Strange Business Model – Thrive By Thieving

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I hate plagiarists.  You may or may not like my words but at least they are original.  And i work hard to try and find relevant, cool words for you guys to read.

This woman called Prue Blackmore ripped off my words several years ago – i found out from clients of mine that she was sending out my Daily Mystic email words to HER clients as her words. When i called her on it, she said she was just “spreading the light” but that now she understood (der) that it was wrong to steal someone else’s work and pass it off as her own, she would not do it again.

She was so contrite that when she wanted to subscribe again, i said okay. I thought she might be a bit slow or something.

Anyway she is doing it again – posting my words from the Daily Mystic email on her Thrive By Design page and fuq knows where else) passing them off as HER words, no permission, no link, no credit.

I went and commented – you can too if you like  – and emailed but if someone has the stupidity and low rent attitude to think this is fine, what is she doing running a site called Thrive By Design? I think she needs to rebrand – Thrive By Thievery (hey, she got 212 shares for my words passed off as hers -more than she would usually get, i wager) and make the site slugline Journey Toward Arseholery or something and change Goddess of Sacred Sex to Goddess of Sacred Plagiarism. 

But seriously, how LOW is this?

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169 thoughts on “Strange Business Model – Thrive By Thieving

      • lol, towards, doll towards. Maybe it’s been a really hard life lesson, to BECOME authentic, Maybe she really struggles not to copy or impersonate others or to rip them off and this is like a mantra to remind herself to only be inspired and put something of her actual self in there.
        As someone who has been heavily ripped in the past by equally unoriginal magpies and star fuckers desperate to get ahead I can only wish everyone on this very ‘difficult’ path towards authenticity the very best and keep up those mirror mantras..

        • yeah towards is def the operative word right?
          I too have been stolen from creatively in the past – I used to just think karma would sort that shit out, but if it happens again I’m litigious.

          and yeah, sad was the overarching feeling I got from the site – sad for the peeps who go and sweat and bare their sould to that lady, sad for that lady for not being able to find her own creative spark, and sad for her business partner… just SAD.

        • Fuq how rude that woman is and yes the photo with people in white looks like they’re all on H.

            • Hahaha MS, good old Adders as i call it or D’layed as it has also been coined.
              A slow snake?
              At least Pegs & Alchemist are here to light the lamp (or draw the sword).

          • in case anyone clicks through to the site and wonders what we’re talking about, they’ve deleted the pic that said “the truth will set you free but it will piss you off first” – or words to that effect!!!!

  1. There’s a phone number get your lawyer to call her.

    ” I thought she might be a bit slow or something.”

    Damn, I always give people the benefit of the doubt too and I am always apologetic and embarrassed for them on their behalf in a kind of a . . . wow you are clearly having a tough time being a reasonable, rational, organised, sensible, careful, coordinated human being, that must be tough. I am so sorry for you, so I will forgive you for lying/stealing/demeaning/defaming/bullying me.

    This is not the approach to take with such people.

    You need a lawyer love. She’s pretty brazen. What a nutter. I gave up lying long ago, primarily because the humiliation at being caught was too much to bear. I can humiliate myself in other ways.

    • Not to mention her stupidity! Does this woman still live in some time before google and thought Mystic won’t notice? Plus given the fact she was caught doing it before. I don’t think this woman has a sense of self worth because in that case she should have never contacted Mystic again for something other than apologize to her.

    • Still attempting to wrap my mind around the enormity of their stupidity – how this must rile you MM?!!

      Everything about the Thrive by Design branding / message / FB is – well – so far below 3rd rate ….. & that newsletter’s an novella of tripe!!

      Tweeting ‘Merry Bloody Christmas’ & speaking of ‘Rat Shit’ is as about as far from ‘Authentic’ as one can be

      I cringe!!

      • “I no longer drink coke because it removes toilet stains and because it can dissolve a single tooth over night.”

        Err so would lemon juice probably.

        This woman is not only crass, she is dishonest and irrational. She seems to be angry.

  2. no words. not even my own, LOL. sorry that you’re experiencing this Mystic. I LOVE original ideas and thinking and am very proud of my line of thought too. If some lazy cheapskate wanted to hitch a ride on the sly I don’t know where I would begin the punishment!!!

  3. There is an option on facebook page, upper right corner – nearby “Message” button – report page. It lists “copyrighted content” as one of its option, Mystic.

    I see eclipse has busted Thieves chops.

  4. I’m filthy about this MM. Just wrote a recommendation for “THIEVE by Design” amongst other comments lolly lol lol :-)

  5. Mystic, if they are still subscribers, could you not just unsubscribe them? I think you ‘may’ have a good enough reason to ex-communicate them…. unbelievable !!!!

  6. I freaking LOVE the defensive rants from Mystic and all Mystic’s followers on the FB page.

    And Mystic, your words ARE gold.

    Thieve by Design. A bit slow? Didn’t realise? I think that’s part of the cunning actually.

    • The rants are just awesome!! Seriously! I cant believe in whatever dimension they live in that they thought they wouldnt get found out!!! I’m thinking go legal for sure but before then, housewitchery eclipse action bonanza… seriously… start carving those runes MM! xxx

  7. Have added my rant to her page – the link for ‘report plagiarisation’ was not working. What a shonk. And a thief. Yep, call your lawyer. She is compromising your ability to make a living. Ask her if she’d like to pay a copywrite fee for each person who accesses her page, the way APRA collects fees for music played in public.

