Cool Yule

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If you’re a subscriber, you’ll know that this cool Yule ain’t nothing – it’s ALL about the Plutonic Full Moon of the 28th.

Churn every emo, realization or security concern back into THAT (see below post) for best results. Meanwhile…the Moon is in Gemini, Mars Void in late Capricorn (father/patriarchial issues lol) and some impetus for major change is falling into place behind the scenes.

That would be the Saturn-Pluto sextile, star of my Horoscopes at the moment.Β  Anyway, how y’all doing?


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168 thoughts on “Cool Yule

  1. merry merry yule all groovy MM peeps.Hope it was great day for you al however you celebrate it or not Had a lovely day with my family and flying high after a narly few days.

  2. This fish is ferling very happy with the cool yule I spent with the fokkers. It’s normally riddled with walking on eggshells, but suprisingly easy this year. Wtf?! However yet another detox awaits after over 9 months of chronic urticaria…and waaay too much rich food over the past week. Super excited about the new moon AND the new year. Bring it! 2012 has NOT been easy. Blergh.

  3. Happy yuletide, everyone… mine has been lovely. Food, wine and laughter. I’ve spent some quiet time congratulating myself on getting through a very tough year. Feeling really optimistic about 2013.

  4. Nothing cool in QLD bur very cool to see a phrase I pinched from a mate’s Xmas card to me, subsequently posted on the previous post up in lights with a cutie pic Myst. That’s cool x

    I’m doing my asc.. chilled couch time. I haven’t excessively gorged or hoochied or replied to messages that have randomly (but predictably if that makes sense.. intuited weeks ago) dropped in from an ex.

    Everything has an easy vibe although I’m very in tune and also very focussed but not fixated. When you get a change in the wind you plot your course accordingly..

    But I have Mars in Cap and have utilised that energy pre holidays to initiate bold plans that will flourish in the new. It’s mostly 8th and part 9th where the moon is so has now crossed past that point and I’m not sure what that’ll bring but anticipate a little less charge.. I’m pretty sure I timed it all well with enough momentum to hold over the holiday period.

    And…I’m optimistic. Next year will be grand.. and in that respect I will probably perpetually do my sun sign πŸ˜‰

    • Ok.. maybe I’m a little too chilled or would that be vague now??..’s Scorchy πŸ™‚

  5. thank f*ck i can stop (over)eating now. lol. i’ve been chowing down like i’m a family of four since i finished up work for the year two weeks ago. weird holiday stress it seems. chilling out with dvds the next few days. ice cream replaced by cherries.

  6. So moon in sky is near Jupes right now, what’s the other planet if it’s not Venus? Clear skies where I am. Orion writ large too.

  7. I was cool until last night when a phone talk unintentionally managed to unearth all kinds of conflicting emotions. To be honest, Mystic’s blog is the first time I am coming out of my shell today. It happened before, surely I am diving into another gold/coal/dirt mine. good luck with FM everyone, haven’t seen that this one carries a zing for me

    • Nothing beats solo time and retro-inspection during FMs. The mines one digs, the dirt and diamonds one unearths.. Thanks Mystic, dailies helped to stay on track πŸ™‚

    • Dear Mystic,

      I have been searching ebook version of your books, such as Sun Signs and Soul Mating, or Mystic Medusa: Scorpio, or Soul Mating. When available, they are in hard cover format.

      I don’t know about copyright issues, but is there anyway to have these books in ebook format? We have been getting heaps of information, training on the blog but I would love to read your books as well.


  8. I’ve been feeling quite septic. Emailed my little sister about 2 weeks ago to ask her if she wanted to come with me to scatter our dad’s ashes next time she was in the vicinity, and due to the fact I’ve mentioned this a few times over the past few years and never got a response to any email I mentioned his ashes in, I said if she didn’t want to join in that was fine and that I wouldn’t think any worse of her. (Probably the wrong thing to say, but I just need to know where she stands for practical reasons). I didn’t get a response to this email, let alone a Merry Fuqing Christmas. I don’t give a fuq if sending our dad off doesn’t mean anything to her, I’d just like to know either way so I’m not carting a naff blue plastic box full of his remains around for the next fuq only knows how long because I haven’t heard back from her when I could have done it already. Of course if I assume she doesn’t give a fuq and go dispose of them without her, it will no doubt be used against me at a later date, but if I sit around waiting for her to get her act together (or not) then I could be waiting until the cows come home. Seriously, her and I are both incredibly slack when it comes to keeping in touch so I cut her a lot of slack, but how much fucking effort does it take to text or email your sister to say “yay or nay” about the ashes, or “hey it’s dads birthday today” on the solstice, let alone “Merry fuqing Christmas”… So I’ve been stewing over that whole saga (which stems from a major convoluted saga) as a Scorp Moon is wont to do. (Her Mars conj my Moon probably not helping shit).

    Other than that shit preying on my mind, I’m doing ok… day spent alone with cat listening to thunder storms pondering how the fuck I’m going to get house and car repairs done, as well as OMG WTF was I thinking re Jupiter fuelled actions of late. Cried for being such a fuqwit in giving my sister the benefit of the doubt when it came to our dad’s death (long story). Did some more unpacking, had lovely interaction with my new neighbour, and now I’m off to sleep on my new, environmentally friendly, gazillion dollar mattress. Zzzzz. The end.

      • This is a hard situation you’re in and I don’t have much to say that could help except I hope it works out. Have you considered dividing the ashes and sending her some so she can deal with it in her own way? Or is that macabre? (I’m a Libran with scorpio moon and neptune : ) I’m not sure what the protocol is with ashes but that’s what I’d do, then you both get to have your own good-bye – or is it better to support each other and do it together?

        Have you considered telling her you need support to do it and you’d prefer her to be there while it’s happening – reframing it so it’s about sisterly love, healing and support and not an appointment with something that involves a sense of individual foreboding for whatever reasons? Very hard. Very Saturn in Scorpio.

        • I don’t find that macabre at all (almost half a chart in Scorp here), in fact it’s a practical option I offered at one stage (despite the fact that would be going against my dad’s specific wishes as to how he wanted his ashes dealt with – he didn’t even want her to know he was about to kark it, let alone have me send her some of his remains to deal with as she pleased), but I got no reply to that idea either, so since then I thought fuq it, we either send either him off together, or I do it alone – which is as, where, and how he requested it be done.

          I don’t mind doing it alone, I’m pretty emotionally self-sufficient, but it’s not like it would be some gloomy sort of affair anyway, (we both dealt with his death in a black comedy sort of way). I just wanted to include her because it felt like the right thing to do at one stage, but now I just don’t know…

          • this is hard and I have nothing to say that will change it for you but I do think that your efforts are so very noble and compassionate.

