Same Birthday Synergy Attraction?

Hey Mystic,

I know you’re busy, but just thought I’d ask you this random puzzling question…

What’s the deal with a romantic interest with someone who has the same birthday as oneself? Recently bumped into someone on a plane who is April 17 Aries like me (but a few years older)… There were a few sparks and it feels vibey.

Thing is I’ve been in a relationship before with someone else with same April 17 birthday. He was 4 years younger and it was years ago in my 20’s and it ended up being the awful Saturn return kind of break up.

So back to Mr Aries-on-the-plane… any theories on fraternizing with same-birthday romantic prospects?

Welcome your thoughts?

PS… Love being a subscriber!!! xx Aries_FTL

Hey Aries_FTL,

So happy you are enjoying your subscription!  Okay, this is an interesting question. Two couples offhand with same birthday – Christo & Jeanne Claude (you know the building wrappers) + Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones.  We explored their astrology and very PINK house here.

Personally, I have met a few women born the same day as me and really, really like them – instant rapport and familiarity but men born on the same day as me repel. One in particular almost gave me a nervous breakdown just from talking to him at a party for half an hour. He had some hideously annoying traits & I became convinced that they were, in fact, MY traits.  He touched me on the arm to emphasize his stupid point and I shuddered. This may have been a bit extreme, I get that. You have to be v.careful how you do touchy-feeling with Aqua Rising peeps. Once I ducked someone coming in to try and hug me. I can also throw up a really good quick guard, from boxing

Now the thing is with same birthdays – it just means that your Sun and their Sun are conjunct – so you each stimulate each other’s solar powers, will to triumph, individuated self and self-expression. It’s nice synastry but hey we can do a LOT better than just Sun….the most intense interactions come when you’re looking at Sun on Mercury, Venus-Sun and it’s doubled – your Venus their Sun, their Sun, your Venus…Mars-Venus for ‘sexual napalm’ (see Sleazometer for a listing of the diff Mars-Venus combos), Pluto-Moon for when you really wanna go there… I could go on for hours with these things.

Sun-Sun synastry is but one aspect of a whole huge picture of different ways you can mesh (or not) with someone. There is also pure paleo chemistry – some people just smell good to you, remember – the olfactory nerve is in the nostrils and is the only nerve on the outside of the bod that goes straight to the reptilian brain. 

So hey, with Mr. April 17 Aries on the plane – go there!  You’ve both just completed Saturn transits so will be way suaver than you were previously…And you are both Aries so this should be quite swift and direct, yes? And don’t judge potential future flings or relationships based on some learning growth passage shit that went down during your Saturn Return!!!!

What does everyone else think?

Image: Remedios Varo

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Wow I’m April 17th too and this is interesting the two people I know with thesame birthday are celebrities in my country and I instantly liked them even before knowing that information one is a female and an actress and the other a male and singer


Would it be likely that a parent sharing a birthday with their child would experience some kind of bond stronger than normal? Particularly if the birth came naturally instead of a choosing to induce labor on that date. I have a friend that swears there is some kind of special astrological connection she feels with her son because of this and I can’t decide if I agree. It doesn’t necessarily effect relationships with random people in life but I can’t find anything online that considers what it could mean. Lots of odds and coincidence articles. But I’m curious. Does sharing… Read more »


Ok, this one is heavy. I’m April 16th and my husband is in an emotional affair with another person whose birthday Is April 16th. He can’t decide who to chose he loves us both. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

Darlene Gregory

My fiance and i are both leos. Born at the exact same time. Day..year..and hour..about 60 miles apart. It suprises people when we tell them this. We are so close we can read each others minds but being leos our love and fights can be pretty intense.


This is super strange. I have been searching…trying to find an explanation for something….see the father of my 1yr old left me for a woman whom he had been friends with and who pretended to be my friend to get closer (from my intuitive perspective) since I was pregnant (over a year of this sneakiness)…she and I have the same birthday to the year….April 17, 1979. I am trying to figure out, come closer to what lesson I am to learn from all of this. I have discovered a lot of things I needed to and have been working on.… Read more »

Roberto Mendez

Hi, when I was 14 years old I was going out with a girl who was born the same day, month and year as me.making the long story short we went to bed and I couldn’t be with her. We went out for 8 month’s and relationship ends and we decided to remain as friends, years pass and I moved to another country when I was 16 lost contact with her. When I was 24 years old I came back and we met again started to go out again and for a second time we went to bed and I… Read more »

Marilyn Christie Jordan

Hi, I was supposed to be born 29 Sep, but arrived a week early.
I have met someone, just friends in another country, who was born on 29 Sep same year as me. If I hadnt’ arrived early – we would have been born same day same year.
What is the significance of this?


