Aries In Relationships Have This Weird Glitch

Superman heating tv dinner with his heat vision. He is sitting on a cracked television.

Aries in relationships have this weird glitch. They can end up in trouble because they don’t need support.

Or so they say. Instead, they stress their superior self-reliance skills and demand a juiced up version of respect. But sycophancy will suffice. They can be so invested into their self-image of invulnerability that they end up isolated.

And then, even the most loving and loyal Aries ends up bereft because they come across rigid or intimacy-phobic.

But really, it’s their psychic hard-wiring. They’re Mars People, go-getting, do-gooder initiators of action. They’d happily risk their lives to save you from an incoming typhoon or the Mafia – anything!

But Aries in relationships thrive off direct mission alerts and joint enterprises. They’re easily the best person to partner up with to work in a start-up environment. If you want love under fire, in a zombie apocalypse or ride-or-die person, go Aries.

But don’t expect depth dialogue about feelings or for them to own up to any scenario where they feel less than optimal. It is un-Aries.


Image: David Creighton Pester

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Fed up w. ur persistence of FUQ


My boyfrien is Aries Sun, Rising and Mercury. Sad to say but I think I’m the one who has him “caged”. Um, not on purpose! We met during Saturn in Libra…i’m a libra and my sun and saturn fall in his 7th! Ack! I’ve also been trying to tell him that i have a bad feeling about the guy he works for. Shady, shady, weird. But of course he won’t listen to the expert of spotting shady! Still, I’ve noticed a lot of aries peepa here saying the same. Guess mine wants to learn the hard way! Oh yes and… Read more »


Sorry about crazy typos, I’m on my phone and having an insomnia moment!


OMG! I’m Aries Rising and usually power through everything but since Mid 2010 my life has been utterly strange and getting stranger. I’m considering taking time off next year to process it all and just solidify a proper “me” again. I feel like I’ve been amorphous and evolving since 2010 and probably absorbed some crap whilst growing and now need to consolidate, give thanks (the painfully horrid stuff was probably a gift and i probably handled things better than I think) and let go of what’s not needed. And just be (the new) me for a while. Thanks for mentioning… Read more »


Amazing! Aries-me currently fighting BS and corruption at my workplace and being bullied mercilessly as a result. A friend directed me to this site as she thought it was apt for me at the moment. She was right, and I see I’m not alone.
Truth and love will always win. Tyrants will always fall, however long it takes. Always.


Through the process of handling my father’s burial, I came across his birth certificate and decided to do his birth chart. He was Aries ascendant (Scorpio Sun) and passed away during this awful transit this month.


Oh yes! Aries Sun, Cancer rising, Sag Moon. Beginning of 2010 moved out of marriage. Stressed, couldn’t unpack just looked at the boxes and the empty cupboards for a while. Would drive half an hour to shop in familiar area. Mr Y, old friend, is on hand for visits, outings, it becomes electric. He initiates becoming more than friends. Delighted! it’s something we’d both been wondering for a while. 6 days on, he’s away for a week, then I’m away for a week and when I return he says he ‘can’t do this’ and leaves me stunned on the couch.… Read more »


Thank you Riverwalker. I feel more connected having read your tale. =)

(I had an “interesting ” last three years too.) Thank you for sharing.


This has been the most wtf last stretch of time and I’ve been so in awe of how the hell i got myself into such a backwards, powertripping, negative vibing health related (yes… health related as juicers and saunas and health realated products) with such a workplace culture! I was told I’d be raped by the GM which I called him up via the CEO, but still continued working there as it seemed like such a “great opportunity” then it all went super back-biting, and again that GM… geeze, it’s amazing how some people totally get into power and abuse… Read more »


. Solitude and meditation will now bring you freedom. Uranus in the House of endings, the past, hidden friends and enemies: the Sage – from the deep recesses of the psyche come startling conclusions; friends turn around and are enemies, enemies become friends; the loss of the ego in pursuit of higher goals; the shadow aspect of close relationships and lifetimes; old attitudes surface for healing; helping those in distress in unique ways; seeking to go within. signals and actions you have unconsciously sent out into the Universe. The twelfth house rules that part of the mind that suppresses experiences… Read more »

Lady J

Aries husband (sun and Moon; Libra rising, Scorp in second house with mars … it’s been a blast of a year alright) – we got married this past year very quickly, he is touring the US from a solo project after releasing an album he made in a month, just whizzing all over the place using his part time job’s flight benefits. He is on fire. With this Jupiter transit over my Gem sun, we are unbelievably nuts. In a good way. I hope.


