The Reset People

Whenever we are having a strong transit – let’s just say Neptune, Uranus or Pluto hard aspects, as these occur but rarely and they’re life-altering – someone often strides straight into our life to sort of model the planetary energy in question.

These peeps are Reset People – we may not be ‘with’ them as such, we could even only meet them a couple of times but their Qi is so strong & they’re doing the energy of that planet so brilliantly, that they activate some sort of unused DNA inside of our soul or something.

They’re the Reset People & you know ALL about when you meet one of them.Β  And of course, YOU could be acting as a Reset Person for someone else, without even realizing it. You’re just getting on with it.

How do you know if you’ve met a Reset Person, as opposed to a run-of-the-mill perfectly interesting normal person?

Because your soul is stirred, you’re suddenly inspired to make rapid changes, you feel like a whole pile of extraneous crap just fell away from your persona. you’re emancipated, your Qi suddenly lifts itself to stratospheric levels, there seems to be more oxygen in your blood and your inner voice shifts to a manically ON life coachy “fuq yeah – you can do it.!”

Reset People are like the opposite of Qi Vampires – thoughts?

Image: Angelique Houtkamp

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183 thoughts on “The Reset People

  1. easy – is when one’s compelled to constantly apply their wisdoms / insights!

    when what they propose – no matter how radical, or left of your own centre the notions may appear – they instantly make perfect sense, or at least one comes round to understanding that the said radical notion is two tantalising it’s irresistible

    Reset PPP automatically attract Reset PPL – so investigate others whom you may connect with in their sphere!


    • very true!
      I recently had to leave a group of female friends that all they did is get together for unhappy hour and talk serious low-down dirty sh@t about everyone else. I ended up feeling ill afterwards. No fun. πŸ˜›
      Surrounded by a new crowd of inspirational people now.

      • lol re ‘un-happy hour’!!

        may I borrow that??

        YEP – say NO to negators!!
        it’s a waste of time / inspiration’s way sexier!!

        • yes, I picked it up from somewhere else just can’t remember. although I do think it’s healthy to have an unhappy hour and rant but stop after that hour and focus on positive projects. I just couldn’t get them to stop gossiping maliciously and picking fights with others at the bar long enough to move into the positive phase.
          Now that I no longer hang out I am sure I am the topic of much gossip.
          I just didn’t want to end up bitter, jaded angry old bitch. I could see the writing on the wall if I stayed in touch.
          I just don’t find fighting or trying to live out real-life reality tv show drama that exciting.
          I need real substance and true artists energy around me.
          Best move I made after Saturn left my Virgo/11th House sector the past year. No looking back now.

      • i had a friend who I found I was using as a whingeing board… I turned into queen negative every time i met with her and couldn’t explain why.
        Extricated myself and focused on friendships which bring laughter and promise.

        • AGREED. I do take account of how I am with my friends . as far as possible surround myself with people who encourage me to be a better me.

        • It’s hard to remove the psychic dirt afterwards. Even sage doesn’t always do the trick after a long soak in epsom salts.
          I am like a sponge I absorb way too much. Just couldn’t handle the qi being drained out of me. I attempted on a few occasions to let her know The Queen Bee that she needed to find a positive outlet for all of her anger. She said alcohol worked just fine. (But it doesn’t) She gets into bar fights with bar staff and belligerent to the point she is 86’d and the cops are called. She is past her 40’s and it’s just not funny or fun to be around. She thinks it’s like living in a reality tv show which frankly scares the crap outta me.
          She has no intention of getting help or getting better so I had to opt out.

        • wow, i never thought about it from this angle, i have a couple of people in my life who that happens with as well, and somehow have always blamed myself for reverting to some kind of childhood scenario- of course they have a role in the exchange as well DUH!….one of them funnily enough is my sister (who can be quite negative!) really weird dynamic…i can never be myself with her…thanks aqua for the insight

  2. This is exactly how Ive been feeling for a few months, I couldn’t pin point why so many random feelings, the entering of a reset person, the good things that came with it and now its like they are in and out of my life but still around even if they are gone. lol. if I sound as if im going in circles, its because that’s exactly how I have been feeling lol. Thank you for sharing this article. You are awesome Mystic Medusa πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my…I have always wondered that about me or him. Time will tell!! I love this concept!! Go Mystic!!! Xo!!

    • YES!!

      not all Reset PPL have their heart in the right place!!

      they should have a printed warning, better still, a neon billboard flashing Qi Vampire alerts!!

        • Inadvertently, you can be both I think-scintillating and energising with one soul, heavy and negative with another – it depends what they bring out in you…

        • more specifically, my comment was based on a type of individual – who appears / sounds visionary (& they are) but the motivations are self-driven – at taker not a giver, driven by personal commercial gain vs greater good …..

          • I think i know what you mean. These people seem to inspire but tend to bind instead to a vision which isn’t fulfilling.

            • Also, I think re-set pple might not even outwardly offer any innovative thoughts or interesting insights (or offer anything of tangible value really), but just their presence is energizing for perplexing reasons. They might even have repulsive views but have this weird “reset person” effect on an individual (such as mystic describes) for reasons individual can’t fathom. Or, at least, I’ve experienced it this way where it’s much more puzzling as to “why” someone would affect me so.

          • interesting, just last night watched the movie deepak chopra’s son made about his father. NOT saying chopra is such a person, but it seemed like his son was questioning his dad (with inconclusive answer)

              • interesting – yr comment reminded me of a conversation with an NLP master – founder of the discipline with heart of gold. he relayed story of distaste for Anthony Robbins ‘misuse’ (his word) of the discipline – imparting there’s a device applied during the seminars that subliminally invokes attendees to PURCHASE MERCH. Long story – but perhaps along the lines of your point gleaned from the doc you watched BS?

                • ew. there’s actually a device? How crude! And, yes, I think his son was focussed on some of the merchandising and commercialization. It was his journey with his dad. Sort of rebellious son (tho not so rebellious) critiquing his icon father

            • As to “why”…Therein lies the key…

              Stick with that and you’ll be right and in the end, with that intropection, quite powerful with self realization.

              Chopra, Robbins…they are not spritually enlightened and so I take a little on my way but it/they are never MY ultimate…

              Hello? How can they be…they are not me.

    • My Mars/Pluto Reset Man, I should say

      ..since the debacle with him coincided perfectly with Pluto hitting my Mars/Eros to the degree. He embodied the transit so amazingly well it’s scary – and my brief involvement with him turned my life upside down. It was a catalyst for truly amazing development.

  4. I wonder who will be my reset person or if they are already there and I’m not paying attention..

    I have Uranus transiting conjunct my Saturn, Pluto transiting conjunct my Venus, and Neptune transiting conjunct my Moon……all three at once! Soooo…….my reset person will be a doozy, I’m sure!

