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So i realize i have been dealing with either a gerbera or pterodactyl possibly a hybrid – click the link for clarity.  Hands up who wants a post bringing together all the common varieties of enemies to our Awesome – Qi Vampires, Gerberas, Pterodactyls, Love Zombies, Ghost Bolters – did i miss any?

And, wow did that eclipse shift some Lilith Qi or what?  I went from serene-verging-on-smugness-how-well-am-i-doing-this-Eclipse-ness to typing in caps on peeps facebook walls and being in such a snit the stitches on my leg burst. Cue ten million hour rant from sports-car driving ultra Aries doc this morning. He wrote “non-compliant” in red across my patient file.  Damn right. Mars-Uranus all the way. Thank you for the epic support!

Moving right along – URANUS is nearly DIRECT and of course, being squared by Pluto and all – So there is a hardcore Uranian edge to the proceedings this week – the desire to modernize, minimalize and really morph our lives into being a genuine reflection of who we are. It’s restless as stink – Aries-Uranian energy is genius but skittish – anything that’s mediocre, soggy, in our way, bullshit or a drain is likely to get blasted down as we get it on.

Look to your natal Uranus and the aspects it makes + what you’ve got going on at 8 to 12 Aries…It’s where you can not and will not conform. Especially not now.


Image: Nathan Walsh – Multiverse

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88 thoughts on “Uranian HyperWarp

  1. I had a weird moment, suddenly, deep inside, I just felt, mannnnn, FUCK EVERYTHING, why do I even care so much about every little thing, whatever, I feel so much better now, im guessing thats lillith? Earlier in the day all this lillith stuff got me thinking since natally it conjuncts my sun, and I was like how can something all negative, whats the point of it, how can lillith be good, now I know, bwahahahahhahaha

    • and not in a negative way, kind of like I should stop caring so much about dumb stuff or how I come off, all the little agonizing details, I feel released from something

    • Thanks David5379! I’m adopting your mantra too. ‘Fuck Everything’ is a good one.

      I’ve been getting myself worked up over stupid people all around me that are driving me insane and I’m turning into one of them!

    • ah beautiful. fuq everything is the initiation, the gateway. took me so many years to be able to say that. now i think i’ve finally internalized it. found some steely strength these lase few days. how can lilith NOT be good?!? negative only if you’re a chump in power seeking to hang on to an obsolete paradigm. still we rise!!

    • Fuck everything is a tad indiscriminate is it not? I prefer ‘fuck it’ when you have a very clear idea of whatever that ‘it’ is.

      • I think thats the point for me, I am overly discriminate, need to stop with specifics and just exist, somehow being vaguely antagonistic towards the whole world feels better than the whole world being antagonistic towards me

    • I’m currently feeling VERY serene, but just before the last eclipse I had a family member I admire very very much give me such a put down that I was blown apart for about 4 days.

      Then I decided ‘you know what? there are already so many people in the world who don’t like me for whatever reason that why add myself to the list’?

      Since then I’ve decided to project ‘fuck it/fuck you/fuck off’ but in a quiet self assured way rather than rant at the ‘fuckwit’. Other people have no idea of my circumstances when they make judgement about me so there is no point in letting their attitude give me a bad day/bad attitude.

      Life is very blissful right now, and I have mercury in aries at almost 8 degrees.

      I have lilith conjunct my sun too – in pisces…maybe there is something there?

  2. Haha lol so true. I was doing so well, marveling at how grown-up I was being until about 1/2 hour ago. That’s when I decided to log into my husband’s FB account and spy on my horrible step-daughter. Talk about a Chi Vampire slash hysteric. (Her, not me, lol.) Any hoots, I’m now trying to find my center again. Will I ever learn or will I forever be tripped up by my Mars, Pluto and Uranus in the 8th…?

    • Age difference? I had to welcome new “parents” as a child. Love is the anwser. Girls need strong women as role models!!!!!!! Fb is the y gen diary… Highly visible bless em… Did you want to be angry? Anger is only defense for hurt and lack of understanding…. Your the winner of a competition she had no chance of winning. Lots of xmas’s to go…. Good luck!

  3. Excellent. Gonna get my Mars in Aries on!

    Pterodactyl thief situation is wack, but I’d say the silver lining is that you got to see how many people who pay for your amazing content not only adore you and purchase it, but actively FIGHT against it being put out there for free and back you up! In the age of digital content, piracy, etc. this is nothing short of amazing. You should be so proud and know that you are a real innovator who is both extremely giving and knows where to draw the line and how much you are worth. Good luck sorting all that out and hope it’s not too stressful.

