Five Need To Know Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus Full Moon. Full Moon captured between the horns of a Bull

Taurus Personality Traits To Give You The Edge In Taurus Management

Knowing these five Taurus personality traits will give you all you need to handle any Taurus person, in any context successfully.


They are extremely attached to their possessions. Don’t fuq with their stuff. Your taking of even a minor Taurean item is a boundary violation to them. Taurus Moon people are particularly inclined this way. Not fuqing with the stuff of a Taurus ranges from not stealing their Porsche to not moving their toothpaste from its usual position.


They feel stressed by people who insist on neurotic, complex dialogue when food, money, or sex will do just as quickly. Their thought process follows a flow chart that first checks whether they need to alert the authorities and then if eating, spending or orgasm will help. 


They are more similar to their fellow Fixed signs than you might think. They are a more sensual version of Aquarius or like a Leo without the stage presence. Taurus is a lot more like this lot than you might think. They don’t invest in being seen as “weird” or “unconventional,” but they’re completely capable of adhering to a unique belief system. Don’t confuse their placid demeanor with complacency. 


Taurus does not like spontaneity OR for things to be scheduled. Both fuq with the Tao Of Taurus. Some call this control-tripping – Taurus says it’s Zen. 


You know they love you when they give you music.

Taurus personality traits are, of course, more extensive, but the points above are all you need to handle any boss/love interest/family member.

Image: Eric Bonhomme

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lol. I’m a Taurus Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, with Leo rising, Aquarius moon.. and Leo NN. This post makes me laugh.. I never know which part of me to blame, but now I know, it’s all the same. I’m not even a particularly materialistic Taurus ( I thought that must’ve been the Aq. moon) .. i can’t stand too much stuff and clutter everywhere. I’ve been trying to practice minemalism, but I have too many crafty projects and cooking utensils that I neeeed and clothes.. i work in an awesome vintage clothes shop. But I am on the path to… Read more »


sorry, minimalism.


“Taurus does not like spontaneity OR for things to be scheduled. Both fuq with the Tao Of Taurus. Some call this control-tripping – Taurus says it’s Zen.”

It’s my way or the highway. They rival Aquarius for always being right and Scorpio for never being wrong.


* Don’t crap on with neurotic complex dialogue when food, money or sex will do just as easily.

Yup. I wish my virgo man would get this…………

1st house venus

I’m a Libran with Taurus Moon and so I suppose that makes me emotionally feel comfy/have a habit of being methodical, reliable, grounded, earthy, leisure-prone lifestyle, into god quality clothes/food/people/music.

Tropic of Scorp

you are so venusian!!! 🙂 Where’s your Toro moon.

I have venus in Libra in 9th (big on justice and I fall for people with accents) and Jupiter in Toro in 4th house. Home is very important to me. My favourite place to hang is the sofa!! 🙂


The truth about taurus is theyre supposed to be reliable, like good food and clothes/ fashion, but I dont believe in star signs.

Virgo Ellie

Ok Toro’s.. what are your feelings on being given gifts from a lover? This thread is teaching me so much about my toro/gem.


Gift advice for Toros:

#1: Buy nice or buy twice, obvs.

#2: nothing wrong with a solid practical useful gift / one that saves the person money down the road and shows you care about his/her security/wellbeing / etc


I have north node Taurus and this gift advice is exactly correct. Gift giving from my family is TRIGGERING!!!!!!


Sorry, but I can’t with Taurus. Disclaimer: Unless they are super haute bulls & aphrodites, completely self-actualised and zen. Those few are like mystical energy fields of quiet movement, a torus in fact. I do believe most of the Toro’s who love astrology and haunt the halls of this forum are these haute bovines. But those that are lo Toro Sun, can be dyed-in -the-wool stick-in-the-muds. So obsessed with their own pleasure and not at all interested in the common good. Their fixity probably plagues me as I am Gem Rising but with Sun Leo, Moon Scorp. I feel like… Read more »


Can this be true for someone with a north node in taurus???? … I hate it when people touch my stuff, i get very pissed off, to the point where I will declare war. I’m also aware if someone is intruding in my space when im not around. I love sharing music, food and books particularly if i really like someone. I also find it difficult to have a balanced life, i like routine but then i get bored with it and prefer spontaneity, then i feel the urge to get back into a routine when life feels too overwhelming… Read more »


Your feelings around stuff describe mine as a NN taurus. It makes me incredibly angry

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Yeah…espesh the “Do not fuq with their stuff”. The Taurean hoarder in my family is a case in point.

