Ever Since Neptune Went Into Pisces…

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Ever since Neptune went into Pisces, she liked to home-dye her hair a hue of magenta the hairdresser refused to do, take Clembuterol to “enhance her hip-hop sensibility”, snort Space Dust off the car dashboard and stalk her “love interest” in person.

She had become a Love Zombie, but she was a wealthy Love Zombie. Her Gemini chauffeur cared nothing for her emotional complexity. Still seeing himself as an aspiring actor, he pretended he was an elite fighter pilot flying his space ship through dangerous galaxies.


Image; Greg Lotus – Vogue Italia

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25 thoughts on “Ever Since Neptune Went Into Pisces…

  1. Neptune in Pisces got me! I met a “soulmate” type, which seemed great on paper and went up in flames days later. My Neptune is in the 12th house, f*$%& I walked right into that one!

  2. These days it cracks me up to hear the words “soul mate” tossed around by someone who has known their partner for less than… say… three years. I’ve been married seven years, and I’m still learning about my husband.

    The only time I heard it and believed it was when my aunt was talking about her husband of 30 years…

  3. Neptune and Chiron are hovering over my natal Venus and I’m having all these wish-I-were-a-wife-with-a-family type thoughts until my Moon square Pluto kicks in and says, WTF are you thinking, go forth and seduce and toss the empty husks out.

  4. Bugger me but my love zombie functionality seems to be set to “roaming” at the moment. I no sooner carefully excise foolish obsesssional tendencies with a bit of strict mental hygiene and another prey pops up on the target screen. Kind of bizarre and actually quite funny. With about six hot crushes in rapid succession I think I’m so awash with zombie venom I’m becoming immune.

  5. Neptune is currently transiting a bunch of planets – ASC, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, but at least most of them are sextile so am grateful for being able to bed it harmoniously. It’s rather comforting at the moment. It’s like being submerged in hot mineral spring, knowing full well that just the right balance of cold water trickling in vs magma sulphur bubbling underneath you tush to save you from becoming a boiled chicken. It’s a fragile balance for the moment and I don’t know if I should be anxious or perplexed. I don’t have much water in my natal chart so swimming is uncomfortable. The increased clairvoyance and conscious clarity is nice, but damn that tendency to pop into spacey utopic myopia. But I can’t stand the unrestful-vamp-Qi-sucking lucid dreaming. Like I had one last night about trying to exterminate an infestation of eels or lampreys with a spray bottle on… you guessed it the mist setting – wtf? And disorientation, I don’t know who I am when I wake up every day. Any one see the movie Dark City? It’s like an experiment right? Anyone know how to get to Shell Beach. ๐Ÿ˜€ cuckoo doodle doo.

  6. My love zombie years are over when Neptune was all over my natal Aqua sun, Venus & Mercury in the 7th. I learnt a LOT it feels like being let out of an asylum that i was wrongfully incarcerated in since going into Pisces.

    • Same here Savannah. Merc, venus, Saturn still throwing napalm into my 7th. I’ve been forced to learn about forgiving and reconciling. Still trapped in the looney bin though.

  7. I love every one of these comments and I’ll love it ever more as Neptune inches along bit by bit away from my Aqua Sun.

    I’m hoping for a much greater awareness of small furry animals (and the like) from all of humanity with Neptune in Pisces and I think this is actually happening. I’d like to think so anyway.

  8. Neptune in Pisces is proving interesting for me to negotiate. The psychic incoming has been off the radar so my whole definition of knowing/not knowing is up for grabs. Yes this has got me into a bit of love zombie trouble, not because of lack of esteem/belief etc, rather that all the boundaries have become fluid.
    On those matters I am working my grand earth trine and going with what my shrink says “I know for sure”. IE who is physically standing there in front of me right now.
    Relearning the language of my long-neglected intuition.
    Artistic inspiration off the scale also. New music, new creative project starting.
    Massive hooch bender these past few weeks and now I am totally off it. I actually don’t want to drink anymore.
    Neptune still zapping my late Aqua Venus, heading for my sun/Saturn/Merc/Chiron… Chiron conj all that… Saturn/Neptune trining… Pluto zapping all that and my Cap stellium… fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Really? To my mind she looks like a drug-addled Russian courtesan-slash-secret-agent being driven by a KGB agent to her, um, certain death. Of course she’s a Libran and wouldn’t be caught dead/executed without her lippy.

    But speaking of Neptune… today Mercury/Node is conjunct natal Neptune. Was hoping for some more enlightening dreams but instead woke up for the second day in a row AS IF I have a hangover (I don’t even drink). Blargh. On the bright side I feel like I slept for two days.

  10. You can see why her hairdresser refused the magenta… the Essential is a Taurean hairdresser for any mutable with “ideas”. Mine is hilarious, stunning to look at, easily bored (one of these days i’m going to get her astro but in the meantime i’m having fun guessing…fire or air?) but pretty good at the lockdown on any whack notions.

    You’ve nailed the Gemini chauffeur. He’s so got that look! I think the buses should have the astro of the driver on the front panel, below the destination: Driven by a + Sun Sign/Rising.

  11. Toilet flooded in writing studio 2 weeks ago, pipe leaks and ceiling panels flooded at home this week! I am going to need to come up w some kind of weekly Pisces ceremony to keep this at bay!

  12. Since Neptune is currently transitting my Midheaven, it feels like this crazy Neptune Love Zombie carjacked my career motivation, it was in the back seat. I’m really looking forward to her stepping off the MC in Jan. so I can finally move ahead. Hopefully LZ Neptune will return my car, with the hot Gem driver.

    Oh, MM!
    I do want to thank you so much for you great site AND introducing me to Caia Koopman. I adore her work and yours!

  13. Giggling at Gemini persona . Reminds me of a gem I knew and this is likely how she gets through each day with the dramas around her

  14. I’m still in anticipation. Been a rough few months and eveything has gone bats. But I know it’s on, I’m moving cities, chucking everything to publish major poetry works, ignoring sensible, freaking out the populace with radical theories and wearing whatever the hell takes my fancy (chic mumus, anyone? haha). Entering the next phase determined to be fabuous in deed and word. And shruggin off the vampires. I may learn to fly, become an activist in Cambodia, or begin subsistance farming. I needed the Zap Zone and it’s gonna love me. Pisces, our time has come, Scorp rising, biting the Scorping, and Leo moon, lo! the magenta hair

  15. With my own leo sun and pisces rising I”m thinking there is something tre fiery about her too… that red mane and talons ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I LOVE Neptune in Pisces…well at least I think I do… I’m space dust free but the crazy ass fantasies, whimsy, sparkly ocean green dresses with matching toe polish and a can do “lets make magical things happen in daylight i’m not paying attention to even the most basic of newtonian science’ tendencies…. seems to actually be working for me …….. or perhaps I’m so swept up in my own fantasy delusion it just seems functional! Dreams, writing, art, and magical animals all in a days work these days… love these characters MM x

    • ‘so swept up in my own fantasy it just seems functional’ i get this! sooo neptune tripping lol. reality is just not even like a thing anymore. STORY of my life! [neptunes been in my first house since like ’01!?]

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