Astro-Query: Am I Just So Last Pluto Transit?

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Divine Ms MM…

I’m not sure I can take this much longer…

I’ve been evolving… The last 18 months. I’ve taken bold steps especially in career, shared $ and love. I’ve increased my income by more than 600% ($20K to $145K) and I’m really happy with my everyday life… In the last 12 weeks I’ve transformed my health and fitness realms. Lost more than 10% of my body weight… 6 inches off my waist. Gave up coffee. Stopped drinking alcohol Sun-Thurs. Have been drinking banana, blueberry, chia, avocado, pepita, maca, cacao smoothies for breakfast for forever it seems… Of course I feel good… I feel great. I’m productive. I’m more in love with my husband of 15 years than ever before BUT FUQ AM I BORED!!! I don’t see the fun in all this (okay so the sex is good!). You’re telling me about low/high Jupiter this coming week. I know I should do high Jupiter – but low Jupiter seems SO much more fun and exciting!! Am I just so last Pluto transit…?

My Gemini sun, Sag rising arse is feeling kinda depleted trying to process all of this…

Oh to be human in 2012.

Thanks for your guidance. I’d be a basket case without it.

x Crazy bats twisted sister

Human in 2012?Β  Babe you’re apparently super-humanly.Β  I mean, seriously?Β  Usually these big health-earning jags after umpteen years of one relationship are prequel to a split-up, cougar-extravaganza but here you are fit, rich and back in love again. You’re a testament to what can be the beauty of Jupiter in your Sun Sign – a year long transit that everyone benefits from one every 12 years.

I would love to know what everyone else thinks but my thoughts are (a) I don’t believe in boredom – truly, i don’t think it exists, as such. Please, at least lay claim to existential ennui or a chakra imbalance. (b) Nebulous yearnings when things are pretty much brilliant (love, money, health, sex) seem totally Neptune and i would be willing to be that you’ve got Neptune starting to act on your Sun or Rising…something…or even a hint of Pluto-Venus. Plus now that you’re more confident getting your gear off, you’d maybe like to do a little test drive on someone new? You’re maybe like how Madame Bovary would be if they had Pilates & Adult Friend Finder in her day? Or is that just you’d like to start off the day with 3x short blacks & a couple of croissants whilst reading a trash-mag? That might do it.

Also, on the subject of coffee – is anyone doing bulletproof coffee? It’s like the meme of the moment – you don’t eat from 8pm to to 2pm so as to replicate cavepersonly lifestyles BUT – unlike them – you mix a shitload of grassfed butter into the coffee that is all you have in the A.M and this apparently does incredible things to your metabolism, mood and probably the large hadron particle collider. Body hacking is very Uranian.


Image: Blade Runner – Could Prometheus have been really a Blade Runner prequel?

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119 thoughts on “Astro-Query: Am I Just So Last Pluto Transit?

  1. You are not lost.. you just need to realize that boredom does not exist. I was driving to work one day and posted on Facebook with a checkin to an African breading store… everyone comment. My reply “I am bored”… a dear and close friend posted about there is no such thing as boredom… What I took from this is this: I was fasciniated by a retail store that had such a unique service.. Everything provides us with some kind of adventure… look at it that way and I say you will never be bored. I can use that wor anymore.!! xo!! Good Luck!!

  2. ooh, i totally do the nothing-but-coffee and fats thing in the morning. it’s fannnntastic. super-charges you and keeps you clear as a bell mentally.

    • really? So is that ‘cos you follow the bulletproof exectuive dude or you’re just into it anyway? It seems counter – intuitive (anglican for “insane”) to me but tell us more?

      • i can’t remember how i found the bulletproof coffee recipe. i took most of the excess sugar out of my diet while i was rebooting my whole way or eating about 6 or 8 months ago and had spent tonnes of time researching the benefits of fats. i usually fast in the morning and drink coffee with either fats in it or eat something fatty like bacon. i’m not a breakfast person as it is. but wow, fats first thing are amazing for me and my brain! πŸ™‚

        • How, where does one assure themselves they are getting grass fed butter, wouldn’t cream do just as well, last time I did cream in coffee I put on 10kg and that was while eating super loads of berries, and working physically,… I love love love butter and suspectdiry is why I don’t lose weight even when I train like a trojan