    Right now some really difficult stuff is happening too, stuff that is going to cost me a lot of money and involves getting a lawyer, so I don’t know if this is my reset experience, but it sure doesn’t feel too good…

    Funny, three times now I went to write ‘reset’ and wrote ‘resent’ instead…..telling?

    What would you all make of that triple whammy transit of conjunctions..? Any advice..?

    • You’ll probably look back on this period as being catalytic in your life. Huge sensitivity with neptune on the moon, and increased awareness of the subtle realms. Uranus on your saturn is forcing you to reconsider what security and stability mean to you. Pluto on venus is removing all the stuff you’re carrying around; ideas, baggage, emotional connections so you know what you really value in life. That’s quite a cosmic line-up …. it will take some ingenuity to get the best from these transits, and do all you can to stay grounded & ‘in the now’.

      • Agree with H—this is a formative time for you and difficult but potentially and ultimately good (in the long run). Hang in there.

        • Thank you ‘H’ and Bluesky, for your insights.

          I will hang in there and take care of myself to stay grounded while I go through the transformations that these transits will take me through.

          I’m hoping I can stay on top of things during the transits, and not get too beat up by them.

    • OBVIOUSLY she is!!

      refer mon bow-down / on-knees heart felt thank you reply to MM’s weeklies scopes are up post!!

      any game-changer is a Reset Person – note Qi Vampire alert comment above ^^^ to EEL πŸ˜‰

    • Like, HELLO? πŸ™‚

      She always comes up brill…like Zep sings…”I can’t quit you babe”

  5. i been listening to uplifting words on coping with life that are making it clearer that the more positive i am the better i will feel. i know its obvious but its actually a deep process with all this scorp doing the surgery.
    and it is nurturing to me. I have asteroid ceres in gemini, plus virgoed out.
    Right now i am drawn to self hypnosis cd’s that do the work on my subconscious…as i have saturn in 12th… to change on a dna level.
    To be healed of all mistakes accumulated though this and past lives That this pluto re-set button now blasts through my planets and i am given a clean slate, a fresh start.
    the more i surrender and make the most of what i have, the happier i feel. I am transforming the lower mind of getting bogged down in detail and embracing the bigger picture of perfection. Seeing the good in situations.. and focusing and visualizing what i need as if it has already happened, for the highest good of myself and others.

  6. Yeah, the Uranian thing with Aries Venus/Toro is/was totally reset..

    I get to practice my own Uranian ZZ powers that my Soul has taken yonks to do…(have Leo Uranus, 3rd, square Toro Veenie and Bitch goddess, 11th)

    Thanks Myst…so, so love…Brill! x

    And thank you Toro, for letting me practice…Ttruly do appreciate x

  7. theres this girl that goes here that is like that to me, I thought it was, you know, like love, but it sound exactly like this, so normally I am attracted to girls, ya know, oh shes pretty shes hot what have you, and normally I am nursing some sort of benign crush on someone, and I have no intent to approach them or try my luck whatsoever, not even a little, unless hypothetically they show interest, there some sort of attractiveness hierarchy , and I have no idea where I am on it/ how pretty a girl I could get, so I am all scared to deal with it and risk finding out where I measure up and scared they just wont be into me, but with her, its different, whenever I see her I feel like I am on fire, like im exploding with intensity, my heart feels like it is probably visibly beating through my chest, and suddenly I have to manually breathe and I am just teetering on out of breath and as soon as im out of sight I just start panting like the lamest person ever, in person its okay though cuz im a pro and no one can ever read how absolutely bat shit insane I am going on the inside, I am really good at that if nothing else, but it takes all my energy to manually maintain my normal demeanor, anywho, I had her in journalism last year, and I just could not help but stare at her, me, the most disciplined I can drink nothing but water for months for no reason just because disciplined, and I could not help it, obviously I would try to look away when she might see me or something, but I stared so much and was making it obvious I know for a fact she saw me and caught me a few times, and you know what she did? she SMILED AT ME, this just made me go even more insane, smile back? it took all my energy just not to spaz out like some quaking mess, I have literally NEVER been more terrified in MY LIFE, I have been in a few car accidents, have been bullied as a kid tons, had to deal with crazy family problems, and none of it even comes close, to this day the fact she obviously saw me and obviously smiled at me drives me crazy, I dont even get it, she is so beautiful, shes the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, why the hell did she smile at me, but after I looked away and kept my stoic face I think it upset her or something and she made a frown I could make out of the corner of my eye, so that was blown, and the next class she sat RIGHT IN FUCKING FRONT OF ME, on purpose, totally on purpose, she looked right at me and had a little grin and everything, had to sit between tons of people instead of have space just to sit there, I just wanted to turn into the incredible hulk the entire class, and I was on the verge of breaking into a cold sweat(I dont even sweat when I run around and play soccer). And see, the reason I couldnt do anything, was this other girl sat next to me in this class we were kind of friends, and she had a crush on me, so I would feel really bad for unknowingly leading her on then randomly just going after some other girl right in front of her. I am more resourceful than that though, and when I heard her offhand mention she was gonna be gone a certain day to her friend, I wrote that shit down, I dont even take any notes in that class, and I wrote that shit down, so that day I plan to do it, to face the biggest fear I have ever had with no experience whatsoever and just walk up to her and ask to sit next to her, possible destruction or absolute failure didnt deter me one bit, and then she just didnt even show up to class that day. When I am around her I feel like I can take on the world, my insecurities my well self documented shortcoming any challenge any possible thing gone wrong any odds against me no matter how intimidating all be damned, its weird normally I am to scared to do anything, but for her, the one who scares me most, I will conquer worlds, I saw her randomly a few days ago, I had forgotten about her and then all the crazy stuff came back, I only feel that way around her, but I want to become the best me that she makes me want to be, put on some muscle, and when I see her again Im all in, and I will win her over , and she will be mine, or maybe not, but damnit ill try, harder than anything up until this point,ugh

    • THAT is exactly what I was talking about how a man wants to be a better man…

      And that the love and admiration he feels for a woman will inspire that in him..

      Fantastic David! Loved your post, you are very warm and real…x

        • His Gem Sun opposite her Sagg Moon….good match…And good sense of humors…they laughed at my jokes πŸ˜‰

          Think I sorta have crushes on both my Son in laws…lol (the other one Pisces). Pisces son in law told me he loved me at Kataka wedding reception and today, Gem son in law told me I look good…

          All purely platonic but hey, a girl will take what she can

    • Wow! Great story! You are a Virgo right? It takes one to know one πŸ˜‰

      ” im a pro and no one can ever read how absolutely bat shit insane I am going on the inside, I am really good at that if nothing else, but it takes all my energy to manually maintain my normal demeanor,”

      You made me laugh because I recognize myself being like that… also about “manually breathing” uff! It is exhausting!

