Leslye Headland Talks About Her Astrology

Leslye Headland at Sundance to illustrate interview about her astrology

Leslye Headland is the outrageously talented writer & director of the recent movie Bachelorette – it’s dark, raucous, slutty, hilarious, it’s polarizing peeps all over, i loved it. She is an MM member and has kindly agreed to an astro-interview.

Mystic: Bachelorette is extremely funny but raunchy, and i am gathering, confronting for many peeps. Did you have to fight hard to get this made as it was?

Leslye Headland: It was more that I had to be patient. I wrote the script in 2008, and no one wanted to make it as it was. I was told by everyone to rewrite the script, especially Regan’s character* to get it made. Luckily I waited it out until I met up with the right producers (Gary Sanchez Productions). Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and Jessica Elbaum protected the integrity of the script, helped attach all those perfect actors, and hooked me up with financiers and distributors who felt the same way they did. I am so grateful that I didn’t compromise to get it made earlier.

(*Mystic: Regan – played by Kirsten Dunst – is the most brilliant cinematic depiction of a Virgo on Space Dust with Sagg undertones.)

Mystic: You are, as you know, a Saggo – sign of the radically candid bigmouth, telling it like it is AND your Saggo Sun is conjunct Eros – sort of a sexy asteroid – so given that Bachelorette is amazingly sexually frank, i would say you’re doing your astro well. Were you this outspoken from the get-go or did you grow into it? Can you recall an early incident in which you realized you might be more, you know, brazen than other peeps?

Leslye: Not a particular incident, but I remember, when I was little, adults would sometimes react to me very antagonistically. They got angry at me the way they’d get mad at a grown-up. My intentions were not to offend or to be disrespectful, but my out-spoken and high-energy attitude turned them off. I was hurt and saw it as unfair. I feel the same way now with some of the reactions to the film. It was never my intention to offend people recklessly. I just wanted to tell my truth.

I’ve Always Identified With Another Sagittarius Writer, Jane Austen – Her Work Moves Gracefully Between Cynicism And Optimism

Mystic: Backing this is up is Mercury in Scorpio on asteroid Pandora and innovative Uranus – so you were BORN to say whatever you damn well want and of course, without being perhaps an overtly political animal, there is a revolutionary aspect to you…have you always felt this?

Leslye: Well, yes! Especially that I am critical of social and moral issues without actually being political. Don’t ask my stance on any political issue (however basic) because I guarantee I don’t have one. But if you ask why teenaged girls are watching porn? Carve out at least forty minutes. Revolutionary though? Hmm… Hopefully? I’ve always identified from a young age with Jane Austen. Another female Saggo writer. To me, she was a revolutionary satirist of women and her society’s opinion of them, but structurally and emotionally, she was a crowd-pleaser. Her work moves gracefully between cynicism and optimism. I wanted to do the same thing with my film.

No one would probably make that connection between her and I. But I feel a direct kinship with her. I love that she rejected marriage in life but was continually drawn to it as a theme. And I remember reading that she created the character “Emma” because she wanted to write a protagonist that only she could love. I feel similarly about the Bachelorette girls. Austen never let her heroines off the hook but also didn’t punish them. She managed to give them a happy ending.

Saturn In The 2nd House Makes Sense To Me As Despite All This Ambition And Desire For Security; I Don’t Actually Value Money

Mystic: You’ve also got a loaded $$$ sector – you’ve got a lot of psych stuff going on around money & the ability to generate it like stink – YOU WILL BE RICH! – But Saturn there means you could, at some point, have had probs feeling like you deserved it…or even actual money issues…Do you have a particular money or work ethic that has propelled you forth? Did you always have a plan to make it via writing/your words/creativity?

Leslye: Yes! I am a tireless worker. Whether as an assistant or as a writer/director. I never stop. Many times sacrificing essential self-care to achieve a goal or get a paycheck. It’s an asset I suppose, but it can also be a hindrance. For example, I didn’t pursue writing full time for a while even though it was my passion because I was afraid I would be unable to make a living doing it. Saturn there makes sense as well because, despite all this ambition and desire for security, I don’t value money (i.e., mismanaging the bank account; overspending both charitable and thoughtless; unimpressed by wealth).

