australian magazine so many years ago.

    Yes also to the extended scheduler. I do use it but no longer transcribe it into my google calendar so i don’t use it as much as it used to. Perhaps if you loaded the data into a google calendar then used a plugin to display the calendar on the website here, either in list view as is now, or calendar view. Then we could also hook it up to show in our own calendars. Not sure of an admin-free way of restricting it to subscribers though.

    I miss the moon calendar from your old sea green website.

    • I can’t wait for an extended scheduler. I would love to be able to load it into a google calendar also.

    • can the calendar please be generic so we don’t all have to get a gmail account to use it?

      PC/Android vs Mac is enough without bringing google into it – I would cancel sub if it was made for google because it would be of no use to me.

  25. I have stopped buying random, generic “stuff” ages ago!! Feel sooooo much better. Now I only buy things I truly need/want and my life is so much better for it. But then again, I’m not really surprised by this :)

    I vote for the whacko monthly scopes!

  26. It has finally happened to me after 1.5 years of this Pluto transit I have shed my skin I am a new person I’ll remember this week for The rest of my life I am psychologically everything I needed/wanted to be. So excited for 2013. I can finally say thank you Pluto x this full moon was the tipping point

  27. This is me doing full moon: Lounged around with my lover all day in a faraway cafe, drove home in the moonlit traffic while weaving out character arc in my head for the story I’m co-writing. Then soaked in a rose-scented bath with candle for a long time. Now listening to Rusalka (opera), the aria from Act I where she prays to the moon spirit while lightly multitasking things that feel right. My Libra moon in 3rd is pleased, at least :)

    My full moon insights are like the whole year’s worth of self-dev and spiritual lessons wrapped up in a lotus leaf and floated back at me across the water. Trust. Letting go. Not having to control everything with my mind in advance, really. Really really. Did I mention trust? It’s a lot, but what I’m realizing now is that I’m actually feeling capable of living with these processes now, as opposed to when I felt like I was drowning in them a few months ago.

    And ahhhh yes please wacky monthly scopes! I really like the idea of affirmations for one… like little inklings/ totems / talismans to carry around for the month. For me, your Daily Mystics & horoscopes are always super useful, and the weekly ones pretty good too (when I remember to check them), but Monthly ones I tend to read and forget. Wack-o and memorable would be sweet 😀

    • can we trade lives? or i can contract you to be my anti-full-moon-freakout sponsor.

      • Well, we didn’t really discuss what to do if you are the jealous one. I guess first is recognizing it.

        I do this game with myself. I used to cry over my dog knowing that one day he will die. I love him so much. But then, I decided to just tell myself I live in a world where black poodle boys exist. Its nice that this exists.

        The second is a bit of advice I heard last night watching a yoga documentary. The guy who brought Ashtanga to the US offered this bit of wisdom to meditate on “Go fuck yourself.” Its crass and funny, but the point is – you are the source of your own pain/pleasure. Its tough, but true. I seriously need to go fuck myself right now. LOL!

        • ha that was a joke. :)

          but this is the flip side of the “fuq the haters” mantra- we are all the haters at times. jealousy is a funny beast in how it comes out of nowhere, like a knife in the dark and leaves you breathless. a tiny death. then consciousness and release but i wonder if even the most evolved being ever can truly escape the initial twinge. i suppose the determinant to being a hater is where you go from there. i am having a really, really hard time with this at the moment- received a letter back from my love which made me realize that no, i am not a hopeless lz, i am in an official long-distance relationship between two people with emotional communication issues and he doesn’t realize anything is wrong and the issue is me and my lack of self-esteem to deal with beautiful new fb friends who are THERE while i am in a self-imposed cloister on the other side of the country. fuq it’s hard. and definitely a “go fuq yourself into self-love and wholeness” situation!

  28. Posted this already, somewhere, sometime…but listen to the words…

    ~Dreamers learn to steer by the Stars~

    • Besides “dreamer”…love “no hero in the tragedy”..

      Not gonna be no tragedy…

      What I think I loved about Pisces Leo Moon and Mars ex was that he would say “I’ll make it happen” and he did…

      One of things my own fire remembers

  29. Yes! to whacko monthly scopes. Not a fan of the scheduler! I prefer to wing it. :) I’m way too impulsive and impetuous to stick to dates (natal Uranus square Saggo moon).

    • Gem daughter has natal Uranus Scorp conjunct Sagg Moon.

      Sun opposite Neptune also, highly intuitive and artistic.