They know where it is. They know if it’s been moved.


Taurus Sun, Moon and Mars with Saturn,Venus, Chiron and Lilith in Pisces, hence the mud. Gem asc…I can talk to you about anything, cook you the best dinner you’ve ever had, and then fuq you until your eyes roll back into your head. Most men run Do NOT try and schedule every minute of my life, my ex-husband tried that and yeah, note the ex. I like spontaneity as long as I’m not doing my time is mine Zen thing! Gem asc helps with this I think. If I send you music you have a hook in my heart… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

OMG thank you. I feel that Taureans are way misunderstood sometimes. Yeah, we’re easy to spot because of the stereotypically true Taurean traits, but so many descriptions of Taurus act as if this is all there us to Taurus, neglecting the deeper picture under the surface. This: “Taurus does not like spontaneity OR for things to be scheduled. Both fuq with the Tao Of Taurus. Some call this control-tripping – Taurus says it’s Zen.” is so. dead. on. And yes, you know that I have love for you if you get music, a book, interesting journal articles, or food. Or… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

TAURUS moon if one thing is moved in mon over-stacked abode (supporter of maximalism as an interior style – empty white boxes are for vVrgos…………) any moved object (even by 1cm) glares harder than a misspelt word on a screen (am dyslexic) & a writer (not a publicist – but Mystic coined that monicker in 99 on her old blog – when that, last century, was my daily toil) back to post in hand TAURUS hate having their shit touched idea messed with dont fuck with it PS daveyl if you’re out there FINALLY after 10 years – got Le… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I get very upset whenever I can’t FIND something or if someone has taken something without asking. Me and my dad (Taurus sun) both freak when our stuff gets messed with at all. If someone has so much as opened a drawer to his desk even without disturbing anything, he knows. Taureans have a psychic connection to their stuff. lol His siblings tell stories about how when he was a kid he would take all the balls and collect them in a pile then guard them instead of playing with the other kids and get pissed whenever anyone messed with… Read more »

xox RLP xox

Le Ram – ironically – has a passion for Taurus bashing!! his significant ex pre me is one as is his former best friend, now no longer an acquaintance (sad) however his biz partner is & I have T – moon so to discover his T rising was not only hilarious but telling he goes SPARE when can’t find something (sawed by decades of hard living deteriorating memory) – combined with lives in a compound – stuff everywhere any possession broken or lost is re referred to ongoing funnily – when something goes missing in the compound – he asks… Read more »

Taurus Vixen

Oh my. Dead on. Music can be a spiritual thing but if I really care about you, I’ll give Art. One fellow I was deeply in love with I commissioned an artist for a drawing of his other love which was a plane. Lovely drawing with full on top of the line framing. Caught up with the same love 20 years later and he was still telling me I was the best lover he’d ever had.


I’ve known two Toros, both very different. One was a little witch who seduced the head of the department and attempted to control everyone through him. When he became engaged to another woman, she got him sacked. Then she tried to seduce the new boss and she ended up sacked. She sued the company for sexual harrassment and lost. Toro two was a wonderful male friend who I swear was my brother in another life. Instant connection from minute one. He played guitar and when he sang sounded EXACTLY like James Taylor! He was also a canny hunter – deer… Read more »


ah music. from the heart to the heart. true- it is not to be shared with anyone less than worthy. and while my gem stuff sees everything in shades of grey, in matters of the heart toro fixedly knows only black and white. 2 toro moons splitting up: plenty of stuff for both. each had a very clear sense of what is whose, and respected that intrinsically. until it got to the kitchen- biggest fights in the whole deal were over the cast iron collection and mortars and pestles. the record collection has yet to be divided… i think we… Read more »


i adore the sensuality, but i don’t think i could go for a toro man even though my m-v are there. so HAIRY. ewwww!

