Which Sun Signs Are Hoarders?

piles of old magazines and newspapers stored by hoarders

Which Sun Signs are hoarders?

I was reading this story recently that said that hoarders might be more numerous than previously thought. Up to six percent of the population, apparently. As an extreme minimalist, I find this genuinely freaky. Being a decluttering maniac has drawbacks and sometimes I go too far.Β  But if you wonder which extreme is worse, just google-image “hoarders.” Or see the article.

They say that these poor people get worse in challenging economic times, in which case Pluto in Capricorn is going to see mountains of crap spill out of chez Hoarder. People think my house has been recently robbed, it’s so bare but at least cats won’t get lost in my house. Piles of ancient magazines won’t spontaneously combust and Qi flows freely.Β 

Also, ghosts are attracted to clutter and dirt. The old witch tales about cleanliness being magic are true! You cannot have clear, bright energy in your domestic environment with stuff everywhere.

If I had a decluttering service it would be extreme. I would arrive at the crack of dawn, literally so that the Sun was on the Ascendant. There would be skip bins already on site and a courier on standby to ferry ‘stuff’ to various destinations. I would also hire a huge shredder for documents and have carte blanche to remove anything with bad energy.

But the problem is that the people who most need it will debate every single item. So the cost would be prohibitive. But minimalism is a true luxury.

However, in the interests of data, which Sun Sign or astrological signature have you noticed is most associated with hoarders? Or, even just people who hang onto clutter without crossing over into anything pathological?


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Every cancer I have known hoards…..the magazine collections are epic!

Taurus Vixen

I’ve been decluttering in a different way. Not so much house items but people in my life. Was sitting in the lobby of my chiropractor’s office going through my phone contacts and deleting people left and right. Then did the same with my email contacts. Felt great getting rid of people that were taking up negative space in my life.


Leo sun/Libra moon struggling to de-clutter house with kids – Pisces sun eldest, Kataka youngest – and early Virgo sun/Taurus moon partner….It is impossible.

My Aquarius mother was a die hard hoarder, and to a lesser extent two of my best friends are Aqua seekers and keepers. However, my Pisces father never hoarded anything, and preferred to throw out other family member’s items with impunity. He had quite a tool collection, though.


Did some auspicious space clearing/declutter with my pc – deleted all video games/mmorpgs (very addicted to, escapism etc – hello to you neptune in aqua) from the hard drive this morning. Buh bye.


i definitely hoarded for a few years as saturn transited my 5th over ceres and pluto. pluto-saturn was fukushima and it gave me some sense of control to have enough food/duct tape/medicines/whatever. when i moved from that house there were boxes and boxes and boxes of jars i’d saved under the sink… so much stuff…nothing disgusting or anything else but i may have gotten a little carried away. :O still it was a valid coping strategy and yes very taurean. doing the moon in times of stress, yes? moon-stellium toro, gem rising/sun, cancer in 2nd (i think that’s important for… Read more »


i just had an insight into the toro hoarding as i gazed at my piles and piles of clutter and dreamed of cleaning it all. it’s not just that we equate security with stuff and are ridiculously possessive and attached to it… it’s that we’re terminally lazy. period. so much i’d love to go through and clean/clear/organize, but that would mean getting off the couch… πŸ™‚

12th house virgo

I am with you on the couch thing. I have one daybed left and I want to get rid of it too but I will have no seating at all if I do. Hate having people over because there’s not proper seating. Have my eye on some new couch/seating pieces, but for whatever reason, the situation isn’t ready to be resolved yet. Perhaps post-Mer retro.


They might be anal but the Virgo can be the worst of hoarders, and Aries and Cancerians too – something about being Cardinal I guess. And Aquarians because sometimes they can be just sort of odd (nice), but odd.


Close relative is a hoarder, not someone with more collections than is good for them (that would be me- books, mainly). I mean a hoarder, who never throws out anything, including garbage and obvious junk, and hates to clean up or even put things in some sort of order. This person is a Taurus Sun, opposed by Saturn. The opposition is the only really hard aspect in the chart. This person also dislikes holding a job, and from childhood has thought that someone else should be the provider. I think some of this is the influence of our common grandparent… Read more »

ariella bella

hilarity.. a moment after i post about hubby dearest , i check back to face book.. upon entering some wise ass posted a photo of my art supply habit.. for all to see.. i posted it over three years ago and some internet angel just called me on it.. hahahhahhahahhahha. these little jokes keep me honest. somebodys watching.


