They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab

It was but a few months ago we discussed Lindsay Lohan & her astro + eerie history as a Calvin Klein child model but now her transits are super-intense; She’s currently or about to be doing Uranus/Pluto hitting on her Sun (she is an It-Girl of the Zap Zone and it’s not even her Saturn Return yet, she’s 26….though it must feel like 206 some mornings) Saturn on her Pluto AND square her Ascendant in Aquarius – this is full ON the first two weeks of November.

If i were her astrologer, i’d tell her spend this month in an ASHRAM, Promises in Malibu or at the very least, way out of trouble. It’s brilliant for depth shrinkery, terrible for risky business/Neptunian substances & people.

She’s also got some fab support from Jupiter on her Chiron + Saturn/Pluto aspecting her Neptune, ruler of artists, mind-altering substances, poetry, glamor and fame that endures. LL either turns it all around and glides onward to artistic fulfillment, genius life choices and epic acclaim for her talents (i mean, come on, who hasn’t partied a bit, especially pre-Saturn Return?) or she speeds up on some sort of a hyperbolic self-destruction bender.

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35 thoughts on “They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab

    • I have Mercury almost directly opposite my ascendant.

      And then I have a whole load of squares.. with Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron :)

      Semisextile Neptune.

      Quintile MC.. and..

      Quincunx Ascendant

      Close friend mentions last night she sees a book.. ha, yeah I like the idea but not the work involved!

  1. Lilo already blew it at Promises Malibu rehab. Some may recall that she checked out one weekend, then her alcohol monitoring bracelet gave a positive result, and she claimed someone spilled vodka on it when she was out at the club drinking water.

    Anyway, I am going through my own personal rehab hell. I am in about hour 4 of quitting smoking. I’m wearing a nicotine patch right now. I have done this before, so I know exactly what sort of hell I am about to go through. Already several times, I started to get up to get a cigarette and then realized I am no longer doing that anymore.

      • I am going crazy. I can’t even distract myself from the discomfort of quitting. All my distractions seem to have cigarettes attached. I’ll read email for a while.. that’s done I’ll go have a smoke. No, I’ll play my guitar for a while, now I’m tired and sweaty, I’ll go have a smoke. I’ll go make a cup of coffee, I’ll go have a smoke while the water boils. I must relearn how to live without smoking.

        • Charles, I know what you mean. I lived with cabernet so long that all my old neighborhood haunts…when I drive by…trigger that association…It’s fuqin’ tricky and no easy task. My teacher said “the mind is a liar!” Add the physical “draw” so to speak and it feels like we have a monster on our hands.

          About three years ago, a tarot lady asked me if I had a drinking problem…I said…”uh, well, maybe”…She said “THEY” want you to meditate more…I didn’t get it. I was still too depressed. My Cap Moon literally looked down at the sidewalk when I walked outta there, more depressed than ever…I remember clearly.

          Anyway, alot of things this year (Uranus on Mercury…hello?) have clicked and it wasn’t done till it was done…All the attachements we have are just karma and not even all our own. I was not born a drunk (I used that term loosely)….my dad and grandfather and God knows who else (from English/Irish hertiage) were…

          I’m just the one playing it out so it can be healed. Do I wish that I could have “Mastered” it while going through it? Of course, but I am not a Master yet…So many of us aren’t and like my teacher said “this is training for the Soul”…

          I hope this helps a bit. I’ve certainly had my struggles too. I’m actually going to AA meetings because it not only helps me to esp not isolate…there are times when I’ve been desperately lonely, but also because I learn and I can help them too with what I know spiritually (I keep certain things to myself in that regard however and just “be there”)

          I esp love at the end when we all make a circle and join hands and say the Lord’s prayer…

          I can scarsely utter the words for fear I will dissolve into a puddle of emo tears…

          ~For thine is the kingdom,
          The power, and the glory,
          For ever and ever~

          My thoughts are with you Charles. x

          • Respect to you Sweets,
            I haven’t had a drink for over 7 years now, and on a recent trip to the desert the Elder with us also was alcohol free after a long and rough bout of it. i love meeting string clear people who live without drink – not that i dislike those who can drink in moderation/not on a daily basis, but alas i can never do anything half arsed !
            I love the line ”this is training for the soul”. i think i’m going to print it out and stick it up in the kitchen. My issue at the mo is trying to shift 5 kilos off, i have given up narcotics/alcohol/bad choices in men/violent men/being a crap friend…im pretty sure if i dig a little deeper i can start doing breakfast, and eating healthily during the day, and night and be mindful and thoughtful of what goes in.
            Thanks beautiful, for your words, im sure people can apply them to anything they are trying to let go of. and keep up the ace work man…xx

            And good luck Charlesie baby ! You can do it !

