Venusian Voodoo Debrief

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Okay People, it is time to do our Venusian Voodoo Debrief.

As you may recall, Venus opposed Uranus and squared Pluto – thus triggering the Zap Zone – over the last five days.

Cue hot, weird & karmic carry-on.  Decisive also. This sort of Venus-Outer Planet scenario induces an almost surreal degree of lucidity, as well as juicing life up.

Venusian Voodoo IS quite capable of evoking lust, flash-crush situations, karmic encounters and Love Zombie issues BUT bear in mind Venus has also to with aesthetics and art; you might just as easily have seen NO official romantic action of late but experienced a genius, epic breakthrough to do with image, creativity, who you want to be, what’s you and what’s not you.

Add a few intense & poignant nostalgic flashbacks to heavy-sexy Venus-Pluto-Uranus times of days gone by & well, HOW DID YOU GO?


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148 thoughts on “Venusian Voodoo Debrief

  1. Funny. Feng Shui lady really wants to see me paired up. She suggested I buy products from where my Venus line runs if I can’t move there. So, curious, I looked it up. Sure enough – my Jupiter and Venus lines run through Morocco. My house is FULL of Moroccan stuff – pottery, literally the land of the place is in my house already. I mean, my kid is half Moroccan, lol. I told her I already know what to do and just need to trust my gut. Funny how that goes. The more I look outside myself for guidance, the more confused I am. The more I trust my own knowing, the more solid I am. And, in the end, there is no difference between the two accept the amount of time/energy/money expended in the quest. No more Feng Shui or similar crap studies/products/cures for me. Looking outside for inner knowing is a mind fuck.

    • Yes. I find i do that too, and in trying on outside ideas for size, some fit ok and others just exhaust me. Then i feel sure, blazingly sure of myself.

      Here’s to curiosity with less exhaustion!

      • well said : there is a deffo a point I know I reach, where I am seeking outside in a way-too-reactive way, and not doing the real inner and outer work that I know will bear fruit.

  2. Had a few sweet little realisations, personal growth and understandings pop up over the last week, but this morning I nearly fell off my bike with an OMGWTF MASSSSSIVE AHAAAAA moment. The most obvious simple thing ever about the way I see relationships, my relationships, everything.

    I’m going through a crazy tense time right now and a physically and emotionally beautiful weekend gave me the kind of calm I needed for this deep misunderstanding of myself to bubble up to the surface and burst with extraordinary joy. I’m being deliberately vague, I don’t post here often. Just wanted to say I’m reading your posts and feeling it. BIGTIME.

  3. Well, I didn’t get a hot guy, I didn’t get rich, I didn’t leave the house, I didn’t get anything except clarity. Thank mother fucking God!

    I sure did take a Venus-Pluto trip. I love Uranian Scorp. It doesn’t matter if he’s a whore who may have herpes. It doesn’t matter if he is broke and takes no responsibility for himself. It doesn’t matter because we don’t have a relationship. I love him. I love the way he sees lines, the pure moments when he’s lost in his work, and how quiet his mind is (Saturn retrograde in Gemini). I don’t have an agenda with him. I love him. I hope he’s happy. I hope he finds peace. I let go. My ego HATES that, but fuck my ego. It doesn’t run my life and loving someone doesn’t ruin me. I don’t expect to talk to him. What would it matter anyway unless he’s ready to be present?

    I realized Feng Shui lady is just as lost and confused as the rest of us. God bless her, she’s a good mirror for me in that. She wants to be of service. When I first spoke to her, she was researching some flying star leap year shit with some dude in Malaysia. Now she’s researching some eclipse measurement possible snafu with some dude in Canada. She’s full of info but she can’t offer clarity. Aqua NN but I think she plays her Leo SN too much being “someone” in the Feng Shui world. I love her, but fuck her advice.The type of houseplant I have or artwork I like isn’t going to ruin the Universe’s plan for me or – if there isn’t one – block my motivation to create. Moved my bedroom upstairs. So, that and painting another ceiling was my work out today.

    Contacted my metaphysician. He started in on ripping my ego apart, but by then I was OK. It has to be BAD for me to call him. Anyway, he posted a status on FB about how you either live by truth or live by opinion. It really is that black-or-white. I saw – fuck opinion – and my smile was back. I have no choice but truth. All I got was a shift in perspective, and I got everything.