I’m super curious about this, as i’m dating a man with the same birthday, born exactly 1 year, 12 hours before me. I’m not sure if he was born in the same city or the town an hour away where he grew up. We seemed to have this instant connection that i’ve never felt before.. not love at first sight, but something else entirely. Our dates often last with us just talking for days and we were pretty much instantly comfortable with each other.

laura manning

I had a relationship with a guy born on the same day, month, year, hour as me. Love at first sight…. we lived together for a year and he turned out to be a mean, nasty person. Hmmm. took me ages to get over it. He was the mirror opposite to me in many ways, even looks – and, even though I DO have dark -side, It’s certainly not cruel, unfaithful and nasty.


I had a 5 month thing with a guy born the day after me, but 3 years older. His birth in Europe and mine in Oz I guess meant for varying degrees of planetoid difference. Very love zombie, yet so very smooth and groovy. Sometimes I still ponder those times. Glad I ended it though, it was like a culdesac that had no possibility of becoming a path. I think we were both shocked at the abrupt end, and both relieved. The culdesac was great in the sac & for vibing high on the raw cold press juice we’d spend… Read more »


Dear Mystic, thanks for throwing out my dilemma to the Mystic Masses! Some of the advice and stories have been invaluable… The first date went well, it was a bit like dating a mirror just like the graphic you lead with on this post.. There was possibly a bit of a leadership struggle to see who would lead the conversation as we both love the sound of our own voice and have great need to share opinions!? Ha ha ha… . Too early to judge the whole thing yet has any longterm prospects, but it was fun. xx


I say go for it, at least you will never forget your spouses birthday, it’s money & time efficient for parties and you can make birthday’s in to a more romantic thing as it’s more reciprocated. I’d like to try getting with another Aqua, also coz my Mars is Aqua too. Also, I feel like I’m more aware of “good”/”bad” (from my perspective) Aqua’s so I tend to scrutinise other Aqua’s in to either category and find that the bad ones shit me and the good ones I totally get and understand where they’re at and their boundaries etc, which… Read more »


I know so many Aquarius couples! Its a “thing”! Tauruses, too…


Oooh, good day to be reading up on synastry as I’m totally distracted by a crush and getting kinda stalky with it…
But how’s this:
His moon exactly conjunct my exact moon-mars conjunction.
My Venus exactly conjunct his exact Sun-Mars conjunction.
His Venus bang on my Sun.
Forget the birthdays, bring on that napalm! (please)


PS, hello beautiful Comments-Clan, I’ve emerged from Pluto captivity renewed and have missed you heaps. xx


Darling Lex, it has been a long time between drinks.
Hope you are shooting the breeze and getting it on in your inimicable way.
From Pegs :-)x


missed you too babe. was just thinking about you re recent post. hope you well xx


Massive attraction to Sagg men born 4/6/8/16th December all 6’2” of each of them, so perhaps the height not the astro 🙂
Best synergy is with Caps, my rising sign, ambition & money versus freewheeelin’ & broke perhaps.


I have an exact birthdate different year cancer (July 20) and we are awesome in bed but dangerous! It is like the movie “Hancock” we break walls and hurt ourselves physically in the process! Can’t stay away though! Even if all is on the line! Covert is taboo but delicious!


No same day love encounters. I’m generally repelled by Scorpio men in a sexual way, Scorpio women on the other hand have been the great loves of my life, spent years collecting a whole bunch and seem to be particularly fond of the ones born in my birth month. Never same day though. My fav same day lovers would have to be Marina Abramovi? and Ulay Laysiepen, both Nov 30th but three years apart, a fascinating relationship. Two Sags, mental. I do however have certain dates that I’m attracted (friends and loves), in particular people born on the 12th of… Read more »


I’ve met quite a few people with the same birthdate – 1st October – none born in my year though (1964)
The only connection I feel is the fact all of our parents got randy around Christmas / New Years nine months earlier !