      • No wonder I guess that her Virgo rising makes all these lists, she says, but doesn’t stick to them lolx

        • highly intuitive and artistic [tick] I have Sun conjunct Neptune in 10th :)

          My Uranus is in Virgo conjunct Pluto.

          Mars in Virgo loves a list. I have notebooks all over the house! :)

          Your desert walk sounded delightful. Like Pegs, am envious of where you live. I ADORE the desert. Love the heat but prefer to live in the shadows. Hehe :) Arizona is such a gorgeous place. Grand Canyon as well. Haven’t been to Albuquerque though.
          Love Glen Campbell’s ‘By the “By The Time I Get To Phoenix’. Beautifuuuuul. Nick Cave does a great cover version too.

          • Hey licscious, now that I know that is you (via Pegs remark), I remember your visit here to states…

            Cool girl…any new news with your lover?

            • Well the Saggo was my lover, only once, 5 years ago but we were friends before that.

              No news :( Story of my life. Just when it looks like I may be getting somewhere (and like you and Taurean Alchemist it’s been AGES since I’ve been “intimate” with anyone), *poof* they disappear like Houdini.

              Seems you can have it all but not all at once. Lucky with property but unlucky in love. I’m okay with it but I hate it when I get into my happy & content place then *bang* outta the blue someone contacts me, gives me hope then the Universe snatches it away. I hate that!! Don’t put someone in my path if it’s not going to go anywhere! I know I’m hot and awesome I don’t need someone coming back from my past to tell me that. And they’re always married or somehow unavailable. UGH!

              I whipped up a digital b’day card for him on his birthday (17th Dec) and he said he was “momentarily lost for words”. It was pretty awesome and no words since. Maybe he’s not happy that I bought a studio? He’s just started his Venus & Saturn return and might be feeling status $$ anxiety. His Toro moon would be very sensitive to the value of things. He gave me dates when he was available for a catch up, maybe I wasn’t quick enough in getting back to him?
              Maybe he lost his phone? I don’t know!!! You’d think he’d email me to let me know. I’m NOT sending him an email to find out, as much as I’m DYING to know what’s going on!

              • Yes, no, the universe will bring him back to you if it’s meant to be…You’ve done all you can..sounds like the rest may be his issues…

                The universe kept putting the Toro in my path…he pursued…for my own reasons I didn’t get it…when I did, it was almost too late…

                Thank god there was a save..

                If he is a Sagg…sounds like he is obviously, give him space, which sounds like your are…

                Have a feeling you’re not done x Happy New Year love…x

                • Certain book I have by psychologist, says a man is not gone until 8 weeks…

                  Men are set up different (as if we didn’t know lol), but they don’t feel the pain of that loving absence until 8 weeks..

                  Okay, a bit general but we ARE wired differently..

                  • Got a thnak you card today for Gem rising, :Libran Sun and Toro Moon gdaughter..

                    Says how awesome she is…

                    Every little handmade sticth of Xmas ornament was to please me…

                    And those little hands, working so hard…My heart breaks with love for her.x

        • Sweetpea, my moon in Saggo knows ALL about S-P-A-C-E!! :)

          I deleted all trace of him years ago. He kept everything (Toro moon)

          You’re right though… we’re not done yet. His venus in Scorp conjunct his Saturn smack bang on my Sun. He’s going to love me til the end of time 😆

          I have a male Libran friend who also has Venus in Scorp conjunct my Sun who believes I’m his soul mate. Every couple of years he tries it on but I don’t feel the same.

          I’m okay now. Had PMS when i wrote my last comment. Off to have my daily coffee and perve on the Adonis of a barista. $3.50 for a coffee and and opportunity to appreciate beauty – priceless!

          Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your updates on Toro man. Hope he shows up in 2013! Happy New Year to you too!! 😛 x

          • Oh he gonna show…he only lives about a mile down the road..if that

            I’lll burn his house down..

            lol x

            • His Libran Moon in my 5th…

              ~Girls just wanna have fun~


              And yes, would still love a writing muse.

              He’s deeper than that, I know but going to do a notebook on “L” (his first name initial).

              Mars in Gem Asc sees every opportunity as growing, learning exp to be shared eventually..

              Can’t help it….

              • In reality, on my daily walks of introspection,
                know that I’m going ot have walk a balance of doing my path and seeing someone..without any major attachments…even when I feel them.

                A new challenge for me..

                My Moon conjunct his Cap MC within two degress..opposite his Cancer Sun-Mn midpoint, 4th

                Yes, like the Beatles sing…”gotta carry that weight”

                But meanwhile, there is his Moon in my 5th…lol

                Glad I’ve had some time to do my astro homework…Mars in Sagg and Venus and Eros in Aries…

                He needs lots of space and then some.

