Clear Your Mind Of Can’t

Moon, Mars, Pluto & Eros are all in Capricorn, stimulated by Saturn in Scorpio. Just keep going.

Motivation is The Everything at the moment. Guts. Drive. True Grit. Stamina.

This sort of drastic astro is when you set your most audacious goals and then figure out how the fuq you’re going to get there.

What is your fave or most motivational mantra?Β  And would you pin it up as a massive sign on your fridge/back of door/bathroom mirror, Aries style?

Is the world going to end on December 21? Not while you’ve still got this much shit to do. The Mayans had NO idea who they were messing with here. Go-Go-Go.

And while we’re at it, what about an Aries motto; Screw realistic expectations. Aries peeps think if you’re telling them to have realistic expectations, it means you don’t think they’re capable of doing the impossible. And that hurts.

“Victory is paid for in sweat, courage and preparation.”Β  Thank you Nike and fyi, asteroid Nike (the Greek Goddess of Victory) is currently in Aquarius sextile Uranus.



Image: Hollywood Madame & FitSugar

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104 thoughts on “Clear Your Mind Of Can’t

  1. I’ve been reading The Fastlane Millionaire. Apt, no ?

    Favourite Quote:

    Also Tupac:

    β€œYou can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.”
    ? Tupac Shakur

    and of course, Anais:

    And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

    Anais Nin

    These three get me facing forward, get me going and keep me going.


    • DT – I love these! On my wall at the mo is:

      “Those who say it can’t be done, should not interrupt the person doing it’.


    • OMG thanks to you i just jumped on to check out the Fastlane guy & read the first three chapters of the book – i LOVE his vibe. AND You know, he is right!!!! There is a lot of financial advice out there which is basically saying Be A Slave – give us all your money so we can invest it…this is a whole diff topic, totes Pluto in Cap BUT i just emailed the dude to see if he wants to do an astro interview. I note also that like SO many people his turnaround moment was Saturn Return!!! So thanks for this. And i love me a bit of tupac! Do you also have Mercury in Aries or Mars in the 8th/Virgo ?

      • W00T !

        This guy is Tha Biz. I’ve been seriously reading “making Moolah” books for about two months now, and he really tells it like it is.

        And gives deets !!! Like “These are the business areas you need to go into. These are how you choose suitable business areas. They must have quality X, Y and Z ie: hard to get into (high threshhold) unless you’re exceptional…

        I’ve read a LOT of this sort of stuff – being a Reference Librarian by training and Virgo Rising to boot – I am both exhaustive and picky. I found this guy on Amazon after reading someone else’s one star rating on one of the “Save 10% of your income and retire with loads of money and then die 7 years later” books…

        Anyway, joy to you Mystic !! Will be VERY interested to read the interview πŸ˜€ I’m guessing either Aries or Capricorn somewhere high in his chart. Aries prob – he kept butting his head against the rest of the world until he figured out how it *really* worked….

  2. My motto of The Now is “Be better than you were yesterday.”

    It’s simple, to the point, and serves as a reminder that your biggest competition is the person you *were*. It’s been really quite effective, I adopted it as Mars was conjunct Pluto over my Uranus-Sun-Neptune.

  3. OK, so, this is sick, but my motto – or anti-motto, really – is from the Nuremberg trials “we were just following orders.”

    I cannot – for the love of humanity – follow orders. I plea with you all – please, for the love of all that is good in existence – make your own orders. Please.

    Now, that said…here’s my pinch:

    Oracle tells me to make a wish-list for my dream man. But, I tried that a few years back and met a guy on Flickr who was a punk-rocker in Spain (qualities on my list) but he looked EXACTLY like my Morocan ex. He was ick.

    Every time I get specific about what I want the Universe pops out like that obnoxious kid on the Simpsons and says “Ah-ha!” (finger pointing)

    But I have to still try.

  4. Well, I don’t know. I have Uranus opposite Pluto in 6th, & hitting Aries Moon in 11th & Chiron in 12th.

    That’s a whole lotta tranformation.

  5. I’m an Aries & these are the two I’m living by:
    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch)
    and my fave
    Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice (Lorraine Peterson)!!!

      • Yeah, Aries too and out of my comfort zone as just shopped for cookies and such for the cry baby Toro…It is kinda fun to see if it’ll coax him out but all he had to do from day one was call and set something up….

