Astro-Query: Pluto-Pluto Phobia

Dear Mystic

I’ve just been looking into my upcoming transits and see I have Pluto square Pluto for nearly 2 years.

I’ve browsed your Pluto category but didn’t find much in the way of square transit info.

My understanding is limited but I feel a little apprehensive about this. Does it really mean total demolition?! My marriage is good, we have a 4 month old beautiful daughter and I’m now worried about what shit is going to hit the fan!

Apart from stocking up on Pluto Juice do you have any tips for how to maximize and not fear this transit?!!

Many thanks – Worried Aqua

Dear Worried Aqua,

Sweetie please don’t fret!Β  I don’t think i ever said “total demolition” but if you google Pluto square Pluto, there are some shocking delineations out of there. I can’t comment on what other people think except to say that some of them seem to want to be scary and negative. Pluto on the Sun, Moon or an angle (Ascendant) can have quite dramatic results but WAY more likely when the situation is more like “my marriage is shaky” not your lovely scenario.

And besides Pluto-square-Pluto is just a generational thing – like Saturn Return – it happens to everyone born the same year as you and at the same time. It’s the start of a whole series of ‘awakening’ transits – Neptune square Neptune/the Uranus opposition…It’s just like a natural process.

There is no way to generalize on how this plays out but basically you become more you. You could go yoga-mad, change career directions, invent something cool, reinvent yourself via parenthood, make an incredibly profound fresh friendship, discover an excellent new sexual quirk…Just as Saturn Return is like the automatic age 29 get-thy-shit together scenario, Pluto-Pluto is like the “who-am-i-really?” psych trip of the mid-30s. In your case, it is amped by Uranus being opposite your Pluto as well…the Zap Zone, but that just adds to the revolutionary, potential Awesome of this astro-passage.

A LOT of people find it really liberating – they feel like they’re in early maturity and ye olde psychological limitations or even giving a crap what abusive parents think of them/their life choices (this is just an example) fall away. Β  See also Lol Astrological Milestones of Humanity

o.m.g. and even a “real” Pluto transit – like on your Moon or whatever – does not have to entail freaking out…You look at what transformation you would dearly like to make, where you want to become stronger and more together or confront some demons and get that Pluto is your guy for this. What does everyone else think?

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84 thoughts on “Astro-Query: Pluto-Pluto Phobia

  1. Agrees. Just finished a sun transit and into the moon transit.

    I think Pluto greatly assists the desire to transform but can be a bit Saturn like if transformation is desired but deferred. The tree still bears fruit and whilst there isn’t a slap (too hard Saturn?) there is a an unquenched thirst or a regret at not using the available energies to garner a bigger harvest.

    Pluto will take you under into yourself and as you submerge into the bottomless ocean of self you do actually know that you will rise cleansed refreshed and forever changed.

    I think I honestly miss Pluto on my sun. It’s a whole different vibe on my moon but I’ve got plenty of time to get used to it. It’s a slow burn so I’d still be calling it early days.

    • Been off on astrodienst doing ancient transits of Pluto. They go so long it’s easy to forget but also easy to landmark in retrospect.

      I did not enjoy the transits through my later 5th house (or maybe all.. sketchy) and all of my 6th house which ends on my DC.

      So I think it will depend on where one is at in their evolution. If awareness is yet to be developed depending on age, experience etc it’s going to feel a lot harder because it won’t be easy to see beyond what feels unfair.

    • So funny you say you missed it. I had a Pluto-trine-Venus transit that left me really raw. At the time, it registered as a kind of pain or turmoil, but even then a voice in my head said “you will look back at these days and miss them” and I do kind of miss that zone.

      Pluto transits definitely have an impact on personal planets and can be kind of disturbing, but only to make you more authentic, as if the Universe has a particular interest in your deepest, darkest desires. I am part of the Pluto-square-Pluto generation, so I have that square going on. I only really notice it when it exacts a personal planet.

