I See Your Face, A Mask Of Sunshine

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Super-lengthy Void Moon & Sun in Saggo opposite Jupiter-Lilith. Cue bitched up, fuq-you, radically candid self-protective instincts + Saggo type insights.

For example: People who are truly comfortable with the life choices they have made never judge the lifestyle choices of others. Have you noticed that? For instance, say you get a divorce, people who happen to be happily married don’t judge that decision – they just want you to be happy. People who are happy with their choice to have kids don’t heap shit on peeps who are happy not to have children.

My other thought is one i’ve said before; People who go on and on about honesty and ethics all the time often turn out to be dishonest. Or like how some of those fundamentalist preachers who rant against adultery, homosexuality, reproduction rights, Harry Potter, yoga, feminism etc tend to turn up a hell of a lot more down at the local bonkhouse than the typical person.

People who feel like they’ve got control of their own psyches don’t feel the urge to control the movements, thoughts, appearance etc of other peeps…Is there a name for this???

Image: Sayre Gomez  Post Title: From Morgan’s Bay Goldroom

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102 thoughts on “I See Your Face, A Mask Of Sunshine

    • Enlightenment at best, but others are just distracted by their own functioning circumstances, and are a breakup away from actively ruining the relationships of others. (example)

    • It’s that hideous need to control the “other” that is so based on codependency.

  1. Well, it’s kind of like projecting isn’t it. I am not happy or content and therefore you’re life decisions cannot make you happy content.

    I always know when I’m on the wrong path when I’m jealous of someone.

    • “I always know when I’m on the wrong path when I’m jealous of someone.”

      Wow, Jessie, now THAT is something I will dwell on and ponder the rest of the night…….. Things that make you go hmmmmmm……. :)

      • Yeah well said Jessie, I know I’ve found it hard to even recognize my own jealousy a couple of times, so for me I watch out for when my disagreement with someone over an issue is a bit out of proportion and almost always its a jealousy thing. Like you say, wrong way go back (and do for myself whatever it is they are manifesting that I feel I’m missing). Ouch.

    • So so true and fortunately, I’m starting to recognise the jealousy pangs as soon as they sting and I know it’s me, all me, and nothing to do with the other person.

      Or else I’m just in a bad mood and want everyone to fail miserably so I don’t feel so bad 😉

      • watch the ‘tear everyone down to make myself feel better’ thing, EQ girl. it only brings down the tone of everything… look in mirror, step up not blow up yeah? xxx

    • Totally agree. It’s easy to project than feel the ick but it’s ick feeling so – if I feel that way it’s all me. How you said it was better. :-)

  2. I think the name for it is living your truth. You occupy your life where there is zero dissonance between who you are and what you do ergo your YOU-NESS is not a distant concept attached to other ideas whether moral or conceptual and you don’t need to over-sell, try to hard or criticize other peeps to prove something.

    I agree with all of that. The least happy person in the room is the person repeatedly insisting they are, etc etc. Whatever it is you, you just be – you don’t need to insist on it.

    It’s good to go by the rule watch what they do not just what they say.

    • I call it alignment. Core values align with intention and action, bringing whatever you do or say freedom and dignity. Not above, not below but an equal

      Typing while commuting :-)

  3. Yesssss!! Well put Mystic!

    People who constantly suspect you of lying (and cross-interrogate you) are generally liars themselves.

    I will just say one thing: I get awfully confused by void moons, dark moons and eclipses. Is it just a manner of speaking, as in “Mercury Retrograde”–the planet itself doesn’t actually move backwards. What makes a moon dark? What constitutes an an eclipse?

    • Is there a name for it?

      Proverbs of antiquity tend to highlight it…”People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones….Before removing the stick from your brother’s eye, remove the log from your own….Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, etc”

      Glasshouse/Log/Stone Syndrome?

      • I wonder if I can incorporate a “get the log out of your eye” into conversation.
        People already know I’m weird, one more confused look won’t hurt.

        A cyclops with log in eye would be truly screwed

    • A dark moon is after the moon is full and before it’s new.
      An eclipse is when the full or new moon happens close (within 10 degrees???) to the nodes. I hope I got that right :)
      Not too sure about void moons but have a feeling it’s when it doesnt aspect anything before arriving into its new sign. Anyone confirm?

