Are You Iron Enough?

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Hey Guys how are you going with Mars into Capricorn???

I think it’s fuqing fierce as…Lucid, 27-7, empowered and a brilliant compliment to Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is getting it on with Uranus, Eros, Saturn, Pluto, Chiron, Neptune, Venus  – practically the whole galaxy in the next few weeks…Oh and the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini…

I just re-read The Iron as it seems very apt for now. And the Daily Horoscopes are up for Monday if you want to take a look.


Image: Victor Castro – Society 6 – Iron

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55 thoughts on “Are You Iron Enough?

  1. Feeling it! That must mean Mars is now pinging off most of my chart – all my Pisces stuff, and my Cap moon et al, so it’s all zap and no crap this weekend.
    Weights, salad, a run, mag bath and more work last night – then up at the crack of dawn to power on with yet more work. Loving it. I hope it lasts 🙂

  2. My sense of urgency peaked and now it’s all on, don’t remember ever feeling this much clarity and motivation around business stuff. Not launching until after Mercury of course…but the wheels are turning in readiness.

  3. Feeling it. I was in denial about needing to update my resume and now I am doing it. I am a lazy libra who is not enjoying the endless job search.

  4. I’m a pretty earth-centric chart with the strong placements in Taurus and Cap Venus (chart ruler) and Neptune, but something about Capricorn moon energy never fails to make me feel anxious. I’ve been feeling extra weird emotionally since Mars went into Capricorn and squatted in my 0 degree Venus, but it’s like a secret and still anxiety that has been making me obsessively work and sleep only five hours a night to avoid it.

    Do you think Mars in Capricorn could give an extra boost to setting new work and workout routines? I’ve been more productive and creative than ever lately and especially this weekend, but it’s been like a Neptune-on-my-Mercury-vocationally-and-divinely-inspired workaholism rather than setting my alarm, going to Pilates at the crack of dawn, then working from precisely 8AM to 10:30AM on my creative work while sipping on a green drink and then going clocking into a job for 8 hours.

    I guess I am worried and wanting to make some changes in how I operate and feel that I am stuck in almost an addictive cycle. I am addicted to epiphanies and the unpredictability. This spooky, inspired, uberfulfilling but bipolar work binge stuff is FUN but I know it is not sustainable and I am bummed that I let my usually rigid Saturn girl workout habits fade out. I have Mars in Aries. And Mercury in Pisces. x_x I just typed Mercury in Neptune twice on accident, unconscious self-awareness slip much? lol

    • We have some similar placements, Rache…. Aqua sun (or is that your rising?), Mars in Aries and Cap Venus.

      I have been pretty anxious all year. I don’t know if it is ZZ or Uranus beginning a series of transits across my Aries line up. As someone who has previously lived with a lot of change and enjoyed it and even sought out a gypsy like existence, this year I am not finding it fun. No, not fun at all. Where previously change – relationships, job, whatever – was spiritual and exploratory and fun – now it is more like this constant nervousness that is driving me. A sense that it is now imperative that I carefully chart a path that is meaningful in a world sense or I am going to do a major fuq up, right at a time when I yearn for comfort like I have never done.

      I am just now back at yoga on a serious schedule, like 3 hours a day. There is a sense now that I really need the spiritual guide and physical strength to reach my potential. I have a rare opportunity to practice this much in the next month, so I am jumping at it with curiosity about where it takes me.

      Have saturn on my moon in my house of sex and intimacy, which is making me want to eschew anything under my nose at the moment.

    • Yep Aqua sun, Mars in Aries, Venus in Capricorn.
      Everything is in my 8th house (most), 10th, or 12th. :/ So according to the literature I should have died 3 times already.

      I agree with you on wanting something more stable — I moved out of my parents house, got a degree in philosophy, and traveled the world, moved almost 10 times from 2010-2012 (long distance love increased the frequency). But this year I was like DUDE: I need to stop and have a home and some consistency so I get accomplish all these things I want to do! Tired of running.

      I have a weird paradox, since I was a kid I hated any kind of change even just in small routine things, but I forced myself to run towards it because I wanted to change my nature and face my fears, get away from unhappiness. And now I love it. 🙂 But longterm goals are more important and I don’t get the same high from random interaction.

