Leonardo DiCaprio – Modelizer or Uranian?

Leonardo Di Caprio astrology

The cut-off date to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend keeps getting lower & lower…He just split from model Erin Heatherton (Pisces, born 1989) and celebrated his 38th birthday with ex Neighbours actress Margot Robbie, born 1990.  Think also:  Blake Lively (born 1987), Bar Rafaeli (born 1985) and Gisele Bundchen (born 1980.)  Clearly the dude has a type: young, blonde & super-modelly, with a penchant for the lingerie & swimsuit end of the fashion spectrum.

Obviously with his money, fame, charisma & looks, he can maintain such a dating schedule indefinitely but will it continue to fulfil him/look vaguely sane into his 40s? I mean, if Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez just switched to an ever-younger male model every few years or months, there would be accusations of instability, ‘can’t keep a man’ and general flakiness flying around.  Oh and it’s not like peeps automatically say well, Leo Di Caprio’s lovers must all be gay and just after his money. It is quite the fascinating double standard, non?

Anyway – Leonardo has Libra Rising with Pluto there (Justin Bieber also has Pluto Rising – fab for mesmerizing the masses) Moon + Mercury. That is enough Libra to be a beauty lover for life & no, not just inner beauty either. Moon-Uranus would want sensation – the sort of head-cricking, car crash causing extreme good looks that are extremely rare.   And then he has Sun in Scorpio conjunct Venus-Mars. So there is a libido happening there as well.

Plus he has had Uranus in his House of Love since 2010…he’s – like – born this way and now his every Uranian relationship tendency is going to be amplified. Uranus on his Chiron in mid-2015 – also his Uranus opposition – will be the reckoning, he will want a deeper connection for sure. But who? The perfect creature who can satisfy his every Uranian/Scorpionic need?  A genetically modified Victoria’s Secret model or maybe a permanently 20-ish looking undead vampire who comes with those taffetta sequin wings grafted on?


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66 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio – Modelizer or Uranian?

  1. I have an amount of Libra that is very specific in aesthetics. I didn’t realise how much it defines me until reading this post. Yes, inane double standard! No, he’ll never be satisfied, not with that much Libran going on. Oh, and no wonder he goes for the younger – Libran’s go for light, easy-breezy, and young women don’t have many issues as the ones his own age, yet. I married a younger man.

    • Wow, I’m the same Libra rising with Pluto in Libra. That was a big Libby wake up call to me too. I’m terribly snooty when it comes to aesthetics but completely reject all the BS when ppl want to judge me on my looks.

      I’m a terribly low maintenance Cap girl who’d prefer to skip around in bare feet, jeans and very little makeup because I find it all so repulsive and sexist – and yet I couldn’t STAND my partner (oh, if I had one, ha!) to ‘let go’ of their grooming. I do like a well-groomed lad.

      Gosh, I’m such a double-standardizer. Ick. And no, I’m never satisfied. Never ever. If their age/ IQ/ compassion- levels are right, their shoes and lack-of-$$-nous is not. If they’re classy and wealthy and clever, they’re too shallow and heartless.

      I know these are all just my projections onto them. They’re probably wonderful men but I’ll always find something that irks me. Hence, I’m an eternal bachelorette. But my little Crabby moon gets sooky and just wants to be loved so this damn Cap/ Libra combo (and Saggo in Mars which is terribly restless and bores easily) keeps me far too independent.

      But I’m not shallow!!! Cripes, I can’t stand shallow. I love D&M connections with ppl and chats that last for days. I just don’t like being tied down to one person who will never meet my impossible standards.

      God, I’m such an astro mess. Far too many squares and oppositions in my chart.

      And Leonardo does nothing for me. Shifty eyes, blah always-the-same acting, weird boy-man quality…

      • Wonderful description! Partly because I share it as well 🙂 Pluto-Mars-Venus stellium, Libra rising. Shallow? Never. Oodles of lust-worthy, tongue-tangling Cixous-Ovid-Tesla to keep us occupied. But double-standards? Shamefully yes. I do prefer hyper-aggro love-money-adventure driven lads to my ‘easy’ hair, ‘easy’ ambition and ‘easy’ commitment. And I do blanch at the ragged fingernail or blazer crease despite my annual manis and non-existent iron. Oh, and yeah, we can never be satisfied, don’t even bother.

        Leo’s sweet-young-flesh fetish always provoked my gag-reflex. I hear he’s besties w/Naomi Campbell…..