    Thanks to the people here for chatting with me through dark times. I was in a bad, bad state earlier this weekend. Amazing how different it is now.

        • it was sort of a chironic weekend which i was not prepared for. wtf? what the fuck is chiron doing? i havent checked.

          • Well, Chiron is Pisces. Perhaps it has also to do with Neptune preping to go direct in Pisces too? Not sure, but I felt it too. As soon as I realized I don’t need opinions on or evidence of my inner world, I was clear. Sooo Neptune. You can’t ignore, discount, or dismiss it and you can’t hold it, mold it, or control it.

            • oh well fuck. If Chiron is in Pisces it might be opposing my natal Venus in Virgo. 🙁

            • OMG it is. My Venus in Virgo is like 5 degrees and Chiron is 5 deg Pisces. URGGGGHHHHHH!

            • As other recent posts of mine will show, I can really relate to this.

              ~big loving cuddles~

              Chiron/Neptune tag-team = infinitely potent.

            • Entirely possible :p

              My Venus is 15deg Cancer, so it’s probably going to get a facefull of Chiron-~Neptune before long as well..

              Theme of the times for me..

            • i just wish transit awareness wasn’t limited to the feeling of getting kicked in the metaphysical crotch all weekend.

          • we prolly have similar transhits even if we have different sun signs possibly due to sharing some inner planets.

            Yesh! i made a brown water colour goat! what kind did you do?

            • I did brown too! But acrylics, not watercolor. Are you Libra or Libra rising or both? Most of my first house is Libra and I have 4 planets there.

            • Ooh acrylics are super interesting! I’ve done a little but don’t feel comfy with them yet.

              Libra Sun: Saggo Rising: Scorp Moon in the 12th.

    • Holy fuq!

      You just gave me my realisation!

      The way you think about Uranian Scorp is EXACTLY the thinking I need to find peace.

      I hope you keep feeling good! No more bad state. Maybe even just moving your room will make you feel good. Change of energy – or at least waking up each day looking at a new scene. I find even rearranging my room clears my headspace as memories of the old arrangement are negated.


      • Thanks, WooHoo! As a kid I switched my room around or rearranged my furniture all the time. I can still do it! It nice to switch it up from time to time, although I think I busted a hip moving a queen mattress, box spring, frame, and headboard up two flights of stairs. Whatevs.

        Its hard to let love be. Just be. But there it is.

    • BTW – this Adyashanti video on Being Alone is pretty awesome for people who just cannot get how I can be sad/happy that deep that rapidly without leaving my house.

  4. I met one very exotic and sexy Libra (early Libra, at that). We had good chemistry until the second date, when he started describing what he wanted to do to my body and lady-bits.

    With Saturn finally leaving my 5th house Libra, I felt uncomfortable and had no room for that. Even if the sex would had been good, I wasn’t in the mood for being played by this player. This was quite uncharacteristic of me!

  5. No hot lusty scenarios, but def some insightful breakthroughs re my future, who i want to be, and what i value. I feel spiritually driven, and my reality is reflecting full support and love. I got the very clear message that I will be supported in every way as I continue my education, and follow my dreams of living internationally. Also, ashtanga practice with a loving community is keeping me super balanced, focused, and connected to my path. Sending all of you love.

  6. jesus yes. I”m leaving the country so that doesn’t help, but scandinavian autist video artist ex took me out for beers and told every woman friend he introduced me to at the party that I was the smartest woman he knows (super weird for the other women and borderline misogynist but he’s not my concern anymore so i just let him rip himself silly-looking in front of them) then we joked about going home and shagging once before saying goodbye but i flipped it off playfully/deflatedly as he’s just not my thing anymore (which felt great as he is convinced women can’t say no to his dick, seriously).