😯 This is so UNREAL! 😯 I can’t stop laughing whenever I think of MM with a big spliff out the front of a house smudging it up and the neighbours thinking we’re all stoners! So funny! Btw what’s the Feng Shui around back gates? Ever since we moved here our back gate has never been used because it was broken. We could never open it at all and when it was windy we were constantly worried it would topple over and our puppies would get out. The owner never wanted to pay for it to be fixed so we… Read more »



According to dream moods 😯

‘To see a closed gate in your dream signifies your inability to overcome current difficulties. If you are unable to open the gate, then it indicates that your hard work will be seen as unsatisfactory.’

Wow… that really resonates!



ariella bella

chinese astrology rats.. collect everything for a rainy day, great providers..buy in bulk.. have shelves for everything.. stellium at 25 leo virgo cusp. good stuff. mostly.. ??? spent years accumulating rocket parts and anything aero space. then in one fit..purged.. pluto is in the mix. on the asc. with sun saturn merc pluto and asc. very difficult. at least he can afford shelves.. this guy is my moon pluto.. now we compete for who can store the most dvds books . brother dearest pisces.. pig stole everything that wasnt nailed down. mother dearest cant stop recording five tv shows at… Read more »


I can’t help but feel the giant de-cluttering that Huricane Sandy has foisted upon that population of people and what good it will eventually do them,if they can get over being a victim—Silver Linnigs are possible for them.
God bless us all!


I can’t stand clutter, yet sometimes it builds up but I do clear it because it drives me nuts and makes me feel depressed. When I moved overseas, I got rid of about 75% of what I’ve ever owned and it felt SO GOOD! Since then clutter has bothered me even more than it used to, as I have now experienced that having less is more!

Hoarding disorder, though, is a whole other thing, possibly a mental health issue, especially with extreme hoarding.

Signs who would hoard? I don’t know, don’t want to stereotype but maybe Taurus and Crab?


Taurus here, Leo moon. Yup, I am a hoarder. Improving thought thanks to Mystic’s posts about improving Qi and de-cluttering. Mum called me “No. 1 junk collector” as a kid. I often buy things and leave them in their shopping bags and discover them a week later. It gets bad because of my Bovine laziness, so ya’know stuff piles up. Unearthed a collossal bag of junk from under the sink the other day (bad Qi I know) But if you want to hear some real Feng Shui woo-woo. I moved a mirror in my house last week, My hot water… Read more »

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

A close relative of mine is a hoarder. Sun sign: Taurus. It was hell for all concerned, I mean EXCREMENT is involved (as well as every other thing you could possibly imagine). It has gotten better lately, but believe me, the friends and relatives of hoarders really suffer. This person is not rational. Logic doesn’t work, neither does taking charge and throwing the stuff out (it will be back, 100xworse within a week). Basically this person suffers huge anxiety re: throwing stuff out, but is in complete denial and not interested in seeking help, or cleaning up. This person would… Read more »

watery libran

Yep, it’s a psychological disorder, and the Astro Feng Shui SWAT team would probably result in a total nervous break down on the part of the hoarder. A Libran ex with, from memory a Cancer moon, was the worst example I saw up close. He went mental if I tried to even tidy up, not throw anything out, just tidy – there were mountains of crap everywhere at his place, and even his car was full of stuff. I knew the relationship was a no-goer when I was moving house and chucking stuff out, he’d go out to the wheelie… Read more »

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Yep, bin-fishing is a classic symptom.

We used to have to sneak our rubbish out of the house hidden in our cars, and put it in public rubbish bins on the street, because said hoarder would only fish it out of the bin at home.

He also used to go through bins on the street, just in case there was anything “useful” in them.


yes please I need the Astro Feng Shui SWAT team. Since moving to this old house it seems like even more stuff just comes to us and at us – need help – would pay a Feng Shui SWAT team for sure!


I gotta say, I find it runs in families more than signs. Hoarding runs down my Mom’s side, my grandma & all her sisters, my uncle on that side, & I have been digging my own way free for YEARS! All different signs on that side. (Me: Cap sun, Virgo moon, Kataka rising) However, this is an on-going project with my mate, he’s Scorpio sun & Cap moon with Libra rising, & I think it’s even harder for him than me. But we’ve made massive progress; you’d say our place was fairly full, but not over-stuffed. Which is HUGE for… Read more »

Lucy the Leo

I wonder if it is an aspect rather than a sign. I have moon-Venus in cancer and don’t even own a knick knack, let alone a vintage one. Cap rising and vintage clothing? On someone else maybe. Not my cup of tea. I do have books in the garage though.


this is my feeling too.