    Laughed at the link to the article, reminds me of some of the ladies at the silent retreat center in the mountains where I would ride my motorcycle to yoga in the morning and get glared at all holier-than-thou-how-dare-you-disturb-my-precious-silence-I’m-paying-$1200-per-weekend-for. [[eyeroll]]

  4. Saturn at 9 degrees Aries. Oh dear. Are we talking not conforming just now or like, forever?

    I seem to have a few Uranus aspects in my natal chart- opposing Mars, cojunct Pluto, trine Venus and midheaven and sextile Neptune. What does this mean?

    I am definitely in a reformation and minimisation phase, but it’s more like a constant, slow burn and judiciously disclosed. In fact, I’m rather enjoying not being in hyper pursuit but rather chip, chip, chipping away.

    • 7 degrees saturn aries here, quite comfortable so far thanks.
      Regrettably I do know this can sometimes be a case of imposing one’s law or lawlessness upon others; rules for some questioned or one’s own in defiance.

      What is potentially good here is ardent and honest determination in the respective house. Pioneering spirit.
      Square pluto is the transforming circumstance in challenge. I see this as healthy as life throws unexpected tests.

      1st house uranus / pluto currently sextile to mercury direct scorpio. Have read lillith is nearing to opposition to sun, and as mystic mentions heading to conjunction with jupiter. Gemini house is mothers, women of status, I have jupiter almost on the midheaven at present.

      Thankfully though moon is moving to cancer also approaching pluto mars opposition respectively at least it is in dignity; unfortunately I have cancer moon natally so it is likely I will experience the intensity of this over the weekend, and that’s OK.

      A moon square saturn has themes of lessons learnt via tough love, though whose with uranus nearly conjunct will be the amazing insight. We all have the option to choose how we react, take lead from others as well as give too.

      • Forgot to add mercury now nearly trine natal mars conjunct chiron pisces…Release of the tests important as to how things consequently manifest…

      • That’s really interesting ASB, in light of the incident I described below. Teacher I offended is my spiritual teacher and saturn is in my 12th. I was lawless by arriving late though I’ve explained to her why I might be and in the past months, no problem. I am finding my teacher like a controlling and manipulative mother who is from time to time, harming me. Interestingly, most other people find her nurturing.

        It’s all pointing to me being self-sufficient and self-motivated in my spiritual practice.

        • i hate those nurturing momsy types, they get right up in my grill

          i have a mother, three times any woman that is trying to (s)mother me. that’s more than plenty in the ma dept

          and it’s especially true that i feel comforted and nurtured by the no bs candid types who seriously know their shit and talk straight and don’t touch me. I’m almost likely to want to physically snuggle up to those types… he heh raised by an Aquarian. Those momsy types operate around emotion, and as you can see there’s two sides to that coin. Teacher-student relationships should always be based on mutual respect, space and trust.

          • Love the ‘almost’.

            I’m the same; honesty and directness is a real need for me, though I am pretty comfortable with being touched. Can’t stand being lied to. And can’t stand the mood changes of this type of person and yet the same smile is plastered on regardless.

            Fascinating how varied we are in our needs from other people, though I think it’s a sign of adulthood to look within ourselves more and more for self-nuturing.

  5. Aries is in my 6th house, Work and Health… Uranus natally is in Virgo, 11th house. If I cannot conform to work and health (6th house = Aries).. I am in trouble.

  6. Your eclipse rules really helped me yesterday, Mystic. I was humiliated by my teacher of ten years in front of the class, one of a succession of incidents. She’s been doing Lilith all week. My legs started shaking and I couldn’t concentrate and at one point I bent down to pack up my things. And then I thought about the self-interest/mop up later advice, and decided to stay till the end. Better for me to not show how she made me felt or to do what she had just. Now I can decide whether I want to return and can simply not do so. Never complain, never explain. I love that Aries motto! Such wisdom!

  7. I try so hard to understand the house thing. My Moon is 9 degrees Aries in the 2nd house. Could someone explain to me what the second house represents. Not too sure still learning.

  8. Oh Jeez. I got Uranus conjunct Pluto in 7th opposite Venus. This is going to be interesting. Jupiter in Aries 2H. Just leapt out of relationship (I just typed Realationship…that sounds better, one of those next time, thankyou Freudian slip). Suddenly had pressing desire to have an emotional connection or nothing, which was a bit challenging for Mr. AquaVirgo Stinginthetail. Sizzle to fizzle at the speed of light.

  9. Is stiches breaking symbolic of breaking through restrictions imposed by others? You will not be bound!!!

    I need a category for the selfish f wits that the world has been throwing in my path. I mean how hard is it to see others around you? Or is it me vibing as invisible push over ?