    Then heartbreakingly psychopathological alcoholic musician comes over after 5 months of no contact, sits on my couch and i want to sleep with him immediately, but don’t. Instead we talk, very easily, very candidly, many laughs, and we both reveal we are finally done with where we are, and moving to the SAME country for a while (him to my ‘national’ domain, specifically) and he needs help transporting instruments. he comes over next day to make the arrangements (i am a sucker for the bordercrossing needs of non-working-visa’d musicians, and indeed, the charms of psychopaths) and I say “I haven’t slept with anyone since you said this to me: “I love talking to you, I love fucking you, I just don’t love you how you want me to.” To me, that’s rather confusing, though I do get it (sure sure). But I don’t. Talking and fucking are pretty high up there on the Love needs for a virgo rising taurean sun aries moon writer lady. (He’s virgo, taurus moon, scorpio rising i think, so clearly i thought they should be high on his.)
    He says then yesterday, “Well obviously I haven’t stuck around long enough to find out. And what is love anyway.” i.e. I AM SUPPOSED TO TELL HIM WHAT IT IS.

    Jesus fuck.

    Meanwhile I am creating a poetry project with an amazing 24 year old poet who has it far more together than all of them but is still so underexperienced to talk about “the male member” instead of “penis” when we do translation work together. I can’t deal with that of course but he’s so amazing and I so want to get him laid and loved. Gah.

    Geez, send me somebody to love. C’mon.

  7. For me it was all about music. The strangest musical synchronicity happened all weekend. Real wtf episodes. Then I experienced one of those divine moments at a gig (watching not singing), the most amazing impromptu duet that OMG cracked my heart open. A heightened and pure sense of yearning and I just knew: yes – THIS.

    Have you ever felt like the universe was actually shoving you down a particular path? Well that’s how it was for me on Saturday night.

    Fuq I have a lot of work to do. But in that moment it seemed so simple. So pure. I wish I could explain it in ways that didn’t sound like a cliche but it was profound. I just know. And it will make me happy, I just know that too.

    • i do get that. totally. go chrysalis.
      I just don’t know how to make it happen from there. there is this ridiculous, seemingly insurmountable inertia in my life re musical expression / fulfilment. it’s one of the very few things that brings me pure joy. maybe i need to hang with a more musical crowd? like I used to..

      • Oh yes, I totally get where you are at Pi. I’m just reintroducing it to my life wherever it shows up, and going from there. Going out on school nights, saying yes instead of no, spending more time with my musical friends. Properly learning the guitar for the first time. Strange doors are opening so I feel it’s the right path. x

        • might take a leaf out of your book babe. no time like the present, as they say. ‘you have to start somewhere, or you’ll get nowhere’, as Bob Marley said…xxx

      • lovely and inspiring tale Chrys! Yes – “make like a muso”! I (try and) do the same with my art – go out and see lots of it, prioritise my studio space/practice, talk shop with other artists, nurture my creativity.

  8. Ugh! It’s all a bit: roses are red, violets are blue, I like spaghetti… You can all go and get fuqed.

    (I don’t mean the lovely people here to go get effed. I mean all lovers past, present *hey look! a tumbleweed* and future)

  9. Uber Libra, Moon in Aries.

    Still have the Saturn in Libra drought, unbroken as of yet.

    BUT, had FAB breakthrough creatively in something I have been designing and stuck on since forever, and now I made headway and I LOVE it, and I feel so good when I love my creative shizzle.

  10. Intense. This is my reality from here on out, my Venus in Libra will be opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto for the next few years. I’m a little nervous it has to be said. Ever since I bumped into my first love (under very weird wtf type circumstances) a few weeks ago I’ve been in a tailspin of sadness. Can I really still be in love with the same person all this time later? I’ve tried SO HARD to let it go, move on, have a life, meet someone new like he has but I can’t shift it. I let it consume me this weekend.

    • I should add that I’m not consumed by him per se, I know that ship has sailed but more with my inability to move on or find something that matches it. I think I just presumed that it would happen and the longer it doesn’t manifest the more sad I become. Then actually seeing him just compounds it all. Ugh. Everything I’ve done in the past two years was me trying to get over our last liaison.

      • Its weird isn’t it? That feeling love for someone should make us feel bad about ourselves. But, it is just a feeling and not something you can control. And love isn’t a bad feeling like a tooth ache, you know? Just be kind to yourself and let it be.

    • Oh hon, don’t be so hard on yourself. Stuff takes the time it takes… there’s no rule book. You don’t sound like a LZ to me, just someone hurting. Take care. Walk, cry, be in nature, be with friends. Be kind to yourself x

      • Yeah that is intense, those transformative aspects are so much more when the moon is involved.

