Suddenly One Sunday

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Suddenly one Sunday, the Love Zombie trance wore off and it occurred to her that not only did she hate the sodding country, he was never going to turn up to  Casa Del Rural Idyll.  He would never come around and catch her unawares with her lovely livestock, the carefully placed nest of eggs,  Adzuki beans sprouting in the kitchen, the handwoven lavender hemp sheets, the fuqing Aga with the spelt scones, knitting indigo shit in her lingerie because that’s, you know, the sort of chick she is. “That Neptune transit,” she thought with wonderment but no bitterness. “He wasn’t a man, he was a fuqing figment.”



Image: Vogue Nippon – Edita Vilkeviciute – Nathanial Goldberg

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72 thoughts on “Suddenly One Sunday

  1. Oh my! My heart was broken last year in what can only be described as Neptune crazy.
    And I left the countryside.
    hahahha. Just let it all go this week and it was amazingly refreshing and liberating.

  2. Oh my God, Mystic. How did you eavesdrop on the ONE conversation I’ve had (just now) with the international love affair Piscean commitment-phobe ex in the entire month!

  3. That is a goat in the sink, right? I dig goats. Majorly.

    Look at all she did. And she thought she was just waiting on a man. She’s an LZ goddess.

  4. Hilarious and yet again, perfectly timed, Mystic! Feeling it. Wishing it was the last bout, but I suspect I’ll have to push through it again some time in the future. Great to have more respite and clarity, though.

  5. Love it MM you always know the perfect thing to post.

    This is me. And it feels GREAT. Mind you I JUST started to fall for someone…………. who I don’t think is my type OR is it? ahhhh here we go

  6. The goat in the sink saddens me, as does the nest of eggs placed in the chair. I can’t help worrying that some distracted dolt will sit on them. Poor eggs.

          • I can’t see out the window! It’s glare. Is that a window in the mirror of the bottom pic? I thought it was a painting. Then it reminded me of the scene in The Ring so i didn’t look hard. That girl still petrifies me. Maybe that’s the Japanese connection?

            Or ok so perhaps it’s somewhere in Spain and she had to sell off some land and bring the animals inside, and make her own clothes while waiting for Juan.

      • 🙂

        I find it interesting that the people underestimate the Japanese sense of humor Anon.

        There are issues with fishing practices to be sure but overall the Idolisation of authenticity in that culture leads the way into the ZZone I would imagine?

        That model looks exceptionally plasto-Capricorn there tho…
        I like the FauxUranic pink lippy 🙂

        • Oh Gawd…typo ..’the People’….
          .I just meant folks in general…
          really shouldnt sound so Bolshie after cockling on a rough surf beach with the Bambini all afternoon.

          Tho it was perfect for a run-up to a full moon with the eclipse on the way.
          it blows me away how that ocean-land cusp is one of the few places that amplifies the fact that Mamagaia is a living entity.
          If you dig into the sand on a surfbeach it moves like living quicksilver through the hands.
          totally alive

          • Cockles/Pippies/vongole LG

            most AngloAustralians only use them as bait but they make a very minerally elemental pasta.
            every shell is a different artwork.

            They are buried in the tideline of many oceansurf beaches near estuaries .
            To collect them you can shimmy-shimmy with your feet, or I like to dig for them as the sand has some weird (meta?)physics going on there. 🙂

            Oh I googled that bucolic model and she is a Cap in RL. quite distinctive..
            I guess a goat in a sink is a bit of a hint too.
            I love it when my Zodar is on targ 🙂

            And I guess that lippy might attract Aquas….I remember reading something that was probably astrofluff years ago that folk are often attracted to the sunsign following them. I guess… my 1st GF was Capricorn.

            • I wish people wouldn’t collect pipis, they are overused, to the point of population collapse, and in only a decade I’ve noticed that pied oystercatchers, which feed on them and which I used to see regularly, are no longer about. They are headed to extinction, along with the little tern. We have the shooters and fishers party, right wing sh*theads, to thank for overturning the ban on commercial harvesting on pipis. Traditional use I fully support, but everyone else should leave them alone IMO.

              • oh..mentioning the kids are 6th gen Australian isn’t a political statement BTW.
                I’ve got this extended Steiner view that between the local astro and the epigenetic changes of what we eat and breathe (influenced of course by the astro), that an individual very quickly becomes ‘of the landscape’ wherever that may be..just saying

            • I totally agree with your sentiment Anon and I guess every locale is different; theres no shortage of oystercatchers around this place…and I didnt know the little tern was at risk of extinction..I’ll have to look that up.
              Tho I believe pippies are the only 100% quantifiable fishery on the planet.
              Perhaps the changes in your area are more likely from the criminal chemical run-off from largescale monocultural agriculture perchance?
              Sardines on the other hand ARE on the verge of collapse.

              I consider the aboriginal practice and knowledge of the occasional collecting and enjoying cockles a gift…. From the traditional owners of that beach to my kids.. who are 6th generation Australian. 🙂

  7. HAHAHAHA correct. thank you for reminding me of the “I just woke up from the strangest dream” feeling that is Neptune ebbing away.

    I actually went to bed last night thinking, oh well if I really am being played by the Ambivalent Leo, then fuq him, he’s not worth shit.

    If he is bona-fide decent, then I will find out soon enough.

    In the meantime: les jeux sont fait, rien va plus.

    Oracle reminded me to focus on personal phoenixing, thus providing timely course-correction away from slippery slope of something or other.

    • oh my …. Pi, your comment sounds like it is coming straight from my own being.

      Actually last night received strange communique from my ex, also an Ambivalent Leo, and unwaveringly went to sleep with that same attitude, seeing more to it than just the words he said and feeling strong for it. …deciding to sit on the bench for said “games” is usually the smarter thing to do.