  8. thank you guys – am so annoyed as i was literally just thinking how serene and balanced i was despite this Moon-Lilith squaring my saturn – and then voila – some lovely person made me aware of this and i thought SURELY not as Prue Blackmore actually apologized the last time she did this (at length, in 2011) and said she was not aware blah blah blah, i seriously thought she must just be really dumb. Then when she subscribed i spelled it out to her that the D.M is a privilige – for subscribers, not to be stolen and passed off as her work & she assured me she understood. It’s ALL over the stupid site – would HATE to see what Thieve By Design biz workshops are like.

    thank fuq i busted my arse at muay thai this a.m or would have been really ape. it is especially galling as i LOVE my subscribers – they/you help me keep the site thriving (by originality, not plagiarism) and advertisement free – which is quite rare these days. I keep the best of my astro info for the d.m and horoscopes – not for some idiot to cut and paste and pass of as her work.

    her other site where was posting it is called – get this – insights from the edge or something.

    • oh that sounds similar to the biographical work by Carrie Fisher about fame, alcoholism, the shadow mother and man issues, Postcards from the Edge.

      but far less honest

    • WTF!!!!! that is ridiculous!! and disgusting and real effing gnarly. sheesh.
      I often quote your awesome insights on FB or twitter but alllllllways link back to your website and make sure the quote has a lil dash-dash after it which says your name. That is SO EMBARRSSING on this re-re’s part to snatch your thoughts and sign her slobber. gross.
      sorry you gotta deal with this bolognie. bleah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They look like a bunch of retarded Wiccans, anyway. (Soz, I hope the P.C. police don’t arrest me for this VALID assesment.)

  10. Mystic – if it makes you feel any better, Google considers plaguerism as tantamount to the devil’s work. Not only is it ranked as a “black hat SEO” activity, it’s also a bannable offense whereby they blacklist your site, post warnings about it on index pages and sometimes block it entirely. Perhaps you could report the site to Google and see what happens? I can understand being totally irate by this person’s behaviour, but don’t lose your peace over it. She ain’t worth it!

    • ps. and as Seabird pointed out Facebook doesn’t like it either.

      … I can’t believe she even stole the legendary “zap zone” euphemism. :roll:

      • Zap Zone is yours and only yours!!! Even when I mention it in conversations I pull out my phone to reference your site!!! lol

        • And Qi Vampires, but she spelt it Vampyres. She totally knows what she is doing – it’s like when you take someone else’s clothing design and change one tiny detail and call it your own (Hello, Alanna Hill). Don’t let up, Mystic, she is not causally pretending she didn’t understand – for goddess’s sake she paid for the content in the first place n’est pas, and also, if she is changing the spelling of such obvious phrases, I reckon it’s because she thinks she can get round copywrite that way. But she can’t. Sip some almond milk and call your lawyer.

          • please don’t get me started on allanah hill and her nylon appropriations but onto something far more interesting, how did your job interview/school application go – any news? I was your anonymous cheerleader on that post x

            • Dear Anonymous Cheerleader, I wish I did know who you are because I would take you out to dinner as a thankyou for pushing me in the direction of the bleeding obvious when so much of the past two decades have been for me about trying to do what I thought was expected of me. Yes, I took my bits down to there and submitted them as my portfolio, and whilst it was being assessed, we were given a tour of the department. In two decades of tertiary studies, I have never wanted to be accepted into a place as badly as I wanted into that one. A whole room full of looms! A lab devoted to the chemistry of he colours. And a squadron of people who understand that textile love is an obsession. Yes, I got in, and now my life feels comprehensible and to be perfectly honest, I feel like a teenager. I feel like I haven’t felt in years. Excited to do something because I’m interested in it, not because it makes me money. My whole crappy year just came good. I think being out of work for so long, finally, made me just give up first in a bad way and then in a good way. I know that right before you wrote what you wrote, I ha had a similar thought re: fuck it, I’m broke anyway, I can’t get a job to save my life, I may as well just do whatever the hell I really like, without worrying about where it leads. Then I decided that your advice was a sign. And so it was! Ironically, or obviously to anybody who studies the ether, in the same week as I was accepted, I scored a full time contract which ends the week before my classes start, and which will pay off the vast majority of my debt and can be done at the only time of the year my daughter is with her dad. Ummmm universe….quit fighting and go with the flow, derrr. So, long reply anonymous, thankyou very very much, whoever you are xx

              • ahh, thank you for the time spent on long reply. It is as I felt it would be – even the full time job bit. I have spent time in those rooms you speak of and I know exactly how you feel. For me it was as if something ancestral like a part of my DNA was activated. I had visions when I wove – you want to have a shamanic experience, go weave some cloth. When I saw your troubled words that day I saw you in those rooms. So I had to follow the instinct and say something – I asked my cards if it was right to say it and got the sun which is the ultimate YES! Once I’d said it and you’d responded and then gone silent my thoughts randomly returned to you and I saw a golden bird rising. Am sending the most sincere love vibes to you seabird. I suspect one day we’ll meet – you’ve always felt like home to me xxx

  11. An apology of sorts has just been posted on the site now.

    Sorry to read all this Mystic.

  12. The correction is posted for “negative activity”, because Mystic and a lot of people called on their intellectual robbery? LOL. What frauds. They still couldn’t get their heads around what “subscriber only content” entails, let alone to understand what “stealing” means.


    • I just responded to her – in a funky kind of a way this is giving me a LOT of astro info – what it is like when Mercury goes Direct in scorpio right on the eve of an Eclipse in Mercury ruled Gemini…

      also my tarot threw up the “thief” card the other day and i’m like maybe it’s metaphorical (me stealing my own something or rather) BUT that card is always literal – did i post on this yet? I am devising this theory that the tarot is actually really super practical…

      • Low indeed. I too see all this as a product of combined lowest-of-lo-side manifestations of full moon in Gem (liars and word thieves) AND lo-side manifestations of Merc in Scorp (ruthlessly use others’ resources for whatever reason). But let’s also give full “credit” (not) to low-side of Mars/pluto in Cap (use whatever and whomever ruthlessly to build your own status and profile and career), which said woman has obviously been attempting to do! Am seeing a lot of the latter at the mo…

      • God yes, tarot is entirely practical. is your thief card 7 of swords? that’s my thieving alarm bell.