    • Void Moon – is the time between the moon making it’s last major aspect with a planet and it entering the next sign. Aspects include conj, opp, square, trine and sextile.
      Dark Moon – usually the 5-7 days before a new moon!?
      Lunar Eclipse – when the moon passes the earth’s shadow and is partly or wholly obscured by it (full moon).
      Solar Eclipse – when the moon passes in front of the sun partly or wholly obscuring it (new moon).

  4. Contentment.

    There can’t be any discord or projection when one is content.

    Of course it’s about living truthfully to oneself but the initial seeing and the growing pains of that can cause a myriad of things until one accepts where they are at.

    So maybe even acceptance. Acceptance of self by default – acceptance of others.

  5. I like the sounds of “Utopian Zen” for this. What you project is how you will connect and that is what you will get. This last eclipse has given me heaps of insights.

  6. I’m always curious as to the worst of these situations/log people other peeps have been subjected to.
    I always found at work those who complain about their rights/lack of privileges /time off etc turn out to be the ones who get the most even if they don’t see it that way. Everyone else just gets on with it.

  7. I honestly (hee hee) couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the life choices of others.

    I will say this, however: if you make a mess, don’t expect me or my loved ones to clean it up. We have our own shit to take care of, and can help with whatever we can.

    But dumping your shit on me/us?

    I don’t think so. And I’m seeing a lot of this going around…

    • I must say, on an emotional level, what you’ve said here is Exactly how I feel…

  8. i can’t think of an actual name for it as such,
    However when the Piscean and I hear people going on about
    how they are holier than thou, we usually both come to the same Shakespearean conclusion “Me thinks the maiden protests too much”.

    An Elvis Costello lyric also pops into mind when people judge and want to bring you down to their level ” If i’m gonna do down, you’re gonna come with me”

    Reminds me of the Jehovah Witness Antique Dealer i lived in the same town as, holier than holy, however, when his wife went back to the city to bury her mother, he had an affair with a waitress from the local cafe, left the wife, moved states, and recently spent time in the slammer for dealing okey-cokey, daughter who was home schooled as he didnt trust the teachers/other pupils ended up as a sex worker and is slowly on the road to recovery from all sorts.

    Maybe its Projection.

    I find the answer to people getting bitchy with it, judging that is, is something light sounding that goes ”Wow *insert name* that really sounds like a fear of yours, not mine Hun, is everything ok with you?”
    I like to shut em up and F-them off quick. Aries Sun, Mercury in Aries much ?

    • hehe…yes, an astrologer once told me my merc in aries 0 deg was like having a tongue that could be brandished like a very sharp sword. OMG its a good weapon, but lordy, it got me into some serious shit when I was younger.

      • My Aries Merc not at zero degrees but with Mars in Gem on the Asc, say that I could tear you down and build you back up in 30 seconds or less..

        It is extremely rare that I need to use said weapon since there are no survivors…

      • Morning Beautiful Ram !
        Mercury sitting at 4 degrees here, can i jump on that bandwagon David ?
        Tongue brandished like a sharpened sword sounds like a badge of honor .
        Defo follow the less words are more rules. Pisces risings does make me wonder a couple of hours later if i was too harsh though and can result in a quick call to make sure the loved one/unsuspecting (cared for) victim, on the receiving end is ok.
        I cringe when i hear an ”um” in a talk/speech. (And the Multi Gem in me still listens to what is being said, but is also tallying how many ”ums’ in the speech)
        Recently had to give a impromtu talk to new parents starting at the AquaNauts special needs school next year. Merc in Aries kicks in. Quick point form talk, with Pisces rising reassurance sprinkled on top. Principal – who i m sure is Virgo, announced, excellent, you can do this next year.
        Do you find if its important enough it rolls off the tongue. if not, not interested, cant fake it ?
        xx happy first day of summer !

    • haha, ~recovery from all sorts~…

      Reminds me of that licorice candy called ‘all sorts”

      Sorta like a mixed bag, hee

      tell it girl…

      • I love me some Elvis. He’s doing a concert tour in Oz soon. Apparently they are putting 200 of his songs on a chocolate wheel and spinning the wheel for a totally random selection of his music.

