How Not To Wig Out With This Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini

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Hey guess what? This Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini now brewing is conjunct Bitch Goddess Lilith & square Neptune – Hectic.

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107 thoughts on “How Not To Wig Out With This Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini

  1. Earlier today I felt something shift for the better, on a subtle energy level.

    At work, though, things are INSANE! I work in public health and we had an overflow of patients today as well as they were all in melt-down mode. I work with patients who have severe mental health issues, who are homeless, drug addicted, etc… These folks are living on the edge anyway and are usually quite sensitive, so I’m sure they are feeling the eclipse and full moon even if they aren’t consciously aware that there is a full moon and eclipse.
    Today I’m trying to be their ‘rock’ and provide them with a moment’s peace, but it’s been tough…..

    • That post touched me so much I am blowing love into your heart to help support you. Thank you for your respect and care for these vulnerable people. Many Years ago a friend of mine started to have some mental health issues and in trying to get her some help the health system seemed full of inefficent, smug, non- caring individuals. And uninterested, as if people outside of their little work team were not even human. Our paths diverged when her family took over her care, but I heard on the grapevine she got the help she needed.
      So I gotta love your sensitivity and respect in your work. Thank you.

    • I am happy you have astrology to help you make sense of the trend and have compassion for the people you are helping. I hope the eclipse brings you and your community loads of blessings.

  2. My Lilith issues are so surface. Is Lilith always opposite natal moon? Lilith in 5th house Aqua directly opposite Leo 11th house moon, both 13 degrees.

    I am such a witch. I feel like eating the world and it would be poisonous to me, but just to make a point sort of thing.

    My South Node is in Gemini. I’m ready for a new set of eclipses. The next armmageedon better be for real.

    Oh, and I found a Fionna Apple song today to go with my woodworking project theme: Dull Tool.

    Incidentally outed my closet-gay-Leo-ex-husband-drama-King-pathological-liar yesterday. So…how’s it I am not supposed to wig out again?

    • sorry for the situationaly induced extreme fussiness your going through, maybe you just need to give yourself time to feel bad for yourself and how bad a situation it is, sometimes sulking can actually help a bit, like being intentionally compassionate/ sympathetic to yourself and just taking it easy, instead of outward anger just soothe the pain thats causing it, kind of like just take a sick day for yourself so to speak, but for your feelings, also I dont mean to ya know, give you advice or anything, you know better than me as far as what your feeling so maybe im wrong, hope youll be okay 12hv, maybe you can stand for some maniacal revenge fulfilled laughter too, not that you did it on purpose, but BWAHAHAHA, ya know?

      • Love the ideas of sulking as a form of compassion. Its agrat weight loss program too i always found. But these days no Leo pouting for me Im too far gone down the road to awesome

      • Well, I could use the advice and a sick day sounds about right. Perhaps tomorrow. I didn’t intend to out my ex as a revenge thing. He’s been dating a 24 year old for a few years now and using me and my daughter as an excuse to not commit, pretending its secret from me. The straw is telling my daughter they’re just friends, which she knows is a lie, as grown-up boys and girls don’t have underwear sleepovers when they’re “just friends” and she’s been asking me questions about it. So, I told him enough – be honest – have borders. Then, getting firewood from a friends house and he came up in conversation and I said you know he needs a boyfriend, right? You know all this drama is a smoke screen right? And all these lies and fake drama’s he’s been playing out around me came to surface – all a reason why his sex life is, but isn’t. I just can’t stand to see him play the same game on another woman that he played on me, especially with my daughter watching. Apparently, his girlfriend is really nice to my girl and used to work as a nanny. Whatever. I am pissed and angry and sick of his lies – but he’s a Leo and people are entertained by his drama. He gets caught lying all the time and no one cares, its all just funny. Meanwhile, I goes to the hospital and wears his wrist band for days, talking to anyone who will listen about how sick he is, waiting to be found out. But, it doesn’t matter what I say. No one believes me anyway. So, yes, I could play it all off as revenge-driven. That’s a vibe he can get with. I’ll wait it out.

        • I know you didnt mean to do it or that it was revenge, just maybe you should savor it a bit, like if it was revenge, while your at it ya know? Dont feel bad about it though, it isnt your responsibility to keep the secrets of your enemies, only to those you are devoted to or who have not wronged you, if hes being a little shit then eventually there will be ramifications, you are an extension of these ramifications, not at fault, your not obsessively devoting your life to making his worse or going out of your way to be mean, otherwise any jockeying/ detached tit-for-tat/defense of you own right to agency and image is fair game, as long as you dont chase, or go out of your way, you can fight and defend yourself as much as you want, just dont get stuck in that mode, and know it has its place, but then you need to be able to detach from it lest the aggression permeate the rest of you life, dont attack, but if you dont do something about it, it will fester anyway, like that saying, anger as soon as fed is dead, tis starving that makes it swell, or something like that, hope it ends up okay 12hv

          • Thanks. Yeah, I didn’t go out of my way. I have actually been very nice. Now it seems too nice, but my angry moment will pass. Like I said, it just brings up Lilith issues – abandonment stuff. I am so sick of knowing people’s secrets and getting tossed out with them. Whatever. Born this way.