        With this guy, I think it’s his Moon-Pluto conjunction bang on my Venus/Pluto, opposite my ASC and a million other NN/SN, Vertex conjunctions. I’ve loved him since I was a kid, I guess I just need to accept it and deal with it but sometimes it just gets too much and seems too unfair.

        • Sounds horrible and painful. But what’s helped me is to step back and go “oh, its love.” Your ego will never, ever, ever accept it without evidence or proof or whatnot. But there it is. It forces you to transcend. And it is magical. I know that doesn’t take away the painful part of attachment. Nothing does.

          • Yes, Venus and Pluto alone are intense then add the Moon and well, wow..

            Imagine when PIsces came back after three years and I had to let him go again…

            It was my decision that time tho…Been thru too much the first time and grew too much while he was gone. Still, I fell into a depression for five years and started drinking wine too much.

            Reason why with this potential younger man it’s incredibly dangerous for me and why I must pace the thing. There is still some residual pain down in there that someone else could def trigger.

            Going to go with the flow tho and give it a go should it present itself…Uranus and all….Do and approach something in a different way than I ever have before. Think that is what is being asked with Uranus.

            Soz to blab on again today, but noticed that I felt that little emo glich down in there when I had thought about the Pisces and realized…ah oh, yes, I am vulnerable.

            Of course in relationships, who isn’t eh?

            • Put another way, not sure I’m up to another SN thing…lol…

              Cept Chiron is involved along with some potentially very spiritual things…All my Aries is in his 12th with his Venus, Chiron and Pisces NN.

            • Oh. I hear you on the SN thing. I’ve been the Saturn on the other person’s SN and it just sucks because its not like there is something “wrong” with the connection, just that they (still) aren’t ready to step up. Don’t I ever get to be the runner? lol!

            • Maybe its my Mars-Pluto combo, but a relationship isn’t really worth having if there isn’t some fear to work through in the having of it. I like your interp of what Uranus is asking for – the new approach. Good luck with this one. However it goes, quitting the game of trying to connection with each other, well, it isn’t really an option.

            • Think it a good sign 12th House that I’m listening to “Pump up the Jam” on the shuffle 😉

              “Make my Day and get yer bootie on the floor” lol Gem parts save the day!

              Loved the runner bit…

            • Then there was Coldplay’s “birds came flying at the speed of sound to show you how it all began…

              Did my three mile walk at five twenty am this morning…birds were still sleeping but I wasn’t…

            • Took my ear buds out intermittengly to see if they were chirping…nope,no chips yet 🙂

            • Then Collective Soul….Have I got a long way to run…yeah, well..I don’t run, I walk.

  11. Worst week in work for years + many many signs about how I should be directing my energies in other ways = total breakthrough moment where I decided to quit my job, leaving at the end of the year to focus on working on myself and my creative endeavours for a month or two.

    Since making the decision I feel great, FIRED UP full of Mars power and passion for what is to come when I take this leap. All that remains is the act of handing in the notice.

    My only question is: I want to start my new life on the best foot with a spring in my step. Any astro tips for the best time to hand in the notice? Should I aim to do it ASAP before mercury retrograde kicks in?

  12. Other than an odd dream, nothing to report. But I enjoyed reading the accounts on the board. Amazing, despite my misgivings about Venusian voodoo, it does exist 🙂

  13. I had the most bizaare dream that had a premonitory vibe and two separate readings (mystics oracle and a tarot) told me to watch my dream state closely right now. I feel like one of those puzzle doors covered in intermeshing gears, the gears are slowly groaning into action after a decade or more with the door tight shut. No idea what’s on the other side, but I’m so sick of this little room, it really doesn’t matter.

  14. I actually -gasp- had the guts to wait for Mr. Saturn the Crab on friday after class and ask him for some clarification re the martial art I am learning (and want to extremely perfect) and that’s something I wouldn’t have done up until recently.

    I think in this act of bold and surprising courage I used all of the astro … venus opp uranus (5th to 11th), mercury square neptune (from 6th to 10th), tmars exact opp to my natal mars, vesta conj. moon on my asc, sun conj. pandora on my vertex in the 6th

  15. Saggi Suns and Saggi Asc’s in tentative romantic beginnings do well to walk and play and eat in a roaming timecareless manner together … they blossom into versions of themselves they had forgotten existed … they become increasingly clownish and the quantity of swearing is ridiculous …

    best, most deeply relaxing weekend I have had in many many many moons.