          • Saturnalien, it may help to treat these as two different relationships you’re dealing with. One is with your father. The other is with your sister. Break them a part a bit. Both require healing, but I am not sure they will go quite together. You can your sister have other issues to work on, I sense, separate from him. Maybe give those some space? Just an idea to, I hope, help loosen the knot.

    • Did you try calling her? Harder to avoid saying you didn’t ask when she is on the line. If the wisdom you share here is any indication of how you carry yourself in life than I am certain you are doing much better than you realize. Blessed holidays to you!!

      • Yes, Saturnalien, what 12th house says. It’s a bitch of course that all this burden is placed on you, but if you really want a clean slate, then you should call her. Otherwise, she’ll claim she didn’t get your emails. (I know how those pass-ag minds work unfortunately, having been a friend to one previously. The classic example is where I would ask her where she would like to go eat; she said she didn’t care; I would pick a place; then she wouldn’t want to go there because it was too far/expensive/crowded/pick an excuse. Then she would demur from going at all. This would then change everyone’s plans, which I pointed out to her. Her response? “I don’t know why it should affect everyone’s plans. I didn’t have a hand in making the plans.” Maybe this example is too far off course, but hopefully you get the picture. Call your sister. Heck, you should probably write her too. This makes her look really bad then when you get no response. By the way, I liked your paragraph-less rant.

        • I have way too many friends in my life who pull the same thing and I have moved on without them. If it’s too much a hassle to hang out then we’ll just stay acquaintances online instead.
          Not sure what is the motivation of a person who pulls this or not. Too wishy- washy? control freaks?
          It annoys me to no end and tried of taking charge then later getting blamed for it.
          Good luck!

          • hey, do you mind me asking you some questions about this so I can hear how this works from a scorpio perspective?

            I am in a similar situation but I am not the scorpio. The scorpio is the one who is always trying to make things happen and I don’t understand what motivates them to constantly need to fill time with activity. It seems like there is no room for air. I find it really exhausting and I don’t know how to deal with it. Are you a mid-70s scorpio?

            Can you please help me to understand this – it really confuses and upsets me because I need freedom and spontaneity and all the arrangements make me feel enslaved. It seems like there’s no middle ground with the scorpio energy and I keep coming up against a complete denial that their actions could be seen from another perspective. I don’t know how to find the middle ground with this person and I want to because I love them.

            Can you or any other scorpio here please help me understand how this works from a scorpio standpoint? Thanks in advance if you can.

            • I only have Scorpio Rising. I am not big on event planning nor huge events in general in fact I am quite happy having one on one meet-ups over lunch, coffee or a beer, cocktail.
              What’s your Scorpion’s signs besides Sun signs? Maybe Leo or an extroverted sign? and your sign?
              You could tell your friend that you are more of an introvert or need lots of quite time to finish your projects, but when you have time you’d love to catch up with her. Just continue to be friendly, stay in touch online even just briefly and meet when you can then her feelings won’t get hurt.
              But, keep in touch in small ways.
              I have one friend who only contacts me when she is broke and wants me to front dinner. It’s always a few days before her paycheck at the end of the month- that hurts my feelings because, I feel used and she never returns the favor or asks me to hang out with her when she’s not broke. So it sux!
              I have another friend who is flaky and doesn’t show up at all after plans are confirmed and reconfirmed. It really hurts to be stood up with no text or email explaining why.
              If my friends are too busy I understand, but I’d like them to just be honest and say sorry busy, but let’s plan for when we are both free.
              Good luck!
              It’s hard being on both sides of the fence on this.

              • thank you – it’s nothing like the pay check or stand up friends – that’s really awful I would never do that. I guess the more I think about it what it boils down to is she won’t try to see it from someone else’s perspective. So you don’t sound like her at all. But I appreciate your answer.

                • I am sorry you are having this problem with her. If you are really close just be 100% honest that you busy and need time to work on projects at home but you appreciate her invites.
                  Hopefully, she has a group of other friends to hang out when you are busy.

    • Sorry to hear about the familial stress but I echo what everyone else said. You need to be exhaustive in trying to contact your sister just to avoid anyone saying in the future, “but you never ….” It’s a pain, a total pain, but it’s for the best. After that, in my opinion, you have carte blanche to move on with your plans of laying your father to rest.

      • No you do not have carte blanche! There is more than just you to consider.

        When I had some major familial losses I was numb for three years on the topic. Grief etc came up strongly later when I was strong enough to handle it, had other systems in place by then. Don’t burn any bridges over this.

        I like the splitting the ashes in half idea if you are in a big rush for your own issues. And just lay off judging your sister when you give her her half. Just lay off judging her for being different to you. Its not a crime.

        • Sorry, I just saw this so I’ll respond to it to set the record straight and then I’ll STFU. Actually I DO have carte blanche. On my dad’s instructions, his ashes were released to me with specific instructions for what he wanted done with them, which didn’t include splitting them with anyone, or her having anything to do with them. He didn’t want her to know he was sick and was about to die, he didn’t want to say goodbye to her, he didn’t want to leave her anything in his will (I tried to convince him that this was not a good plan, to no avail). She had not been in touch with him for several years, and just rocked up on the scene after she found out he’d died. I have gone out of my way to consider her, and I can’t even get a timely fuqing reply to an email. If she needs more time, she just needs to say so. I just wanted to know where she stood, because if she wasn’t interested in sending him off, I would have done it alone on the solstice, which would have been a symbolically significant time to do it. I’m not the one burning bridges here, I’m the one sitting here wondering if she’s trying to burn a bridge, albeit in a spineless manner. The end.

          • Yes, you know what to do in your situation. Absolutely.

            Emotive posts tho usually draw responses from other people’s experiences and it usually takes more posts before all details come out. Couple of my responses were a bit emotive too, defending the seemingly judged person, I have already apologised for that.

            *support* Peace.

            • Happy to apologise again though. Had a nerve touched, responded more emotively than i ever have, didn’t mean to offend. (check my history here, it’s not like me). Wasn’t expecting all this. I guess there was a family flashpoint for me after all. Sorry again Saturnalien.

          • you do what you gotta do babe. you have your head screwed on even if others want to play it different. you did the right thing and you know your situation. xx

    • Avoidance is an old friend of denial and they’re both masterful at pain releif or not getting too close to the ‘thing’ that causes discomfort . I don’t think the ‘thing’ is you. I can well see that there is lots more to this than just what’s happening now but maybe your sis is not avoiding you but avoiding something else way tougher to look at from her own view? Maybe there is lots of guilt or regret or running etc?

      Not saying that to allow more space for her to wiggle as you do need to balance responsibility in this and not shoulder all of it for your own wellbeing but maybe it’s useful when thinking about how to approach this with her?