  3. wow this letter reads like some annoying ads i encounter on forums. Get rich, skinny, be married and in love, blah…blahh.brag… boring. i feel like there is some cash deprived african prince that needs an assist in there as well. The only thing the letter doesn’t speak of is a spiritual life or commuity service.

    i think bulletproof paleo can help sick people with impaired immune systems who are sensitive to mycotoxins. but i dont think this is a healthy sustaining lifestyle. i notice that dude still takes a fuck ton of supplements. if the diet was so bulletproof i think one wouldnt need to take so many supplements, also ask yourself would you feed this diet to your small child? if you cant then its really not natural and/or sustainable. really i think this is a Paleo hack for coffee and dairy addicts who can’t get off. I mean the guy is super loony saying he only needs 4 hrs of sleep. yeah right.

    • Apparently (source: Stephen Fry on QI) people who average 4 hours sleep a night live longer than those that sleep 8 hours. I know, I didn’t expect that either. Go figure. No idea of the quality of the original study.

      I think faith is way too intrusive in matters of diet, ( and weirdly, cultist ppl seem particularly attracted to nutrition as career)people become all glazed over and evangelical over food. I don’t get it, do what works best for you but Geez, don’t assume that it is the same for everyone. On this planet we have groups that eat almost %100 meat and dairy and groups that are exclusively vegan. Both extremes can be extremely healthy. Find what works, do that.

      • a quick google to try and verify the source of stephen fry and that quote yields a wikipedia entry that looks incomplete under episode 1 danger with people should get 4-7hrs sleep.

        i have no intention of living forever but if sleeping 9-10 hrs a night improves my quality of life and shortens the span, so be it! 4 hrs is a crock of shit for most people withe notable outliers like thomas edison who had a weird schedule. who wants to live forever if you are foggy and tired. If people only needed 4 hrs of sleep for ideal function why are there increased car wrecks during daylight savings time pushed forward? I can’t speak for anywhere else but the u.s. is sleep deprived as a nation and im tired of peeps guilt tripping people like me as lazy because we need more sleep than average.

        i never assume it is the same for all people. it kinda of goes opposite for what i do as a career. but im so tired of the next Messianic bullshit diet….and i have to know and read all about it because it is part of what i do. i wish i could ignore and bury my head in the sand. i actually do know a small handful of people who have done bulletproof paleo and it works well for them but they are mega-ill peeps.

        • Sorry electric eel libran, I didn’tmean you were being prescriptive, I didn’t make that clear, it was more a general whinge about nutritional advice which has been very skewed IMO by food lobby groups. I am with you on the messianic diet stuff, it’s just I think our mainstream talking heads on diet fit into that description along with Mr Short Black with butter. I am sick of all the food shaming, fat shaming and poor science and I think nutritionists are actually to blame for the so called obesity crisis for demonising dietary fat and encouraging people into a carb loaded lifestyle by default. Back when I was at uni I was walking out of lectures on the bilipid cell membrane and the cholesterol ring of steroid hormones and into social medicine lectures where they were pushing <30g/day dietary fat as a worthy health goal, it did not compute and the extreme wrong headedness of this is only just emerging. There is something seriously amiss with the dietary advice we were given from the 80's on and I am no Paeleo lifestyler, it's based on a scientific fallacy; that humans have not evolved very much in the last 10 000 years. The whole dietary advice industry is built on very, very poor scientific foundations. They should revoke Rosemary Stanton's status as the diet-shamer-in-chief immediately, she has a lot to answer for.

  4. Sorry, no actual useful insight into the problem du jour, but I DO so applaud you for including this fabulous image from the #1 best movie ever Bladerunner.. Perhaps try watching that if you are bored?! (It is quite life changing.)

    • I love blade runner but it’s not that kind of boredom. You can’t just say, read a book or something, that is not the nature of this. This is a person who has seriously taken the medicine and is kicking goals, yet feels bored, probably because it’s hard finding clean living and goal kicking interesting beyond the tick off list. Sex is a natural place to go next being that it’s probably creative/passion vibe. She’ll be throwing herself off cliffs for a rush soon because not all of us get off on winning. Doll, you need to up the creative to replace the drama. xx

  5. How Fantabulous !
    Sounds like an exotic trip is in order, in a tree house,
    with a skydive/basejump fit in somewhere…something new/
    unknown and somewhere no one you know has ever been
    Something a little riske maybe / cheeky / frisky ?
    And sexy gear to match.
    Way to go Madame !

