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Just as Brad Pitt should step away from the drawing board – and watch he doesn’t fuq his shins on the dna table, Yoko Ono might want to stick to being Iconic. I mean, “icon” and “multiple conjunct Aquarian” is an excellent job description.

But Pluto is in Capricorn and we all want to work – or else we’re mental. So let’s discuss Yoko’s new range of menswear.Β  Me first:

* I am not anti-Yoko – despite being raised in a Balkans style induction of hatred for the women because she “broke up the Beatles.” Aha. In fact, I have previously done four very nice posts about Yoko and her astro. I like how she holds press conferences to say things like “i am not a witch” and that she likes fingerless chain mail gloves.

* It is excellent when people approaching their Uranus Return (age 84) do cool stuff, keep reinventing themselves and cultivating fresh possibility in their lives. We HAVE to celebrate this shit. It’s admirable and it is the future.

* But there is a reason why Virgos dominate fashion – because this is what happens when Aquarians have a crack at it. FYI: John Galliano AND Christian Dior – both Aquarius.

* Yoko has Neptune coming up to her Mercury-North Node in Pisces AND Uranus just began opposing her Libra Ascendant – come ON woman, i want to see invisibility cloaks and mood dresses and fingerless metallic gloves with dark matter beams shooting out of them – we know she has the contacts to make the technology happen.

What do you think?

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63 thoughts on “Aquarian Menswear By Yoko

  1. Never thought I would say this about men clothes, but TOO SUGGESTIVE! Like “hey I want you’re hands on my butt!” or “hey I want your hands on my d!ck!”

    (I’m an Gemini Rising, Aries Sun 11, Scorpio Moon 6, Venus Pisces 10, Aqua Mars 10)

  2. Haha, I find it ridiculous but I am imagining it could be some performance art project where she does something silly and instead of people watching her she is watching the audience for their reaction. Or she just thought – errrr, ok, give me the money πŸ˜€

    Oh, MM, I never expected you to have anything in common with the Balkans. it must have been difficult growing up in an environment like this. I just wonder if you have any roots from the Balkan peninsula – former Yugoslavia maybe?

  3. I’m too young to have ever been around with the breaking-up-the-Beatles thing, so I only get to judge her on the actual Results. Which I have to say – seriously, if this woman wasn’t famous because of being with John Lennon, would anyone give her the time of day?
    I made the mistake of buying an album by her once, because there were all these raves by John Lennon in an interview about how her music was so amazing and inspirational. Well, you would perhaps have to be in love with her to say so.

    In fashion – ok I am very retro and conservative. If a guy has a hot body, nothing but nothing is more hot than for him to act as if he doesn’t know it. I don’t think these clothes would “enhance” anyone’s appeal, but if you want to be a billboard for Yoko, go for it.

    Love the comment above, “at least she’s done for fashion, what she did for music”

    And I’m an Aqua ascendant, so “Tolerant” all right? But tolerant doesn’t mean, no taste.

  4. She broke up the Beatles (or John).
    To fuqed aqua energy.
    I don’t get her nor like any of her so called art.

    Might I add I have the mega progressed chart in aqua @ moment, not to mention natal sun, merc, mars & venus trine Uranus.


      • Exactly. She did not break up the beatles, it’s just a bit of old hate misplaced on a woman/ she’s asian and England scapegoated her like JL was not strong enough to think for himself?. Love or hate her art or whatever but its 40 years on I think we can see that for what it is now.

  5. I will nick a comment I saw in The Daily Mail (yes, sorry): At least she’s done for fashion what she did for music.

  6. Fashion has been really boring since the recession, and slightly before that actually. Life, and pictures from this era, would be so much more interesting with a few guys with hand-slap-on-the-ass stamps on their pants.

    Then again, Aqua rising here

  7. I would advise my daughters to steer very clear of any gentleman wearing the scrotum hoodie,, they seem neurotic. Yoko should do homewear.