        • Coolio ! Just looked into it, its massive.
          I saw him November 2004 at the State Theatre (just recently took the poster off the kitchen door) with the Gem, Aqua rising sister. i remember talking with the Toro Music Guru i worked with re what songs i wanted to hear – Radio Radio and New Lace Sleeves, he reckoned there was no way he would play those, and lo and behold…out they came. I was stoked.
          Geez he’s good for a road trip.

  9. Totally agree here, although I think we all have a bottom line re what we think is acceptable. For instance, I had a beautiful man-magnet woman friend who had this thing with men, and couldn’t help herself… she broke up her own family when she got caught in an affair and then kept targeting married men who had their own families. I supported her through all the “I’ve found my soulmate!” epiphanies until, at around number five, I told her I just couldn’t watch her destroy any more families, tearing kids away from their fathers and the wives ending up seriously depressed etc. etc. I understand we all make choices and I didn’t want to judge her, but I also had to express my sadness at the impact on other people’s lives (one of the men she set her sights on was also a good friend and he suffered terribly through the whole thing). Yeah, maybe I’m judgmental but I think we’re kidding ourselves if we think we don’t have bottom lines in our lives. I’m sure none of us would be too thrilled at being the subject of devastating hurt or loss. (And I do realise the universe brings us exactly what we need although I’m guessing few of us run to pain.) Just a thought to add to the pile.

    • I think this is different.

      Yes, we all judge. Pretty much at every encounter we have. Primal instinct friend/foe/safe/danger.

      But there is a difference between trying to wrap our head around negative resulting behaviour to that of sledging someone while doing same and thinking we’ re better. You saw the collateral damage of her actions and the hurt it all caused. It sounds seriously destructive

      I agree with anon below… We have to draw a line.

    • I think this is precisely when the challenge not to judge begins. If someone’s behaviour is not offending your strongly held values, being non-judgmental is pretty easy if you are a well-rounded and caring person.

      I had a go at a friend for staying with his partner who hits him because it offended my values. I thought at the time that he had crossed a universal bottom line, but I was wrong. I was just being judgmental and for my own benefit.

      • I don’t know. There is also a point where your continued presence enables the false belief that abuse is ok or part of intimacy. I cannot accept lies and abuse. I can accept, however grudgingly, that people get off on all sorts of crazy behavior but insist on calling it what it is. As you can imagine, I don’t have many friends :-)

        • I agree with you 12HV that an option was for me to walk away from the friendship and explain that for myself, I could not tolerate his behaviour, if that were the case, and that’s sort of what happened. That is, make it about me. Whether or not I was present in his life, had very little bearing on whether he stayed in his situation; that was part of the realisation about the futility of being judgmental…. I didn’t have any power over his situation. I had tried telling him I didn’t want to hear about it any more but that didn’t work. It would have been better if I could have stayed in the friendship and help him explore why he was staying in his relationship, without judging him. Whatever, passing judgment on him was not constructive, I felt.

          • Not constructive, I agree. But you defended your own sanity. He should have stopped discussing it with you. It’s only his choice to stay. You demonstrated the choice to leave which he doesn’t want to accept for himself, you see? Sometimes letting go is the way to set the example. Sorry that it still hurts you. You obviously care very deeply. Maybe he will come to see and value that for himself.

    • Yeah, I agree 100% with this.

      Maybe we don’t want to be around some people, not because we’re *better* but because… we’re just tired of the bullshit.

      And Scorpio? It brings us face to face with the bullshit, call it “projection” or “judgement” or what have you…

      • Life is filled with unnecessary drama, power grabs, games and way too much bs.
        I just can’t tolerate any more bs either esp. right now.
        Scorpios have great bs radars..

    • It’s not that judgement is a bad thing, but more so it works in moderation. It’s like the tarot card Temperance, often associated with Sagittarius. If someone isn’t judgemental over every single little thing, when do you do actually have to make judgements, it speaks volumes.

      As many situations as there are that need acceptance, there are probably as many that need judgement. I guess speaking from personal experience, I have a problem from not judging others — it can lead to sticky situations, and comes off as naive at best.

      I think this post from Mystic was a lot more about petty judgements that give Judgement a bad reputation, rather than using that for what it should be? If that makes any sense?