        • That is he went to the hospital. I swear, the man will spend the next 40 years on his death bed for the attention. I wish he’d just get a boyfriend and be the queen he is.

    • Incidentally or accidentally?
      Not for you to wig out, I envisage you more regal and “not my problem”-ish while the people around you flip out a bit?

      don’t know if i am speaking out of turn here, and this is not meant to be a lecture-rant at ALL, more coming from a place of observation and outsider feedback…
      from a lot of your posts 12V I perceive a lot of tension and possibly anger? or maybe disappointment (which you acknowledge yourself too). it seems – to me as a reader – as though you are focused on wanting things outside yourself a lot, that are beyond your control. Wanting change, things to be a certain way. Is it simply your ex husband’s involvement as a parent that keeps you so emotionally involved? Why does he stir you up so much, push your buttons after all these years? Where can you let go? Does it matter to you or reflect on you whether he lies about his life or not, and why? Do you care about him more than he does (ever did?) for you.. short changed? my ‘first thought-best thought’ response is ‘fuq him, seriously, what do you care? you can’t change him or anyone. focus on what YOU have, what’s in your power to do with your own life not anyone else’s.’

      i know your life is complex (ex, child, work, hopes and dreams), and this is not meant to misread what you write 12V, hope i haven’t missed the point. xx

      • Both actually. And you’re right. I am angry. I’d like to have a friend on this earth instead of realizations of the opposite. I’m trying not to be predictive about it, but its situation after situation for years now. My daughter talks about me as a social shut in cat lady. It hurts my Leo moon. And my moon moves with my Lilith. I do realize, if the support isn’t there now from the family and friends I made over the last 14 year Neptunian transit, it never was. But this week I had to confront the ways my ex has worked to make that be so. A friend’s wedding this summer, for example. I didn’t get invited. It hurt. My ex said he didn’t know why. Ends up, he told them not to invite me.
        Anyway, I didn’t realize any of that until after I incidentally outed him. No one believes me anyway.

        His sexuality is an issue because of my daughter. Everything girly, he shuns and says he can’t do. He can’t talk about sex or relationships normally because he has no normal baseline in himself. Its all an act. And she’s getting to that age – she’s just 7, but she’s asking. She’s holding hands with boys. And her Dad can’t organize play dates for her because it would mean girls in his house. He can’t buy her a dress. He can’t draw with her. Somehow drawing is too feminine. He can’t help her brush her hair or anything with hygiene. It hurts to be treated as if being feminine is gross or bad. I know. He got me to dress like a man for years and its a nuanced thing, but corrosive. And I can’t pretend I don’t see that. Its not OK.

        I just can’t pretend. I know this is why he’s got health issues too. Like the metaphysicality post MM posted – he makes himself sick. If he accepted himself, he wouldn’t have to hate the feminine so much. I really know that to be true. And I can’t do a damned thing about it other than not engage in the drama and denial, be clear where I can, and wait it out. I’ve decided – I will just say it. Its my view. Its my opinion. They can laugh at me. We can make it a joke. But I know.

        The last eclipse told me to trust my gut, and I do on this one. I had a dream about my old soul mate last night. We were sitting under a tree and he was talking to me, I don’t remember what, but calm. I don’t want to be with him. I felt he was there to tell me, sometimes having someone out your secrets is a kindness. Knowing someone knows and is OK with it. Its so hard to see the truth. That’s what I told my ex’s friends – just be OK with him and you guys know him better now than me and me and his daughter support him no matter what – we just want him to be healthy and happy. I didn’t fight. I won’t make any friends with my honesty. I won’t get revenge.

        I won’t inadvertently assist him in his plotting by acting as if he’s still in love with me or whatever bullshit lies he tells everyone around him (and around my daughter).

        Long rant. If there is something I can let go of, its the need to have anyone believe me or heed what I say. I don’t care. Come what may. I just cannot pretend anymore. And I’m angry because I don’t feel like I have a choice. I can’t unsee, I can’t deny, I can’t capitulate, I can’t move, I can’t seem to seed anything that grows into a new beginning.

        • “sometimes having someone out your secrets is a kindness. Knowing someone knows and is OK with it.”
          So true 12H Virgo. Well done for being kind and compassionate to your ex. I’m always in favour of the truth no matter how painful… so well done, you!
          p.s. what a story! sounds like a movie or something…

          • Thanks. I didn’t plan it. And I didn’t say anything out of anger. It surprised me the way it happened. The anger came fast after what was said, when they told me his side of the drama, when it was over. Its done now. The seed is planted. I’ve tilled the soil. They said they would love him anyway. And I said good, that’s all that matters. The rest is him. I hope I carved a little space for more of him to shine by removing their blinders to his pain. And, really, I would SOOOO much rather my daughter be raised by a happy gay man than a sick, lying, depressed man. But…all I have are my actions in the situation. Oddly, I hate to admit, being my regal, silent, ignorable yet hot self does say something, even if I don’t get what I want.

