An Asteroid Called Karma

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Asteroid Karma – number 3811 if you want to check yours out on Astrodienst is an interesting little bit of business. Like many of these minor asteroids, there ain’t much info out there so we figure it out here!  Our thoughts on this thing will create a useful database, yes? 

Check the Asteroid Category – drop down menu on the right – for previous posts and peeps comments on asteroids Godiva, Bacchus, Circe, the Egyptian She-Pharoah Hatshepsut, Nike, Persephone, Hecate and a host of others.

Asteroid Karma is currently at 13 Virgo…I have Karma at 7 Aquarius, square my Scorpio Midheaven. Hmm.  The actual concept of karma is cool, although of course just as capable of being bandied about in tacky fashion by peeps as the Christian heaven/hell concept. How many times have you had some manky haired Qi Bogan accuse you of having “bad karma”, right? Or heard someone shrug off injustice because it must have been “her karma.”  Unacceptable, obviously.

I think if we accept that there are no Karma Police, it is a really interesting concept to ponder…



Image: Mete Yafet – Society 6

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86 thoughts on “An Asteroid Called Karma

  1. Just saw this post. I love MM and the lovely peeps on here.

    My sun is 2 degrees Pisces . My karma is 5 degrees Pisces. Also the asteroid karma is trine Jupiter. Is that good?

  2. It took some doing by but I finally sat down to look for my asteroids, thanks to Mystic post on “Karma”. On top of Sun, MC,True node, Uranus, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio – there she is… beautiful Karma sitting pretty at 21 degrees of Scorpio (10th house). Right about the same spot we’re expecting a certain cataclysmic eclipse next week. A little confused as to what this might mean – should I be putting in an order for a full orchestra and some fireworks?

  3. 28 degrees libra. Conjunct Pluto/sextile Neptune/semi-square Uranus.

    All I know is when I’m involved in a karmic transaction my instinct is to COMPLETE it. So it doesn’t RUIN me by coming up again and again in sudden horrible JOLTS.

    I have Venus conjunct Saturn and MC in Scorpio huddled around the South Node. I look forward to Saturn ironing all that out in the next couple of years.

    I told my husband recently, “I don’t like men anymore. I’m over it.” He smiled warmly.

  4. I’ve long since known about that asteroid.. it seems to be for me an attractive point, its at 29th degree Libra for me and has many times shown me that I play a roll in other people’s lives, their works and their fate.. not that its fatalistic.. but its about doing the work for me.. and that Karma being placed where it is for me is about me relating to doing “the work”..

    The work isn’t about a crime.. but adding and drawing from the energy that I have there… and that perhaps I don’t have enough of one type to fulfil things immediately so that I have to wait for a long time until the timing “gets right” or ripe.. but it for me feels like a constant striving to do the work with the limits and restrictions of energy, and since it has recently been passed by by Saturn, the task master.. I feel a little freed but also a little less motivated.. and realized today, I wished I had done a little more a little sooner in the context of self promotion..

    I didn’t do this though and got instead now to watch all the fantastic works that other people have done, but not share my own.. which isn’t really a “bad” place.. just like I sort of couldn’t be bothered to share myself.. and that feels a little wrong, but since Karma can be about timing, perhaps there is a time awaiting me to share that burden with the rest of society at another time.. soon in the future.

    I did great work..I’m doing the work, I have more to do.. it never ends.. it can be fun as well, its my 5th House Karma.

  5. Karma is 28% Scorpio conjunct my Neptune/Venus rising……………!!!!
    I think I can identify with AquaMeg, really feel that this life has been about working off shed loads of karma.

  6. Wow, my asteroid Karma sits right on my sun. Seriously. Same degree and everything, of 20 Aqua.

    I’ve felt like my whole life is karmic, and now I know it is. I’ve had bad, weird, and good stuff happen to me that I haven’t done a thing to deserve or receive. I also feel so strongly that I’ve been here before. I even write historical fiction. I KNOW I’m in a new version of myself and have past lives. I don’t even have to question it.