Going to massive declutter today. Stories about hoarders scares me!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

My sun, moon, and rising are all fixed signs and I definitely had attachment issues to STUFF and was very possessive about my STUFF (Taurus moon/rising, yes yes yes) and could never throw anything out. But then I started traveling…lived out of a backpack for a summer then a suitcase for two years and when I came back I threw everything out. I’m not quite a minimalist (still a book hoarder and will never throw out anything in my [designer] shoe collection) but I don’t get attached to things like I used to and throwing things out feels GOOD now.… Read more »


Clutter Busters. Who ya gonna call?


I am going to say Taurus, but maybe even a Leo. I am a Scorpio and I love nothing more then throwing things away and de-cluttering. I get a high off of it…lol Unlike my family members who grow attached to everything and I have to sneak stuff into the trash. But my Taurus lover has begun to see the light and let’s some stuff go, but he has all these boxes of papers from law school in the garage and I am not allowed to throw it out. I have looked at them and it is all crap crap… Read more »


Virgo Sun/Scorp Rising love to declutter.
The hoarders I knew had Taurus signs.
One collected crap from thrift stores hoping they’d be worth something one day. He had no sense of collector’s items and just collected bags of ugly crap. Even an indie rocker wouldn’t want to be seen dead in. High water cords with holes.
Very bizarre but he was also a drug addict and not sane.


Yep. I’ve noticed Tauri hoard.
He sounds a bit exceptional in his bad taste tho.
I know a Tauresse Bower bird for quality reminders of a bygone era.
Of times when things were less complicated perhaps?
Comfort items.

electric eel libran

yay! article about hoarders! I know 2 confirmed and 1 borderline. 1. sun in gemini; taurus stellium huge. virgo asc 2, sun in aquarius . leo moon 3. sun in libra. toro moon. scorp asc <~borderline case..will actually throw out if you can make a logical case for it. im suspecting Taurus makes people hold on but some Virgos like knick knack collections which can get out of hand. fixed sign of any kind might lead to gathering materials. As far as hoarding goes from a chakra standpoint it is probably due to weak 3rd yellow chakra. From a tcm… Read more »

Tropic of Scorp

Knick knacks!!! πŸ˜† My dad is a Virgo with moon in Taurus who loves knick knacks. It’s quite kinda cute when he shows his new acquisitions to me and my sister. He’s a bit of a hoarder too but only collects (holds on?) to things that he thinks might come in useful one day… bits of timber, old doors, picture frames, clocks (you can never have enough clocks around the house!) lol. There’s 3 old cassette/radios in the house from late 70’s. He’ll hold on to those forever! as long as they’re still working. He’s very thrifty.

electric eel libran

yes! they like to package it as “thrift” angle. but remember it’s mot thrift if you actually don’t use it!

chaos in virgoan form

my thoughts are the water signs, they can be very hoardish. Every Pisces I have known just has stuff everywhere in every nook and even though it looks like junk it is special to them in some odd way. Not entirely sure about cancers but I have seen some cancer friends with absolute garbage allover their homes…being a virgo I felt like I needed a serious cleanse after being in there. Scorpios can be BIG spenders..Scorpio is one of the least signs I know of, its like they all are hiding from me but I do know they spend big… Read more »


omg you could not walk on the floor of virgo sis’s room because you could not see it but she knew EXACTLY where everything was.

as a teen apparently my room was lovely looking but you might beware of opening a drawer or cupboard for hidden things might spring out, or mess come to light.

now it’s hidden things i abhor mess, but i do have to attend to the outofsightoutofmind drawers and corners and folders regularly as they seem to build chaos easily within months as i’m not looking.


I tend to agree with the Pisces comment. Didn’t know that about Scorpios.


I’ve seen this in a Saggitarian relatives home -MESSY- and she was very scattered and dramatic. Maybe it’s not just astro signs though

Aries Virgo Rising

My mother is a Taurus and i would call her a minor hoarder. She has things from the 90s that she bought on sale, and waiting for the perfect time to use it or give it to somebody as a gift. And you can’t touch any of it. If you throw something away, she notices. Its not as extreme as some cases. In the states, we have a TV show called Hoarders and it is very scary. Most people have some type of a psychological disorder and their possessions are an extension of that. One episode was so crazy, this… Read more »