12th house virgo

This is all making me feel sorry for the Taurean wife who Saggy man whore who likes to piss off in a multitude of ways. It sounds like making Taureans upset would be pretty easy, but his rebellion (one of many) is by spending a ton on strippers whenever he gets sent to Vegas on business. She retorts with an extravagant closet of essential gifts for herself and the kids. I can only imagine she keeps him because she imagines he’s something someone else wants. LOL!

cosmic fleece

Caught up with Uncle Toro the other night at family do. The first thing he always asks is something to do with his garden – as im a gardener, the other night it was ”how do you make your grass look really bright green, lush and soft ?” Just to mess with him i said ”conditioner and combing” Asked him did he miss not having a boat, he replied ”you know what boat stands for ? Bring Out Another Thousand” We meet up for final talks on his Sagg daughters wedding on the weekend, (She’s marrying a Columbian Piscean she… Read more »

cosmic fleece

*pranks* not ranks !


“tight as a duck’s butt”

With at least one Sagg daughter, what Toro wouldn’t be?


Here’s what I have in Taurus, my 2nd house, all of which are getting some serious saturn barbell action. Sun, Jupiter, Pallas, Vesta, Moon – and all this bookended by Venus & Chiron on one end, Mercury at 0 gem on the other side. Astro’s been intense. The Scorping, bloody hell. I don’t seem to mind if the toothpaste gets moved, as long as you can tell me exactly where you put it. Everything else above seems pretty spot-on. Spontaneity will drive a Taurus moon bats if it’s not his or own idea, and on the scheduling side this works… Read more »


J – You are so right about the Taurus Moon! My moon is in Taurus and if I choose when/how/where to be spontaneous it’s all good… but if someone else does… oh geeze… it’s really hard for me!! If there are options, then I’m better with it all!

Oh and I keep my own separate tube of toothpaste! 😉


Taurus Rules:

1. Don’t fuq with my stuff.
2. It’s ALL my stuff.
3. Don’t bother me with your stuff. If I cared about it, it would still be MY stuff.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

babe see below!!!

xox 😉 xox

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)



This was great, so spot on! Taurus / Virgo rising here. That bit about schedules and spontaneous happenings… Omg could anything be more true? It’s like, just LET it happen- im the most dependable person you will ever know- if I’m 10 minutes late for work, it’s cause I needed to redo my eyeliner! Or get coffee from that place that’s always got a line! Or have morning sex with my hot ass Gemini husband! DUH peon brains And yes, we love money. I hoarde it and I blow it on insanely lavish things that other people find ridiculous but… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I didn’t fully comprehend understand the “Leo sans stage presence” bit until I read your comment. This is awesome. I think Taureans are probably like the most snobbyish of the zodiac in a way, yeah? Like we IDENTIFY with our stuff and our taste in stuff. Leo can be superficially flashy, yes, and Capricorn likes status but has — in my opinion — a very earthy, grounded, and ironic/humorous side as well. But Taurus thinks their taste is superior even if it’s in something cheap because it’s THEIR opinion, so you MUST only try it and then OF COURSE you… Read more »


Omg- YES I found myself being at several of my very close friends for becoming vegetarians because It ruined my insane desire to cook French food!? then I took it as a personal challenge and learned to cook gourmet vegetarian out of spite… And ended up converting myself? Who does that lol!! I am a total snob. IA with you totally. Leo’s have good taste but throw way too many temper tantrums. I find capricorns (women anyway) to be a bore an incredibly socially off putting. Like… A dress from tj Maxx if that makes any sense. I love being… Read more »


I have Sun, Mercury, Venus in Taurus, with Gemini rising. I have no problem with people with people tocuhing my stuff, or my money, I’ve always been more “whats mine is yours” about my stuff, BUT dont touch my food! haha If I find out those awesome leftovers got eaten, or you’ve trespassed my sacred chocolate stash, watch out! Always wondered why I get along with leos so well, and have always felt secretly more scorpio (that could be my Scorpio mars/Saturn/ conjuction though) The Gemini rising makes me much too impatient to carry on like a typical steady Taurus… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

I am still stumped on how to figure out the rising sign. I know what mine is based on but for my Toro / Gem guy I don’t have his time. Does that matter/ He is right on the cusp. Just curious because what you say is very much like him.


If you don’t have the time you can’t find out the rising.


This is so true!


HAHAHA! I am Taurus and that is totally spot on.


