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As if a Dark Moon in Scorpio was not enough, it has also to be conjunct Saturn and sextile Pluto…BUT the Daily Horoscopes are up for Tuesday, shedding light on this Dark Moon, Mercury BACK into Saggo square Neptune AGAIN & the forthcoming Awesome that is Uranus Direct/Venus on the North Node (cue karmic dating for some) and, of course, the New Moon in go-go Sagittarius.

BTW the Astro-Bitch: Cosmic Love Tips 2013 page is still here, it’s just not a post on the front page anymore but you can see it here.

AND i got talking to a Naturopathic Capricorn today, at a foo-foo herbal tea place. She was one of those people who radiate such AWESOME that you genuinely want to know what they do. Anyway, she said (and i know this is completely debatable) that raw eggs make for way better protein (if you are not being totally vegan) than any kind of processed protein powder, be it hemp, rice or whey. She had a whole host of reasons and the eggs have to be pastured.

So you add spirulina, some blueberries, msm powder & chia to your freshly cracked raw eggs in almond milk for – voila – a glass of Superhumanly Mediocrity Fuqer Potion of Awesome. She didn’t call it that but i am. Drinking it now. Will report back. Note: obviously i am not a doctor – this is ME trying this, talk to a nutritionist if you want advice, as such.

Here is Rocky drinking his dozen raw eggs shot pre-roadworkย  at 5am.ย  Training like a downtrodden 1980s boxer trying to make a comeback is totally Now, very Pluto in Capricorn, don’t you think?

Image: Oscar Niemeyer

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102 thoughts on “Your Next Comeback

  1. When I return to work I have ten days of the house to myself and no love to entertain me. I’m hoping I can utilize this freedom(for want of a better word)/empty house to go gungho on my fitness in the living room without “getting in anyone’s way”. Huzzah!

  2. eggnog, Yay!

    And let’s not forget the life-giving powers of a well made glog.

    I’ll drink an eggflip anytime, milk and vanilla, strain out any lumpy bits, yum.

  3. I heard too much yolks is bad, because its a crazy amount of cholesterol, elsewhere I here it doesnt matter because its good cholesterol, then I realized I am a 19 year old with infinite metabolism and shouldnt really be giving a shit, I eat like, 5 eggs a day, and everything else is meat, in 1 or 2 years, I will be super muscular, at first I was doing a few workout routines that didnt work, but now I have done a crazy amount of research with college level textbook material on such things and I have now programmed my own routine, but, its goin to take a while, just you wait though, just you wait

    • also, as an aside, just today I realized/remember that you can get the emails of everyone in the classes you take(college) just in case you wanted to send a mass email for a study group or something, remember that girl I am basically in love with, well I clicked on my journalism class on blackboard(the website you do this stuff on) to see if I could still send emails to the people in that class even though it ended a long time ago, I thought it would be ended or something, but sure enough, a list of names, all the names of everyone in that class, so, right now I am literally righting down on paper a master list of the name of every girl in that class, so I can one by one look them up on fb and check them off until I find her(super crazy angry it is in this weird format so I cant just copy paste all the names, I have to write them down). But, there are like, 100 god damn names I have to write, and what I am doing is pretty crazy, but if I can find her, then, well, ill deal with that when I get there, you guys scared me into realizing I might not see her again, so, I kind of have to do this, it doesnt feel love zombie at all, it just feels like I have to do this, but whatever, I wont do it all in one sitting or anything, wish me luck, because some people use nicknames or go by different names on fb, so I might no even find her, got to try though

    • Ah yes, eggs yolks do have a lot of cholesterol.

      A while ago, my Virgo friend showed me a recipe where she’d use two egg whites for every yolk, and it was so much healthier. Since most of the protein is in the whites, you get an extra benefit there too!

      • most of it is in the whites really? I thought most was in the yolks, I only ate egg whites for a while, but I got tired of all the egg gymnastics involved, so I bought a carton of egg whites instead, but it always sticks to the pan like crazy and it has a weird consistency, so now I just eat regular eggs again, I am pretty healthy and young so I figure I can do it without having to worry too much yet, its not like I get drunk every day or eat nothing but fast food

      • Eating egg whites without the yolks leads to a deficiency in biotin so be careful. Besides, the fat in the yolks is lecithin, which is what our brains are mostly made of, after water. It also helps our skin to hold water and stay youthful. Plus other sulphur compounds in the yollk are used by our liver to help with pulling waste from our blood and dispose of it safely via the bowels. Besides, the cholesterol we eat doesnt raise the cholesterol in our blood (processed grains do that) and eggs specifically have been proven not to raise your cholesterol. Just make sure that the chickens have been free ranging on pasture so they can eat the bugs and worms, not living in sheds on gm grain

        • Thank you for saying this! I keep saying this at every opportunity. High cholesterol is just big pharma propaganda to get us on statins, which just kill us faster. Good fats are good for us! Stay away from soy, corn, and canola crap!