    I want to restart my wardrobe. want my exterior to project evolution not stale stuckness. i could have thrown everything out if it wasn’t for sudden lack of vehicular refrigeration and ensuing costs. Once my credit card is unfrozen.

    Eh fark. Where’s my chocolate …

  10. Ok you know what, I really feel like I”m just not GETTING something here…. I have had a few big aha Lilith moments and that was fab, really clear really powerful and real. Rockin that.
    I have Uranus squaring my moon and Saturn nataly in the fifth house, AND i’m Leo Sun and I have been doing SO much creativity its crazy! Super big getting myself out there projects. The month of Nov was Project Passion for heavens sake and loads of my clients subscribed for what has been an epic month of creative paid work!!!
    I feel like I should be having this ‘moment’ but I”m just not getting it, there’s a feeling constantly like I’m about to move house, cant explain it Pisces rising super powers on warp 12 but when ever I start to take practical steps I”m blocked……Do I just sit tight and wait for Uranus to go direct? I have Jupe and Kiron in Aries but not til 24 in the 2nd house???Hmmm

  11. Oh yike!!! Just realised that while I dont have anything at that close degree in Aries my Jupe is Opp Uranus….. Something is def brewing….. ??

  12. 5th , 6th cusp at 10 deg aries, merc at 23

    But Moon Mars Pluto and Uranus in Virgo all nearly direct opposition

    Unconventional in Sex, Creativity, work and routine ?

    Hmmm…. yes ?

  13. It’s taken over two decades to find a name for the angry hippies. Pterodactyls.

    I think I’ve run into a disproportionate number of them.

  14. I feel great, at least I think I do. Still in general Piscean haze but I actually made myself get up about 5 hours earlier than normal to go for a walk, etc, part of my new “Operation Get My Shapely Thighs Back” long-term health strategy.

    To Do: regain confidence in ability to do work and earn money and/or somehow learn how to turn new but limited skills into artistic cash flow. I guess I’ll find something out when saturn bounces off my 11deg Scorp uranus in about 3 months time

  15. uranus in scorp / 6th; just ordered a stoneware water filter (that also removes up to 95% of the fluoride) I am super thirsty just awaiting its arrival, & tap water here stinks like chlorine to me. Kaltes Klares Wasser!

  16. Check out Lillith. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-little+hartley-111792683

    Wow. Uranus is transiting my fourth and I grow weary of the constant mooving. Somewhere with a creek for the birdlife.

    Some of us have Uranus nicely placed in Virgo getting a trinefuli blast from Pluto too and Mars and some of us have our Venus at 8º Aries and not really sure what to do with that. Although . . .

    Sorry I’m not making money spruiking real estate. A place called Lillith that fitted the criteria–I had to look. Wow. I could live there. On my own with the birds, creek, horses, mule, and cat no worries.

    • Uranus in Virgo in my 4th, also one degree from Pluto. Uranus trine Mars, Venus and moon in 8th/9th.

      No moving for me but I anticipate it in the next few years.

      That house is cute and quirky and the gardens and view.. yeah, nice but probably a lil too isolated for me.

  17. As a sun-mars-mercury-everything else Aries I am FEELING URANUS. Very Spartan across the board. Efficient or non-existent. My threshold for B.S. has plummeted. I am loving it.

  18. My saturn girl laser gun is set to ‘blast any f wit in my way’ mode. got no patience espesh after 10 minutes to a software “help’ desk. what a f n oxymoron that is.Feels great tho to be empty headed of the almost ex and spedious of heart know his darkness has gone. Just gotta fill it with loving light now. Its a bit dusty and dingy down there.
    “this little heart of mine I gonna let it shine’ yay must learn on the ukelele

  19. Hey Myst, just read the other thread about the thievery…Some crazy shit goin’ on up in there…

    And, several days ago, had a dream about you and cuss words….Saw someone’s judgements on that…Please don’t ever change..My Aries Merc would never forgive you … 😉

    Have Aries Medusa, 10, Sun 11, PofF 12 and SN 13..Trine natal Leo Uranus 3rd…Uranus currently on Aries 5…

    Stil listening to the Immigrant Song…(not sure if I’ll get much sleep with this Uranus transit which lasts years…lol)

    Fuq em all I say Myst…just fuq em’

    And hey, sorry you busted your stitches…xo

    • Bustin’ stitches very Arien…I know, I grew up in the emergency room…

      Meant Merc 5 degrees…

      • Have a huge hankerin’ for some Cheetos but it’s 12 am…and thats a very bad (oh, you so naughty) carb…

        Good god what to do..

