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SO funny –ย  I was sitting there wowing out at how serene i felt, even though Lilith-Jupiter-Full-Moon Eclipse in Gemini were opposing the Sun in Saggo and squaring my Saturn and MARS….i was like seriously on the verge of complacency – or my kind of dodgy Aquarius Rising version of it.

And then voila this old Qi Vampire from 2011 & wham adrenaline. I think we always find it harder to forgive the sins we can’t relate to – i am very understanding of Lust, Sloth, Gluttony & Avarice because i get them. But theft of other peeps original content ? People, i have Mercury in Aries/3rd house and Mars in Virgo/8th House.

Also, i don’t care WHAT astro this is attributed to – i hate it when people say you’re not New Age enough when you complain about their abuse of your rights. That’s like a direct limbic brain grudge flashpoint to me and probably to a lot of you too.

Anyway, so how is YOUR eclipse?ย  Also – i have some cool stuff coming up – my most sensational Astro-Interview yet, the coolest truth about the Astral Projection Oil i have been trying out AND Astro-Bitch: Cosmic Love Tips 2013. This is all happening in the next few days…when i am not so busy being on the phone to my hunky Aqua i.p. lawyer and scrawling shit in capital letters across the fb pages of Qi Vampires.

PLUS Weekly Horoscopes from December 1 are posted!



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49 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes Are Up!

  1. I think “we love you M.M” sums it up.
    You’ve some serious good karma coming out of all of this, to be sure, to be sure x

  2. MM still trying to remember the term from that post you did a couple of years ago on New Age harpies- were they called gladioli?? Women running around being all holier than thou, and cosmically aware and spiritually attuned, but actually, anyone around them would have to watch their back…

  3. LOL. Love you MM. Love you!!!

    But serz. Wtf. Stolen content = not okay. ever. ever.

    I feel serene too btw. Totally at peace. Love this feeling.

    Must be the eclipse.

    Love the eclipse.

    How many times did the word love come up in this post.

    Love love love love love.

  4. go you good thing Mystic xx I’m having a low energy week but otherwise pretty good I think…am feeling pretty grateful I had the courage and opportunity to really face any old fear stuff in the last 9 months as now I’m feeling cruisy…the test will be to see how the new me goes at my bros 40th party on Saturday and seeing toxic family members (twin sister being numero uno)…cave or evade the toxins will be my mantra!!

  5. I had exactly the same experience, feeling unbelievably serene and then an epiphany about a so-called friend and would-be academic who stole an idea from me and wrote an article on it. I can’t figure out why I am so dense as to think that integrity matters any more. And why I keep ignoring my gut instincts about people. Oracle told me there was a qi vampire in my life and I just couldn’t imagine who. Qi V is the sweetest soul you would ever meet but underneath scheming. I felt it and ignored it. I hope this eclipse teaches me a lesson I won’t ignore again.

  6. And you know what? Chances are if you complain, he will go all pass agg and silkily complain about your “negativity” – perps like that often like to put blame back on the victim…

    • Yeah, I guess it’s like “If you’re stupid enough to give it away, you deserve all you get.” In your case mystic, she should have known better… you have to PAY to get your gems, she has no excuse. And I couldn’t believe her site is about authenticity. Beyond stunning. I guess that’s the kind of self-delusion you have to engage in to be a full-blown Qi V :-(

      • Been through the same thing just recently and yes, was blamed for posting on the internet so therefore I could no longer lay claim to my trademark and copyright.
        Qi Vamps up my arse lately.
        Stolen lyrics, songs, ideas, stage nae you name it.

