2 Days In Sagittarius

Julie Delpy, the daughter of French Theatre Radicals, is also super-Sagittarius.

As you can gather from this Village Voice article, she is given to bailing up industry peeps and doing lecture rants about the various things that concern her. Outspoken is maybe an understatement (Sun conjunct Venus in Sagittarius)Β  but hey she has a point…

Eg; 2 Days In New York was knocked back by a lot of film companies because the inter-racial couple (her plus Aqua-Aries actor Chris Rock – that’s the Moon Rising in Aries you see there)Β  at the center of the movie wasn’t the point of the movie. They’re just a couple...color irrelevant. She says she’s screwed up a lot of career opportunities with her big mouth but hilariously, her character in this film is an artist given to screeching at art critics, gallery owners and would-be purchasers of her art.

Her next film is called Virgo Rising (which she is) and she wants to cast Woody Allen – another Saggo with Virgo Rising. Girl clearly knows her astro, right?

And i have three double passes (Australia-wide only soz) to give away…I want to post them out tomorrow and will send them to the peeps with the three best anecdotes of Career Fuqing Rants – you dont have to be a Sagittarius but it would probably help lol.

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70 thoughts on “2 Days In Sagittarius

  1. Earlier this year I walked out of the only job I’d managed to find up to that point after having a huge argument with the director which culminated in me yelling at him if he actually directed anything at all before leaving in the middle of the day to go get very drunk in a city bar and have an existential talk on the meaning of life with a random Frenchman ten years my junior.

    But that was just temper, and an incredible dislike of being taken as a fool, and although I have been unemployed since then until several days ago, I would say and do the same again (especially the scotch, and the Frenchman!)

    No, so far my favourite career-wrecking moment (please note, I’ve never regretted any of my career-wrecking moments, te only things I do regret is when they didn’t come earlier or clearer) was when, employed on a ridiculously high salary in my early twenties as a futures trading moll in the CBD of Sydney, I decided it wasn’t for me and quit.

    Me: I can’t get into this life, I’m sorry, I must leave and go and learn the flute.

    Them: But you are amazing and we have been discussing paying for you to get your dealers license. Would that make you reconsider?

    Me: no look, I’m sorry, my hearts just not in it and I’m sure there’s plenty of other young women who would relish the opportunity.

    Them: what can we give you to make you stay?

    Me: a 10k raise and a motorbike

    Them: done

    Me: no, sorry, I still have to leave. I’ve just got to go learn the flute. It’s really necessary (it was)

    One of the partners actually took me aside and gave me a lecture about the amount of money I was giving up, and how he really wanted to be a golf pro and was just making his fortune before retiring at 40 to become a full time golfer, and wouldn’t I like to do the same? Needless to say, he’s still there.

    In my moments of absolute poverty since that time, I have wondered how different my life would’ve been if I’d just taken the bait. But a month before getting that job I was living in a windowless squat in Glebe with a bunch of lovely, hapless dudes and dealers. And several months later, I had managed to talk my way into a music college, despite my limited acquaintance with my instrument of choice. I’m not a professional musician, but geeze I’m glad I’m not a stockbroker either.

    North node sagg.

      • I do indeed. I ended up studying music, not very convincingly, for the next five years before realizing that it was not a way of making a living that I wanted. So moved overseas….

        As for the squat thing, I’m sure now looking back it was just a pose, it was te grunge era after all (gee, that dates me!!) and I probably thought I was cool. The stockbroking job was through a wealthy associate of my art-dealing stepfather, a man who lived in a ritzy house by the bay, collected Australian art, and one day a week kept his hand in with a boutique stock company in te city…that happened to need an EA…..

  2. oh my god. My Mother. Saggitarius to the bone, to the soul. Opinionated, passionate borderline agressive, self-certain and self-deprecating in one breath. My mother tells it like it is, from both the driver’s and the back seat, alienating the press, her superiors, co-workers and dedicated friends, even me, over the years. Especially me. She sees no obstacles in her goals and steamrolls though chaos to her destination weathering any and all attacks.