  16. I spent the weekend holed up reading Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas’ (what a dude)’s Inner Planets. And thinking about my ex, his girlfriend, checking their charts, my kids charts, charts of people who’ve wigged me out, charts of current friends and supporters. I’ve had my ex for the past 6 weeks living in my pocket, and he’s just gone overseas for a 10 day relationship visit. So very much Venus in 10th (public values, personal status in the juno sense) square Pluto 12th (investigations into personal past, inner transformation). Venus opposite Uranus in 4th was Friday’s weirding, innocent, but weird. A healer held my hand for the most amazingly long unjudgmental time. I am not usually at home to that kind of touch, and I felt at home, strangely spiritual/intuitive. (Hand currently has temporary unserious nerve damage).

  17. A whole lot of very weighty psychological stuff for the most part.

    I feel that I now know exactly what I want in life, especially at this particular stage. It’s a fair bit more I dunno, ‘mature’ thinking than most 24 year olds but meh, I know what I want and I love it..

    It actually really warms my heart, I just had my walk (um…frolic..hehe) home from the bus stop through my neighbouring forest and was in love with saying it clearly aloud to the faeries and woodland inhabitants..

    I’ll be refining these wishes over the next week before an eclipse ceremony of my own making. And from then…I just hope that the universe agrees..

  18. Gawd. How did I go? Well, part of my insanity was to OF COURSE, get an external monitor and other peripherals as Merc Retro loomed. Naturally, the first monitor I bought had to be taken back within hours as it was broken. Yep, text book that way, in my defense I really do need these.

    Otherwise, it’s SO Back to the University of Pluto this weekend. Made the awful, awful mistake of traipsing on to the Virgo Saxophonist’s FB (I was looking for another Steven but his name came up so why not right?). Plastered all over his wall was his new status (in a relationship) with a hot traveling nurse (whom he was gripping possessively while twinkling lights surrounded them). Right. So am NOT even pining for him specifically but it was like a sodding bus. Am standing there one minute, nonchalantly taking a break from Microsoft/Mac/Dell/Samsung (yes all that) fuqery and wham. I am down.

    Cue tears. As in when was the last time I was that person? Ugh. Could I even call myself heartbroken if nothing breaks anymore and all that fell was a sprinkling of dust and ashes? I’d been going, going, going as I’ve so much work but get a break and voila, here’s a reminder of where you are right now. Your sorrows get bench marked, and I feel a bit like an athlete who may never achieve the times/speeds I used to.

    Out of all this is the tres philosophical and expansive thought: so what? Certainly questioning it too deeply wouldn’t help any longer. I took it as a have a look at your wounds moment, reset your dressing then forget.. at least for a while. Trying to find an official position in all this emotion just makes it worse, so yes, it’s been wet and wild in not the usual ways I prefer.

    I trust however, it will be fertile.

    • well articulated FA – the sudden shock and tears, the benchmarked sorrows – and the strength to live and love another day! thanks 🙂

    • I HOPE the strength to live and love another’s been a bit icky. Some of it smacks of old traumas, a lot of it is surreal because the everyday demands us to be there in a way that we’d rather not be.. but then again maybe that’s salvation too.

      The garden grows and grows I tell you..

      • I think the conclusion you came to after feeling that thud is amazing, Fallen Angel. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ‘licking your wounds’ – you have history with this person, so it’s natural for something like that to have an impact. I think it’s fantastic that you are self-aware enough to know that thinking on it and dwelling on it isn’t going to be the least bit productive. You’ll get so much further to where you are meant to be with that mindset, even though the destination might not be quite evident yet! xxx

      • Thanks for the virtual hugs guys, really. Saggi, it’s true. It wasn’t even like the sorrow was about this one specific person, the picture of his happiness was a trigger to the lurking question of mine. But yes, trying to extract a conclusion out of the what-isness of this won’t help.

        As always, everyone’s comments here reminds me how unifying sorrow is. We’ve all been through it, and yes, we’ve all relished having better hair haha..

        Still a bit of a rough day today but work beckons..