              • That is so cool for you Cosmic…And thanks for your support back.

                Yes, I did get the weight thing under control this past year….now the wine and then the finances. I’m just so much more joyful when I don’t drink. Nothing good ever comes of it for me…It brings out all kinds of compulsive behaviors. It is progressive and well, I can’t stop with just one so thats it.


        • Charlie , about to go through the same thing again! 8 months , weaned off patches then slipped up even though the cigarettes tasted foul. Patches again for me anticipating the weird sense of loss but it’s worth it. Every time you quit you get better at it if that makes sense. I found drinking lots of water and tea helped . Got hooked on the caffeine fix instead :) .Good luck

          • Ah I love this thread, I relate… Charles… I found what helped me was being acutely aware of the physical damage smoking was doing and deciding to never have a cigarette again… All previous times of trying to quit I had let myself think I could have one sometimes… Like at a funeral or v. Stressful time… So I continued to fight…. But deciding to stop and know that I was caring for myself gave me a sense of relief… The mind indeed is a liar sweetpea… I love that… It is also a terrible leader but a wonderful follower I have heard and the heart needs to lead and tell the mind what to do…. This is a wonderful reminder for me also right nowas I go through whatever I’m going through…

            Which could be blaclilith has gone into gem my sun placement and a few other significant planets in the 8th house making aspects to Chiron in Pisces where my.moon is and Jupiter expanding it all… Plus the cardinal cross shit w Saturn going into my first house… Wounds are a plenty and I’m doing it without.addictions… The mind is so tricky it thought maybe I could just smoke because life is so shit right now bla blah… But I had to tellbit no fuqin way, never again!

            Giving up ways of being, security systems, family dynamics, reliable friendships, but mostof all giving up the thoughts about all of this is the hardest…. Learning to think in a way of freedom…. That’s thekey xx

            • I just read “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking,” it emphasizes the same point, that you have to be aware of the damage smoking is doing, then quitting is easier and you don’t want to go back. But he recommends going cold turkey. I don’t quite have the guts for that, so I’ll use the nicotine patch.

              The book emphasizes that the misery you go through in quitting is because you are becoming conscious of how sick you were when you smoked. So quitting isn’t some misery you’re going through, it’s becoming aware of the misery you were already going through, every day.

              It also goes on at length about relapses (my nemesis). It says you can’t have “just one cigarette,” there is no “one cigarette,” only the return to a “lifetime of slavery, filth and disease.” This is like the old AA slogan, “it’s not the last drink that gets you drunk, it’s the first one.”

              One of my AA friends gave me a tip that helped during my last (unsuccessful) attempt to quit. He said that the urge to smoke will go away if I have a cigarette, and it will also go away if I don’t have a cigarette.

        • Best wishes Charles It is some comfort to know I’m not alone at the moment in attempts to Change, and you are not either.
          Along ‘the mind is a liar’ line I recommend looking at ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie as a way to lovingly meeting the thoughts that arise and go deeper with them. I’ve found considerable relief/insight/self honesty in using her simple method with sincerity.

    • Holy shit, i have quit and relapsed that many times this year.

      He’s right -Allen Carr isn’t it?- when he says there is no such thing as just one. It’s always that one.

      Liquor and hard candy were easier for me, and they weren’t easy.

      More power to you, Charles. Or more peace. I remember the rage. Will be joining you soon.

      • Yeah, that’s the Allen Carr book I was reading. I haven’t read it in detail, but he seems to go against the “sobriety” message like AA uses. That way you are constantly in a battle against your vices, which makes those vices the norm you must resist returning to. You have to commit to the realization that your non-smoking self is the norm.

        I absolutely have to pull it together. I have been on a very stressful temp job for about 5 months, and I have had no time to take care of myself properly. I gained 10 pounds and I am at the absolute limit of my tolerance for unhealthy living. I have November off, then December I’ll start this temp job all over again for another 3 to 5 months. If I can’t re-establish a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and an exercise routine, my life will become unsustainable and collapse. I’ve gotten my act together before, so I know I can do it. I just wonder how my act fell apart so badly.