    • Much better put than me Quadrupled.

      Didn’t read it properly, just scanned and wanted to throw a heads up out there in between multi tasking techno thingies.

      Yes, it’s exactly that. Had there been no impetus there would be no correction.

      • Oh well. They removed our comments but Mystic’s writing is still up. So much for honesty. Once a thief, always a thief, I suppose.

  13. Rude, lazy thieving wench.

    All this energy we are spending on a person not worth our time.

    Is it weird that I’m not feeling angry, just sad that people still try to pull crap like this? I mean did she hit her head or something? Mystics readers are a protective, powerful force… This kind of stuff won’t go unchallenged.

  14. i’m not on fb, but sadly, i think she sounds dumb and she thought you were. how embarrassing for her.

      • perception of your 8th or from their crawling 8th house? why 8th…is it hidden power you mean?

      • I love it when people think I’m dumb or don’t notice their disrespect etc etc but I have no 8th house planets, I do have 12th house though

          • I’ve got a loaded 12th house, nothing in the 8th. I am amazed at how often people think I’m dumb or mad. Which can be convenient or it can be alienating. Probably why I became an academic for 10 years. I thought it was my Aqua Rising or 12th house locked in syndrome.

            • Wow iris, my 12th is loaded too and I am often considered mad/crazy – even though I reckon I’m a very reasonable, damn hard-working Taurus that has big dreams and makes them happen via said hard work, good planning and much heart blood. Also regularly considered dumb (I notice when people try to exploit me or start making comments that are not entirely respectful – it’s my sign that I’ve been way too nice…again. Kindness and generosity makes some people think you can be played with).

      • on second thought, it could be 2nd to 8th house activation. i’ve got a lot 2nd house and people underestimate me a lot

        • Thats usually a pisces rising thing for me. People see big eyes and think bambi princess and think I’m a push over….. Not YOU or I mystic! :)

          • yeah i have psices MC and peeps are often condescending towards me – I’ve been responsible for multi-million dollar projects, but yeah, I’m a total bimbo, god knows what those idiots were thinking putting me in charge.

      • Yes it is an 8th House thing!
        I have my moon & SN in the 8th in Leo… I’m also blonde, which I’m sure only serves to further lead unsuspecting Fuqwits astray in their delusional assumptions that I am somehow as thick as two planks.
        Unfortunately for them, those of us with a strong 8th House DO NOT SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY.
        But much worse for them, we are so incisively insightful & aware of every energetic nuance, that we can bring them quicering to their knees with one teensy, humiliatingly accurate, precision-aimed observation, wrapped in a stealth bomb of a quick quip.
        Yes, best not to make the mistake of underestimating 8th House peeps. My Pluto conj MC & Venus in Scorp are a nice adjunct I suppose too.

        And yeah wow Mystic, you have an awesome arsenal in your 8th House!

      • I am unsure where she’d get the idea you are dumb.
        I think she may not have the capacity to understand copyright laws or doesn’t give a crap. ie Qi Vampyre.
        I’ve had this happen to me too and it’s infuriating’!
        I’ve had my songs ripped off and re-sold under another band’s name, photos, you name it. I was pissed. Still get pissed. You do the hard work and along comes someone else who thinks its ok to lie, cheat and steal.
        If you need to have your attorney send the Cease and desist letter out.
        Sorry you are going through this.
        Integrity is a rare yet wonderful force!

  15. Very, very low, flat out intellectual property theft. I’d get a cease and desist out stat.

  16. Well for her to do this once would have been bad enough, but to plead contrite and you let her subscribe again ……..
    Why would a leopard change its spots ?
    Very aggravating lessons here.
    I would be furious if it was me.
    Bet she enjoys the publicity.

    • Would love to know her astro.
      I have been harassed and stalked by people who claim to be New Age and enlightened. yeah, right.

  17. Mystic, I’m really sorry to hear about this. Your work is completely unique and there are no excuses for someone using it without your permission or passing it off as theirs. And I can truly understand your anger.

    But I don’t like this invitation to hang via Facebook. Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine did this, mostly I think out of shock in the moment, but the the criticism of the accused was vitriolic and tasteless. It mushroomed out of control and became a witch-hunt.

    I wish you the very best in sorting out this situation. I know you feel aggrieved but I am sure the world will right itself very soon. You will always be able to be add-free because your work is superb and genuine. These ladies will fall by the wayside. They are only a FB page.

  18. Creativity is like a child. if someone tries to steal it, the reaction is primal – you want to protect what you have created.

  19. I live in the same city as these folk and a few friends of friends go there. PB and her offsider who issued the kinda sorta excuse for an apology trained at IKON in Art Therapy and apparently they are pretty flaky.Yes. Agree with Mitra. We should not become bullies or trolls about this. But at the same time, we cannot allow artists, writers and performers to have their livelihood stolen from them. We must all protest each and every time it happens. Strongly, but with a bit of creativity and intelligence or at least a considered response. Like Crowely says; Love is the law. Love under will.

    • Oh and Mystic? I would so love to see you go the pads and the combos next training session. I think you are gonna go better and harder with those jabs, elbows and kicks than a UFC GSP machine. hee.

      • hey, i am perfecting an overhead elbow – upper cut – roundhouse combo – thank you for the validation you got me and my mars in the 8th down xx

        • Oh nice. I had a roundhouse combo my boxing trainer devised which was named after my nemesis. It finished with a left elbow and a big hard right. Oh the music of it…and the zen-like succour it gave me. Mars in the 8th? I think I’d like that! Mines in the 12th and gives me nothing but trouble lol.