        • Bahahaaa!!! I don’t own an iron either!!! And I HATE getting my hair cut!! I’m lucky if I shave my legs. It’s just so boring and narcissistic. Isn’t that why tights were invented? 😉

      • I can totally relate to your comment EG.
        Eternal bachelorette here too!! – Cap Asc/Saggo moon/Venus in Libra.
        My Scorp sun yearns for the deep Wuthering Heights kind of love but Venus in Libra and Saggo moon feels suffocated & terrified by all that passion.
        My Cap Asc is okay with being alone & has made sure I’m completely self-sufficient & financially secure.
        Throw nit-picking Mars in Virgo into the mix and well… I’m better off alone 🙂

        My chart’s full of squares, opps & conjunctions too.

        I quite like Leonardo though. I think he’s a great actor.

      • I’m very judgemental and idealisitic and I think i have impossible standards. perhaps that’s why Librans flock to the arts as a work path? It makes sense as I can put all my nuance-sensitivities for perfection and the ‘ideal world’ into a shoot and it always pays off! 🙂

        • “nuance-sensitivities”… Very true…. I work in the arts. Midheaven’s in Libra too.
          Neptune conjunct sun in 10th and Mars n Virgo for finding the devil in the detail. All adds up to a blessing for work but a curse for relationships. 🙂

  2. Fantastic actor. But like mr clooneys girls. His seem to be arm accessories with a use by date. I can’t imagine relationships like this being fulfilling. Shallow as a puddle. Guess he has enough other stuff to keep him challenged.

  3. I’ve got 4 planets in Libra and don’t do shallow. I don’t care for imposing “standards” or expiration dates on people – no matter what their gender. It just seems like it would be boring after awhile – same, same, same. Guess it works for him.

      • yes, me too, and if you look at the magazine article on the above link, Ms Robie in the last picture seems distinctly underwhelmed by his embrace…

        I read somewhere that Leonardo doesn’t like to bath, and that the beauties finally can’t deal with his stubbornness etc. and maybe his mama. He is definitely Uranian, doing his thing…A good actor regardless.

          • actually, weight’s become a pretty serious issue lately, especially where i live. this is partly due to the fact that we’ve been ignoring it for too long because we want to seem “nice” or “polite.” there’s nothing polite about overlooking an individual’s poor health, whether they’re under or overweight.

  4. When I grow up.. I want to be a Victorian secrets girl. No it’s not for Leo. It’s for the after party : ) . Do you think I can keep just a couple of my fav’s??

  5. Are male Scorpio just more sexually needy and intense? What is wrong with me , I so don’t behave like a Scorpio should! I like my relationships to last forever and have depth. I mean, I love pretty things and people but when it comes to intimacy I keep you forever…muahahaha

    • Scorps want things to last forever – Librans want to be pair-bonded – I think DiCaprio’s reasoning is more ‘because I can’ than astro.

      • Years ago when I was first studying astrology my teacher told me ‘Scorpios don’t so much form relationships as take hostages’. 😀

  6. I think it’s his Libran side that makes him have a hard to cope aesthetic side. I find most Scorpio men have very specfic personality needs and they are likely to be the most “age-ist”. Of all the sun sign zodiac signs, they are the most likely to diss you if they find out your real age no matter how young you look, just because you are the wrong age for them. Combine both together and what you have is a difficult to achieve combo. Someone who needs the physical aesthetic with that certain deepness to their personality and then being “the right age”. Yeah good luck with that.

    and they say Venus in Virgo is picky! LOL!

  7. Haven’t found him attractive for years. Blech! Give me the deep, swirling, dark chocolate pools of emotion in Johnny Depp’s big brown eyes instead.

  8. I’ve met him before and he was with a male companions at the time. He might have had a bi-curious phase in his 20’s. Yes, he is very intense person.

  9. My favorite description of Leonardo Di Caprio comes from Camille Paglia: “looks like a 13-year-old lesbian”. Lol – So true, especially a decade ago….

    • Question: how can my name come up as default in the comments section, without me having to type it in every time??

      Not Anonymous ~ .MsNoir! 🙂

    • Ha, yes ! That’s so funny and so true. My daughter had a huge crush on him when she was 12 after watching Romeo and Juliet , then lost total interest by the time she was 14.

      • if he swam to the bottom of The Titanic one more time during that film I was gonna scream louder than if you played me Celine Dion on high-rote!!

  10. Funny, I’ve never found him attractive. Not once. And Scorpios do have magic powers over me but bleh. Just no.

  11. Dude look like he skippin’ down the yellow brick road…and with that gal, thats some pretty scary shit,…lol

    Vic’s Secret under fire over here as Native Americans didn’t take too kindly to one gal wearing a headress down the runway…

    Really, the nerve of corp America and the slap in the face to sacredness..