    It does fuq around with ideas about free will and all … but walking a pre-destined, pre-determined path also has its surprises and joys. It’s a heavy karmic burden, but it’s the one I was given. Not everyone feels as intensely about everything as I do, but that’s okay.

    Any other thoughts about having Karma right on your Sun?

  7. OK, OK – procrastinating over here so checked out my asteroid Karma – goodness, its conjunct my Mars in Libra in the 8th – bang on ‘new friend’s’ sun in Libra! And his karma is on my ascendent. Well, well – won’t help me get through my writing deadline, nor will it help me be haute Neptune – but it does add 2 more very close aspects to our synestry – more than 10 positive aspects closer than 1 degree. But THAT does not guarantee success either – as someone wise posted the other day – no amount of synestry or astro can replace a genuine desire to be pair bonded!

    • Ooh, nice aspects between you and the new friend, q!
      Now – *says in the kindest possible way* I trust you got back to work after this astro diversion?? 🙂

  8. Karma is at 9 Capricorn, in my 7th house. Pluto’s getting closer.

    Just realised that the sun was exact on my natal Uranus, at the cusp of my 5th house, when I was out with the Leo. Also Psyche is on my north node at the moment. we make of this what we will, personally I have a busy week of
    admin ahead of me and in the spirit of not caring about anything, I don’t care to examine much further 🙂

    As an experiment, I selected ALL of the asteroids in the Astrodienst list (plus a couple more e.g. karma) to see where they were in my chart. It continues the theme of the planets, which is basically an even spread across my whole chart, EXCEPT for virgo, which only houses Psyche (and a 3rd house cusp)! Even with 40-odd astral bodies, angles etc.

    • haha. And a very early boyfriend has his Cap sun on that angle, as does the Very Keen Cap (who has since quietened down a lot, whch is good)

    • Interesting experiment! I might try the same, see what patterns are there. I’m guessing all Cap and Pisces for me… seems to be the way.

  9. Well surprise surprise, my Karma’s on top of my Mercury-Chiron Gemini conjunction in the 11th. As if I didn’t know I needed to karmically heal my communication wound… good prod though

  10. Karma is in Cancer, 6th. Loosely conjunct my Merc-Lilith combo. I’ve always felt that my words, be it written or spoken, have had a greater effect and impact than actions. Not that actions don’t matter either, but words can be incredibly powerful, and when I am not careful with them, the ill effects tend to be rather drastic.

    Karma also trines my MC in Scorpio, so hopefully this bodes well for channeling that into a writing as a profession eventually. The asteroid is quincunx my Moon-Uranus-Ceres cluster.

  11. Tr Karma in 10th sextile Scorpio ASC- semi-sextile Venus in Libra my ruler. At birth- right there with Leo Uranus & Hebe in 9th. Dealing with lots of family legacy stuff- last one standing and officially matriarch of three nieces. Mindfulness of thought, word and deed! Namaste!

  12. Karma conjunct pluto in virgo in 2nd house. If I want to achieve I have to work hard for it … at work it comes naturally (I can’t not try to do my best) but in getting me the way I want to be it needs more focus. But hopefully will pay off.

  13. I always thought that Karma was something you accumulate in this life to affect where you go in the next. So I always chuckled when people (and Qi Bogan is an appropriate term lol) say things like, “I don’t have to be a bitch, karma will!” (Of course, these types typically end up being a bitch anyway.)

    Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people. People like to hold onto their concept of karma because they’re preoccupied with justice/revenge when they should just be thinking about moving on.

    Me? I’ve got Karma at 28 degrees Pisces, 3rd house, sextile my NN, Venus and Saturn in Cap, and my Mars in Taurus. Trine Chiron in Cancer.

  14. Karma is conj my Pisces Asc, Saturn in 12th which is also conj Chiron in 1st. Squares my NN in 3rd. Unusual life situs to deal with in past, not things that were or are commonly talked about openly – is my amateurish guess. Maybe also that i choose my own actions?