      Oracle ALSO told me something along the lines of “hey, snap out of it” as did my personal Tarot consult.


  8. I love wearing electric purple lippy with my blonde bed hair.
    She never was a love zombie, actually.
    I love the story Julie Delpy’s character Marion tells in Before Sunrise, describing being a love zombie with a neptune guy (“I thought this one would last I mean he was an alcoholic”) and she became obsessed because she was traumatised. went to see a psychiatrist to find she was just angry with him.
    Love her hair in the mirror, leo hair.

    • [[Julie Delpy “Before Sunrise” scene monologue = iife story]]

      Agree, love the narrative w/ the pics but the girl herself is wayyyy too poised yet relaxed while simultaneously roking her fabulous power-bitch hair to be a love zombie in my imagination.

      She could be a Leo love zombie expressing her rage at being stood up by the hawt 21 year old gardener by posing in her illicit abandoned barn location as if on V magazine shoot despite nobody being around. A girl’s gotta find a way to relax in between battling her greedy siblings to become rich, childless Auntie Irene’s chosen beneficiary before this family reunion is over.

  9. He heh. I can relate. However, I am not without bitterness and anger. It has dissipated, but looking at those emotions has given me important realisations.

    • IRL it was nothing like this but everything like what you said. “He wasn’t a man, he was a fuqing figment.” He was always there needing loving and rescuing. Lateral Love Zombie ?? But like this chick I’m awake and gone baby gone. Back to real life love and affection.

        • Yess! I need a mantra on my mirror/fridge to remind myself of this for, ooh… only the next 2+ years at least… while Neptune fuqs with my Ascendant. *white light* and focus on doing Aries Uranus transit to the max 😯

        • Oh re-read yr comment Pi – once they are beyond self help, they need institutional care or a loving carer/family to do the job. But meant have been sucked in enough, no more. Doesn’t mean the love we had/have wasn’t real, it is and totes karmic BUT just not healthy. Totally sad and I’m sure now I’m home I will allow myself to grieve fully without going backwards. I am in warrior woman mode and I am loving it.

  10. Yep, this was how it happened only in my case it started while holding my tea mug 🙂 Mystic, this is pure brilliant – Thank you

  11. Beautifully done! Though the memories of orchestrating the carefully timed, nonchalant moment for the assortment of fuqwits I LZ’d over throughout my 20s make me cringe-shudder-blanch to this day.

      • Only this year have the immense cuddles for that woman started, but I won’t lie, there was a lot of ridic self-loathing for a long time.

    • OMG I wish it was only my 20s when I was a LZ! how is it that one can be so completely dysfunctional in one part of life and so completely fuqn awesome in other parts?

      And how proud I was of myself a few years ago when I first recognised incipient LoveZombiness (without the word for it) and I up and walked away… a bit ouchy, letting go a dream, but really, soooo healthy.

      • It’s like a flu suddenly going away isn’t it? It’s hell, you’re dying and in an alternate universe, then all of a sudden you’re cured (a little more than that but you get the point), a little worse for wear but ready to live again.

  12. As Fish rising and Neptune on the MC I just looked at this and went yeah of course…isnt this how everyone lives…. except of course I”m currently doing the ocean side version as if I was in Biaritz or something and not actually expecting a man to show up ’cause then I would have to come back to some sort of reality 🙂 Love love love this!!!

  13. omg! i lived all that..except you do knitting in your lingerie because it is easier and you can never leave!

    I remember one year, I was making heavy bags out of the deers skin my husband would hand over, 25 chickens, 19 well kept bull dogs, poetry at night followed by readings of classics and martial arts.
    There is always a catch and somebody living out a fantasy through another person. me, because i always want to please who I love and they think I am stupid because of it..silly, outlandish, yes, stupid no!

    At some point one has to escape that cage and not even look back..

  14. oh god (cringes). My speciality used to be pretending to have fallen asleep in my peach silk camisole reading proust or – more touchingly – something scientific. I should have been a set designer.

  15. I see the problem: Those drapes have NO drape, they are thin, no lining, no interlining, no fuqing passementerie, pisspoor effort. If you must do drapes and lets face it with only goats to see in, you really shouldn’t, but if you are absolutely determined, then you have to really mean it, otherwise Ceres or some other housewitch will totes smite you for being a poseur.

  16. Glad to see that you’ve corrected the Mercury direct times Mystic. You were the only anomaly.

    A big week for the ‘evil’ planet. The last time Mars and Pluto joined forces December 2010 the skies were a lot less severe — lots of planets in Pisces and no nasty zap zone square. Julian Assange might beg to differ that was the week he was arrested.

  17. The next frame sees her boarding airplane with only a carry on purse, knock-out shades, confidence and fabulous pumps, hair moves in breeze……. flying to greet new lover ……… Lucky escape

  18. I think its a before and after shot of LZ ness.
    She has downgraded him to be worthy only of one goat in the sink. she is def on the up and up from LZ la la land. I know it. In real life I’ve just made a new friend who’s ex was a stoner and she is going give me the low down on how bad it is. i need to hear it from her so i can ditch my LZ ness once and for all and as a bonus ditch ‘him’ as well.

  19. Thank Fuqing God! it was just a transit. Mystic you know just what to post. The last 2yrs is right love zombie, was wondering why I was phasing in and out of it the last few days again. Get out, the stud that was a dud, went from hero to zero in seconds.

  20. Have just read this for the first time off “random posts”. Absolutely brilliant – laugh out loud funny! Can definitely recognise myself in that scenario – minus goats etc. Thanks Mystic – will be bookmarking that one for when delusion sets in next time!!!

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