Mystic: You’ve got Virgo Rising…Are you super organized and diligent behind your anarchic vibe?

Leslye Headland: Yes. There is a method to the madness, but it is madness. Organized on the cerebral level but disorganized on an emotional level. As a result, I go through long periods (weeks/months) of diligent work, focusing my attention, generating material, suppressing instincts. Then short (hours/days) and sometimes dangerous explosions of emotional tumult. So…

Moon In Leo? I Am Obsessed With My Hair

Mystic: You left a full-time job (as an assistant to Harvey Weinstein) when you were 27 to move to L.A and fling yourself into writing, yes? This was when Saturn was on your Virgo Ascendant & then your Saturn Return so that it would have been challenging but also the making of you. Did you feel some urgency about making it, defining yourself? Saturn on your Virgo Ascendant would have felt like you were suddenly a 1000 years old & that there was extreme urgency to make it. 

Leslye:  Lizzy Caplan, one of the first times we met, told me about the Saturn Return phenom. So in hindsight, I realized I made this huge life transition (assistant to writer, NY to LA) at precisely that time in my life. That period was also when I had a defining creative moment embarking on my Seven Deadly Plays series. An idea that felt almost divinely inspired and has continued to bring many gifts into my life now. So the fact that it occurred during this period makes a lot of sense.

Mystic: You’ve got Moon in Leo in the Soul Sector– do you have a secret obsessive hair thing going on or radically intense mini-series type dreams?

Leslye: Whoa. Yes. I am obsessed with my hair. I spend an insane amount of money on it. Not in a vain way. In an obsessive, controlling expressive way. Styling it. Dying it. Shaving off a section of it. Keeping it Godiva long. My hairstyle right now is like an art piece. It’s literally a MANE. I can’t tell if it’s attractive or just bizarre.

Mystic: Last question: what does your private life look like these days??? You’ve got Saturn on your Venus till August – that is a once every 29 years only BIG LOVE – significant, enduring, karmic – sort of attachment…

Leslye: That is good to hear because my love life has been (incoming pun) BONE dry for almost a year now. Not being coy. Just real.

Thank you, Leslye Headland!  And you can keep up with her via her Instagram.

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What a great post! I love this chick. She is such an incredible writer! Funny too, this past week – while applying to jobs – I started thinking back to jobs I’ve had in the past that I really loved. Several years ago, I was an intern at The Weinstein Company in NYC. That was such a great place to work! The people were so wonderful, and the environment felt kind of …electric. There was this excitement in the air, all the time. And I just loved all of the projects they worked on. They have a great vision within… Read more »


I did it..I texted the Toro..Was very simple just…~how are you…after the holidays would you like a massage~…

Did a chart after and Moon at 14 Libra, 7th…on my NN and his Moon-Vertex…a good sign..

And Pisces 1 degree Asc with Neptune and Chiron (on my 5 degree MC)…lets see if we can’t heal this thing and as Dr Phil says …”bring it up outta the ditch”..

Thanks to all my friends here..I’ll let you know if he responds..x


Yes, great interview Mystic…sorry I went on about me..lol but I needed somewhere to write and process and as part of my topic was about sex it fit, no? lol x

Tropic of Scorp

yaaaay!! That’s great Sweatpea 😛 I was reading something about Mars in Libra the other day – they prefer to be pursued than do the pursuing. Might also apply to your Toro’s Libra moon. An old Saggo flame has just come back into my life after 5 years. Got an email the day Uranus/Pluto was conjunct back in October. It was the most incredibly hot, karmic and romantic thing I’ve ever received. My Libra Venus swoons at his skills with the written word. We’re both aware it’s not going anywhere (my Cap Asc, his Merc Cap – two pragmatists wondering… Read more »


Another fabulous interview and now I really want to see this movie, was a bit meh before.