                • Do you have Aries sun in 5th? Is that how you know his moon is there? – it opposes your sun… or did you have to a do a composite chart.

                  Taurus/Libra moon would like to be partnered non? Guess it depends on aspects and where they fall in his chart. Enough speculating now!! … time for experiencing!!! :)

                  Feel the same about learning and growing – NN in Gem & moon in Saggo, venus in 9th and packed 8th house (for the spiritual and esoteric stuff) … i’m like a sponge when it comes to knowledge. I can’t even read fiction anymore. Just want to learn about the real and the spiritual world.

                  • I don’t do fiction either..

                    Yes, can def see how your placements would make you extremely curious about the deeper subjects.

                    My Sun 11th opposite his Moon in my 5th.

                    The astro is actually quite spectacular but like you say, enough talk…show me the money..

                    Or er, just live it baby right? lol x

    • I have to trust the Universe to do my scheduling. I’d be way too pisses off at non-compliance should I go through that level of planning-analysis and have something fall through the cracks. I do love the idea of wild monthly scopes perhaps accounting for the movements of hypothetical Uranus.

  30. For the first time in 4 years I’m quite looking forward to the new year and feeling positive about the future, because I know it’s going to be different. Finally!! The last four years (since Pluto hit my Asc) I’ve been floundering, like a fish out of water. Desperately wanted change but hadn’t the foggiest idea where to begin. It’s been YEARS of Groundhog Day. Things are finally falling into place.

    In 2013 I will have a new home to renovate/decorate and move into, as well commence a new vocation (loathe to use the “C” word). Pick up the keys to new abode in the middle of Jan and my study also begins then.
    It’s going to be a very busy month. My Cap Asc thrives on multi-tasking. And Saturn can finally start hammering away in my natal 10th house. He likes a plan… and I have plenty! :)


      Go Gurl…

      Pisces, Aries Merc, Virgo Moon and multil other Virg placements wrote on the white board today…~HAPPY NEW YEAR…

      2013 is going to be super duper~…

      And for the first time in yonks I feel it too…There has been a good shift I don’t care if the world is falling off into a fuqing abyss…I ain’t…And like Seth says in Seth Speaks…

      Even if all was gone except one spark of ALL THAT IS….Everything is still contained therewithin and IT could build ITSELF up again…From just one spark of that Light..

      So have faith peeps…


      • “I don’t care if the world is falling off into a fuqing abyss…I ain’t” <—- haha, love this!

        I've been feeling the same, and when all this Mayan calendar bullshit was going down, I was like, "no, the world can't fuqing end now – I'm finally getting my shit together"

        • haha…I have a saying “just when I got it together on the inside, the outside started fallin’ apart”


      • Thanks! :) Mystic says “wherever you have Jupiter is where you’re as lucky as stink” So true!! My Jupiter is in Taurus in 4th house. Always been lucky with property and real estate agents. They’ve all been so honest and lovely (a rare thing in that industry)

        My Leo sister (also a Cap Asc) sold and bought recently has not been so lucky. She has a packed 7th house though (including Jupiter) – lucky with relationships. Happily married with four kids.

      • Have to add also, that being Saturn ruled I’ve had to work my arse off for everything and nothing has ever landed in my lap, but this new apartment kind of did.

        I wasn’t really looking and was quite enjoying being debt free but I went to the open inspection out of curiosity and fell in love with it straight away and pictured myself living there SO easily. My name and energy was all over it! It’s tiny but has the most amazing views. Moon in Saggo loves a balcony with a view. Would go mad otherwise!!! :)

        • Oooh can so relate, I just fell in love and bought place with balcony, and great views too! My name and energy was all over it! I had actually been looking and had just pulled out of another deal that I wasn’t 100% happy with (it would have done, but it was more a best of a bad bunch I had to chose from when trying to buy before FHOG got withdrawn for “used” houses), the day after I pulled out of sale, my pad appeared on the market and I bought it without even looking at it (couldn’t be fuqed making another interstate drive to look at it, when I just “knew” it was the place for me). I recently found out the date it was built and did a chart for it, it has Pisces Sun and Scorpio Moon, perfect match for me! :)

          Go us!!!

          • ooh nice one Saturnalien :) Never thought to do astro for my home. I’ve always lived in apartment blocks. Would you use the date the home was completed?