Weird. That is so me but I have absolutely nothing in Taurus except IC.

Virrgo Ellie

Perfect timing!! Yes, my toro/gem communicates thru music. It can be a little sad when he posts things on FB when he is trying to release a past heart break. What do they want when they communicate like that. He doesn’t give up his money AT all unless it is for himself or his mother. Routine is definitely not his thing and I am good with that. I wonder what he is like in a committed relationship? I just can’t do the kinky talk to him that he wants!! LOL!! After 3 years I am failing with the interview!!


Sounds like he’s fishing with that musical prose. Seek him out. Nothing sexier in this world than a woman unafraid to be the courtier on occasion. and a most importantly give a hug. don’t try to control him or corral him with trivial stern ultimatums. And affection. But assuming you’re a virgo it won’t be an issue 😉 and honey, music is our mercury in matters of the heart.


As Taureans age, they evolve! They become more tolerant, accepting and forgiving. So if you fuq with them, they’ll overlook your shortcomings! And we are the snobbiest sign because we know class when we see/feel/smell/hear it! Did someone say that we’re the most sensual astro sign?

Virgo Ellie

Smudge, that is what I have noticed with him. Although it has been stressful for me getting to know him and going thru my life challenges, every time we breakup he gets more open. Maybe me too. I feel very safe with him and that is tuff for a Virgo.

Virgo Ellie

I like your thinking Gren! Enjoying my time with him!! Its been a bit stressful but I think I am catching on to what he wants after 3 Years and 3 breakups. Let’s see what happens. 🙂


Holy shit. I just kind of realised i’m Saturn in Taurus in the 6th. I freaking loathe people touching my stuff. If it happens i sanitise it. I probably give some sort of horrified nostril-flare curl-of-contempt-lip look. I locked the new cabinets and drawers at my office only once, then realised that noone goes into them anyway. I think they know. They know about my major food stash: i have cleared out a whole section – no files, no folders, no office bullshit, just my emergency food. Every day is an emergency. My colleagues like to come and have a… Read more »


It’s gotta be something else. Saturn’s not a personal planet.


No. I, too, have Taurus in the 6th. I serve through food, art, music, and good atmosphere. The thought of handing someone bad coffee horrifies me. Saturn may simply indicate that her workplace/daily routine (Sat/Cap) is where the primary commitment is. Or where the stuckness happens. But the sixth house is a personal house –still below the horizon. It’s all personal below the horizon. Who made that rule, anyway? Saturn isn’t a personal planet so it must not affect you, personally? Holy cow. I could write a book about how Saturn’s affected me, personally. Nothing like boundaries! Do you subscribe… Read more »

12th house virgo

“Who made that rule, anyway? Saturn isn’t a personal planet so it must not affect you, personally?” I’m with you. I think Saturn impacts people pretty directly. I mean, its part of the cross of self (Aries/Mars), home (Cancer/Moon), partner (Libra/Venus), and career (Capricorn/Saturn). I could crap on and on about Saturn!


yes i agree. saturn underlies everything. i think about him as the “below you” card in the celtic cross. as personal as it gets!


Saturn’s not personal? Could i watch while you tell a Scorpio that? And yes the 6th house is terribly personal. It’s how you comport yourself daily, not just in front of others but with yourself. How you groom, dress, eat, manage time, go about your tasks, interact with your nearest and dearest, nurture and consider the people regularly in your sphere…all the choices you make about your day to day, say so much about who you are. And i think this is why some say the 6th is the house of magic. It is personal and not performed on a… Read more »


Accurate and succinct!
You forgot to mention, the SENSUALITY bit! If you want a Taurean, make sure you know how to KISS! It’s called foreplay. If you can’t spend the better part of a night kissing, don’t bother with a Taurus. We don’t like to be rushed…..on anything! And, even though we might not be so verbal….doesn’t mean we don’t know what we want. Did I mention that we love “words” and can be seduced with eloquent emails!!!