    • Oh boo FA, nothing worse than the sudden hit sideways when you’re spinning along quite happily. Even when you’re prepped for it sometimes the shock is worse than the actual situation, I hope you can assess, process and gently move on as best as can be.

    • Oh god… feeling for you, FA. FB is horrible – seeing pics like that is like walking in on the guy in bed with another woman, imho. Did similar a few weeks back w old love and it hurt beyond words. It sure cured me of my FB stalkery, tho’. I just don’t want to see that stuff. End of. Am now brutally self-actualising/reprogramming self-talk to expunge the memory of the offending pic from my mind.
      BUT on that subject, in the depths of my pain I did smugly note that I look younger than her, and I have better hair. That helped, in the dark hours 🙂

      • Oh Em Gee!

        Me too. About a month ago. Little FB visit. Yep, nice little kissing photo.

        I did note that they were standing next to each other with about two feet between them and kissing for the camera. Mmmmm. Feeling the love there.

        I also am cured of facestalking. I know it’s going to be there now and I just don’t need to see it.

        • yes I think we are only seeing the beginning of all the nasty potential pass-agg behaviours that social media will prompt in us – new technologies = new subjectivities. I stopped going on FB when I found myself stalking the Toro FWB-who-went-AWOL – really did not like the compulsive behaviours it evoked in me. As Chrys says – the behaviour and the result are akin to evesdropping.

          • Yup! I unfriended Uranian Scorp for this reason. I also unfriended the non-friend because, even though I can block her from my feed and play nice, why should someone who doesn’t support me consume my social content, you know? Or vice versa. Its a hard balance to find, because I have met lots of nice people who I only interact with virtually. Like people here. And I don’t “expect” something from them. But…stalkery obsessive hurtful disappointment feeling ignored – that comes sometimes too and are not feelings I want on my news feed. I cull the list for my own sanity.

      • The truth is I’ve had more than my share of photo exposes during the Sewer era, and it’s very true that what we see on FB doesn’t really tell the entire story. While I’ve always chosen to withstand exposure, there definitely are times when it’s not necessary.

        When I broke up with the Double Libran, I immediately unfriended him, something he asked me about as we went back and forth casually. I just shrugged. I just wanted him to live his life and I mine with as little damage as possible, it wasn’t important for me to know any of that any longer.

        This particular instance was a traipse, an impulse. Incredibly informative as to where I am with that sort of thing, and I suppose in that sense, extremely useful.

  19. Venusian Voodoo is my life ATM – exciting and terrifying. A new romance has started… Filthy texts from the subject all weekend – great, heart warming, smile inducing filthy texts. We’re seeing each other tonight – I’m nervous, excited, curious. Not sure if it’s leading anywhere, but I’m learning to let go of expectations and be more in the moment. The universe will give me what I need – whether that’s something deeper with him, or something temporary.

      • Thank you Quintile! xx Something funny I found out the night I met this new boy, my ex has also started seeing someone new. There’s no love lost there between us but it’s interesting – we’re still kind of in sync, even when it comes to moving on…

    • Its really nice having blokes on here sharing how they feel. Hope you keep staying in the moment like that. And enjoy the date with the new boy

      • Sorry for confusion Gemstar, I’m actually a chick – just a big Dennis Hopper fan. I should definitely change my avatar! Haha! The date went spectacular. Looks like this could be turning into something very real. So exciting!!!!

  20. Five days ago spontaneously flew 2,000 km’s to see Libran Love aka Lost Libran. First two days/nights amazing, sensual, karmic love and fun, then 3rd night huge fight where I sent him home to his brother’s in a cab. Now back together. If I was looking from the outside in at myself as another person I’d be “wtf? are you deranged?” but when it’s good it’s so good, I can’t even put it into words. BUT I have booked my flight home (so it will only be one week, not one month like our last trip – 3 nights turned into one month!). I so love this region though, even if we didn’t get back together I was quite happy to explore this region (Fleurieu Peninsula/McLaren Vale) on my own or with his sis-in-law. I have to get back to move apartments between 22 and 29/11 and then back to work in December, so feeling quite sane 🙂 ZZ? definitely Venus/Pluto and Venus/Uranus. Transiting Neptune on my Asc also helps. His family have fallen in love with me and I think they’re ok too. Meant to be getting ready for evening of wine tasting and dinner but there’s a wicked storm approaching and we have an amazing view from our cottage on a ridge overlooking the vineyards, so invigorating – Adelaide is such a surprising place. In a good way.