      • I’ve been hunkered down in bunker somewhere on planet X with Pluto-trine-Venus, Moon-square-Venus, Saturn-opp-Venus in siege mode. Somehow my brain is exuberant auditing all of my closest relationships, yet there’s heart burn below. I’ve hand cuffed myself so I don’t go Qi vampire on exes for a cuddle and love zombie up my dearest friends.

        So you miss your P-t-V?

        • I spent the transit running around the creek out back taking nudie pics of myself and talking to the trees and spirits and all that while also deep in love zombie mode. I was sure men in white coats or police or someone would come lock me up for being mad and wild. Instead…? It was like my coming out party, coming out of the 12th house closet. Scary, weird, and ultimately no big deal. Just release to value what I value and want what I want without the baggage.

          • I miss feeling that connection to nature. I sat in the woods and meditated “am I safe here? Am I allowed to do this?” And the Universe said yes. I was safe. I don’t think I’d feel that same zone should I go out back and get naked tonight, you know? I don’t have the doubts anymore. Now, its not about me claiming my human/animal Right to Be. It would just be a stunt, a repeat. It was a special time, that transit. I’m glad I have photos of it because it was so unreal.

      • Yes, I know. I’ve reflected on it since posting and I’m still pretty sure I do. I think Pluto is pretty awesome. I have Pluto in Virgo (4th) so it’s also about old patterns, inherited even and feeling. I think Pluto works well here for me now that I know what he does.

        The beauty of a Pluto transit IS it’s duration, not the opposite imo. I’m natal Saggi so get the Jupiter extremes but Pluto gives you time to assimilate not like Jupiter for example. Pluto is a slow awakening or excavational dig into your soul. You can take breaks and you can breathe although you might at times find even that challenging. It’s not relentless energy except in bursts as far as I’ve observed, change must happen now.. and I agree.. you know it’s right. It’s far to consistent for that which gives you time to grown into yourself.

        So I am sure I noted different spikes in the transit. I have some notable memories but I wouldn’t change the outcomes and that’s my point. I also found the early move from sun to moon weird, like a deflation of mojo and then a weird no mans land and then a breakdown of a whole new spectrum of structures. Wasn’t comfortable but I knew it was as it should be and then a breather as anticipated but it’s not like all the work stops, it just takes a lighter step for a bit so you can adjust.

        I think this pluto/moon transit will be pretty powerful but as I said it’s too early to call it and I wonder if only a fool would try to predict the outcome of such a transit anyways.

        Ok I think that’s enough of the Pluto worship.. anyone would think I was in love lol πŸ˜‰

        • ah i will join you in the worship. all hail the underworld!! all hail the great transformer!! pluto4evah! πŸ™‚

  2. I would say that Pluto transits are only yicky when you are in complete denial about yourself. I was terribly deluded well into my 30s when a series of hard Pluto transits insisted that I wake the-fuq-up from my self induced stupor and get real. In the long term it has had amazing results and brought about amazing freedom, but quite painful at the time. However if you’re a person who is relatively balanced already and don’t have an ego that is completely munted and out of whack – it should be an awesome regenerative time. Pluto really lends some oomph to the change process.

    • Exactly. When Pluto started hitting my cardinal t square 5 years ago I was in a crappy relationship and living in a place I hated. So all of that went to the wall and it was hellish but it needed to happen.

      Anyway it was Pluto on my Moon that really kicked all that off, followed by Uranus and Saturn transits. Hard to separate it out but I don’t think Pluto square Pluto on its own would have such a strong personal effect, certainly not if you’re happy with your life as it is.

  3. Pluto square Pluto (on natal jupiter, 6th) and square MC…

    Was in a huge power struggle with the Pisces..

    but I won πŸ˜‰ NOW

    • ha, that was me…meant to say that NOW I’m going to bed…

      Yes, those kinds of struggles are now far behind but still have a few internal ones to get on to the next step..

      • Want to add that trans Chiron was also conjunct those in 6th and fell down…Felt utterly unsupported…Thus back surgeries and so forth.

