Apres Eclipse Insights

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That, guys, was a Full Moon Eclipse in GEMINI – conjunct Bitch Goddess Lilith…So you have insights & renewed resolve, yes? Clarity? I am going to keep more of an eye on Lilith from now on. She’s currently approaching Jupiter…so a lot of things are blowing out. More soon!


Image: Sandy Fulton via Hoodoo That Voodoo

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67 thoughts on “Apres Eclipse Insights

  1. Just posted Julia Gillard’s chart on FB. Natal Lilith conj Northnode in Leo top and centre with Uranus. Gem moon, Scorp rising–no surprises there. I can understand how Lilith conj nortnode works in her chart, still at a complete loss as to how it worked in the exes.

    Nice photo mystic did you take that? (Haw haw haw) That was a joke joyce, Yes I know I can see it now.

    • Ah that’s interesting I was wondering whats going on for her considering the bollocking she is getting….

  2. The moon was certainly visually stunning. Divine bitch that she is! I found the energy to be very vibey and UP for once. I’m usually a dark moon kind of chick, but last night I felt like running around naked with the possums – metaphorically speaking… being a work night I actually got to sleep by midnight.

    • Aww, little known Aussie sport, the running of the possums. I’m a little peeved at the darlings at the mo as I’m beginning to suspect that their nocturnal sprint races and macho standoffs on my roof may be upping the tick and mite load in my environment. Itchy, very very itchy.

      I’m the opposite Aries_FTL I seem to wax and wane in sync and find the wane part of the cycle a bit stifling. Full moons are always fab for me.

      • The runningof the possums!!! Hahahah
        So true. They thunk onto the roof every evening 9.30pm, you cld set your watch by it!

    • I went for a post storm walk around, where am I again? New Hampshire? Long Island? Architecture and tall trees reminiscent of those places. But no. Suddenly a sandy bush track. ‘Oh frogs’, ‘how sweet’. But you know what they say about frogs, they attract snakes. Did I think it was my karmic destiny to tread on a drowsy brownsnake in the dark, in the bush? Where no one will find me? No, not really. But I walked on the sand where I could. it was very misty and quiet and I found a nice big tree to rest my head on. A lovely night. More please.

  3. Oh yes, lots of insights. Burned some bridges along the way. Had to be done; sick of the bullshit. Cries to ensue.

  4. “I am going to keep more of an eye on Lilith from now on..”

    Heh, nice understatement.

    Bloody hell, so am I, if it brings out ppl with a tenuous grasp of the concept of honest dealings and more front than Woolworths, I’m going to keep a weather eye on her for sure. Wouldn’t mind betting a person I locked horns with over integrity issues has Merc opposite Neptune and a bit of bad Lilith in there for good measure.

    • Oohh…I am so loaded with Lilith I frighten myself with my vengeful wrath. I’ve decide to listen to her inside me, what she has to say, and take no action. Having that power and keeping it contained is within me is where its at. But its hard…because its Lilith. She’s very creative and demands to be entertained.

      • Oh I don’t think Lilith herself is bad, but handled badly … I’ve kept myself up into the wee smalls with a pounding heart I’ve been so effing furious, if there is someone that you can’t avoid who is messing with your life it takes superhuman effort to maintain calm I reckon, and I’m only human.

        Hope the furniture project is coming along well?

        • It is! Waiting for more tools to arrive for the furniture projects. Practicing patience. Loving my dinning room table mostly for the fact that I got it done. Its real now.
          My Lilith was so happy to talk wood-working projects and power tools at the office today. I did it! Bought a lot of project stuff online. Its like Christmas every day – coming home to packages.

          I ‘m going to paint my girl’s room while she’s with her Dad this weekend. Gold and turquoise are the color’s she picked. We have bird/tree/blossom stencils we’re going to do together next weekend when she’s home again. Cherry blossoms are a part of our mythology – she was born on the day of the festival in DC.

          I keep busy, busy, busy πŸ™‚

  5. Cleared a lot of past stuff – this being a Lunar Eclipse. Finally saw the pattern of a master manipulator and called him on it. Finished two writing projects, sent them out. Cleaned the house, the pantry. Cooked. As of Thursday, I shift gears from low tempo to high tempo until December the 13th. A couple of professional small scale coups, friends and family visiting. Ready, set, go – thanks to advance notices Mystic had sent. I wonder how Lilith will play out.