    I spent three days in Chaco Cyn N.M in 1994 and cried my eyes out.

    • You’d think Vic Secret would’ve cribbed some notes off of Urban Outfitters and the burn they got for using native people’s items so frivolously.

  12. Coincidently watched ‘what’s eating gilbert grape’ last night for first time.
    A mad wonderful film and yes De Caprio DID look like girl.

  13. I have a problem with lingerie designs being modeled by sequin butterfly women on cheap acid colourways.

    I’d give him a run for his money. flicks blade

  14. I know a Uranian Scrop with loads of Libra who has a taste for strippers with body art. I think he goes for young ones because they tend to be beautiful and foolish enough to fall in love quick, easy, and hopelessly. Not sure its so much ageist. But here’s where the Scorp kicks in – eventually the partner does something to reveal themselves. They expose in some small gesture or conversation that they are shallow and its done for in a moment and the disengagement begins. So, he lets it dissolve in a seemingly fixed and casual way that only a Uranian-Scorp with loads of Libra could pull off. But he can’t be alone. So then its off to the next one. Not quite “then” as that transition is usually part of the dissolution. Its easy for someone with his astro to bag the young and the beautiful and keep them keeping each other away. Who doesn’t like beauty and carefree love? We all get stuck in romantic patterns. He obviously hasn’t found what he’s looking for because he keeps getting it.

    • as some male Scorp pals have always said, they like the young ones because they are easier to control and you can “raise ’em the way you want”. messed up! lol!

      • Yeah. I can see that too. But being in control of someone denies the Scorp from feeling that the person is really into them, no?

        • From what I’ve seen they (the low scorps not the higher eagle forms) don’t really care. If they have to keep a person dependent on them for sex, drugs, money, self-esteem, whatever…they’ll do it. I’ve witnessed it many times. They get mightily ticked off and mopey if they don’t get their way.

          • I can certainly see people living life that way. It just seems sooo unsatisfying. But I suppose low any sign makes their strength their downfall.

    • He was thin as a stick in the 90’s extremely thin when I met him. But yes he’s all grown up now.

    • Porcine – like someone said earlier, he’s got shifty piggy eyes. It’s OK to be a modeliser when you’re under 40, but get to 60, 70 and beyond I’ve got one word to say – Hugh Heffner 🙂

  15. I guess I’m going to have to be the poster-girl for Leo-4-Ever. He’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen on two feet … bar none. I first saw him in R + J when I was 15, and have followed his career ever since – half drooling fan, half ‘so proud of you for making wise movie choices’ best friend.

    I mean, think about it. Instead of going after those rom-com roles with that face, he chose to do Shutter Island, The Departed, Revolutionary Road, The Aviator, and Gangs of New York? Can you imagine Taylor Lautner purposefully choosing roles like that? In fact, the only looksist role he’s taken in a LONG TIME is going to be as The Great Gatsby. Reunited with Baz from R + J – can’t wait!!!!

    I’m an Aqua with an oomph of Libra planets (Mars-Saturn-Pluto all conjunct, tres heavy), my Venus in the 8th house, my Jupiter in Scorpio, and, of course, now I got Uranus in Aries making me more freakishly warrior-ish than I ever want to be. He’s never gone for an Aqua girl, but I think he’d like us. I’m sure he split with that Gisele lady because she wanted kids (Crab lady), since right after that she hooked up with Tom Brady and has become a mom twice.

    I could crap on and on about how much I like Leo. I’m not saying he’s the greatest actor (probably Daniel Day-Lewis or Johnny Depp), but the guy definitely has stretched himself in his roles.

  16. I think the double standard is that older women have lots of brains, quirkiness and interest.
    That is why no one gives two hoots about Leo. He’s just another one.

  17. Aww Love this dummb pic of Leo!
    Hate to admit it here but I like Leo DC. Not in a horny ram way but as a human and for not being the usual moo moo Hollywood attention whore.

  18. Question about one’s Rising planet:

    Is it a planet within x degrees to Ascendant in either the 12th or 1st House -or- always in the 1st House -or- … ?
    For example 12th House Venus 5 deg from Ascendant and 1st House Jupiter 15 deg from Ascendant – which would be considered the Rising planet?

    • Ewww, I don’t know what chicks see in him. He’s up there on my top ten most sexually repulsive celebs of all time. I couldn’t get into “Inception” because I cringed every time I saw his giant creepy fuqing head on the screen.

      • I know! I used to think he was cool but now i think of modelizing when i see him.

        The GG was one of my fave bks but now i feel gatsbied out.

        I think he is a Model Whisperer – i mean, these girls have their own money, maybe they see themselves as aa winning actors and he is the path?