        • man, 12hv, I wish you could meet my mom, she kind of went through a similar thing with my dad, hes not gay but it was a really ugly divorce and my dad lied a LOT and juts slandered her and my mom was left without a lot of the friends she thought she had, she ended up making even better friends later and stuff, she has sun saturn chiron conjunct all in pisces, square jupiter and opposite pluto, people are always telling her problems right when they meet her, the problems they didnt tell anyone else, like, literally everyone, but she is okay with it and tries to make time for everyone, I wish you could meet her, it sounds lame but she would be your friend and you guys would really like each other I can tell, I know thats kind of weird thing to say, but yah, I wish you could meet her, you guys would love each other

            • Thanks! I know I’m not the only woman with a story like mine. And I know its not too late for me to find my tribe. I just do get pissed off at the Universe sometimes. And that’s such a losing battle, but its like “Come ON! When do my people appear?” I really would like to talk to wise women more, ones who have been through it. You’re not wrong or weird to tell me about your Mom. Thanks.

            • also, its not like you remind me of her, its just that I am now realizing how similar you are, like you would be best friends if you met, the way I see it is amazing people arent very common ya know, and the type of amazing you and my mom are is not just amazing, but amazing coming out of many trials and hard times of not knowing yourself, so its not just rare, but hypothetically possible it could have not made it, my mom is just really outgoing and everyone loves her, but it wasnt always that way and she lost and alienated a lot of people along the way but came out on the other side more herself, so, its hard to find kindred spirits, but just know, shes right over here, just as deep and good as you, going through the same thing in some ways, hope that maybe helps, you probably arent as outgoing as her(shes the most make-friends-with-anyone person I know without sacrificing depth) but it will pay off, being yourself, it did for my mom at least, and she went through the same things your going through right now not too long ago

        • happy to listen 12v. So, yeah, your ex is a self-deluded dick by the sound of things… you wish he could be a father who is different from the one he is. And you believe that this could affect your daughter, how she grows up, sees men in relationships through the lens of her r’ship with her father, and so on?

          When friends or others (say) abandon us, it can say more about them than us. If they can’t truly know us and judge for themselves that we aren’t the psycho demon that someone or other makes us out to be… pfff srsly who needs them. It’s a big world out there and there are a whole of other people to choose from. It might be like picking up flakes of gold in a sand dune – slow, painstaking, effort required – but it’s worth it.
          It can also mean we might need to take a look in the mirror to see that we too are also being an excellent friend too (not saying you are not, but I have had this lesson myself via saturn rtn, pluto 7th house transiting etc) – do we listen, open to difference, care even if subtly not in some goo-goo way (you’re an earth sign after all), attentive, sharing, light, acknowledges / gives and receives space. I am sure you do all of these things.

          In the end, it’s just you (or me, whoever) anyway. And how well we sleep at night, what we think of in the hours before our death.

          Your daughter will also have her own relationship to her father, exclusive of you, and that relationship will take its own shape and she has her own lessons to learn about him. They might not all be bad! Is that what you’re also worried about ? You can help her when she doesn’t understand him naturally..but also remember she sees him through a completely different lens.

          He’s the one who has to live with himself. It’s not your job to manage how your friends see things, it’s your job to be excellent regardless of their (carefully curated by the ex, by the sound of things) illusions.

          might be going on a bit there and I have to find my laptop charger, so will stop writing for now xxx

        • Its so, so, so muddled, Pi. My anger is at so much. Like…what if magic isn’t real? Those are the dark thoughts that wound me. Wouldn’t life just be unbearable then? All my teachers and hopes and role models have been pried from my hands so I stand alone and must say – with no proof at all – that magic is real. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t be left standing. I am putting as much energy I can into artisan efforts. The rest, I just can’t control. And I would like to believe the time is coming when the veil lifts and we are all artisans together on this beautiful blue ball – hang ups gone. But I know that waiting is a longer story than me.

          • And thank you for speaking up to an angry 12th houser. Ha! I SO hate being ignored! I’d rather be wrong than ignored.

        • hi, i don’t know if this is of any use to you, but as I’ve got older I’ve realised the WAY we have friends and the kinds of friendships we have dramatically changes. My observation of it has been that because life becomes complicated as you get older and there is more to do or more responsibility to others, people seem to close off parts of themselves because they don’t feel they have ‘room’ for more people or friends in life. As if the quota has been reached – the ones who are still friends with the people they went to primary school with when they are in their 40s. And the feeling I get from you whenever I read your words is that there is a burning intensity that a lot of people may find a bit overwhelming – this is not a criticism of your energy, it is an observation. You have an intensity and power emanating and some people, rather than loving that kind of intensity as I do, because driven people with passion are attractive to me, have a fear of being consumed and go out of their way to distance themselves from it. Passion as you age seems to alienate some people. But they are the ones who you probably don’t want to know. For some the fire is a source of warmth and/or transmutation, for others, it is an energy that sucks the air from the room.