? Alter ? (@AlterEgoTrip_Se)

This is very informative, I would say I see the similarity of the Scorpio vibe brought down to an extremely earthly, physical level. I am entangled in my life with too many people who have Mars in Taurus. I am surrounded, my husband, my mother, my former best friends even.. a current close friend. My son is Sun in Taurus, my husband, who is Sun in Gemini has Mars in Taurus as well as Mercury in there, in the 12th house being totally his Asc ruler (since we SHARE that) Another close friend who has no planets or points on… Read more »


Money is about control – someone on another earlier post said Scorp’s don’t take lovers, they take hostages, but actually, I think the hostage taking thing is Toro. Scorp possesses you psychically, long after they/you have left, because they touched you in healing way and/or hurt you somewhere inside that only they can. With Toro, the money thing is not about teaching you anything. It’s about trying to say ‘can’t you see how much I care since I am willing to share my dosh with you????” (when I am so possessive about what’s mine???). “And isn’t that enough for fuq’s… Read more »


bugger, that was me and I forgot to mention name. You can tell I had a few bad experiences with first two lovers (Toros – multiple toros with Venus in Aries!) can’t you!!! The fact that the first one – at age 17 – who cheated on me and then went on to become a multi-millionaire and rang me out of the blue a few years ago – some 30 years later – to say he still loved me and wanted to cheat on his wife with me, from across the globe, doesn’t endear me any to Toros. Life at… Read more »

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

I love learning about these things – thank you both for the insights!!
Never gone out with a Taurus, and don’t know that many (obv peeps whose sun signs I know, hehehe…)
I have only Taurus Chiron and my 7th house is Taurus.
Thank you again, loving these things that I can ponder about and cache in my brain. 🙂


There is that aspect to them.. where they want to materially possess everything or bring things down to “see how much I love you.. I gave you..” Yes I would like to believe that everything is not down to that, but my fear is that the shadow of the Taurus energy IS.. money is the love replacement, and how they can run hot and cold.. Passions exclusively on their clock, not the other way around.. which is disturbing for me. And with that there are no planets but Neptune in Scorpio, sensing that the hostage taking is down to the… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

This is so, so true. My dad is very emotionally cold. However, he is completely loyal to my mom despite them having no passion and a lot of disagreement. He shows her he loves her by working super hard at his engineering career to make a lot of money and have a nice house and land, saving steadily for retirement, and by always making sure there is enough in the banking for everything she needs (she is a Cancer, loves getting a deal so nothing too crazy). But he is very emotionally distant. The same with us kids. He never… Read more »


My mum is a Taurus. You’re so right! She bought me all sorts of things when I was younger and constantly fed me (cancer ascendant maybe?) to show her love but not much for saying it or listening to my thoughts or feelings.


“Scorp’s don’t take lovers, they take hostages.”
true very true


“I think Toro is often deliberately blind to power dynamics they are using but don’t want to see. His powers of denial are truly extraordinary: there’s just no basis for a conversation about it all – it’s all so simple, to Toro, and if it isn’t, then it’s because YOU are neurotic, or don’t appreciate them; it’s certainly not because THEY are capable of any convoluted machiavellian motives. Right, yeah.” Excellent observation. Same for Caps who’ll deny manipulation ’til the cows come home. In fact I’m starting to disbelieve that anyone can be unconscious of their own motives. You just… Read more »


True. All true. I’m a Taurus with Scorpio rising. Food, money, sex; all extremely important and things we are extremely good at making and doing… Schedules are a prison and spontaneity is overrated.. If your lucky we will sing for you…


“Food, money, sex; all extremely important and things we are extremely good at making and doing” – Hit the nail on the head if I may say so myself 🙂


I’m a double Taurus with a Scorpio moon and that’s so true for me. In fact, I was about to post it to my FB site until I read the part about sharing music, my God that would be too revealing because it’s true. I feel subtle rage when somebody displaces my stuff. Yes, subtle rage exists.


Omg…. I love “MysticBull”…. as I am a Taurus Sun with a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune! Wish I thought of it first
: ) !

1st house venus

beautiful name!


true also for Taurus Rising?