            I always do my numbers though. This one is an 8 :)

            All the astro I’ve read for Caps has been about property/home stuff. Often my Asc scopes are more apt than Sun sign.

            • I used the date it was completed and officially registered with the council (I was lucky my neighbour had actually researched the information for a book, so I didn’t have to do any digging around records to find out! It was a bit dejavu because my conveyancer said it would be a major mission trying to find out, but I had a psychic flash that the neighbour would know, and sure enough, she did!)

              8 is a good number! My house reduces to a 1 and I’ve always done well in 1 houses, so hopefully that trend will continue!

              Yeah, the Cap home stuff lately has all been spot on for me (I usually find rising sign more apt when it comes to general horoscopes, but the Cap stuff has been bang on for me lately).

        • Moon in Sagg-Mars in Virgo?
          Hey this is YOU Scorpalicious!!! Didn’t realise with the name change till my arrow went over your name and the penny dropped as to whom it was.
          Wonderful you are now a home owner, what fun you will have decorating, making it all you.

          • yes, tis I Pegs 😛

            I actually became a home owner during my first Saturn return. An opportunity came up and I grabbed it. I had to forgo the travel that peeps normally do around that age. Owning a home was way more important. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid. Never dreamed of marriage or kids… I just wanted my own place.

            We have similar astro Pegs! Saggo moon = wherever I lay my hat is my home. Let’s see how long this one lasts. 5 years is around my average. How do people live in places for 20 years?!!! I’m always searching for the ideal place.

            • so happy for you. I would kill for a nest right now but I have to get a few things done first. Nothing gets me more excited than eco architecture. we have the same sun,moon and mars yes. much love to you homegirl x

              • Aww thanks Ms :)

                Charley is another Scorp with Saggo moon.

                You don’t also have Venus in Libra do you?

                I’m a ’64 vintage. Getting better with age – thank you Cap Asc!!! :)

                • ah sadly no, I have venus is sagg so I am very sagg in my femme as it’s parked ontop of neptune as well. Venus is libra is great. Your home will look amazing, and yes cap asc is perfect for cellering potential xx

                    • it’s genuinely an annoying placefor venus I think. or the moon, both are a juggle in this current culture.I feel like a slave in a row of drones.

    • So happy for you! I am totally mentally pregnant with interior design dreams. My Feng Shui prac friend just moved and painted every room in his house a different colour. I just wanted to run around his house and ‘experience’ every room’s mood repeatedly. The healing room was the same colour as Barbar the Elephant’s green coat, one bedroom was a dusky rose, there was an ochre lounge (weirdly comfy )etc. Have fun decorating!!

      • Thanks Dromy :)

        I’m in love with the colour grey right now. Colour scheme is sorted – Black, white and grey with splashes of emerald green. Minimalist industrial look.
        I ADORE polished concrete *sigh* Wish I could afford that for a kitchen bench top and floors.

        • Love polished concrete too – it can really enhance a house in a tactile way. (Having lived in the tropics I developed a sincere appreciation for concrete as a building material too).
          That sounds like such a starkly refreshing colour scheme, very peaceful. They are the colours I have most worn in my life too.

  31. Swaying to the blues; looking at our lovely full Moon, sweet Jupiter and his moons thru my newly gifted 10×50 binoculars; drinking Gewurztraminer; smiling. Have no fear in 2013, select your mission and live it. Lovely.

  32. I just had a call from my Piscean Sister (Pluto on 0 Libra Ascendant) – she’s given away every last stick of furniture that she hasn’t purchased herself recently – purging the energy of the past. Good on her (I did that about 18 months ago).

    I finished the astro book I gave myself for Christmas and now know more about progressions than I thought I ever would. I’m not thrilled that for the next several years my progressed Sun will square my Virgo stellium of Pluto, Jupiter, South Node & Uranus. Also, I have progressed Venus-Saturn-Midheaven (since I was 20) for the REST OF MY LIFE. Fuq. It better be good.

    Not sure if my faith is restored. My next metaphysical adventure is Feng Shui. I was scared off in 2006 (Eclipse season!) when I Extreme-Fengued my home and within weeks got myself knocked up by CUB, received a faux-windfall from Dastardly Leo Male Progenitor (Yes, half a mil in real-estate which he tied up in legal knots so he could snatch it away again a year later) and made a total mess of changes.

    I *have* factored in the current Sun-Pluto situation and will proceed with extreme caution.

    All I know is I need to amp up my prosperity in general – Dastardly Leo Ex-husband and his Child Bride are having offspring – this will mean (of course) more financial responsibility for ME as the trend has been for him to withdraw support in line with Child Bride’s demands.