  20. thank you ! The thing is i AM original and i completely defend peeps right to be…I get content ripped off a lot by spambots who set up those linkbait google ad sites but they have, like, NO pretensions. They literally have bots that glomp cool copy, link it all up and have strange sites full of gibberish just so they can run ads but they’re (a) obvious (b) unpretentious – nobody claiming authenticity – just ads for fake degrees, fake handbags and enormous dick extensions and (c) if you report them to google etc, they’re like gone…

    • Hey Mystic, that Prue B’s face and sneaky actions reminds me of one of your posts about certain types of New Age women, who claim to be all spiritual and evolved, and are so NOT…

    • Yeah it’s much worse when there is an actual person on the end of it and much, much worse when that person has been warned before. What a total idiot she is and total bullshit that you have to deal with the stress of sorting it out. WE all know how hard you work to keep this site advertising free and to give us amazing astro every day, obvs totally grateful for everything.

  21. Wow. I mean like really, wow.

    M.M you are too good for this.

    “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” ……….Im fairly confident im not being blasphemous here ( as that Jesus fellow was a pretty loving, forgiving kind of human) but rest assured many of us are right here loving you and gathering together on a spiritual level to embrace you in our midst.

    You (and your words) are many of our N, S, E and W. A universal compass of sorts!

    Thank you.

    Keep calm and carry on 😉

    Love to all etc, Me x

  22. Dearest Mystic-

    Let’s remember that phrase about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. And try to regard this pitiful attempt at cloning as a knockoff zombie invasion. Remember in the movies how the zombies just blow up because they are empty inside?Such a person crosses boundaries with impunity.

    In time, you can be sure that she will royally peeve a triple Scorpio who will nicely settle the score.Mars/Pluto in Cap is begging to put things aright! I want ringside seats!

    Keep on being impeccable you and don’t get in to it with the guttersnipes.


  23. I too am very sorry to see the charlatans at work, but also aware this astro is going to bring all sorts of duplicitous chicanery and bullshit to attention – reason being you have to bear witness to what you really find unacceptable and say out loud and to the point. The gemini factor – call it as you see it. This is applying to business, political sitches and home life too. Time to call it!
    So look out all of you who were there a hell would be heading there.
    Also, a friend and I were just sharing some MM wisdom to someone who wanted to know what the eclispe was about – and concurrently shouted out where we got our info and how faulouso this site is. You can easily SHARE the wealth, stealing fux us all.
    ps. we all love the originality of your words, it’s why we pay so much attention x

  24. Strange but just the name alone has echoes of By design, Alan Saunders wonderful weekly commentary (Radio National) he is now deceased…Most unfortunate and yet inevitable, especially with a gemini sagittarius opposition, would always be a testing ground for ideals and higher values versus duplicity in matters of media, communication.

    In the faceless world of the internet, where anyone could be an avatar there is too much opportunity for anyone to project without integrity or honesty. Now with uranus retrograde in aries interesting dilemmas as insight is not instant clarity.

    In any design oriented industry this is the sad reality coming from with mass cultural interest. There are some who debate that originality is a questionable concept in itself, and then there is the very profitable business of others based on exploiting the work of someone less usually known, or highly geared.

    • I am a creator in words also, of sorts.

      To have these reproduced unattributed, would be a total fuqer.

      Therein lies the transgression, the SECOND time around.

      Yes , lets all turn the other cheek ?……. no….. you’ve been told once and for sure, you’re are a grown up, there are consequences to your actions.

      Immediacy of the blogosphere demands that such wrongs be righted quickly, as quickly as they are perpetrated, no easy task for a single watchdog.

      All we have done is exercise the freedoms that we are fighting ( arguing ) to hold on to in the nuanced world.

      I am sure no more harm is intended than was perpetrated after all.



  25. First – I don’t know anyone from Thrive personally. I appreciate that Simone is trying to resolve it without deleting all negative comments etc. My question to Mystic Medusa is: I SEE A LOT OF COPYRIGHTED ARTWORK ON YOUR WEBSITE TOO? So you think you can use the image of Venus and just say oh well it’s just ‘the birth of Venus’. Dear Medusa you are rude as much as some of your language! Saying ‘fuq knows where else’ – you are as low as your words.

    My question to all readers… DON’T YOU JUST SEE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN LANGUAGE AND VOCABULARY, depending on different updates/posts? Don’t believe everything that’s on the internet…

    • yes dear, the difference is MM is quite scrupulous in attributing the artist’s work, and linking to the site. I have discovered quite a few interesting artists this way. THAT is actually spreading the light. She doesn’t pretend she drew ’em…

    • Huh, what? No I don’t, I see Mystic’s language in everything she posts. Come on Jana this is weak. There is no argument here on any level Prue (not your friend) Blackmore is in the wrong!

      Plus if you paid any attention you would see that Mystic puts a link below ALL of her images with a source or the artist,.

    • hey all the negative comments HAVE now been deleted. Actually, you’re right re Venus/Simonetta – i have not got around to linking that yet – i am trying to decide between two diff sites.

      I don’t get your question about big difference with updates and posts?

      I do think there is a massive diff between me not linking to botticelli when the post clearly is about it being his work of Simonetta V AND this person claiming my work (meant to my subscribers only) as HER WORDS and since 2011… it is gross…

      as for my rude language sure – but it’s original – My words…my site. Note cut and pasted from somewhere else WEEK AFTER WEEK pretending to be my words.,

    • jana i think you’ll find that the copyright act allows for the reproduction of images if they are being used for education or the purpose of a critique. Because Mystic attributes the images she posts and they are used to illustrate and educate on astrological transits or aspects, I’m pretty sure she is within the bounds of the copyright act.

