Four More Days Of Saturn In Libra

Comic Art. Blonde woman looks wistfully at alarm clock.

Four more days of Saturn in Libra – under 100 hours. Saturn crystallizes its lessons near the end of the transit through one sign. Like a course of intensive study, it all comes together at the end. 

Its been just under three long years. Librans have been hammered by the Time God’s success, maturity and responsibility rays.

But for the last year, in particular, the degrees of 22 to 29 Libra have been blitzed. If you have Moon, Mars, Venus, Rising, Mercury – anything there, you’ve been Saturn’s minion as well.

So in these last few days of Saturn chez Libra (until 2038 or something), you feel a sort of crystallization of the lessons learned; grok them, and v.soon you will feel a tangible enlightening – like a school’s out sort of a vibe. If you’ve got anything at 22 to 29 degrees of Libra, you are most likely dreaming non-stop about your school years, being late for class or doing an exam.

Libra, Libra Rising, Moon in Libra peeps – etc. – how are you doing? 

Image: Roy Lichenstein

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Feeling behind the 8-ball. Libra Rising at 06LIB31, Saturn leaving 1st house at 03SRP13. Needing to dig out from under responsibilities that have piled on and make them deliver.

Having Uranus on my DSC squaring Pluto on my IC/Nadir make things uber interesting…

Libra sun pisces rise

okay I’m a libra sun, and just been blitzed for 2.5 years. But am now worried ’cause I have scorpio mercury and scorpio venus… will I be blitzed again in those areas for another few years? xxx help.

Cardinal Jules

I have Moon In Libra 11 deg, Mars in Libra 11 deg, Saturn in Libra 15 deg, Pluto in Libra 24 deg and MC/Midheaven in Libra 2 deg. All in 10th House. It’s been a tough 3 years, that’s for sure. Major growth, personal development and maturity for me!


I dreamt I was running late for an exam last night and my tutor was telling me to pick up all of her luggage which made me miss my exam I was furious at her!!!

St Pisces

I never could figure out how Saturn was getting me — not good enough at chartology — but it’s been getting me for a year now. Saturn does not seem to be kind to Pisceans… oh please let me out. I work constantly, have no ability to play or make art, and never make any money. Oy!

St Pisces

On the other hand, I have grown (groan….)


I’m *so* excited about Saturn’s shift. It marks the beginning of a very long trip where we’ll be closely acquainted. Can only mean positive – constructive – things ultimately, right? First up, Saturn’s about to move on top of natal Pluto in the 3rd house, before moving onto natal Saturn in the 4th (will be my first Saturn return). When it does move out of Scorpio in a few years, it will be conjunct my natal Sun AND Uranus at the same time (5th house). I know there’s a lot of fearful connotations surrounding Saturn transits, but I know I… Read more »


i am LOVING being back in school… after 15 years away i have so much more determination and structure and my brain is zinging away with thanks. and having my own little lilith man-free home is possibly the nicest thing EVER. post-saturn lessons (nn 22libra) are so nice… remembering to appreciate the freedom before i get smeared again in a month or so!


Nicest thing about the looming prospect of sharing your space is the intense awareness of each and every moment you have to yourself. You inhale these moments, they sink deep and they stay there for crazy times as comfort thoughts 🙂

Congratulations on getting back to school, I remember you and I have similar charts, for us there is no end to learning. 🙂


As you can see…I have a little Libra, lol. Sun Libra 19°51’27 Moon Libra 12°47’29 Mercury Scorpio Venus Libra 13°06’54 Mars Virgo 0°31’58 Jupiter Leo 2°08’36 Saturn Pisces 24°29’54 Uranus Virgo 21°53’03 Neptune Scorpio 20°44’59 Pluto Virgo 19°22’25 True Node Taurus I feel like life is just really going to begin in the next few months. The past couple of years have taught me to recognize the barriers I place before myself, and given me the strength to overcome them. I’m eady for the next phase of existence in life, career and relationships. I’ve learned to detach and not be… Read more »


The way I see it yours was a big, long Saturn transit. Kudos!


My (ex) bf and I have composite moon at 22 degrees and composite uranus at 29 degrees libra. I got a shock on sept 10th which awakened me to whats been going on for almost a year and turned my feelings on their head. I turned him into the authorities and he spent 18 days in jail.