    • My ex is a master manipulator. He manipulates himself even. But, I saw it on a new layer. Like…its so hard getting divorce because so many indicators come to show you how many years you spent as a vicitim. Walking further away from the illusion. That’s how it felt for me. Its done now. But so many years I served him. And he’s a master manipulator and a hollow man. And he has loads of friends supporting just that quality in him.

      • But you will never be manipulated again – you can see it coming now and it can’t touch you. πŸ™‚

  6. Did anyone see the full moon about 1am. Jupiter shining brightly beside her………………… beautiful.

  7. Many dreams I do not remember last night. I am feeling alright in and of myself though very much at crossroads of thought or actual step. Not finding this stressy. Can feel change and an undercurrent of excitement associated with it and an awareness that bigger forces are at play so I need to accept the flow rather than try to change it. I am trusting that it has the interests of all at heart.

    Some quiet band discord has been brewing and it came to a culmination last night. I found myself speaking my disatisfaction but not distressed. Everyone’s time is of equal value so prolonged and sustained movement that serves one more than the collective has reached it’s pinnacle. Not certain how this plays out other than to say change is now imminent.

    Wishes for a good day to all. Sun is shining and I’m free from work constraints so will immerse myself in me. Enjoy whatever it is you are doing and.. for whatever reasons I feel that today will bring positive outcomes and solutions if there is space provided to allow them to enter.

      • I feel like I’ve been making space for years too 12th house.. but I also feel like as this year comes to a close so does that concept.

        Here’s hopin x

  8. Learned so much about Lilith. I have Lilith at 13 degrees/5th house/Aqua and Moon at 13/11th/Leo. I recognized the feelings, but this time I saw it in my chart, which was cool! My Lilith and moon – that Leo/Aqua tug, so much of the story of my childhood is in that – like, on a mythical level. And it goes on in time like a drop of water making circles.

    In the eclipse, I lost all my sense of friendship I had with my ex. Not that I’ve had and lingering longings for him, but because we helped raise each other and we are raising a child together and I have no malice toward him – or try not to. Yet, he gave me fresh reason. It would have meant a lot to me to get to go to a fancy party with my daughter, a “friend’s” wedding. It would have meant a lot to her too. Her stellium in 11th house Aries worries about my 12th-house-ish-ness. Such is the way. In our composite chart, the Sun and Saturn are in the 12th house.

    She had a dream about the color being sucked life. It came like a grey cloud into our home when I was offering her pasta and popsicles. I ran outside in a panic and fell in the creek and started floating. I found a rainbow fish and brought color back to the world. Then, in the dream, she tried to find new shoes. And none fit. And someone suggested a she try a shoe but it was so big she fell inside and had to have someone give her a ladder to get out. She worries about me. She wants to fight for me. She wants me to have an audience. She likes an audience. And I worry about her. I must need to run outside in a panic, and fall into the creek and relax, and find a rainbow fish and bring color back to the world. That’s what I did in her dream. And I LOOOOVE her so much it scares me. I must need her to live. Or I wouldn’t have her. I wouldn’t be left.

    I looked at my ex’s chart – he has the Moon and Lilith conjunct his NN in – get this – Capricorn. Wonder what the Pluto action has been like for him lately.

    More than once in my life, I’ve had to start from scratch socially. Just…lose all the friends in a blast at once over something that isn’t really my fault, events not even related, just crash. Not to sound like a Scorp about it as if its some conspiracy, but its true. Like this divorce thing. I’ve done it before. Walked away from a scene, spent years in the unknown/private/12th house space, and come out again, like a 7-year shed/itch. I just feel so old and worn. It hurts to hope. But, all signs are go for me remodeling my home. So, that’s where I’ll be. The Libra scopes are vibing for me these days. Must be cause my Jupiter/Saturn transits are running on Libra’s month.

    • The Uranian Scorp in my head tells me he loves me. I have trouble with the duality – accepting its true and that he’s not showing up in real life. Its easier to be hateful and angry, but I can’t feed Lilith that way. The Sag soul mate taught me that it is possible – someone can love you – true love you – and abuse you, or abuse themselves. And you can’t own their choice. And you can’t engage in the abuse of yourself or others. You have the love. Why should that hurt?

      I dug out a stinger from the Sag who disavowed me. He doesn’t feel that way about it. He loves me. We just can’t be. So why should the love sting? I need to meditate on that. I know the truth, but I have to vibe it out.

      • Love can be so real but so not present.

        It’s a bit of a frustrating mystery sometimes.

        The why isn’t always easy to explain or accept which is why discord comes to roost in the heart if we desire an answer and cannot find one. The truth is sometimes that we desire one answer and know we won’t get that one so remain disatisfied or leave open space that we know we should close but can’t or aren’t ready.