    If anyone can recommend a good Feng Shui book which is not too traditional – please do!


    • Kartar Diamond’s books are my favourite. (Personally I would pay a few hundred $$$ for a professional consult rather than DIY though, a little knowledge and all that…)

      • I’ll check them out! Yes, a consult is a good idea but a) I’m renting so I can’t do anything about structural issues and b) all $$ are earmarked for offspring needs.

        • I hear you, have only just splashed out on a consult myself because I’m no longer renting.

          If you like Kartar’s vibe, I’d go for her Feng Shui Matrix book, she has a few tricks and tips in it for prosperity, love, creativity, etc that you can do just based on your birthday and compass directions, so you don’t necessarily have to fuq around calculating an entire flying star chart to get some results.

          • I’m only renting, but had just fallen off a cliff emotionally (family-wise and locationally) when I started and having the place Feng Shui’d made a world of difference to my comfort levels. Also decided that if I was going to fall off a cliff, I’d have some fun with a metaphysical approach to life. Thanks for the book rec.

  33. Hi Mystic,
    I’d love to know more about the asteroids – Pallas Athene, Vesta, Persephone, Juno, etc. Brilliant idea and it would be so different!
    Happy New Year everyone!

  34. *hangs head in shame* i sent off a mazzive lz missive. in my defense i said many things that needed to be and it was sober and … ah fuq, who am i kidding, it was a mess, i was a mess, i had not realized venus would be on my neptune and opposing my jupiter when i planned this nice poetry-reading nessus-eros nodal pluto full moon. ye gods. and its over, breathe, another day approaches! and OH the music i found… worth every tear, absolutely.

  35. My personal full moon was good – venus at 7 degrees cancer in 5th house…but my house guest was told at 9.33pm on Friday that he wasn’t welcome to stay with cousin’s inlaws on Saturday-Sunday (going to BrizVegas to attend christening of cousin’s little girl). Friend is gay. Inlaws to the right of Atilla the Hun/ Can-Do Campbell. Flying to Briz on Saturday am, so last minute notice.

    So around the time of the FM, I was looking up last minute accommodation websites and pouring wine for my house guest. Found what looks like a cool place…so fingers crossed it’s good.

    I just felt so sad for him because he is a real family person and makes an effort to do all the family things. One of those people that keep the extended family linked up if you like.

    It is also a reminder that prejudice is alive and kicking on this last week-end of 2012.

    His take – this is the last time I see this people. Sag sun (and then some!), moon at 4 degrees cancer

  36. I’m a huge fan of the scheduler. I too used to write it into a little diary I kept just for astro purposes. Where I had a choice of dates, I’d work with it.

    I find that daily plus weekly plus daily mystic email equip me with the info I need…but I also know that I’ll be able to take something away from the monthly scopes that you are considering.

  37. I have received emails last full moon/lunar eclipse and today from a person in my past.
    Trying to figure out what they want from me and why do they only contact me on full moons. strange coincidence or????
    Feels Plutonic. Dark past reemerging not sure I want to have contact with thi energy attached to dark energy.

  38. GUYS GUYS GUYS, I finally figured it all out after hangin out with my freinds, the big one, like so far I have just been going decimal places within a thing of pure abstraction, that my whole life I have reached further and further at attempts to transcend it all together, and I finally completely lucidly see it and might be able to transcend this game I subject myself to that I so am invested in and concerned about on such a detailed level, I was climbing stairs, but finally I might just transcend the need for it all to exist, not even getting higher or reaching where the stares lead to, but understanding it all so much might transcend the need to climb these pretend stairs altogether, I finally wrote it down in words in the most lucid epiphany I have had ever, and was writing directly and lucidly expressing the most complex and hidden all encompassing thing, and i just wrote like two pages of it non stop of raw messily organized clear understandings, I see it now, I see myself now, I can finally see myself, I have finally fully captured my reflection, but I dont know what to do next, its all too big for me to handle, but I can see now, I finally did it, this might be the last realization to properly react and adjust to, I stumbled upon the final boss, I can totally see the finish line and am finally facing the biggest self challenge I have faced, the grandest of problems my introspection has dug up, the key to all the other things, the thing I have been searching for this whole time, this grand thing I have been trying to piece together on bits an pieces and whiffs and flashes and glimmers, its been dug up, all of it, and now its time to do the work on it, its so scary and exciting, every time I hung out with my friends I have gone further and further, it worked, I didnt even think it would, now for the big one, finally, even if it takes a while, I need to digest this for a while