  10. How do we get away from these chip on the sholder types. When you never hear them have something nice to say about anyone else. When they thrive on putting others down to lift themselves up. When washing the dishes becomes a relief from the dinner conversation. Happy people dont have to tell us how great they are, we are blisfully perching beside them listening.

    Cygnette, As a close friend of man magnatte woman it is o.k. to make her aware of her behaviour and consequences. It enables growth if she is ready to listen.

    Though I know myself id rather hide than say and sometimes these people thrive on towering in hideous delusions of self importance.

    • People help keep them in the tower by noting their bullshit and staying smugly quiet. My old friends love gossip and drama. Live for false storms. Projection is a team sport.

    • Wow, that is about the most judgmental thing I’ve read on this site. Are you sure you’re not doing some serious projection here?

  11. Weeellllll…isn’t Jupiter over the top, smug, in your face? He was the top dog. And isn’t Gemini about comparing and drawing conclusions, ranking, pricing, all those human brain functions. I see Jupiter/ Lilith as a giant Yertle the Turtle face off. Sneeches battle positions!!LOL!!!!

  12. The need for balance is inherent in the fabric of the multiverse.
    Everything is a dancing tapestry of balance & flow of energy.
    That is why places named ‘harmony’ attract disharmony, it calls attention to harmony.
    People who have attracted fulfillment and balance know extremes don’t serve that equanimity on some level.
    I call it ‘balance of flow’ but that isn’t very punchy.

    • With you there. Life is so much better when you own your darkness as well as your light = integration.

  13. My closet gay Libra friend decided to come out of the closet! He’s freaking out but I am so proud of him. When he is comfortable with people knowing his sexual whatever he won’t have to lie or feel like he’s lying all the time. Have you noticed – people with sex hang ups/secrets are the biggest liars – like – about things not even worth lying about? Sooo Saturn in Scorpio…the coming out-ness of choice…carrying your own baggage. I’m digging it!

      • That’s immediately what I said “fuck the haters!” I am happily surprised – he didn’t even hint he was thinking of coming out. He just messaged me to say he’d come out on a message board he manages. He’s terrified. I hope he keeps opening up. He’s such a Libra. He’s like “I think I just destroyed my hetero dating pool.” I hope some hot man hits on him as a result of his coming out and he can give up worrying what the chicks think of him!

    • The world changes for the better every time someone is brave enough to fully live their truth. Good on him. I hope he knows that for every hater out there he’s got a cheer squad.

      • Yeah, I think that too. I hope it goes well for him. Or, at least, that he realizes his sexual preferences aren’t his defining characteristic and that no one really gives a shit who he fucks, you know? I’m really excited for him and proud that he’s taking actions to live more authentically.

  14. In such a box – a lifestyle choice I’m oddly OK with but empty via materialism. I have such an ambitious husband, what was I thinking when I was electrified by such a magnetic and intense man? He prefers me to be with our child full time and I am obliged to receive his relatives who are very status driven…My family is even more intense about status.

    Pluto has totally ramped up the capricorn vibe of it, and despite my venus and part of fortune in capricorn I loathe it. It is exclusive pretensions at their worst. People judged on wealth, protocol, achievements.

    Even my brother in law joked half seriously how he hated “Christmas accounting”, where we sat at the table to hear our performance assessed for the year by my mother in law (Capricorn Rising / Pisces & Libra Stelliums, 2nd & 9th). But most of all she is Jupiter conjunct pluto in leo!!

    Her daughter is sun conjunct saturn in leo with conscientious capricorn rising, and my husband is leo rising a triple Aries (sun moon venus) with capricorn moon and mars saturn in taurus….followed by jupiter in scorpio!
    He has a quiet plan he won’t discuss with anyone, just works very hard…

    The trouble is I really just don’t give a fig for all the fancy bother, even though I love them all, why do people have to put people through hoops?
    My libra south node is totally crushed, my husband venus and my daughter’s sun are both on my north node, 8th house. My husbands moon is square to my saturn, his sun is on my saturn.