        I hope things look up and up for you 12th house. The notion of new circles to me is growth and I would encourage you to look at this with excitement not reservation. I know it all gets tiring and the what for speak starts to get louder but as random as events may be they may also be conspiring to take you to a better place.

  9. I am hoping my eclipse insights reveal themselves throughout the course of the day. I did go to bed super early only to wake at about 1.30 this morning. Ha, then when on to have epic length vivid dreams.

      • me too i had the deepest sleep last night for weeks. felt revived and born again almost. told the boss he needs to spend some money. up front. he is an aries so no BS with hm.

  10. Bathed in moon juice as I type, it’s 00.35am here so in the thick of it! Particularly lovely, with Venus close in the sky! I’ve been in a nice mood, grateful for what I have and a little wistful for what I don’t. Decided I’m probably still in love with everyone I’ve ever loved or been close to but that it’s ok and I should stop guilting myself for feeling things I think I shouldn’t feel and for feeling full stop. All ok y’all!

  11. In my dream, I had a beautiful (but scary) green tree snake wrap itself around my leg and wouldn’t let go. Terrible sleep otherwise. Missed the beautiful moon due to cloud cover. So while I lay away from 3.30am to 7am, I had some amazing (ie tearful, gut-wrenching, almost crippling but ultimately enlightening) insights into being ‘me’ and how messed up a lot of ‘me’ is at the moment.

    No wonder I haven’t had any love or opportunities coming at me all year!! I realised I’ve been so tightly-wound and wounded, nothing could get near me.

    I also realised what “letting go” means. People say it but I never got it. I guess I’ve been grieving since the start of the year (when Pluto was last at 8 deg Cap) and by letting go, I’m not forgetting or devaluing or losing any of the love I had for those who I lost, I’m just throwing off the constrictive, useless binds that are holding me in a bad emotional place.

    So today it’s all about breathing deeply, relaxing, trust that I won’t dissolve or fade away, stretching the hips and doing things to re-affirm my awesomeness.

    Also taking in all the insights about my dodgy hip flexors/ psoras that fellow wonderful subscribers posted for me. Very interesting. Totally get that it’s emotional pain/ fear/ sadness manifesting in the hips. TOTALLY get that now.

    Realisations are horrid because it means CHANGE and that I’ve failed at something, but then I almost immediately understand that it’s all positive and proactive. (And because this stuff is going on in my head, no one else knows about it!)

    I’m very lucky I read this site. It explains the weird shyte, helps me put things in perspective and makes me ask the right questions of myself to achieve self-awesomification. Oh, and it’s really entertaining too <3

  12. my first research into the lilith aspect of my chart and whoa, thanks so much mystic for leading me in that direction. it’s libra in 3rd for me, taurus in 5th for guy i can’t get over. trying to reopen dialogue currently but ok with however it turns out. confused, but at peace and feel so optimistic after the eclipse. gorgeous moon down here, y’all. love.

    • and yes… MAJOR insights and dreams in regards to love and career. journaling it all as best i can keep up. even applied for a big promo.

  13. a blurry eyed FME ritual – then back to sleep. Moon was indeed big and beautiful and bright. Today in Melbourne is hot and sunny and staying cool, calm and collected is the biz du jour.

    having vivid dreams – earlier this week one dream featured a talking sheep (was dream about ex – 1982 vintage – and yep, he was raised on a sheep property and he was also in the dream). I’m still pondering the talking sheep and from where in my psyche it possibly came from – monotone voice, pithy insights. No space dust or BDHJ involved (don’t do space dust and not a BDHJ night).

  14. massive storms here last night so no chance of a viewing…insights? only that there are certain people i should leave to their version of “reality” and stop wasting my energy fighting it…:-(

  15. Someone just sent me this pic of Jupiter and Luna
    They looked beautiful together last night, once there was a gap in the clouds.
    Amazed I got through the eclipse unscathed! Set some good intentions, achieved some small but good milestones and had a nice evening. I think I’m just getting better at learning not to react to negative stimuli quite so aggressively, especially when Jupiter is in the mix blowing things up out of proportion! I suspect if I keep this up I may just enjoy birthday month for a change πŸ™‚

  16. Jupiter / Moon w/ Lillith on Venus degree haha whoa. Wacko twu wuv zombies are holding court rather amusingly. People watching is primo.

  17. It didn’t touch my chart at all, but I had a DOCS child abuse report made about me! Heavy!
    My little boy fell in the bath and when they asked him what the bruise was, he said, “Mummy said it was a secret.”