      How was your/is your Pluto on Venus transit? Mine was supernatural and very intense but wayyyy fun, that was my first more-than-a-month trip alone abroad, met the guy, blah blah blah.

      What are your Mars and Venus placed in? Like I said, 12th and 8th. 🙁 Intense. Too intense.

      • Oops. That was me. 🙂

        Also of note: I know a lot of Venus in Capricorn Mars in Aries peeps! And we’re all alike in some ways and off in others. It’s funny. I think we take monogomous relationships really seriously in some ways (intensity of Mars) yet still values fun and almost a friendship quality above all else but then the Capricorn side wants to be all detached and what do IIIIIIIIII get out of this, how do I LOOK. Or GET. Not hating, just saying. haha

      • That’s intense with a lot of 8th house placements. If you don’t mind me asking, have people close to you died?

        My Mars is in the 12th too. About a year a ago, I absolutely let rip with my oldest friend having stored up about 20 years of gripes and of said some pretty harsh stuff. I hear that’s typical Mars in the 12th. Repressed and then gone way to far! I also have saturn in Aries there, Aries ascendent and north node in the 1st. I have always been able to go out into the world with a lot of courage and was on the move until my 30s though like you, underneath very anxious and driven by a need to keep testing myself and meeting eccentric people 🙂 I am into my 40s now, and would say only in the last 12 months have I suddenly come out publicly outspoken, more prepared to nail my colours to the mast, so to speak. A lot of my sense of urgency is about that I think, needing to step up in a big way with career and probably to move o/s again to realise that. Sort of like going, well I’ve got all this aqua, aries and cap so how do I use it in the best possible way? I almost lost it earlier in the year with the biggest heartbreak of my life and thought, wow, that really messed up my Qi and life path! And I have gotten kinda comfy now with house and pets and so on, so it’s like stay here and wither or give up comfy to woman up and play a role. I have never planned long term until now 🙂

        My venus is in the 10th, co-junct the MC, at 28 degrees, so a few years yet from a pluto transit. I think that’s a strong place for it. Super-committed in relationships but also need someone successful, stable and artistic before I even get interested. My intensity I’d put down to the 12th house stuff and the Scorp moon.

        But there’s always a light side to Aquas which comes more and more to the fore with age 🙂 You can’t be that intense! 🙂

        • Oh yeah, I definitely present as a goofball to the public, kind of a wide-eyed, quiet-on-the-outside-weirdo who actually has a lot to say once I get going. I see humor in the everyday just to survive and keep it pretty light with acquaintances, but when I get close I crave the deep dive and sometimes it gets dark in there…

          “so it’s like stay here and wither or give up comfy to woman up and play a role. I have never planned long term until now” — that’s like me too! All of a sudden I’m self-educating on Saturday nights and making 1, 5, 10 year plans and tweaking as necessary. Similar with the relationship as well…we had a rocky period this time last year, reunited for a few months in the spring and when it ended I was devastated…but I realized I had been complacent and not striving for MY goals. So I think we are probably both in a better place!

          I am a Taurus moon and rising so I definitely like stability by nature to a degree and was a little overachieving Machiavelli about setting goals and reaching them when I was a kid. But in my rebellious phase (17-22ish) I stopped being such a perfectionist, and now I think I am returning to my more natural state where I am happier and better suited.

          • Wow, that’s impressive planning and study! I have the one year more or less sussed but you are right to be thinking that far ahead, even if there will be many surprises along the way. You are inspiring me to keep looking to the distant horizon.

            It sounds like you are really working the astro of the mo with insights and drive. I really like that about people here and MM’s advice, working with the energy of the times, rather than against it.

  5. Mars about to conjunct trans Pluto and natal saturn in cap , my 7th .
    I was thinking about my natal Saturn in cap, in the 7th and sure it has an effect on my personal relationships but I’ve realized my work and work relationships is where it really plays out. I develop custom software for business systems and Saturn in cap works so well there. I really do get people organised.

  6. I sooooooo get Mr Rollins here. At times he can be too intense for me but that resonates. I’m 45 work like a man in a predominately male job and have amazing strength, ever since I started this work and as my body got stronger so did my mind. It’s changed my whole mindscape, attitude, everything. I get off on it lol. i get the occasional person question me why I do it, like I should be knitting booties for future grand children or back working in an air conditioned office putting up with the bitching & politics. No no no!!