    From countless conversations I see direct correlations between her and Ms. Delpy’s path, not being taken seriously in her job, and so many, SO MANY times where she’s had to dress down a superior for the good of the organisation, risking her own livelihood.

    This woman is a powerhouse breadwinner, a foreign authority on an Australian specialty and singularly qualified for her (necessarily unnamed) position. Which after nearly 20 years, she once again owns, though not without major setbacks.

    Some years ago, approaching pension age, her government agency attempted to reclassify her role and force her out of her position in a blatant attempt to make her leave voluntarily, gracelessly, entitling her to none of her benefits. This is NOT an unusual situation in the Australian workplace environment. For two years her job was advertised with no successful applicant. It was impossible. Her extraordinary knowledge, fostered connections and incredible multitasking, managing and big picture seeing skills in her particular job left the vacancy utterly un-fillable. The agency tasked with finding her replacement was instructed not to speak with her, let alone receive her application.

    She did not take it lying down, pack her corner office into a box and apply at the local lingerie department (where, on a shopping expedition she and I found a technical director in her early sixties clearing out changing rooms after suffering identical bullying).

    No, she took extra courses, attended every industry event, came to me for a wardrobe change, a style pick-me-up if you will, a serious fucking pep talk and bitch session with her women, and went back into the glass arena with guns blazing.

    This woman, my mother and HERO told it like it is, stuck it to the man, rallied her (enormous) staff, suffered through yet another change of directorship and would you know it, she’s back on top. With literally HUNDREDS of unused sick days and vacation days, her dedication to her job is undeniably extraordinary.

    Long live the Saggitarian warrior. Their unfiltered world view, stream of consciousness rants and ballsy natures. Those who speak out even when clearly jeopardising their own standing are those who make it easier for us meeker humans to survive.

    • omg i love this story – that is so powerful and REAL…thank you and kudos to your mum…v.poignant image of that other woman in the changing room…And yes FUQ YEAH Saggo Warriors!

      • me too. Your mother ROCKS. Although I wonder if it wouldn’t be like having the prime minister for a mother – inspiring yes, but mixed πŸ™‚ I have a saggitarian mother too, but she is not a ranter. Scorpio rising and moon, see. Quieter, but no one leaves without seeing it her way – and not even knowing that their perspective has been altered πŸ™‚

        • Similar style mother SF. Quiet saggo but very wily. He had my Aries cranky father round her finger and he may not have known it half the time.

          • ‘She’ I meant _ sorry mum in heaven. Gotta get back to work but this post is so real for me.
            Let’s start an International FU Boss Day?
            I’ve been waiting for today as My she devil scorpio boss goes on hols for 4 wonderful weeks.

    • Dear lord! If only my mother, a Sagg with a Fire Trine, could have overcome Neptune in her first house and that pesky Virgo Moon/Asc. she could have taken on the world like this.

      Very inspirational story. Thanks for sharing it today.

    • I was going to post my own Saggo melodrama storm out moments (Leo moon conj. lilith) but, you know? Yours has inspired me to rock my awesome instead. All the scorping lately has made me forget a bit about being a Saggo warrior and that’s a shame.

      Your mum rocks! πŸ˜€

  3. “but we must remember that the greatest queens in history revealed what they really were when they rose from the dark, when they lifted their faces, stood up again, as defendants.”

  4. I’m a Sag with Virgo rising. I walked away from a Law degree at Oxford to study Philosophy after actually working in a Law firm, and being ill to the depths of my soul at the thought of making money from kicking over people’s lives.

    The very worst bit, is that even if you are defending some poor person from losing their house to an evil bank, even if you win on their behalf against the bank, they may *still* have to sell their house, to pay you… (Even if you win a case, you don’t always get costs)

    It makes my skin crawl to this day. I felt as if I had looked into the maw of Hell and turned away…

    …and I ended up on $13.40 an hour in a secondhand bookshop with my Honours in Philosophy and my Soul intact πŸ˜€

    Not a career wrecking moment – my Virgo rising is far too sensible to burn bridges – but the very closest I have come to it….