    • LOL. Homewares?
      Funny you should say that Madam.
      I share a birthday with the fabulous Yoko and am in the middle of just that. πŸ™‚
      I hope to return the western kitchen to be a place worship..
      (…..minus the bosomy aprons of course)

  8. I like ’em, they make me smile (could be the influence of Uranus moving in closely on my sun, mercury, venus, p.o.f., eris, etc)

    Plus I can’t wait to show them to my partner (who incidentally would look great in these clothes), they will make him laugh as he imagines wearing , say, the bum hoody or the hand-groin pants to one of his worksites…

  9. “Balkans style induction” I just find this so funny, and understand the level of hatred, because I am from and live in Balkans. Good one!

  10. I love her. I think she is doing this for the women of the planet to even the score for all the dumb things we end up being sold, and because she’s a horny old broad. Go Yoko!

  11. Yoko is reaching (quite literally), to bring the Kundallini energy of her Uranus Return energy up so she can transmute.

    John was the vehicle for that and so even tho it seems she is clinging to a ghost, on some level he is helping her. She is trying to move past the pain in her heart.

    Today I went by a school yard and saw children on swings…Suddenly I felt like crying…just like right now too..x

      • Are you perhaps referring to ” If Six was Nine” which is Hendrix – ultra Sagg. (Sun and ASC)
        “If the sun refused to shine
        I don’t mind, I don’t mind
        If the mountains ah, fell in the sea
        Let it be, it ain’t me.

        Got my own world to live through and uh, ha !
        And I ain’t gonna copy you.

        Now if uh, six uh, huh, turned out to be nine
        Oh I don’t mind, I don’t mind uh ( Well all right… )
        If all the hippies cut off all their hair
        Oh I don’t care, oh I don’t care.

        This is totally Yoko. And I reckon John is having a damn fine larf at this garb.

        My friends and I have been bantering over this collection all week. It’s at least provided much entertainment. I actually really dig it. But do not want to see the full moon trousers on just anyone in the local food court.

        • Full Moon hahah…yeah I finally looked at the rest of the pix on the link MM provided. Hilar

          Like that song by Hendrix and I’m going to go listen to it just as soon as I get done with Best of Motown…

          The song I was referring to is Thank You by Zep…

          If the sun refused to shine, if mountains crumble to the sea….there will still be you and me…Lovely song actually.

          But both the Zep and Hendrix got mountains in there…Lotta mountains fallin’ in the sea back when πŸ˜†

        • Sorta like Zep’s ~ In thru the Out door~ πŸ™‚

          And yes, I had been drinking wine…god my kids are gonna kill me if they find out I have not been exactly on the straight and narrow…lol

          • Daughter and family who just went to Ireland for vaykay, said we did not have but very remote relatives in Ireland…

            Must be kidding, I thought. I do my best writing when half swacked…lol

            But that MUST end this coming year. So need to change my reality (Uranus transit) and I want certain things now…like a new car goddammit…lol

            Giving myself till first of the year to get it together in that way…

            Teacher once said that they were making me “solid as a rock” in my behavior…oh dear, I’ve been a project. πŸ˜†

            Thanks for letting me “Ramble On”…

            (Zep lol)

            • ~Half swacked and writing…~

              Reason being, is that Saturn ruled Cappy Moon 8th, “liquidates”‘ it’s assests so to speak…

              Still think there IS a way to be able to be half swacked and enlightened at the same time…


            • oh sure there’s a way.

              Have a female friend who’s in the market for a muse right now to help finish her book. The Consort’s been spiritually kneecapped thanks to his disrespect for a particular goddess for whom they were working. Friend doesn’t need another consort, but a happy, sexy, funny muse for a while.

              Sadly, I doubt this line of garb will bring the Muse of John back. But there are more ways to raise the kundalini, so who knows? Perhaps this is simply prelude to the Big Blast.

            • Yeah, move thru your shit, that’s how to move the kundalini…

              ~Happy, sexy, funny muse~…so down with that.