Fire Fish

I’m really enjoying these interviews MM. So cool to see how all these astro placements actually play out in peoples lives….




O the interview, oops went off thread, off with her head!


Oh, Pegs, thank you for your wonderful boost. Love that Shark idea. My inbox (full of synchronicity today) came with the subject header “Ghosts hovering in my dreams” about the 9 of Swords, which taught me something interesting, regarding power leaks. This morning, i was thinking what is the chink in my armour? What negativity feeds this spychology of ghost feeling? I think this is Regret, for all the things i cannot achieve with illness. It sits under the surface of my daily striving, like if i try harder i can undo it. Now i’ve understood. No false pasting over… Read more »


um yeah that’s “psychology”

or what? spying on the psyche? the psyche spying on me? aaarrrgghhh – saturn humour is not funny – i hate puns 🙂

Tropic of Scorp

Happy 65th Birthday Pegs!!!…. fellow Cap riser. 🙂

Good to hear all is good in your world. I never married either (I’m 48) but countless lovers – 9th house Venus and SO agree with you – fantasy is more fullfilling than the reality. But I think that’s my Neptune conjunct Sun or simply my venus in Libra.

All the best for the coming year. xx


My multi virgo planets and leo planets love this interview. Im happy my virgo planets, mercury, moon are all in good shape and 12th, 10th house are too. Reminded me about how much i have outgrown things in order to grow into myself and learn how to be me. Terrific piece mystic


Clear, articulate, beautiful, individuated. Great interview; brilliant interviewee.



Absolutely LOVED this interview MM!


The super talented Rebel Wilson is in the movie! THAT will have me seeing it for sure. This Sagg will tll it like it is: today i turn 65. Sixty Five and feeling rather proud of myself, loving the changes that have taken place over the last 6 months perhaps that is Cap rising late bloom. No desire for any face work and the body still model slim, no desire for my usual retail therapy, not even a new lipstick, all in all very happy with myself. Never married, but countless lovers,12th house Venus where the fantasy is more fullfilling… Read more »


Happy birthday, Pegasus. May all your dreams take flight with you xx


Millie Millie, what can i say except that you need a a-grade, superior purple light, violet as. Psychic attack comes when you are leaking power, so look to where that is happening, minor or major. There is a heap of magical women here who admire & respect you. You are unique and as such will draw attention to other worldly beings, so draw your sword, Millie, forget lighting the lamp, call on the Shark part of your Fish and the War Horse for your Saggy bits. Don’t do any space dust but DO have a beer to earth yourself. You… Read more »


Oh Pegs, ya know I love ya girl…

Happy, Happy a gazillion times over Birthday luv xo

Your birthday just one day after my Saggo bestie I’ve known since I was five years old..We used to balance each other on the teeter-totter…lol for reals…And she always told me the truth (called my shit) and the only one I let call me bitch…lol

Just have loved this Saggo energy this week…Will post about it later this weekend but meanwhile, have fun on your birthday!!

Love and Kisses, Sweets…xo


Sweetie Girl, one dream is coming true on Tuesday where i take my first class of 3 for a guided imagery & breath work experience. It’s usually a yoga class but the yogini is on leave, so is the naughty yogi (gone to Goa via Mumbai), It will be a simple chakra intro with maps & imagination 🙂 Wish you would put on your tights & spikes, HALF glass of Sav, the drive to Toro’s place, just text and say ‘i’m on my way’, that’s what Aries do! Read David Dieda’s “Finding God thro Sex’ beforehand or buy it for… Read more »


Your class sounds groove Pegs…have fun with that. “Naughty yogi”…haha Your super Sagg powers must be working Pegs. Yesterday afternoon can you believe I had some chardonny at the bus stop (after work) and could see the Toro was home alone and thought of popping by? haha Oh I been havin’ some fantasies about that guy, believe me. I went to text him to come pick me up but my phone said “replace SIM”…not meant to be I thought.. Fixed it and as I started another text looked up and the bus arrived. Not meant to be I thought. Guess… Read more »


^_^ classic Aries hoho yeah Sweets 😆 i’d sure drop my phone + knickers if i got that message! Relationship? Aaah you can have a whole one in a night 🙂


haha, The only thing is that if I screwed him on a one nighter I’d have to drive by his house and think “oh…yeah, we fuqed”.

