Ada Lovelace Had Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Ada Lovelace had Mercury Uranus conjunct, an indicator of geniusAda Lovelace was a prototypal computer programmer, mathematician, and inventor. She was also a multiple conjunct Sagittarius with Mercury Uranus conjunct. She was called the Enchantress of Numbers.

A prototypical computer programmer, she foresaw artificial intelligence and a myriad of other mod developments. She was a gifted mathematician and inventor who some say invented the first computer. Lovelace was also an enthusiastic lover (the co-instigator of many a scandal) keen gambler & the daughter of the ultra-Aqua Lord Byron.

She was a multiple conjunct Sagittarius, with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Uranus all in Saggo. She was also Moon in Aries rising with Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio.

I may remark that the curious transformations many formulae can undergo, the unsuspected and to a beginner apparently impossible identity of forms exceedingly dissimilar at first sight, is I think one of the chief difficulties in the early part of mathematical studies. I am often reminded of certain sprites and fairies one reads of, who are at one’s elbows in one shape now, and the next minute in a form most dissimilar.

As quoted in Toole, Betty Alexandra (1998), Ada, the Enchantress of Numbers: Prophet of the Computer Age

The computer language, Ada, used by the U.S. Department of Defense, was named after her. She is also the subject of a Steampunk graphic novel and her name is attached to multiple girls coding courses around the world.




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there is a steampunk book called the difference engine by william gibson that pivots around ada lovelace and charles babbage’s work. here is a review – the review reads better than the book.


great post. I actually know a lovelace I wonder if they are related?



Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilotttt

FUQ YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH really, mystic, you do the most interesting astro profiles everrrrr Anyone who calls you pseudo-intellectual can shove their attitude up their hash pipe and smoke it. You’re brilliant. May I add, you’ve change my life? YES. Had it not been for your chart-work and horoscopes I would never have had the courage to change my life in the way I have done so recently. I am forever in gratitude. (I’m also a little drunk, but this virgo will still spell correctly)… You’ve empowered me, with astro. Countless others, no doubt. It’s social AND metaphysical. It’s like atoms in… Read more »


Yeah and though i was drawn to the language and take in the stars i used to read in the Weekend Aust mag, i think Mystic has stealth bombed me. I’m a notorious cynic in some aspect.

Do you think as you come into your power there gathers a group and from there you channel and draw collective power, which ups your awesome?

Reading Mystic over time makes me think so.


Oh and not a cynic over Mystic, of course, just as a general part of my nature. A weird thing for someone also trusting 🙂


awesome well-researched comic about Ada and friends at!


what an amazing woman, she had a lot of sagg like me 🙂 i have uranus, mars, neptune and jupiter!


I see it! S’awesome!


i did, love google’s doodles!


Wow, go you channelling the world consciousness via google filter!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I was just reading about her the other day during some research. I never knew before that she was Lord Byron’s daughter! Her mom was so hurt by Byron that she made it her mission to over-educate Ada in math and science so that Ada would be hyperrational and never go mad…or date poets. lol


MY TWWINN!!!!!! My first Astro Twin! I’m a sag sun-merc-venus-uranus-neptune AND a moon in ARIES and Cancer Risinnngg babbay. I also have jupiter in Scorpio like this lady too. I’m currently a professor at a prestigious university, a dancer, a super lover, and multi-media artist….never married, at the age of 30 I was wondering if I was just living out my dreams as a wanderlustful woman. Reading this soothed my sometimes anxious nerves!!!! nice 🙂 I think my father was a romeo back in his day too, and an ultra brainiac. My mother was a beautiful trophy to him so… Read more »


Wow girl, you go…certainly..


Go Lana! Thank goddess for fiery mercury conjunct uranus types, extra bright stars in the firmament.


i know someone with mercury conj uranus in sagg and he truly is awesome!

12th house virgo

Somehow this makes me think of Boswell’s London journal. perhaps the issue/consequence of STDs and random sex in the park. I bet her journal is more interesting/enlightening than his

watery libran

Was it Lord Byron who was ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know”?

Pisces with Sagg Rising

Yes. He was said to be the first real celebrity and some of his out-there behaviour would stands the test of time because it would still be scandalous even by present standards. Mainly that he had an affair with his half-sister which resulted in a child (or so they say).

Baba H

The Saggo thing got passed on…her daughter Lady Anne Blunt did important work in the breeding of Arabian horses.


The arabian horse 🙂 my lifes passion

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I love them so much! I grew up competing in rodeos and always had Quarter Horses and Appaloosas, but it’s always been my dream to have an Arabian someday.

Many rodeos only allow Quarter Horses to compete (which is way stupid, imo) but there was an organization I competed in that allowed any horses. One girl had a gorgeous black Arabian that was soooo fast! Beating Quarter Horses left and right.

Arabs just have this elegance and beauty that sets them apart from all other horses.


Is Emily Blunt related hmmm


Speaking of Sagg…have had so much fun riding the bus this week…

And, on advise of Aries dad, took the bus to get a #10 metric wrench, plyers and cola to clean battery terminals. Have done it before and it works…but the caked on goop is quite extensive now as hot, hot summers in desert.

I will have Ada to add to my inspiration to get the job done…If not, I will call Triple A and have them bring me a battery…


Did have to get a tow to a garage but only $13.56 for battery terminal replacement…was just corroded beyond repair..

In any case, told Pisces/Aries Merc that this week, riding the bus has been good for me and it was..Feel like I’ve been on an amusement ride and saw all kinda peeps. Just so much more a part of life when you’re out there and interacting and figuring out how to get from point A to B..

Most of all, it alleviates fears…fears of the unknown..Most important of all. x


Ha, super cool biotch.

Sex, Science and Frockage… 😆

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