    The day care director phoned me and said she woudl have to progress it to Department level.
    At first I thought it was funny, but by the end of the day I was SO hyper stressed about it.
    Luckily I have never even smacked him, but still…

  18. Moon and Jupiter directly over my house at this moment, I am drawn out there to breath in their brilliance. Lovely, clear beautiful night. Just after 11 pm I laughed when I mistook an airplane to my left for a meteor and laughed harder when my eyes caught sight of an actual meteor to my right.

    Literal clarity today as I picked up my new spectacles. I was so happy with them that I splurged for prescription sunglasses. On a deeper level I’ve come to terms with the fact that my abandonment issues are a threat to my most important relationships and have resolved to deal with it.

  19. In Denmark the Full Moon was 3 pm wednesday. I spent the prior two days furious at my management. I mean in the I’ll write you an email to set things straight kinda way – and it is not because I personally was sleighted in any way. I was just sooo angry at the general state of things. Going home from work wednesday I could feel the anger disappear. Thanx for the heads up in advance, M. I wrote the email but didn’t send it.
    Now was that the Full moon and Lilith in my 3rd house or was it Mars-Pluto in my 11th house?

  20. Bitch Goddess…..

    In the last 24 hours, I told no less than FOUR different friends, in four different situations in their four different lives, to STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES, DAMMIT!!!! I got to be that counsel for them after…

    …….standing up for MYSELF yesterday by taking care of an ongoing situation I’m dealing with.

    I thought of this quote from Aung San Suu Kyi, β€œIf you’re feeling helpless, help someone.” It is quite empowering to do this!

  21. I had vivid, verging on horror, dreams about an ex from 1994. Not sure why he has surfaced as we are both married to others. He was married in the dream and his wife was rather unattractive and mousy, which surprised me. He had 16 children with her, but kept them in barrels of water… kind of like biological specimens. We had rampant sex on a train and in a plane (he is a pilot in real life) and I woke up quite exhausted. Hoping that one doesn’t reoccur!

    In real life, it is snowing vigorously in my city, and it is beautiful, but no chance of seeing the moon. After 9 months of struggling with this place, it is growing on me and I actually am coming to understand the people. Nice eclipse revelations!

      • Someone suggested to me that perhaps it was a way of showing that I needed nothing from the past (given the horror aspects) and to look to the future. Was your a good or bad dream??

  22. That ride to the Full Moon was just sh*t!
    Like every dark self concept I have walked in and took over. I was grumpy, morbid, bitchy and judgmental.

    And as the Eclipse drew closer it all started to crumble like so many old dry scales falling off a pearlescent core. Now it feels like the time before the Eclipse was the sh*t stirrer that brought up all the gunk and the Eclipse was the sieve that scooped it out. Clarifying but intense.

  23. so many insights. im just letting them sink in but feeling very light now i’ve jettisoned the almost ex. he is out of my mind, bed and heart. discovered I am lilith in leo in 7th. A charmer? i am not but my way or the highway yes . Did come upon a S & M site when googling leo and lilith – no surprises there.

    ‘Lilith in the 7th needs freedom within committed relationship’ exactly what i texted him as a goodbye ‘ I need to be free’ .

  24. The lead up to this eclipse was HELL for me, I was definitely vibing the low, dark n dirty side of life – no matter how much I tried to pull myself out of it I couldnt see any of this amazing clarity or insights. Until the early hours of this morning when the urge to journal came over me – I wrote for almost 4 hours straight, it was like all the past crap had to bubble to the surface all these days so that I could purge it all in one hit. It has been bizarre and tough but I feel so free and renewed now!!! Its definitely been a memorable eclipse!!!

  25. Once again, it’s so nice to read everyone’s stories. Very inspiring. I was hoping for a clearer revelation about my situation but things are still murky. Messages from Mercurial peeps have brought major clues. Found out I have two more weeks than I thought to leave my place…what a relief! But I still don’t know where to go or what to do. Leave NYC (I hate it) and go back to New Orleans (I love it) but in process have to leave the boyfriend who wants to stay? The boyfriend is perfectly open to allowing me the freedom to leave if that is what is right for me…no drama. But I am finding it hard to walk away from a relationship that isn’t obviously terrible. It’s not perfection, but it isn’t negative in any way. I just think men are stupid and annoying (sorry, guys). Long talks into the night reveal nothing but dead space confusion. I wish there was another eclipse soon!