          I suspect your saturn transit of the moment and the zap zone being all over your IC/4th from memory, is a factor in your way of passionately expressing your feelings of isolation and disappointment. Saturn often gifts one a tone that is more severe or straight-forward than a lot of people are used to – pussies : ) And the rest of the world is having the zap as well, so they are jaded and weary. They just want to get along.

          You are the kind of person I would like in person and want to spend time with in the real world. But I live in Australia so that’s not going to happen. But I want you to know that we exist. The ones who get you. Or are at least interested in knowing more in the moments when it’s not making sense to us.

          You are not alone.

          • Thank you! Xoxoxo

            I know I am intense. Seems like I would have confidence to go with it but …I am still working on that – NN in my 3rd house. Thanks for your kindness.

            • I’m just telling the truth as I experience/see it – I have 4 planet stellium that includes jupiter uranus and pluto conjunct in the 3rd in virgo, maybe that’s why I relate to your intensity. But intensity goes hand in hand with self-doubt and I suspect that increases with age, especially if that’s where your NN is – you’re just growing into yourself is all. Maybe find out where the nearest university that teaches philosophy is and go drink coffee in a cafe nearby. Commune with your SN peeps in spirit to bolster your confidence – or sneak into a lecture : ) Is interesting that you and David vibe so well – he being the student with oratory prowess and an ability to clearly express abstract concepts with ease. Is like you’ve found one of those kindred peeps here anyways. It’s just the physical disconnect of the online mode that you feel? Anyway, gotta go, but remember Saturn gives us the dark nights of the soul. This is undoubtably all rolling out on schedule.

              tick tock

            • whoever you are anon i like your articulate expression / insight and I agree that people can start to ‘soft out’ of new friendships as they get older , so boring! Yes, seeking new people new blood new ideas it keeps me alive at least and stops us settling into our old-fart ways. in short, i think you are making sense

            • I’m done with my higher mind. I got an English Lit degree, as any proper atypical Virgo would. Studied artisanal traditions in Morocco for 10 years. I want to develop more practical knowledge, but my ideas/insights make people go “Whoa – where’d that come from?” Even my writing gets no feedback. Its like stun gun on paper. So I am trying to be even more hands on, building furniture, doing my Pluto in the 4th. Developing practical knowledge. I’m done with intellectual debates. Saturn has been rolling over me since it was in Leo – over my moon, venus, sun, ac, mars, pluto, mercury, uranus. The eclipse showed me how much my moon and lilith get kicked up and wicked. That’s when I really want to eat the world, spit it out, foam at the mouth – do the drama. At least, I see it now. Thanks for your clarity and support.

            • Yeah. It will square my moon sometime while it goes thorugh Scorp, but I won’t have it roll over another planet until it hits my Jupiter in Pisces. Whew.

    • Weird. Just realized Fionna Apple is my birthday twin, but she’s three years younger.

      I need a wise old woman to tell me something today.

  3. Speaking of eclipses –
    I was just looking for some oracle cards online – found this kind of cartoon-cute gothic set by Lucy Cavendish (“Oracle of Shadows and Light”).
    By chance, the first card I clicked on was this one (can’t post the picture, this is just the text). Seems to fit how I am feeling pretty well:


    Eclipse Mermaid

    Message: A powerful energy shift!

    About the Eclipse Mermaid:
    This beautiful Eclipse Mermaid floats in the wild red sea, watching, feeling a very powerful energy shift taking place. She is bathing in the energy, and interacting with the energy, but she is not trying to direct it or force it into a particular direction. She has already prepared, and is moving with it, but there is no effort involved. She is staying quite still, very calm but is vigilant and observant at this moment. Her eyes reflect the energy of the eclipse, and within her, all that has been hidden will be emerging into the open. What she will become depends on what she has hidden away. Eclipses are times of great shifts and awakenings, and sometimes unwanted and uninvited change. When an eclipse comes through your life, simply acknowledge that a cosmic event is taking place, and it will have a ripple effect throughout your world. Allow what needs to emerge to come out – because, during this powerful time, nothing can remain suppressed, hidden, or underneath anymore.

    Eclipse Mermaid speaks:
    “This energy shift you are about to experience needs preparation…no effort, no force, but it helps to be ready! Expect amazing dreams, possible clairvoyant experiences, and please do watch addictions, food, alcohol and cigarette (ab)use especially. This is a magnificent time to start a new health regime, particularly if you are wishing to reduce addictions that are unhealthful. Remember, there’s no real avoiding life and the planet’s and the galaxy’s energy shifts. We can work with these eclipses and maximise their amazing power, or we can do nothing, and their changes could overwhelm us. The worst choice is to fight the energy, and refuse to try something new. What will you choose as your own personal eclipse approaches?”