      Something like that happened to me (maybe still happening but it is all in my head and getting better) with a married man and I could not act on it of course and never did. Same symptoms: intense magnetism, like I couldnΒ΄t be too close to him in parties afraid that others might notice, nervousness inside (great for my abs though) and just generally being uncomfortable always trying to show that I was having fun!

      Anyway… I checked with a psychic (helped me to contact my angels) and they/she said that it was defenitely from a past life…. Still trying to figuring out what was I suppose to learn from that??

      What do you think? Maybe a past life connection?

      • virgo rising, but thats still decently virgo ha, I dont know about past life stuff, im sure theres something to it but then I just wonder if you can reincarnate through the same time line again but a different person or even back in time, it the point is getting through karmic stuff and evolving consciousnesses then time is not an issue, so the important thing is that there are important people who you are just meant to be involved with, yet its still up to you, I dunno if we should open that metaphysical can of worms, its a doozy, the important thing to take away from it is we can recognize just fine people who resonate with our consciousnesses for some reason, so next time it happens I guess go after it, or plan to, not that I did tho

    • Wow. Your story could be my story 8 years ago when I was at uni (even down to the journalism class) and there was a guy that made me feel everything you describe there and I can only imagine that perhaps he was also feeling everything you describe there too. I would catch him staring at me ALL THE TIME but we were obviously both too scared to take action. There was even a girl who would sit next to him in lectures and they were just friends but it made it too hard to approach him. He sat two seats away from me once ( just like your girl in the row in front) and it was like some kind of electric starry magnet was whirling around on the seats in between us, like we wanted to be together but couldn’t reach out. The thing is, and its so dumb, he made me so nervous but we both clearly liked each other and I just really really wanted him to come chat to me. If only he had known this, he may have done it, but I never made it obvious enough. Reading your story I feel so hopefull for you! Please do something the next time you see her, you’ll never know otherwise! I know that it’s way easier said then done, obviously, because I never got over my fear of approaching this guy and i still really wish I had. I have never come across that feeling, so strong, electric, fire, magnet, spinning, breathless, anxiety inducing etc etc with any guy since. He definitely reset something in me though. Despite never really knowing him. I’ll never forget it.

      • thats crazy wow, now that just really scares me that I wont ever see her again, uggh, she did smile at me, but I still cant fathom how she could be attracted to me, as attracted to me as I to her is just crazy talk, I thought it would be like she was just not affected at all and I would have to win her over whilst managing and reining back an inner intensity so she wont get scared away, the possibility shes attracted to me like that I cant even get, like I dont think im ugly, just what attractiveness I do have is more like teetering on boyishness, and im wiry and lean, so I feel like I should put on some muscle before I go for it, I only get one shot at this and might as well make sure my odds are better, I just kinda assumed I will see her every once in a while for the rest of college, but now maybe thats not true, should I just go for it next time I see her? God I dont want to just never see her again, but I just have to at least improve my odds a little, I guess I just assumed it was meant to be already, but apparently not so, uggh I dont know what to do

    • How can you forget about her and then just see her again? When that lightening strikes me, I MUST get to the bottom of it. Not very romantic per se…perhaps obsessive. Uranian Scorp said that to me – that he wasn’t really thinking about me and then he gets a message and boom, whatever past life something or destiny mumbo jumbo. You have to enjoy being terrified to be madly in love.

      • by forget, I mean not regularly thinking about her for months, then she was just randomly sitting at the tower, usually I see people I know among the crowd like across the way and masterfully avoid them without them ever seeing me, I could probably be a good spy, but i didnt see her because she was sitting on the steps, and by surprise that big explosion of intensity came back again before I could avoid it or confront it, uggh shes so beautiful, how could she ever have smiled at me, and I cant really find out anything about her I dont even have a name, whenever I notice her its always by surprise, this time I barely was able to keep a straight face and pretend not to see her, this other time I just for no reason looked to my right and she was sitting there talking to some guy, I just immediately freak out(not jeoulously, like freak out internally like the other times,that she was right there, my eyes probably just got really big), probably looked obviously razzled, to the point she and that guy just stopped talking and kind of looked at me as I was walking away quickly, if I see her from afar, then I can gather my courage, but how could that even work, do i just ask her on a date point blank and spill enough beans to make it sweet, if I spill my guts the right way it could get me a date even if she doesnt want to that bad, and then I could win her over, theres no way I can flirt with her, or just walk up to her and just start hitting on her, I dont even know how to do that normally let alone when my autopilot is not functioning, would a direct random date proposal even work, she knows who I am kind of, that I looked at her a lot, the direct heart to heart is all I got, but if sincerity and vulnerability wont work then it will just be extra devastating

        • How about you say hi and go from there? Ask her name. Ask about her classes and interests. Admit you’ve seen her around. You know, honesty and no strategy.

          • ya know, she seams like a really nice person too, the way she talked to other people, even if she wasnt in to me she would probably be nice to me still and actually talk with me, I should do it, that makes sense, but its terrifying, I guess what it comes down to is I just cant see her being attracted to me, I guess I should go for it anyways, but I have to decide ahead of time, to for sure no matter what do something the next time I see her, I dunno if I can do that, Ill have to think about this for awhile

            • Maybe just try and approach it as just having a chat, just making a friend, it’s less scary then asking someone on a date or thinking about it as anything more than that and then things can evolve from there. Also, sometimes there’s this attraction but when you start talking to that person or you get to know them it dies off, like they weren’t what you were expecting or the person that you have imagined them to be in your head, you know? I thought i was just going to keep seeing him around, but the day came when we no longer crossed paths. Fate will only help you out so far, you have to do the rest. Plus, I don’t think you should feel like you have to change yourself to impress her. You never know what people think either. Maybe this guy in my classes thought he wasn’t big enough, buff enough, or whatever. But, for the record, I thought he was gorgeous. πŸ˜‰

              • you know what, your right, I hope I see her again then, these are opportunities, not entitled events leading to a fated outcome or confluence, there not hinting at a better easier parting of the heavens later, this is all there is, I hope I get one more chance

              • and thanks, you really helped, especially since you have literally been there before, whenever I try and explain it to someone its like they dont get what I dont get, so you just came from just the angle I needed, think about it, literally the girl on the other end, ill definitely let you guys know if this ever miraculously pans out

      • “you have to enjoy being terrified to be madly in love.” truer words were never spoken!!

        many blessings on your nascent romance, david! xoxo

  8. Met my Reset person four years ago. The turmoil is clearing now. Incredible life changes that I never would have imagined are in train. He has backed away then comes back then backs away but there is still something almost telepathic going on. Does that make sense?

    • Libra9… a strong “yes”… you speak of exactly what I am dealing with for 3 years! LOL! How you doing!! πŸ™‚

      • Long-term relationship broken up, job turmoil, about to buy a new place to live, moving out with 12 and 15 y o…scary but exciting. Not to be with Reset man, but because he Reset my brain and life. I’m almost ready to breathe again.