  4. How gorgeous to have a four month old! Don’t worry, just enjoy this lovely time in your life.

    I have had Pluto opposition Venus for a while now. When it began I thought that it meant my marriage was going to implode or something, but instead it just got better. I felt a bit silly for not trusting myself and putting my faith in external concerns. I think astrology is meant to give us a handle on things, not predict unavoidable cataclysms.

    In my experience some transits just glide on by barely riffling your coat tails, no matter how dire others experience them to be.

      • therein lies the pluto square pluto transit. It’s when you get to work out what your path is, what part you play in the overall scheme of things. If baby girl is the best thing to ever happen to you the transit may bring up phases of contemplation about the worth of your life path before vs after becoming a mama – and how best to evolve into a new role once she is no longer a baby.

  5. Hmm. Well I’ve had Pluto transiting my 12th house for years now. If you google it, it sounds pretty dismal. And it hasn’t been non-stop laughs, but all in all it’s been nowhere near as bad as google would have me believe. So worry not.

  6. I’m same generation as you Aqua! Pluto square Pluto-Mars-Asc, Pluto opp. MC, Pluto trine Sun-Saturn in Virgo, Pluto sextile Uranus.

    Approval for sparkling new biz proposal with old partner happened on Saturday (thx scheduler!), I’m busy hammering out deets all the while living in my PJs and surviving on re-upped green slush diet and a 32-hour internal clock. It’s the most ambitious project I’ve taken to this stage and the first time I’m being honest with everyone about how much I want it to succeed and exceed projected profits – these desires usually burn inwardly while I feign nonchalance, it’s painful.

    But I’m in hyper-kinetic fight mode (almost literally this past Thursday) and feel so sure and clear-headed which is never me, at least not in business. And normally where options and ideas become an exercise in exponential exploration with me, I’m now laser focused on clean, swift routes to growth and results. Pluto is parked in my 4th house Cap, which is void of major objects and largely ignored as Cap anything just eludes me, but I’ve always admired my Cap bestie for her shrewd, ambitious 10-year plan approach to cash, career and coupledom (a bit stale but she’s happy).

    I’m seriously NOT looking forward to the molting of my therapy-resistant, unresolved past shit. I fear (and love) my classic Virgoan tortoiseshell retreat (involves cleaning crystal until the bad goes away) fuqing up this uninhibited kick-ass mojo going on, but I’m simply through fighting the necessary phoenixing, I say bring it on – assuming we live through this Mayan shit.

  7. I recently finished my Pluto Square Pluto transit, and it wasn’t as terrible as the books normally say it is. My natal Pluto already had quite the stress (conjunct Libra Moon and square Saturn in Cancer, and then I recently discovered it squares Lilith!), so it would usually mean terrible relations with women, death of mother, and basically anything terrible regarding womanhood…

    I did confront some demons, but I was aware of all of them but had really embraced working with them. The energy seemed to support conclusively facing them and following through with resolution (and, accepting some things don’t have a resolution by their very nature).

    I asked myself some very tough questions at this time, and came up with some very decisive answers. I found this to be a time where I was much more in touch with my subconscious than before, so I was able to really work with it and not against it.

    In short, what appears to be a “dangerous” transit was quite the personal housecleaning, but not nearly as disastrous as most considered it to be, even though it already affected a sensitive point on my chart!

    • lovely. well written. I have always felt that pluto is about the shadows and at mid 30s, we should know what we have by now, it’s a point of release for the dead and regeneration for the powers we have within us.

    • YES I 100% relate to your words. this transit was the beginning of a second wind for me and the point where knowing myself became some kind of ‘solid’ thing as opposed to fleeting glimpses of self in hall of mirrors. Less ephemeral, time to own it and use it to my advantage.

      I have pluto conjunct sun uranus jupiter natally on the IC – all the investigation had already been done when this phase happened and I had saturn conjuncting all that at the same time – this transit was the time of DEEP tunneling and foundation laying. There were some earthquakes but most of them were me with my hand deliberately on the detonator. The GFC was also cresting simultaneous to that – thank goodness most of the tunnelling had been done. Things could’ve been a lot worse.