      • not quite.

        If you use a photo like this and then get a huge social media exposure (for which some pages pay big money) then you profited from it, not the author of the photograph.

        Look – I don’t agree with what happened but for this comment I made here I was banned from their page (and my comments will be probably deleted here too). I’m not comparing these too issues but I believe that if somebody says ‘you profited’ then I can point out that they profited too.

        • Major diff between sharing one cute fireman pic and republishing thousands of words over years – without permission, saying they are yours. I didn’t say that i TOOK the fireman pic…I did not – as thrive by design are doing – try to flog my Shamanic Eclipse weekends away using other peeps stolen content etc. You might want to read up on some basic i.p. law

        • I see your point – being specific helps thank you – I was referring to content on this site. I don’t do facebook, it bores me. You are jumping to the conclusion that Mystic has used that image without permission – whereas it is clear that Mystics content was being used without permission on the thrive/prue sites and fb page. She hasn’t used the Thrive logo and pretended it’s her own work in answer to that issue you’ve raised. No-one can comment re the fireman FB content except Mystic – maybe if you ask her instead of accusing from the get-go she’ll let you know what the story is there?

          Meanwhile, I’m intrigued by your approach and wonder what your astro is. But I’m guessing that won’t be a part of this conversation. I’m feeling aries/libra and 2nd/8th or 3rd/9th axis. Maybe virgo. Hope you’re able to put aside some time to channel the eclipse energy towards your own ‘special projects’ once you move on from this phase of it. I’m off to set fire to something. Have a good night.

          • I know nothing about astrology and admire people who do! the fireman photo was shared on MM’s page and got over 1,000 shares which in marketing terms get you a great exposure (for which a lot of businesess pay).

            The other link was actually eye-opener for me – what can happen on internet (and again I’m not defending Thrive).

    • rather have mystic saying fuck all the time than some bitch pretending to be all good and sacred, surrounding her self in new age never be negative as a means to smokescreen her own hidden negativity bullshit, if anyone is authentic, its mystic, the fucks and what not just prove the point, also cheap lame, you dont cite everything either is a non point, me doing “wrong”(it wasnt wrong) doesnt justify you doing wrong to me, also if it was “wrong”, it would still be a lesser wrong, and diffused rather than having a specific target, the fact people are even defending this plagiarizer is just stupid

    • Huh? that was me – if you mean this post? Because i wanted to post about it but could not think of an appropriate pic + i wanted to warn peeps of their plagiaristic tendencies – i actually looked at a few diff appropriate pics but did not want to tar artists whose work i admire with actual content thieves, you understand. In fact, i was a bit concerned that say i credit it (as i tend to) the artist, their name might come up in a search for plgairarism, theft etc. So i went with their logo go keep it simple…

      i don’t think i am the one being pure and hyprocritical here – that would be if i routinely cut and pasted the work of someone else and passed it off as my own, right? Since 2011?

              • I think the point might have been that she is showing who was pirating her content, hot passing the logo or elements of its design as her own. Now might not be the best time to return fire, I suspect.

                • yes I agree with that. But I still think she shouldn’t have used the logo without permission.

                • well I can tell you that once I used logo to actually share and link to an original source (it was a food recipe)and I got into trouble too.

                  I keep saying – yes, what Thrive have done is not acceptable! But also, I don’t think it is right not to have a permission to publish logo in this case.

                  • god please share your astro – you are vibing SO libran to me. i mean, can we move on? Mystic can sort out the thrive problem and we can workshop your astro?

                    The eclipse is conjunct my ascendant, so you know, I’m fickle and happy to change the subject. Gem ascendant turns on a dime. wanna dish? So we can learn from your ardent desire for justice at all costs…?

                • I think there’s a lack of critical thinking going on here. Basic internet copyright laws.
                  You can give credit to a photo and link back (unless the owner requests you not to do so).
                  Copying, pasting and claiming you took the photo, wrote the article is infringement on copyright.
                  What’s so difficult about this?
                  Can’t argue with Energy Vampyres!

          • some of those posts of prue’s have used language that sounds reminiscent of marina and jamie of darkstar astrology as well.

    • and that there Logo is right out in the open too. Whereas I’m pretty sure the ‘authentics’ at Thieve/ sorry ‘Thrive’ by Design never wanted any links to the original source material of MM’s

    • MM is not claiming the logo as her own. She cited it appropriately.

      MM is not claiming Boticelli’s work as her own, either.

      There’s the difference. She’s NOT insinuating by omission or outright claiming authorship of either. If she had done so, she would be committing plagiarism. Or theft.

      This insinuation by omission and claiming of authorship (impliciit in the byline and lack of citation), is what PB did. I’ve taught English for many years, and I can assure my secondary students all knew the difference after their tour of duty with me! Surely PB and you are adult enough to know the difference, too.

      As for your beef with MM’s language — not everyone’s taste, but it is her distinctive STYLE and authorial VOICE. Voice can mask meaning or enhance it. In MM’s case, it’s a pull that gets readers humored and engaged, even as she’s delivering tough stuff. Clearly you liked something of it, because you’ve been reading MM in your own newsletters without knowing it. Don’t like the style? Fine. But you’ve been benefiting from the content.

      • All good points.

        To be honest, I cannot believe all this content has been written by the same person (and I was shocked by swearing in contrast to all those sophisticated newsletters/insights – but that’s just my little ‘lost in translation’).

        And I will not follow MM’s journey because I don’t like that agresivity and that she cannot acknowledge another point of view. And that people have been so rude here. Like saying ‘oh she is from Prospect, that says it all’ or that just because her surname has ‘black’ that it has implications in dark magic. Haha that’s funny actually.

