Don’t Kill Our Vibe

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Hey guys – How strange is this Void Moon in Libra???Β  Indecisive much? I’m torn between being on my rad Green Buzz cleanse or fuqing off out to dinner at an Italian restaurant, cue wheat, wine & whacko g.i action. BUT this is my life, yes? Void Moons go on for ever these days…Read The Forever Moons for more.

Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up now and extremely to the point, as befits a Dark Moon in Scorpio, with Uranus stationing Direct & Mars on Eros.

How fab is the astro packaging for this sugar, above? One of my subscriber-peeps saw it in Brazil the other day. Okay so sugar is deadly and all that BUT i would love to have some of this.

Oh and f.y.i. Saturn on Psyche means you can’t escape your psych-truths today/tomorrow. Even if you’re just hanging out being blithe & creative, voomp: up they come. Hideous? Or radically useful? I think we strive for the latter.

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36 thoughts on “Don’t Kill Our Vibe

    • Was able to convince myself chocolate peanuts were a healthy choice for breakfast …. as they are packed with protein ????????

  1. Note to self: don’t bother going shopping when there’s a moon void in Libra. Anything I’d intended to get I’d decided not to in the end, at the cost of two and a half hours.

  2. Started off with green smoothie, afternoon juice … but going out tonight with Sag pal for tapas & vino – a nice Libran balance πŸ˜‰

  3. Not torn. Contemplated drinking only detox tea briefly but decided to embrace la dolce vita. Am however having fruit with my coffee and vegetable soup with my wine. Enjoyed the horoscopes, especially Scorp (lol) even though I am not one, just read all of them for entertainment value!

  4. Void moon in libra must agree with me (libra rising) because I’ve had one of the best days in weeks, well, since the reset moon did a little bit more than that and put my life in rewind ha. Cheese, a good one on one chat with a dear friend, and much sensible advice. Love it!

  5. Yes. I want to be healthy. But right now I need to indulge in shit food. So, despite being torn – the rest of my day was committed to shit eating, so tomorrow is ripe for the healthy. I’ve even got it planned in my head – pineapple for brekky with apple and beetroot juice, kale soup for lunch….. That’s as far as I got.

    Sent a text to my ex-lover pre-void…. I’ve been meaning to do it since our final rendezvous. Libran moon seemed like a good time to do that sort of thing. He replied in kind. It was nice. I do miss him so. Come on mid-2013!!!

    • aww yeah for reciprocity. even if he is a schmuck, but who isn’t really? flawed humans we all. i’m wondering if declarations of love after hideous reality checks might be more true and worthy- like actually seeing their shadow and them seeing yours and accepting and loving each other still. saturn love vs. neptune maybe. it’s a new insight so not very well formed yet but it could be true… anyway congrats on the happiness!

      • I just want someone to move on to!!! My Zeitgeist from Mystic and the recent Astro-Bitch Love tips say I have to wait for mid-2013.

        I can’t wait.

        I’m a Cancer. I dwell. Not only that, I have natal Neptune in the first. I like to fantasise… It’s not exactly good for my headspace when I want to fantasise about the ex. I can’t help that his thighs are amazing, and his sweat tastes like heaven.

  6. Well it was Chanukah , Jewish festival of lights. Aka Festivus..the festivus for the rest of us. Been eating all kinds of sweet for 24 hrs, feel a bit urgggg now. A double shot espresso please, gotta get my liver functioning to clear this glucose back up . Libra void moon worked perfectly for the extended family get together. Everyone was too tired to be feisty.

    • Chanukah Sameach! Blessings on Chez Davidl & all kith & kin!
      Well a void moon has gotta be better than the astro storm warning on December 25th…
      (We had the chance of doing a tiny dinner, but denying the chance to celebrate food AND family to the Cancerian mother-in-Law and the Sun/4th, Moon in Cancer/5th hub seemed cruel).

      • X Well done you, from a Cancer rising/Sun. 4th house moon. Phew to you with the cancerians in the fam. they must love you very much, you must be one in a million too x

      • Of course, let them have their fun. Hope that you and yours have a great Xmas and a fabulous new year. This will be the first year our oldest, 16, has made ‘other plans’ for the new year (one down two to go) Kataka wifey is distraught . Jeez we may actually be able to party in a few years.
        davidl x

  7. Went out today for the last of the shopping – just had to stop in at fave old pub/now brasserie, for crab rissotto yum!! with chili sauce and an aioli dollop – was bloody gorgeous with a new sauv. blanc wine that I hadn’t tried before.. took out the girlfriend too, and it wasn’t very expensive but I just thought we had to have a bit of a nice lunch. And found my favourite old Jazz FM radio station on the internet. Bring on Libra Moon.

  8. what a week. my head is still decompressing from it all. Don’t kill our vibe indeed. I am listening to my scopes and life insights like the grail.

    Seriously nasty personal shit went down last night from an ex lover who is just out for blood right now as I requested personal space and he’s just realised that means I am not going to fuck him or be his 3rd option fill in for xmas holidays now after ditching me previously the whole event anyway. cue insane tirade of abuse ending in deeply personal attack that I fought hard to stay haute as hell through. Did not help he still went there. Dark moon end indeed.

    was to be biz partner getting ejected from country come early next year so I am now waiting for game plan about that right now as I wait for her to arrive.