    Divination message:
    A deeply emotional energetic shift, akin to that of a powerful full eclipse, is taking place in your life. There could be revelations, scandals, and truths being told, too, at this time, and you may feel the urge to change what you eat, how you look, dress, how you express yourself, and what you do for a career. If you are on the path, your own soul path, everything that takes place will be good and right, even if it is disruptive. If you have not placed your feet on the path, this time may feel more disruptive, tumultuous and surprising! Any change at this time will bring us closer to who we truly are. It is up to each of us to choose how we move through an eclipse. Only one thing is certain: resistance is futile!

  4. Hehe, starting to wonder whether I should just dig myself a nuclear fallout shelter and hide underground until 2016 … O_o

  5. I just remembered that Jupiter is in my fifth house right now..good thing I won’t get pregnant this time…:)
    so Lilith t conjunct Jupiter in Gemini conjunct my Mars in Gemini in the fifth where the Lunar eclipse will also be in Gemini?
    My goodness, no wonder I am experiencing so much activity around my kids and men all of a sudden are asking me if I have lost weight. I haven’t, I just got myself a new very cool brassier! lol
    I had better read up on Lilith..

  6. I WAS almost completely bats this morning (Monday in US). Woke up freaking over the job situation. I really need out of where I am altho it has been good in ways I have needed) Spent the morning completing applications and getting references together. By 1:30 pm the intenisty and freak for stability and change (can only a scorp need both at the same time?) started to dissapate. I went from feeling like the pic up top to the lower one within about an hour.

  7. I AM having some wonderful dreams this week…..Like i’m rewriting history in a really positive way.

    Dreaming of the creek that we used to have on the property that I grew up on only it’s turned into a beautiful 20 metre wide river. Beautiful clear water and an amazing waterfall….

    Dreaming of the course I dropped out of just before the end of first year but it’s after the end of the course and i’ve completed all three years and have a brilliant folio to show for it.

    Dreaming of the boy who break my heart when I was 13 on our year 8 school camp but it’s the year 9 camp and we’re together and he’s telling me how good it feels to be with me….

    I hope these dreams continue! 🙂

    • Join the dream club, sister.
      Just last night, I dreamed I met Brad Pitt. He was ECSTATIC he and I shared the same ascendant. In true Sadge ASC style, he schooled me on my own ASC. While Angelina, dressed in gray (pale gray bandana included), was cooking and occasionally giggling at our chitchat. Then, I asked him “what’s it like to have Venus in Capricorn?” Brad said, in a serious, almost remorseful tone “You can trust no one.” And there sprang little Shiloh to tumble and play on the couch, as I pondered her dad’s words.
      P.S. I’m planning a move on a Cap Sun + Venus and Gemini Moon.

  8. Well. I got fired from my hideous shift working, ultra stress job that I have been trying to leave for three years. The eclipse rules say ‘do not suddenly quit’ but I am feeling pretty good about it. It’s one in three jobs so I am not completely unemployed and have work with another company for all of December.
    It just means I will have my first 2 week holiday in almost a decade and it will be paid (as the pay cycle is quite far behind at this workplace). If I haven’t found something by Jan I will be screwed, but I am waiting to hear back about two applications and I have a week’s worth of free time to type up one more.
    I think it might be a little bit auspicious (although maybe a little bit ego damaging that I didn’t get out first!).
    Am I right? Or am I screwed and not noticing?

  9. Feeling jittery and physically dizzy (for some reason), but also focused. Spending time doing grounding things, beach, garden, music, resting, meditating, not talking too much. I always get really tired during the last month before solstice..

    Also, I don’t want to make one wrong step right now, either. I’m the one going through the nightmare housemate scenario. I’m seeing the lawyer tomorrow and time is of the essence because after Nov. 30th I can file the eviction lawsuit. Don’t want to waste any time…

    I steer clear of cray cray housemate but she is still slamming doors to the point where the house shakes, and on this past Saturday she left another ‘out there’ letter for me that apparently she also filed at the Rent Board saying things like I make her keep all her trash in her room and therefore she doesn’t think she should have to pay the garbage bill….. unbelievable batty stuff like that. Of course I don’t make her keep her trash in her room and it’s just amazing the lengths she is going to in order to not pay bills and to not have to move, but also to try to drive me nuts.
    I’m not reacting outwardly towards her, though. I don’t speak to her or directly respond or cross paths with her if I can help it. I’m doing everything through the lawyer now and through legal channels, like the Rent Board.
    I’m also trying not to react inwardly…..trying to keep to my own reality, because entertaining her reality, anything she says or writes to me, is just crazy-making because it’s so ” off “. It’s difficult, though, because this has all been extremely upsetting and I don’t really understand it, either, what would motivate a person to act as she does. It’s creepy..

    Anyway….It is my greatest goal and wish in the next month to see her moving out of my house forever, and never to be seen again, and hopefully the courts will facilitate that for me in the next few weeks. This has got to stop, once and for all.

    Thanks for listening..

    • 🙁 Oh, hang in there. Glad you’re protecting yourself (as much as you can … legally) because it sounds like she’d love to get you engaged in some sort of screaming match. (Or even a physical altercation!).