I love sending significant people messages through music 🙂


my landlord is tauras….he lost all respect for me cause i was late once with the rent and then due to extreme lack of sleep lost the door key. This guy has a hard heart its beyond his star sign i have had no door screen for a month but he too busy with his his excess stuff a truck which rots in the backyard and a speed boat. he is overcharging us all for living here and it took me a lot of effort to get a wait for it……..$5 discount of the rent. Tauras has a real base… Read more »


lol! yep : )


The first day I hung out with the Toro (for five hours mind you) last year and he went to the store to get some bottled water…. Something told me to “not touch his bong”..or any pot therewith..Nor snoop around his house whilst he was gone… I didn’t dare as something told me it was a test so chilled out on his “couch” lol No, he hasn’t called….maybe we’re on Toro time..It’s okay and Merc is Rx…will report back any goings on but if he should not call and he approches me ONE MORE TIME in some public place…better believe… Read more »


I actually owed him a massage for some pot he gave me (no I don’t smoke it regularly been months..but that was the “deal” I set up to keep him hooked from the get go….little has he known…what, you think Aries is stupid? lol 😉 )… Last time I saw him he only said he still had my number in his phone as to see if I would take the bait and say “oh yes, darl, let me still give you that massage” .. No, he took too long and so that was off the table… I said “give me… Read more »


Want to add that think I’ve over played my “being hard to get” hand a bit.. Was just my own fears..haven’t been in a relationship for seven years.. This year current weight loss so Cappy Moon and Saturn square Aries Sun parts a bit quaky..Broke down some protective mechansims..Am still a bit raw.. In my little spirit reading I had downtown Palm Springs last week, one of the cards was about me cultivating confidence in this life… Toro has Saturn in Toro 12th…He is really quite sensitive… One of the things I remember was the day I met him and… Read more »


Current Saggie Moon and Mars 29 degrees on 26 descendant and opposite Gem Mars /Asc..sextile Chiron 25 Aqua, 9th May be why a bit And stats are really, well, quite boring 😆 You think when I die, I’ll come back as an astro aspect of some sort?… I’d like to be a trine…The squares have been shit hard…lol Yeah, yeah and then you evolve…I’m fuqing tired of evolving…Said to the heavens the other day…”always striving, striving”.. Teacher said when you get tired of the world, meditate and “retire’ back into Source…Don’t always remember, this place is such a distraction..… Read more »


Oh dear, I’d had something to drink last night…That was all very love Zombyish…Some of it true, some of it not so true… lol Thank god the morning after is here at the blog 😯 Back to Achilles Last Stand when I really should be getting ready for work.. Ha, but that song is a good one if you feel you are going into a battle of any sort…x (no, two massages this am are hardly a battle). I love my peeps…Leo patient was not going to see me until after the N.Y and so he gave me $50.00 as… Read more »


Sorry to hear you’re down SP. Lack of sleep will do that to you. My suggestion is to catch up on that over a few nights, then call Toro and say, ‘I’ve waited for you to call long enough, I’d really like to hang out with you some more, how about it?’ You are wonderful Sweetpea (my v favourite flower BTW). Take care of yourself xo


Sweetpea don’t listen to my advice (given as Anonymous above). I’ve just been hurt for the second time by a Taurus who never could commit to me, but lead me on with a trail of crumbs. If he’s keen he’ll come after you. Until then, ignore him. I’ve wasted too much time and energy on this man. Never had such sustained anger – at his playing me and at my own naivety in not acknowledging that he’s a manipulative prick!


Hey, sweet of you Anon but I just don’t know!!!!!


Let me sleep on it…lol x

I respect a man more who can just speak the hell up…He flirts but no follow thru…this isn’t the first time so I just don’t know…I forget about him for months…

It’s like just leave me the hell alone if you see me in public…Jezus…I’m minding my own business..

Anyway, I ALMOST went to the casino tonight but doing music instead…a better choice and free…Thanks for popping by luv.

Got an email from Gem daughter from Dublin…fascinating…!


Davidl, our other lovely David, Charles, resident Toro…what should I do with this man and situation?…

A male perspective would be nice….thanks loves..x


I don’t think playing hard to get will work with Taurus. They aren’t the type to go chasing after someone, more than likely. Taurus is loyal, and expects the same from his people, so it doesn’t matter how long it has been. If you show you are still one of his people, he should respond. Just call him.


That was me above. I do know what you mean about respecting a guy who can follow through if he’s interested. I’m Aries with Mars in Aries so a confident man of action appeals to me.