On the up here finally for this Aries after a slo-mo year where the more I pushed, the further away I got from my goal. I’ve been quietly innovating away since my retro Mars in Virgo return and after much frustration and a great deal of perseverance, I am beginning to master this astro and ready to launch myself into the stratosphere.

rah rah ram

Aries Sun, Rising, Mercury, Mars, Venus (aka the Mariah Carey chart- look at her as a role model!!!) “Issues at large these next ten days…” I”m a little worried by that! What happened to the reset moon? Have been feeling like a few people in my career sphere have been, well, not exactly on my side lately (!), thought I was being paranoid. Will have to watch my back I guess! Any help appreciated. I know us little ol’ aries are a little bolshy, but I always seem to feel more like a lamb than ram in the workplace.

rah rah ram

And thanks Mystic for the heads up, love the daily mystic and the site for keeping us in the know x

Aries Rising

Please help me interpret this dream!! Was with an old primary school friend at a restaurant where we had worked earlier in the day (when it was a cafe). We were allowed to take crystals home which were in trays around the restaurant. So we poured these boxes of crystals (and also purses and wallets?) onto the table and sorted through them for the ones we liked. We each amassed a little pile, mine was a bit bigger than hers . We were about to leave and then I found some gold nuggets hidden behind some purses and I turned… Read more »


From your dream it sounds like you have some current you versus former you going on… the tourists perhaps representing you not really knowing how to be there anymore (?) When I have people in my dreams I usually try to think off the top of my head three “positive” characteristics and three “negative” characteristics… I don’t overthink it, I just let it come out. From there I can usually start to piece together a bit more as it helps to reveal what parts of me are being drawn out via these other people in my dream… best of luck!… Read more »

Aries Rising

Ahhhh thank you!!! So true, that does really ring true for me.

The golden snake and spider are good even if I was freaked out by the spider??

I am pretty much plumbing the depths of my Scorpionic issues at the moment so I guess it’s good?

Any other amazing interps are soooo welcome!!! It’s making me happy while feeling depressed lol.



I’ve been having some seriously wacko dreams – the closer Uranus gets to my AC (8Aries), the crazier and more vivid they’ve been getting.

12th house virgo

I’ve had a dream before where someone from my past was involved and someone gave me my purse back. I found it was about reclaiming my essential value and no longer associating my wealth with the conditions of that relationship. Sometimes we project more worth on to others than they realize. And the wealth is a metaphor for larger powers. Money itself is a symbol of something else. Obviously, your dream is more complex than the value sorting as you are being pulled in multiple directions. But the money/value is the key to hidden life/powers, yes? The snake and the… Read more »

12th house virgo

Cool that snakes and spiders are so very Scorpio. The spider is patient and weaves a web. The snake sheds its skin, regenerates its body. I can’t articulate how much meaning there is in that because it hits the archetypal level. Those meanings are really only touched on in meditation.

12th house virgo

Also – Venus into Scorpio soon, yes? Venus isn’t just about sex but wealth and beauty. You have to know what those resources are worth to you – how much trouble or power you want to have. And how much you can or cannot share that self-discovery as part of a team effort.

Aries Rising

Sweet thank you very much! I will need to meditate on this and integrate the wisdom.

Much love


How do moon signs fare with these predictions? I’m Aries moon. Forgive my ignorance but I’ve never really thought of my moon sign in a predictive sense…. Just personality.


