Mercury Is Still Retrograde

YES Mercury is still Retrograde – why do you ask?Β  Because of the shitstorm that’s broken out in the Middle East?

It is tres Zap Zone, that Eclipse in Scorpio intensifies all things Plutonic, remember. F.Y.I. Iran is a Scorpio & the formation of the state of Israel occurred under a Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This is like an astrological fault-line. A flashpoint with Uranus square Pluto seems sadly inevitable; strength & blessings to the peeps on either side stuck in this thing.

Or do you feel stuck between Mercury in Retro in Scorpio slo-mo super-charged analysis/revision of all your compulsions/desires AND the paleo-primal rebirth urges of the Eclipse/Zap Zone. Yes, it’s a bit fuqing hard to make over your life when your power is off or your phone was made in the Eighties, whatever. Strength. Even when the morning news looks like the Daily Pluto, you can still do Awesome, yes?

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55 thoughts on “Mercury Is Still Retrograde

  1. I feel like a newborn, deeply relaxed and just being after the plug was pulled on that last month of p a I n ful growth, but so tired now from the ordeal I just want to sleep, and ignorant to what’sgoing on in the world….

  2. Ah yes Myst but the more current regime under the Eye a tolla of rock and rolla and subsequent idiocy…On my bday, Apr 1, but 1979..not 59..

    He saved me the trouble 9and Iranian husband the trouble of going back)but in the end, my connection to that part of the world is and was and will always be, intense indeed. x

    There are things hidden in the moutains of Iran that are deep and sacred…

    Jeeps but I can’t go on as have five more hours massage…and thats a different story and on burn out and near suicide…x

    • no burn out and suicide! we here for you… somehow, SOMEHOW we’ll all get through this. xoxoxoxox

      would love to hear more about the mountains if you have a chance…

    • You are one of my favourites on this site. Always with beautiful, gentle and thoughtful advice. Please look after yourself. You are a lovely soul.

    • I would love to visit Iran and hope (suspect) the near suicide reference is to part of the story you don’t have time to tell. You are an Aries. Just rest a bit if you need too.

    • You can just *stop* if you need to. Really. If you simply cannot face more clients, just walk out. Go home. Go for a walk in the park. Go to the beach. Any type of rest is better than suicide !! Being jobless is better than that !!

      Take care sweetpea !


    • Thanks for your kindness All…

      A post in haste this afternoon as had only a few minutes pre rub a dubs…lol

      Over the years at the doc office, noticed a pattern of going on burn out as we are so, so busy this time of year as peeps wanna get their remaining massage visits in before their deductable starts over in Jan…

      So, I moan a bit but next week will have four and a half days off with the Thanksgiving weekend..Was going to do volunteer work that day but really just need to take care of self. And get some proper rest…Am usually refreshed afterwards.

      The Scorpio eclipse was in my 6th house a bit wide to Jupiter and Ceres but did feel the “how much more can I give?” thing.

      Amusing because after we were all done this afternoon I stopped by Pisces/Aries Merc co-worker’s door and just looked at ther and said “Jesus Christ”..

      Then I went back by her door and said “you know, I really should not use His name in vain that way”…

      She said “I was going to say god damn”….lol

      In any case, came across a Zep oldie “Achilles Last Stand”…I have Achilles conjunct Moon (with “Lie” for cripes sake,and Psyche 8th) and the eclipse was sextile those so think I should just stick with that Last Stand…lol

      “Tread the air above the din”…

      The Crystal Cap Stone on the pyramid of Giza was removed by the Masters after it’s abuse in Atlantis and hidden in the mountains of Iran. Peeps fighting over power that they have forgotten what they are fighting for but it is there, on the subconsious level..

      ~The mighty arms of madness hold the heavens from the Earth~

      Achilles Last Stand…Zep…and genius…

    • Sweets, a dear friend called my issue the other day. Sounds like yours: people overload. Nurture yourself.

      If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. (Siddh?rtha Gautama Buddha)

      Comforted a friend today who felt hopeless without direction. Please go to your allies and lean on their love and strength. Each of us can only take one step at a time, one breathe at a time. Every moment of life is a turning point, keep the faith, you are loved and cherished by many. Your journey matters ! xoxo

      • Oh yes Rox, during a few massages today I called on my teachers and actually got tears and said “I need your help”

        Thank you lovely..x

        • If only my patients (over the years) knew how many times I secretly cried behind their backs…literally

          • Oh hon, I feel you, going into my busy season at work too.

            There is a shift occuring between distaste of greed vs. the ‘tradition’ of exchange.
            This shift causes stress every year, but it will be more evident in the buying public with the Ur/Pl square.