        As said earlier, after this I’m outta there….I truly do have way to much to do for this shit but I want to be kind and fair cuz my North Node is in Libra after all…

            • Leo patient and I were rehashing the Farsi word “chosafel”…elephant farts as opposed to a SBD…

              Silent But Deadly…lol

              Apparently, her dog Max is big on the SBDs

              And of course then farty pants was all the rage πŸ˜†

              • This is what happens when trans Uranus is actually conjunct your Mercury trine Jupiter

                And what actually pissed me off about the Toro since day one is that he never did call like he said he would and then in public it was like it was an after thought…And what, I’m then supposed to jjust throw myself at him and rub his ass? Would love to tell the idiot…This is why he got manipulated…

                So lets see if I can reel him in so then I can tell his ass. Will know after Saturday…Will keep you posted on same Bat Channel and Same Bat Time…

                • Well, the transformation of tears came today. I woke up weepy and hugged the Toro Love Doctor at work in tears and said “I think I lost him”…

                  In my heart I feel sad. She said this is just his pride..

                  This is def a karmic thing for me to feel this transformation and cry over it.
                  I saw alot of crows today and so knew I had to go thru with leaving the small gift/card/note. He wasn’t home when I went out on this blustery night and left it on a bench seat by his front door. At least he’ll know I’m really not a selfish bitch (of course I’m not…I was just mad) if we ever see each other in public again..

                  Just pointed out a few places where we had misunderstandings and that a woman likes to be contacted because in pubic it was awkward for me as it felt like a convenience more than him taking the time. I was kind and told him I would like to make it (my part of the bargin…owing him a massage) up to him and that fairness is actually huge to me…It is…(and no doubt his Libran Moon). Told him that I hope to hear from him sometime and “please come out and play”.

                  At least this thing is now more “real” than games…And thats the most important thing it ends up as if it is the end.

                  I’ll keep you posted if he contacts for that damn massage.

                  Really, lately I have been like bi-polar between now crying and farty pants… πŸ˜†

  6. ya, this was one of the only times I used oracle, and it said to prepare my mind but refrain from unusual contact and stop trying to manipulate outside circumstances, so that ends that I guess, thats okay, Im naturally fatalistic when it comes to these things anyways, also, today was the number 2 biggest smack of deja vu ever, it wasnt just an odd sense I have seen it before, but I actually remember dreaming that room, I remember being all like, why do I only see my professor, why are we in this weird room and who are these people, turns out it was my final exam, speaking of which, my spanish grade hangs in the balance, I wont fail, but you have to get above a certain grade to qualify taking the next spanish class, and it is literally coming down to a matter of points, like, im hanging on by a thread, ya, so I bought a pizza, I cant tell if its comfort pizza, hopefully it ends up being a celebration pizza tho, either way, pizza!

    • I love you – like in that Universal love kind of way. You have such a beautiful voice. You are wise to be humbled by it. I’m so feeling like Jupiter is on Venus right now or whatever πŸ™‚

      • awwww, love ya too 12hv, :),
        ya know, recently(because of my lame scheming freak out) I rejoined facebook, and its so not the place for me, it just emanates such a bad feeling to me, its exacerbates the fact I am the weirdo at a distance and gives it a permanent uncomfortable expression, no matter how witty or whatever I am, but I just love spending time on these comment sections with you guys, your all my kind of people, I can always feel the love all around πŸ™‚

        • I feel the same way about here. But my Leo moon sometimes just likes to fuck with people on FB – just because I can. I make sure to keep my friends list sparse and unfriend any potential love intrests so as to not send cryptic messages subconsciously and know that I can be plain out batshit for no reason as I see fit.

          If I’ve learned anything, its that half the time you speak people will think what you say is stupid or crazy, no matter what you say. I console myself by proving that right every day. I wish I could give you my lesson and spare you years of worrying over your possible weirdness.

          • sometimes I want to do that, the biggest thing is I cant be entirely witty because there is an edge to it and people dont know me that well and wont know what to think, sometimes though I want to just let loose and reek havoc since it doesnt matter either way, it wouldnt be a lame social plea either since I can be legitimately witty, uggh, it used to bother me a LOT more last year, the saddest year of my life really, not cuz of fb, but the whole separate weirdo thing, but now I am okay with it, I just meant that I only get to really know a few people, and the rest legitimately pick up a different vibe from me than you get from most people and dont know what to think of me and kind of keep me at a distance, its totally fine in practice, but on fb it just kind of displays it, no ones fault really, I just cant deal with a vast swath of people socially like most people can, I am never fully involved in any social group I have been a part of(except my group of friends, though I dont consider 4 people a group), so fb just isnt for me, I am the outsider,I think most people actually kind of like me and find me amusing, but dont really know how to deal with me, no hard feelings, fb is for normal people really, my mom loves fb, and fb can be good and have nothing wrong with it for those who are fully integrated, but its just not for me, but yah a lot of the things I(want to) say I cant entrust to normal ears, it legitimately alienates me, thank god I have good friends to talk to

            • I, really not to be a complainer, have no good friends to talk to. So, I just fucking layout it out on FB every once in awhile. I’ve met a few good freaks that way.

