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Time to Guru on up guys! The astro is intensifying – a lunar cycle that starts with a Solar Eclipse in Scorp was always going to be full on and this one also features Mars in Capricorn on Pluto, Mercury on the North Node, another Eclipse (in Gemini), Uranus Direct & an oldie but a goodie; Venus in Scorpio. Plus a whole lot more. But i have attempted to make this planetary pow-wow into a coherent strategy/set of predictions and the Weekly Horoscopes from Nov 17 are now up…As are the Daily Horoscopes for Friday…



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28 thoughts on “Guru Up

  1. Today a girl I work with asked me: Is there anything ‘diabolical’ going on with Scorpio at the moment? She had no idea. Poor love. I showed her the horoscopes I’d written for the local mag, which I wrote seemingly eons ago and was keen this morning to get my hands on to see what (tf) I’d said. Phew. They were quite timely miraculously enough, but I wouldn’t write the same ones now that I’ve lived Saturn in Scorpio a bit. She looked aghast at news of Saturn and said how long does this go on for? She’s going through a very tough time. She said she thought she was a triple Scorp. A few weeks ago I had to console her simply rubbing her back while she wept (and wept and wept and wept)– I have no idea what about fortunately a Sun conj Venus came in and took over with the talk therapy. Poor lassie. She didn’t look too impressed with any of my trying- to-cheer-her up pro-Saturn pep talk. (please don’t cry again) I think I actually said that. I liked the way she described what is happening to her, sans knowing anything about the astrology as ‘diabolical.’ I think I helped her feel a bit stronger, I said at least now you know there’s a reason (for the way she thinks her life is unraveling.) and you have something to do. Get thy shit together. It will be hard but you can do it. When things get too overwhelming. Offer it all up. There is only so much one person can bear, so offload often. Give it all *up* . I told her she would come out the other end very much stronger.

    • With Saturn it’s better to face things head on rather than trying to bury them or put on a cheery façade. Not that it’s easy by any means (and I kind of wish I knew what I’m saying now back when Saturn graced by Sun-Venus-Mars in Leo several years back); but Saturn forces you to go through something difficult, and you have to find the right ways to make that beneficial somehow in the long run.

      Perhaps try to console her by pointing out that there’s a lot more than Saturn going on. Letting that one planet to become the entire world is like only paying attention to one character of many in a book, and skimming through the rest of the story. A lot will be missed, and the book will seem like a wreck.

    • Re the crying, I did Tarot readings in pubs when I lived in the UK, weird venue, but it went gangbusters. I usually start with psychometry and close me eyes when I tune in to read the item. I opened them to find one woman bawling her eyes out. I asked if she was okay and she sniffled and said yes. So I carried on with the reading, got no feedback but she just wept buckets the whole way through. Most disconcerting. I asked at the end again if she understood what I was talking about, she said: “Oh, yes, spot on”, then cried some more and walked off. I never did find out what she was bawling about, most frustrating.

      • AR, i just saw the picture of your three gorgeous cats asleep entwined with each other – gorgeous!!

      • Well done Mo, I am ridiculously empathic when it comes to people crying or at least weeping gently. The girl I was referring to was kind of sobbing and heaving slumped over the staff kitchen table so I didn’t go out in empathy–just rubbed her back. But I will even pre-emptively well-up if I think anyone is even thinking about crying –it’s ridiculous.

        A week later she thanked me for being so kind and as she looked at me (intensely I recall now with those Scorpio eyes, she started to well up again and so did I, so we parted quickly. I said I hoped whatever it was had passed. (but I don’t think it has somehow).

        You’re right Miss Leo. I was wondering where her Jupiter was

      • I had a very strange experience when I stole a lover’s keys to stop him from leaving in the middle of the night (to drive 9 hours) and headed out into the pitch dark for a 10k hike out to a rocky outcrop–the things you do. ahem. When I got there–at dawnish, and a last gasp crescent moon, I pulled out his car keys and immediately got the image in my mind of a rather threatening and large praying mantis–thing. OMG. I wasn’t trying to ‘read’ his keys, but I’m glad I did by accident–he turned out to have a very bad case of N.P.D. ….. OMG. I had been warned (and warned and warned . . . )

      • I have faith, that at the end of this saturn hell I will be just where I need to be. Alot is changing for me. Im letting go of my marriage of 18 years, there has been no way to save it. I have gave all and more and it has taken a huge toll on me. oh and…… did I mention im also being forced to move!!!!!! I HATE MOVING! I have cancer in my 9th house…. My son is a SCORPIO as well 17 years old and dragging his feet and being so defiant through all that is changing for our family!!! he is making this so hard on me an himself! sleepless nites and people places and things turning over and over in my mind, should i or shoulent i will i or will he, if i do this then it will hurt this person if i dont then i will be the unhappy one!!! all while my selfish LIBRA contently addicted my I add set’s back and has not a care in the world! libra just finished there time tester in saturn. I see no progress for him. the only things that change for him are what i change for me or us and he’s just there for the ride! Im being tested to the core of my soul and it hurts bad!!! leting go and walking away from all that i know and all that i love so dearly is a killer………… but i will survive.

  2. Things have certainly perked up since that eclipse night. Working really hard on getting out of an emotional quagmire and making future plans. I’m generally just loving the Scorpio energy, finding it really grounding, is that weird? I don’t know, I suppose as a very 8th house Scorpio I’m often slightly immune to the intensity that others might pick up on. Plus at this point I could run a masterclass on phoenixing out of various piles of ashes and probably give snakes a few tips on skin shedding. Par for the course etc.

    Anyway, I need to use this energy wisely to get some things in motion and get my health back on track before I get hit with a motherload of Pluto/Uranus/Saturn transits next year, it’s going to be full on. Again.