        Overall I am surprised to find so few peaceful people here. And that it is such a one way conversation.

        I think that MM should go ahead and sue them – totally. But still – it takes a graceful person to solve things gracefully.

        • I just read that as:
          I can’t believe these pizzas are all made by the same person

          And I’m surprised that they are all different and so now I will never eat her Pizza again. Because she doesn’t even acknowledge other Pizza makers.

          These pizzas are so aggressive with their slices of spicy pepperoni and jalapeño peppers. And so therefore the people that eat them are a fiery, aggressive bunch never mind all the people that eat her pizzas and are nice pizza eaters. They don’t comment so they don’t exist.

        • Babe, this is not an issue of aggression or there’s two sides to every story. There’s a legal way and an illegal way. Mystic acts legally, according to copywriter laws, and PB is acting illegally and can be legally called on it. There isn’t shades of grey. If you really want to enter into the discussion properly, instead of retiring and claiming people are being nasty to you, go bone up on copyright laws and what constitutes plagiarism and what you must take responsibility for on the Internet. It’s law, it’s not grey, it’s black and white. And like the poster above, I’ve spent well over a decade on and off drilling g foreign Masters students into understanding and complying with these laws. If they can understand, you can too, and so can PB. Don’t pretend this is anything other than a legal issue.

          Ps I’m on my phone, but this is Seabird

          Pps if you have studied any of the creative arts at any accredited institution in Oz, yiu will have probably done a module in understanding these things. I know I had to when I was studying music. We are not speaking off the top of our heads here. Peace out.

  26. fuq me it must be in the water or something – I’ve just spent my day re-grading crappy papers that were so badly referenced (in most cases not at all) from a tutor at my uni who is currently under investigation by the CCC because it’s alleged he was bribing his students for better grades and clearly not picking them up on their appalling referencing!!!???…left a distinctly sour taste in my mouth I can tell you and was so demoralising…I hope you get some form of redress Mystic cause her behaviour is scandalous!!!

    • Love the ‘net, but it’s absolutely engendered a greater indifference to citation/footnoting. Easy come (on to my screen), easy go (onto the paper)…they think (if they think at all).

      Happily, it’s also easier to catch lazy plagiarists.

      Unhappily, students are less honorable about owning up to it, too. I found peer pressure from the ones who actually did the proper work very helpful.

      What a sad mess of ethics, yes? Good luck to you!!

  27. Found on her F’book page this morn (USA – 8:30EST):


    And before we go into the Astrological aspects for the month ahead I need to make an unreserved apology to Mystic Medusa [whose stuff is fanastic and do go an visit her site] for some insights she had on the eclipse this last week that I cut and pasted on to our facebook page. Whilst I sourced her as the writer of this material I did not seek permission to do so and this was a failing on my part.

    Simone is working through in consultation with Mystic to remove any and all posts from publication and circulation where we may have failed to CITE or ATTRIBUTE her Creative genius and flair.

    I deeply regret any offence or distress I may have caused her – this was not my intent – however it is correct that I should have sought her permission before sharing her work. This was wrong. And it shant happen again.

    • yes thank you i saw this – but it WAS actually ongoing since 2011 and involving thousands of words posted as THEIR WRITING so the apology was a bit disingenous?

      I asked them to stop ripping my words and saying they were theirs in 2011.

      • And they only sourced the words tonight after dozens of comments from my awesome peeps

        again Dixie – this has been ongoing, several times a week, since 2011 – thousands of words used without permission, without attribution and claimed to be their words.

        • Yes, that’s correct. I saw the original post and when I went back later and saw the ‘correction’ post I observed it had been edited, most likely as a result of all the posts that appeared.

          The apology should say something to the effect of … ‘I did not originally cite MM as the owner of this work and recognise that my later amendment to do so was still short of the mark.. etc’ or words to that effect as it’s still not how it actually was and that still suggests an intent to conceal truth.

          But in saying that the admission of error and apology as opposed to correction has been offered and that is appropriate. As is the credit to your unique style and insightful writing MM.

          I hope this is the end of it for all xx

  28. More from F’book page:
    Hi Everyone as all of you can probably see there is a lot of negative activity on this page at the moment directed towards the astrological components of the monthly newsletter and our failure to gain permission from Mystic Medusa to utilise their original work or to cite the source of those components correctly. In the interests of transparency rather than take down the page whilst we navigate through this I am simply going to let everyone know what is going on. I will be talking to Prue and working through all of the content and removing any and all posts which are in question.

    It certainly was not my intention nor Prue’s to allow work to be misrepresented as being ours when it is not and those who have posted saying that to do so is in-congruent with who we say we are is correct.

    Also whoever it was that rang me this evening from a blocked number to discuss the issue I would greatly appreciate you sending me your number as it did not come up and I am unable to contact you to resolve this so I hope that worst case this post serves to show my intention to do just that.
    Regards Simone

    • The right thing for her to have done is to have taken site down completely. That is my opinion as a lawyer. By leaving it up she just perpetuates the problem.

    • When Simone says: ” In the interests of transparency rather than take down the page whilst we navigate through this I am simply going to let everyone know what is going on.” this is no different than a jewel thief saying, “in the interests of transparency, rather than give back this jewel I have stolen whilst the police investigate what happened I am simply going to let everyone know I have the jewel in my possession and it’s being investigated.” WTF?? Plagarism is theft, pure and simple and her breezy lack of responsiveness cannot be marked down as simple ignorance.

  29. I’m sorry to read all this Mystic.

    My experience with people who plagiarize is that they never seem to understand what the problem is …

    • bingo!
      and act angry and outraged when you point it out. Complete sign of an energy vampyre!