              You can’t know what others think of you. Not really. Its all just what you think of yourself.

              Anyway, I like you!

              • aw im sorry 12hv, and I guess your right, sometimes it feels I am THIS close though, and dammit if my pluto mercury isnt going to try, at the very least I can literally feel the vibes in the air,
                anywho, I like you back!

        • You’re not alone Monseiur Fishes !

          You’re no weirdo at a distance or close up (well as close up as we open up on here), we’re much more honest here, there’s no competetion, as soon as someone seems to feel like they are falling, there is a mammoth amount of hands here helping to keep them up, with wise non condescending words. There’s also shared excitement here when things are going right for people, i know there is a saying that goes you know who your friends are when things start to fall apart, but my Gemmie Sister once corrected me and said ‘Nope, you find out who your truest friends are when things are going right” … We got all that shit covered here man ! And we’re learning to be m ore aware about whats going on around us re planetary stuff too….

          And !! Pisceans seem wiser in their years to me, so i reckon the whole faceache thing comes across as way to fake, no soul to it…just white noise… i dont know any Pisceans who are into Faceache at all…

          And one more And .. as Ze Buddha says ”Comparrisons are a disease of the mind” …

          Nuff ranting from me. Respect to you man. x

          PS this has been typed over a long interval (found a tick in my head and had to exterminate, and as Aries in Merc i reserve the right not to go back and cull words today…hpefully not too much gibberish.

          • ya, your right, I think most people are involved in this social hierarchy/game though, fb just reflects and is a symbol of that, a vehicle to it, and ya, it does seem fake, pointless, and just kind of brings me down, I can bring something poignant and it just withers and dies within this cold cold game of egos, but I love it here though

            • I fell in love (for 5 seconds) with a stranger wearing a tshirt saying ”No, I am not on f@#*king facebook””….

              Piscean Grandmother always instilled on all her Grandkids ”Ýou want to be able to count your closest friends on one hand, always”

              Mwa x

      • you guyyys, :),
        if wishing makes it so, then I think you just did the trick, I think this is the most sentimental face stuffing experience ive had, okay, well, maybe momma making me a cake gets me right here a bit more, but your right up there πŸ™‚

    • Myself I have always been drawn to the weirdos, the freaks, the outsiders… and I do have quite a few friends, but I also annoy the crap out of a lot of peeps (and actually enjoy doing that sometimes LOL).

      “Normal” straight conservative people bore me. Which is why I feel comfortable round these parts I guess. Hugs to you, David, you adorable weirdo you.

  7. ‘World better not end, it’s all about to happen for me’ is something I’ve spouted several times this week (after the stalest and slowest year I have ever known in my life – Aries sun/cancer rising) it appears i am about to see a major reverse in my fortunes both career wise and also a very cute sagg waiting in the wings.

  8. β€œWe must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” ~ Jim Rohn

      • hey triffid have been waiting for you to come back, can you please tell me the name of that amazing site with the oils and soap etc. reasonably priced? THANKS

          • That’s the one !


            That place will *ruin* your bank account, and you’ll mysteriously find yourself giving all your friends soap-making “Workshops” as an excuse to buy four or five new moulds and a six-pack of mica πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

            I’m out of glitter, too…..

            • oh, sadly no, it’s not the one but thanks, there’s another one – maybe it’s not just all about soap, they also sell weleda products… It’s a bit more ‘cosmopolitan’ looking than that site. Clean / simple layout. Pretty sure they were based outside Australia. I wish I could remember what it was. I was so sure I bookmarked it but then I went on a bookmark cull and I think I might’ve deleted it. Any ideas based on my vague description? Damn those mercury retro culls.

  9. Wait – I have another motivational thingy. I looked it up online today. My sister gave me a printed copy during some hard time which I found (again and again) when I was decluttering.

    People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

    If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

    If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

    What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

    If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

    The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

    Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

    In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

    -this version is credited to Mother Teresa

    I know the “God” concept is a bit whatever, but suspect anyone can get the feel of it.