      And definitely good that you’re taking the “reality checks” … sounds like she’s so out of whack that she can warp the energy in a room. Perhaps you can burn some essential oil / sage? / light a white candle in your personal space to help create some protection from her energy?

      Good luck!

    • Fucking hell. I can’t imagine. Yet, you sound sane and grounded. That’s pretty amazing, yeah? I hope for swift resolution to that madness for you. Thank God I have no room mates!

      • Really – what you’ve learned about keeping your borders and not engaging her crazy – many people never learn that. I hope you are safe. And I’m glad that you are sane even in the midst of such madness.

        • Thanks very much, yes, I am using the white candle and burning it inside a tall votive with Archangel Michael on it. Serious protection energy.

          It is difficult to not get my head spun from this because her line of thinking is so irrational, but it’s also really manipulative, and my one concern is that if this goes to a court situation that somehow she will be able to twist things so much and be so manipulative that she will ‘win’.
          My psychic friend said that I’m really straightforward about things whereas batty housemate girl likes to manipulate the ‘gray areas’ and that is why I can’t trust her and why she is trouble. It’s like she’s a con artist, but funnily enough, that’s exactly what she accused me of being!
          The reason I don’t talk to her is because absolutely EVERYTHING I say or do she tries to turn around on me and use against me. Silence is my best weapon and I know she’s trying to draw me out so she can use whatever I say or whatever happens against me, but she won’t have that satisfaction.

          I am trying to stay calm and sane, it’s not easy but I am totally resolved not to interact with her. If she starts something I can just document it and if it’s bad enough I will call the police, but I don’t think she will leave herself open to that….she’s more into the passive-aggressive stuff that you can’t really prosecute, like this door-slamming crap…

          • imo the very best pyscho’s are mirrored chameleons who will act out their own shadow and accuse you of the very thing they are doing just for extra headfuck. They use a weird mirror energy. Don’t fear this bitch she’s feeding, good for you for not engaging but you are 20 feet taller, show stance and this horrible thing will just have to blow over. I’ve lived with psycho’s of all kinds and it’s never easy. Just cut the energy, protection is one thing but these people are feeders DYING for a reaction. fucked up stuff homegirl, stay safe.

            btw last psycho I evicted from my life that the entire house left me to do and be the bad person because they are pussies and did not want to look bad tired to run me over with a trolley some months later when i saw him in the street. I laughed at him. He looked like he was channelling charles manson. ick.

    • I agree with Ms. about those psychos who act out a particular rotten trait and actually accuse YOU of acting out that trait. Often its a very nasty trait that is not even close to being any of your garden-variety faults. Ugh Yuck. I’ve seen it before but not for years thank Goddess. I used to call them opposite liars. The good thing about that is, if you meet someone for the first time and they bring up ‘con-artist’, or ‘rip-off’ into a normal conversation, and it jars you, it seems unexpected for them to say that, then you know they are thinking about con artist because they are one, so bail.

      Keep praying for justice and keep your thoughts on justice not its opposite.

      • Yes, the weird mirror energy, as you say, and the idea of ‘opposite liar’…..that applies to her for sure!
        Thanks for sharing your experiences because it validates to me that it’s not ‘me’ and that it’s not all in my head that something is very ‘off’ with her.

        I’m seeing this all more and more clearly and feeling stronger, and a lot because of everyone’s insights and advice on this forum……so thank you!!! 🙂

        Also, I saw my lawyer yesterday and he said this is a very clear cut case and process and that we will easily be able to evict her.
        Unfortunately, which is something I already knew, the legal process does take a bit of time, which means she may be living in my house for another month, but I was already prepared for that, and there isn’t much I can do about it.
        Other than that, the eviction should go swiftly and the lawyer said I will easily get the judgment against her and she will absolutely have to get out.
        I feel some relief today, even though this will take some time and even though it’s going to cost me a fair bit of money. I’m going to try to recoup that money from crazy housemate during the court process. I can request that she has to pay all the legal fees. I can’t wait for this to be OVER AND DONE WITH! Ugh!

  10. That Helmut Newton photo on scheduler was given to me in B-day card format back in ’96. Still have it. A great sexy photo from one of The Best.

  11. I’ve been really feeling the tug of the Mars-Pluto conjunction since Saturday. They’re right on my Progressed Sun and Moon in the Eighth House.

    I have a Mars-Pluto trine natally so I’m used to the flow of energy between these two, but it’s like there’s a steamroller inside me that wants to mow everything down in my path to achieve my goals right now.

    Of course, as a laid-back Taurus rising, I don’t show any of this.

    • I’ve got natal Mars conjunct AC, Pluto and mercury. Steamroller describes the feeling. I wish I could hide for the next three days and build a bunch of furniture or take on some other physically demanding project that I control. I am in no mood for socializing.

  12. OM freakin G..this is right on top of my Lilith at 9 55 Gemini and my Asc/dc cusp of 10 20 Sag/Gemini

    Should I just hide?