    • Haha, only having been there can I say “yes”, it makes sense but totally nuts meanwhile…lol

      Teacher said any “push pull” is karma…boy was that off the chart with the Pisces…

      Do you feel that with this one?

  9. So Toro co-worker gave me an itty bitty sleeping pill thingy…Afraid to take really…Am I going to wake up?

    How the hell am I supposed to go from 60 (Achilles Last Stand…still…I know, I know) to zero?


    This week has been a mix of emo overdrive meltdown mixed with rock and barely any sleep..Could not even go there with the can of Whoopass energy drink…was totally off the planet with that one…

    Yes, I am offically going insane but maybe you would too if trans Uranus was on your Mercury…trine your natal Uranus….

    • try some passionflower tea perhaps? or are you beyond that ? i swear it works better than pills.

      • I can sympathize and relate to your dilemma.

        I’ve had to take sleeping pills but I knew that I can go off of addictive substances when I want to. I would be more hesitant if I wasn’t sure I could give them up.

        The pills work, but not long term solution (if nothing else your body begins to adjust and they won’t work as well anymore)

        In the end I resorted to the widely available “Sleepytime Tea” (celestial seasonings, I think). With illustrations of bears in pj’s on the packaging. It helped me transition off of the pills and now I am mostly back on track with sleeping. But it was a few years of needing serious help with sleeping. Not fun!

        • Hey, thanks guys…Do have the Sleepytime and some other teas…quite frankly forgot about them…

          The pills (no I will not turn into Elvis here…) but a one time thing…Did sleep well last night… Energy just still buzzing thru and to have a cup of coffee…cannot do any stimulants in that way right now…simply become ungrounded and it’s very uncomfortalbe…

          thinking more meditation, maybe some warm/hot water…a float in the pool…easy, easy things…nature..


          So nice she and Lindsey could reconcile..Me and Kataka ex have that kind of situation..

          But alas “tell myself you never loved me”

          That is so about the Pisces…Kataka did love me…that is without question..

          Pisces later said “I always loved you”…Said…”but you never told me”

          “I begin to not love you”

          Seeing Kataka and Gem/Libran son in law today for early Thanksgiving diinner and want to take a gift to their new apt. Going to give and “experience” for a date night…Some moive tickets and treats..

          • glad you slept well last night. sometimes it’s “one night at a time”

            hurray for small victories!

  10. All of this became super magnified this past week:

    My reset person is a professor I have at school, a beautiful, strong Leo woman who is a sociologist. Wears beautiful traditional clothes from her village in Africa, beautiful jewelry, poise, delivery, confidence. She writes, speaks, and tells it like it is with a warmth and a ferocity that is like a Queen, Oracle, and Mother – all 3 archetypes. I cry, I physically cannot take it when she is next to me, because I feel like my soul is being reached with her beauty – I feel like she activates a part of me that is buried, cynically buried from being very burnt out from my work in schools and whatnot over the last few years (read: psychotic multiple libra-gemini male boss + psychotic low aries boss).

    i went to a book talk she gave on the eclipse, 30 minutes after it occurred in NYC, for a book called Exit: the endings that set us free.


    well this goddess wrote all about the beauty, magnificence, and the secret ritualizations of all those she interviewed and illustrated so beautifully in this book on how they exited various stages of their lives: from coming out of the closet to saying goodbye to a dying loved one, to divorce, to rapid weight loss, etc.

    I cried the entire book talk. She told stories, and we sang a Ray Charles song together (don’t know the song, but the lyrics were something to the effect of: don’t give up, beauty is everywhere, etc. etc.)

    Just beautiful. I have the chutzpah and relief to carry forward. In your consult, Mystic, you said I would be meeting a female professor type that would echo who I would be or emulate in the future. This was totally it. It all made sense for me.

    Later that evening, I found a book on the sidewalk, Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening”. How much more weird could this get.

    Spreading the symbolism & reset to all xx

  11. Sigh. Yes. The married guy, about whom I bang on far too frequently both here and IRL. I should give him a name. I call him Virgil to myself because he was the poet who explained my midlife confusion. Anyway, I was Pluto on Virgil’s sun-Venus 7th house conjunction, he was Neptune on my Venus/7th house cusp. Funny, we used to joke about how we had changed each other’s DNA.
    I love the idea of ‘reset people’. Maybe the challenge is to find transformation and learning from every interaction, not just the ‘big’ ones. I’ve begun to see my husband as one of my greatest teachers. It’s been a long, slow lesson, whereas Virgil was a box of fireworks that someone chucked a cigarette butt into by mistake, then kaboom.

  12. I just had a long hard thought about this post.

    Most of the people i have met have eventually turned into Qi vampires.

    • It can happen. Boundaries put up strong ones from the beginning then slowly allow others to get closer. It’s what I had to do. I was too trusting at first then it was too late and much harder to put up boundaries after the fact.

  13. Okay, so been reset..

    Now let me sit back and tweak the dials…*adjusts space helmet..*

    Get yer hands offa my damn dials… πŸ˜†

    • Think thats coming from a young whipper snapper popping up and messing with my dials..

      To Aries Sun/Cap Moon…and if I didn’t “get that”…it could actually be quite infuriating.

      And here I’d thought I was in control of myself as I bleated on about dignity and all…lol

      When I see him in public next time….I am SO dissing him.. πŸ™‚

    • So it’s true…

      What I heard in “Say you Will”, Fleetwood Mac.

      “That kind of touch, electricity of love…that certain kind of grace…

      That you love because you become someone else in an instant”

      It took a week to process thru that….

      “Give me one more chance to change your mind”…

      Ha, the mind that was being changed was mine.

      Okay, I can chill on that…

      “Something in you brought out something in me”…

      Zap zone express 😯

  14. how odd I just said goodbye to my designer friend turned singer I am working with at the moment and she said this in a different way. I think we have a very earthy version of this though. Our astro is pretty good, I am a good door opener for others when needed but she is a virgo leo rising venus mars 1st house with sagg moon so I am really just a handmaiden to a rising queen with creative direction gsp lol

  15. I don;t know, I took this to mean something more along the lines of the bomb dropped of words that walk through you at intense times and sum up your moments or embody that moment that makes you want to change your life not Qi vamp for me anyways.

    Def had that experience but not for a while. A muse plse πŸ˜‰ ?

    • @Ms that’s how I took it!!

      “something more along the lines of the bomb dropped of words that walk through you at intense times and sum up your moments or embody that moment that makes you want to change your life …”

      Had a Reset Experience immediately after posting on this thread!!