    Who is restricting who? The pisces in me just wishes to escape it all…

    • Just say “fuck it”. That seems very NN in Aries to me. I do empathize with where you are at. I am lonely post-divorce but when I see the old crew I can’t fathom how confined their idea of success is. There are rules to follow, protocols, things you are allowed to want, no ambiguity. I fit in once. Now, I can’t imagine how I survived. But you – speak your truth and nurture your own soul and let the others do them. Do you and lead the way.

      • Thanks. Its weird I just cannot think what a north node in aries in 8th house is, would it be self sufficiency through others resources? I really sacrificed career for children and marriage and that’s OK, but I need more of a creative sense of self back…I used to be quite independent, big income, lots of art around…All the libra south node 2nd house…disolved

        I come from a family from wealth knee deep in divorce and scandal…Status too…I know re-invention or new incarnation is the new uranus in aries challenge in the face of the stifling capricorn conservatism. We are still in love, but its also prudent, a bit like a quiet complicit agreement. It may be I’m deluded and there is an expiry date – I’m OK because we both love our child so much.

        • I’m thinking individuation here. Be careful not to give up your individuality to suit everyone else’s expectations. Enjoy your mothering but also have your creative outlets and avoid falling into co-dependency. Really talk to your OH about your joint expectations and where you can both compromise. Sometime years can go by where both of you fall into roles without question, and then rocks turn up. :)

          • Back to original post: Am I, by offering unsolicited advice, being judgemental? Or have I, having enjoyed some sadly fruity-lexia flavoured hoochie juice, been overly loquacious? Decide sagacious ones.

    • The word that come to mind is boring. Lets all be very serious and hard working and winners and competitive and ….boring. Its boring because its so predictable, like people living in a bad novel. Thats not having a life, or if it is, one may as well die because we all know how its going to end.

      • ha, reminds me of how I used to read the last page of a novel first.

        Saved time, no? And, I don’t care for fiction anyway…talk about boring and waste of time.

  15. This kind of behavior is so blatantly obvious to me now. Had a friend pop in wanting to discuss my divorce and how hard my life must be. I immediately thought “oh shit. She is fantasizing about divorce for herself.” lol!

  16. This VOC moon is tearing me a new one, emotionally. In trying to own up to my less-than-flattering dark stuff, I’ve made things worse rather than better re: hard truths better left unstated and unfixable problems it’s better not to think or talk about. I would definitely win “Qi Vampire of the Day” award, ughhhhhh. Time for me to shut mouth, turn off phone, forget about working until midnight like I have been, play videogames.

  17. I don’t know, I agree with someone up there, live and let live? also, Minding One’s Own Fuqing Business? Leaving well enough alone? I am not the centre of the universe? Not Everyone Thinks Like Me Nor Should They, Thank Heavens? Methinks They Doth Protest Too Much? Get A Life? The unexamined life is not worth living? etc ..

    • also the old adage.. walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. i mean i have been a judgemental jerk in the past and relatively recently learning not to venture forth with controversial opinions on things I know sweet F-A about

  18. All this post-eclipse energy is making me feel like just being very quiet and very still. Not going out in the world too much.

  19. If you are bored it means you have no inner resource. Same with people who are trying to bring you down.

  20. Yes, yes and Yes!

    If you’re happy with your life choices, you certainly don’t need to judge mine or compete with me. This works both ways. Love the lack of BS. Diversity! It’s all OK!!!!!!!!!

  21. Is there a name for this???.

    Yes it’s called minding your own business. Tending to your garden, pulling up your roots and sowing the seeds you reap.

  22. just found out about a monumental mercury retrograde error made by a major company, they sent out the email saying “please advise us how to best invest our latest 10 million profit” to the dozens of people they had just made redundant -instead of the bank. A der! Is theft and inequity being exposed more often this month?