  7. I just read The Iron and so love it. I have been working out for a year now and i feel stronger and happier. I think it should be put on every gym wall to read and even high schools for kids to read.

  8. Maybe am feeling it as ordered Kettlenetics kit after watching infomercial… However also just bought a tub of chocolate salted caramel ice cream…

  9. It’s brilliant, I feel sixty million zillion times better than I did just prior to Neptune stationing direct. Mars into Capricorn really is a bloody boon for me as this is the most of my 1st house after the 12th house skulking about–en garrde! . . . Mars in Cap good for horsework and drumming, Tanks be that Jupiter doesn’t station direct until end of the January. I think I’d explode. What a bloody contrast. The Mars Pluto Eros pile up looks a tad ominous though for world peace and women.

  10. You said what I didn’t (obvs) in the Scopes about Aqua… I wrote “this is so unlike you” and then I thought that sounds ridiculous and scrubbed it — even if it’s true. I don’t know what’s come over me of late but I hope it hangs around a bit.

    Nice knowin’ ya Neptune, we will never meet so intimately again. . . . and mercy be. . . . Although my progressed chart has Saturn at 1º Pisces Duh. Interesting how you get to some of these bigger transits, twice. To be sure. . . .

  11. Mars is about to transit conjunct my Venus in Cap, which I suppose could be great for my sex/romance life…eh? ….but wait a minute, because Pluto has been on my Venus for months now as well as Saturn squares all that from Aries at the right degree as well as Uranus transiting conjunct that Saturn is also squaring my Venus about to be conjunct by transiting Mars so, like, it’s not all that simple……….god knows what will happen……..I have to be on the look-out, I think……treacherous times………..

  12. I AM IRON MAN…cue Black Sabbath…

    Mars is (like davey said) on natal Saturn and Pluto,7th …And in my case, square Merc/trans Uranus.., 10th.

    BUT, The Lightness of Being is Venus in Libra, 5th, square Cap Moon 8th…(no wonder I almost hit the casino…lol)

    Seeing my girl (Kataka today wLibran Moon /hubby…and getting email from Gem girl w/Libran gdaughter….telling all in Dublin…AND talking to Aries pop today…)

    I just needed my family….I was desperate and had no idea they (the girls, had BOTH emailed me last Wed…never saw them..)..

    Okay, so had been picking up on their convo express but just hadn’t gotten it…No wonder I was sleepless in P.S….lol, and emo craze..

  13. I don’t know what to make of it. I’ve got Cap in Moon/Saturn/Neptune all on my 3rd house.

    What are we supposed to be looking at? Like if Mars is in Capricorn, I look at what’s on the Cap section of my chart? And then look at where the Mars is to see how that’s activated by Cap energies?

  14. I gave into a sinus headache and took decongestants so now I can’t sleep. I am thinking of furniture I want to build – a few benches and a dining table. Took some YouTube woodworking classes and it intimidated me. I built my deck furniture so I think I’ll just go for it. I also want to stencil my ceilings. Pfft…I really know how to pile on the DIY projects. I did set up a yoga/meditation room. First I’ve ever had. Trying to stay balanced. Feel like something must get done.

  15. Not sure if this is how it works for Caps all the time, but so far I am über relaxed, as if I know strategising is so simple now that I don’t have to stress. A steely, sangfroid, long term, nerves slaying view. Very strange for this normally nervy girl.

  16. Super committed to completing things and ive had offers for new ventures as well as ideas of new things i want to get my hands on and try next yr. Waiting for mercury to unretro itself before i seal the deal on these. But um yeah 2013 is going to be huge, heaps and heaps of things to look forward to

  17. i soo want to be a ‘built’ woman these days, and have come to see that a woman who looks after her muscles and bones looks fabulous at any age, in just about anything, esp, nothing, lol

  18. It just enetered my 1st house..I think I can deal with the Capricorn thing. Saturn has always lurcked over my 1st house, (since i was born)
    still thoough, one thing at a time…is what I need to focus on.
    Thank you

    • you are. this is a really exhausting emo time right now, countries are going under, people are falling apart. shit is left right and center. it’s nice to have a place to come in to set your intent and keep the focus/faith x