  4. Yeah, the Sadge new moon is my new money moon, in my 2nd house, so I’m looking forward to that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have new thinking re: money, its management and its positive procurement, so yeah baby!
    Uranus Direct at 4 deg Aries is in my 5th house, so let’s go alrfuqingready!

    Most looking forward to, even though I have no idea what it means necesssarily: Venus with North Node in Scorpio at 25 deg – in my 1st house so conjunct my ascendant-Juno bundle (at 19 + 20 deg, so not a bang on conjunction, though still close enough methinks), and opp. my descendant.

    I fuqing RISE (thanks Mystic for that) and as per one of my mottos, I’ve been turning shit into Platinum.

  5. sort of off topic but I decided to put my foot down at the day job a bit today – and glad I did – very sick of total incompetence getting in my way and threatening my job – bah!! also I am being VERY hands-off, waiting-for-uranus-direct re certain libran love interest (cap rising, cancer moon). my multiple saggo bestie (not an astro fiend) is amazed at my sangfroid (in other words – I survived and thrived through saturn in my 8th, darlinks!!)

    • Good luck with your triple cardinal love interest. I think you’re playing it very wise to wait for uranus direct. all the librans I know are a bit tentative, saturn glum and paranoid that their love life could ever be any good again after the saturn rain and cloudy weather washed their delusions away.

  6. Props for paying respect to Oscar Niemeyer!

    Sad that he died last week but he left such an amazing legacy of architectural awesome. And, truth be told, making it to nearly 104 years old while living like a true Brazilian saggo is a damn fine innings.

  7. Hi Mystic Medusa, I always enjoy your discursive about diet & super foods for an optimal lifestyle ~ it gets me thinking. I’m always on some kinda of diet (my motivations are for skin, sleep hygiene, brain function and good mood vibes).

    Comeback: some people fake it but I’m always coming out from the shadows (even if I haven’t crashed, I’m on a comeback for fun). My latest is my romantic love life. I have a brilliant lifestyle of equal parts fun and respect, but lately, I’ve thought about feelings I’ve had that I didn’t understand and that this is somehow part of how I’m gonna make it into the next scene of my life.
    Thank you!

  8. Just saw SKYFALL and he’s all like a beaten, downtrodden, fragmented version of the Bond character. Quite Han Solo-esque anti-hero. Very much Pluto in Cap. Still hot as hell though.

    • ah, that;s the part i was wondering. raw egg makes me think of pavlova and that makes me queasy… if the smoothie was flavoursome enough *hellooo fresh summer fruit* i could hack a raw egg…. much cheaper and less processed wierdness than “whey protein isolate” too yeah

  9. this is an italian thing. I used to watch childhood bestie’s father knock one back with something else in it, now I forget, once a day.

    Hell yes to comeback. I am planing mine now and it has a timeline for Jan. Please tell me Jan’s new moon is conjunct something good ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I don’t mind being egged on astrologically or otherwise. I have chooks and am somewhat partial to a few eggs every two to three days. Is poached ok? I quite like soft-boiled as well. It’s good to alternate when you’re a mutable air sign. Btw does a new moon in Sag make a Gemini whimsical?

    • i think being a gemini makes geminis whimsical ๐Ÿ™‚

      i am partial to a lot of eggs myself, easy protein, chooks recycle food scraps,

  11. good to know TA re eggs / nutrition. i decided to include a LOT more protein in my diet (meat, eggs) and I think my skin and hair is showing the benefits, much smoother, softer, better condition etc..

  12. New moon is at the end of my 4th almost on the cusp of my 5th, opp my true node, and Uranus direct on my Vesta in my 9th. I am all for quickening particularly in the realms of academia. Major milestone of thesis almost done.
    New sleeping arrangements at home going fine. Weird, but fine. I love my new room. I am sleeping better.
    I have finally closed the book on my lover. Scared and optimistic at the same time.