    • that was a really good one, and it speaks directly to doubt, what if you do something and then lose it, or dont get anything out of it, or dont have anyone to notice, and then the problem is you start wondering if maybe you should put things off, wait only until it is an opportune moment, but by then you might forget how to be you, you might never find the right moment, I read an article about prisoners, it said they suppress their true personality because they think they have to in order to survive, they try and hide it and keep it safe so when they are free they can take it out again and be normal, because if they are themselves they feel they would be in danger, but slowly they forget how it was they really were, and the tough cruel image they put up to survive in prison, their mask, starts to become their actual real face, eventually they realize they dont remember who they ever really were in the first place, and when they get out they have all but forgotten and cant readjust to normal life, and things never go back to normal after all, life is kind of like that I guess, we feel we have to be dishonest to survive so we hide ourselves, and then we end up forgetting who we really were and get caught up in survival, so I guess you have to be the real you all the time, even if it is more risky, if you are going to survive, survive using you, not by selling out the concept of you, really speaks to the sun archetype I think

      “We trembled in the act of being honest with each other in a world that taught us to lie to survive.”

      “Humanity, I love you
      because you are perpetually
      putting the secret of life
      in your pants and forgetting
      it’s there and sitting down on it.”

    • It’s really good to acknowledge the reality of life like that.

      It’s not like the books with moral to the story you were read as a kid, its not a hall mark movie or a tv show where success comes with complete emotional support at all times from everyone. And lots of ego stroking. Yep, there might be undeserved bitching or jealousy. You might lose it all and have to start again. Its better to know that going in. I think a lot of people have an unconscious thing (from various entertainment media) that life is supposed to treat them like a princess or prince with very few downsides, or at least they can get all the plates spinning perfectly at once, and they become distressed when its not always like that.

      I always loved Kiplings poem which contains (and I paraphrase) ” When everyone around you is losing their heads and blaming it on you” – you know the one. =)

      Deal with reality, and enjoy being an honourable human being. which is what the term “man” means in that poem in my view.

  10. My mantra today:

    Nothing needs to be different, or better than it is. I accept myself and reality AS IS, I forgive myself and others for failing to meet my expectations… in fact I let go of all expectations, past hurts, old patterns and thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me.


      • I’m certainly still working on it! But I can imagine the relief of letting go of expectations and the past… It’s also great to accept other people and their behaviour and that you can’t change their behaviour!

  11. Moon, Mars, Pluto and Eros transiting my Venus in Cap @ 7th house cusp? Wow….well, nothing is happening…..yet. Perhaps too distracted and too wound up by the heavy shit going on at my house.

    Also, Nike transiting my Aqua Sun..? Well, I’ll tell you I need a victory like nobody’s business.
    It’s me, the gal in the middle of maddening process of evicting even more maddening psycho housemate.
    I’m starting to lose it. It’s going too slow. I want this parasite out of my house….now! I’m really starting to feel psychologically damaged from this and it really feels like she is never going to leave.
    I mean, the court will make her leave, eventually, but that process is not quick and this girl is milking that fact for all she can.
    Honestly, I’m about to snap completely. It’s more difficult for me because I was the victim of abuse in the past and I have a tendency to think things are my fault and that I deserve the abuse. My housemate has been verbally and psychologically abusing me and so I feel myself going into that pattern thinking somehow I brought this situation on myself and I deserve it.

    • There’s this semi-legal thing you can do – when she’s out, stuff raw prawns into her curtain rods in her bedroom (no, this isn’t magic :D)… the smell will be overwhelming in two or three days, and she’ll never find the source….

      If she asks just smile and ask if its her conscience playing up – you can’t smell anything πŸ˜€

      This way you will get rid of her, (*and* make her question her sanity…..*)

      When she leaves, throw the curtain rods out. The smell never goes away πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      * Yes, I know this beneath both of us, but I have a Stellium in Scorpio; the prawns will get rid of her without destroying her sanity….

    • You don’t deserve it. You don’t you don’t you just don’t. All it is, is something happening now. And it’s fq’d. It says nothing about you. What you do and how you’ve responded with frank appraisal of your past patterns, self protection by the book and the law, hurting noone, struggling to understand it all, is very honest. Your need to share it here and the way you have done so is also honest.

      Clearly, you have respect. Even the anger you have for the violation of yourself/your space is self respect. Those are the things which say something about you, not the advent of this person. The ability to be humbled and taken down to the core by any experience is a great strength. The ability to know you need some help with it and ask for that in the right way and to the right people is also going to be a strength, not a sign of weakness. You know yourself; she doesn’t.