    • like, Im realizing my self, I am holding my self and examining it, and realizing the particular way it is all pretend, I have been making it all up, I have been living in my own private mean to myself pretend world, its all just made up, I am examining my made up self and am finally on the verge of just letting it go, of just getting beyond it and just actually being my self, like some people just end up letting go eventually on there own, but I might do it from raw realizing it, I might be able to drop my self by sheer force of realizing, most people just wake up, but I am on the verge of cracking the dream I am in, of actually figuring it all out, of finally calling my own grand bluff, I have just been pretending, this whole time, and so elaborate and deft was my pretending it was possible I could have really been trapped forever, i was too good at pretending for my own good, and I finally see it, I am on the verge of just being my self, it sounds so simple to you im sure, but I have had this whole life long thing with reconciling this, my awareness and my ownership of a secret to self psychological thing to realize you were oblivious to just like everyone else expect it amped up on extreme perception, and here it is, it was there all along and yet I knew that would happen too, sorry for all this big lame stuff, but its exciting

      • its like, a super hard really big tough math problem I have finally solved, just instead of math it was the contents of my mind

        • Well, certainly you made it all up. Intellect isn’t your friend in realizations like that. Intellect makes all sorts of things up. So many that when you see it, it seems there is nothing left. The only things we have to do to have life here are eat, pee/poo, sleep, maintain a certain temperature, and breath. All the rest is made up. And once you see it, you have to live in the duality. I mean, you live in the duality either way, but its nice to realize that the duality isn’t between you and some lesser twin, but between the spiritual/unmanifest and the physical/manifest.

          Whatever. When you have realizations, its very hard to talk about them or grab and hold them. Quiet, calm knowing wins this game.

          • I dont think… you understand, this was like, everyone has there own psychological whatever going on they need to get through, and mine is a very specific one, and I finally figured it out, it has to do with self concept, but I understand self philosophically is not real, but this isnt just that, I have literally been living in a safer pretend world, instead of rose colored glasses they were, like, some ugly darkening shade instead, this horrible horrible self inflicted pretend trap, this way of existing that totally checked out logically, and could by chance be disprove, but was still dangerous even then because it was adaptable, before I have grasped this is not the way things really are, the way I am experiencing them, but I couldnt do anything about it, or be that other way, but now for the first time I have grasped at these glasses, and just took them off, never having known they were there in the first place, its too disorienting so I am going to have to leave them on for a time, but I know they are there, I know its just a thing I am wearing, I can feel them right now, can take them off at will, and can view the world the way it really is whenever I want, now its time to acclimate my sight to the real actual world, because the glasses show things that arent there, things I am still scared of, and I will have to disprove them on my own lightly, its two different visions that both “work”, but now I can work to dismantle and disprove the faulty one once and for all

          • like, normally pisces has a problem with thinking things are better than they are not wanting to admit harsh reality, but I had like the opposite problem, I was thinking things were worse than they are(for me personally, not in a woh is me kinda way, but just an assumption people would be mean to me, like I never gave my self the benefit of the doubt ever and assumed the harshest judgment, I never applied how people normally treat each other to my self, so if someone mistreated someone I could see it, but if I was mistreated I was just like, oh, well thats kinda how it works) and now I can see how beautiful it really is, like, this could go back to like the intense bullying I used to go through, its not just that the self isnt real here, this is real as in people have real problems, and I can finally see mine, and its just me, I cant stop smiling, and its like the day after it happened, sleep hasnt even worn it off, its realizing the world is a more beautiful place then you thought this whole time, I just literally never thought people should treat me the way they treat everyone else, that was it this whole time, this is a real thing I am realizing I swear

        • I love when that happens, my favorite thing ever. But it’s so hard to hang onto it, it’s like a dream which makes sense as realizations like that are from a dreamworld, a different place, a parallel you…

          • thats what it normally felt like, but this one was different, this one I have broken through, the way I have been was the pretending, and I can never fully go back, now I can just see things the way they are, or my self the way I am, I will not forget this one, this is all of it, this isnt just a grasp of another world, I might be able to just take a step into it all together

  39. yesterday was a true test of my sanity, in which I called the human race “a bunch of filthy feral maggots who keep breeding” siting that this is only the start of a resource war if this is the behaviour displayed over sale items. I was interjected by a peppy 21 yo student who gave a throw away oh cheer up, I told her she would wish she had taken a couple out by now when her granddaughter is going to be like 2 rats in a bucket over water. Her face dropped. I smiled. Pluto is breathing on my neck in a square so tight it’s unavoidable in my darth vader type presence at work.