I don’t know if it’s all Saggs but my sister is Sagg Sun/Sagg Rising. When we lived at home, she used to call me “such a MINIMALIST.” Like it was a bad word. πŸ™‚ She, on the other hand, has tons of pictures/papers/magazines/ticket stubs/ clothes from decades ago. My Cap Sun/Virgo Rising finds it to be overwhelming. πŸ™‚

electric eel libran

she may be a special case. what is her moon and asc? Saggs are hella messy and untidy but they usually part with useless crap. As a Sagg rising, we do pack rat because we engage in many activities that require gear, ex: skiing or karate. all that stuff piles up but it is not useless. Hoarders collect crap. old newspapers from like 15 years ago that is not a special keepsake, expired food, a table with 3 legs because they just know they’ll find another leg at the next sale, vintage dress 10 sizes too small for them, etc….… Read more »

electric eel libra

she may be a special case. what is her moon and asc? Saggs are hella messy and untidy but they usually part with useless crap. As a Sagg rising, we do pack rat because we engage in many activities that require gear, ex: skiing or karate. all that stuff piles up but it is not useless. Hoarders collect crap. old newspapers from like 15 years ago that is not a special keepsake, expired food, a table with 3 legs because they just know they’ll find another leg at the next sale, vintage dress 10 sizes too small for them, etc….… Read more »


I never took a look at her moon before but it’s actually in Virgo! Which just complicates things, of course πŸ™‚ But yes, everything she has kept is certainly for a reason or purpose.


I know some hoarders. 2 x Capricorn (one for old/anything nostalgic or not and the other for new stuff that doesn’t get used and lots of it) 2 x Scorpio (one generic and one specific, both with the notion things will have a use) I don’t know that specific collections are actually hoarding eg music, books or art and so forth and if there’s some sort of order to it all then is it more of a collector type personality. I wonder if it is actually the moon or specific houses as I know a Taurus who is absolute minimalist… Read more »


Attachment to ‘stuff’ is fraught. When in doubt chuck it out is a motto, but then I’ve had to move the 10 times in 10 years. If you haven’t used it in 6 months and it’s ugly and you’ve always thought it ugly ditch it. I love beautiful things, but I don’t necessarily want to own them (and move them). I have fantasised about such a business too, Mystic. I find myself living with a Taurus and realise that there are things one simply cannot broach. It will be salutary for me. Most people like their stuff. ” I DO… Read more »

fallen angel

You said it. It’s amazing to be around collectors, their devotion/obsession, their ability to pull out the entire history of each object..unfortunately when I so much as pick up something at the store I start running a cleaning tally against everything else I’d have to swab/dust/mop at home.

There’s a certain abandon to that shabby chicness which makes it feel like being there is a bit of a holiday.


It’s funny about the comments about Pisces, because I always attributed to the Neptune influences in my chart the fact that I could never accumulate material things. I always looked on longingly as people collected amazing objects to surround themselves with in their homes, while I would spend my money on more ephemeral things without the satisfaction of having something lasting to show for it. It’s only been here in my forties that I’ve been able to ground myself in my home. And that’s with a Taurus Moon and Rising. Perhaps my aversion to clutter comes from my planets in… Read more »


no i’m with you, pisces needs flow.

I wonder if it’s actually something to do with a specific combination, like earthy fixed tau with neptune forgettery on an ic or in 2nd or 4th.

libran dreamchild

I hoard certain things but in an orderly fashion and declutter a lot – moon in virgo.

kataka is the biggest hoarder i know. floor to ceiling clutter, dust, piles of clothes etc.

i try not to think about it.

conversely, my father is kataka and is a neat freak. put something down at your peril – it will end up in the bin. maybe it’s more about the moon?


Neptune in the second house for too many years, (moved out now). Clutter was a sign of our stagnating lives and being in the grip of the values of an older generation who had forgotten why they kept stuff, totally and stupidly in thrall to how the family farm always used to operate. A clearing sale, a move, a further detaching from goods no longer relevant, half my book stash, exercise equipment, past children’s favourites all went in June. Still more to go.

1st house venus

Yes, it was amazing what a saturn transit did for my second house stellium line-up – I ditched a lot of stuff! I got a bit carried away, I think, when Saturn transited my Pluto and I ditched relationships. friendships, jobs, flatmates, as well as a lot of belongings haha a thorough edit for my virgo venusness πŸ™‚
Now that saturn is in my 3rd my sister is a bitch from batshit bitchland and I’m all saturn about it! That, and I’m retraining in comms – more film and TV friends have popped up too.