  6. Re the no breakfast/butter coffee diet bizzo… If i sprung this idea
    onto my Cappie Boot Camp/Boxing trainer, she’d pop her fu-fu valve !
    Its taken her 6 months to convince me coffee is NOT breakfast. No thanks.
    And as for 4 hours, no way Jose, that’s new born baby hours, i thought i
    was going to disintegrate. I’ll stick to 8 hours.

  7. Uranian body hacking…lord I might fall off my chair from giggling. You so funny Mysitc!

    Like on a hilar war path of sorts lol

  8. Of course boredom exists. Calling it something else doesn’t change it.

    Perhaps you should look to where Uranus is about to go direct in your chart and do something crazy about that bit?

    • There is the view point that only boring people get bored.

      Personally I don’t know if boredom exists. It only happens when I mean to be doing something else.

      • Ha! That’s what my mum would say to me when I ever I dared use the ‘b’ word in her presence. It totally worked too. I was damned if I was going to be a boring person, so I’d go off and try to think of something to do. Consequently I’m rarely bored these days πŸ™‚

        • I remember that being said in my youth
          ‘boredom was just not permitted’.
          Personally i think there is a link between boredom & depression, somehow interlinked.

  9. What jumps out at me is the comment about a 600% increase in income. That’s the sort of thing I mention on a job application for a CEO position. I doubt whether its a signpost on the road to enlightenment.

    It’s not possible to tell from your note as I expect you’ve only mentioned particular aspects of your life, but dedication to making money, losing weight sounds pretty tedious to me, even with good sex πŸ™‚ . Taking care of your financial independence and health is important and a wonderful achievement but it’s not fun. And life is not well suited to Thursday to Sunday rules and smoothies with numerous and carefully selected ingredients. Represses spontaneity and you cut off a part of your human nature.

    EEL’s advice about spirituality and community service is a good pointer. Some reflections on the grace of life, what you are afraid of and how you attempt to keep control may be helpful. You sound boxed in. Just an impression.

    And yeah, pursue things for fun as the only or main objective. Do more things that you enjoy for the sake of enjoying them and break your rules. Sounds obvious I know. You are not alone.

  10. She’s bored cuz she’s focused on the superficial shit.. For fullfilment gotta dig a bit deeper.

    A pineapple/papaya grass fed what not will only go so far…

    Radio…ga and goo


    • Haha, that’s the succinct and humorous version of what I said. I like yours better, sweetpea πŸ™‚

      • πŸ˜† x

        God I’m in so in love with Freddy Mercury…Such a message to he future Radio was…Interesting how so many of my fave artists have fellow Cap Moon.

        If you don’t have some earth and aren’t doing Real Time…then I have no time for you…literally

    • ha. yes. as a culture we are taught these things are fulfilling but they are to a point. I’m highly ambitious but not interested in the outcome/slavery required for a lot of lifestyles. Life without creativity and a good community is death for me. Thank you for this I really needed to get that right now. xxx

      • When work interferes with long standing friendships,then it’s re-evaluation time as i have learnt in my long life that when all is said & done,it’s your friends that are your lifeblood.
        You would know about that with your Scorpionic Loyalty, Ms πŸ™‚

  11. I have ALWAYS (well, for a long time) put a knob of butter in my tea (not herbals/green obvs) and coffee instead of milk. Although, for me, it came from reading about butter beer in Harry Potter coinciding with finding out the Tibetans put butter in their tea.

    People think I’m strange. But now it’s a THING! (I’m outraged!)

    • Love it! Harry Potter plus the Tibetans! Solid reasoning there love. Don’t fight it! πŸ˜‰

  12. I don’t know about the coffee but grass fed butter is a miracle food. See Weston A Price foundation info. The only non gross way to get enough totally key vitamins A, D, and especially K that were plentiful in the human diet until a hundred years ago-ish. Other options are organ meats and insects!

  13. Also Paleo people should know that coffee contains same proteins as gluten and aggravates intolerances : most don’t know however.

  14. As politely as I can put it, if you have that much money and good health you should get off your bored whiney behind and go help those in need who are far less fortunate than you. What a first world disgrace. Honestly.