      One thing I will say is pay attention to any health issues that emerge at this time. I had an astrologer tell me there was nothing to worry about there and poo poo my concern because I had researched to potential for it manifesting medically and had specifically asked for their expert advice about the transit in relation to health. I was right, they were not.

    • hi newbie
      the path more travelled in these parts is to go to, and find the link to My Astro, and enter your birth details to bring up your chart.

      Then in the side menu, in the sub-menus (click around to find ’em), go to “short report forecasts” and see if pluto appears in the selected aspects, that can give you some info.

      and/or, go to “extended chart selection” also in the side menu. the screen that precedes your birth chart will give you options. under ‘methods’ next to “Please select the type of chart you want:” drop down menu hit ‘natal chart and transits’. the transiting planets are in green on the outside of your birth chart. from there you gotta figure a bit of stuff out unless it’s really obvs that green pluto is right next to a natal planet, or at a 90 degrees (square) / 180 degree (opposite) angle, etc.

      • agreed. Other sites can so scary and depressing.
        However, my astro on has been really depressing lately. Always negative every day. I am thinking of not looking for awhile to see if it helps. I am so tired of bad news in my life. It seems good news is fleeting and is taken away by negativity. πŸ™

        • Trying to figure out what is draining me. Feel really down.
          Could it be Saturn conjunction Venus?
          Doesn’t sound so great on πŸ™
          Just sick of this feeling, need to shake it. I was on top of the world and creating art and now hit this dark, ugly, abyssal sadness.

          • can be a bit depressing in their descriptions of transits. My advice would be not to fight it – read up on Mystic’s Saturn Girl posts and DO Saturn in whatever house this is happening in. It may seem like drudgery and blah now but remember Saturn’s reward is the alchemist’s gold if you do it right.

          • I had Venus conj Saturn for about a year in 2010/11 and I also have this aspect natally so I’m not sure I felt it as much as some people might. I actually felt the most desirable I’ve ever felt which contradicts everything I’ve read about the transit and I was very creative BUT it was hard at times. I was really forced to grow up a lot with regards to Venusian issues, a lot.

            Has it just hit? Remember that first hit is always the worst.

            • Yes on Nov.30th.
              Felt like I became completely ungrounded. No idea why either.
              What the heck just hit me?

          • saturn is the alchemist. cold light of day and honest truth we don’t shy from has it’s place but it also makes things grow from nothing into something. Your venus is getting a workout, are you committing to shit you don’t want? I find that draining. Duty burden and all that. btw Mystic has the best take on Saturn hands down.

            • I don’t think so.
              I am overbooked though, can barely keep my head above water.
              Several qi “vampyres” entered my life. Trying to do my best to push out their negative energy.
              In fact this all started on the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and hasn’t let up.
              I usually thrive on full moons.

              • interesting lesson with boundaries. qi vamps I have seen you mention before. Saturn girl like an atom. Where is your neptune, I always get my qi vamps with work

                • My natal Neptune is in Scorpio/1st House. Right now Neptune is Pisces/4th House.
                  Been getting better at keeping qi vamps at bay but hit full force with a few just this week.
                  Not work related though.

          • saturn on venus = heavy, sad killjoy venus likes fun and frivolity, saturn wants to anchor things, lay a sold foundation. Saturn works best if you can find a way to channel it constructively – hard graft, not immobilising melancholy (which I understand and relate to being the first impulse πŸ™‚

            In the creative process Saturn is that phase where you work through the pitfalls and things you overlooked in conceptual phase possibly by making proto-types? It tempers the outward flow and contains it. If you have any notebooks with ideas from the past or projects you’ve always wanted to bring to fruition, now is the time to work through some of those concepts to see if they’re realistic and how to make them real. Not a bad thing. Just not as ennervating as the initial spark of an idea. But a valuable part of the creative process.

            Also a good time to learn about a traditional process or theory and consider how you might bring it into your current work and for seeking advice from mentors or the elders in your field.

            Is it in your 12th or 11th house? 12th is ruled by neptune and is linked to collective unconscious – bring form to something relating to hidden things? 11th is ruled by uranus and relates to the revolutionary in you – bring form to something relating to revolution or technological change – or an expression of how chained you feel with saturn on your venus?