        Do I

        A) get in the car and go to corner market


        B) get in the car and go to corner market..

        These moments remind me of the song by Disturbed where he sings “save me god”.. 😆

  20. I am of the Uranus-Pluto conj in Virgo generation and for me it’s in the 1st, so superpowers of individuation to the max-o-rama I hope… opposing all my Pisces stuff. Trans Uranus is at the end of my 8th/into my 9th….Pluto et al zapping my Cap moon et al. Zappity zap. So much truth in what you say here, Mystic. The drive to individuate is overwhelming. I can’t shift obstacles fast enough.

    From the shallow end – Uranus is directly opposite my Gary right now. He’s feeling it. He’s grown his mullet back, and is itching to wear his vintage stonewash jeans. He thinks wearing them ironically means getting them out of the vacuum storage pack and turning the Sunbeam Shot of Steam up to ‘cotton’ 🙂

  21. I have Saturn at 8 degrees Aries, natally. It is now being transited by Uranus. A bit difficult energy, I think. If you’re saying Aries of those degrees 8 – 12 are now an area where we cannot and will not conform, and yet I have SATURN there…..wouldn’t that put a damper on the wild revolutionary Uranian energy? How would you all interpret that type of transit..?

    • I think that Saturn would need to be broken up, so to speak…

      Like where it ~had~ conformed, Saturn now needs to transmute, since Saturn is about structure, time, limitations…

      Would think that Saturn is not a happy camper in Aries but then I have Saturn square Sun and Mercury in Aries and it does add discipline and so forth to the craze of Aries but that is being changed by Uranus for me personally as well. Like I need to break out and live the life I’ve always dreamed. Fuq limitations…I’m so sick of limitations! Who the hell invented limitations?

      Limitations are because of physical reality…(and the holding on of energy that is stuck) It is not normal…or cosmically conducive to the exploration of consciousness to the fullness of Being.

      Another words, it altogether just sucks…lol

  22. Uranus in Leo in 12 out of sign conjunct my sun in Virgo in 1 and trines my Taurus moon in the 9 and upside down table thing (dont know what aspect it is but that’s what the symbol looks like!) my Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in 5. Aries is all in the 8. No idea what any of this means!


    • Beatrice,

      All I know is that your “upside down table” made my day (and night, very early morning) and if were not so late I’d help you unravel it all..x

  23. What about the Qi vamp type im going to call the NARCISSVAPOR

    They passively aggressively manipulate averything and everyone they touch just for the sake of Fuqing with minds for fun

    Once they are held accountable for anything which is rare as they operate on the DL ….under the radar in the murky depths of their mind …. they act all indignent and shocked and blame it on their …. italian blooded temper or something equally vague and or lame !!!!

    I guess these types leave a bad taste in my mouth …. bitter much !?

    • I know so many people that blame bad behaviour on their culture or country of origin. I had some spanish roommates who insisted it was culturally normal to be super loud and inconsiderate. I know some lovely Spanish people and they were certainly the exception.
      Another girl said her personality was just bossy and rude and in your face when I told her she was being unkind and selfish. Low scorpin’ she was.

      • Had a guy once, and he hit his fist on the table top and said I AM ITALIAN…

        Okay, and so?

        My grandaughter is part Sicillian and she will kick your ass…She is only 11 mind you but she’ll kick it.


  24. A bit of Uranus going on…

    Natal Uranus is in 1st house Scorp, currently Saturn and Mars are on top. possibly the struggle between the expectations of others, and how I want to be?

    8-12 Aries is in the 6th house, right near my DC, so Uranus is opposite my Pluto-Venus-ASC conjunction. The pot is being stirred in a big way!!

  25. Hmm – I have the opposing/focal point of my T-Square at 11 degrees Aries (first degree of house 5). Other than that, there is nothing planetary even remotely close in that part of my chart. The T-Square is Moon in Capricorn (2nd house) opposite Venus in Pisces (8th house) squared to Pluto in Libra (11th house).

    I feel like I will be in for some shifting around with this over the coming months. Anyone have any pointers or tips to share from experience?

  26. My moon is at 11 degrees in 5th house Aries. My Uranus is at 26 degrees Leo near my Mid heaven. On my Astrodienst chart there is a faint black dotted line joining the two but I dont know what this means. Can anyone please enlighten me? So I can figure out just where I am unstoppable! Thanks

    • I have found out that my natal Uranus is sesquisquare my 11 degree Aries moon in the 5th house. Anybody like to interpret what this might me with Uranus going direct?