SO timely as I have just started sharing a house with a Taurus. Just about everything I do is spontaneous or planned… Que? Is there some other way of doing stuff? Fortunately we are both Camus ‘Outsiders’ and not at all interested in each other romantically. It’s a business arrangement. He doesn’t know his time of birth but I’m guessing Cap, so with lots of 1st house Cap myself I can deal . I got an early warning signal when the very nice wooden breadboard of his I was admiring (and using), was ‘disappeared’ out of the kitchen. It was… Read more »

Gemini 1001

and never ask a Taurus that doesnt eat seafood if you can forse feed him a prawn… goes against EVERYTHING in their Tao but they will politely decline with a ‘no thanks’ Love them totally.

Gemini 1001 with taurus rising living with Taurus upon taurus upon taurus.. i mean everything in taurus!!!

Gemini 1001

forse = force


Sun, Moon and Mercury in Toro (what I like to call the Toro Trifecta) and yes yes yes I agree with these points esp. the music. Also – that image has blown my mind, it’s like a self portrait. It’s a perfect reflection of how I feel right now (minus the muscular, bulging cyclist thighs!)


Hey, me too, Sun conjunct Moon, and Mercury in Taurus. Some people say Mercury in Taurus is slow-witted, but I totally disagree. It is thorough, practical thinking, an application of abstract ideas to real goals. And nobody ever accused me of being slow-witted, quite the opposite. Perhaps it is more like an old buddhist slogan, “nine thoughts to each word.”


Charles – agreed! No one has ever dared call me slow witted but I am very good at making the impractical, practical. With a little thought (as glacial speed) I can usually make anything happen.

electric eel libran

so true esp the last one!


Too funny! Too true! I’m Taurus sun with Leo rising and Aqua moon so…??? and of course it’s completely Zen, no question!

Water Pig

Me too Susan! I don’t like people moving my stuff or telling me what to do.


WANT this for all the signs.



leo-scorp grrrl

Spot ON, Mystic. Must be why I seem to “get” those with prominent Taurus..”like Leo without the stage presence and scorpio without the secrets”- brilliant. I have suspected for a while but now truly believe Pisces beau to be Taurus rising. Leo-like in choosing clothes (quality, fine textures) but less flashy. Scorp-like in the x-ray vision but not as intense. And music….to a T.

Great bit “The truth about…” i agree with david5379- more signs!

leo-scorp grrrl

Oh, yea, and the Taurus sensuality….. uh huh!


Yup, more signs, please!


omg. nailed it. I hate to run to a schedule or to be planned – but I don’t much like surprises either. What? It is zen! And as for the music – well. Exactly. Don’t crap on, full stop. Everything important can be said in two sentences or less. Right?


The best sex I ever had was with a Taurean artist. He stopped midway and insisted on looking at my body as he ran his hands over me to appreciate the aesthetics of my body by the moonlight.

*le sigh*


Good lord, my Toro ex was one sensual, body-worshiping horny bastard.

Me: Venus-Mars conjunct in Libra. Him: Venus in Aries trine Mars Sagg. We were pretty awesomely romantically aligned and our Virgo-Toro earth combos made for such a great team….before we split. His emo Kataka ascendant and my less-than-transparent Gem moon figured prominently in a very messy break-up, though we’re great friends now. Zero tolerance for neurotica and the music bit is dead on. Sensational print!


I’m an Aquarian… so I wandered off on that poor Taurean. I can only assume something shiny/poetic/unusual was involved.


that really makes me feel bad, my sister is always offering me music and I always flippantly blow her off…. but then again, shes always eating my food and drinking my drinks when im there, like, a thing of lemonade or whatever will be there a whole month and the weekend im back suddenly guess who wants some, as a kid I had to find things she didnt like just as some sort of refuge from the constant “sharing”/ compulsive copying of tastes, so suddenly having tastes for the only things I like while still eating drinking her own stuff… Read more »


Ha ha, I should just move around all her stuff next time im there tee hee, shes about as fixed as I am mutable, ascendant(leo) sun(taurus) and moon(aqua) (and her mercury/mars/midheaven are taursus as well, oy), once she actually confronted me CONFRONTED ME, because I moved this shampoo thing somewhere else, so it wouldnt fall and because it was in the way mind you, and she was legitimately upset I did not put it back, but she does tons of far worse things, and I just have to bite my tongue, uggh I can go on forever whining about her,… Read more »

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