      • Yeah I was apprehensive but it’s gone pretty well, after the first couple of awkward nights. He has found it very hard being face to face with the fact that we are now flatmates not husband and wife. Before it was easy enough for him to be in denial.
        I feel liberated. My room is like a teenager’s bedsit. My band poster on the wall, candles, books. Hoping some other things will shift now the physical shifting has taken place. x

        • is it that denial thing? while you were there being wifey it was easy to skim over the surface, but now you’re almost out, he has to wake up to a few things? xx

          • Absolutely. We haven’t been ‘together’ in years, he is not interested in me as a bed partner.
            I am just making a structural change to reflect the actuality of the relationship, a sane and sensible transition to setting us both free. His Cap stellium and Scorp rising are getting slapped around a bit atm as you can imagine. His denial issues are deep and unresolved and they have run both our lives. I’ve said here before I accept my role in this in the past, but no longer. I am compassionate, but I deserve to live my life.

  13. dailies are rather helpful, thanks Mystic ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a question for anyone. New moon is at 21 Sagg. My descendant is 23.6 degrees sagg. So is the new moon close enough to my DSC for me to count it as a big deal for relationships, or makes more sense to stick with it as a 6th house routine regimen thing? I am currently running with the 6th house new-vibe as, well, i need it and like they say, the stars impel not compel…

    Ambivalent Leo is sticking around so far. My new non-love-zombie pilot / trial run is tracking exceedingly well. Caring Less (in all the right ways) seems to be netting me a lot more. yay

    • thank you!

      That sort of thing is SO debatable. And to confuse it, you could run your chart with diff house systems. Not that i am recommending it…Why don’t you observe – keep on with fitness awesome and the working-well anti-love zombie policy and see if the energy does seem to be renewed as well…FAB you have Jupiter on your Asc in may – THAT will be the real reboot. I say Ambivalent Leo gets a whole lot less ambivalent in late Jan & then you’re chez sooky googoo together in may…Next year is the craziest feng shui btw – everything is intensified…

      • ah, cool, thank YOU mystic, I will self-cocoon as recommended and do essential personal tasks, and see what reboots thurs/fri/weekend.

        Still feel that the Leo has more to reveal, so am biding my time and letting things go at their own pace. I remain a little stunned at how chilled I am about this, all the mind/heart-wrangling into better function the past 2 yrs must be working. lol especially since I worked the LZ trail into an impassable quagmire in 2009 hahahahah
        Anyway whether it’s a sort of lovely little heart reset affair for both of us, or something more who’s to tell at this stage but I’ll def keep an eye on late Jan eh. thanks again xxxx

    • yay, death to love zombie “care”. Everyone (sane) loves to hang with people who want to share their life with you not wrap you up in theirs so you can’t move without making the other person live in a state of constant anxiety. New moon conjunct (not exact) vennept and Dsc so I am in same boat.

      did hang with a cool virgo (leo asc and moon) guy on very random but perfect timing. not expecting anything but there is something very cool about our energy when we hang out, which is only twice now. the other was sunday pub hang a couple of months ago.

      if you are anything like me right now, it’s boosting creative day life and making you prep the ground like actual paving bricks right now and then you can share the wealth if you choose xxx

      • yeah I can def identify Ms, it’s not like they are validating how we do what we do, but it’s a little piece of “you’re OK” among the daily things, which I guess is nice?

        Virgo with Leo moon and asc must be easy on the eye and stimulating company I bet…

        • Yes, less validating more, friend with potential, which can be a nice tension left where it is or furthered into something awesome should you discover that. Otherwise good either way.

          Re Virgo- he is not so much handsome, more a captivating aura and personality. 1st house sun. His sun is exact on my NN and my sun trines his NN so perhaps this explains his consistently good timing. He knows my heart is all shot up right now. Man it’s good to meet someone without so much personal baggage. He has a serious weakness for beautiful women (venus libra) so I plan to torture him with a nice outfit next time we hang out.

      • also re prep ground, yes. I mean I am totally unfamiliar with anything actual business related – the prep for me is more about learning how others are getting by doing their thing. Sometimes I feel like an orphaned goat that was raised by a troupe of gorillas and now I realise that I am actually a goat, have to go and watch how goats do their thing so I can learn what it actually means to be/do me. or maybe I am going insane, not sure which yet. lol

        • isn’t the motto of aries (your venus and your mars as well or is it your moon?) learn by do.

          more do maybe? worry/observation/fact gathering can be a deceptive slide into procrastination. XX

          • My Mars on top of Sun Cap boss is away and i realise how stressful he is to be around. His absence is appreciated, in fact i would like to dismiss him and take over completely.
            He bombards himself with the ‘Isagenix’ range of nutrients & energy boosters, like takes enough for 3 peeps.
            One day he will crash into the Real World of biz procedures ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ms, definitely more ‘do’ is the way forward. The Aries for me is MC, venus chiron SN (all 10th house) and some other part of fortune lol.