I have Aries moon, but only at 22 degrees, so not affected fully as of yet.

But I have been having major migraines as of last month, jaw tension and explosive fights with my mother. And I moved countries like a ninja in the night, two months ago.


Aries Moon here. This just explained a piece of the puzzle.

Cannot get waitress/barista/retail/admin jobs but have 3 business ideas almost fully formed.

Haven’t made the jump yet, so obvs not doing it right, Mystic.



Of course the moon counts Woohoo! So does every other planet in your chart. That’s what transits are.

Mystic, you’re funny! 🙂


Every single one of my aries planets is super super stressed by this housemove I am doing, it never seems to end!! Emotionally I seeing 11 years of creative stuff that I hoarded away is now coming to light and either being moved or thrown in the skip. The skip is’nt big enough…


Aries sun, merc in aries 0 deg stationing direct, mars in cancer early degrees, saturn in cap early degrees. When saturn went into libra it was like the dark square of doom, a caged octagon if you like. With transiting pluto conj my saturn in cap the whole 3 years. Sq/opposing every bloody thing. My saving grace over that period ? Uranus conj my mercury. It said, you are not a victim, you are the change !! In july this year, my square prison opened, not gently, but with a bang! Since Saturn’s move into scorp my leash has been… Read more »


Yeah, I think if you are going to station direct for the rest of your life we should all look out davey…xlol

Jess the X

Whoa. Aries sun here with Venus in Aries. I have had the same crazy euphoria feeling lately that a lot of the pain from the past 4 years or so has been leading me up to this very moment…. A lot of what happened had to do with break ups and romance gone wrong. Oddly enough, when I saw the last Twilight Movie a few days ago I could feel something shift in my spirit….something moved. I was like, whoa, I just graduated! An astrologer I trust told me that it’s time for Aries to learn a new lesson, and… Read more »


Won’t reiterate the psycho bats I’ve been spillin’ all over the place here lately but thank you for the support Myst.

And must be the glare of the energy but have taken to wearing sunglasses even at night…literally.

Hey, Atlas Genius (and current fave song Trojans) is an indie band out of South Australia…hadn’t known

See, no wonder I love you guys…

Wearing soft fleece jackets or sweater for Toro Veenie comforts and tonight remove make up and lay in bed and do face massage…Headache…Even as Aries, headaches are not normal for me…


Maybe Aries could take a lesson from Leo’s and schmoozle their way through office politics. Good schmoozling requires a pre emptive strike first of course. Worked for me, i’ve found 2 new prospects in last week this way. Also saying somehting outrageous as an opening always gets attention – you can back track from there depending on the reaction.


Schmoozing..Ha ! You leos, sheesh…You know groover, a schmoozer is the easiest to schmooz x


Yes, but only Leo’s have that suave slightly cheeky charm that let’s them backtrack. IMHO


I dunno, we Librans are *pretty* clever with the schmoozy backtracking (just add dimples)


i was just thinkng other day, that the other diva of the zodiac was definitely Aries 🙂


I don’t think we like that word


Thanks for the heads up Mystic. Thankfully I am finally emerging from the dark wood I’ve been wandering in for the past four months and can feel my Aries rising guts, stamina and bravery again. Fuq my fear! and all the sh*t that’s been happening to me and my loved ones this year. Boy it’s been a long hard road (and my Taurus side has been resisting change and evolution like crazy) but I’ve now made a choice to EVOLVE, ditch all the crap and self hating and start phoenixing at last…


I have Aries within the 1st house and Venus in Aries, and though most folks will associated Venus with love, I take it as relationships and fun in general. I have been soooo straightforward with my friends lately. It has alienated some, but I guess it’s a Uranian thing to give no fuqs/have no regrets. Some messy fallouts are definitely likely due to the zap zone. Add Mercury retrograde and it’s a clusterfuck. But, eh. Life goes on…



Great word – rambunctious – isn’t it!





so gemini x


Mystic you’ve totally described my Aries good friend particularly around office politics. She has learned the hard way to play the game but it comes at such personal cost to her. On the upside she’s spent the past three years having the sanest relationship of her life, married him and is very happy.