            One thing to praise the heavens about – at least it’s not retrograding there.

              • oh god that’s a horrid phase – don’t let saturn near the wardrobe – if you find yourself drabbing down and it’s really not who you normally are, take heed pilgrim that this is just a phase and the real you will be back. I ended up with a suitcase full of clothes I had to take to charity. Some real ‘what was I thinking’ moments and clothes that I found deeply depressing to wear, so fade to beige were they.

  8. Wow, I looked at that and thought Pluto, doesn’t it have an orbit of like 300 years? So you’d have to be like 75 years old to have a square? So I did the calculations and it’s 248 years, but Pluto has an elliptical orbit so the square varies. Mine was apparently at the short end of possibilities, when I was 37 years old. I didn’t think that was possible. Quick tip for looking for the exact position of planets, use Configuration Hunter:

    Now someone check my math, I can hardly believe this is accurate. For the Pluto square, just look at the position of Pluto in your natal chart, then go to that same degree but 3 signs over. So my natal Pluto is at 29 Leo. That puts the square position at 29 Scorpio. I went to Config Hunter and searched for Pluto in Scorpio, the trick here is to search between 29 degrees and 29 degrees. Then put a time range on it, like your lifetime, or it will spit out centuries of data. Click the option “Use time interval in search” and use the From Date somewhere around your birth. Search, and it will spit out a table of dates when Pluto first entered that degree, and when it retrograded back through for another pass.

    I didn’t remember what I was doing in 1995, I usually check my blog for reminders. Since I have Pluto square Sun/Moon in my natal chart, that means I had Pluto opposition Sun/Moon. I checked the date it was exact, that was when my Mom died, I cleared out her estate, and I moved to a new apartment where I still live today. My life was torn to shreds and slowly reassembled, certainly it has almost no resemblance to what it was like before Pluto square Pluto.

    • Interesting. I have a lot of planets in Libra. Since 2008 – when Pluto started squaring it all – my life as I know it has basically dissolved. Weird thing is, I have the same career and same house and same day-to-day routine. I just have none of the family relationships or beliefs about myself or others that I had before. I keep waiting for the new life to start, you know? All the change has happened on the inside so far. I mean, divorce is external, loss of relationships are external, but like I said – nothing in the structure of my day-to-day life has really changed. Strangest phase of my life to date. Next up – Pluto square Mercury!

      • I should probably clarify so I don’t scare everyone. This situation was probably a result of the feature I dislike the most about my natal chart: Pluto square my conjunct Sun/Moon. So every time I have a hard aspect to my natal Sun/Moon, it’s also forming a hard aspect to Pluto. This is particularly annoying with lunar cycles, since once a week, the Moon simultaneously pings Pluto square Sun/Moon.

        In this case, it was also a Pluto opposition Moon, which was probably the culprit here.

      • Ha! When Pluto squared my AC my parents got divorced and my Mom moved out of town. There does seem to be a theme of cutting the apron strings with the Pluto square.

        • I’m just coming through Pluto Sq ASC and I have noticed that I’m more forgiving of my parents than I was at the start of this transit, I think my relationship with both of them is much better overall. I appreciate them in a way I didn’t before, I now know that they won’t be here forever and even though they made mistakes being upset about that is only going to eat into the time I do have. I’m still very tied to my Mother though, I think I always will be, we have some weird astro going down.

          • For me, it meant no longer having a family home. No more place to go for Thanksgiving dinners. My own divorce happened shortly after my parents. They were married for 50 years. She really took her time getting out of that one, but, yes, I do respect her more now. And, I haven’t spoken to my father in years. I realized he was never really there anyway. Point being, it may not be about “respect” per se as much as letting the ways of the past, the family upbringing release their hold on your own life. I guess that can be painful. It certainly was inconvenient at the time as I had a young child and could have used some family support. Alas, family disintegrated.

            • That’s super tough. Mine disintegrated when I was 6 years old and I never got over it. I think it’s horribly difficult whatever age you are, especially when you need things to be solid and supportive.