            Thanks for the reminder! I think this is part of my saturn edging into 5th house lesson…just do it..

            will relay ongoing tales of derring-do as they arise XX

  14. I also want to add, in really truly working out career (ugh hate that word, is there another one?) path options now, the most brilliantly successful people truly become that way through just forging a path based on their own unique vision, nothing less. reinforces for me the importance of backing yourself, having faith in what you do – that it will be picked up sooner or later and yes sometimes (often) some hustle is involved, just start, there’s no right way, feel your way, read around, learn from others, conduct a couple of interviews, absorb how the world turns on both collaboration and clearing your own path.

    • ha, I just read this now. I am on same mission though it might actually happen now. loosing shit people gaining a business (again) about f***ing time/YAY. much love to you on the path Pi xx

      • it’s amazing how often i have to read / think this stuff before my brain absorbs it properly enough to just do it. all that mercury, it just has to get in first and bloody pontificate and doubt and throw in other options and ideas and think too much before realising that action is the only thing that makes things happen. i know right. good work, brain, i knew you;d get there eventually..

        more power to you Ms xx

  15. also hahah re Daily Mystic carbs reference, compulsively ordered bowl of hot chips today at the pub, was sublime and i think i needed (lol) the energy or whatever it is that’s in hot chips…

    • Me and my daughter OD-ed on pizza last night while watching Tinkerbell. Her Taurus moon was sooo happy it was totally worth it.

  16. I’m assuming that the eggs should be pastured ( free-range) not pasteurized ( as I first read it) ?
    My granddad drank a raw egg everyday before his breakfast ( he was a rather fiery Pisces ) – lived much longer than he should have done, considering his drinking & smoking habits – confounded the doctors!
    We’ve recently been having the raw egg discussion at home…….am teetering on conversion now having read this – have my own hens………

  17. My diet is off the charts – am entertaining guests and need to feed people.. And I am falling behind my work. Hope this new moon – on my MC, will bring nice news wiping away the guilt my Cap Moon is pounding relentlessly..

    • We must have similar degrees of Cap moon. I’ve just done the Saturn square also. It was significant. Gearing up for Pluto transit of moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno starting next year. It’s already zinging away but I’m prepped. Saturn was like boot camp and Pluto will be where I lace up my runners and do the marathon.
      I am the same as you re the Cap moon guilt thing. At those times I wake up in the middle of the night thinking in lists.

    • Is Pluto messing with your Cap moon yet?

      I am sure you are doing what needs to be done. I hope the new moon brings you recognition of all the wonderful seeds you’ve planted all year long.

      • Gulp, not yet. I just finished a two-year long Saturn square Moon transit.

        I don’t know about the seeds, I will wait Thursday/Friday, so far two seed wilted, one died.. Anyhooo 12HV, here is to HOPE! for all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

        • How was Saturn square Moon? I’ve got natal moon in Leo, so I think I’ll have that square transit coming up sometime when Saturn is in Scorpio. I’m terrible at figuring out transits.

          Perhaps there are seeds you’ve planted that you’ve forgotten all about. Those tends to be the ones that grow as we aren’t staring at them, waiting for them to sprout. Here’s to hope!

  18. hey guys, so i’m new and slightly confused by everything ๐Ÿ™‚ this year has been rough for me, especially the last 6 months – lots of changes, insights etc.. there haven’t been many memorable great days, but for some reason today was fantastic – everything working out and stuff. could this be a sign of things to come or just a one off? I’m Cancer sun/Leo moon/Libra rising… any thoughts? ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

  19. Speaking of diets, I’ve noticed a large shift in my palate towards roasting everything in the oven. Root vegetables, and everything in between oven baked with olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper. It feels genius.

  20. The traditional diet reveres eggs as a nutritional treasure. Did the trad Chinese die of heart attacks all the time? And how did the Chinese traditionally get their calcium (no osteoporosis figures like the West) and other goodness without dairy? Dairy was hard to come by.

    Thus spake the nurse i saw yesterday. She notes the abundance of dairy and highly processed flour goods in daily Western diets, yet the persistence of osteoporosis and heart disease, as well as weight.

    Wouldn’t touch any powder supplements, though i’m taking mineral and herb supplements now and i’m really watching to consider their total benefit. Years ago my hypochondriakataka partner made us do herbalife, plus some bowel drink – sorry i only remember it said something like ‘nature’s broom’. Piscean/Sag me gave it a burl but i have never had bowel issues in the first instance, and i noticed when you pile your body with non-food shit you have to be careful and rebalance by overcompensating. That is, you drink more water than your thirst desires. Naturally, you drink what you need. If a supplement makes me thirsty that’s ok but if i don’t feel thirst yet have to drink from a bucket to counteract, that’s not.