    On observation that I am becoming traumatized and loosing my humanity, I am spending the only day I have to sort the short term day mission. As I was leaving a girl I know (young) had her iphone snatched from her hand as she was putting the phone in her pocket on the street and started crying why would anyone do that?. I then come home to an article about a man who snuck a HELP message about chinese factory conditions in his town as a plea to the person who purchased said electronic item to contact amnesty and humanitarian rights boards. People should not live like this. We have to break the consumer cycle.

    • Absolutely! Today I watched this..

      It’s beyond words.. well ok I’m trying to keep the vile ones to myself or I might just be in shock or deeply disturbed and feeling somewhat disempowered at how far its gone. I mean it doesn’t seem to matter that I’m not a consuming crazy.. it’s like consumption itself is on a complete and perpetual bender!

      • exactly. take actual primal survival and misplace it with programming people to switch need with want.

        • If Pluto works Capricorn well enough this will shake down but boy are we all gonna feel it regardless of what we think. This won’t be an awakening for many I feel, it’ll bemore like taking away air from someone who thinks they haven”t got enough to breathe already.

          If you work in or around that vibe I can well undestand the Darth Vader vibe. I’d be hanging onto civility by a thread.

          • I know its a clash of personal ethics and politics to be working in sales with my much younger hardcore activist self being pushed to the limit here, the just so I can pay rent doesn’t even cut it anymore but it’s been an amazing (ly brutal) view of what IS for real in the general population 1st world style and what IS to come. All of my battles on a personal level are attached to this global rot and I feel every inch of it. I should be at the front line dealing with bullets arms and oil with my personality if I was to be of any use but it breaks my heart to have spent so long fighting for things that benefit US and then you see shit like this and think, fuck.

            • and I am not selfish enough to just walk away with all the ‘insights’ and not want to change this space

            • I’ve been there and even where I am now.. maybe the ‘injured/fall out zone’ of mental health is a bit like that. Some days I come home a little wiped out or whacked out mentally but I’m in it for the good fight.

              Actually, everything I’ve ever done has been that way inclined. I dare not go near animal cruelty as I would be likely to cross over to the dark side and never return.

              There is a lot to be said for seeing it how it is not how we want it to be and it’s the only point where change can occur.

              Bullets, arms and oil.. conjured up my inner vigilante.. if you hear of anyone who needs a skilled bow(wo)man for your army I’m available 😉

              • can only imagine what mental health is like for a perception on humanity. bows at the ready 😉 x

    • darth vadar means ‘father’ in German so maybe find a balance by getting in touch with your feminine side?

      • should we touch this one? 😀

        this is exactly the kind of hilarious advice I was referring to on a previous post.

        • I read it was a package of Christmas ornaments where the help note from the enslaved Chinese worker was found. Much more poetic that way, I think.

          Also, you were in the crowd with the other animals,right? You could have been anywhere you like. Go to the front lines if that’s your calling. But stop trying to control the behavior of others and work on controlling yourself. That’s not advice. That’s reality.

      • in your innate wisdom, I now realise the answer to my geo political discussion with post relevant pluto reference and the zap zone is just an actual mis directed use of my gender asserted energies well spotted by my throw away yet deeply symbolic now I think about it pop culture reference to star wars and it’s significance in meaning in another language.

        • flick your blade babe.. 😉

          At a time, there were some evil mutha fuqers who were Darth Vadar like…things come from a reality elsewhere anyhow..

          Its part of our human nature to have those emotions…If we can’t vent them here, at Mysts without someone’s self rightous censure…..

        • hahahahaha!! yeah sometimes it’s actually NOT about projection at all. it may start in the mirror but it certainly cannot end there. it really IS about the system. so much applause for your warrior queenhood, ms.

          • When its not projection, there is someone(s) physically in front of you and you get to punch them in the face. When its rage against a faceless THEM, you have to own your part of the problem.

            • did you read anything? I’ve been at work getting near assaulted and dived on for sale items for days on end.

              • Yeah. Retail is brutal. Worked in it for years. Horrific and I’m glad I found a way out of it. But being mean to your colleagues isn’t a help. And bitching at well intentioned people who make odd comments on your posts doesn’t help. Its evolve or evaporate time and you are steaming. You’re so clearly fucking brilliantly talented and – as I imagine – hot as hell – yet full of venom about THEM. I get how easy it is to bully back when you’re cornered and it certainly gathers a crowd, but – I guess I’m just one of the newbie idiot commentors, because I see better for you than that. And my Pluto-Mercury conjunction can’t shut the fuck up.