      Make that MULTIPLE Reset Experiences of late – like the catalyst for change sweeping trough all sectors of life or something. Gamechanging.

      this morning digested MM dailies / weeklies which point flagged Eureka moments etc (& as said elsewhere, she’s BEYOND ‘Spookily Accurate’ / then came to this post ….

      next flipped to a FB conversation on Subject of Catholic Church sex abuse revelations – & that conversation shifted offline & continued via telephone – where I shared my yet to be written grandmother’s story. a novel I will one day complete. whilst talking I went to the garage & bought the box of what I thought to be archival info for that particular book – & instead found neatly catalogued / ordered background on another book I thought of doing in 2001/2!!

      the next 5 hours were spent revisiting the project, for the most part already written – & the person in the story, in reality has been a significant Reset Person in my life

      So I reckon it’s a Reset Experience – dining room table (3.5 meters long industrial work bench) now wallpapered with neatly catalogued projects.

      And the scheduling has begun …..

      • that is very full on doll. best of luck with the book and catholic purge. spooky timing fam things on my end too. Can def see you writing more. x

        • have 2 funny books on the slate prior to diving into the one – that is not intended to, but may well – create a family divide. it’s been shelved as when I started it the halls of the church started rattling – in short – am attempting to instate a memory of my grandmother that none spoke of. have volumes of official documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

          her story is key to the community reaction / how family’s dealt with things not deemed to be table talk conversation with ‘silence’ …..

          it’s my way of getting to know her, having been robbed of the opportunity when she was alive.

          thanks re the encouragement – had lit bonfires under a massive project which is gaining traction – now to schedule how it can all happen …..

    • So they like disappeared? Craze…Means you might get a whole new set of friends?

      Means if Cap rules your 11th, my Moon is in there…please don’t lose me too…! x

    • That happened to me when Saturn transhited through my Virgo in my 11th House, but I met a more fitting crowd since. However, it still hurt like hell at first. Many friends dropped me when I got sick and could not stay out all night carousing with them anymore after band practice and rock shows.
      It was a tough lesson. You find out who your true friends are after you fall ill or fuq up. Those that truly love you will still be around.

      • 😯

        That’s exactly how I felt. It was hard in the beginning, when it started in around 2008, but now I feel a lot better about it. I didn’t have any falling outs or anything with anyone, it was more like a casual drifting away from the crowd.

  16. 12th House Virgo, I don’t remember what thread I asked you about your daughter’s Moon but think you might have responded as earlier saw you had posted and I did not click on fast enough….

    Please reiterate if you like…

    I’ve now take a “second little pill” and going to bed to get proper rest and hopefully put this zz passage behind me…At least for now… πŸ˜‰

      • Let me tale a closer look tomorrow babe…Gotta hit the freeway today…laundry going….Reply soon…

        Still having a few emo meltdowns today…dammit!

  17. i just want to say that the Mayans got the date wrong. The Twinkipocalyse is here already. I’ve never seen so many people act so retarded over junk food going extinct. Just witnessed a woman loading her brimming basket with cases of Hostess. Must have been that eclipse….

    • It is very sad on so many levels. Its actually a prediction of our economic future. We grew up with that snack line and now it will be taken away because of a union. Is it the best way for companies to operate? I say “no”.. there won’t be Twinkies anymore.. Very sad!! AND more people on unemploymen when they could have avoided it and worked harder to prevent closure. Ugh!! It’s scary over here in the US!! πŸ™

      • people can make twinkies at home. no biggie. if people have to make them they’ll eat less of them. i haven’t seen all the evidence of whether the union screwed everyone or is this corporate chess. I might be wrong on this but in 2009 i think they declared bankruptcy…

        i thought the baconpcalypse was more serious and yet it was overreaction.

        • You are right about bankruptyc. Again, at that time the economy was being hit from years of poor government planning. (Note. I did not say any political side caused it.. it is a combination of the two).

          I am not worried about no Twinkies.. I am worried about this country not having any jobs!! Just saying “

      • Twinkies aren’t going anywhere, another corporation will buy them out. I know it’s an american icon but really not that healthy or great. Maybe, making room for bigger and better things.
        The corporation has no one to blame but themselves for poor management skills. they have been in the red for years just blaming the workers for their own incompetence.

  18. Are not we all catalysts for change? The reset idea aplies to all. Its basic understanding of cause and reaction.

  19. More news of death from friends. I haven’t been to a funeral in years and went to two in the last month.
    Different nurse friends have been complaining about the numbers of people dying in their various fields.

    There have been so many a skeptic has written asking if there is an astrological explanation for all of this!
    This so totally a reset time for many. Death being the biggest reset of all.
    There he is all cloaks and bones with crook in hand saying, ‘heaven awaits darling’ or so I like to think.

    As for reset people in my life, I try to be mindful & accept the Goddess within us all. In that way, I regard every interaction as a possible reset situation in some small or large way. This doesn’t make some interactions that much easier of course.

    • yes, four friends of mine had someone close die last week. i want to say on the same day or within a few. facebook was a shitstorm of grief. heavy, heavy times. πŸ™

  20. I met a re-set person in October. She called, inquiring as to my professional services. We met to discuss her business. I was so inspired by her on several levels.. I seriously felt while driving to the meeting (in an amazing natural setting) that she had come into my life for a reason, not the other way round. I did some work and then got a communication to stop because another opportunity had come her way. And “poof” she was gone. I completely accepted and was not really surprised. I have been unable to charge for the time I spent because I felt as though she gave to ME, She really was a re-set person.

    This all being after some of Mystic’s ‘scopes that stated I was in a period where if I I strayed from the path, people would come into my life to get me back on track. Very on and very Karmic.

  21. Well, I know I’ve well and truly missed the eclipse and I’m not sure about the reset person (although there is someone who could be acting as that), but I personally reset 20 minutes ago. Hence why I’m here on your blog looking to see if anything is happening to have made it happen. The shift was huge. I have been reset to how I was before the walls went up.

  22. I’m my reset person. My kids especially so then my family. Sometimes I meet someone that might be bum on the street, someone that flows in some one kind of glory….they are all around.

  23. Uranus Transit – natal Merc Chiron in Aries. I’ve got Aries Counsellor but also three Aries colleagues i work closely with (maybe in “team” rather than “closely” with all that Fire about – including my Sag Asc and multiconj, plus Leo MC) who are inspirational in their work ethic and relating.

    Pluto and Mars Transit: natal Mars exact cusp of 2nd House in Cap. Totally inspired by the absolute perfection the Cap Sun Scorp Moon bodyworker delivers EVERY SINGLE TIME, even with filthy hangover one day, with consistent good manners, cheer, warmth and teeth gritting sharp humour. I aspire to that commitment, consistency and service. I want to bring more of this to my work (he’s Leo Rising, i’m Leo MC).