    • nahhhh Mum’d think it was a ‘silly film’.
      I’d take my bestie instead. She’s got no Saggitarian streaks of which I am aware, but she’s the type to gently wander out on a steady job in enviroscience to go study languages or fine art. Or both. Often.
      No ranting, no raving, just uni application forms and something about frogs and she’s out the door. At least this is how it looks from here… <3

  5. Chris Rock also wrote some horoscopes at one point too…

    Here’s a HORRORscope for everyone:
    Aquarius – YOU’RE GONNA DIE
    Capricorn – YOU’RE GONNA DIE

  6. At 19, worked in the candy and popcorn dept of Sears Dept Store, and when that corn got a poppin’ and the aroma waifed through the air, peeps came a runnin’ like pigs to a trough πŸ˜†

    Had a line up the yin yang and this lady kept complaining about the butter on her corn…

    Told her to go and get her popcorn at K-Mart next time.

    (Then Cap Moon wondered if I was going to be fired lol)

    Sagg Jupiter 6th, trine Aries Merc 10th house. I wanted to be nice, I really did..

    When to the bookstore yesterday to look up “Why Men Love Bitches”…instead, got 101 Lies Men Tell Women (and why women belive them)…

    ~Understanding lies and liars is the first step..

    Coming to terms with ourselves as well as lies or liars may require what one of the most honest writers of our century, George Orwell, called “the facing of unpleasant facts”.

    But once you do, you will come out stronger and saner~ (lol)

    Think this is so funny today as Sagg Sun exact on my Jupiter, trine Mercury.

    George Orwell Sun/Mn/Neptune Cancer opposite Sagg Uranus and those in a T-square with Pisces Jupiter (ruler of Sagg).

    He had a grand trine of Gemini Mercury, Saturn in Aqua & Mars/NN in Libra 1st house.

    The “facing of unpleasant facts” must have been his Libra Mars NN/1st..lol

  7. Exit form at exploitative ln language school in Europe:

    Q: Are there any issues you’d like to management at your exit interview?
    A: global warming?

  8. Not Australian, but wanted to share anyway. I had this story from my ex, who had it from his manager. There was a cashier, and it was his last evening at work. Normally at this particles store announcements are made over the PA system at 15, 10, and 5 minutes to closing, and at closing. It was the cashier’s job to do this. At the final announcement, the one that says, “we are now closed, please bring all your items to the register, blah blah”… He instead picked up the handset and said, “We’re closed. Get the fuq out.” !! I suppose they couldn’t really do anything to him, seeing as it was his last day anyway, but believe me, I was tempted to do the same a lot when I worked retail!

  9. Hey of COURSE peeps from all over the world can enter and i will add on three more prizes – six month subs to Mega Mystic and/or six months on top of your existing sub – so please go ahead and tell YOUR story

  10. Ok. So this isn’t a Career Fuqing Rant, but thought I’d share anyway. I’m a Sagg Rising with Venus, Lilith, Mercury and Neptune all in Sagg. Here in Sydney it seems no one gives a fuq about driving whilst on their mobile. Whenever I see someone committing this crime (yes, it’s a crime), I follow them, drive up beside them and execute the following 1. I beep (3 times with the final beep being very drawn out), 2. wind down my window and wave the tutt tutt sign (index finger back and foreward like a windscreen wiper) 3. yell “GET OFF THE PHOOOONE!!!” 4. If they fake confusion, my charade continues with me doing the death sign (index finger going horizontally across the neck) and yell “YOU CAN FUQING KILL SOMEOOOOONE!!!!!!

  11. I was temping in my early 20s and got sent to work in a tiny office that had gone from being a sales office for 4 guys to a call centre for 20 young girls calling their customers to get paperwork returned. We were not welcome. The men stood around the outside of the room with their arms folded, staring at these young girls sitting 2-3 at a desk and trying desperately to hear their other end of the phone call. One guy on particular was particularly leery, and at one girl in particular. She was getting noticably upset while I did my best to contain my rage and contempt for the people for whom we were working.

    So this guys makes one lewd comment too many and I put my call on hold to shout out: “Hey! If you want to mark your territory go piss on a chair. Otherwise, frak off and let us do our jobs!”