  15. Dang…did I just miss my Karma return? Nope, I did not. Here’s the breakdown: natal Karma at 10 Virgo is conjunct natal Pluto–KarmaKarma. (With transiting Pluto moving in for the trine, the countdown to transformation-nation is full-on.) With transiting Saturn in Scorp and my 4th hse cusp 21 Scorp, I’m on full-alert-standby for the upcoming Solar Eclipse. What is my point?…the transiting asteroid Karma having just passed over my natal Pluto most definately added some rocket fuel to an already very scorped-up-feeling 4th. Cue the Pluto Juice–my pantry essential.

  16. Karma doesn’t exist unless you think it does. That’s why people in power can commit atrocious things and never experience a mishap and can die from old age opposed to getting ran over by the guy he fucked over in an insurance company.

    If you’ve done something that you feel is wrong and you carry guilt with you that says, “I should deserve equal treatment,” then you get it in the form of a lesson. Maybe you betrayed your best friend and you dwelled on it for a decade and a new person that you get close to screws you over. You’d feel as if you deserved it. Thats why it happens.

    You can also receive positive karma based on your belief that you’re entitled to receive as much goodness as you put out.

    I wouldn’t really call it “Karma” as I would call it a circle of energy.

  17. I don’t want to learn any more concepts. Then I have to take action to preserve them. Energy drain and builds karma. Lol!

  18. karma in the 12 th in scorpio conj my moon. great pap saturn will visit soon.
    im the sort of person who cannot get away with anything so i have to play it straight. always.

  19. I thought, not a whole lot going on for me.

    Natal Karma is at 25 Libra, in the 9th house. Transiting Juno is just crossing it now. As Juno is goddess of marriage and also not taking shit from thy male partner, does this mean I might possibly be able to move on to a new relationship yet? I must have cleared all the crap from past ones and done as much as I can for myself, for now.

    It’s also square my north node in Cap.

    And trine my Venus (Gemini=5th house) and Ascendant (Aquarius), pretty close, within 1 degree.

    Not quite sure what this means, but I do think in some respects I seem to have a boring life – I certainly don’t go out to create bad karma for myself and I have always had an awareness of this, I think – Do No Harm.

    no – will have to see how this plays out with Juno crossing, no idea really what this means for me.

  20. Interesting. Natally have Karma in Leo (3 degrees) in 7th, conjunct Jupiter. Interesting in that the moment I laid eyes on my (now) husband I knew I was going to marry him. It was just meant to be for good or bad. (Have part of my 7th in Crab, which is his sun.)

    • I like to look at Sabian degrees for interpreting asteroids. My Mars/Karma Sabian degree is Leo 8 – “A Bolshevik Propagandist”. I take this to mean I can act as a catalyst and naturally push for change where I find dysfunction or a lacking. This is very true for me and the challenge here is to put down the loudspeaker and instead do it patiently and carefully.

  21. Final smidge of a degree (29,50) in Taurus, 12th House.
    Square Mars. Trine Lilith, Pallas, Vertex & Pluto.

    Am thinking Karma is a little like Saturn. He is the judicious part of yourself that says, no, you are going to have to work on this issue. No I don’t care how long it takes – you don’t get off scot free on this one.

    I will interpret Karma in the 12th as having a firm grasp (Taurus) on the slippery (Neptune) stuff – glamour, drugs, dreams.
    Maybe awareness of how dangerous it is to gentle into that sparkly night & get lost.

    Because, despite running parties for years, living in a environment rampant with travellers, drugs, sex & witchcraft – I was impervious to it all at the end of the day. It wasn’t even tempting! (Well I did dabble in the space dust a bit, but being ADD it sends me to sleep, I have natural permanent high, 🙂 ).

    Karma squaring my Mars – I guess is calling me to check my natural instincts and think before I act, lest I incur any more karmic crap. To exercise discernment like a muscle.