Heh. Good old Saturn, constructive new habits 1stHV. Good luck with communications, could rub off on sibling relationship πŸ™‚

I projected a Pluto transit on an imaginary DC for my ex and a Uranus transit into the fourth house for me. That’s my explanation for ditching our past lives – classic mid-life rethink. We have no Taurus or Kataka to speak of to explain the detritus build up. Virgo would be good for discernment I think, should have used it more often.

fallen angel

No, nein, nyet. Not this Kataka..but then I have Aqua Moon, Virgo Riser with Venus in Leo so my idea of a clean living space is Flynn’s condo in the Grid with WAY better lighting (fluorescents are just too zomboid) and a 24-7 servant on call to keep all the surfaces glossy, or some kind of nanotechnology that actually consumes dust before it hits the surface. My centerpieces would be the bed (amazing of course) and clothing. I HIDE books to keep them preserved. Not too many knick knacks unless Feng prescribed or Qi enhancing, BUT I would allow myself… Read more »


Toro ex is a sun sign toro with cancer rising. Worst.hoarder.ever. I have cancer rising which means that i can be prone to nostalgic music collections, but my aquarius moon means im perfectly happy to make it all digital. Im prone to going on throwout binges. I wouldnt call it decluttering, but i do get a kick out of throwing out crap.

equilibrium girl

Taurus. Every sun sign Taurus I know is a hoarder. Ugh! My dad is the worst. My brother and I always say that when he dies (or moves out of his current large home that’s seriously packed to the roof in many of the rooms), we are going to hire a couple of skips and a bulldozer. Either that or just torch the place.

I used to not like to throw things out but since Pluto in Cap/ conjunct sun, I’ve become so stream-lined and unsentimental about ‘stuff’. Feel so much BETTER!!!


My dad is a Taurean as well and his place is full of junk but I always put it down to him not being bothered to throw things out rather than keeping them “just in case”.


Actually you know what? I have a Taurean ex who was a total hoarder as well. I think you’re onto something there!


Yeah, my Dad is a Sun/Moon/Venus in Taurus and he’s a classic hoarder …. even if he gets rid of one thing, something else will replace it. My bro and I also lament the ‘clean out’ when he’s no longer here. If he knows I’m on one of my minimalist benders, he’ll want to see what’s going before I chuck it (I don’t let on any more πŸ˜‰


I hoard books. But they have bookshelves that they live in. It’s not all crazy like Hugo Weaving’s place in V for Vendetta (although I kind of got excited at the sheer volume of knowledge that would be housed in those rooms!) but I do dream of having a library one day with a squishy couch and a fireplace and books to the ceiling and a ladder and perhaps a few weird-looking instruments like Dumbledore’s office…

I know a Capricorn/Leo rising who hoards vintage clothes.


I hoard books and they are piled everywhere.
However, no food, or rotten stuff. Just book and art clutter. But reading about hoarders is scaring me to death!
Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon


it makes me feel a little bit sick


Anyone I know with strong fourth house/cancer/taurus hoards to an extent. I am a cancer with moon in fourth house; I used to be a massive hoarder when I was younger: mostly sewing, bits of crafty papery things and notes. Now my Aquarius asc/nn, my strong Gem and virgo have kicked in and I am an ultra minimalist. Massive pluto and saturn transits to my gemini fourth house also helped with this. Two tendencies to collect remain that I keep in strict check: books, and uni notes/articles/ “resources” (merc/jupit/moon in Gem). The books are limited to a small bookshelf- if… Read more »


yep, cancer and books! i knew a cancer sun with gemini moon – lots and lots of books


ahh.. v interesting. relate to this. I wonder if pluto coming up to square pluto on my IC (and 4th house) will Zap some sort of forced de-stuff-ing process. SAturn transit to my 4th only managed to remove my father from the earthly plane, nothing more (but then again saturn has a few more months to go in my 4th 😐 )


My boyfriend has a 4th house stellium and is the opposite of hoarder.


My top three picks for Mystic’s astro-hoarder and my reasons would be 1, Pisces – lacks boundaries, highly sentimental, secretive about it 2 Taurus – fixed, likes possessions, doesn’t like people touching their stuff (even if you must clean under it then put it back precise enough before they know it’s been moved) 3 Kataka – accumulates stuff in the domestic sphere, highly sentimental, likes yesteryear, vintage – golden hollywood era – 80s – they can fill space with antiques, artistic pursuits (musical instruments, records, posters) hang onto it all in case it comes back around and it usually does… Read more »


I have to admit, the stuff that I do hang onto generally remains awesome / becomes awesome again. Or I MAKE it awesome, goddammit. I blame my “Long View” Cap moon πŸ˜€


also have to concede the Pisces points *sulks*


As a Piscean, sentimental yes, Clutter no. I love to feel the solid ground under my feet, light through the windows> I love yo dance so must avoid sharp edges and the doors must always be easily accessible. Us Pi’s may need to get a way at a minutes notice.