          • good on you charles! It seems the health industry IS moving towards the cold turkey idea, rather than substitutes which are of course part of big pharma commercialism. Though AA etc have been life savers for many people, I actually believe that every time you give up, you are NOT going back to square one. Each time you don’t have a ciggy, you are honing your skills in abstinance. I think the ‘back to square one’ approach can be so absolute that one just feels – oh well, may as well SPLURGE :) Just observe the desire, and it actually passes in a couple of seconds. It may return countless times an hour, but it actually is fleeting. :)

            • I gave up once years ago with patches and they fucked with my mind. The rage and the need for sleep are natural. The patches did bad things to my dreams like toxic smoke oozing all through my 12th House Moon Neptune Jupiter. With this natal astro i need my dreams to journey freely and recharge. I prefer cold cold turkey, baby.

    • Try the nicotine cigs, they look stupid but they get you through …I spent a few months with a plastic cig hanging out of my mouth, at the pub (did not have to go outside) in my pocket for emergencies. One day I realized that I did not need the nicotine but needed the comfort in my hand /mouth and then it simply stopped.

      The saying that worked for me is people who love themselves don’t take drugs. The cig companies are major bastards and they drug the tobacco.

      7 years later no cigs….

      • Love that realisation.

        Just smoked my last cig earlier. Should have been Friday but someone “kindly” bought me a pack to recompense my generosity when we were out one evening. I can’t resist when they’re on hand i do best starting fresh with none hidden away for emergency.

        This is going to be hard. But thank you to this thread, these posts.

    • At the risk of sounding cliched here, nearly 3 months ago, my sister paid for me to see a NLP therapist and “i walked in a smoker and out a non smoker”.

      I was not committed to giving up. I thought it ridiculous and impossible, as had past ‘quit attempts’ quite definitely proven.

      As for this funny little, money making, NLP( or whatever you call youself) man stopping ME smoking……….never!!!!

      I had smoked through pregnancies (much to my shame) and had tainted my love for, and relationship with, my family, children, friends and self – all through a perverse idolatry of the mighty cigarette. It was my nemesis. My agony and my ecstacy. For well over 20 committed years :(

      So ive stopped. My mind and body still reaches but my soul and mind say no!!

      Weird but true.

      Good luck Charles. Its a %$#&*$ of an addiction. x

    • You can do it! Keep going with smoke-free. Every hour you get through makes it that much easier. to be done.

  2. I remember when Saturn went over my Pluto and a lot changed and was rebuilt.
    Mars is about to conjunct my Part Of Fortune, Jupiter conjunct my lilith, Mercury conjunct my mercury. Just sayin.

    I hope she (LL) does the artistic haute neptune. If I were the Good Fairy for LL, like in Wizard of Oz, I would take her out of the US, starting now, and put her in a project that moved her to another country like Italy, France, somewhere in Europe where she can go to the beach everyday and happy forgotten memories of self come back, and she has to learn the language to get by, and becomes fascinated by the culture. Then, at her saturn returns the project makes good and she receives renown from the local public and decides to stay there.
    Many artists immigrate or travel to other countries at their Saturn Return. Circumstances just push them there. There’s a pattern at age 29/30 of moving to another country in 19th and 20th Century artists. I did it at my SR. Most people close to me did it too – ended up somehow travelling or living in another country at SR and it was an important time and became a part of whom I am.

    • … not to misled anyone: I’m not an artist, but I am artistic, or so I’m told. Afterall, Venus is in 1st house and rules my Sun/Moon which sextiles my Ascendant, Neptune sextiles Sun.

      • Yes, I went on extended travel when I was thirty, and it was a significant change for me, and when I came back home a bit later, settled in a new city and that was a real game -changer for me. Learnt to properly support myself financially, and concentrated on healing myself…
        I think it is a astute observation of yours that things could probably only really change for LiLo if she takes herself right out of the same old sycophantic connections that enable her, of peoples expectations and opinions of her behaviour etc

        • I went traveling o/seas at 18, 23 and SR. All for different purposes and to different locations. But it was the SR journey that has shaped me the most and sticks with me today, is present in my life everyday :)

  3. I’ve got Saturn over Pluto, sq asc right NOW. Yeah 200-something years old feels about right. Saturn out of libra (my sun) hasn’t been the relief I hoped for :/

  4. Saturn on Pluto…

    I remember that.

    Major ending. Death knell.

    Saturn on Uranus, Sun, and Venus were very odd though. One wouldn’t necessarily piece the astrology to the events. So complicated. Although that “sense of limitation” was present. The cold bucket of water that is Saturn.