  27. I could very seriously walk out on over half my life right now, I just don’t feel like doing any of it anymore. I am drained all the time and I don’t actually care about any of this stuff. Sell everything is the motto too. I have a list in front of me to email about people who either need to do their job and get back to me or no you can’t have this thing you wanted and that seems to be the bulk of it. This dark moon is going to be a bit hardcore/very interesting.

  28. Just read “The great epochs of our lives are the occasions when we gain the courage to rebaptize our evil qualities as our best qualities” Nietzsche

    So which transit might this be?

  29. I’m learning what low-Uranus looks like thanks to recent acquaintances (transit to my 11th house) and potential beaus I meet (Uranus in my natal 5th house, obviously): flaky or freakazoid!!

    Well… it’s allowing me so see how important it is to integrate the energies within ones self in order to relate and play nice with others!! Quite a few of the peeps I’ve been meeting have been low-Uranus!

  30. MM I am grateful for your questions as they enable me to explore the nuances of my chart in fortifying sips rather than greedy gulps.

    8 to 12 Aries –
    Conjunct my 1st House 14 Aries Sun

    Dido, Penelope, Hygiea , Cyane, Desdemona, Vanadis (Freyja), Eris, Proserpina, Hermes, Chaos, Bali, Circe, and Nuwa.

    A lovely bundle of history, weakness, strengths and potentials I might finally take hold of in order to strike out on a higher path.

  31. Lilith at 5 degrees aries 5th house so looks like the uranian shitshow is over as far as that goes…. i don’t know much about lilith, but all of these “fuck it” comments ring very, very Uranus in Aries to me! It really can’t get more fuck it than that. Wonder what the children born around now will be like. Pretty intense people. But hey I come from the Pluto Saturn scorp generation…ever get a load of us?!

    • I agree. Tempted to get FUCK IT/FUCK OFF on my knuckles. Feeling the inner rage.
      Eclipse brought out the bottom feeders in full force. Creepy bizarre energy.

  32. i’m excited and a bit worried- uranus going retro this summer was the most batshit crazy intense energy i’ve ever experienced. surprised i didn’t spontaneously combust! my progressed uranus went direct this year so there is that too… natally opposing all my toro stuff and in the 6th. venus on and saturn about to be. and when it turns direct my mom will be visiting so i’ll be in forced sobriety mode which makes me spastic anyway. AND this isn’t uranus per se but i realized during her visit saturn will be on her moon, younger daughter’s moon, older daughter’s SN, and my uranus/vertex. 3 gens of 8 degree scorp… should be reeeeeaaaly interesting!!

  33. Yes please Mystic, I’d love one of your laugh out loud posts on all the lo types we all need to be looking out for – gerberas and pterodactyls made my day 🙂

  34. I thankfully have nothing going on in Aries, but my natal Uranus is opposite my natal Mercury which is smack bang 5 degrees Gemini. And my mercury is buzzing after that eclipse! I am filled with ideas and powering along with three writing projects, all of which are rather Uranian. I don’t feel able to finish any of them yet- but surely when Uranus goes direct that will be a little easier 🙂 I feel like I have a muse sitting on my shoulder today though- a rare feeling!

  35. For me, Uranus is in Virgo and I have absolutely nothing in Aries. Noda, zippity do da. Funny of late I have like Zero tolerance for anything un-authentic, peeps treading on me, pretty much anything ugly and there is much of that here in my neck of Gaia!

  36. wow, what a transhite! Non-stop full-on crazy shite since the full moon on the 28th.
    Several crazy vampyre qi suckers came out in full force.
    Was serene boring on full on zen. Then BAM!
    I really do NOT care for it at all.
    My Uranus is transiting my 5th House. I blame the Lilith for the bitchy vampyre vibe.

  37. Uranus is Squaring my Jupiter in Cancer house 2.
    Also Mars and Pluto are conjuncting, Saturn Sextile my natal Uranus house 8
    I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last 2 years! My body keeps surprising me! I shopped at a teen store and I fit better in the medium sizes. I really came to terms with never being in those sizes again, I’m so surprised that I found something that works.

    Anyways Aries is my 11th house…so during the rx time a group of people I hung out with did not keep in touch with me…making me feel lonely and isolated. I will always remember the good times, but I’m over it. And if they change their mind they know how to get a hold of me. But I got closer with one of my old friends…I use to feel like we only hung out to go to the bar for the most part…but we started running together again like old times. I also got back in touch with a friend I haven’t seen since the summer I graduated high school…she lives with her boyfriend and they live so close that I walk over there.

    And yesterday I gave Doc. Oz a piece of my mind for calling people who care about what they eat “food snobs”

    And my blog is starting up again…getting away from google and going with another site that doesn’t have dumb rules.