  3. Ok I havent had a spare 2 mins to post on here in yonks an quite frankly I dont feel like I have time to be doing this now! But I JUST gotta say HI!

    My Natal North Node is at 28 Scorpio so all of the above is happening on top of my NN My natal Venus and Pluto are hanging out together so that is Scorped to hell and a million other bits and pieces…. HELP! so busy so possessed by writing / work fervour that I just dont know how I”m doing half of what I am or what the point is exactly but I am just so compelled that I dont think I have a choice anyway sooooo I’m just going with it!!!
    I dont feel so much like I’m shedding or transforming as much as being in the middle of a black hole where I am absorbing ALL light/matter into an infinite point of stillness that at some point is gonna go KABOOM! ….. Not sure where that leaves me but rest assured I’ll let you know at some point….
    Hope your all thriving and jiving…. or at lease catching up with sleep.
    :) x

  4. I have heavy, heavy scrorp, mostly second house. people have been giving me that look, you know, like when you know someone’s died, but you don’t know what to say. i have neither seen nor felt any kind of weirdness as yet. (i suppose i should knock on wood.) i did work 14 hours OT last week, and have been pretty tired, and yet still waking up at 4am every morning, but the latter i think have to do more with biology and the fact that we changed the time here. idk. maybe i am being naive, but it seems all good here. maybe there’s something else in my chart mitigating effects?

    • Saturn in scorp is a long transit. Plus, putting in all those hours at work – it sounds like you’re doing your Saturn. Rock on!

  5. I had the strangest set of dreams last night. The theme was couples reuniting but after one had promised to show up and they delayed, delayed, delayed – so it was reunion with anger at the waiting – which is odd because the waiting was then over. The strange part was the couples were each other – twins if you will – same gender/look/etc. Anyway, perhaps I should blame Chiron direct for that dream, lol. I feel good for where I am at. Like I’ve been under assault but held my ground and the ground I’m standing on looks pretty good to me.

    • Oh wait, I think I am having a senior moment.. we have similar placements in our natal chart.. no? :)

        • Yes, Sun in Virgo but Venus is natally in Scorpio and transiting Libra right now. Yes, Libra is my rising sign.

          I am still in the middle of moving so I haven’t been full-on with this blog and staying on top of the astrology stuff. Still love reading everyone’s posts to see if they relate to me. :)

          • Fascinating dream! Long estrangement and reunions have been a theme of mine of late.

            Feeling okay right now too, despite final, last-chance, do-or-die deadlines looming, and as usual a bit suspicious of this calm but too um…drowsy* to give into the energy needed for paranoia.

            Late 11th house Virgo Sun-Saturn conj., Libra rising clumped with love, war and the subconscious.

  6. Mars whizzing into Cap ? Already ? So I’m looking at a triple conj , mars and pluto conj natal Saturn in the 7th. This should be errrm, interesting. Oh, and it opposes my natal mars in kataka 1st house. Hmmm. with Saturn transitting conj natal Neptune in scorp 5th house and throw in a Lunar eclipse in my 5th house. Very interesting and a little scary.

  7. I feel very empowered today. So into ME right now and my career path. I am excited. I can’t get over the opportunities that are being offered to me via this new job!! Thank you to those here (as well as Mystic) who have supported me!! xo!!

  8. Thanks for the advice Mystic! They are so SPOT ON! Past few days since the lot of things going on in Scorpio have been horrible, and I have natal Merc Rx in Gem so I say what I want to say, appropriate or no. Yes, I don’t care if anything’s retrograde, I am getting things done! My way! While acting all nice and “sure, sure”. Anger’s been done and over with.

  9. I’m feeling really horrible and can’t get out of it :(
    And feeling like I’m wrecking a potentially really lovely new relationship/friendship because of my shitty mood :(
    I feel mega sad all the time!!!!!!

  10. Pluto Mars transits my natal Mars in Cap 2nd house. I am so grateful for my Cap Sun Scorp Moon bodyworker, and i love his dour iron Saturnian humour. I am not nearly as hot tempered and downright cranky as when Mars transited my Pluto in Virgo last year. I am quite even tempered and resilient…but i did detonate psychic bombs on a special someone earlier today and wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they felt it. I hope to fq they did. Have been sweet to everyone else though :) A Scorpion went off, not at but to me, and i enjoyed it. Some amazing people in my life are going through full on stuff at the moment, and just being even more awesome than ever. Meanwhile i’ve seen some others implode. The astro sure is incredible. Have you noticed how good people help good people get up after a fall? They help others too but a turd is always going to simply lay on the ground. I have a truckload of work and long hours ahead of me yet something is really clicking into place with it all. I’m Piscean and my time management is sharpening way up to fq. I mean it’s getting good enough to incorporate proper zoning out of time and space, which is vital for the Piscean soul. These two drives have always been at odds with each other for me. You can’t underestimate the willpower connected to each. Perhaps i’ve lost my mind. I love it.

  11. these sci fi comic pic lines for sonar always remind me of people who like dolphins lol

  12. IRL am fast tracking EVO with no 1 Guru – bi-weekly // boy o boy is it paying off!!

    in the digital world – MM just received a novella re how ‘SPOOKILY ACCURATE’ does NOT even come close – all are so on-point for me ATM – read & applied!!

    reading all scopes (dailies / weeklies / schedule – sun / rising etc) as daily bible. it’s like cleaning your teeth – or the Nike slogan – just do it!!

    the MM 9 steps to weathering current astro are PRINTED & on desk.
    read daily – bar yesterday, the only day I tripped myself up – it’s the passport to sanity amid the current madness

    thank you thank you thank you – you rock!! xox 😉 xox