    • I don’t think anyone wants the responsibility of having to ask you to give up a place/thing you love summarily so it seems to me he wants you to have your freedom and gauge whether or not the distance will weigh on you both, before deciding further next steps?

  26. Insights and energies.

    Our adopted stray kitty was neutered yesterday, and then vaccinated against our wishes while there, despite a verbal agreement with the vet beforehand. It is SO clear we need to find a vet who shares – or at least respects – our difference of opinion about standard vaccinations for pets.
    Lilith is natally in my 6th house.
    My angry Leo sun and moon in Merc are quietly plotting a polite but clear letter explaining why we won’t be seeing this vet any more.

    My partner is putting together resume, letter, etc. for a job he really wants that will give him lots of opportunities to be His Awesome, with a bit more pay, too. He really started to get into the groove about this job, imagining actually working there, plans for improving the place, etc. I’m so happy to see him working to improve his crap job situation. I miss happy guy!

  27. Last night I went to bed without my usual hoochie juice calm me down and Lilith came in my dreams. She’s got a loud mouth, the sort of mouth I’d have if I didn’t self medicate. Strangely the sky did not fall down at her comments. Hmmmm lots to think about.

  28. i feel like i’ve got the old gemmy me back! no more floundering around in the ocean of attached taurean unconscious… not that it disappears but it’s been processed enough to not take over. for now at least, and that’s good enough. before bed on the night of the eclipse i gazed in wonder at my shiny hot pink bedspread (bedroom in fire corner, also best for me) and how it signified not just a return to color, but pink, most despised of all. woke up the next morning at the exact time of the eclipse to the entire room bathed in hot pink- big storms incoming caught the sunrise, red sky in morn, sailors take warn… the warn was to all smallness and insecurity. confidence and inner strength!! feeling better than i have in a looooooong time!!

    venus-saturn 2 ways did bring someone into my life. my older married professor. not going there but there is definitely a vibe… eeek.

    • OH and resonance from 97-98 looked like 3 bottles of wine and me hugging the toilet last night! forgot about that part… it was fun though! but would have been more fun with a bit of moderation, but then it wouldn’t have been such a flashback…

  29. I am SO taking no sh** as of yesterday. No patience for anyone leaning on me for concessions while contributing zilch. Not a conscious decision — just a palpable fact, manifested in several “let’s cut the bull and NO I am not granting you that extra little favour” conversations as of this morning.

    Not my usual style — must be Lilith! Eclipse Moon/Lilith exactly opposed my natal moon.

  30. Last night I had a dream about a guy I haven’t seen him since New Years Even in the mid 90s – we shared a kiss. In my dream, he came back to make-out with me, he was a mess, the room was a mess, and I had a super cool one-woman get away car. He used to chase me as a teenager but shut me out when I grew up and showed interest back. LOL! I’ve always been a love zombie! I enjoyed remembering him. He killed himself years ago…late 90s? I didn’t hear about it until years later. Those were pre-Facebook days.

    What’s up with the time warp? Weird.

    Insights about internalized patriarchal power structures continue to surface, as well as bitter bile in me. Keeping an eye on it. Going to do some painting. Finding it hard to keep tabs on my day-to-day-ness. Neptune is kicking in my 6th house.

  31. Well the eclipse brought a rather nasty surprise – found out my partner had dallied with another women not long after the solar eclipse. Fuqing devastated and not sure which way to turn. This is now the 3rd relationship that has had this happen in less than a year each time – so this for me is about revisiting old habits/patterns of behaviour to see what needs to be let go in order to move on.

  32. Does anyone continue to have Lilith insights? Lilith in the 5th house opposite my moon in Leo. I had the biggest release painting my girl’s room. I realize I never really got to do it before – prepare a space for her. She’s seven and we moved when she was 2 weeks old and its been drama since then. I cleaned all the cob webs. Its like I never really got to care for my child, on my sovereign own. And I am painting the colors she picked. Not only did I push her out, but she’s talked to me. She’s real. Lost children, mythological shit as my Neptunian nature would have it, distractions. And here she is. A gem…bigger than I can call my own. A love so real and deep. Its not romantic. Its….motherhood. And…past life karma of when that was denied drove me to such gratitude. Before it was politics or possession or social status to have a child – none of that matters now. I am single, and I can care for my child on my own as I see fit with no one to tell me I am doing it wrong or that I am not allowed. So surface level apparent, but so deep. I am buying her Taurus moon in the 12th jewelry for Christmas, proper stones, including amethyst. I’m going to tell her the story of Rhea and Chronos and the women who existed before Zeus. I am so fucking blessed. We all are here and now.