I have no Aries planets, but Uranus is zapping my crowded Cap 5th… moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno and Magdalena, which are now all feeling the Mars, Eros and Pluto vibe. Eros return! How will I celebrate?? 🙂


Aries needs a behind-the-scenes personal adviser. Seriously. And personal boundaries.


Or maybe a cage during zap zone transits ;-). Actually, I wonder if it’s less about boundaries and more about thinking we have the answers and a moral obligation to make the world accept them. Perhaps Arians pioneered self-righteousness?? 🙂


The boundaries are necessary, for the sheer force and power of their brilliant mind on the fly may not be measured enough (Cap can help here). Or, an Aries who has been soul-sapped and hasn’t had their boundaries respected, is in a devastating predicament and may react on-the-fly. This could be interpreted as egotistical and self-righteous, maybe that is a defensr mechanism though? [FYI Aries usually does have the answers, it’s making other people accept that ;)]


Boundaries. Just figured out I don’t know what they really are. Guess that’s a bit of a red flag right there!


Aries Rising here – dawned on me the other day that I’ve never said “I’m sorry, that’s personal.” Zero boundaries for real!


What??? No, No, No, No. We’ll get it. We may take the direct road when we maybe should take the long (learning) road, but we’ll get it. We work it out ourselves and the less advice and support the better. If one of us is doing something criminal, call the police! Lots of police. We will eventually get it, ourselves.


MM is pretty unbelievable really, She’s pegged me (three planet in Aries including sun) in the workplace. I can’t stomach politics and this has been my downfall on many occasions… I have to constantly fight the urge to do the single snazzy blast of the slingshot thing. Thankfully I’m out of it all at the mo’ (home-based writing) so I eagerly await narratives from the workplace warriors. I guess the mutual reception (pluto/mars and saturn) amplifies the whole zap zone thing times ten???

12th house virgo

Demoted Aries at work is demoted largely due to her in ability to play politics. She had her eye on outting a shady character. I would have liked to have seen her win. But…fucking politics. Mars on my AC – I’ve got no respect for politics either.


I’ve known a few Aries who I always thought we’re political driven but really just turned out to be good networkers. One who left work due to politics because she was altruistic and saw the straight line in stead of the constant circles power plays create. I wish she’d managed to take out the shady character there too. Evil won that time:-(


Funny, I did that once. Taking down a workplace bully nearly killed me. The shady character and ally had several workers on the edge of suicide. My quest to get justice took three years and a law suit. Cowardly business wouldn’t take action and it eventually cost them a fortune in increased workers compensation premiums. So no, this Arian doesn’t do politics. Although MM’s Phoenix reading suggested that I’m gonna have to so I guess you never get to run away from anything!


This is sounding incredibly familiar all of a sudden… as an Aries Sun who has stood up to the GM workplace bully and has been dismissed! I am not about the whole politics involved and just want justice!

I had a feeling if I did pursue it further that I’d be at least a year down the road still dealing with it. Had to cut the losses…

Workplace bullies SUCK! Just wish others would also take a stand!


(Aries Rising here.) Because I’m doing things differently next year, I was thinking about going back to my old career. I excelled, but I found the politics EXHAUSTING. I handled it well, but I left when a sociopath transferred into our team. Her work was unrelated to ours, but the other teams just had to get rid of her, I see that now. So, Pick your battles people! Anyway 2010 I began retraining for a new career. And strode into the arena and fought my guts out but too many other changes in personal life at the same time…It’s been… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

I just found out about 30 minutes ago that a HS classmate passed away. He was an Aries AND another HS friend passed away at the beginning of September. She was an Aries.. ugh!!


An Aries (Aqua rising) who got laid off from an amazing job on Friday. Yup, I’d say it’s hit me pretty hard.