      Your circumstances are unique so hard to say how to play this but I can relate by having had what I can’t help but recall as a forced shift of dynamics with my own sis for a good chunk of my life that caused me to rethink the whole thing and invent a new way of connecting as it was important to me to do this. I have sacrificed some things… or more accurately I should say I probably hold some saddness still for how I wanted things v how they are but I don’t bring that to the table.

      With anyone that might potentially be right into their stuff it’s reasonable to say their view is limited and objectivity is absent. Maybe ensure all comms are about what you need, why you need this and how she can help you to achieve that rather than what she should be doing etc? And… you might have already done that too?

      Tough situation for sure and sending you good ju-ju to help navigate your course.

    • Thanks everyone. Yes, I’ll definitely have to call her (when I locate my old phone with her number stored in it) before I go ahead with anything. It just shits me that I have to go chasing shit up at the best of times, let alone in this situation. Despite some fall outs and living in different worlds, I really like my little sister and gave her the benefit of the doubt after dad’s death but this whole situation is making me wonder if I was stupid to have done that, and if now she’s kicking back thinking “haha sucker”, or if she’s just being her usual slack, self and will get back to me, eventually…

      Scorchy, thanks for your input, you may very well be onto something with your insights on the whole avoidance issue – that’s something quite within the realms given the weird circumstances, and a possible slant on the situation I hadn’t really considered. Back to the drawing board to ponder that a little.

      • SA, Pi here – I am sorry about your dad.
        I was wondering if your little sis simply doesn’t know what she wants to do re your dad’s ashes or how / wheen she wants to do it. This is me simply putting myself into her shoes, where I find that I can only deal with losing my dad one little tiny bit of reality at a time. So I guess she truly doesn’t care, or she simply can’t deal with what yoy’re asking of her so has gone off-planet re this. You know, feelings running deep. Would it hukeep his ashes around a bit longer? Sounds like you’ve been really patient already, maybe a bit more just for good measure.. Give her a call, it’s important..I think.. Yeah? X

        • EXACTLY! What’s the rush? Its not worth destroying your sisters psyche over. Let go of the “supposed to’s”. In your head on this issue. They are imaginary and maybe selfish. Sorry SA, someone has to play Devils Advocate πŸ™‚

          • I wasn’t planning to destroy my sister’s psyche, in fact I’ve been going out of my way to do just the opposite for a very long time.

            • I’m sorry Saturnalien

              I have deep regrets about how some of my sisterly interactions went down, and I sounded very much exactly like you do in your posts, and I fumed at my sisters behaviour ( sounds similar to your sis) and it was just SOOO unnecessary, in my opinion, now that I have more wisdom and experience.

              Might be different to your situation, but I thought an alternative perspective may be of some use to you.

              Again, apologies.

      • You’re wise woman and you’ll get a glimpse of the thread that leads you to the right path I’m sure.

        It can just be a sh!t that right rarely = comfortable.

        Very welcome x

      • Don’t call people slack just because they process and prioritize on a different timetable and in different style to yours.

        • I don’t mean to sound harsh, Saturnalien, apologies if I did.

          But I personally have been guilty of the judging and labelling of family members – it taps into all the past BS, and I see that coming out in your post. One needs someone to point out that our speedy, organised, reliable way of doing things (or whatever adjectives apply that make you feel hard done-by and calling her names in your post) is not the only way. Doing it differently is not the end of the world, the other person is not this unnameable bad (usually), and it IS possible to drop our own severe exasperation and just do some simple solution with less emotion.

          All my advice came from being in both your shoes and your sisters shoes at different times. My most recent lessons are about non judgement because i can see it was never malicious the times I was not super organised and efficient (like now). Likewise for other people.

          My comments came out of compassion for your family situation and wanting you not to make it worse for yourself and others like we may have done in our family in the past.

          • Given that you don’t know any of the background to mine and my sisters situation, I don’t think you can say you’ve been in both our shoes.

            If I was out to destroy my sister, she’d have been mincemeat long ago. I have no intentions of making this situation worse for anyone, I’m trying to do my best under trying circumstances. I was merely having a rant as the current astro applies to my situation, I don’t need random strangers rubbing salt in my wounds right now.

            Sorry, advice declined. I feel you’ve just projected some of your personal experiences onto my current situation, about which you know very little. I don’t buy the whole compassion angle either, it reads more like some smug personal agenda.

            • More of a community member than a random stranger I hope.

              Some of us on here sometimes come from a different perspective.

              We both had a nerve touched, I think. I definitely had a nerve touched, sorry for offence caused.

            • That you would have in your own words “made mincemeat of her” is telling of a control issue you have perhaps, maybe ?

              There are some people in this world who never will fit in with their “family of origin” and then there is the “extended family” energy that piles on as well.

              Perhaps the moment your sister started individuating she realized how incredibly lonely she has been, isolated her entire life, the only way to survive was to leave, find people more like her that she can grow with.

              Why don’t you just do what your father asked you to do,
              as per his last will if you are satisfied that you have given
              your sister a fair amount of time to respond. Perhaps give her one more chance to join you but in a well thought out written note or something.

              There comes a time when you need to release the history, the “background” and move on.

              Forgive, release, surrender.

              • Anon where have you layed your heart and soul on the line here with all your posts?

                Great at giving advise and projecting your take on things…

                I could have easily made mincemeat of peeps trice times over but its called RESTRAINT…and emotional discipline…Has to do with recognizing could easly exercise that control but DIDN’T

                so bored with you babe…

                • That family shit you talkin’ about is your issue whateves…

                  Like I said, projecting…

                  Sorry Myst…silent until after New Year…x

                  Full Moon in Scorp coming much? lol

                  • these posts aren’t whatevs!!!!

                    It’s the Gemini who explains their comments below. Maybe don’t jump to conclusions Sweetpea. As hard as that may be for you.

                  • Oh Sweetie this is very sad. I hung with you on the other post and tried to steer you to the astro to occupy time and mind because I knew otherwise you would possibly get plastered and go and spend all your rent at the casino. It’s as simple as that – and there’s no judgement in that statement just that I recognised the patterns and triggers. Was observing what you said and responding with astro because I remember some of your chart. It’s OK that you’re not into it and I respected your decision and stopped talking to you because you called lights out. Please don’t go on a rampage against every anonymous poster you see because of it – there are so many of them here πŸ˜€ The only reason I came back here over the last few days was to make sure your head was above water. I’m sorry if I’ve offended or hurt your feelings.

              • My words making mincemeat were in response to being accused of trying to shred my sisters psyche.

                I think you should keep your projections and your amateur psychoanalysis speculations of my sister, and her behaviour to yourself.

                • Fuq to the L lol…

                  Now back to my Kung Pow with extra peanut…

                  (don’t think it’s really spelled Pow…but I’m doing cabernet until the New year…dammit..)