    I got stunned silence, the men left, and I got a room of smiling young women relieved to point of tears. I packed up my bag and walked out. I don’t think I worked for that agency again. I got a call from them a few weeks later

    • … they called me a few weeks later, demanding to know why i was late for work. I was working somewhere else and they had called me by mistake. They had someone else with my name working for them, which amazed me cos my name is pretty unusual.

    • You look good when you get your warrior woman on πŸ™‚

      As if answering calls from the public’ s not hard enough,
      the men’s hard on’s should pay you 10 times as much..

  12. Telling my lawyer to ‘man up’ after court wasn’t such bright idea
    as he then sent me a bill for another 2k later in day.
    If he was an example of a ‘mouth piece’, my mouth’s stronger than his!

    • lol…Oh Pegs, reminds me of the time my ex Kataka was beating a bowl of frosting and I told him to “beat it like a man”…

      We fire girls get ourselves in trouble, don’t we ? lol…so many hilar things on this thread. It must be the Sun into Saggo on my Jup today as been having tons of laughs..

  13. I am going to re enter my getting fired from the stripclub story where I marched to the front of the stage in this shit lineup thing after being forced to wear a hideous outfit by management for this free thing I was late for and thought fuck this, thew my underwear off, bent over under the spotlight and flashed my arsehole as far as it could go.
    Looking between my legs in an ocean of screwed up faces winking them and laughing.

    I then was chased by this equally hideous over tanned thing with a permanent glass of cockatoo ridge glued to her hand screeching at me as I stormed out the back after me “you have a serious attitude problem” to which I flicked my garter at her head and said ” I don’t want to work in your bogan beach club anyway”

    took a job across the road with their competitor the next week made twice as much. in my own costumes.

    Uranus 5th scorpio, sun-merc 5th
    moon, venus-nept, dsc sagg 6th house

  14. Quit a job once because the execs fired my assistant and friend.
    She was a strong young lady, very opinionated with an enormous ego and ringlets and she was doing the job of two people.

    The execs went apeshit after a few weeks and got rid of her without talking to me first.
    (Incidentally I was also doing the job of two people.)

    It was like the emperors aren’t wearing any clothes type of thing and they have to fire someone.

    On following subsequent projects I told a few people who had also worked with the company of Dumb and Dumber Inc and we laughed and laughed…

    A decade later, I bumped into this woman in another part of the country and we became friends again for a time.

  15. My sorry tale has a happy ending thankfully.
    So began last week with a random phone call to help with website photography. Cool, My first gig! Knew I had to talk to webmaster. Made a little flippant ‘recommendation’ to “help’ him and got a strongly worded page back basically telling me pull my head in.

    Fuq first prospect! I thought my Project of World Domination’ was finally gonna fly. I have been angsting and in therapy re. Self esteem issues re. Starting this new business for about 4 months so I was a tad upset.

    Did I get on the hooch and cry?
    Did I fall in a heap and run to the bad boy lusty for a quick fix?
    Did I send a fuq u email in reply?

    No … none of the above
    I sent a carefully worded, open and honest email back admitting I’d been a prat and that I have foot in mouth disease.

    Today (cue angels singing hallelujah) awoke to a lovely email saying I’d been very professional but a bit too keen and the job is now back on.
    I have no saggo excuse is this a moon in scorp dufus kind thang possibly?
    P.S saw shorts for this movie looks great.

  16. Okay – Can these peeps please email me to claim their prize – comp sub months OR double tix to the movies ….

    * Mess
    * Songbird
    * Salmon
    * IndigoFish
    * Ms – LOVE that flicking the garter deet

  17. I was raised to be heads down about work, thankful I have a job, make no trouble. My ex….ha! I got him his first job. I was doing visual merchandising at a department store and got him a job at the jewelry counter. One day, I was walking past his area to hear/see him telling a woman “That’s right. I said kiss my ass. Kiss my ass. If you don’t like it, the store manager’s office is right threw that door.” Apparently, she had thrown a receipt at his face. He got the rest of the evening off.. WITH PAY!! People working retail take such abuse. He was my hero.