    Saturn transit: opposing natal Saturn in Taurus 6th house. Where the heck would i be without the graceful equanimity and quietly confident beauty of my Scorp with Tau Moon beautician, who is also my friend? She inspires me to interact with others a little less abrasively, while still being true, and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I’ve seen her go through amazing times trying to forge work out of thin air, and she’s got a fantastic position now, with the respect she deserves. Here, i want to mention a Taurus with what isuspect is either a fair whack of Gem or …well…still working that out. She has had major life transitions, and sudden ones, and she rolls with the punches by beating them to it with complete pizazz, running her own business in fash industry.

    These people are all younger than i. I get super cross when i hear people bitch about Gen Y, let me tell you; it’s so disrespectful. And i wonder if i’ll ever stop being open-eyed in wonder, learning in this life.

    • Disclaimer: not all these people are exactly Gen Y.

      May i mention here also that i’ve suddenly become aware of how many Scorpions i know through work? They seem to draw closer, which i only noticed when i was in a room with a fair few i know well, all listening to me speak quietly to one Scorp, but pretending not to (god, i can HEAR them listening you know? They’re so intense.) Who could reset a Scorp but themselves? Still i get the sense i’m assisting some with a reset vibe, i know not how exactly. Or i do but not in words i can express.

  24. Yes MM Reset People are like the opposite of Qi Vampire
    Me no more be gone Qi vampire. I am f n awesome and am open to awesome people only and doing awesome things. Like lantern paddle under the moonlight at local community event.. Magic

  25. Oh I met my reset person years ago – or should I say persons?

    There were probably several of both sexes between 2005-2007 and 2009-2011 that completely changed me but there was a man in 2005-2006 that changed me emotionally, intellectually and sexually – for the better.

    He/the experience was the best and the worst of my life because he was my mirror. He taught me to love what I considered to be my ‘flaws’ because they were his favourite parts of my personality, he made me aware of who and what I am. He says I transformed his opinion of himself and reset his male pride.

    We lived 100’s of kilometres from each other and met up regularly through work. We had been friends for four years before our wild fling happened and it was the stuff of novels – my fifty shades of grey I suppose. Amazing, fascinating, heart wrenching, uplifting, the deepest despair, the most intense physical attraction whilst being repulsed in my knowledge that he was married (if separated at the time), adoration and rejection all rolled into one. I certainly knew I was alive.

    I have never been the same in the way I view the opposite sex since that man….I suppose he taught me to be a woman in every sense of the word. I will always love him and I will always be grateful that I experienced such an amazing transformation of my soul through our intense lovemaking and conversations. He was my teacher.

    We are still in contact occasionally. The mutual respect is very very deep. We had plans for a future and then his daughter died in horrific circumstances. It all ended when he lost his baby girl to a drug overdose through spiking – her very first party as ‘a grown up’.

  26. I met a Reset Person recently. She’s a singer who came to perform for our organization and work with our students. I mentioned her in an earlier post. Even though she and I are in different fields, what she reset in me was an awareness that I can be a truly competent professional in my career and maybe one day (soon?) a leader. She also triggered in me the realization that I deserve to take up my own space in the world, something I’ve always struggled with and that came to me so lightly, naturally, after my having wrestled with this issue for years. This feels like one of the secret things that MM has been referring to that would make itself known during this eclipse season.

    All the outer planets are currently forming hard aspects in my chart: Uranus conjunct Saturn and opposing Venus. Neptune opposite Jupiter (but also trine Mercury). Pluto conjunct my Progressed Sun and the Solar Eclipse almost exactly conjunct my Sun.

    And, yes, MM is most definitely a Reset Person. One of my favorite discoveries this year.

  27. Mars-Pluto-Mercury first house conjunction. If I am not resetting myself, I am resetting or getting reset by someone else. Constant reinvention or death for me. Lately, I’ve been taking it out on my house (Pluto transiting my fourth). Will I ever stop decorating/remodeling/decluttering?

    Uranian Scrop is a reset person for me. Its funny how much he is like a personification of my 7th house Uranian transit and Uranus Pluto square and tons of that Pluto-Uranian-Venus crap astro and whatnot. But, he isn’t in my life.

    I learned when my first love popped back in my life post divorce and I imploded that you are what you love. I thought about him for decades as the romantic adventurer free spirit type he projects. Ends up, that was all me – those were my qualities and he brought them to my awareness.

    Reset people give you back to yourself. If someone terrifies you, its an ignored part of your own soul waking up. Look at it. Then again, perhaps that’s my first house conjunction talking. All my relationships are about me – the Sufi mirror and all that Rumi…

    • Whoa. I LOOOVE that: “If someone terrifies you, its an ignored part of your own soul waking up.” It’s so worth taking a risk to get to know somebody because your attraction to them is your own soul trying to tell you something.

      • You are so right! I mentally and emotionally kept trying to run away as fast and as hard as I could from my reset person and yet physically and yes, also emotionally, I couldn’t stop myself from head straight to him. It was a daily struggle in trying to avoid such intensity. He scared the crap out of me because I wasn’t in control of myself anymore.

        • I so relate. I kept running away from Reset Man because I was terrified of what being with him awoke in me… not ‘it’ so much as the huge realisation that my deep unhappiness was real and that I would have to change my whole life after him. I think I was scared of that. He was so wise, so patient with me, I was really lucky to have him even for a short time.
          I remember another time years ago I was invited to a get together via uni with a bunch of ‘real’ writers, people with published books, and I sat there so scared out of my wits I ran as soon as I could. I knew at the time I was scared of what was inside me. I worked so hard to push them out of my life. At the time I obviously wasn’t ready. The guy who invited me to that gathering was a reset person too, a mentor.

    • Love – reset people give you back to yourself. I find they help me push aside the layers that I’ve piled on to protect myself or to fit into the requirements of a job or a role, and re-surface the real me.
      Last reset peep helped me see the importance of strengthening and trusting myself. Current reset man is reminding me of my dreams and values … how beautiful the world is where we live (blessed not to be in the midst of upheaval or natural catastrophe) … how much pleasure simple things can bring.

    • WHERE IS THE GODDAMN LIKE BUTTON?!? or the love button, really. mirrors for the awakening soul… so swoony to read, so gut-wrenching in reality. because along with all the lovely bits the shadow is also mirrored. and that’s the point of it all i am thinking, because once you can love another’s shadow, which we do when we’re in the throes of all-consuming love, you love your own shadow. ooh wholeness, even if fleeting…

  28. During my super intense Pluto transit that is coming to an end (hooray) I met an amazing inspiring Haute Saggo that taught me I can become whatever I want to and I started dating the epitome of Pluto (still together woo-hoo). I am so grateful to the universe for giving me a chance to spin my life around πŸ™‚

  29. thank you for posting this! its really nice, a reminder that individuating people are always out there, ready to help in synchronicity city!! or even that people just have potetnial to spur others into greatness just by being their pure selves! my friend and i were talking about how sometimes “flaws” you see in yourself can be “goals” or ideals to live up to for other people… (depending on each person’s unique character!) and can help you realize who YOU are AND help others realize their ideals of self-actualization. my friend put in a more eloquent way, heh. he’s a libranesque leo musician, you see. but anyway, this inspires me today!! with loving gratitude and compassion for off of humyn-kind

  30. Reset people? Its like I can’t do anything else but follow the path set before me!

    Uranus in my 1st house ( Aries), and heading towards a date with my Sth node and Chiron, Pluto in my 10th ( Cap) conjunct my mars, and squaring my natal Pluto (Libra), Neptune conjunct my moon (early Pisces) with Chiron having passed over not that long ago. All at once!