                  Jezus Christ if don’t show up here..which may not, know I’m in spriitual psycho detox..
                  8th house Moon

        • If you’d read my comment properly, you’d have noticed I referred to both of us as slack.

          • I didn’t miss anything important. =)
            I responded to the tone and info in your posts as a whole.

            You don’t need to take it on board. Sometimes when we post a response the benefits are verbalising our own hard won lessons. Sometimes its what the original commenter needs, sometimes not. But it does come from a desire to help each other.

            I’m not worried about you, you will handle this easily. You probably just needed to vent.

    • Mystic, if you are reading this, could you please delete this entire thread. I didn’t intend for my rant to turn into a fuqing circus sideshow. Sorry.

      • i’ve been on here for a couple of years now and there is very annoying thing with posting now where it’s become a bit of a joke to post things about emotions to the group because the group used to be a very different beast as is the nature of ‘advice’, I thought you were perfectly obvious in your intent and I find the exact same frustration when more respect and forethought in responding would go a long way.

        • Thanks a bunch for the validation Ms, seriously much appreciated. You so fuqing get it. xxx

          Lesson learned. I will stop questioning my communication skills (and my sanity), and revert back to my regular shallow and occasionally witty posts from now on.

        • there’s also a lot of peeps here who seriously need to get a life! They get way too involved with people here they don’t even know!

          Sure some people like to shoot the breeze but they’re not necessarily looking for advice or commentary.

          I seriously don’t get the giving of advice when it’s not asked for. Not online OR in real life!!

          • I have no life except the one I am living, of course. I appreciate the advice and commentary I get here. Even the “off” comments are illuminating.

            • I mean,if I didn’t want to hear it from others, I wouldn’t share.The idea that people share with rules around what gets shared back seems odd. Tell othersto fuq off or keep quiet but…to bash the community seems unjust

            • In life, as on this blog, I think there is a real polarisation between folks who like to ‘shoot the breeze’ and those who regard issues as collaborative concepts. (Myer Briggs have labels for this surely).

              As a person who regards my emotions as concepts mostly, I enjoy advice. (Though I didn’t enjoy the advice Gemstar gave and was about to write wtf at the comments when Saturnalien dealt herself).

              When I see a comment here I usually think people are hoping for some feedback – or why would they write it in the first place? Certainly the advice can be bad and degrees of wtf-effery may ensue, but hey, it’s part of being alive, it’s nice someone is interested I think.

              I notice there are lots of Scorps on this blog and with Saturn at 0 deg Scorp I think a Plutonic Moon could be a great instigator for wtf-effery for Plutonic types. Pluto people have clearer boundaries and notice where their boundaries are placed more minutely than others?

              As for getting a life Golden Green, I know I have been through times where I have found that there were things no one in my life had time to share with me and I needed to express & this blog was wonderful.

              Having said that, there is a tendency for depression and drama to reign supreme in the last year here and the femmo hyper sensitive intellectual tone here can be stressy to be around, even virtually.

              Do you even write, ‘wow that’s difficult, good luck’ without getting a virtual slap in the face some days?
              Having said that, comparing this blog with itself in varying eras is a bit like comparing triple cream brie & double cream brie to a dairy queen – it’s all good! And the tone here is usually very caring.

              Maybe there needs to be an emoticon to accompany a comment – one meaning, “Don’t comment I am venting” & one with “Advice welcome”. πŸ˜‰ Happy Moon guys.

      • I have a lot of thoughts that could become comments running through my mind right now. I won’t write them all as they’re probably not valid in the overall context but I will say that I can imagine I might be affected by this too since it amped up and of course felt compelled to reply even if I didn’t want to on another level. Don’t let that be a concern to you SA.

        Typed tone is important too imo. And I’ve not always got it right I’m sure but as time has gone on around here and I’ve got to know some folk (as much as someone can on what is essentially an anon blog) and the way the blog rolls.. uhm, ok that can be a variable.

        I think I try to be mindful that it’s a brief synopsis of a bigger thing so consider my comments on that and whether I’m coming from my own stuff or not if it’s emotive.. banter is an entirely different beast so all bets are off there..I gots to be a Saggi some of the time!

        I like what you said Andy.. uhm,maybe the emoticon should be for some replies.. a grenade.. or says ‘incoming’ πŸ˜‰ [do I need to say that last bit was banter or should I duck?]

          • Haha, there I was thinking, “oh, fuq, not another anon comment, I should probably stop reading”.

            Just for the record, as someone who makes an effort not to give unsolicited advice (not always successful), I tend to specify if I’m after advice, opinions, viewpoints, whatever. Having said that, I realise that the majority of people don’t think like I do (I’m one of those 5% Myers Briggs types… since Andy brought it up) and I fully expect that I’m going to get opinions and viewpoints when I post my shit on a public forum whether I ask for it or not.

            So when I’m not specifically asking for advice, I don’t have an issue with being given it as I know that most people chiming in here are coming from a good place, and sometimes people do come up with an absolute gem of an insight (as I acknowledged you did with your comment Scorchy), and aside from that, it’s kind of nice to know people actually give a fuq.

            What I do have an issue with is when people use giving advice under the guise of compassion and being helpful to grandstand their own fuqed up personal agenda. That to me, is “get a fuqing life (or a shrink)” territory.

            Reading between the lines, I don’t think anyone was dissing the entire forum, just expressing dismay at the occasional fuqwittery that is displayed by some posters on occasion. I could be wrong there of course.

            • I know.. another anon! I was like.. damn!

              Oh for sure.. I agree with what you’ve said and well articulated.

              Also think the ‘dismay’ comment is probably accurate and initially I think I just probably felt that in a general sense and had no words.. and then wanted to say something…

              Know you to be direct but fair and wasn’t concerned about where I stood with my comms (lol this time.. but who knows yah.. best intents etc..or 5%er ;)).x

            • Totally agree with your clarity of voice here Saturnalien. I also see that sometimes (not judging what you said or Gem either) that there can be passive agg comments that are masquerading as luv ‘n’ lite, which is annoying.
              That is very interesting about the Myer Briggs thing! Ha. I was on a very alt. conspiracy forum & every 2nd poster was INFJ which I found curious.

              Didn’t mean to sound critical of you in any way btw just drawn in by the convo…’cos I do give a firetruck about both the blog & your thoughts.

              • I didn’t read you as being critical of me (with Mars on my Mercury for the past week, you probably would have heard about it if I did :P)

                Just for the record, I’m INTJ (rarest type for female to be apparently)… don’t hang on conspiracy forums, but I do quite enjoy reading conspiracy theories! (I think that’s a Scorp thing though…)

  9. Alone this Christmas which isn’t unusual for me. I honestly enjoy this time even during this holiday. I am having fun, met a new friend, was invited over for dinner that I think I might go to and enjoying my spirit of being alone and celebrating Christmas. It’s like I love having the freedom to do this without worrying about what someone thinks. I have a feeling I will be dealing with some drama soon but I hope he is having a great Christmas as he should.