  7. Hi M, We all have a right to protect ourselves, we all have a right to feel and express our anger, not sure about the right to snot someone, but dont let that stop you! I would! :)

    Because I am like that, I am trying to lay lo during this eclipse. Very uncomfortable goings on. As I type this, there is a storm going on overhead. Im in the South West of Western Australia, the big trees surrounding my little shack are making an enormous sound like a train rolling on by, but at the same time they are protecting me (I hope). Whats goin on inside is goin on outside and into the universe it seems. love to all. Cath

    • Oh I can relate, I have massive flooded gums and turpentines around the pile and it really does sound like a freight train when the wind gets up. I don’t know if this will make you feel any more secure but a landscaper told me that because my trees were all growing quite close to each other, as they would in a forest rather than in a parkland with trees dotted around, it meant the roots were all interwoven which means they are incredibly difficult to knock over, they have the strength of many. Kind of nice, I thought, and it set my mind at ease.

  8. I found some video online last night that discussed the NN in 3rd/SN 9th house dynamic. Really helped me see some patterns for myself. I had just said/decided I wanted to devote more time to artisanal crafts and that word came up as being a good use of NN in 3rd energy. It was like “OK – I’m doing my astro! Whew.” Trying to keep my diva moon and creative-bitch lilith under control. Impossible. My moon trines Neptune and Mercury and has a tendency to get paranoid and vengeful. With Mars on my AC – its quickly amps to warlike. Its hard to keep the creative projects lined up that can absorb that much energy, but I’ve got a plan! Tough astro, indeed.

  9. oh yes! preach on mystic! a lot of people think that being New Age enough means you should dissolve all personal boundaries and just allow bad things to happen to you. I suppose you could also replace new age with christian or buddhist or any other sort of thing like that….

      • You know, except for here online, the ONLY new age people I’ve met have been total screw ups. Addictions, delusions and massive projecting all over the place. And now I think of it, projecting your shit over everyone else really is the equivalent of the projectile vomit. Psychic emesis.

        One that particularly springs to mind was the one who had somehow got a job as a counsellor at a community health centre, she was taking all of her anger at the break up of her marriage to a man who had unresolved sexual abuse trauma and totally screwing with the victims and survivors she was meant to be counselling. Completely unethical but I suspect, unconscious.;

    • I have a pass-agg New Age Mugwort story.

      I was chilling with my friend the other day and we went into a hippy herbs shop to kill some time before going home. As we walk in, my friend and I are quietly tittering away – and I mean quietly murmuring to each other – about not trying Mugwort again any time very soon.

      (Backstory: we not only had vivid dreams on Mugwort, which is fine and expected, but on this one occasion I had one where waking up in real life was ‘passing out’ in the dream. All good, except the dream was really REAL feeling, and I passed out in a supermarket in the dream and got taken to a really REAL feeling emergency room. It was not pleasant at all, so I’m having a break from Mugwort for a bit).

      Anyway, hippy cashier hears ‘Mugwort’ and instantly inserts herself into the conversation.

      Hippy cashier: Mugwort is really good for women’s problems.
      Me: Oh yeah, absolutely!
      HC: Yeah, REALLY.
      Me: Oh yes, I’ve definitely heard that. I’m just not going to take any in tea form for dreams again soon. I had a bad experience. But yeah, for the women’s problems…
      HC: It’s good for dreams.
      Me: Yeah, but my experience was just too strong, so…
      HC: Well you know, our dreams are trying to tell us something. Many people don’t realise that.
      Me: Um…
      HC: Maybe you should try it again.
      Me: Maybe one day, but not soon because…
      HC: Well maybe that’s something you need to work through.
      Me: Um…
      HC: Maybe you need to *look* at that.
      Me: Um, yeah.

      It’s just so great when some stranger assumes you have no reflective capacity of your own whatsoever. “Something I should work through”. *Shudder*

  10. Speaking of the faux “New Agey” types lots of abusive people are attracted to it. they see easy prey and use New Age philosophy to abuse others.
    I was told only bad things happen to those that deserve it or allow it to happen. Later. Not for me.