    My parents always told me to be careful with juice, as it is concentrated, including the sugar content and lacks the full fibre. There are other nutrient balances in fruit that are lost through that process. You don’t let your stomach and digestion do the work – the blender does some of it. I hate pith but you need it when eating a citrus as there’s a substance that helps absorb vit c and other stuff in the fruit.

    I wanted to be an astronaut for a long time as a girl until i realised i would have to do without whole glorious food.

      • Yeha it’s the little things you appreciate – or the 1.5 metre snake of good digestive health that i’ve always enjoyed! When they ask you health questions and you’re horrified at the idea of some of them you realise how lucky you are not to suffer those ones!

        Hope you’re on the up too, Chrysalis. I imagine you’re actually a butterfly now, waiting for the New Moon.

    • Kale has way more calcium than dairy, and there are lots of plants out there with calcium too. There’s even this tree, known by various names around the globe, one of which is ‘mother’s best friend tree’ (but whose name I can’t remember now, bugger!!!), well their leaves have even more calcium than kale. Google Tree-Nation, as I got the info and the science behind it originating from there.
      (The dairy = calcium thing was part of the selling of dairy as the industrialization of food in our western worlds gained crazy momentum. There are papers about this too. The western dairy industry’s been keen on changing the staple soymilk in China with dairy milk, due to the potential customer base if they manage to be succcessful with it. Even more grains will be diverted to be fed to the average mamma cows to be kept pregnant all their lives. )

    • Cute mermaid. Would love to see a mermaid on a motorcycle.
      ‘Before i was a girl i was a fish’, saw that written somewhere :-).
      All is cleared for you now after your unwanted manifestations, i trust.
      My turn for a weird experience last night. Had a bout of that ‘sleep paralysis’ where your eyes are open but the body won’t do what you want it to, like turn on the light to stop the noise of the squirrels (or some sort of 4-legged creatures) running across the bed into the dresser & clothes basket.
      Followed by the ability to fly dream. I wish! Such a blissful feeling of speed & cleverness.

      • Well this mermaid stacked it on a motorcycle and went face first into a car windscreen so it wouldn’t have been a lasting image. Thought i’d be scarred across the face and nose for life! But i cracked my nose back into place and a nurse got all the glass out…noone would know now ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Don’t you just love the egg shape, the cosmic egg symbol. Have a collection of crystal rose quartz & fluorite eggs that i adore looking at, really comforting keeping all my eggs in one bowl.
    Four out of 6 free range eggs i buy are double yolkers,every time, wonder why?
    Lost appetite has returned but strangely only want to eat what i buy and prepare, no eating out or takeaway.

  22. Raw eggs for me = ugh.

    The photo on the today’s Daily reminds me of Kellett St in the Cross, which it couldn’t be because Kellet St is reasonably flat.

  23. MM- I am wondering – of all the things you’ve tried nutrition/health/beauty wise – what remains your main stay? Your go-to product or food? I’ve got Aqua on my 6th house cusp. I eat the same thing for breakfast for months at a time.

    New moon at 23 Sag…I suppose that trines my Chiron in Aries at 23? Uranus is going direct in my 7th. I was listening to the Muse song Starlight this morning in the car, thinking of my daughter, of how happy I am to have her in my life, and crying I love her so much. Romantic, eh? LOL!

    I organized my tool boxes this weekend (one for sewing, one for generalized-awesome, one for painting, one for making stencils). I’m hoping to get another trip to the dump in before Thursday and toss out an old sofa. It feels like Mars-in-Virgo all over again.

  24. Does it make sense to be completely exhausted before this new-vibe hits? I’ve been sleeping for what seems like 8-9 hours a night for the past week and I’m exhausted! I hope this brings new energy!!!!

  25. Thoughts out for Oscar Neimeyer, the architect of the fab building in the photo – died on 6 Dec 2012 aged 104 (sagg, taur moon): one of the truly great Modernist architects.

    โ€œMy work is not about โ€˜form follows function,โ€™ but โ€˜form follows beautyโ€™ or, even better, โ€˜form follows feminine.โ€™โ€

    โ€œCamus says in โ€˜The Strangerโ€™ that reason is the enemy of imagination. Sometimes you have to put reason aside and make something beautiful.โ€

    โ€œWe need to feel that life is important; we need that fantasy so we can live a little better.โ€

    โ€œWe have to have dreams, even if they never come true.โ€

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