            I cry too, on the way home many times, is tough to be strong 24/8… sometimes you just need to lean.

            Eclipse lead up was a doozy, feeling more relaxed today, so night off.
            I deserve a break & so do you xo

            Capstone eh ? fascinating. Will ponder that

            I’ve been moving rocks around too, brought a fave nearer me, it just popped in head – I needed it – blue fluorite.
            Comforting, clears thoughts helped the eclipse on Neptuner, also Merc Rx
            You take care & crank up the jams babes let ‘er rip ! x

    • I feel sick with sadness as I witness the images and reports from civilians,under siege in Gaza, in real time. The ancient cities and towns of Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarm have fighter jets screaming overhead, the navy is shelling. from the sea. These same beautiful people have showed me the breathtaking beauty of the mountains of Gilan province, and of the sea. We are not shown the heart wrenchingly gorgeous nature of the the country, in attempts to dehumanize and demonize Iranians.I too, am consumed with a paralysing slow motion of disbelief as the mass media progressively attempts to sanitize and sell the unacceptable evil occuring. Assassination sells better than murder, retaliation substitutes killing unarmed, trapped civilian populations by the most sophisticated weaponry and aggressive army in the world. The slow suicide of justice and truth is suffocatingly heavy.

  3. A case of ‘our god is better than your god’, so let’s savage & mutilate each other to prove it.
    …………………….and god just remains silent.

  4. The past month/6wks or so has been a big old cluster-fuq of “NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE”.
    Yesterday about lunchtime it felt like a cloud had lifted. Today, I feel taller. Today, I feel the Devil On My Shoulder run aground. Today, I laughed.
    Fuck the rest of the Retro. I got me some Mojo back. No making over, starting over.

      • AH! Just realised what you meant! Slow.
        Perhaps I should be more Pollyanna, as it took me 2 days to figure that out.

        • I couldn’t help reading it that way the first time. Open to new possibilities. Glad to know you are feeling the energy to tackle the challenges.

  5. so no long emo communiques just to let it all out and clear the air? since there is no hope of reciprocity and it’s all just a big masochistic exercise? seems perfectly chironic since chiron just stationed exactly sextile to natal one and went retro on my birthday so dominates this year’s solar return. yeah for ripping scabs. when exactly is this healing part supposed to happen? and oh mercury in sag, you were so light, we hardly knew ye…

    • just reread the daily- when you say thursday night for clarity, do you mean tonight or tomorrow? always confused by the time/day difference. thanks…

  6. ha ha mercury retro is right, turns out I am not failing spanish at all,for some reason the grades were showing up as if all the assignments yet to be done were zeros, I thought I had a 50 but actually I have a 75, and can totally raise it too, ha ha, hey you might lose all your college money/ have to retake this class for a semester/ might not even be able to continue college… na just kidding, your okay kid, anywho, I am definitely changing my study habits and what not, this was like an academic near death experience ha, phew

  7. I have no real time atm. seriously I have a twitching muscle under my eye from fatigue, but I just wanted to send some people some love here cause I had a skim through and some peeps are doing it real tough atm. Much love.

    • the twitchy eye thing happened to me once. I was stressed out to the max.

      I’ve also read somewhere it can possibly be related to a Magnesium deficiency.

      anyway Ms. darling, sending you much love too, as with everyone doing it tough here.

    • that is SO weird, I bought mag tablets yesterday for calcium and ate 2 banana;s and had one handed to me this eve

        • Epsom salts baths – your skin inhales the magnesium at the same time that the rest of you relaxes from the hot water.

          I also find they de-electrify me. I am one of those weirdo peoples who when they get highly stressed, get (and give) electric shocks and make analogue watches stop working and electrical components behave like whack-jobs. I find a good long soak in a magnesium bath with some lavender and rosemary oils totally clears it all away.

          And eat tahini xx

  8. Perfectly stuck between beautiful new home/new life by in a quiet place by the lake with the furniture, simplicity and wall colours I’ve beeen wanting to do for YEARS and old rental property, 11 years of dusty arty -vintage -hoardage to be sifted through and moved or tossed in the skip.

    The last time I went to a garage sale, an 87 yr old man totalled my parked car and a few others, just as i had stepped in to look at the wares. Now i know it was a message about hoarding!! I have SO much stuff, from op shops and garage sales, picture frames, ladders, fabrics, eeeeek! I always thought I would use them, but stashed them away until now, I am faced with getting rid of it!! and the spiders at the old place have become really in your face (daddy long-legs, I don’t squash em, I put em outside).

    Fantasizing about planting golden rubinia, and those giant red native flowers…

  9. “Or do you feel stuck between Mercury in Retro in Scorpio slo-mo super-charged analysis/revision of all your compulsions/desires AND the paleo-primal rebirth urges of the Eclipse/Zap Zone.”