    Having the trine to the Vertex might mean opportunities to clear Karma.

    Karma trine to Lilith… that embracing the abandoned, unacceptable femme within will be necessary to learn to handle gracefully.
    The trine to Pallas that I need to learn about being a smart business woman and cool mind.

    So as I think Karma is about learning lessons, I think the Trines are showing where it will be easier than I think, while the square means it will be slow work.

  22. My Karma is in the 12th house. Maybe it’s natural house? Associated with sacrifice and limitations? It also trines Venus.

    I am not sure if it is related but I had a very wierd dream that I was married when I was young ( maybe a child) and that my husband was looking for me now . I am not sure if it was a past life thing or is some sort of cross over. In my dream I could not remember that I was married as it was deliberately erased from my memory. I have never been close to being married in this life.. Maybe he is close – karma? fate?

    • I guess you’ll know soon. 🙂

      Been having weird dreams that feel like a past life memories. 1940’s keep dreaming about that era.
      Wonder wht transit that is stirring up these dreams? Karma asteroid in my 8th House?

  23. Yet another body in my 8th house/Virgo, Natally 3 degrees away from my Mercury at 13, so transiting Karma is conjunct at the mo. Interesting. I think that resonates with my life a bit. I also have Arachne in my third house, communication of various kinds, not just verbal, does seem to get me in trouble at times and when I break with someone it tends to be a very definite moment after which zero communication occurs. This includes my mother. There are some lines which even a parent can never cross, and threatening one’s life, literally, is such a line. People still give me grief about not being in contact with her though. Because I am a toilet and my function is to hold other people’s madness/psychological excreta?- er No Thanks.

  24. Karma police – about 16 years ago I took the day off work because I wasn’t feeling well. Nothing specific just kind of blah. Anyway, went around to visit a friend for lunch, only to find his partner was home nursing a broken leg from a ski trip. He said it was nature’s way of slowing him down. I said ‘Ha, so the karma police have caught up with you eh?’

    Two am the next morning I am in emergency at St Vincents hospital in Sydney, operation the next day – one of three – and well, let’s just say, I no longer look out for the karma police…

    I have karma conjunct my MC but Karma is at 12 degrees Scorpio, MC at 11 degrees and Neptune at 15 degrees. so Saturn conjunct Karma coming up (great…)

    Karma is also opposite my Jupiter in Taurus and trining Vesta in Pisces, sextile my Pluto in Virgo.

    Don’t even want to think what having Jupiter opposite Karma means!

  25. Karma joins my Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer seventh. I guess with all the other stuff in there I can’t really figure out what it’s contribution is.

  26. Ookay… this is weird timing article again… Natal Karma 13 Scorp conj natal Neptune (9th) and transiting Karma is conjunct my natal Pluto in Virgo (7th house). And I am dealing with the most karmic relationship in my life thus far.

    • So my natal Karma/Neptune in Scorp is conj my Libran’s natal Merc/Uranus/Venus in Scorp. And his natal Karma is conj my natal Pluto ! I cannot even go there atm with what this means. Our compatibility score is 41 (Darkstar Astro – Soulmate territory). I need to go and have a lie down.

  27. Almost bang on my MC in Aqua which is early 10th, trine Jupiter in 2nd.

    Most of Aqua is 9th and it’s only from late degrees it becomes 10th.

    As far as a random join the dots scenario goes MC is self, 10th is work/success/career and/or social destiny and 2nd is earnt money/material goods and my ruler is in there just amping it all up? So I could assume a theme but it’s also hard to look at something in isolation rather than the whole though I feel there’s something curious in there to reflect upon. I might have to let the dreamscape assist there.

    I was reading generic placement of MC is 10th as well.

    I don’t know what to make of it within the (appropriate) context of karma and it’s all going to fall within the realm of belief, opinion or speculation as some things will remain a mystery in mortal realms. I don’t mind that. If we knew everything it would be boring and there would be nothing to quest for.