For me this past several months has seen saturn raking over precisely opposite my Venus (27º Aries) and, since I have the dreaded venus-sq-saturn aspect natally, this has also meant saturn squaring saturn. It hasn’t been fun, but I have learned some lessons; next i’ll see saturn oppose my natal chiron (very soon), then in 2013-14, sun, jupiter, and moon, in that order. Hoping I won’t wind up looking back on the saturn-opposite-venus days as “first world problems.” Has anyone else been dealing with saturn opposing their venus this past year?


Me cap sun lib rise, hub libra sun 24 degrees…Saturn put us thru the obstacle course but we embraced every minute…because spica and artauras are sitting on 23 degrees libra we pulled loads of fairy dust luck from the fixe stars. And hub I Gemini rise so thanks to jupiter it made saturns visit easier.

catfish moon

Uranus at 28* Libra.
Saturn opposed my jupiter at 22* Aries and my Chiron at 27* Aries.

BUT the big WAMMY is I had a saturn square saturn transit…..saturn at 22* Kataka.

Libra takes up most of my 2nd house. My money, values, self esteem took such a beating over the last few years. So terrible and hard.
My money is bouncing back finally, my values are permanetly altered, my self esteem is better than ever except for parenting….

I HATED saturn in Libra.


How did you feel like the jupiter & chiron oppositions came out? I have them coming up this next year, and I just did the saturn-sq-saturn too (27º kataka). I think it may hit one or two more times for me – it’s been exact twice already. It has not been pleasant, but it has been instructive.

Tropic of Scorp

Agree with you there Catfish Moon,
Saturn in Libra was VILE, VILE, VILE!!!!
I have Venus 7° and Midheaven 28° in Libra

It’s been non-stop growth since 2008!! And not about to end any time soon.
Started with my VIRGO stellium, then LIBRA. Coming soon: SCORP (sun, nept, merc all in 10th) then SAGGO (moon) CAP (Asc).
Happy days! 😯 Think I’m dreading Saturn on my moon the most.

catfish moon

wow…that is alot. Good luck.

I don’t have any planets in scorpio, but saturn will oppose my natal mars in taurus.


I cannot wait for this to be over. I have mercury, sun and moon between 22-26 libra in the tenth house! Some tough tough lessons learned and yes, the good thing is, I0m still alive and somewhere deep down there is my optimism – luckily I have not totally lost it….


Speaking of school- any recommendations for good astro primer texts?


Debbi Kempton-Smith: Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook. If nothing else, it’s the most fun.


Nothing in late Libra, but transiting Saturn made a GCross out of my natal T-Square Saturn-opp-Venus-square-Chiron&Jupiter and yes well… I don’t know yet. Right now after the last 14 days I feel a bit floaty. Not bad, just not really sure yet as to what has happened exactly and what will come from it. I feel like something fresh out of – what? a cocoon? – that isn’t quite sure yet what to make of the world, or how to handle whatever I am turning into. A new modus operandi, but can I really? I feel strangely ethereal. Buh. I… Read more »

Rockin' Robin

No planets in Libra but there is [email protected] With a Cap sun, Saturn is my taskmaster, I gather, and I sho’ nuff feel like I have been bitch slapped these last two years. And that Pluto in Cap thing…well…

Just recently beginning to feel the yoke lifting: moving and got a new job and the dreams…OMG…no longer fuzzy foreign film-like quality – they are full-on, in-your-face Spielberg productions.

One about school just the night before last. But then again, I’m teaching yoga and returning to teaching ESL and the dream was about stacking books beside the mat…:)


Saturn transiting moon in Libra in the 10th house … where do I begin. Saturn passed my moon around the time I think my ex decided it was all too much. Our synastry has his Mars opposite my Saturn and his Saturn quincunx my Mars. We both had lots of growing up to do. In-laws, my own chronically ill parent, an intolerable work and family situation, isolation. Restriction, responsibilities very much a theme, but geez, I am so much more grown up now 🙂


Libra rising and Uranus at 23 degrees Libra in my 1st house… I actually had a very Saturn in Libra dream at the weekend. An elderly artist was telling me about his working life and the benefits of working for himself, having got into in a position where he could choose the work he took. Saturn going through over my ascendant has made me think about how I’m using my time. I’ve spent years working in large institutions, which in a way is like never leaving school – your time is structured for you. I think I need to move… Read more »


That’s really interesting about working for large institutions like being still in school. So true.