  19. I’m really looking forward to how this is all going to play out! I feel very curious about it today. Mars in Cap is still in my 10th house with Pluto obviously and the moon today. I dont have any planets in the 10th 11th 12th houses but all the big guys are transiting around the top half of my chart (except Jupe who’s down on my IC in Gem) It really doesn’t even feel like all the work focus and planning/ determination/ etc etc is even a big deal…. I need to get some serious sleep/supplementation happening but it feels very much like the new normal… I would love to have some fun, I do recall it being lovely but clearly that will happen later lol What i’m even more curious about it how the Pluto Square Uranus will play out with all of this personally as Uranus is transiting through the lower half of my first house cuspy pisces asc hmmmmm Would seem like a big big self image transformation……. ?

  20. I’ve got so much astro going on. feeling every inch of this right now. eclipse come down exact uranus conjunct sun/merc, NN exact Merc conjunct sun and uranus scorpio 5th, mars trine mars, chiron direct on south node. zap zone square MC, neptune opp mars.

    Processing like a demon. I have actual real life scenarios going on right now in massive change, like us all, intense, gut wrenching and goal minded. I am actually coping with this alright but very hardcore soul wrenching going on peeps wise right now. No one’s looking after me but me and the ground could not feel colder right now.

    • Sweetheart, what you are describing is freedom. You are such a leader. You know that, right?

      • freedom and leading is music to my sagg moon venusneptune aries MC ears. That is kind of you to say, don’t know what I am meant to be leading though, got to sort myself out first x

  21. Just read the Daily Mystic and thinking about all the babies being born at the moment. Stelliums in Scorpio, mars in cap, whoa!

    • I’ve been thinking that of late too, if parented right what little powerhouses they will be.

  22. I’ve been feeling very Pluto lately so I just read your blog post (more HR writing) – Pure Pluto.
    WOW. Jaw dropped.

  23. well of course I am. But the real question is, are you velvety-soft enough to balance the iron?

  24. these are testing times, that’s for sure. Great quote from Rollins, btw.

    Gonna hold off contact with the Qi Vampires until Merc goes direct and then I’m changing my phone number.

    Trying to stay zen and learning TONS of new stuff, it’s intense! (Once again the Get Scorped reading is all over it).

  25. Somehow also finding myself bored senseless by the avant garde, excited by sense & solvency.

  26. I got a phone call. Rather threatening really, but it means that I am putting a plan into action that was on the back burner for a while – perfect timing.
    Fool! why do something like that to a natal virgo mars, just as mars enters capricorn …………………..

  27. So, my Mars is already in Capricorn … and I must say, I do feel like a veil got lifted a bit yesterday with regards to my job (and my role within the company). Have been in a fog and just generally not feeling able to “deal” with anything, really.

    Today, I cleaned off my altar. Went for a bike ride. Talked with some friends about an art/Burning Man project we’re getting off the ground, and now, time to get a move on the week ahead.

    Still a little off kilter. Still not quite “right” (whatever that means) but I do feel like I’ve set my jaw and drawn a line in the sand. This astro is not going to do me in.

  28. acquired a treadmill. run, eat salad, hydrate, pay bills on time, keep the greedy fire going to keep the little house warm, feel amazing. not inspirational but grounded and stable. taking care of my own stuff entirely WITHOUT overwhelming anxiety for the first time ever. this is what cap is all about, right? being able to sit back with a sense of satisfaction that i did it, i did it well, and the next thing that comes along, well, i can do that too. accepting maturity. crazy talk i know.

    and speaking of cap and crazy talk i was at my fav used bookstore the other night and went back to the occult section and there front and center was a little hot pink book, mystic medusa’s soulmating! all about eros and psyche and it said “eros in cap wants to be told, ‘LET ME TAKE CARE OF THAT.'” oh oh oh oh oh my soul SANG when i read that as it’s something i’ve never, ever allowed myself to even think. always the dominant one in relationship, always the caretaker. with massive anxiety about it. it also told me i’m batshit crazy which is triggered when i meet someone like me… hee hee hee… true. thanks mystic i can’t escape your brilliance!!

  29. hmmmm i have mars in cap sextile saturn scorp natally so this is business as usual…making lists, knocking it out. same old goat, as ever.