                • Who’s projecting?
                  My colleague and I, whom you don’t know, have a fantastic space, hence our banter and she laughed afterwards with me about it but I omitted this because it’s not a personal journal, it’s an astrology blog. and yes this is an idiot comment I should not be responding to.

                  • Ah, yes, your customers got the insult. I’m sure you’re a gem to colleagues. There are so many idiots in the world. Perhaps you can get a gig as the blog bouncer. You should post rules about what we’re allowed to share here. And character counts.

                  • Your comment to the DV commentor really offended me. But your right I am projecting. I am a huge, huge fan of innocent idiots. I feel like they are my own pets or children. But that’s just me projecting my Pluto-Mercury child onto the world. And I’m not a child any longer.

                    I wish I projected more. Its how we do things around here. Both physical and metaphysical reality, So, if you’re looking for a conflict, you’ll find one. And you have the power to sway the mob, so they’ll be behind you.

                    The DV story, the hazy, dark German father, the center of a grand drama – that’s the more interesting projection. And you silenced it. And my inner child got thrown at you.

        • Lucky I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read this, or it would be all over my keyboard. Thanks for the laugh Ms! x 😀

        • Ah Ms .. you had us all fooled. You really are DV! Wow.. I imagined you’d be different.. more masculine at least 😉

          Anyway, I would like a visit to the death star one day if you could arrange it.. y’know a vip pass for me and some mates to have a look around, but only if there are no loco shoppers because I’m sure I won’t be able to bring weapons onboard so I’ll be defenseless…unless perhaps I can borrow a storm trooper uniform?

          I also had a coffee on the keyboard close call.

    • Fun as fuqin’ hell…Somebody gotta make the world go round…


      Mystic’s always engaging…

  40. Going to go to the movies today.Turning my back on the rest of the laundry.

    Cannot believe it’s a toss up tween The Hobbit and Twighlight, Breaking Dawn…lol

    Popcorn and soda…exta butter…Of course I’m going to smuggle in some booze just for the hell of it…It’s not fun otherwise, no?


    If only they made smokeless joints…Those hobbits and vamps be lookin’ even more peculiar…


    Perhaps they have 3-d glasses to quell said distortion need?

    (yes I am being sarcastic to everything I said but am doing the movies!)

    • hobs and vamps…

      sorta akin to gypsies, tramps and thieves cept more honest…


      Farty pants got back into town last night… :)

  41. Torro Lover has been moving the last of his things here. Already been living here for almost 8 months. The sun is on his north node today.

    I am so tired and overwhelmed….tiny house, tons of stuff, lots of kids, heavy work time, and have to leave town to hang out in hotels in city for days(and don’t want to).

    But life is good. Just wish I had more energy.

    • oh yea…friend came by and reminded me that I was with a “loopy” man who did things she couldn’t believe to me…..ugh.

  42. Horrible dreams of ex sex last night. If it was the recent ex, hell yes! But, alas, it was an ex of a few years ago – one I loved so much…. Only the other day I found out he has a new girlfriend, a doctor. Suuuuper jealous that his life is on track! Most passionate dream sex ever and I was in love with him in the dream. What a nightmare!!!

  43. oh mah gawd it is the moon that never ends. pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooooo o o o o o o o o o

  44. Yes anyone can post and no content filters aren’t applied but seriously.. relevance check!!

    Myst you should delete this garb!!

  45. Sometimes spam slips through the spam filter Centaurus – and occasionally i am away from my computer.

    Akismet – the Spam Filter – catches most stuff but then spambots find new ways to get through and then Akismet “learns” to catch them too by me declaring them spam – but i can not obviously be at my desk 24-7. I spend about four hours a week looking for spam and deleting it.

    It would be nice if some of the approx 100 people who email me wanting complimentary consults a week would appreciate some of the time/money that goes into the site !

    Thanks for altering me to this

  46. Ahhh.. yeah, incorrect choice of language and ye olde scorched in me let got a bit hot under the collar and indulged a mini-rant (here) as if it were a person. Spam crap indeed and no way should you be sitting waiting to reply to all and sundry. Happy to continue to alert if/as I find em and disclaimer for myself as I may rant at a random ‘machine’ again but you get it’s the machine not you right.

  47. ps.. Akismet does a great job of filtering hence not expecting this to be anything but a person… they don’t get thru typically. Early Mecury rets? x