      You can intellectualise it, i know, but it doesn’t stop your emotional vulnerability to old patterns. So who helped you with the past trauma? If there is someone, go to them now. If there wasn’t anyone, it’s time to do it differently. This is a lot for one person. And it is a long road. But don’t think that if you were a different person this would all go away, or might never have happened. That’s hers.

      • Thank you for your advice and kind words, mille. Very healing to hear.

        I’ve been having a horrible couple of days in this situation, and your words are saving me from going over the edge.

        I don’t have much support in my personal life right now and I don’t live in the same city as when I went through the prior abusive situation, so the therapist who helped me then wouldn’t be available to me. I can’t afford any therapist right now anyway… I’ve just got to get through this….. You all are helping me immensely. Thank you SO much! πŸ™‚

        • Ah you are very welcome. My home is sacred space (though it looks like the aftermath of the temple orgy today πŸ™‚ quite unusual) and i just cannot imagine that being violated in the way you are experiencing. Plus there’s the living with old patterns of shitsky (i like to say that in a pseudo KGB reprogramming-the-comrades voice, so i don’t feel like a victim.) When people say, “What is the lesson from this?” so insistently like i’m a schoolchild i get really pissed off. Don’t blame the victim! If life is a teacher then it’s nothing like the patronising institutionalised normalisation of the schoolyard or classroom. Life is a whole lot more than that, and so is a human.

          Sounds like one of those crunch times. You share living space to afford to pay for it, then you have to enlist expensive help. So you can’t access psych assistance when you most need it. Wow this woman is incredibly powerful, an eater of resources – time, money, energy. This could be anyone suffering in her orbit.

          I think you’re doing incredibly well under such pressure. My Aqua friend got in the path of the same bullies i did at work. He had just had other personal crap and they tried to use that too to smear him. His resourcefulness and purity of intent, his Aqua clarity was so fixed in purpose it was amazing. He was like a whip crack over their heads without even meaning to be. But it took a while and he was consumed with anger and the injustic of it all for a while. Still, that awesome Fixity did its thing. So where’s your Moon and where are your protector chicks, like Pallas, Lilith, Sekhmet et al? Do you have a Mars placement that helps to endure (rather than striding into battle)? You could focus on the endurance power points of your chart, and energise those elements by appreciation, perhaps even some secret ritual placements of things. Or, since you can’t enjoy your home you can do something domestic and unsuspicious like bake an anger cake (you just make a cake and think all your shit thoughts into the cake while doing it) or have an anger-bathroom clean or fury sweep, or cranky-papersort…you get the picture…then go for a quick walk or something outside. I mean, try not break anything but it’s no drma. I’m clumsy as all heck at times (multi-sag placements) but it’s weird that when i’m consciously rather than unconsciously angry, nothing gets broken.

          • Horrible night……she angrily confronted me again at midnight after I turned the heater off for the evening and was headed to bed. She came running out of her room yelling ‘what are you doing?!’ and then said I was harassing *her* (by turning the heater off) and then called me a ‘dumbass’ and a ‘bitch’. I didn’t say anything to her, just kept walking to my room and shut the door. I called the police and had them come talk to her and I asked them to tell her to stop confronting me and stop speaking to me. I don’t know how effective that will be, but I am so tired of her getting away with verbally abusing me!

            I am an Aqua Sun, in the 8th house, so that’s fixed. I have Mars in Pisces, not so strong, but it is exactly conjunct my midheaven and trine my Crab ascendant, so I think that strengthens the Mars a bit. I have Pisces moon as well, so that doesn’t help! Ha ha! I’m a very sensitive person..
            Pallas in Libra in the 4th house, so I don’t know if that helps…? What do you think?

            Anyway, I’m very shaken up tonight, I have PTSD and I start shaking whenever anything happens, as well as tonight I feel dizzy, too, and can’t get my thoughts together.
            I’m really really really trying to hang in there, but in reality I’m starting to unravel from my PTSD, feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown.
            I really need some help…..I called a domestic violence counselor tonight on a hotline because the way my housemate treats me reminds me of how my abusive ex-bf treated me, turning everything around on me and being so hostile and punitive.

            I just don’t know when this is going to end. It feels like I will never ever get her out of my house, or not without being destroyed, myself, in the process.
            I feel like every step I take is wrong. If I stand up for myself at all, she uses it against me, and if I don’t stand up for myself, she just walks all over me anyway. I just can’t believe how diabolical she is. And yes, I feel absolutely violated.