  11. Uh I had such a SEERIOUS Lilith eclipse on my Venus.

    Recently met a guy, south node plutonic scenario – soo many things that are great but SOO many sirens going off in my head and he has been FULL on. And I just really don’t NEED full on. Or a relationship at all for that matter.

    Last night I was sitting in the theatre and just progressively feeling worse and worse until I suddenly felt my heart lock up like a fortress. It all felt so wrong. I couldn’t be around people I had to leave. Couldnt’ get that feeling to go away. Then I just told him I couldn’t do it. Not now, not this way etc etc. Not even sure if at all. It brought up every one of those lilith issues. He has been amazingly reasonable about it… but wow – I’m so haunted. Lets see…

  12. Okay, I had a potential buyer lined up for the investment property I inherited. It is currently rented and the tenant is a grubby middle-aged bachelor. I told the potential buyer I would have the place thoroughly cleaned but he felt the Qi of the dirt would always be there no matter how much cleaning was done.

  13. aside from the 3 cases of plagiarism I encountered (see previous post / tried on the Thrive IP Thieves) – the only eclipse snag was a client sending a thinly veiled Pass / Agg emails re how ‘d done a brilliant job (read I busted my chops & excelled!) but my actions didn’t comply with what I was contracted to do …..

    yawning at the pettiness – I put her email aside, noting it was cc the entire universe & returned to developing one of my 3 genius projects – each gaining rapid traction.

    Said client wants to deal with all next Monday – perfect – really.
    I will have delivered even more genius & somewhere along the line – ppl in her organisation will see who is doing their job, & who isn’t.

    Aside from that – even Le Ram was placid. A miracle really. And disappeared bad into his hole without hanging around & complaining!

    • ***thread***

      *** back to his hole *** // thanks you Apple autocorrect ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • hun the insecure Virgo Snit chez work is the same with cc-ing the entire planet, downside – so fecking annoying, upside, the entire planet gets to witness replies which in essence make her look idiotically insecure and useless.

      There’s a silver lining in every stupid email thread they say..

  14. BTW Mystic are you watching me??

    Am living your scopes ATM – the new regime of awake pre dawn (not sure what sparked that but NO going back now, I love it!!) – daily its straight out of the house for a lap of the beach. Soft sand laps & diving in the ocean my new favourite addiction ….. your Libran weeklies are bang on point. Again!

    Pisces rising – yes yes yes re sharing biz genius & gaining support.

    Amaze!! xox

  15. I directed a lot of my eclipse freakout energy at your Qi Vamp! rather than direct it towards my abusive ex who texted me saying he misses me, still loves me etc. two weeks ago he was telling CPS I hang out in crack houses.

  16. I decided a key to my illness might be sleep issues. So i stood guardian. I watched myself sleep.

    I saw all the disturbances and when i come out of deep slumber and what external source gets me out. The AMAZEBALLS moment was when i got pissed off at the homeless guy getting up…

    and suddenly asked myself HOW LONG have you known about the fact that there’s a homeless guy who lives in another part of the hood but shelters here when it rains. And i answered myself, since he’s done it, which was about two months ago, when i got up in the night in my sleep to try to spy on who was out there.

    I clearly have supersensitive hearing and i’ve always known i see differently with my eyes closed. Now i realise just how awake and aware i am when i’m asleep. holy fuck can i blame the sagittarian Moon Jup Nep horses in the 12th running around? how do you put a bunch of psychic horses to sleep?

    going to try some old mantras of my youth

    wtf who watches themselves when asleep??? it’s bad enough visiting other people and sitting inside their minds. I’m going to ask aries counsellor again if i’m nuts. at least we’ll get a laugh.

    • I dunno Mille, I think it’s bloody amazing but I can see the conundrum of how to honor the guardians – funny, a friend and I were in a hemisphere each, we used to say we were the guardian’s of each others sleep – maybe it’s something like that, finding someone else to take over the watch for a bit?