  28. Karma in Capricorn conjunct Eros and in 6th house has GOT to be good for my career. + It trines my earthy MC and Moon, Venus…

  29. venus is currently squaring my karma, as i type. maybe that’s why i’m thoroughly enjoying my surroundings right about now but with a itch to make one big change happen in my life that will set off a domino effect throughout my life and all in a grand way – that’s the square (the itch that needs the scratch). i feel like i’m all in transit lounge or backstage and if I can just make this one thing happen in my life then I’ll be ON stage with lights and audience all on me and I’ll be doing what I’ve been trained to do. My current Karma-venus transit is all about my life being unfulfilled and i need to summons the know-how and energy to make a change that will be my dreams coming true. And no, it doesn’t involve getting a woman or man to fall for me, it’s all about career and a fabulous lifestyle = karma-venus.

  30. It’s in Libra (5th) for me : sounds like karmic balance is my story for children, love affairs and creativity … which would be about right for my life, actually.

    • Also almost conjunct my Uranus (Karma is at Libra 18, and Uranus is at Libra 17).

      Both are square Venus, so I guess that makes it the love affairs in particular !

  31. 3811 is trine my Sun Mercury in Gemini and sextiles my Mars in Sag and Venus and Midheaven in Aries. Does that mean in this life I have good Karma?

    • I shared about karma on another blog, that i got ross river cause i stayed in a place too long, did not respond to the warning signs, i mean i had months, but was extremely tired. Lesson… no matter what tired whatever have to get out. I was just so blocked.

      anyway my karma asteroid is in the 4th house in cancer, the home where my mars is in leo squared by neptune.
      made friends with this aquarious friend again from the past
      who is 50 men-a-pause and has travelled the world for 10 years. When i last
      saw in 2007 she headed of to a trip around the world and a reader said she
      would meet a man over there and not ever return to australia. She told me this back
      then she thought it was spain and she would stay there and go on some boats.
      when i saw her around again , she was in her own self absorbed mars in the 1st house so
      we never spoke,…..she was of to her man dream.
      To cut a long story short i have continued to be her friend but the penny has finally dropped. I met her out and she was in this bad mood which she says is cause of men-a-pause and living right on top of this mad woman who has dumped on her etc. I suggested she go speak to her other friend at the market and afterwards she just complained that the woman not let her tell her story at all and she was just bursting inside. Next minute i am playing the dumb rescuer and trying to help her out of her mood. I suggest we meet back later, even though my intuition said to tell her i see her another time. She said she will drop around later in the week. Just at sunset she drops over when i am in the middle of writing. I drop everything and give her a free reading suggesting books to read, where she could live, even the phone number of my therapist. The image of her sitting there just staring at me with her mouth tightly closed was weird. It felt like she was just taking everything in of what i was saying. Luckily i said at the end that its a time of meditation, coming eclipse and all.
      Finally its after 8pm and i realize i am really hungry, and feel a bit empty myself. I gave her a lot and i hope it helped. But i won’t be doing it again as i need my energy for myself as i am recovering from ross river.
      The positive thing was we agreed from now on that when we meet up its to be about creativity and positivity not just solving problems. She said my advice was in alignment with the reading she got the other day for $60. I lost my phone so i am just going to tell her no more drop in visits. Its been fun and all but fuck it, if i not get well then i only have my weak boundaries to blame. Lifelong battle with neptune.

      • I hear you, Anonymous. I got some clarity on my borders this weekend too. I ended up unfriending a friend on FB. I questioned myself – was I being passive aggressive to do so? Mars 1st house, 0 degrees Libra. Bane of my existence. That and Neptune. And, you know, the whole business of existing. She and I spoke to each other multiple times a day for years. We talked about buying homes next to each other in old age. We vacationed with our kids together. And this summer – she abused me. She told me her *friends* made her think I was insane. And this weekend, when I felt so low. She blew me off. I’m sure she would say she was busy, have an excuse. She’s Mars in Pisces, Leo rising, Gemini. She just doesn’t like conflict. But I need it. I need my relationships to be balanced. And that isn’t going to happen if I keep calling people friends because that’s what they say they are. They have to be it too. And, yes, Mars in Libra at 0 degrees could not leave without making the point that she’d left. So be it.