    Staying true to the “signs” or “emo” that I am dealing with. It can only make me stronger. And as I said to God I will take the “hits” and keep on stepping. I know You have something better for me. Hence, meeting my new girlfriend who will get me out to meet someone one. If that is the plan.

    I was a little uncomfortable with my friends feeling sorry for me being alone during Christmas. I was sad because of that. Maybe because I didn’t have a strong family attachment I just don’t understand. I wish I did have that family life but it isn’t there for me. We just know each other and play the game of family.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, safe and successful 2013 to you all! I love this site!! xo!!

    • Christmas overwhelms me, sometimes being alone or going on a retreat appeals to me.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      • Hi Scorp.. I agree and understand! Right back atcha with the holiday wishes. All the best to you! xo!

    • Am I right in remembering you’ve moved recently?

      It can be a weird ol path that one, one minute you’re clear and happy with your decision and then in come others projections along wth second guessing and sometimes even overthinking.

      Can be like trying to shake sand out of your clothes… little bits get hidden or stuck.

      Sounds like you’ve done your authentic self and also doing the reinvention thing that seems to be our times.


      • Hi Scorched.. yes. I moved back to where i started and I Thank God that it happened. I am so happy where I am. But with the Holidays passing I felt a little stuck. I feel more alive back where I am.

        Yes, I feel like I am shedding some snake skin. Staying to true to myself and hoping 2013 will be more encouraging. How could it not be after everything positive that has occurred since October 12th when Scorpio left my Libra (12th a and 1st house) and when I gave my resignation to start a new job, more money and have me move back to the location that I love. Only piece missing is the toro/gem but I am still stepping forward working on changing the mind that he is still around. I will miss him but it just can’t happen anymore. Not in my space!


        • Congrats on rolling with the changes so well and staying in your power.. which imo has naught to do with the highs and lows of feelings nor whether we miss someone or not. These things will happen regardless but if we’re following our path it gets harder to turn around and go back to some things or people no matter how much we may desire.

          It’s that evolve or evaporate thing isn’t it. It’s not so much true that we don’t have choice/s but when one knows that one kind of choice doesn’t serve then it can feel like there may as well be no choice at times.

          You’ve come a long way baby πŸ˜‰ x

          • Thanks Scorched!!! I can’t wait to look back and say “what was I thinking at that time. I feel so much better”… yes, it is a process and I am so glad this site is available to get confirmation.

            Wishing you the best 2013 year ever! xo!!

    • I spent my first Christmas (and said dogs) on my own, for myself! It was my chioce and a fabulous empowering experience! To do things when I wanted and not be concerned with other peeps expectations or wheatever else!! I say go you good Virgo Ellie!!
      I am inspired having the time to contemplate and be creative for myself and to share in the follow-up of those things that one has creatied!!
      Cool Yule is in the groove and 2013 is going to be a fabulous year!! I can feel it in my bones!! I am so bless beyond my dreams!! πŸ™‚
      Good luck and fortunes for to all for 2013 πŸ™‚

      • Hi Lib.. I guess this means you are a Libra? I have mine rising so I look to Libra qualities / change more than Virgo.

        Glad to hear your experience being alone during the Holidays was empowering. I love that word.

        Wishing a great new year for you! xo!

    • It has been an incredible Christmas.. alone. I met a great new friend, just home from spending time with her and her family and hopefully have someone to hang out with to be social in a way. She is a good soul.

      I also got an incredible compliment from out of the blue from a HS friend. She sent me a note saying how inspiring I am being so indepedent. I started crying because there are days for me where I sometimes think there is something wrong with me. But there is nothing I can do. I feel empowered and alive being this way.

      One of my new years resolutions is to make some friends. I am not good at it but I took a chance tonight. Let’s see where it takes me.

      Thank you!! xo!!

  10. Had a great day with all the family (parents, aunts, uncles & cousins). Its great to see we are all so close. Family is something I am very grateful for. Wishing everyone on MM a safe, prosperous and kick-aas 2013 xo

  11. doing great! it’s this Cappy’s birthday. lots of wine and dark chocolate to help me forget everyone’s obsession with the overlying religious holiday

      • Happy Birthday !

        Glad you had a good one.

        Where i spent (my very lovely) Christmas, was a non-alcoholic two days! For the hosts religious reasons =) !! On Xmas day I could have really done with a drink.

        To make it worse two of the men decided they were allowed to drink and drank beer right in front of me and never offered me one. I have never claimed to want to not drink at Xmas time.

        So I envy you the red wine, but i had a lovely time and did not eat too much and did not give away my power in the presence of many religious people.

        Just wanted to say I like your choice for the day.

  12. Christmas Day was really nice here in Melbourne – weather, food, wine and company were all good, not too much. Spent away from my own family but with a portion of best friend’s family…my friend, his niece and her boyfriend.

  13. went to a garden party
    ate way too many sweet crap things
    then this man who looks good
    sits down and glances at
    my plate piled with sickening cakes
    with some kind of chocolate all over it
    i cant eat it and why? why did i wear
    a drab dress
    then this man strides towards me
    with a smvg look on his face
    followed by a confident pretty chick
    like they had been having sex
    he not even good looking
    my leo friend said he had the right
    look the long hair etc

    so i am looking forward to staying the fck away from sweet crap
    its not worth it
    as i need to lose 20 kilo then i b happy
    its gemini moon
    and i am going to leave this town
    and reinvent myself
    its not that hard

    • cute poem

      you should write a slim novel in first person verse just like the above

      I want to find out what happened next to the narrator of that poem


      • thanks gem!!
        i wish to get into writing at school
        i trying to lose weight and get a life
        i also banged on the door like a crazy person
        landlord not even want to talk to me
        i was irrational and he is ta-ras
        they close the door

  14. Merry Christmas/holidays everyone! Strangely, with a relatively emo-free Christmas out of the way, this boxing dAy feels like the real New Year’s Day … I feel ready for the phoenixing after processing the whirlwind of that November eclipse. Remembered my dreams for the first time in weeks last night, and (ok possibly influenced by ham and champagne overload) they were a crazy jumble, but I think they told me a friend is pregnant. In real life, someone close to me is having a series of breakdowns and continuing to make bad life choices, drama overload, meanwhile, against the odds, I finally got to know Saturn in 2012 and maybe in 2013 we’ll be best friends forever in time for my return!

  15. It was a lovely Christmas for me & my tribe. Lunch (paleo style) with Piscean Sister/Virgo Indie Kid, trip down to the beach to get icecream for the Littles then home in the late afternoon in time to prep a simple meal (more paleo) after which we exchanged gifts. No over eating, no alchohol, no stress.