            There is just nothing I can do at this point. We have a court date at the end of this month, but I don’t even feel optimistic about that. I don’t feel like my lawyer is taking enough strong action in the situation and he thinks she will move out because she doesn’t want an eviction on her record, but I don’t think he gets how insane she is and that she really believes she is going to win in court. ….this just goes on and on and it has spun my mind into complete confusion.
            She is like an infestation here, a parasite. It is just SO bizarre and over the top. It’s like she lives for this, this is her life, her little project, to drive me nuts. She is getting off on it.

            Please God, make this woman move out of my house…..NOW!

            • I also want to say that i love that you have called the hotline. You are being practical and doing very well. Wishing you all the very best and an oasis of peace. Have you got an art book, some headphones and some gorgeous scent to go to bed with? Something to honour that Piscean Moon xx

              • Thanks for all your advice and guidance.

                My Pisces Mars is in opposition to Pluto in Virgo, and I think Mars opposing Pluto gives tenacity, so I guess that helps me in this situation.

                I’m tired today because I couldn’t sleep much last night.
                I am sitting in bed with my computer and it’s raining and cold here, so it’s nice to try to just relax and comfort myself in bed.

                I did email my lawyer with an account of what happened last night and told him the police did come and that I spoke to a domestic violence counselor who corroborated that I am being verbally and psychologically abused.

                Music has been a solace for me, so thanks for suggesting that i take care of my Pisces moon.

                I just feel so alone in this situation. It’s difficult to not beat myself up over this and to not feel like I deserve this.
                I’m really worried about the court situation and the fact that she is highly manipulative and am worried that she will somehow get her way, or that it will still be a longer time before I’ll be able to get her out of my house. I just can’t stand it, it doesn’t make sense that you can’t get someone out of your house if you want to.

                Anyway, thanks for listening. πŸ™‚

              • Not to bombard you with ‘advice’ when you must also be needing your space, but i just had a thought. Mystic has experienced some abusive Qi Vamps of late, one on another thread here, and a content stealer not so long ago. Now you wouldn’t say that she was deserving or somehow attracted victimisers, would you? And, like yourself, she got some proper legal advice and made her situation clear to her supporters. Horoscopes say beware LZ tendencies, there’s awful news and you can see that the astro is uncovering the Lower types. It could be useful to contemplate this when the Deserve-it Demons try to shake your self esteem. It’s a bigger picture than just you, so of course it’s going to have an impact on your world. You’ve got to stay strong, lady xx

                • Oh, I did read the thread where Mystic told everyone about the content theft. I felt outraged that this happened to her, and she certainly did not deserve it!
                  It’s so much easier for me to advocate for other people and see their situations more clearly.

                  That is a good point that in the larger picture, the current astro is uncovering the qi vamps and low vibe types and so many of us are encountering these people.
                  So it’s not just me….it helps to take it less personally, but it still creeps in and affects my self-worth.

                  I’m trying to stay strong, but this weekend has been an utter nightmare so far….feeling very low and depressed… πŸ™

                  Your words have helped me to stay afloat and get a little perspective, though. Thanks!

            • Her language is certainly abusive. If it feels too dangerous to ask her not to use that language to you in your home, then consider updating your lawyer on the situation, with times/dates and events, plus the fact that you have called a hotline and also the police for help. Ask what can be done and how strongly the case can be put, and make it clear that her behaviour does not instil confidence that she has enough reason to move of her own accord simply because of the risk of a record. Do you have any neighbours who might be witnesses, who may have heard this behaviour?

              If you stand up for yourself, she will of course use it against you, as she has nothing else to do. But drawing your boundaries is still important.

              Post traumatic stress will come. And it can also go; you don’t need to jump on it and let it take you past your station. It’s weird stuff: i had a couple of strong instances myself this year, and it shook me. However, i was able to sit with it, shaking, and be very careful not to blame myself and to be as gentle as i could instead of geeing myself up to get over it. I’m sorry i can’t loan you one of my Mars squares, or at least a Pluto-Saturn trine.. You must be a gentle soul, and that is certainly something wonderful, not worthy of any such behaviour. Mars in Pisces? Us Pisceans are Catwoman on the inside, remember?
              Scroll through Mystic’s archives. In addition, Pallas in your 4th House is a Warrior of Wisdom guarding your home. Pallas was a goddess of War but also of Wisdom. She represents the strategy of a warrior not a fighter. And Libra is often mistaken for all charm and grace but you can bet your bottom dollar that every Libran i know has an iron fist inside their velvet glove. Check out the tarot Justice card image and draw that clear calm steadfastness into your psyche. You may need to find a space to weep and hold yourself first, and remember to breathe through it all so the body doesn’t let sobbing become panic breath. The trick is to cry it out, let it be a release from fear. When you feel strong enough you are allowed to let your mind play for a moment with the image of Justice’s sword, and what you would do if you had it πŸ™‚

      • AND Anonymous, having it all documented by a physiologist/psychiatrist, some sort of official figure
        would be to your benefit if anything does go awry & you lose it.
        As you may (or may not know) i live next door (a house divided in 2) to a demented neighbour who caused me grief & it took 15 months to prove it tho’ the courts.
        At least there is a wall between us unlike your situ.
        Bon Courage.