  13. btw I can feel ALL of my mars squares today. I was asked to write something and I looked back at it and went, jesus, that is so mars, mars square sun, merc and moon for sure. Glad I’m sound enough to deal x

  14. very in-sync with this all right now. Lilith has boomed another level and I, as a happy demon confronter, have scheduled a very awesome (but expensive so I did blow some money today but everything outside of kale and onions is expensive for me right now lol) internal makeover. I figure its an investment. If I were a portal, all my energy I spend throwing into things that drain me needlessly so I do not come front and center is being reversed back in towards me. Yep. I feel like a portal.

    **did a design for my site has 2 liliths in it. My twins 😀

  15. natal lilith is conjunct my sun when i put it into my chart, but im a guy…. whatever that means, maybe thats why I feel so crankily separate, hissss

  16. “Keep it together” seems to be the rule of the game. Arrgh, a little break apres- eclipse perhaps? I am juggling three dailies at the same time – Aries for house placement, Pisces for rising, Gem for natal Sun.

    • That’s all I keep telling myself “Keep it together … Keep it together …”

      I’ve been visiting the day spa — hot tub, steam room, mugwort tea pool — weekly (sometimes 2X per week) as a way to help me maintain the calm.

      Saturn is already fuqing with my Scorp Rising (fun times!!), Merc retrograde was an utter mess, and now just waiting to see how this eclipse will impact my mutable Saggo.

      97-98 was HS graduation. Prepping for college. Feeling like I was ready to take on the world. Coming into “my own” (whatever that meant at 17!!) … so wondering if that means I’m coming into my own in my early thirties now. I hope so.

      “Keep it together … keep it together … keep it together …” Hang in there!

  17. I have been enjoying the energy of the cosmos for the past two months. I’ve been detoxing, reorganizing, transforming and staying away from The Blue Devil. But now I’m worried about this eclipse.

    I’m a Pisces with Gem rising. Gem in Jupiter in the 12th house. What does this mean?

    Can someone tell me what this means?

    thank you 🙂

  18. Wow, tell you what, this eclipse is opposing the sun in my 6th house and I am feeling it. Sudden clarity and acute awareness of order, method, the to-do list, and my thinking – after two months of mental fog, sadness and mourning – has within about 24 hrs become clearer. A weight has lifted from my shoulders and maybe that’s also to do with some certain events that needed to take place recently too. Still sad, definite relapses, but I feel like I have been given a dispensation(?) to proceed with Life and hurry up about it.

  19. …. and will be conjunct my natal Lilith, like all my nearest & dearest ( hubby – moon, daughter – sun & moon, son – mars). I find she makes me fiercely protective and it’s my Lilith return, just after mercury direct………..let’s hope no-one is planning to upset any of us 😉

  20. The thing about love zombies is they lack self esteem so they constantly seek approval from others ….once we approve of ourselves we can move forward and bring on the awesome x

  21. Just read the seven… lots of ooh ahhs, But then this eclipse is on my moon.
    MMs advice…
    5. ‘Mutables look to 1997-8’ (am mutable sun and moon) Yesterdays ´suddenly one sunday´ was a major aha moment about a relationship that ended in 1998 – not a man, a fuqn Neptune transit! hahaha
    6. ‘think of this as a storm’ and 7. ‘dreams are potent’ – Well I woke this morning after a strong dream that involved being lost on a country road (not sure what country) needing to get to work, but no car, roadworks, not sure if I should hitchike, all a bit isolated, came across a bunch of friendly roadworkers (including women and children) who could not help, but a bit further on a sudden storm, much flooding threatening, and a gruff country bloke giving me shelter and advice…

    woo woo. Need to walk carefully this week, obviously.

      • Talk about a Neptunian transit…Pisces 7th house cusp – I married a closet gay Moroccan and immersed myself in culture and travel and called it romance. I think I’m done with my 9th house. Or, as MM wrote about 9th house being the second marriage – ready for a steady Taurus type to match my 9th house cusp. Actually, I’m not ready for that. Today I am blood thirsty.

  22. Times like this I v much appreciate being a subscriber. Those tips are good Mystic, thanks! My Australian Geographic calendar also alerts me to other astronomical (and helpfully…astrological) aspects such as Venus-Saturn and Mars-Pluto conjunctions, plus a bunch of other conjunctions this week. 15 yrs ago was a gigantic reality-check collision of a certain set of hopes/delusions vs sudden reality with at least 2 love interests during that time… eeep. Much poem-writing ensued then. Thus, forewarned is forearmed: am releasing all expectations re Ambivalent Leo in case he ebbs off (or vanishes) into the distance. Virgo BFF arrives back on planet, this is a GOOD thing. Maybe a financial element, since it’s squaring things in my 8th house. shall see, surely there’ll be an eclipse wrap-up on the site at some stage.

    *prepares herbal tea, running gear, preps bed for renewed sleep routine, takes exfoliating showers and uses body-oil for glowing skin, calls dentist, breathes deeply, arranges more yoga classes, clarifies boundaries and expectations, surprises self*

      • yeah. why get around like a fat unfocused slob when one can be healthy, fit, flexi and not stressing about deadlines, undone tasks and dream-to-do-list.