I’ve never been attracted to anyone on my birthday but my older half brother and i have the same birthday 4 years apart and have been best buds since i was wee. He’s the best! Other people with my birthday I’ve been a little “meh” about but still liked. But born the day before me or the day after= for some reason you are my best friend

Amelie Aveling

I met a beautiful Irish man a while back… We had kissed briefly before our oaths were parted. When I became his friend on fb, I discovered he had not only the same birthday (coincidentally, April 17!) but the same year! Needless to say, we eventually crossed paths again and had a short, but very… fulfilling affair. Go for it! We are Aries!


that’s cool

Crabby crab

I know 3 couples of same birth date and they have been the happiest weirdos I know. Aries couple who did the most intense research into conceiving a child and not in a fun lets shag everywhere kind of way but let’s smash medical science and get our radical little Leo bambino. Former room mates Scopio couple who made no noise what so ever, no conversation, music, tv, pots and pans clanging etc but were happy as clams. Saggo couple who roam the globe being experts in outdated yet modern engineering fields, living on house boats, walking cats on leads,… Read more »


Interesting post. My maternal grandmother and I had the same birthday – always loved her +++, felt we had a special connection. I still have her engagement ring diamond – wear it most days. Even tho I’ve been robbed since she gave it to me, somehow it was always – on my finger – in for re-setting – safe somehow. Her picture is at the entrance to my flat – she’s my guardian spirit for sure.

Older/Wiser Virgo

My granddaughter was born on my 53rd birthday. Even though she was due on Aug. 18th I just knew from the time I found out about my daughter’s pregnancy that she would be born on my birthday, Aug. 26th. I do feel a special connection to her. I hope i’m around long enough to guide her and help her avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.


I only met one guy with the same birthday as me. Of course, being Virgoes that meant we were totally different and so not typical 🙂
Joke aside – he was extremely weird to everyone but I could appreciate his weirdness but that’s it. No special connection …


I have a question that’s been bugging me for ages that’s sort of tied into this. I’ve been reading up on conjoined twins, and it seems that a common theme is their very different personalities (as in from one sibling to the next). How does this work astrologically? Given they’re born at the same time and place exactly? I mean your standard twin might be born a few minutes apart (and we all know the stories about twins living similar lives, and having similar tastes who have never known each other). Obviously conjoined twins are going to have very similar… Read more »


damn fine question Kels – I’m a fraternal (non-identical) twin with my 10 mins younger sister…I think our charts are almost identical…and yet we have repelled each other for the better part of our whole lives…we’re Saggo Sun, Scorp Rising and Moon in Virgo…with Scorp in Venus and Mars…she has no drive, no ambition, no vision and is content to settle and not evolve/grow…we have nothing in common and never have…we have spoken much in two years and I couldn’t be happier…it pains me that it’s like that but I had been compromising my emotional health to have her in… Read more »


Wow weird synchronicity (or not weird?). Just watched a documentary on conjoined twins today and asked myself the same question. The answer I came up with is FREE WILL. The twins I observed were born under the sign Pisces, and you could observe that they were both sweet, caring, compassionate types. But they had different preferences and opinions because, hell, they have two different brains! And they can think whatever they want and one thought leads to another…interesting side note, i also watched a news brief on fraternal twins separated at birth who later met…and married eachother! They only found… Read more »


Yes an author friend said that apparently many siblings, if separated early on and then reunited as adults, will find themselves attracted to each other- though she does have a bit of an incest fetish. I agree about the free will thing too. Plus it makes total sense for conjoined twins (or any twin forced into close company with each other) to want to differentiate themselves from each other, and the differences I’ve heard of seem to be quite polar, like introvert to extrovert. I’m assuming polarities would operate in every star sign, though I’m yet to meet an introverted… Read more »


Oh, thanks for the recommendation. I simply can’t get enough of this type of society-shaking phenomenon (think how many laws have to be adjusted because of a person being both 1 and 2…the madness!). And so true about introverted Leo…I know a Leo who seems a little shy and soft spoken but at the same time has a very dramatic look to her, she really stands out. They always find a way!