    • Charles thank you so much for sharing this tool. You’ve helped me make sense of something I could never really fathom.

      Pluto transiting house of open enemies squared natal pluto in the 3rd on the day a taurean colleague with mental health issues turned on me. I reminded her of her mother – same sun sign as me – who she despised and she projected this to the point of asking me why I would dye my hair the colour it was when I has such beautiful blue eyes – my hair is its natural colour and my eyes are not blue! Everyone went a bit quiet when that happened – I’d been walking around for days asking what was up with her wacky behaviour toward me and everyone had been avoiding the issue, heads down, nothing to see here styles but that was the moment the elephant’s trumpet was undeniably sounded.

      When I said calmly, who is it that you see when you are looking at me? she freaked out, gasping for air and a few minutes later grabbed her bag and ran to the toilet. Three days later I had a dream about her – she was herding feral cats ready to take them to be put down and they all had my face on their heads. All very Basement Jaxx where’s your head at.

      The morning of the dream she had taken the day off sick and at around noon I was given 3 days notice – she was ‘sick’ until I was gone. She got her mother issues fired by complaining about me because I’d told her I’d prefer it if we just didn’t speak unless it was absolutely necessary because I found communicating with her frustrating and strange. I did it politely and I thought i was being straight-forward but apparently that was bullying. She was ‘bullied’ in her previous job too. I learned a lot from her. It was great practice for dealing with the more recent mood swinging piscean klepto.

      This pluto square pluto phase also brought a woman from the past back into my life in relation to work – someone I’d never felt comfortable with 2 decades earlier and had avoided spending time with socially. It was when venus retrograded in scorpio. She has since proven to be an open enemy in relation to third house issues where natal pluto resides. My 20-something instincts were sound. As soon as I realised she was an enemy I took steps to prevent her having an impact on my life.

      • and how right you are about the chances of having pluto square pluto – mine was a once in nearly a thousand year opportunity according to that thing you gave the link to.

          • oh yeah absolutely and I was all about compassion to start with because something obviously wasn’t quite right but she kept turning on me so I had to draw a line. She had a detrimental effect on my ability to relax in what were already uncomfortable surroundings. It was sad for sure, but what she did to me damps down the empathy. She was fired about a month later for turning up to work hours late every day if at all. It was a hideous soulless environment. I do sometimes wonder if she has found a way to work through her stuff though. My natal pluto is conjunct uranus, jupiter and sun and I suspect we both had pluto and uranus conjunct. She was about 3-4 years older than me. Maybe she was having the once in a thousand year opportunity for a debacle too.

  9. My Pluto square Pluto also combined with a square to my Jupiter, my Sun, my Uranus all in Virgo 17 – 29 degrees. One long slow inexorable restructuring of my life that included loosing both parents, being self employed, realising my gender identity no longer matched who I am, the end of a relationship and the transition from male to female.

    Given that I have an exact Sun Pluto conjunction (only 03′ between them) I feel my life is one long Pluto transit. Nothing to fear but fear itself, is how I view it.

    Pluto is raw, visceral, vital stuff that has to be acknowledged, but which only acts to make you stronger, wiser and lighter of attachments.

    • Good for you in bringing your deepest desires to light and making it real for you. Most people concern themselves with what’s practical or popular instead of doing the hard work of being what/who they want to be.

      • Thanks 12th house.

        Pluto doesn’t let you away with too much that is “practical or popular” ;o)

  10. There are so many negative explanations of theoretically ‘bad’ outer planet transits it’s very easy to freak out and panic about upcoming transits, lord knows I do it all the time. Funny how if I look back though, usually the ones I dreaded most weren’t the ones that gave me a really hard time and even the ones that gave me a really hard time were probably useful in some way. Or will be eventually! I hope for you this transit will be positive, I think Pluto can be a positive thing, sometimes it’s just necessary and not all transformation is bad. Congrats on your bebe!