      • I think some do it on purpose just to fuck with ya. They see you getting attention in this case MM and want a piece of the same pie. Wrote your own work. At least it’s very very own!
        How can you become a better blogger/writer if you steal/copy verbatim.

  30. It may be antiquated thinking re the word ‘black’ with its connotations of dark deeds, etc but consider the woman’s name Black more – somehow fits n’est-ce pas?

    On many occasions I have noted an eery similarity between the surnames of individuals and their character.

    As for Prue – poo on her for engaging ‘again’ in her dark practices – more Black indeed!

    • Oh, yes, many times there are clues in people’s names. Just one example – a multi-Scorpio I know has “lock” as part of his name. He has so many secrets locked inside that the name is perfectly fitting.

    • I have been harassed by a male with the same surname. It wasn’t his real name. Dark energy indeed.

  31. Ah well. It’s been brought to light. Sucks to be the taskmaster sometimes, but it’s all part if the “journey authenticity” a like it or not.

  32. wow, I would feel bad, like, emailing all my friends and fam a print screened horoscopes to keep them in the loop, out of principle you should pay for it even if you could get a freind to email it to you, mystic isnt some faceless corporation, she is a person, not only just any person, but someone directly concerned with all that metaphysical goodness and advancing oneself,I would feel really bad if I pretended it was my own I was giving to people, and can not fathom actually getting people to pay me for it while still claiming to be all metaphysically inclined and what not, the dissonance going on here is conceptually the worst I have maybe ever seen, its not normal, no guys what I did was normal, or, I didnt know any better, its adoption of the highest mantle of principle and devotion to goodness still around while actually doing wrong on the level of a child trying not to get caught and immediately denying it even when caught red handed, its not just that wrong was done, but to do it in the guise of the ultimate right, thats just one of the worst I have ever seen, at least we all now a lot of religous institutions can be kind of phony, but the metaphysical commitment to authenticity and what not is the highest most sacred thing we have in this cynical world, and its muddled by a lot of new age nonsense, to adopt the only good strand of sacred out there still standing, for something so clearly simply obviously wrong, wow

  33. MM – as commented ^ ^ ^ above in this stream ^ ^ ^ — how infuriatingly idiotic of Thrive to waste so much of your precious time, & no doubt imbue ire in place of your natural radiance?!!

    This is the THIRD CASE OF PLAGARISIM I encountered within a 24 hour window!!

    Firstly – I was about to endorse a former employee on LinkedIN – a girl I adore – & whilst skim reading her recent employment blurb to gauge where she may currently be sharing her genius – I discovered the position she’d held under my management – she claimed an entire project I’d conceived & executed (a concept now owned by one of the biggest retailers in the country) – to be her own work!!

    Heeding your wisdoms after I recovered from shock – seemed so out of character for her – I screen shot, sent her a nice message it would be great to catch up / hope she’s well etc, & made mental note to followup if hadn’t heard anything by the new year.

    Am too busy building THE NEW atm to be snagged by issues that, in the scheme of things are not part of my world now. Unlike your situation ….. but still – both scenarios are IP THEFT!

    Her position within the brand I was running (at the time) was also vastly elevated. Also screen shot for future discussion.

    Later in the day another gf – quite prominent in the food sector – posted on the brand’s FB – a warning of another imitator to her concept. A food chain (she alleges) replicating her food model / language etc – citing a couple of her innovations (that am not certain it’s possible to TM or own the food combinations – as it is original recipes?).

    Anyway – when this occurred previously with another brand, she embarked on a FB shaming citing that brand was creating venues very similar to her own etc etc _ & at the time I sent the following by SMS:

    As Winston Churchill once said,
    “it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”

    Funny to see her repost that quote again today on the FB.

    That scenario is akin to MacDonalds being angry at Hungry Jacks.

    Mystic – those Thrive women are in no way, shape or form – anywhere close to being categorised as being in the same class as you. You’re funny, hyper intelligent, an incredibly gifted writer – & if I remember correctly – a 3rd generation astrologer (or close to being).

    Those women by demonstrated action, words & elected branding (or lack of) – clearly target a different audience!!

    You shine woman.
    This will evaporate.
    Although I can’t imagine how much the experience not only riled your generous nature – but wasted much of your precious time exposing the theft & acting on it legally.

    lots of love to you my friend!! xox

  34. Send her an official DMCA notice. I have a copy of my own written for my old website when I had people copy my content. Some people even stole my pictures pretending to be me on their websites.

  35. well it does say ‘journey toward authenticity’ just like car thieves in rehabt do ‘journey toward responsibility’- this could be a project they are doing as part of a court order and it is a struggle. apart from not stealing from beautiful mystic they could also consider Thrive By Visiting The Hairdresser.

  36. thanks guys – i am over it now – but as for Jana saying my posts vary in tone and language – not sure what the implication is there bUT fyi people who write their own content tend to have moods and different themes happening – it goes with being a person who writes as opposed to being a person who takes other peeps work and says it is their work…

    • 😯

      Jana has completely missed the point MM.

      I’m just catching up on all of this now and I can’t believe this person has tried it on again – what the hell is wrong with them?!?! 😯

      MM you’re so talented and I LOVE your writing like most of us do here. Sorry to hear this has happened again! Hope you can sort something out with lawyer or something akin.

      • :) Jana is giving off a particular kind of libran energy possibly being opposed by uranus – arriving suddenly, making declarations of injustice while feigning neutrality, arguing for the sake of arguing, going round and round in circles and then when attention is shifted to being about her, proffering a compliment to divert attention and then POOF! disappearing politely – probably never to be seen again.

        I SO wanted to know where her astro was at.