  21. Re: epic breakthrough about creativity and image, and what I want to be. Late last week I worked closely with two older women on a work event: both classical musicians, both with a finely tuned appreciation for beauty, form and aesthetics. Both living their lives fully and fully expressing their gusto for life.

    Through their example, I was somehow able to access an inner self-confidence in what feels like a complete shift in how I view and value myself. The feeling hasn’t left me since then and has had a positive effect on how I view my job search, my relationships, my body image. I wonder if this has to do with the November 13 eclipse falling right on my Sun? At any rate, it felt like these two women were almost karmic mentors to me, even if only for a brief time.

  22. Something happened that made me suddenly laugh out loud re: the excruciating break up this year. Good sign moving on moving on, next! 😉

  23. Love the “debrief” and pix Mystic…lol

    Yes, the Van Halen and ear buds have been retired for the rest of the night…two high energy days of pure rock… 🙂

    Now quieted I’m actually going to meditate and go to bed by 10.. That ZZ stuff can be exhausting…Feel like I’ve been partying and haven’t even drank..

  24. Here is a snippet
    received unexpected flash invitations… one from person whom ‘just friends’ as in contacted me 8am Sunday morning (w.t.f ??) and haven’t seen /heard from months
    transformative (karmic?) communications (nourishing conversations) with person I just met
    breakthrough with image / identity stuff
    creative inspiration
    cleaning-up / cleansing / renewal
    Deeper, more meaningful comms with people I have emotional connection with / Better (ease), free feeling comms
    Awareness of ancestry connections and being part of something much richer that I had memory of
    more confidence from awareness of self power
    Strong awareness of rich connection to place – locations I NEED to live in and cultures I NEED to be emersed in – a strong calling and longing to return even though only visited briefly, it’s more to do with the culture I need to be in to “hydrate my soul”, like a return of saturn returns fateful illumination of a path I need to pursue…

    PS- Cue Kate Moss book revealing her perspective on industry at this time !

  25. 15 year old school friend admitted he was totally in love with me. The said ‘this shouldnt change anything between us though’. ??

    WTF? really? you think?


    • ummm a school friend of 15 years…. not a 15 year old school friend.. apologies I am of gen that missed out on grammer 🙂

    • I think the accurate statement is – he wants to continue as normal FOR NOW without committing/promising anything but he’d like to plant that little seed in to get some kind of feedback from you before he reveals anymore.

      Think this, to a woman making a statement like that is definitely a total wtf when the thought isn’t finished i.e. what does this mean, etc etc.

      Men on the other hand, take it in steps i.e. I’m going to say x now, see what she says then who knows. suggestion as your feeling is mutual, is to yes express it in a way that acknowledges the potential and your interest, but hold back in creating any kind of pressure for either you. He’s saying he doesn’t think it’ll change anything so as to alleviate himself of having to actually DO anything, go full pursuit etc.. doesn’t mean he’s not trying to reset the foundation of your relationship.

      It’s meant to draw you out. Be reasonably verbal, BUT let him DO what he needs to in order to mean/pursue that. And if he doesn’t, you can still enjoy the thought that someone cares for you that way.

      • OMG, Fallen Angel, you are so wise!!!

        I wish I’d had a mum like you. I would have made a fool of myself far fewer times =)

        Let’s go back in time so I can select a mum like you to explain it all to me.

        • Sorry, this is cracking me up a bit – am I finally a MILF? haha.. I’m going to take that as a compliment, I’ve no kids and so far has always been the desired older sister/aunt/yoda person but thank you, that’s sweet.

          Hard earned advise that, so learn from my own awful indignities my young paduan. I think it’s lovely he’s finally telling you how he feels, though you must certainly be careful it doesn’t up end your qi as it can do. Have fun with this new development, all you need do right now is provide a welcoming environment to this revelation and see what he does. 🙂

      • I am. Thats the problem but he says he wants to conitinue as normal… because we live 2000 kms a part… weird and just weird

        • Well…it is a lot to imply, right? Move or whatever. But isn’t it good to know? To be clear and to be loved? It doesn’t HAVE to blow up your life. If you do love him back, cool. Here’s your chance to say it. If you don’t, cool – he’s far away and not expecting shit to go down anyway.