being that my mother and oldschool bestie are born on the same day I have this ultra weird ability to collect people born on my birthday and I know a large collection of people born near, a day either side and exact. I have jokingly sited being raised by my mother and a scorpio sister as setting the magnetic field for this. Never has it been sexual and very few guys around that time I have known well or been attracted to at all, but I can say this of most Scorpios tbh. Met a couple of guys around that… Read more »


did have a couple of lesbian encounters actually, one I remember she pinned me against the wall and forced my head up into a wall on the night we hooked up and I thought oh no we are both the same this won’t work lol

this was done in matching jackets







My first thought was its like astro incest ! Euwww . Then I remembered a strange statistic. That in any random group of 30 ? people , say a chunk of a soccer crowd or least 2 people will have the same birthday. So maybe it’s not such a strange event.
It’s the late April thing that interests me.
Interesting bunch of people.


David, my Aries beau is April 18, with merc aries and mars cancer like you. How’d you turn out? Heh heh


yes – was trying to drudge up that mathematical fact – its actually very common to share a b-day.


it would have to be an aries woman that are the only woman that can handle an aries man 🙁 but …I can honestly say thats the exact way how I feel about pisces men, tho. i would definitely date conjunct birthdays but only if he was really good looking i did date someone that was born a lil after midnight but he wasn’t good looking enough so i dumped him within an hour. ugh! just the thought of him made me cringe. we still keep in touch after all these years (junior high friends) btw.


i’ve heard that when two people in a relationship share the same sign, one will embody that sign and the other the polarity (e.g sag and gem). similar with twins (whose charts will be identical or close to)


I have a Leo Sun and I love Leo men and women – especially if they are born on my birthday! How vain is that? Or maybe as the sun is at home in leo there is element of enjoyment other signs might not have in each other sun’s? My first boyfriend was born same hospital several hours apart! Okay that didn’t work. We are still friendly though. A very intense non-affair with a married guy born a day after me. We are devoted pen friends and have spent no more than 6 months in the same country – but… Read more »


1) MM I really love your quick synastry take above … I’ve had so many intense relationships with Sun-Merc conjunctions but some astrologers tend to suggest these are “mind only” … maybe I’m a more mind-oriented person but these have tended to be big loves, not just intellectual dalliances. 2) I had a big early relationship with a man three days off my birthday (plus several years) and have always attributed the intensity to fact that I’m on cusp of Leo with two Leo planets, he was on cusp of Cancer with Cancer planets … like we each got the… Read more »

12th house virgo

New guy at work has my same birthday, five years later. His Virgo house is LOADED. If anything, the time spent working with him helped me realize how annoying Virgos can be. I mean, we chatted it up just great and he’s a good guy. But he’s such a martyr about his process and his way and blah…I get it – but I also got how immature it is and how I need to watch out for the same tendency in myself.

12th house virgo

PS – never knew someone with the same birthday as me before – at least that I know.


I had a brief thing and am still friends with a guy who’s birthday was the day before mine. (May 18th) Same year too. I tend to be indifferent with women who have the same birthday as me though. I know two. One the same year as well, the other a bit older.

Suddenly Leo

My co-librarian and I share the same birthday – she’s got Virgo rising and I have Scorp rising, so the library is hyperorganized and INTENSE. And glam- tons of books about Marilyn lately. I love that the person I’ve been sharing this space with for years and I get on like white on rice, mi on fan-


I was in a car crash with someone with same birthday many years ago.
We had both had a crappy week and both made the same impatient decision with resulted in the crash. That was the only other aqua with same birthday I’ve ever met


Well, I have a friend from school days (23 years ago) who was born a few hours before me and we’ve always had a type of sexual tension but I always felt this was stronger coming from him. Just this year we actually had a sexual encounter, not the whole shebang but a lusty blue hoochied “let’s just cross the frigging boundary already” type of thing. I am attached and knew that me being unfaithful would destroy my gorgeous partner so I drew a big fat line but it is obvious my friend and I have very similar abilities and… Read more »


To my knowledge I’ve never met anyone who was born the same day (of any year) as me. Ever. Maybe all April 5’s are highly driven to respect for each other’s privacy … ?


My cousin is 5th April , 1957. I’m the 12th a little younger.


My Nan was April 5th. Family matriarch. Complete dragon who managed to have the whole family running around doing her bidding. Died aged 99, complete with all her faculties, after a good meal and a brandy. God I miss the old witch.