  37. I actually find it quite funny when people stumble on this site and go “Eeek ! You’re all swearing ! Oh you get angry and passionate about stuff ! I can’t handle this – my aura is getting sullied !!” and then swoop off back into the aether.

    Its like the PIAB incident when people took offense that some of us were pissed off to be referred to as pseudo intellectual astro bitches. Ya reckon ?!

    I think that there *is* a cultural issue at work here, where an Australian will tell you to “Fuck off, you’re being a wanker” rather than radiate white light and smile.

    Swearing is generally considered much more offensive in the US than it is here, but I have to say that I think its important to call someone on being a wanker, otherwise you’re really enabling their wankery. And if you offend them, so much the better – they offended you ! As Quentin Crisp says (I’m paraphrasing here) “Other people’s lack of manners force me to be rude to them”

    I think we’ve successfully been rude enough to the perpetrators now 😀 I think Mystic should deffo complain to Google & Facebook and deal with this on an official level. I notice she’s taken the stuff on her site down now – the wayback machine will prove the point….

    Now I’m going to concentrate on doing my Daily Art and working on my Eclipse resolutions !!

    • You made me giggle DT. Were you when you wrote this? :)

      Not only is it appropriate to call someone on being a wanker it’s essential to keeping your own light and energy in tact otherwise you’re simply allowing that kind of energy to outshine your own truth and that can only occur by playing small or being dishonest to ourselves and our own truth, courage and itegrity.

      Having done so many different things with metaphysics and esoteric stuff I always find it a form of denial of the mortal being aspect of ourselves when someone gets too het up on a word or an emotion and then makes it about that rather than the essence of what’s going on as if somehow it would be alright if we all smiled and thought happy thoughts it would go away.

      I find it fuqing funny!

      I recall reading for this one lady who denied everything with a sanguine smile yet her eyes and her body said otherwise.

      Respecting all views and understanding that we can only see from certain perspectives I wonder if I should be jealous of the people in those bubbles of light and I wonder why it’s so different from my own. I’m all for the odd spot of denial (it’s a reprieve from chores etc) but not when it’s shoved in my face after I know I’ve intentionally fuqed up.

    • Enabling their wankery…

      AND that Quentin Crisp quote

      All in the one response! DT you have made my (very hot) day!!!

      • Oh, and the sullied auras! You’re on fire! Can we make a list of the acts that may sully one’s aura? As in, OMG I was at this party and this chick totally honed in on a convo I was having with this hot guy, and rather than sully my aura by telling her to back off biatch I simply went and got gobsmackingly pass-agg drunk on the cheap sangria and later threw up on her suede calf-length stilettos.

        But my aura is still unsullied.

  38. Stealing is surviving (which is fear-based and competitive) NOT thriving (which is love-based and collaborative). She should rename her business to reflect her actions.

    Boo on Blackened Prune… Or whatever her name is.

  39. I know two people who just don’t get that plagerism is not cool, I don’t feel it’s my job to police their behaviour…Since it’s not my work being “worked” but it does make me steam, cause it’s just not right !!!!!

  40. I was totally happy to direct my merc station direct/ eclipse freakout energy at your Qi Vamp with capslock rebukes. And I had plenty of lid to flip because my ding dong psycho abusive ex texted me saying he misses me, still loves me etc “and this has nothing to do with the restraining order.” and he’s not the only one. people are showing their asses to me left and right!

  41. Obnoxious and outrageous!

    This person is a sociopath, she does not feel ‘sorry’ for stealing your stuff, she just got caught out. She knew what she was doing, she couldn’t have possibly ‘not realized’ what she was doing, especially because you called her on it last year and then she did it….AGAIN?!

    I think you should unsubscribe her AND press charges. You can’t give these types of people ANY leeway. They are con-artists. They will NEVER learn. They are wired wrong in the brain, literally. Psychological problem, big time.

    The ‘new age’ scene is absolutely chock full of people living in severe denial. I have lived in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, California most of my life, and this area is rife with that sh*t, so I know from experience…
    Look at the world’s greatest spiritual leaders. They are not like that at all. Ken Wilbur, a zen practitioner and author says ‘real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on some days’. Yeah, these plagiarizing blissninnies need a reality check, a smackdown….

  42. Agree with everything that Mystic is saying and is standing up for…and those above who support her as I do. However, to the few people who made comments about Adelaide/ South Australia…that was totally unnecessary.

  43. Miss Ruby – Adelaide/S.A is a beautiful part of the world…but you know what it’s like when you’re irritated, yes? I was going to slag off lilac kaftans and little rats tail style plaits but i stopped myself because someone lovely might have just such a personal style. And that’s fine.

    • Love everything you do Mystic….love it. I just felt that people should stick to the issue, irritated or not…which has nothing to do with where these people are from. I guess I’m just not a supporter of slagging off…

      Full moon eclipse intensity for me today big time. Three unexpected hard blows to the heart and head….information delivered heavily and swiftly. I’ve been working through them one by one and am breathing deeply, hanging on to the insights as soon as I can see them and am trying to pace myself through to the other side. All a bit hard to take when you are away from home (Adelaide) attempting to have a few days of peace & respite in a positive manner.

      But the blogs and your insights as always are most helpful…thanks x

  44. This actually happened to Elsa of ElsaElsa.Com. An astrology mega-site had stolen her work and she confronted them. We talked about this about 4 years ago so the details are kinda foggy, but she would be the one to elaborate. As it turns out, the outcome was definitely in her favor…

  45. this is awful Mystic, you write so much for us, all the different star signs every day and for someone to take without asking and passing as their own must be absolutely awful.

  46. well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…
    but, really, if she’s using your work to make money, you should consult a lawyer. it can’t possibly be legal.