Taking this time to totally retool myself, learn some new skills to get into the tech industry and maybe one day lead to self-employment/entrepreneurship, but at least have some more relevant skills to market myself. Resurrecting my French while I still have access to the employee Rosetta Stone and looking into volunteering on the local ski hill to help kids learn to ski.

12th house virgo

High-ranking Aries at work got demoted recently. I hope you are able to find something that suits you better.


I was dismissed last Monday from a “too-good-to-be-true” for our area job… Aries Sun, Virgo Rising… I was standing up for myself and my work… Evenso it has still also thrown me for a loop…

Flower Essences, digging in the dirt and meditation have been helping. 🙂

Good luck with the reorientation too!


btw – The entrepreneur route is definitely calling me too…

oh and I accidentally posted as anonymous a moment ago… oops.


Wahhhhh. Aries Rising, 4 planets in Libra, it’s been a Uranus/Saturn opposition fiesta. Still got Uranus sitting at a dead conjunction with my ASC, finally found that taking a lot of Magnesium is helping the constant inner tremble I’ve been feeling since that transit started but I can’t WAIT for it to go away. Uranus about to oppose my Venus for what looks like the rest of my 30’s, I’m wading through a deep, dark, sludgy amount of realisations to do with my Aries ex (he has moon in Libra conjunct Pluto conjunct my Venus love to know what’s happening… Read more »


Sounds like you and I have a really similar chart! I’ve got 8Aries rising and 5 planets in Libra (incl. Sun!) – glad to know I’m not the only one feeling like this!! Is your MC in Capricorn too? Pluto just rolled over mine (4Cap)… So Pluto squaring my AC, Saturn just finished plowing through my Libra stellium, and now Uranus approaching my AC… I’m considering a REALLY HUGE career switch in my 30s and it’s kinda freaking me out but it also feels kinda liberating. 🙂 Doesn’t it feel like the Zap Zone is extra personal for the Aries/Libra… Read more »


We really have, I’m 5 degrees Aries rising, Cap MC, Scorpio Sun and Venus, Jupiter, Saturn + Pluto in Libra. Had the whole Pluto square ASC thing, Uranus conjunct ASC, now for the hits on Venus etc. Weirdly I’m also plotting a massive career change too, aged 32 that will require at least 5-6 years of study. This is what’s consuming me now, after a lot of relationship stuff being so heavily at the forefront of my brain while Saturn did it’s thing all over my Libra stelium and 7th house, you too? Strange, I love astrology so much, what… Read more »

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

My Aries friend (recently engaged) is now planning to rock ultra-conservative finance’s boat with landmark haircut and tattoo before wedding—he’s terrified. GO GIRL I say. If he can’t accept you with a new haircut and a tattoo, he’s not worth marrying!!

Mel C

or is she just doing it ‘cos she’s feeling corralled?


Mystic, yes, feelin’ it deeply – yikes.


Hahah. This is funny. My Aries besties — usually all judgy and so sure what’s best for everyone else — have been all “What is wrong with me?” lately.

How the mighty.


hand up. venus aries in 9th, totally got penned in by saturn in the past 60 days. i am rattling my cage to save my life, but i don’t know why.

12th house virgo

Uh oh. My 7 year old Aries baby has a 2nd grade crush. He blew kisses at her at lunch. She slide a note under her bedroom door, too embarrassed to tell me face-to-face, that she likes him too. So, I told her what I learned: boys don’t know what they’re doing either, so just talk to him, the best boy friends are friends. “Really?” she said. I guess she’ll be working that wisdom over the next 3 years, lol!


Cute! Good luck to her, I’m sure she’ll be fine with those kind of wise words in her ear, it’s true.

12th house virgo

It’s one of my few standing regrets that I didn’t just talk to the cute boys in school. Oh well. Hope she benefits from my lesson!


That’s just too cute! Great advice.

Maybe i need it because I got asked for my phone number via email by man who works in the industry after I thanked him via email for helping me out earlier in the week on the phone. I’m in a tizz on how to reply I didn’t expect THAT….which is not me normally.

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