I’m glad I’ve never ever met someone with my birthdate (in any year). I feel like its all mine.

In college I had mates born just before and just after so we would have combined cocktail parties for our birthdays. That was fun.

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Isn’t there a thing, you know that “angle” that people go for repeatedly? You did a thing on some guy who went for girls with birthdays in the same week…was it Hugh Hefner or David Bowie or or someone?

I’ve noticed I always have paleo-chem with Geminis born between 19th-22nd May. Also my ex seems to be pursuing a liaison with a gal with my exact birth date. UGH.


I went out with three guys in a row with same birthday. Not on purpose. Think the universe was telling me something and I was too stupid to listen


Oh yes I have this with Caps born in the same week. I blame my Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno-Magdalena conjunction, I call it my Cap force field. Cap husb; Cap good-friend-hoping-to-morph-into-FWB-but didn’t; Cap lover. Only 3 men in 15 years and they have birthdays within four days of each other. I’ve also collected many Cap female friends born that same week. Interestingly during Merc retro I’ve dissolved my attachments to all three men and feel freer than I have done in years. Another Cap born that week is sniffing around via fb. It’s a BIG no thanks from me 🙂


bless you x x

Here I Virgo Again

I’ve done a couple of runs of same birthday relationships -where the current guy would turn out to have a birthday within 3 days of the last one (s). None of these on purpose…
Also friends at different times of my life (and different geographies). While everyone’s different, there have been some interesting themes.

It’s kind of like a small karma reincarnation of that relationship again, without having to wait to be reborn. Thank goodness we get a second chance to “get it”.


Christo and Jeanne Claude are one of the cutest couples you could ever meet! The sun conjunction is definitely working for them!

I had this just recently, HOT chemistry and a common warmth, world view and artistic and business interests that we could have partnered in. I felt very comfortable with him. However, travel distance and age difference too much for me to want to pursue at this difficult time; at another time and in the same cities, quite possible. I reckon we have different sun signs too.


mystic, you should maybe post some anecdotes just because, I just realized how interesting that would be, mystic stories, astro commentary along the way is just icing on the cake


also, I am kinda scared how I hear so many horror stories about lame pisces guys, but pisces girls seam to always be cool…. even from the people I know too, I can think of some pretty lame pisces guys, like, really lame, and all the girls were pretty cool people, ya, ill just pretend like that has nothing to do with me….. what? me? a pisces? no no….im…. other things, too, ya


Have known a few awesome, inspiring hard working, clever, dreamy Pisces guys.
Unfortunate fact is they get underrated and its the annoying ones we talk about more because they irk us for eons

cosmic fleece

Greetings David ! I am married to an expectionally bright, intuitive, compassionate, empathetic Piscean, whose only fault (i feel, apart form marrying an Aries who is incapable of looking after him when ill) is getting too carried away on the vino ! My first mentor after some horrific shite that went down (yessirree good ole saturn shite/wake up storm !) was a Piscean, he gave me a job, taught me screenprinting, took me under his fin, opened my eyes and heart again, and taught me sooo much i couldnt type it all. Its like he handed my scrambled knotted dark… Read more »


Nicest message ever, Cosmic 🙂
David, I have been (s)lain by excellent and alluring Piscean men on more than one occasion… they exist, you exist. Though, you got it, no one is as cool as my (Pi)scean girl bestie!!


” took [you] under his fin” 😆


I thought that was cute too 🙂


wow, got me grinning and everything 🙂


I wish someone would take me under their fin and unscramble my universe!

To be fair, it is starting to unscramble by itself now that I’ve started getting enough sleep, nutrition and recreation.

But still, sounds lovely =) =)


My 3 closest friends as a young man were all Pisces.
Couldn’t have asked for better friends. Man we did some crazy wonderful things together. As the token Aries though I always went first . Yes, the test monkey.


my ex – pisces sun, pisces rising – love him so much – very talented, very good in bed, very kind to animals *sigh*

Pisces Lover.

Gee my lovely deceased husband had Moon in Pisces and he was wonderful. Terrific, wierd sense of humor, very intelligent, and fab in bed. What else does one need in a partner? Not a lame male at all, just a bit different.


wow everyone, thanks for proving me wrong, ya know, this is a little community mystic has going, and I am so glad I am a part of it, you guys are great

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