      “how do you put a bunch of psychic horses asleep?” LOVE. Funny how rare it is to see a horse flat on the ground asleep. I think only when another around en guard. Best xx

      • i don’t envy the person who tries to guard my sleep! I remember my husband being amazed that we had a conversation before we woke up. actually i think it’s why i’m single at the mo. I probably need a good warlock…earth boys are cute but not much of a match in the long term :) Should i put up a profile on Oasis?

        Hey just remembered this little gem:

    • I didn’t realize you had a mysterious illness. Your rest doesn’t sound restful. I don’t think you sound crazy. I don’t know what the fix is. Do you do the clock meditation? Three deep breathes (in through the nose, out through the mouth). Then, push out in a clock fashion (12, 1, 2, etc..) until you turn back to 12 oclock. Slow like. Just clear the space. Then, you can set an intention, like “I don’t want any visitors tonight” or “I just want some bloody rest.” That’s the best advice I can give and probably better than what you’d pay a dr for ;-p

      • Thanks, Dr Virgo ๐Ÿ˜€ I could try this one as a circle – clocks don’t do it much for me – and i’m wondering if that made Scorchy laugh a bit. Do you know i taught myself to tell the time using the astro wheel?

        • Yes. Circle. Exhale breathe while pushing outward with your hand in all 12 directions. Instead of a clock you can think of it as tucking in all your astro houses. Good luck!

    • I had to laugh Mille :)

      There is no putting the psychic horses to sleep usually but there is ways of letting them roam free whilst the denser more mortal aspects of self rest fitfully.

      I like what Ceramici wrote about sleep guardians and perhaps it is something like that or something else?

      Being aware of the other energy present somewhere in your space is clearly signalling a need to pay attention.

      Perhaps some conscious telepathic comms with the dude? Is he weirding you out or just harmlessly annoying? Maybe smudge the space if it’s part of your own or even if it’s not?

      Just as another thought, it’s possible it’s not dude but the energies that have attached to dude that are not reasonating.

      And nah, you’re not nuts x

      • I think you’ve got it, by George! The horses aren’t roaming free when i’m pulled back by the noise.

        He’s just heavyfooted and rustles the leaves when he gets up. Which is freaking annoying. If that homeless guy isn’t careful he’s going to have a sudden mille encounter.

    • Thank you, people. Clearly i have you hoodwinked too ๐Ÿ˜‰ that i’m sane i mean.

      I woke up at everything. But i didn’t wake up, i just surfaced, and when i’m having these other issues i think the illness amps the hypersensitivity. I’m hearing the neighbours talk, walk, get up, play soft music, and the homeless guy when he scoots off at probably 4pm or whenever pre-dawn is. After that the traffic starts up. So i’m thinking earplugs.

      I meditate but i think i need to do it more often at the moment. Uranus 4 degrees off my Merc Chiron conjunction. Uranus also 8 degrees off exact opposition natal Uranus. Then there’s the Pluto Mars on my Mars, and Jupiter opp my natal Jupter. Saturn is in my 12th house.

      As for visitors…well…most often it’s ME. Visiting someone else’s life. I can’t be seen and i leave upwards, like i’ve been sitting behind their eyes. Recently i was in a haunted house with a buyer, and then i took trips back in time and witnessed the past inhabitants, then i came back to the dream present with the buyer…and the ghosts in the rooms started turning their eyes to me as we walked through the rooms. So i came home.

  17. Yep. With my sun, ascendent and mercury and chiron in Aries I totally relate. There’s nothing worse than an imposter. I haven’t googled this freak yet. Going to check it out now and see if I can tell her to go away.

  18. I have been feeling quite serene throughout, but I have been accused of being a qi vampire! And a thief! You see, I ate seven of my flatmates little milky way chocolate bars which he gets free from work. It was a spate of gluttony and poor impulse control. Yet I was a little suprised to receive a formal housemate warning and to be told he thought I was a thief who could not be trusted! Perhaps those of us who are a little careless with others possessions (even free possessions) are up for a little karma :) But I also wonder perhaps if my flatmate didn’t overreact just a little, and if this had more to do with a generalised feeling of being taken advantage of rather than the specific incident of the milky way binge….