    The universe effectively told me to go to NZ, and its there I’ve found my spiritual home. I met a young man and his family in the far nth, and my eyes were opened to the amazing amount of artistic skill in a culture (Maori) that in the nth at least, is getting crushed by all the societal problems that go hand in hand with extreme poverty and the lack of opportunity for ‘voice’ that goes with that. Came back to Oz, and started fleshing out the seeds of an idea I’d already had…

    Community ownership of creative space, and the healing that comes with that. Not long after, a very cheap block of land came up for sale in the same town and despite having to borrow from my family, I bought it. This will be the site for a community arts, music, craft and digital storytelling space that makes its $$ half the year by running workshops in traditional skills for the (very large) tourist trade. The rest of the year, it will be available for the community to book on a donation payment to run programs and meetings if their own.

    I’d lost contact with the young man but still acted on ‘faith’ as this feeling that everything in my life so far (both work skills as a librarian who runs community arts spaces in Oz. and a single parent hard poverty upbringing myself) has lead to the Nth of Nz – is so strong that it can only be described as a calling. Half the people I know told me that I wouldn’t get the support of the local Maori as I’m both white and an outsider, but I kept on going anyway.

    When I went back two months ago, his family were all ‘Welcome home! Have you moved back permanent yet?!’, and ‘We’ve got the cheapest marae in the whole area for overnight stays… We already run massage and spirituality retreats too – you can work those into your business plan, can’t you?’ *And* I met with another Maori man from a town about a 30min drive from where I’ll be setting up, who has a much larger vision for a space run on almost the exact same principles (‘we need people with your skills, it’s good to have you with us’)… So now there are two spaces that I’ll be helping out with the planning, marketing and running eventually.

    And now I’m back in my original home city, waiting for April, when I can move back permanently… And my soul is so homesick for my new kiwi home, that these next months can’t pass quick enough!

  31. hey, can some body please re-set me right now? I am in a rut am living somewhere whilst a good location, the place itself looks like a shipping container, and placed in the backyard where a laneway was and another house in front blah blah virgo detail is really annoying me now!!!
    am living in a high housing shortage area and was thinking i could head north but its more bogan up there. i heard Noosa is changing getting bigger. I could go to asia but am feeling the vulnerability of the energies of 2012 and my chinese horoscope said some danger in January. Once mercury goes forward i guess i will be clearer. I have the asteroid karma in the house of the home and what that means to me is that i need a good home or i get bad karma from taking places that are compromising my health issues. Travel in december to asia which is on an pluto line so that is hard too. but maybe one is meant to navigate pluto as i have it with me all the time anyway (pluto con sun/moon) meant to just focus on healing. massages and healing, what do i do? thanks
    p.s i did the i-ching which said that i have to go about this issue with careful planning and go surely that i must have it all planned out. Not too push forward. It was all very tauras which is my north node.

    • Two ideas: plants or trees (flowers and herbs perhaps) can protect and energise the perimeter of home from incoming vibes.

      Arrangment and tidiness: you can’t make major changes to home, but i think you need some clean order for your mind to function comfortably. Instead of tidying up all the details (frazzling thing to do right now i suspect) have you thought of organising in a big picture fashion as though you’re moving out? This is not in order to actually move out, but could allow you a bit of visual/mental space. From there, with a little time, your decision will come to you.

      Finally, without commenting on the Chinese horoscope’s accuracy, you have no need to fear it. You don’t need to take it on board – it’s generic. Create a space that is restful. SPheres and round shapes anywhere?

      • thanks like your logic. But can u please comment on the other idea to escape to asia as i need massage’s etc and paying $180 here when i could go there for a while and come back and start afresh? thanks so much xx

    • I feel that you can make the trip but be careful of someone taking advantage of your stressed out weakened condition. It can be avoided if you are cautious and you will be able to enjoy your trip.

      • aaah i got my own answer by tarot and angel cards the first angel card said wait do not rush into action right now, bide your time for better results. Yeah sometimes u just have to let go…..

  32. YES. Even if you don’t see much of them anymore they can be the catalyst to new ways of thinking, seeing the world and doing things.

    I’m still reeling from multiple “Qi Vampire” awakenings….when you realise you need certain people OUT of your life NOW, and they turn stalker. My reset people are helping me through this. PHEW. They really are the anti-Qi Vamps.

  33. Man… I adore this website. MM is IN synchronicity city; she lives there! Every time I check into this blog it’s so life-affirming!

    I have a serious labyrinth to navigate and am wondering if anyone wise has experienced anythinh similar (I promise you that all wisdom I gain in life is always passed on to anyone in need!).

    So my reset person has been haunting me for years, before I even met him I followed his photography online. I ended up meeting him later and we became friends. He has always been my absolute hero, I want to be him! And the last time I hung out with him briefly, I felt I was going to explode with love. I just adore him. He’s so free, so powerful, he’s LIVING my dreams! But me being bonkers in love with him is besides the point!

    Since i last saw him I entered a somewhat serious relationship and have been living in new york city. I can’t stand it here and have been agonizing over whether I should leave, whether to pursue photography or painting, school or the open road…leaving new york and travelling means leaving my boyfriend, and while he isn’t quite like reset man, I’m pretty sure I love him in the more realistic way… So this week I have this passionate dream about reset man, just looking at eachother and loving eachother and its so intense. I wake up feeling a little mad at myself for being unfaithful in my dream! Then I’m searching my emails for my landlord’s address and an email from reset man turned up in the results (heart thudding uncontrollably). That same day a friend texts me and asks if i know reset man, an that he saw one of his photos online…i mean all the sudden he’s everywhere! I just want to tear away all fears and bullsh*t when i think of him, i want to get out of this city and do what I really love SOMEHOW!