    Currently I’m in a massive pickle about having Pluto Square my Venus for about 4 years but I’m a very Plutonic person so I probably should be more concerned about Uranus Opposing my Venus as I’m way less comfortable with Uranian energy but all the gloom I’ve read about Pluto/Venus is making me act like a total weenie about it anyway.

  11. I currently have Pluto on my Uranus-Sun-Neptune, and a few years ago (okay, nearly a decade ago, yikes) I had Pluto cross my Ascendant. Both were really awful transits, but I am starting to enjoy this one (which is nowhere near being close to finished!). Had one of those moments where the pain of changing became less than the pain of staying stuck. And the pain of staying stuck was… well, “immense” feels to weak of a word. But no Cap gets through the first half of their life unscathed, right?

    I have a question though: I too have been checking out my upcoming transits, and I found out that on my first Saturn return, Saturn will be conjunct Pluto in Cap. My natal Saturn is also conjunct my Venus and NN- so I’ll have both Saturn and Pluto on there.. This will probably be a bumpy ride, yes?

    • At the time of my first Saturn Return in 2010 I had Pluto Squaring Saturn and my Venus Conjunct Saturn so similar energy. I won’t say it was easy but I’m glad I went through it. I guess with Saturn involved it always depends on how well you cope with Saturnine stuff, how together you are etc. For me I was a peripatetic wanderer with my life in storage and no fixed abode. Needless to say I was forced to change my lifestyle and in a very brutal way but it was good, eventually. Good luck!

  12. Hi Worried Aqua,

    I remember well my Pluto sq Pluto transit. I have Pluto conj Uranus and Merc natally in the angular 7th house. I too started breeding at beginning of my Pluto sq. I remember the struggle I had with babies vs career (transiting Pluto in my 10th house). I was faced with choosing fabulous career over what my gut/instincts wanted, which was to stay at home and raise my kids (4th house Gem Venus conj Cancer NN/Vertex/Mars/Moon conj in 5th house). Huge inner conflict at the time (not pretending it was easy) but goddess I have NO regrets whatsoever that I followed my gut, my kids are awesome and we have a great relationship. My marriage didn’t survive (but hey I have got Pluto/Uranus/Merc conj in my 7th house) and was over near end of Pluto transit through my 10th house, but that’s not to say yours won’t, that’s just my manifestation of my chart/transits (I was also had Neptune opp Sun and Saturn through my 7th house at time of breakup). Look to the houses where all this is happening for you and to your NN etc. Also read Howard Sasportas’ book “The Gods of Change” if you can – a must read for more understanding – I wish I had at the time but even so I’m not sure it would have made it easier, I think we’re meant to do Pluto – the depths. Hindsight is easy.

    I’m doing trans Pluto opp my natal Moon atm and for the first time ever my kids are living primarily with their father, his partner and their new baby brother. They are in a different city an hour away from me as they’re based there for schooling. Our relationship is strong and good and I see them regularly and as I live on the coast I will be seeing much more of them during these summer holidays πŸ™‚ Trans Pluto (11th house) is also trining natal Pluto/Uranus/Merc and relationship with ex-hb (a Pluto ruled multiple Scorp) has improved beyond all expectations. Love it how he rings me for advice re his newborn.

    Don’t be afraid of the big outer planet transits – trust your instincts – I definitely agree that they are liberating. x

  13. Writing horoscopes causes one to almost completely forget one’s own transits. After a weekend of feeling hail and hearty, scrawling away. I spent yesterday reacting tearily to the slightest slight and retreated back to bed mid afternoon, by early evening I was wondering wtf. Yesterday there was some lovely trines in the sky, but none I thought affecting me personally. However as I discovered after a dismal day of tears and hurt, Venus at 13ΒΊ Scorp was trining my natal Chiron in Pisces at 13ΒΊ sextiling Pluto at 13ΒΊ Virgo. A nice feedback loop of extreme sensitivity. I could almost tell you what time this transit was exact as the moment the bottom seemed to fall out of my emotional resilience for no apparent reason, other than my ability to sense the slightest slight. Much better today. The sun is shining the boids are singing and after yesterday I look a fright, a haircut is definitely on the cards.

