8 thoughts on “December Oestro-Medusa Scopes Are Up

    • Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and North Node are there already, it will just bring in the Moon to magnify all of it. But you know all of this, you’re experienced, Charles. How much of it opposes your Sun, and what does that mean . . . that is the question.

      • What, me know all this? I do the calculations but the big picture eludes me. So I appreciate your tips. I just charted my December transits, and this is so interesting, I have to show you a pic of Dec 10.


        Look at my natal Yod with Sun/Moon at the apex. Now notice the transiting Sun and Moon are at the bases of the Yod. And Mercury/Venus at the midpoint, in opposition.That’s a lot of inconjunct action, what could that all mean? I don’t know, but I guess I’ll find out soon.

  1. CHARLES THIS is the Scorping of which i speak so often! Check the Scorping horoscopes above but yes a super strong scorp presence, intensified on and off by the moon etc – Psyche and Pandora are also in Scorpio at the mo fyi

    • I knew a lot of transits of Scorp were coming up but I never charted it to see how intense it would be. Maybe I didn’t want to know.

      I reread your Scorping article. I recall you mentioned the mutual reception plenty of times, and again I did not look. And now I looked and it’s a Yod with Jupiter at the apex. Yeah, I probably did not want to know. LOL.

      I am not seeing the Toro bliss promised in your article but I have not been fully Scorped yet. You wrote that a whole 6 months ago, and it still isn’t past 2015 yet.

  2. Exactly. My life has been turned upside down, inside out, roundabout and every which way since 2009. I deserve serenity, I deserve exactly what I want. I am ready for it. Finally. Let’s get on with major achievements that suit me, instead of me bending, twisting and morphing to suit all others.