    For Boxing Day I will now pull off a BBQ with the extended fam.

    • hey TA, whatevs here. you know reading your words makes me think you are having some good jupiter action, it’s just that it’s about something other than material abundance. Much love to you and your family – give pegs a hug from me when you see her x

  16. Well my moon is Gemini, mars in Capricorn, don’t do Xmas on any level, living my truth don’t need relatives rubbish since 2006, lots of planning, scheming and staying out of car for a rest!

  17. Damn, this is amazing. Possibly due to advance MM warning, or Zap Zone evolution I have been able to weather a multitude of family shitstorms with my dignity and sense of humour intact. For the first time EVER–no tears this year.

    Also the daily scopes are bang-on.

  18. Three years ago i discovered Mystic Medusa and feel richer, calmer and more suave than ever before. I want to wish you Mystic a wonderful new year and that your wisdom will certainly rub off on me and I am grateful for you!!

    but about the full moon my life it is always the week before things get crazy and by the time the full moon gets here, i already know whats up and what has been exposed. This time it was my 16 year old daughter who quietly planned a camp out with some teens in her room..when i discovered a couple in my other child’s bed under the covers, i freaked.
    Not because of some moral issue, I know they are sexually active being almost 17 all of, I freaked because of strange butt juice in my sheets and home..
    I ran them off and my daughter was furious..she went to her older brother’s house because i sent her there..she needs to respect the boundaries that i set and i will from now on be even more stern (Pluto on my moon) and will run any one off who spews body phlegm on my
    they think I am a prude..not at all..they should do that sex stuff in their beds!

    • Even if you are a prude, it wouldn’t matter! Your house, your rules, especially obvious ones like this. Stay strong, Mom, you’re doing fine! I’ve got a 17-year old son and so know that feeling of “freaking.” There is this internal conflict where you keep reminding yourself that you have to stay calm and in charge, the whole time also dealing with this chaotic reaction of “they’re doing WHAT?” “WHERE?” It’s that intersection of their still-child selves dealing with adult decisions, a messy time and we have to (without forewarning) step in and sort it out. It ain’t easy, but I do feel that in years to come we’ll look back and actually laugh at the situation.

  19. fyi, Mystic, spammers having a field day on your DIY Saturn-Astro post right now. Off with their heads!

  20. The Virgo Voodoo Mamma, did a 7 course dinner for her Aries man & myself last night, waited on us, treated us like treasures.
    Aries man said during the fresh poached salmon, after she just sat down to enjoy the fruits of her intensive labour that ‘some soya would be good’ but made no move to get it, not even a pretend to move in the hope someone else would get it from the cupboard. Yet BOTH of us stood up to get it as i didn’t want her to move. The fresh blueberries came AFTER the vanilla ice-cream, he asked why they were not served together.
    There was a John Wayne movie on in the background set in the west with the maid being the only afro-american, it seemed nothing had changed. Arrogance is timeless.

    How i adore being Sagg & Solo. (and perhaps Sapphic?)

  21. Dramatic Christmas…craziness before with finals week, then my grandma died unexpectedly (well..kind of…she was very old but healthy), then I hibernated for a week just trying to level out and de-stress, then started an internship/temp job.

    Just resubscribed right now, I’m all antsy, like WHATS GOING ON?!!? Feels weird going even just a week without being astro-informed! ANYTHING Pluto is always extra weird for me, kinda scared but learning to roll with and embrace the dramatic all-or-nothingness of the times…

    • But, should note….simultaneously the most UN-dramatic Christmas in that everyone seemed to shed their ideal Christmas dreams and just accept it for what it is — a day. Where you chill out and appreciate. Was a nice change of pace and good to see my family be more low-key.

    • Hope your Nana had a good death on a sunny day, grandmothers are very speesh, like teddy bears are.

  22. Projection is something to be very aware of. It takes some real mindfulness.
    Didn’t realise i was doing it for many moons, in my work with peoples and personal truths vis a vis universal truths, and the wisdom to know the difference between them. To understand that it is ONLY an opinion that much is filtered through and the differences between re-action & response and when to respond and not react. Detachment is sublime actually.
    Wealth is health and i wish it for everyone here.

    Sweetpea EAT YOUR GREENS! Your diet sounds synthetic. Don’t argue with me i’m older πŸ™‚
    Nourish thyself more & toss the microwave. Don’t eat local corn.
    Thus spake the pegasus.

    • Good advice Pegs!

      I have never owned or used a microwave and nor will I – EVER!!! They creep me out. I have an irrational loathing of those heat boxes. Must be my Virgo stellium.

      Thus spake another Cap Asc + Saggo moon πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Pegs, I’ve thought about your words and you are as usual right, winged sage. I realised I’ve been projecting because I’ve had friends who have had addiction issues and I was relating to another in the manner that the people I have known were comfortable with. I’ll be en guard not to make the same mistake again. Detachment? πŸ˜€ Consider it done. Have a great New Year x

    • ha Pegs. No I never eat junk food as rule…Just this holiday did indulge some.. Normally no carbs, lots of salads, raw nuts, etc. Back on my normal plan tomorrow! I did lose 55 pounds this year afterall…But thank you for your concern…x

  23. ergh, I thought I’d sail through the upcoming full moon madness unscathed, but now popping up on the horizon is uberscorp with a seductive invitation for the full moon time. I told him last week I’m not going to try to make another go at things ’til the new moon in January. We can discuss matters before then, but, well, to be blunt, my legs are shut until then. What does he now do? He hints at special treats. My thoughts are getting woozy, my resolve is getting weak. Why can’t this be easy?

    • Desire is never easy, the energy resides in the lower belly
      where we assimilate what we take in physically & emotionally, permeates every cell, extraordinary but can be complicated.I liken it to a deep ocean where all sorts of
      interesting life forms exist the deeper you go.

  24. Mystic, I am reading your daily mystic as I am drifting. So so spot on. Like oxygen right now in space

  25. This morning I have allowed myself one expression of anger towards my pass-agg in-denial gay husband. He once gave me a ‘costume’ that he liked me to wear, in fact it was the only thing that ever really lit his fire. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a bit of production (Leo rising lol), but I mean he could only ever do it when when I didn’t look like me.
    I’ve just cut it up and left it on his bed. I think I will throw it in the bin so he will see it but in typical ‘don’t mention the war’ fashion will not speak of it. Fuq I hate him… all the lost years I spent blaming myself and not trusting my gut.
    Soz. Rant over. Just that I work so hard to keep to the high road, and I find this stuff hard to talk about irl. Wedding anniversary looms in a few days so feeling more sensitive than usual.
    The full moon will oppose my moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno et al. This must be Lilith πŸ™‚
    Back to the spreadsheets, I intend to make VERY sure I don’t waste a nanosecond of my future.