    • Ahhh, yes, this is the kind of story that I ‘pass on’ when explaining my business systems. Most middle to upper management still don’t know how to work a simple database. So they employ younger staff and buy the wrong systems for them to run, and one day ….bam, one rushed email list sort and hellloooo!! A big expensive tOtal Fuq up. Love it x thanks for the grist TLS

    • Ahhh, yes, this is the kind of story that I ‘pass on’ when explaining my business systems. Most middle to upper management still don’t know how to work a simple database. So they employ younger staff and buy the wrong systems for them to run, and one day ….bam, one rushed email list sort and hellloooo!! A big expensive tOtal Fuq up. Love it x thanks for the grist TLS

  23. When you’re living your life authentically everything is too big and full, too demanding and exciting to be worrying about what other people are doing or how they’re doing it. And I think when you’re on the path then you realise there’s more than one path out there and every individual strives in their own way. Meanwhile if you happen to be futzing around denying to yourself what you know you really should be doing then tearing other people down is a way of distracting yourself from the challenge of living with integrity. Because it is hard and it requires change and loss just as much as it rewards you with new experiences and strength. I read somewhere (maybe it was here-ha!) that to sail to a new country first you have to lose sight of land, and I think that prospect keeps a lot of people from being the better version of themselves. Plus it never ends! It’s not like you only have to sail off once. It’s over and over. Sometimes I think this is exciting and other times exhausting.

  24. I think the shrinks call it self-differentiation. It’s when you know where you end and the other person begins, so you don’t even begin to judge them because you know that would be crossing a boundary. And you know that if you feel tempted to do that, it’s because something about their choice has made you anxious _ and it is YOUR job to sort out and settle your anxiety, not theirs.

  25. Something I find helpful is… not giving a shit about what others think.

    I mean it. Those who love and respect you will stick around, and those who don’t… won’t.

    It doesn’t matter how many people stick around. Two. Twenty-five. What matters is quality of life. The quality of YOUR life.

    I like the quality of my life. My life has been pretty great since I stopped giving a shit about what others think, and wasting time with people who are clearly never gonna get it…

    • I’d call it peaceful and amazing before… isolated, solitary, sad, and all the other crap some want me to believe about my choices…


  26. Talk about bitched up and all about the fuq you”. I felt like that the ENTIRE time the moon was in Gemini. Now the moon is in Cancer I feel a little better.

    Don’t care what other people do so long as it doesn’t directly affect me. That said, there are some things that are directly affecting me that are making me super bitched up! Or rather……. that fact that NOTHING is happening when SOMETHING SHOULD be happening is making me all “fuq you”.

    It was terrible during the Gemini moon I tell you. Nothing happened. Nothing. Nothing is still happening. Probably doesn’t help that Gemini is basically empty in my chart….. Chiron in there and that’s about the extent of it. But basically every significant planet in my chart is in a cardinal sign. Things HAVE to happen. Nothing CAN’t happen. It’s not natural for me to not have something happening. I keep telling myself things are happening to the other people in the background and I don’t know about it…… and thus, something will happen at the right time.

    Anyway, I had to have a rant in order to have done SOMETHING. Hahaha

    Sorry all. I’m not usually one to capitalise words either. I just feel so stuck.

    Stuck = fuqed.

    If anyone feels this motto on an everyday basis it is me.

  27. Yeah I always know when I am snitty about somebody else’s choices/life etc it’s usually about what I’m not happy with in my own setup. Easy to recognise but harder to do something about. Hopefully I am getting better at it.

    What a 24 hours. I’ve totally done a Jupiter opp sun blow-out, again, on the hooch. Seriously need to stop doing this several times a week. Thought I was coping with my life but obvs not. I think I am the last to know this. My friends are all being very patient, bless them.

    OK I weakened and emailed LZ man (not while hammered, thank fuq). It was short, direct and dignified. Said I would be open to contact again (I closed it down before), gave him my number and said no response would be taken as his answer and that would be that.

    Time for Operation Get A Grip. :(

  28. So a celestial influence occurred at the same time sweet ol’ me has an uncharacteristic loss of temper that accompanied the bitched up, fuq-you, radically candid self-protective instincts + Saggo type insights? Amazing!

    ‘Self-protective,’ indeed! I even had scary dreams to confirm that my blowout was exactly that.

    In my book, judging another person for their likes and preferences is me sticking my nose into an area where I have no business and take a posture being being better than thou. However, self-preservation has to do with ‘this stuff is unagreeable/harmful/dangerous/AND emotionally+physically painful to my well-being, so this needs to stop and now!’ Self-protective indeed! Wow!

  29. Never thought of it like that MM, but I think you’re right.

    I use to know people that would have to talk about for they are a very real person and not fake…hahaha what a joke they where.