        *laughs at self*

  23. I guess my personal demon is I work and take on too much work. so I’m feeling very tired and like cutting myself a beak on the overdoing it habit.

    • If you click through to the page, it IS explained and there is also a link to the Lilith category of the site, which has dozens of posts re Lilith. You can also access it via the drop down category menu on the right hand side of this page OR use the site search with “Lilith” as the keyword.

      • Ahhhhh yes, thank you – April 10 has joined the dots for me, in my cotton wool filled head. I lost skills in comprehension about three weeks ago, perhaps they are now returning!

  24. The Bitch Goddess has just torn asunder by means of conjunction my Sun/Mercury conjunct in the 12th house and now the eclipse hurtles along just to give it all another billiard ball whack. I love Lilith, to me she is the rock chick achetype of astrology, a cosmic Joan Jett if you would – I have her natally in Cancer. She likes to rant and shout, and of late, just like her, I have found it quite healthy to have a good primal scream. As the first woman on the Earth, Lilith was rejected by Adam because he couldn’t tame her. I think there is a lot we can learn about this Dark Astro Lady and the eclipse that is running at her heels.

  25. Taurus Moon void of course times. Pretty sure these are right.

    Nov 27, 2012 11:57 am Moon Begins VoC Taurus
    Nov 28, 2012 11:58 am Moon Enters —> Gemini

    Today’s the 26th? Glad to see Mercury isn’t stationing direct midst a VOC moon.–just.

  26. My big lilith thing was following @Peter_Fox59 on Twitter. In a short time he has become a great resource on all things related to the Royal Commission. I believe his family have suffered atrociously. The knives came out for him in double quick time. One of the reasons I will always be anonymous online now is that my abuser recently moved back to this country. May the furies take him.

    I’m so enamoured of all of this truth telling I could write the zap zone a love letter.

  27. Hmm.. 1997 was the year I started an affair. It lasted 4 years but ended terrible even though I told him we needed to stop. I tried but the “give me a chance” blah, blah, blah..statement kept me with him. Then the call came in 2000. No more and I didn’t hear from him. It was a major turning point for me that changed my life. Although it kept me single for 10 years it brought me to my current guy. Don’t know.. let’s see what happens. Maybe this connection will end the same way.. not sure. This current one started bumpy but has been getting smoother where as the “affair” guy started out smooth and ended bumpy. Just sitting here thinking about ’97 ‘affair” and my current one and realizing that they are very similar. They both were / are kept quiet.. out of site from others. I have a 2 hour drive that I can ponder this “demon” to see where it takes me. Always pondering this area of my life… to be contined. xo!

    • HOWEVER… Gemini is my 8th house. crap.. material loss! ugh.. Please let this is a quick passing phase of me losing my good book!

  28. Oh great, another “Thriller Astro Storm”. Loving / loathing every minute, in equal measure.

    Btw, has a merc retrograde in recent years ever been so crazy and so tedious?

    Feeling the echo of 1997-1998 quite strongly. Tough times, they were. The other day I pulled out my old copy of The Artists Way which I got through (somehow) with the “encouragement “of a friend, way back in 97.

    Yes, we did all 12 weeks and nearly all the exercises, like total ninjas. Not sure if the book is about making “Art” as such but somehow the process woke me up and helped me reconnect to the “creative now”. Looking at it today, it’s so 90s, it’s almost sad – lol.

    Anyway, AHA and HAHAHA moments starting to come through …

    • current lilith return is quite amazing and liberating, i feel her energy in the energies in my home quite strongly. my daughter honored her in our prayer the other night and it was beautiful. no antiquated patriarchal concept is making its way through our door these days. neither any men… while there is a strong flirty vibe, it is strictly hands off. my bed is for me and my vibrator which the victorian ghosties are stoked about!!! whores of babylon we all. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      97-98 was probably my favorite year ever. flashbacks please!!

      • nice.

        I’m not necessarily for the total exclusion of men (although not sure if that’s what you were saying) but I definitely agree with the women-only purification of space-time, if you know what I mean. 🙂

  29. So I’m a bit terrified, hard at work all week but this eclipse is sun conjunct my moon/Neptune in 5th, moon opposed …
    advice on what I can brace myself for?

  30. it has been a bit lilith-y for me – sea witchy – craving the beach – if i could afford the petrol, that’s where i would head – meanwhile, i have been trying to manage exhaustion and crankiness by doing a huge paper cull/burn – ancient administrivia that had passed its use-by-date. that felt good. but maybe not extreme enough?

    burbling on the back burner, the romance – the eclipe to conjunct his Saturn and my DC. will he buy the ticket or not? will i shake the wondering?

  31. 1. Work with Lilith energy and confront your own personal demons (hooray! yet again) – check.
    2. No drunk-dialling/drunk emailing/drunk scrawling/drunk emo confessions – check.
    3. No crazy – check
    4. Radical creative inspiration and wild lucid dreams – YAY!

    Thanks Mystic XO

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