    • x…Huge x…and an O…

      Signed my beautiful Lbran, Toro Moon, Gem risings gdaughter Xmas card…

      “Nani loves you forever and ever”..and I do…

      Yes, new year coming luv…I’m going to make the best of it and suspect you might also. x


      • Thanks babes x
        It will be fine… there’s a good plan, loads of support and quite a bit of magic getting me through, so thankfully my bunny-boiling moments are few πŸ™‚
        Sheesh it felt good tho’. Mars in Virgo…I have top quality, well sharpened scissors πŸ™‚

  26. sigh…..finally got my period this morning after a very long intense PMS. Seriously wondered if I was pregnant, especially with this full moon falling on my boyfriend’s nodes and the sun in my 5th house.

    But no. Lots of thinking though. His dreams got really intense last night, with him trying to lead me along, me being afraid, not wanting to go.
    So true.

    But other than that, things are good. My hormones were awful and I felt like I was losing my mind. I still have more work than I can handle but am spending so much money on car work, bills, christmas….sigh.

    Happy Holidays.

  27. This astro seems to be having a negative effect on the community engagement here. Hope it passes. We’re acting WAY too much like family πŸ™‚

    Uranus delivered me money today as predicted on days MM said to look for omens. Closed on my housing refi (finally) and got a holiday bonus. Have a killer headache. “Mom” has got to be the most over used word in all languages. My girl is sleeping now and so will I. Good night and blessings to you all.

    • Full Moon usually has this effect on the reader-writers here, the ebbs ‘n flow.
      Someone above needs to wash their mouth out with soap, perhaps learn to spell first – claim the word in all it’s power.
      Sweet dreams Mom πŸ™‚

    • I know it’s weird, have had the most lovely week with no stress at all and then suddenly the only emo strangeness was all go here in the most unexpected way. Am chalking this one up to experience. You live and learn.

  28. I hate it when people who have never commented here before and presumably don’t read much of the content dart in and start straight out with the trash talking lol.

    I just deleted a really bizarre little rant – opinonated – fine. Flinging the F and C words around with apparent hostility and in an incomprehensible rant – not fine. I mean, seriously!? I know it’s a full moon apres xmas but there must be a better forum for that sort of thing.

    maybe it is the same person who called us fuqed up clueless whores & psuedo intellectual astro-bitches? Branching out a bit lol

  29. Dear MM may I ask if is there a particularly good Moon for bathing crystals in the moon light?
    I sometimes think that there are good full moons and rather tricky full moons.
    Would it be to do with aspects to the moon if it were good or bad for crystal bathings?

    • Full Moon

      But having said that, i am not really a crystal person. It’s because i am so avid for Feng Shui and you see, a LOT of people don’t need more earth (crystal) they need (for example) more water, metal, wood or fire.
      So some peeps are unknowingly overdoing it on one element. NOT saying that is you.

      But i do love my (correctly placed) amethyst & i was told by someone who knows that you place it in a glass bowl with pure salt – Moon optional.

      • Thank you for that!
        Totally I think balancing with more earth is good for me – I only have one planet in Earth (Mars in Virgo).
        However I use crystals as my tool-kit, so while I love them, I actually rarely wear them and they mainly occupy my healing room.
        But as they are healing tools I am keen to keep them in good vibrational shape, thus the question.

        Also, a while ago I had an interesting perceptual experience on a full moon eclipse.
        It was like all the crazy darkest elementals used the complete darkness of eclipse at night and the amplifying qualities of a full moon to rise up and do this dark dance in my back yard.
        Fierce, kinda fun, but not really loving healing energy.

        So, now I wouldn’t dream of putting my crystals out on such a night of course.

        I will be putting my crystals out tomorrow though. πŸ™‚

        • Hi Andro… I sorry I haven’t paid much attention to this thread. I had been sleeping with crystal for healing energies. I keep it on my night stand since I haven’t been holding it when I go to sleep. I am a virgo sun and need strict rules on how to handle these. Can I leave it out or should I clean it, put it away and take it out for the Full Moonie?

          Thanks for this!! xo!!

          • Lol, yes I like Virgo correctness v. much.
            See below re salt cleansing thoughts.
            Ultimately start by cleansing yourself then crystal in running water/salt water:
            a) ask benevolent higher spiritual frequencies to help cleanse & clear any psychic impressions & previous programs.
            b) Ask clean energies & elements of sun, moon, air, earth, water, etc. to invest crystal with positive impressions & healing energies.
            c) Program (if clear crystal, colours don’t need this as have program of colour ray) by setting intent of whatever wanted.
            d) Thank all, seal with blue light.

            Some people just blast a ray of iridescent violet from their 3rd eye, but I think it is good to give a good clean periodically trad way. Don’t use much salt water anymore, just after purchase.

            What kind of crystal are you sleeping with VE?

            • LOL.. so glad I am sleeping with something.. πŸ™‚

              I have a quartz cyrstal that was given to me from a Reiki Master. I haven’t cleaned it since she gave it to me so I think it’s time. There were some stones that she also gave to me that I was told would clean a cystal but I have always known about the salt water cleanse but never tried it.

              • I don’t sleep with crystals as it is a lot of energy, but I imagine it would be lovely at the right time!
                Just mentioning it and not saying this is your case, but I am very careful with cleansing previous programs of crystals, especially gifts.
                (Actually my reiki teacher was an energy vamp, not a judgement, it just ‘was’! – it was good lesson in discernment for me).

                I don’t know yr views, but for me crystals are communication devices and tracking devices. I can locate a crystal I have connected with and if something wants to track you it can implant crystals in your etheric if your field permits that kind of action. Many blocks in the energy field are crystalline forms. Nice to be careful, my chosen therapy is about removing such blocks so it’s a topic for me. πŸ˜‰
                Quite easy to fix if you set intent on it btw, & no fear mongering here, am sure your Reiki master is a goodie. Xx.

                • Yes, when I started sleeping with it I could feel the energy and of course through the night I would let it go. I will give my Reiki Master a call about the crystal. I find these elements extremely powerful and understand your concern. I have a lot of Moonstone jewelry that builds confidence and find it effective. Thank you for getting me to pay attention to this. I have a special group of stones that were given to me by my Reiki master. I need to connect with them however I can. She taught me a lot. xo!!

            • Andie, i usually, when i remember, put mine in the sun for a bathe, covered in rock salt.
              Wouldn’t that suit Leo Sun you?
              May i intuitively suggest Leo & Aqua Full Moon on a clear night.
              Have an extra-ordinary New Year 2013.x

        • I recently purchased some rose quartz rocks. Not really sure why or what to do with them. I just wanted them. Maybe its time to call the Feng Shui lady again.

          I also decided I needed a bird’s nest in my chandelier. Again, not sure why, but its there. I want to find a red bird (fake, of course) to go with it. I can’t say that’s my style, only that it feels like it must be that way.