        I’ll be your friend. I have no idea what ross river is. I hope the eclipses bring new healing to you. Blessings.

  32. Karma is currently activating the Uranus-Pluto corner a grand earth trine which includes natal Karma at 14 Cap conjunct Mercury, Venus, Juno, Lilith square Moon-Circe conjunct in Libra. Also activating a progressed pluto-venus opposition at 14 Pisces. I shall stop whatever I’m doing for the next two weeks, promise. (esp LZing)

    • Oh yes this would be true for me too then – Karma currently trans. my Pluto-Uranus conj in Virgo, which is in a grand earth trine with my moon in Cap and my Jupe in Taurus. Whatever it means, I’d better make the most of it – no sense wasting a Karma transit. Not like my Gary transit. I slept through that 🙂

      • Well you are my astro twin. Sorta. My moon’s in Libra.
        I was thinking my main problem is totally my total future direction in life, especially, do I continue with study next year, or actually go meet real people. Uranus-Pluto being in the 9th house and all, and karma being in that super-asteroidal-Cap ascendant ball of mercury inspired femme-planetoids. I am meditating on this. Will end up going with the flow.

        • Yep there must be a bunch of us with Karma on our Uranus-Pluto conjunctions just now. Mine is in my 1st and opposes my Pisces sun/Merc/Saturn/Chiron in 7th. My chart is like one of those games of tug-o-war where everybody ends up knackered, rope-burned and on their arses but nobody moves an inch.

  33. Karma is exact square my sun; trine my venus; oppose my jupiter. My analysis of this is that it’s a GOOD thing Karma aspects my sun and venus and that the only outer planet it touches is big boy jupiter. Relieved that it doesn’t aspect neptune, saturn or pluto, though that’s just me, my opinion personally.

  34. What a surprise – my karma is in Cap! Conjunct my Eros/Juno and filling up the weeny gap between Juno/Eros and my Cap moon-Lilith. All 5th house.

  35. Karma in Aquarius:
    Destined to balance their capabilities for humanitrain causes and to find guidance for individual reform. Were you a thinker who was too lazy? A mad scientist? An eccentric engineer who burnt his inventions because he did not get a patent? These natives will be prodded in this life with expereinces that settle the old debts of neglect and inspire ideas of benefit. Negatively, they may have made many people uncomfortable with unrestrained wildness/rebelliousness in the name of individual freedom and in this life, their freedom may be curtailed.

    • Hmm. My karma is 4 degrees Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus.

      I do have an idea that would benefit many people greatly who are peripheral to most of us running our lives in the usual circles of society. I just can’t quite start it right now because of crazy living arrangements that should be sorted before Xmas.

      This is what I should pursue?

  36. Hey Mystic, this explains quite a bit .. I’ve got Karma partile conjunct North Node/Taurus/7th. And currently being hit by transiting nodal opposition (1 degree away as I type). Pulling my hair out with Aqua man who I feel like I’ve def known before/in sync on myriad levels, etc. But he lives 7 hours away, blah blah blah. Normally, I’d have pulled the plug by now (actually I did but he’s come back) – it feels so unfinished – I don’t really understand the pull – it’s driving me crazy (NN/Karma conj Mars). Ditched the Chardonnay last night – back to yoga and green smoothies today for some sanity *sigh*

  37. Karma’s an incredibly misunderstood concept. It just means cause and effect in Buddhism. So if you do X, then karma is just the effect. So where it appears in your chart might be where you feel the effects of something more.

    I have Virgo in the 10th house, so if it’s transiting right now in Virgo, perhaps I’m meant to feel the effects of my actions in the workplace/through my career. I would say that I’m definitely reaping the rewards right now of countless hours of work that no one ever saw or noticed.

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