    I know deep down I am making the right decisions about my personal space but having it tested to hell right now. Nothing like being spat on for a bit of revenge makeover/radical personal ethics clean/self love to fuck/ only on the mission angst. Manifesting Saturn girl as we speak casting rings of protection and powers of steel.

    • I’m so sorry things are running so rough for you right now. Does it help to relate my Saturn in Virgo did similar things to me – taking away supportive relationships in the most not-related-to-me-out-of-my-control sorts of ways? Its like a massive compression and when you see an opening, you stick a wedge of steel in it so you’ll never, ever be smaller – as in more condensed, constricted – than that, if that makes any sense. But its no fun at all. At least you know that the Aqua isn’t worth any romantic fantasies – yeah?

    • no way Ms. sounds like that man deserved a solid slap in the face, both sides, then stalk away pronto, leaving him out for garbage collection.

    • After I dumped the Pisces/Leo-Mn Mars, tarot lady (very, very trusted, gifted psychic…known since was 25 yrs old)…

      Said that he was pissed and that if I saw him we would just get in a huge fight..Cuz his ego just could not stand that he been dumped…He’d always had his way,…hmmm?

      So even tho he tried to contact for seven months, I never saw him again…And as a matter of fact, had my say and hung up on the fuqer…lol

      Baby girl, I know it hurts but you just keep on keepin’ on…x

    • Rings of steel… or ring of steel… to be maintained fully in case of a*fqery. Cheer squad!

      • Funny cuz tow truck driver today…was a Sagg..

        Oh yes, I have no prob asking.. lol

        Has seven kids…First four with an Aries…

        The last three with Pisces..whom he said ate him up with her money/gambling whatevers.

        Now just has “friends with benefits” 47 yrs old..

        All this in just a five mile tow…lol Beatles…”theres a fog up-on the lane..please don’t be long”

  9. I think I’ll use the void moon in Libra to make my house smell fantastic. Scented candles must be lit now!

    I’ve been so productive. I think I will happily wear out my hands before I/m done with them. Woodworking on a sofa. Learning about the new tools. Know enough to complain about them now. Painted a mural with my girl in her room. It was so hard to collaborate, to let it be imperfect, to remember child-like expectation. Had a moment where I realized I was being a grown-up (aka control freak) about it and stopped. In the end it came out perfect. We have one more tree to stencil. Considering painting a night forest in my room. Her room has the golden sun and birds and clouds. And mine could be the moon and stars. Seems balanced

    I’m too busy to expect something else to happen, you know? I am still soaking in all these Saturn lessons I’ve learned since Saturn was in Leo. Most of my personal planets are in Leo through Libra, 11th-1st. Its like, getting to the end of a rough patch and looking back and going “holy shit, how did I get through that?” and being so grateful that I did. And, more than that, realizing that I wouldn’t have learned what I learned or developed in the way I had if it had happened any other way.

    • your murals sound absolutely gorgeous. push-pull of the child collaboration is a hard one when it’s your child and you’ve got emotional investment on both sides. congrats on the perfection!

      your mention of saturn in leo triggered a realization that my big lessons have been since then too. 13 leo was my saturn return and when my marriage ended although i hung on for 7 more years and it’s been nonstop since. not over yet. anyway, rambling, but it’s so easy to forget and just think, oh it was saturn in libra blah blah blah. thanks for the perspective!

    • Same here 12.I let go of a deadline with ease .didn’t think of it as being child like but makes sense.

    • Oh wow, sounds lovely 12th house Virgo. Love the night forest idea, one of my past christmas cards was an owl on a branch in the moonlight, this year its a forest with dawn just breaking on the horizon, love those nights scenes!

  10. how funny- i just finished off a bag of this sugar. it lasted me 4 months and for an ex-sugar fiend (and by ex i mean i lived off of cookies last summer… and winter… and hm maybe 34 years before that…) that says a lot. a wee scoop in my afternoon constant comment to honor grandma and it never gave me any sort of cravings at all. lovely stuff.

    doing just fine with libran moon and libran mom. feeling the dark moon weariness but got the tree all trimmed and beautiful. long convo with the professor who i thought was a gem but am now convinced is actually a virgo. signed up for another of his classes next term. more random smashes and bashes to the hands, feet, and head. stone-cold sober.

    • he he i’m close to finishing a jar of brown sugar. which i’ve had for 3 years (or longer?).

    • I’ve only really started reintegrating sugar. The coffee is just so bad out where I work I have to use it… And I’ve only just started reintegrating coffee back into the diet too.

  11. hey mystic you could still be perfectly healthy at any decent italian restaurant, one glass of red, little bowl of gnocchi with pesto or a nice rocket salad with some roasted eggplant…share a slice of properly made pizza…doesn’t have to be a cheesy carb-fest :) how else would all those Italian women stay so beautiful? :) x

    • Some warm twinkly flirtation with an Italian waiter, of any age, who treats you like a perfect lady is also sure to bring wholesome earthy goodness to any meal. Isn’t that why we ‘go out for Italian’ πŸ˜‰ ?