  18. I JUST did this. I have Sag rising, a Leo sun/mars/mercury in the 9th. I have an amazing little writing studio in a building with an idiot landlord, the type that will talk to you for 45 minutes about heating ducts or whatever. But generally harmless, if lazy when busy: lights in hall/stairs have been out 3 months.

    Last week the (shared) toilet flooded (it’s done it before, 6 months ago, I cleaned it up, which took 90 mins bc of huge amount of water, he never fixed it) Like crazy gushing water all over the floor, an inch high in 30 secs. I was on my way out to appt I couldn’t miss . I stopped the flooding, miraculously, with a few prods of a toilet brush. Texted him to come fix it, told him I had to leave.

    When I got home from my dr appt at 7 pm, texted him to see if ok. He says he hasn’t had time to get there, all water damage is my fault and responsibility, why didn’t I go back after appt and clean it up, etc etc. aggro, abusive, saying the toilet was dirty too, why hadn’t I cleaned it ( filth on that toilet impervious to all attempts, I have tried) making up other weird imaginary things to blame me for ( I am an OCD clean tenant, Taurus moon in 6th house)

    At 830 pm I get angry texts that he can’t believe he has to go to his property at this hour when he is so tired after work! How much water there is. ABuse abuse, why have I not taken out stinky trash (not mine) why do I not own a mop? He wrote that his” big issue” was that i did not return after my dr appt to clean it up

    (being a boring idiot he also sent me four long texts about how the inner workings of a toilet function)

    I managed, with great focus, some nonviolent communication style texts about how I felt upset and how I had in fact texted him the second I got home, nonviolently defusing it somewhat, while totally disproving his idiotic points.

    His idiotic complaints now gently neutered, his new response was that now his big issue is that the whole thing could have been prevented had I had a MOP

    That was my breaking point. When, exactly, was I supposed to mop? Miss my appt? Come back and do FREE janitorial work for him AT NIGHT when I was too tired to move? ( can you hear the Leo? A MOP!?!?!)

    Nonviolent communication went out the window. Oh Mars Mercury!

    I texted him back with the question:

    If I fall down the stairwell that has been pitch black for 3+ months, will “your issue” be that it could have been prevented if I had just brought a flashlight?

    He replied immediately that I had made my point and I have 30 days to get out. I feel totally traumatized and panicked, because its terrible timing and I don’t have resources to move etc, it’s my only safe space, an amazing creative zone, usually when I’m freaked I go there, now I’m terrified to go back. The abusiveness of it, plus getting thrown out for pointing out the obvious just feels awful. (I have Neptune rising, sensitive but with a big mars mercury mouth, oy vey. Dish it out but can’t take it.)

    I really need to practice more nonviolent communication. Yet: I realized this guy is like dealing the Steve Carrell character from the US office. You cannot be a Sagittarian around idiots with a middle manager level of power, period.

    And you know what I knew to pay attention to floods, what with Neptune inPisces in my 4th.

    Oh well, my Neptune rising will get over this and on to bigger and better things.

      • I have 30 days, he is within his rights. At this point I am ready to go, there is no working toilet and a very cranky nutty landlord! Thank you though. I have had one other bad landlord in the past I tried to fight, it didn’t work out great and took so much energy.

  19. I once lost it at my boss who was really a lovely woman but a bit stressed and I was having a hard time growing up – I lost my tember and was like “blah blah blah, already, leave me alone, I know what you I am doing I am going to ignore your 20 years of experience” and she put down her pen, walked out teh office door and SLAMMED the door. I was like “oh dear, (even in my saggitarian tactlessness) I have a feeling I might not have a job tomorrow”…and yes, it came to pass – I was relieved of my post the follwoing day (although not without them giving me three free sessions of therapy, a good reference and one month nstead of the standard two pay, possibly two months pay, I cant remember…)

  20. No tasty stories, I am afraid that with my Moon in the 6th I erm.. always ended up creating my own work places as I am a little delicate.

    However I would love to see this film, thanks for the heads up MM. I would like to see how this relationship would work out on the big screen too, firey couple!

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