    Two years or so to my Chiron return. Ouch. The only exact opposition in my chart. Chiron in the 4th to Pluto in the 10th–hello Mum and Dad and btw sod ya!

    • interesting. Something shifted on the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse for me.
      I should take another closer look to see what is going on.
      I was also just hit with Saturn conjunct my Venus/Scorpio/1st House.

      • Strangely enough Pluto in my 3d House is helping me with research, communication and my newest project.
        I want to befriend my dark ally/dark passenger.

  14. Thanks so much Mystic & lovely mystic folks. Can I first say how much I love your work!! Thanks for such positive take and good to read others experiences. At the same time as pluto sq pluto I have pluto transitting 8 th house. Does this suggest death of loved ones? I think of all my fears death of my loved ones is the greatest and I don’t want to have to face it!!

    • heh i have transiting pluto on the cusp of my 8th and it’s been all about finding power, inheritances, and sex. not to say it COULDN’T be death but it’s so easy to focus on and there’s nothing like a first child to make you massively security-focused and worried. i would say the process of motherhood in itself is a transformational plutonic thing and if it’s going from the 5th natally (yes?) to the 8th your relationship to parenting and your legacy, money for the baby, etc is plenty! no death need be involved. xoxox

  15. Pluto squ Pluto here too – on top of my Cap sun too. Still. Aaaaand I just lost a 10 year comfy revenue stream yesterday. Company that I got lots of random writing work through is closing down. Ugh! It was such a nice casual job that didn’t take too much out of me either.

    Methinks Pluto is telling me my career needs fixing. I guess it is heading up to directly oppose my MC.

    So Pluto is being a big poo for me again hence I can’t be all “Yaaaaaay evolution!” about it πŸ™ And it’s hot today so maybe I’m just feeling like crawling into a freezer with a Vodka and watching comedy movies all day.

    • Ha! And I just got a rejection letter from ANOTHER film fest for my short film. Thank you, Pluto, you’re sending me some kind of insane message here…

  16. Yes, I’d agree with most of the others in that something happens to make you reframe where you are at. Maybe you realise where you are at is good, maybe not. Looking to the house the natal pluto in helps.
    Mine, currently also under that Pluto square, is in the 2nd. Oh yes how and what I value and how that is manifest materially is definitely a theme right now. But other things, like Neptune and Jupiter are also playing into that, so I expect your experience of your Pluto square will be tempered by what else is going on at the time.

  17. thank you for this- i have it coming up in january and have been worried. less worried than i was at first as the pluto transit to my moon-chiron-mars venus pretty much destructed what was my old life, but still, it’s hard not to stress. especially as like the querant it’ll be from my 5th to the 8th and my children… my precious little girls…. i could indeed be a better mother. hoping though it will have different manifestations as i am finally owning my 12th mars-venus conjunct and having a bit of a sexual awakening (through celibacy, strangely enough). i’ve been feeling like the karmic crab could come physically back into my life as we turn each others plutos on like nothing else… not really the most healthy relationship perhaps but that’s my sense of it. i don’t trust my powers of prediction anymore though so who knows…

  18. I hadn’t even thought about it but I just recently got through a Pluto square Mars transit. Wow. I guess that’s Pluto – you can’t see what happened to you until it’s over.

  19. i nearly have Pluto opposite my Moon in Kataka and i’m actually sh***ing myself up….and i hate to say that, but it’s true..
    i keep on dreaming and dreaming about past pivotal peeps, situations, and events…i wonder what this is all about and i have no clue…
    everything feels strange, i’m so messed up…
    wow, this would be a right time to start a deep jungian scan&repair treat, unfortunately i haven’t enough money for that also.

    • I have a friend who does Archetypal Dreamwork & it is sensational for deep self work. It’s Jungian based but I think based on The Red Book (?!) if you’re interested I can leave a link here if that’s cool ( MM – is it ok to promote others work here?)

      • thanks Worried Aqua :)! i’d love to know about your friend and this work. if it’s ok for you and MM ..pls leave me the link πŸ™‚

        i’m an “worried aqua” too..