  15. Sorry, but this is so Eat Pray Love, in the worst possible way. It’s hard to feel sorry for a healthy, fit woman with a great relationship making $145K. Bored? I’m with Mystic, I don’t believe in it. Read great books. Make something with your hands. Teach someone how to do something. Volunteer at the food bank. I mean, come on.

  16. oh FFS people! butter in your COFFEE? sorry but srsly jesus h christ do the food freaks out there have NO tastebuds? just use organic cream or something at least, it’s the same shit but even less processed. Leave the butter for the toast, yeah.

    PS dear gem / sag, if you’re bored, maybe start drinking again. and don’t people whose income is six figures manage to take overseas holidays (i remember what that was like.) ? enrol in some interesting postgrad study? have an affair (not my bag but apparently some people do it)? get new friends? etc. how is that a gem sagg person even gets bored in the first place? NFI *wanders off*

    • Actually I know a Gem girl who was always saying “I’m bored!” like a petulant child. As if it was her god damn given right for people to entertain her. Use to irritate me so much!

      • gemini is fast moving energy as irritating as she was to you she probably was more irritated by herself, that’s why the energy plays up. Someone should have thrown her a puzzle book or a task so she would be using her mind. When kids are bored they usually want to learn something. That’s why the smart kids get taken out of school for disturbing people so they can have something harder. Boredom equals lack of challenges or lack of change

  17. Wow, caller is getting lambasted for feeling good about herself. Doth I sense a bit of envy from the gallery, me included. I’m happy for her really. The smoothies do work though. Pretty easy to do, I used to blend almond milk, mangoes, avocado, spinach or kale, pineapple into a drink two meals a day. Great fibrous hunger controller. It’s the discipline to go with it that’s tough. I love coffee, need to try this bulletproof coffee. Wonder if it helps Joe Rogan with his MMA lol.

    I realized that I had the air on recirculate all day in the wagon. Stale air is boring air!

    • don’t know if it’s envy. on my part at least. i am happy that at least one person writing to mystic has got it together! but it’s the boredom part I don’t get. I think other commenters nail it when they suggest taking the focus outwards or opening self to a new challenge.

      • but it did hit a nerve, the income thing at least. only in that it highlighted how little headway i am making in ANYTHING right now :\. BUT. to be explicitly clear, that does not at all mean that I want others to be impoverished like me. i use success of others as healthy motivation not source of APB (Anti-Personnel Bitcherel) πŸ˜€

          • have you seen those disposable urinal devices? for the sake of personnel, at least you can aim better with this thing πŸ˜€

        • yeah agree with ya. definitely great to hear about EXCEPT for the 600% part. inner cat wanting to swipe at that comment.

  18. From another Gem sun – learn something new, better. This should solve the problem of ennui.

    Meanwhile, although it is my chart ruler, I am this close to hating Jupiter’s guts. Any other Gem out there dealing with constant rejections, financial problems, going nowhere career efforts? I can’t wait Jupiter hauls his behind to some place else so this “life is great for Gems” meme comes to an end.

    • can non geminis join in the “jupiter: yeah whatever” chorus? I echo ALL of your sentiments above. I can’t even get a job in a cafe. not that I want one, mind. A Pisces waitress? HAHAHAHA
      anyway, yes.

  19. Re Bulletproof: ya baby! Doing it for 6 months now! Love it. Hope you’ve got your MCT oil I’m there too! Tres important. Though Dave Asprey doesn’t actually look that healthy, the bulletproofing business is whack-tastic fun! I’m trying to decrease all fungi in my life…that walking/talking kind as well as that which grows in the produce!

    Virgo (SO generic!) x

  20. The Gemini might have Pluto quincunx her Sun now, that is what could make her feel ‘bored’ or restless. l know Pluto is on my gemini Sun now and it’s not an easy fun ride! Maybe Pluto is opposing progressed Sun as well depends…and indeed Neptune is sqauring it …Plus the Gemini Eclipse.
    but good luck to her!

  21. lady go get drunk and have some outside sex and/or a holiday somewhere nice and off the grid, take up a dangerous/risque hobby, join a skydiving club, find a bouncy castle that’ll take adults… you get my drift? Love to hear of your successes – it’s a pleasant change to hear someone complaining because things are so good let me tell you – but you’re bored because all the hard work has been done and you need a new challenge. Please go do something carefree and frivolous for no reason other than it’s fun and report back with epic tales of adventure and synchronicity.