  19. The eclipse has been intense but productive.

    Avoiding Qi Vamps like the plague.
    Successfully avoiding the *space dust dialing* of yore
    Made some decisive decisions and future plans, so YAY :)

    Sorry to hear about this plagiarist. May she be stopped immediately!

  20. I could not agree more doll. Same train.

    No where near as RAaa but I have also had a strange eclipse, only ending now as I sip tea in bed. I was looking at usual suspects for triggers but no, I was completely wrong.

    -Went to work yesterday my boss said “you look like shit” I said I am on the zombie train since I could not get time off and amazingly I was shown some kind of compassion?, told her I had to leave but prob in new year when all this gets sorted out. She said that’s fine just keep me in the loop.
    -Ebaying my entire life to date. Never have I felt to sell everything I own with such urgency
    – Emailed everyone on the hit list and very up to date with all. Feeling pretty good and then bang. It’s my house.
    -Had to chase my estate agent about something massively outstanding and housemate (libra designer) starts an argument with me downstairs that he completely 360’d. Seriously out of the blue blow up where I just tried to sort something out for him with landlord this morning that took over an hour. In under half an hour I was made aware that my time and energy and life is not important to him. I also suspect a certain jealousy and I wish someone would just lay the guy too.
    so insight yes: I have to move. My ic/pluto is libra 4th so I am assuming this zap is live here right now as I am working on the MC aries

    oh and on that note mystic, I think you will be pleased to know I am going to do a course in small biz and start ups. Going to work some NN 2nd house in my saturn plan. saturn is in the last of my 4th house now.

    -Aqua from several years ago has taken up trying to hook up with me in the lamest of ways, random bouts of phone stalking when drinking in my hood. Sudden obsession of his. Very odd.

    • Can highly recommend Leonie Dawson’s Business Goddess Course. She’s doing a Business Workbook for 2013 as well.

      Excellent for setting intentions, clarifying dreams etc but ALSO nitty-gritty stuff about how to set up a small business, e-selling, websites etc.

      • thanks I will look into it. It’s less e commerce I need as I can sort all that and I have web people but I will look,its more tax uk etc.

      • Oh jesus, I just logged on and I’m getting all goddess child illustration and swiggle font in bouncing stick notes. You know I am a designer yes? x

  21. Late in the game, 4ish (hmm, that rhymes with whorish) am where I am, MM sweetly teased me about staging a coup but as it turns out, I sorta am.

    Ladies and Gents, I am now slaying Sewerage on an international scale.

    Met my long time uni gf who’s married but in an intensifying lust thingo with her Trainer/ex-fuqing-supposedly-French-Foreign-Legion almost lover reaching critical mass, so much so this normally sane woman greeted me after 2 yrs of not having seen each other, with a haven’t slept in two days report over let’s just call him the Asian Sewer. I listen with interest, absorb, absorb, digest, alarm bells.. to wit she begs me to do recon. I acquiesce and promptly deploy.

    Of course, my truth serum effect goes into hyperdrive and I now have the oh so unpleasant task of reporting mu findings. This scumbag had overlapping relationships with 2 ladies intentionally impregnating one of them in an attempt to influence towards marriage (both are of course, wealthy). It never happened due to familial intervention, etc etc..

    Am now wondering, should I just set up global service for Sewer Eradication? Are people really this idiotic about living in the Age of Google and you know, having the hubris to ignore how America’s head spy (Petraeus) himself got outed via sodding gmail?

    I sometimes think if the lies themselves could speak, they would say they were tired. Good Goddess!

    • I just love that last line!!

      Yes.. if the lies could speak… but what if they could commune, hang out at a bar independant of their speakers and catch up? Hahaha…