    Then a smaller reset character enters my job at the cafe today, just a buddy Who left new york a couple years ago and was visiting randomly. I told her about new york and how i loathe it, and the curse that has kept me from getting away (seriously, its crazy). She told me i needed a ritual to break the curse, that its in my head and when i have total faith i can decide to break it. She also said she felt the same way in new york…trapped, sad. She said its been better since she left and told me to follow my heart! She’s an awesome chick, so posi (a saggo!) and so light. It was so unnerving because…what about the boy? And…i three weeks to leave my apartment. Can anyone feel the stress? Should I break my heart and simultaneously make my heart? Or stay in love at the expense of my dreams? The boyfriend won’t budge…he wants to stay here at least another year. Being that my saturn return has started, I don’t think I can wait…does anyone feel me? Ok sorry for the blah blahs, I promise to pay it forward xo

    • Wow, what a decision!! follow your heart. Sometimes u dont get a second chance. What is it that u can live with and what can’t u live without. Good luck, hope all your dreams come true xx.

    • i left nyc 2 months ago……so good to not be in ny. it will be there when u get back.

    • thanks Oriana – i am taking the term Synchronicity City – thank you. Don’t make up your mind re any of this till after the Eclipse!!! Mull over all options.

      • Mulling over options…being a Libra that sounds GREAT to me. Just glad you didn’t say till after merc retro! No time for that! xo

        • next time you o on astrodienst, check out if any important lines are on nyc for your ntal chart. because maybe nyc is a temporary transit for you just as people you meet can act as a transit. i say this because i love nyc. it felt like home, like i had lived there before in another life, then ound out its on an important lunar node! compared to where im living now and feel trapped and sad. turns out my current city has lines of saturn on it, ugh!

    • I am no expert, but happy to pass on some thoughts.
      In my experience Saturn brings hard choices, to force you to choose some important thing over another, and thus become more authentic. I think I read that here somewhere and it resonated with me at the time, it’s helped me to navigate Saturn.
      I think Reset People activate something that is already inside you, so if it wasn’t there, trying to get your attention, you wouldn’t be feeling its power when you see it in someone else.
      What I am an expert in, is giving up the dream for the man. The dreams I put on hold because of various men over the years! The fear that if I changed the status quo, he would leave. Well, I stayed – and many times in many scenarios he left anyway! This time I’m the one doing the leaving for all the reasons you describe. Stuff calls to me, from deep inside, and I think it’s the soul knowing what it needs. This time I’m listening because I’m 3 years off Chiron return and I feel my very life is at stake. Soz to sound like a self-help book, but it’s not new age woo-woo. I have a huge military-like plan to make it happen.
      If the man loves you, and is right for the next phase of your life (I no longer believe in ‘forever’ – it implies stasis), then it will find its way. If he is as fixed on NY as you say, then perhaps he is also a reset person. He is the catalyst for a really important choice you need to make.
      One last observation. You’re only ‘pretty sure’ you love him?? Do you not just know?
      Best of luck – these are hard things to deal with, so take as much time as you need to think, and feel, it through. Keep us posted xx

      • Chrysalis, thank you for your wise words. I, too, did the whole “put the dream on hold for the man” thing. Or for the job. Or for the fear of what might happen. On and on. Looking back, none of it was worth it. Looking back, all the times I really said fu*k it were the times that meant the most to me. So that brings us to this point…

        So about the love comment…well I’m so used to being obsessed with people and totally deluded, it gets hard to say “I’m nuts about someone” when I have to smell their farts and see all of their faults every day! Sorry to be crude! It’s pretty new to me, this actual relationship where it isn’t all tense and nasty and passionate all the time. I’m thinking its a very tender thing. I just wonder sometimes if there is something more? (beware! i have moon square both neptune and jupiter, beware!)

        thank you so much for your insight! xo

  34. I’m not the voice of wisdom but may i offer some observations? You owe me nothing either πŸ™‚

    You seem to focus on other people in the context here, whereas i feel like the real Reset Vibe clicks something within oneself, that makes you able to power up from within. This is different from Admiring Someone, and Wow I Want to Be Like Him. Being in love truly for me makes me feel like i am shining with power. I get to meet my lover and match him, equal to equal, big grins as we face to face step forward. Anythin else is a crush…i used to burn through it with savage love to get it out of my system. Now i step back and ask myself what is the hollow in ME that i so desperately want to fill. Can i BE those things i admire.

    I agree with your friend: follow your heart. There are times when a good relationship demands compromise and sacrifice, and one should willingly step up to the plate. But if you can’t swallow your pride and do it with a smile then this is not one of those times. Imagine being in a great city that makes you thrum, but missing your boyfriend…. Now imagine staying with your beautiful man, heart aching to leave nyc.

    Which ache is seriously more bearable?

    • milleunanotte, thanks! I love this line:

      “I get to meet my lover and match him, equal to equal, big grins as we face to face step forward.”

      Yes, reset man is definitely a crush, and you bring up some very, very good points. That whole thing where the person feels out of reach to you and you just want to be like them…that does equate to something missing inside.

      So I guess part of this decision is, when will I stop making excuses and start being more like the people I admire?

      I like that you rephrased the situation into a simple either/or. It is definitely something to mull over. I guess I’ve always been the type to leave, and leave, and leave. Thought it would have been nice to keep the boy (hey maybe fate will fling him my way?), but the ramblin’ woman will ramble! Thank you for your insight! I truly appreciate it! and thanks everyone else, too! Everyone here is awesome. We should have a global meet up soon xoxo

  35. Been waiting for talk of transits – particularly Pluto. Can someone tell me how to work out where abouts Pluto is transiting my natal chart? Had a look at the options on Astrodienst and just couldn’t fathom it. Thanks astro friends.

    • Hi, though this probably isn’t the right comment forum to talk about it, you can check your transits by going to astrodienst’s “extended chart selection” area. Under “methods” scroll down to “natal chart and transits”. You shouldn’t have to change anything else if all you want to know is where pluto is transiting. after you click “show chart” you will see a picture of your chart with the transiting planets around it in green. If you want to see charts of the actual aspects you can click “view additional tables” and it will open up a pdf document showing how the transiting planets are aspecting your natal. Hope that’s helpful! Whatever you find can be effectively googled for clarification.

      • why would an astrology post about the pluto transit lounge not be the right forum for someone to seek / post info about a pluto transit?

    • Thank you BossFine for the great instructions and thank you Anon for your comments too. xx

  36. Yes! I think my current boyfriend is a reset person for me. I’ve had an ongoing Pluto-Venus trine going for the last few years, it became exact (again) soon after he showed up. He is a multiple conjunct Aries, very fit & I reckon he has a strong Pluto edge – his best friend is a Scorpio. He bikes everywhere, works out five times a week & goes boxing. As a result my interest in my fitness levels has gone way up, I now enjoy going to the gym. I’m trying to ‘copy’ him in a few ways, actually, since he seems so balanced πŸ™‚

  37. it’s very gratifying to be told (what the heart and soul already know) that i have been as big a reset person for him as he has been for me. the sentence, “i have been hiding because i realize i am incomplete and am working on myself so to be worth of you,” is possibly the best one i have ever heard. what began as mutual pluto has become mutual saturn-venus. square for him, opposition for me, and it’s GOOD. knock knock knock on wood…