    • “you’re bored because all the hard work has been done and you need a new challenge”
      yes!! i think you’ve nailed it πŸ™‚

  22. You know when it is time for you to move on to the next chapter? It’s when things get suddenly so fluid and easy it is DULL.
    Maybe it is about going where the fear is voluntarily. What is the thing you admire most in others but find morbidly exciting? Whatever it is, go there imo! And lead with the heart, we live in an emotional program. The rest is just filler. πŸ˜‰

  23. It’s simple.

    When we go through quite a significant creative period and not only expend a lot of energy and focus toward those goals we can often find ourselves in what is a bit of an anti-climax moment. We start wondering why we’re not feeling the high and then wondering if something is wrong.

    Ok, so nothing is wrong. It may be possible that the striving is more of a buzz to you than the attaining. Worth pondering and either way set yourself a new goal and make it something outside of your comfort zone as that will certainly challenge all the senses and aspects of yourself.

    It’s not boredom. It’s the inability to discern the next thing that juices you up and quite probably an unconcious attempt to thwart routines and stasis when things are all humming along nicely.

    Or perhaps an inability to be content, still and appreciative for long periods. It is a Saggi thing as you most likely know.

    Take it from me launch an arrow in a new direction and start the hunt! Even if the hunt is just to find where your arrow landed πŸ˜‰

    • Succinct and lovely, thanks SE. “Even if the hunt is just to find where your arrow landed” – wow, perfect for when I’m on one of my energizer bunny jags! Brilliant advice, thanks again. =)

  24. Yeah what I get from the writer is an overwhelming self, self, self vibe. Which isn’t a judgement – it’s pretty easy to fall for society’s pervading message that obsession with self brings happiness.

    But most sane people get that this obsession with self and the material world is just one big, fat marketing ploy designed to flog you unwearable shoes and crap pseudo-nutritional e-books by obsessive compulsive loopers. It doesn’t bring happiness …

    Actually Maslow wrote his heirarchy of needs donkey’s ago and it still applies. He categorises the bottom few “needs” as primarily targeting physical and emotional security. People are less happy when they don’t have these things, but having them doesn’t make them more happy either – it just places them at a baseline of “okness”. Correlates pretty well with today’s epidemic of first world depression, where we have more at our disposal economically and yet are less satisfied than our predecessors who lived on much less.

    Maslow goes on to describe the top rung need as being self actualisation, which is really about one’s connection to the broader picture. As some people mentioned above, spirituality is a common method of expressing this need as is community work, artistic pursuits … basically stuff that feeds the soul not just the body and mind.

    • Really? I don’t hear anything self-self-self in what she’s written. Its all just a bunch to stats. Even the great sex sounds like a factoid. She sounds totally detached from herself which is, in my experience, what a Pluto transit makes you confront and correct – your true desires, naughty or nice, dirty or clean, rich or poor, Pluto doesn’t care. Of course, I suppose one could just ignore the deeper shit of the transit and go on soulless for the rest of life, avoiding the depths. Maybe that’s what she’s doing and why she’s bored.

      • Umm … treating self like a bunch of stats, total detachment like some kind of robotic machine is actually the primary symptom of self obsession. It’s a manifestation of the sick ego which is only able to operate at the base level of fear and control.

  25. Ahhhhhh, first world problems. My friends and I were bemoaning our own just the other night: why is digital tv so shit, how can the local cider brewery even consider closing at 6pm on a Friday, why do we have to wear a seatbelt when the car has a sunroof to poke our heads through, how come THIS cafe doesn’t do l day breakfast when the one next door does and why does their fresh on taste like it’s made from old oranges, why does Mystic post less on the weekend when I have more time to read?!?

    It’s fuqing tough living in the developed world.

  26. I guess others have said it, but Pluto is about authenticity and you’ve listed off a bunch of external measures of success, which is great stuff if you’re looking for approval from others, but Pluto doesn’t give a crap. Boredom is a sign you don’t know what your true desires are. Figure out what you want and forget what being “good” looks like from the outside.

  27. Is there really no such thing as boredom, I relate to this I am constantly bored. bored to the point of angry. no matter how busy I am or how clean or whatever, a less colourful life is upon me since smartening up my act and the only real joy I get from this is lack of illness/death.