Knowing myself, that will not feel good.

But not having had sex in over seven years should prob just get it outta my system… 😆

Aried Dad used to say that the only thing wrong with a bitch is that she needs a good screw lol

Hope you feel better soon luv x


Thank you, Sweetpea. Already better than this morning which was better than yesterday. Just gotta take it gently, no galloping.


trotting could def jolt…no, no trotting either…x


His Libran Moon probably does think it’s a bit unfair that he never got his massage.

After the holidays maybe I’ll text and say “do you still want the damn thing or not?” haha

No, I’ll just say, dude, you never asked (except to hold your neck like a cripple…)

When he texted me for my bday now realize he was trying to be polite and see if I would offer.

Yes, the Pea has screwed up a bit.


When we met, he ended up giving me his number because I made him feel insecure and he got exasperated as didn’t know if I would reject him if he called.

I see all that now and have for a couple of weeks as I’ve been looking back.

I give him credit tho for not having given up and approaching me each time.

This is really all my fault since day one. Poor guy, I have been a bitch.

Now, to see if I can fix 😉

This is Venus-Sun-Node karma/past life stuff in action.


I think I may have just evolved…




His Mars in 8th square Pluto, 5th loves this shit tho…Only thing is that my Gem Mars is opposite his Mars and so Pluto is in a t square synastrilly..

So “check mate”

However, this has uncovered his vulnerabilites and I

don’t mess with that…


And I know that one hoof is not going to move to give me one damn ting if I don’t offer that Libran Moon his massage..haha..Will text today…Wish me luck!


A chapter heading
will be “Riged Bitch”..But not without some “cautionary tale…or is that taill lol

geeze, when the thread gedt so thin, it’s like it squeezes your mouth shut on purpose…lol…x


many many happy solar returns Peg and thanks for all your sage and kind comments – hope you had a fab day and spin it out for at least a week xxxx 🙂


Her looks remind me of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Must be the Leo Moon.


astro twin 🙂


wow, good job mystic, movin on up


also, really neat to hear about a successful writer, thats kind of what I want to avoid being then eventually go for too, whats with virgo rising being writers anyways? Anyways, hope I can be a writer one day too, its such a risk, and real great to read someone who made it


I remember Mystic saying that a lot of writers have strong Virgo placements… so much of writing is hard work, attention to detail, observation, very Virgoan traits.


Great interview and such a great movie.


fantastic interview

The Leo Socialite

I love these interviews but this is my personal best! Thank you thank you thank you. and that bit about for-no-reason antagonistic grown ups when she was a child – i had that too – what IS that about?


Me too, I thought it was just because I was massively tall and they always presumed I was much older.


Often the relatively uninhibited impulses, expressions and heartfelt desires of children are just too confronting for many adults who often have ended up protecting/defending positions out of fear and unconsciousness. They often wish to suppress or disallow children and others, from expressing or experiencing what they couldn’t allow themselves. I (Leo sun too) have experienced this from both ends (complete blacksheep/misfit to Bio family), and now attempt to be more aware of if/when I am placing a limitation on my child out of some fear I’m still needlessly holding. This has recently helped me notice that I have been in… Read more »


i was wondering if it was the kid’s emotional freedom / uninhibitedness setting off the “grown-up’s” problems, sore points, nerves, etc. you know, people trying to control / repress others to be more like them. My theory is the more comfortable / less judgemental we are with ourselves, the more we allow others to be who they are too..


Wow, her hair, and hair story, and saturn on venus (ick).


Fab interview Mystic. I love reading about young writers in Hollywood. Secret dream to be one myself 😉


It’s my secret dream too 🙂 Loved this interview – very inspiring!!

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