          I did comment awhile back that I think Feng Shui is crap. I mean – if you can invest all your energy in intention you can do lots of magic – Feng Shui or not. But, I must admit, it has helped me clear things and it seems to be sitting on the back burner with me. Like, I do Feng Shui things without realizing it. And it makes my home much more pleasant. I LOVE my Himalyan salt lamp. Some objects are healing and balancing and its too much to “know” all that consciously, but its nice to notice.

          My ex bought me a Feng Shui book and a windchime thing for Christmas. I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve got to train him to buy me scented candles for every gift occasion. I planted the seed with my daughter, but it hasn’t sprouted yet. Aromatherapy is crucial for me.

          • Rose quartz is supposedly for the heart and/or love. I always read about placing 2 rose (quartz) in the romance corner of the house as per Feng Shui. They are pretty stones.

          • I want a chandelier on my front deck lol. I can’t, the roof isn’t high enough and I’m tall… booooo!

            Rose quarts is for unconditional love and also a great emotional healer, gentle energy that is also good for feeling at peace and strengthening the physical heart and circulatory system. Has a gentle energy so no dramatic changes as some crystals can bring.

            • That is so cool – I have circulatory problems! And, everything you’ve said resonates with what I’ve experienced. I have a brass Buddha head that sometimes I hold and its really grounding. Its strong like “you-know-what-you’re-about-energy.” I think I’m a feng shui type that does well with metal. But the rose quartz is so quiet, like “there, there, dear” when I hold it. Soft, it kind of welcomes the energy you put out but doesn’t…I don’t know how to verbalize it. Its quiet.

              I actually got rid of a lot of metal stuff in my house. Feng Shui lady said something about spirits using metal more and I recalled the episodes of my metal mirror shaking and thought “I don’t really want to attract their attention.” I’m new to using objects to balance energy. Fascinating stuff. Working my way toward jewelery, but – the more I learn and experience – it seems such a huge commitment.

              • Lovely! And yes, good for circulation as well πŸ™‚

                I dont do feng shui in a formal sense but I do like to energetically align things in my space and there is a flow of sorts to it.

                Metal mirror episode sounds disconcerting!

                Wearing pieces is a bit different I guess as they work differently and sometimes when they’re done they just pop right out of their setting and disappear or you know you can’t wear it for a while and if it’s a nice piece it sits..or it’s over and sometimes that frustrates me even though I’ve still kept some. I like silver.. straight up hold the ice (lol) and have always been that way.

                If you’re uncertain and don’t want to go all out.. let’s face it some pieces are expensive then I’ve found experimenting with smaller tumbled stones in hand or pocket has been useful. I have to say though, I doubt there is one that I would wear and wear so I find myself more discerning as they’re practical mostly although of course often pretty.

                My faves are my raw rough type pieces around the home.

    • Great comment re earth v other elements MM! Worth considering for sure.

      Andy, something just occurred to me and though initially it might seem to be complicating things I wonder if it depends on the crystal? Clear quartz any time generally.. crystals for shadow work on full moons with certain house placements that are valid or depending on the energy of that crystal, so if it’s one that works moon energy then any moon generally or if it’s one that works sun energy perhaps better in a full moon in a fire sign, one that works emotional body then a water moon?

      Just musing. I usually intuit which need and when in what might appear from the outside to be haphazard or random but is actually quite intentional.

      • Yes, I agree intuiting is best once you get past the need for lots of structure. I try to keep it real by obeying the basic laws of any system as it is easy to get a little arrogant and whups! though.
        So, I guess I am just feeling a little like my crystals need some attention, but I have always wondered if there were some moons were more earthly cleansing moons, or if aspects to Taurus or Venus or Virgo or Cancer were important etc.

        Now I realise why people use salt in crystal form with water too – it is very programmable for cleansing. But using table salt is like using poison as a program – the chemotherapy of crystal cleansing.

        I love the idea of doing different things for different crystals. Certainly I feel there are wonderful sunny days that do wonders for cleansing coloured stones especially.
        Funnily enough the apparently moon-loving crystals like selenite make me anxious to leave out as they might melt away in the night rain!

        What I usually do is make a spiral out of my crystals beginning with my big quartz cluster for household protection in the middle. Spiral lunar energy download.

        This conversation is inspiring me, I might camp out tomorrow on the kid’s new trampoline and sleep there under the moon – we are liquid crystals afterall!

        • I think it’s exactly that, some do prefer the sun, running water and intention is enough for others or even a smudge if they’re quite dense with energy. I think also rest for the workers eh.. we have a weekend and time off breaks πŸ™‚

          But there is something spesh about a moon cleanse that the other ways don’t offer and it’s visible after, y’know more clarity in the crystal etc. I’m not sure that one is easy to articulate and I like the mystery of things so won’t attempt it either lol.

          Agree, salt and moon are the basics and I run with them as standard too but there are some that almost say, no I don’t want to go. And do you find some in the window as opposed to resting on the earth as ‘their’ preference?

          Other than the white pieces, I have a huge dreamy piece of blue selenite that looks like a wave rising out of the ocean. That baby ain’t ever going outside because even the overnight dew would mess with it’s structure. It’s not the same as the white selenite as it has a look of rough edged scales or petals and is really easy to chip with a knock too. Highly impractically really but beautiful.

          So back to the other possible theory… selenite resonates to Taurus and 8. I see selenite as an air type vibration.. monkey mind clearer, higher connection, angelic communicator, meditation etc so earth could be grounding. Not sure how 8th house would fit?

          Although… it’s good for the spine too right? Hmmm…physical or energetic channel? Probs the later.

          Have you noticed a whole new natural skin care range emerging of late… all silica based, yes apply liquid crystal to your skin for amaaaazing results. I’m chuckling as I don’t know, maybe? Either I’ve just seen it or it’s new?

          Like the spiral idea lots. Very labyrinth.

        • The sun is by far my favorite disinfectant. Not for crystal work, per say, as I haven’t worked with crystals. But for everything and anything. Its one thing I lament about where I currently live – we don’t get much sun here. In Morocco, its easy to clean yourself with light.

          • Yep, sun is something I value as well particularly for energising.. almost like a battery recharge.

            We get a lot of it here. Sometimes it’s actually too much and I love the overcast grey and the rare opportunity to take of the sunnies.

          • Not at all πŸ™‚

            I’m not sure these theories have any merit but just started downloading and it’s interesting so I might actually pay some attention instead of running on instinct.

  30. My Yule was indeed cool. Very nice holyday time with fam and friends. A comment fight up there above! All perspectives are valid since it’s all just a matter of which direction you’re standing in… Getting grumpy is so informative about personal issues. Lightbulb going on. Happy fabulous new year to all.