    • The angry is something repressed you’re avoiding. Anger is really hard to deal with as we are taught it has to be justified or its not spiritual or whatever. If you tune into that part of you that feels ignored or angry and feed it, give it what it wants even if what it wants seems impractical or silly, even just noticing what it wants can be relief from the boredom. On an energy layer, boredom is when you keep trying to shift energy into the common channels instead of going down the new road. I mean, that well describes boredom, but if you picture it in your energy, internal (which is where all happens first) you may unlock something. You could try imagining you are on a deserted island and you are ruler and can do anything. What would you do? Dig deep on that. Not just the now-I-don’t-have-to-worry type checklist listed above, but your TRUE desires. Isn’t Saturn going to be hitting your Sun soon? If you try to be who you think you should be instead of who you are you’re going to get outted with Saturn anyway.

      • i have an annoyingly strong moral code I live by that fuck all care about so when I am tribeless, I get a bit sad. I hate my job and I am trying to leave it so I can not be grumpy but it’s not very easy even to get low paid work right now so my fantasy indian yoga life is looking pretty good right now. If I had my island I would decorate it and make it awesome and then tell everyone to come to my island because it rocks.

        • If all you did was decorate you didn’t think very long. You are a mastermind of sorts and if you care more about the tribe than you do your own vision you will not benefit them or yourself. As for practicalities – no fucking idea! Lol! My own fantasies surprise me. They are not so simple as I thought. But – so be it. As for what gets manifest – who knows? Point is boredom is not really about the outward shift. It can hit at anytime. I think that’s what MM means when she says it doesn’t exist.

          • Shit. No wonder you are bored. Our wild fantasy is making the world better and more enjoyable for others. I swear by Saturn your Sun deserves more than that.

            • my achilles heel, my life is happiest makings others happy. Shh. Don’t tell anyone

              p.s I had hypno today so I am super upset and this is what came out so yes I am working on that …. and in another level of irony answering your 6th house placement in other post now.

          • Excuse my intensity, but there is something here trying to get through. There is some responsibilityyou feel you have that you don’t and it holds you back from your passion. Where’s your NN?

          • I’ve spent years conquering the demons of loneliness. I am eager to share. Fear of being alone makes the world a grey place. I keep insisting people get their freak on and come out of the closet, but no one seems to hear what I am saying. Not even gay Libran. You CANNOT find your right tribe until you are your right self – moral/ammoral or otherwise.

            • its self imposed right now as I am incubating. no one deserves me right now so i am coming out of my cave working and going back in until my incubation is done. and it nearly is.

              • Sorry, was typing on my iphone earlier. Incubation is fine. But, you don’ t have to be bored – you should be plotting. There’s pressure on your Sun and power behind you, but its behind you. I don’t see a future where you get to play hostess, there is just more going on than that. And its your power. I don’t see the job as the problem either. I think things just haven’t gone as you expected they would. Not the life you pictured somehow. But this is the life. And you have a lot of power. And you will have to use it for the benefit of the collective. Or, that’s my guess. lol!

                • I can’t even tell when I am talking specifics or being really vague. I took a walk and saw your chart pop out in me in different ways. The generational saga, the creative, dramatic expression, the territories you will claim for values that are personal, yet as an expression of justice/Scrop themes. I could disect it on so many levels. Jupiter conjunct my SN today. Fucking hell. Charts have been popping all over, but I suppose its not practical information.

      • I see you like writing a play or something. A drama. And you have to learn how to manage people to make it real. Like, stand apart from their approval and make them work for your approval. Weird I got so much information on you. Hope its helpful.

    • I so agree. I had a bit of a hooch bender over the weekend, smoked, drank, stayed up late. I am quite Neptunian by nature – Neptune opp Jup, sq Venus, trine Merc. Neptune hitting my Venus and floating towards my Pisces stellium now. Try as I might, my 20s were far more fun than the rest of my life, even though I was drunk, stoned and broke most of the time. But fuq I looked hot πŸ™‚

      Alain de Botton has some insightful things to say about boredom, I looked around on the net but couldn’t find it… anyway the upshot being that boredom tells us we need to grow in some way, individuate.