  12. AAAhhhh, intense day again. I woke up freaked out about no money and had to go and read cards on the street, which is all i can do, when desperate until i move into a better abode, then i can work from home?

    am surrounded by aggro male energies
    where i live esp
    chinese feng shui warns this is a year of fighting u have to be on guard.

    All the cap planets spurred me on to so take control of my finances.
    As soon as i sat down i got two short readings.

    Then it went all messy…the sun was beating down. i had to move my spot
    so i wen’t back to the spot ..I had secured front of a bank but a scorpio who approached me, quickly, “stole” my spot ….

    it s all got too much and am exhausted and not in the mood now
    so i sit where palm reader sits
    as he had gone on, what scorp and i thought was a two hour break-

    and suddenly he appears and comes towards me like a bat out of hell, like a red flag to a bull and starts telling me of and grabbing for my cards etc,

    its all fucked up and getting way too political. I want to be like a taoist and not leave prints anywhere, to go unseen like the wind, to be humble, to be truly yin, subtle, graceful.

    Should just have let have his spot all to himself …as he is a tauras and there is no way in hell he is moving from that prime spot.
    Plus a tiger in chinese boy did he pounce on me!!!
    . I say too much, as delerious… to the scorpio street stall/smart woman about him….gr8

    i realize i am totally exhausted now and had been running on my adrenals all of what happened above is just the
    ego energy

    Like i am a cat in a street fight and other cat’s see and it is NOT a good look, time to get a new self image.

    so wish i had been buddhist today and forever amd
    just let the tauras guy have his territory.

    I was out of my creative, right brained thinking and now i have all this mess on my karma.
    No matter i have saturn opposite my sun
    die another day
    do it better next time

    • Sending you some love, sweetheart

      Yep, do it better next time, no worries =)

      It’s not always easy (why do you think I relate to your emotions? ) but its great when you can follow your intuition as to whether to retreat or take a stand. One of my martial arts teachers taught me to breathe into my lower abdomen and place my attention there and then ask myself the question/make the decision.

      There’s lots of ways to access your intuition. I’m sure you’re doing great. Just wanted to support you.

      xx Take care

      • thanks gem, as someone else said previously, it really is a support group here and works very magically. XXX

      • I have a bell there πŸ˜€ I ask a question and put it into my “Truth Spot” in my belly. If it chimes in a sweet, clear tone, I go with it. If if clanks and clunks like a goat bell, I let it pass.

        Have you tired drawing a circle in salt around you when you set your pitch ? Might keep out some of the lower elements…..

  13. ok, so I have a cap moon, my moms mars is bang on my moon. We are driving each other insane – (Yes I have to take responsibility for my side of things too ) – but, seriously, an 8th house moon in CAP with her mars bang on it??! Ya it riles me, I am getting a sledging lately, I feel like the joy has truly been replaced by rocks and stones and mud, like a bad xmas joke. I better get on over to the love zombie greatest hits thread before I get even more depressed about this.

    • scrap that! the LZGH thread is FAR more depressing; I am going to gaze a lil more at my peonies – they demand it – then off for a nice walk!

  14. i am feeling very motivated and psyched to plan and take action. today i ordered a mi goals diary for 2013 and one of their goal setting books. plus reserved some goal setting books from the library. gonna make lots of lists for 2013! i always feel more engaged with life and less down in the dumps when i am getting stuff done (even mundane things like culling my bookshelves).

  15. yeaaah!! l did it all this week already when the moon was DARK :))))
    Now l just feel like fuqing it all big time!
    l feel like doing NOTHING! just party hard but l can’t or could l???
    l can’t focus on my work today, l should..but nonono l can not!
    the fact is that in this very moment l am sick of doing better, aiming higher eat good, be good tralalala!
    sorry l needed to get it!! out !!!!!

  16. Motivation with some snark.

    “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well preserved piece, but to skid across the line broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out, shouting GERONIMO!”
    ~ Hunter S. Thompson ~

    • vis-Γ -vis another mantra I keep to quell the inner whispers of regret and guilt…

      You only live for tomorrow as the ones that live for tomorrow, get fuqed by the ones living for today.