    THIS x 1,000 & more than ever.

  10. Odd sense I am on the right path. Things are not falling into place πŸ˜€ but I have this wonderful, warm, comforting feeling that they will.

    I send this sense of hope and homecoming to any of you who need it. Feel free to tap in and have some for yourself. I don’t get this very often (so often chasing my tail with an Oracle in my hand) so am spreading the love while I have it πŸ˜€

    Its all ok, and it will be OK. It really will work out.

    You are where you need to be, and you are going in the direction you need to go in.

    You may be whirling around up in the air right now, but you will be plonked down, exactly where you need to land.

    Oh, and on top of an old mean witch you’ve been meaning to off for ages.

    There may also be sparkly shoes involved….. (break out the glitter and the glue, if you have to !)

    I send you blue skies, and sunshine on new grape leaves.

    I send you a warm sea breeze, fresh and full of promise.

    I send you rainbows refracted onto the floor – even the lightcatchers are dancing.

    I send you the very sweetest scent of a deep red sweepea, which has succeeded in flowering despite droughts, dog and toddler.

    I send you hope, and comfort and joy…

    Go have a cup of tea on me !


  11. Had a slump late afternnon after a degrading meeting with she devil lo scorp boss even after making intentions on the New moon however by 8pm I had a call from a prospective new client and now my maiden voyage has embarked. F U d grade boss Im on my way from misery to happiness today and forever more.

  12. Yay, Domestic Triffid and thanks.

    Now I have a question.

    I am normally v good at respecting the Mercury Retro thing, but my Zap Zone plan has “get new smartphone to support career growth” ie working as a digital communications expert and today my phone provider offered me a great deal with a new smartphone that has great online reviews. Should I accept the offer as a sign from the universe that my goals are being supported or honor Mercury Retro and decline?

    Thanks for any comments.

    • Q: Will the deal still be available in 12 days time ?

      I’ve had putting the airconditioning put in until after the Mercury retrograde !!

      And I’ve lost my mobile :(

  13. YES: – shedding skins left righ & centre – feels like karmic rebirth but fun it takes sonic levels of patience & concentration to pull it all off sans losing mind / health / missing a crucial detail / obligation!!!

    “super-charged analysis/revision of all your compulsions/desires AND the paleo-primal rebirth urges of the Eclipse/Zap Zone…”

    gotta get back to it – stay awesome MM – you rock!!


  14. been so sick, hours in bed this week, deaf and irritable, pathetic and spacey, but a dream, a really really really audacious dream just floated in as i lay there, about re-writing a work into a solo show, and acting it myself … i’m a musician by training, but .. i think this has been my most secretest desire, one of those that is too secret ot even admit to yourself … to act.

  15. Yesterday morning woke up with one almighty hangover from all bottom of the depths exploring of my past. Was presented with an amazing job offer at 6.30 am that meant pulling together a crew of men in, oh, 10 hours & accepting this lucrative job. We have not had anything like this in 2 long struggling years. It wasn’t looking good by 11am after many calls, the usual men we call on are tied up, even my 22yo son had gotten himself a job to tie him over til his traineeship begins next January. I went for a swim, felt sluggish, even my stroke technique was missing. Anyway, it seems like things are working out. We have been heartbreakingly unlucky as far as work goes, interstate companies going into receivership & owing us $$, jobs being pulled at last minute….it’s been a fuqing nightmare. The dailies & Kim’s spot today are amazingly accurate.

    • I got a job yesterday, after a year of nothing. I completely understand how you feel. I am elated, exhausted, happy to have the work, and sad for what this year has almost managed to do to me.

      Here’s to us surviving it!!

  16. Will merc retro ending ease this madness in the Middle East or is it like so many situations at present where some form of truth needs to emerge to begin the healing and the two are fighting desperately to keep hold of their old dated paradigms – think Catholic Church royal commission, petraeus affair stupidity, tea party failure. Truth it seems is easily finding away through with no constraints on its emergence.

    On a personal note, the last few months ( since July) has been difficult and I woke this morning with yet another flash of insight that I have a belief that “I will be worse off” – hopefully clear this one today. The shackles of my old life have fallen away since oct and I am emerging anew. The truth of my life is certainly emerging inspire of my protestations from time to time and there is fun all I can do to stop it. I now welcome it. Control freaky victim playing to letting go and living with a happy trusting heart.

    My new mantra is just get on with it.


  17. I am stuck in slo-mo mode. Nothing is quick or easy.
    Eclipse was in my Scorpio/1st House.
    Must get over this illness. Feel like I am getting left behind.