              Have been without a consort for years now or even a muse.. Okay, a few slight muses, one of which was the Toro..but in the end, it’s still just me…

              Wow, that is what is
              “motivating self”

              And very Aries/uranian…x

            • think a big shift to the reality in the last two days is becaue my car went on the shits..Battery or starter…
              But taking the bus you see humanity in a whole new light.

            • And you get to see the crows and the birds and the clowds..So much se miss when distracted.

  12. Agree with you Mystic – why couldn’t she design something actually innovative, instead of sticking with strange body part images? I mean, most Aquas aren’t really connected to our bodies, we’re just sort of command space centers with legs … πŸ™‚

    These all seem like some private crass joke she made up, nothing to do with Lennon’s Haute-Libra self. He would abhor this, since, for one thing, it’s all black and white. More color, babe, he’d say.

  13. Well this explains why i like Christian Dior stuff so much. πŸ˜€

    You know I think Yoko Ono was being playful with these. Because the truth is, if these designs were made for women hardly anyone would bat an eyelash. Weird mesh cut outs and ridiculous appliques! Women line up to wear the stupidest looking fashions like armadillo shoes and don’t freaking complain….but men…pshaw! I think she was being clever and addressing a double standard!
    Go Yoko!

    • I also think she saw that Beavis and Butthead episode, the one where they came up with an idea of a tattoo of a butt with a tattoo of a butt which has a tattoo of a butt on it because I swear that butt hoodie looks pretty similar.

    • Yes and sometimes actively for the grab effect.. or the desire to see the grab effect in the eyes of all who pass by….

      Maybe it is a clever metaphor but it’s not really grabbing me πŸ˜‰

      Oh, and Yoko’s alright, it has nothing to do with who created it.

  14. This is the Best!!

    ‘So, I made this whole series with love for his hot bod and gave it to him as a wedding present. You can imagine how he went wild and fell in love with me even more.’

    I think she’s exposing a side of Lennon we don’t want to know.

  15. I have a soft spot for Yoko really because of all that hideous sexist crap about her breaking up the Beatles. Total bs. I am a recovering musicianaholic (Venus opp Neptune) and know full well that nothing and noone ever comes between musos and their bandmates, unless they are already sick of the sight of each other.

    Not sure about the clothes though. Surely only total narcissists would wear these, or is that the point?

    • So that’s what it is, eh? Venus opp Neptune here too, 5th and Libra (Venus) rules 5th. Neptune trine MC.

      My eldest daughtet is the artist/muscian for reals tho. It’s said if one is not then their children will be and it’s true.

  16. Hilarious! I’m gonna send my Aquarian friends here to remind them to stay away from fashion πŸ˜€ You’ve made me wonder… Are there any good Cancerian, Moon/Venus Virgo fashion/interior designers??? *off to do some research*

  17. I kind of assumed she was making a statement that yes, these are ridiculous for men but if these were present as clothing for women no-one would bat an eyelid?

    Also, she’s a performance artist so I take evrything she does/says with a handful of salt.

  18. Not a huge fan of these, but I do know a few guys that could rock those white pants. I have a Scorp friend who thinks she is a genius and plays me all her terrible music, so in comparison these clothes are not too awful.
    If Dior and Galliano works are also examples of what happens when Aquarians turn their hand to fashion, then maybe fashion should have a few more Aquarians in the mix. (not defending Galliano’s ranting, just his design chops)

    • As an Aqua Galliano’s rant bugged me, so I checked and sources say he’s born Nov 28 1968, so not an Aqua…. he and Dior still have talent that shouldn’t see them lumped in with a post on Ono’s featured designs, whatever their sun signs.

  19. dear sweet jesus i can’t stop laughing

    are they balls on the hoody?? narrow tits? a woman’s arse sitting on his chest?

    the cut outs???

  20. Just AMAZING.
    It’s a gag, right? Just choked on my rosehip tea when I clicked the link and saw the lightbulb man-bra, and the bells?! Seriously?
    I’m all for quirky fashions but… Umm… Well. Yes, gotta give her kudos for giving it a go.
    Meanwhile, the bums, the hands on bits, the high-beam boob-tube? Kinda puerile, no?

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