    • There was a cartoon i saw once of a parachuter in the war
      who yelled after jumping ‘what was that Indian’s name’.

      For those of you who don’t know, ‘Geronimo’ was the name shouted in WW11, when diving out of a plane.
      Hunter would have known that of course πŸ™‚

      • and prominent Native American Apache leader very brazen courageous against settler expansion and settlement!

  17. 2 teen girls in my house so finding teen icons…Latest favorite find in teen pop culture, though going back a decade or more:

    From Buffy the Vampire Slayer—

    Angel (vampire ex-boyfriend about to run Buffy through with sword, Buffy hurt, at his feet): “So that’s it, huh? No weapons, no friends, no hope. You take all that away and what’s left?” (Sword lunges at Buffy’s face, Buffy catches with bare hands) “Me.”

  18. I realized that I want to leave graduate school. It hasn’t been what I thought it would be and it has made me miserable. I just don’t know what to do now..aside from the office of trying to find employment

  19. I’m not sure where my Aries is but I’m pretty sure I have a fair bit because whenever someone (my partner, a Libra) tells me to stop being naive about an idea or something that “could” happen, it really pisses me off and I want to show the world that I can go beyond their expectations. But then with my Pisces sun (or maybe my cap assendant, not sure) I just want to lie down and do nothing so it doesn’t happen either way and just accept that it could happen but I didn’t do anything so it wouldn’t. Or even just go ahead and let whatever was going to happen happen so I can say ‘yes you were right, I’m terrible…..blah blah blah’.

    So yeah it’s like a massive confliction between the two and I can’t even choose which one, let alone a decent motto. I’m swaying towards “Fuq you, I’m doing it my way……and if its not conventional just deal with it!” But then I’m too lazy (depressed?) to do it in the end and just stay in bed all day and do nothing. I really need a transformation of some sort.

    Ahhh life what fuqery will you bring me?

  20. Ha! Two days ago I was having a conversation with one of the guys about what motivates us to keep going at work (we work with a large concentration of Australia’s imbeciles). His was “I’m gonna die, I;m gonna die, I’m gonna die”; mine was “you can all go and get fuqed”. We have different roles – so they are quite befitting our positions.

    Dunno if they are the best matras – but we get work done and continue showing up everyday.

  21. The past and future only exist in our mind. The present moment, though, is outside of time…It’s Eternity.
    Karma isn’t what you did in the past that will affect the present.
    It’s what you do in the present that will redeem the past, and THEREBY change the FUTURE.
    Enjoy! M.

  22. I have a couple of these. The one that resonates a lot is ‘be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid’. It seems to work. The other one was from one of those fitness gurus, I can’t remember which, but it was something to do with ‘consistency beats motivation every time so just keep turning up and doing it’. That’s got me through most of this year.

    I am loving all this Cap energy. Pluto, Mars, Eros zinging my Cap moon, Lilith, Eros, Juno, Vertex et al. Really working hard at the mo and it’s agreeing with me. I think I need work like some people need exercise. Really grounding me. Hoping the universe will send me a special something for my Eros return coming up soon πŸ™‚

    Look I apologise if this is TMI but after 9 months without a period I have started bleeding again… the same week I move out of “our” room and into a separate bed… Uranus turning direct in my 8th…. probably just late 40s hormones, but I can’t help thinking the coincidence means I am alive again. Weird.

    • All those womanly things are so tuned in, it’s no coincidence. There are times menses is totally annoying and certain circumstances when it feels like a ritual, almost in honour of something very primal about ourselves as women.

      • Thanks for for your thoughts, Mille, I have been cut off from *that* side of myself for so long, it seemed like a kind of awakening, a turning point.
        Also I just remembered what Mystic said about omens for Venus-NN on Weds-Thur… about listening to one’s body. Well mine has certainly spoken up πŸ™‚

  23. I so get everything your saying Mystic there is no other way for me at the moment. Guts, drive etc because its got to be done. Whining will not get anyone anywhere fast.

    On the 21st ill be shooting across the desert towards my annual holiday to soak my over worked bones in the sea hope the end of the world doesn’t fuq with that or ill sue!

    • haha….a soak in the sea…how nice. I was going to go down to one (of 33…count ’em…can you believe…half are heated in fall/winter and yesterday it rained and there is snow on Mt San Jacinto…just lovely) pools where I live and do the water and jacuzzi.

      Right now I actually going to do what David did and go get a pizza. My diet is so messed up right now and I’m already bloated so hey, lets go for broke…

      Have a great vay-kay..

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