I have a box for my mementos including baby clothes and card. My boy is now 15.


i’m with you, DeptfordD. Sentimental but certainly arranged and tucked away carefully. What is in plain sight may be of significance but not readily to a naked eye.

Also need lots of s p a c e for movement to flow and clarity of thought.

moved on

Nuh! I’m a pisces with moon and cancer rising – I throw out stuff regularly!!!!! Whereas my husband who is a Gemini hides stuff in nooks and crannies everywhere. For instance – when we married and moved in together 4 years ago, I threw out 9 (nine!) giant garbage bags of clothes that he’d had since…………oh I dunno…………from the early 70’s I’d reckon and I STILL had to jam what was left in his double length cupboard space. And the double garage was to the ceiling with ‘stuff’. I asked him, how the hell does someone who is single (read… Read more »


house placement is everything. maybe your husband has a strong 2nd or 4th house. Or maybe he has a stellium in gemini but the dispositor (mercury) is in taurus or cancer.

Panda Girl

I think it’s more likely a moon sign thing? Comfort and security etc? My guess is Taurus moon. Bonus points if it’s in the 4th…


I have taurus moon and I do a thorough clean out often! I balance it with my virgo venus and mercury and libran planets are sensitive about mess and very discriminating


The hoard signs of the zodiac are taurus and cancer. I’m taurus sun/venus and I also have pluto in the 4th. Having a strong 2nd or 4th house (in any sign) can lend itself to hoarding too. sentiment, emotional security, and survival.


Not sure of sun sign predominance, but I know a certain Leo, Pisces Moon relative that LOATHES housework, is a MAJOr creative, (read arty-farty-head-in-the-clouds-intellectual etc…) – and, HATEs to throw anything out (baby boomer from a poor family), and – likes to shop for bargains. Lives with cats, couldn’t get in the front door easily etc. etc. Several rooms shut for years & never entered. I helped clean up with a 2 day non-stop task force operation (2 people). Some success. But, it’s rarely maintained, is it? So, what’s it all for? and very taxing on would be helpers. Very… Read more »


hahha ~mugwort fumes & special colonic~

I literally used to skip by those shows about hoarders as I couldn’t stomach thinking of the bugs & rat doo-doo hidden down in the nooks and crannies. (Pluto conjunc the IC?)

My whole world is in one room but it is tidy and dusted/vacuumed properly.

Was going to say Kataka but then there is the ex with Virgo Moon who threw out everything….kids Barbie dolls, my old maternity clothes…hmmm, what does THAT mean? (joke).


Ahem, make that VIRGO Pluto/IC…


OK that’s about the 80th time you’ve recommended de-thinging the living space in the past 2 weeks so I am going to try to at least re-organise (read: mostly donate to St Vincent’s) some containers of things. But srsly if I even lived in a 1-bedroom flat with decent bookshelves, walk in wardrobe and a garage with enough space to store limited outdoors gear and use it as my artspace. then I would have no problem. It’s not as though I have JUNK everywhere I am just living in a place where I nowhere to put my not-quite-daily use things… Read more »


then again the eclipse is in my 5th house, forming a T-square with Jupiter-Lilith in Toro 11th and Mars in Aqua 8th (and trine sun-merc in Pisces). so that might mean burning past romances? ditching reliance on People in general? Joining the creative Underground…?


I’ve never been to any of your homes and thought “Wow, what’s that crap?” It’s just that you’re the woman to live in a spacious dreamy beach house not a front room, spare room, apartment etc… You have books you read, art you admire, clothes you wear and booze you drink. That’s not hoarding, it’s just you haven’t got to the next step yet in which you upsidedownify your entire current life to find any way to be where you NEED to be. Which could be the exact opposite of more space. It could be selling EVERYTHING and going to… Read more »


Mess xx upsidedownifying life… yes I somehow keep missing the turn off from the fwy or whatever it is I am on

don’t quite know how I would divest myself of everything. or even if I would ever need to? thus presents the creative conundrum…um um.. time will tell.. xxoo


Spacious dreamy beach house though, on the money there of course but that’s to be expected xx

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