        • I get the feeling the funds will come from somewhere once you focus on whatever is going on at your job. Not sure what the drama is, but I feel like its a grinding stone meant to polish you for greater things. Once you notice it – the quality that is coming out in you – you’ll get Saturn-Pluto activated focus powers on your side.

        • Its weird. I felt like I learned something from you yesterday, Ms. I’m so anti-secret, I’ve never gotten the famous Scrop secrecy. But I realized, for high Scrops, its like colleagues comparing salaries with each other – it only breeds discontent to share information like that, its not going to get anybody a raise.

          I also feel like whatever creative act is brewing in your 12th house is going to be epic. Like, an opera or drama or something. And that no one knows it but you. Its yours to bring to light. So, if you are alone more than usually, its only so that you’ll have time for that.

  28. 1. Boredom doesn’t exist.

    2. I once dated a triple Gem who had Jupiter conj. Ascendant, extremely financially well-off, had significant income through only part-time efforts and he couldn’t be bothered to do a full day’s work because he preferred to go to the mall and shop and people watch. He never got sick, he never felt sad, he ate all organic super-healthy, we had great sex, yada yada. Same kind of story as the above: he was “bored” with his life and he “loved” me — probably because I provided some distraction from the comfortable prison he had built himself in which immediate entertainment was the only concern (where would we lunch? what bar would we go to that evening? were there any fancy parties going on?) It was almost sociopathically unemotional and self-involved. He wanted to “hack life” and take up expensive hobbies and make new friends for the sake of someday being able to host a refined cocktail party in his richly furnished penthouse. I left him when I realize he’d never REALLY CARED about anything in his entire life, and it made it impossible for other people (both professionally and personally) to care much about him either. The only reason it was temporarily appealing to me is that I was trying to move on from a triple Cancer alcoholic with major personal problems, so a guy with no baggage SOUNDED great on paper. Turns out? Not so much.

    3. The problem is not that this reader is bored, it’s that she doesn’t have enough things to care about. Sponsor an orphan who needs some love, get involved with local efforts to protect an endangered species, start participating in something that NEEDS YOU rather than that which you think will entertain you or take inches off your waist, etc.

  29. PROMETHEUS! watched it first time on Sat nite then again Sun morn.
    A prequel to Alien? Stunning movie. The Engineers? That corresponds to a metaphysical book i have called The Urantia where biological uplifters are mentioned & thought adjusters.
    The Tall Beings have been mentioned since recorded history & Stuart Wilde sees them in his visions constantly.
    BORED, but but but HOW? This is such an amazing planet to explore says the Sagg. Perhaps it’s your rising sign a calling you to an adventure and that ‘boredom’ is actually wanting to move to outer Mongolia?

  30. Dear CBTS,
    Bored??? Ha! You sure you’re not a Libra? I will gladly trade lives with you. I wouldn’t mind that kind of boredom.

  31. Well congrats on the weight loss, smooth marriage, good sex, and pay increase!
    Well if you are bored….sounds like you need to shake things up a bit. Since you have more money sounds like you can afford a vacation, maybe spend the day at the spa. Accomplish things on your bucket list! Get a pet? Have kids? Hmmm….Do you have some kind of Uranus transit going on too?

    Pluto so far has aspected my Jupiter(opposition), Venus(Sextile), Uranus (exactly conjunct it right now) Mercury (trine) ASC (quincunx)
    Some stuff I’ve gone though during this time has been hell. But the positive side of this transit is…I am about 10 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago.(the most I’ve ever weighed was 140 I weighed myself yesterday and the scale said 128. I’m 5″1′ btw) I discovered last weekend that I went down a whole size. I was at a teen store and realized I fit better in the mediums now! I was shocked, I really came to terms with never being able to fit in that size ever again. I went from wearing size 8-13 pants and now a size 6 fits me perfectly!

    Went from dating losers to dating winners!

    Went from eating processed mini microwave pizzas at every meal to eating gluten free and organic most of the time.

    I get a small pay increase and more hours at work every year.

    Also with Pluto transiting my 8th house lets just say I was completely straight edge until Pluto entered my 8th house.

    (Gem Rising, Aries Sun 11, Scorpio Moon 6, Mercury Taurus 12, Venus Pisces 10, Aqua Mars 10, Jupiter Cancer 2, Saturn Capricorn 9, Uranus Capricorn 8)