  26. Weird weekend. Felt completely disconnected from entire social circle. Found myself in facebook conversation with hot scorp from past – way too married to be contacting me when he’s hammered. But weirdest of all, nearly, and I mean I had to literally give myself a “what the fuq do you think you are doing you eedjit” chat after I fb stalked another highly toxic but super cute ex scorp and nearly friended him. Arrgh! After nearly 15 years. Crisis averted but jeez, it was close *wipes brow and sighs*

  27. Weird as heard from and had three trysts with three ex’s – all involving me being treated like goddess – me doing nothing and then they flitted off.

    But it was not action with the three any of the three ex’s I was hoping would contact me.

    Oh for something new and fresh!

  28. No. No. No!!! Nothing karmic, hot or lusty. Not decisive about anything. No surreal lucidity. No flash-crush scenarios. No nostalgia. Nothing, nada, zilch.
    No genius breakthroughs to do with who I want to be either. What?! I’m a fixed sign Scorp… Sun in 10th. Have always had a strong sense of self. I don’t go changing willy-nilly. It’s always been a balance between a hippie (Saggo moon) and a yuppie (Cap Asc) 🙂

  29. Have decided who I do and don’t want in my life.

    Also decided I’m only wearing clothes I make myself, after reading these articles:

    I mean, clearly everyone is trying as hard as they can to look “different” or rehashing a bygone era (vintage).

    I figure if I make it, then it’s current and functional. Fuq trends! Plus I can recycle fabric–environmentally sound.

  30. I coped well with new-friend-who-took-24-hours to get back to me – LOL – I demonstrated much more faith than I have been able to muster in the past! But at the day job the s**t really hitting the fan with the announcement on friday of 1/3 of our team to face redundancy before Xmas – my employer is deffo NOT coping with zap-zone challenges at all – scarey!!

    • It’s interesting watching the zap zone on the business level, isn’t it? My company was going through similar merde all year but finally seems to have made the decision to move forward, appoint a new general manager with a fresh approach and look at alternative ways of doing things. It feels really positive. I’m sorry you’re going through this at work – I hope your job is secure. And, after being in that situation many, many times with new friends, I DO not understand why people do that – delay communication like that! I’m as busy as anyone, but it’s not hard or time consuming to send a text message!

      • Hi, in response to your shock at people who don’t ask how high when you say jump, or text or whatever: Don’t take it personally.

        I don’t know the full story with Quintile’s new friend, but I personally have lost any ability to multi task so I do not respond to my phone until I have completed what I’m doing. I find I lose focus otherwise. I’m really working my Gemini part of my chart at the mo. It can be hours or it can be 24 hours before I deal with personal emails and texts. I have not always been like this, but it comes and goes. One time during a phase of it a mate calmly said to me: “I just accept that communicating with you is a one week turn around”. Love it. Similar to The way I calmly tell my habitually late friends to meet me at 6:30 if I mean 7:00. That way I know they’ll be on time. No drama. I just adjust to their way. Which is not personal, its not about me, its just their thing. =)

        • thanks for your insights, you two! The ‘friend’ in question has always got back to me straight away, and if it was a friend-friend, not a potential-lover friend, I would not have been worried or upset. Either way, its very important to not freak out if people don’t get back immediately – as Fallen Angel posted once, it is about respecting their space/time. BUT yes, I ought to be worrying about more important things like job security – atm have no idea if I am to be targeted. Very dull all round 🙂

          • Argh, zap zone indeed. Glad the friend got back to you!
            Soz to hear about the work sitch. So many workplaces seem to be at defcon five right now. I have two bosses and both are going psycho in completely different ways. Am trying to practise Zen and not engage with the drama. 🙂

    • Sorry to hear about the work dilemma quint..redundancy prior Xmas sounds horrifying but perhaps better than going into the holiday thinking money’s there? Still though.. it’s the eve of the Election here and my besties are all threatening to cry if Obama doesn’t win.

      Zap Zone indeed.

  31. I broke a two-year sex drought with a hot, lusty, chatty Australian. The challenge now is to remain charmingly aloof and resist any zombie impulse.

    Will not email. Will not email. Maybe I will deep condition my hair, and await the eclipse.

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