Sounds like you are ready to structure your time yourself. At the beginning you swim in a sea of timelessness, but then you learn to use the time better.


Thank you, it sounds like you’ve been here! I don’t think I could have done this when I was younger, but I feel ready now.


PS…Meant to ask you Mystic – When Saturn finally Fuqs off into Scorpio, will Libran’s feel a shift or will it be a slow new dawn?? Just wondrin………


Yup. Feeling it. Unsure of whether it’s the aqua rising with uranus at about 22 Libra or the square of that to my 28 crab moon or something else. At any rate the last week in particular has seen me sharply snapping out of love zombie mode and into dealing with the reality of a sorely neglected career, friends and family. Its been painful but also immensely relieving. Now I’d just like to catch my breath before saturn touches on to my venus at 1 scorpio and then my mars at 6 scorpio. Both 9th house… any ideas on what… Read more »


I’ll be giving my farewell to saturn in libra at the dentist… how fitting. yeah, growth and maturity and all that, i’m grateful but I need a break. I am scorpio rising and idk what this upcoming situation means for me.


Saturn in Libra has been transiting my 4th house. I became homeless during this transit and that was the most scary crisis I’ve ever experienced. That went on for a year and a half.. It was so bad i can’t believe I made it through this time period.. I also finally secured a good home during this transit, though there has been all manner of troubles here that have more than once ended up including lawyers and one time, actually going to court. I have prevailed and won through all of this, and now I believe will reap the benefit… Read more »




Stellium in Libra in the 8th, with mercury at 29 Libra. Almost had a nervous breakdown these last two weeks (let alone the last two years). Just trying to cope and look after myself until Saturn leaves Libra. I will be drinking champagne on the 5th and the 6th, just to capture the exit in all times zones. I have started lining up exciting things for Saturn Scorping in my 9th 😉 But have to wait until my nervous breakdown has finished before I have the energy to proceed. Can’t wait for all the planets to shift next week, bring… Read more »


I have Sun, Merc, Uranus, Pluto, & MH all in Libra (Sun & Merc in late degrees) & I’m Totally feeling the’ school’s out’ vibe already!
The last 3days have been like living in some kind of Blissful parallel universe & I’m loving it… Everything’s rainbows, sweet sweet sunshine & lollipops… & I’m feeling Fuq’n Great!


Star inspired

Oops that was me! 🙂


hmm…moon in libra here. not sure if it was saturn, but definitely a lot of self-esteem/image issues over the past years. completely lost touch with my body, only began to remember to take care of myself this past year. really noticing how deep in the merde I feel when I don’t take care of myself, so I’m guessing that’s the lesson here. also really lost touch with my creative interests during that time, but I’m getting back into them now, writing, painting, dancing, etc. is that a side-effect of that or just coincidence? but – these past couple weeks have… Read more »


Long- suffering / growing (very) Libra sun, mars and venus with Scorpio in Mercury, Pluto and Rising. Help!!! Lol


Really cannot wait for Libra to fuq off out of my rising sign planet (or maybe just a particular one). Why such a terrible experience? Everything has been in detriment, and it’s taken until the end of Libra for people to listen and take note of Capricorn Rising lessons? You’re not in your element so be a good patron/guest. Learn from others rather than being a self-inflated grandiose ego should be the ultimate lesson. Because the end of Saturn in Libra will sting if you haven’t learnt your lessons. Bring on Scorpio!


I have neptune 29 degrees libra. Iam a Taurus. Will this be easier when this shift happens. Have been so stuck. Relationship and also work. Really frustrAting these past few years!


Mystic, can I put in a cheeky request for some kind words / advice for the Pluto/Saturn conjunct across Libra & Scorpio (born around ’82) peeps? The last 2 years have been… yeah… challenging to say the least, and while it feels like things have shifted, and kind of speeding up now, I’m just wondering if it goes “bam! saturn on saturn…. and then we can relax a bit once it passes being direct” or if it’s more like “bam… saturn on saturn… lingering pain for 2 more years…” with love from the pluto/saturn underworld xoxo (and apologies if this… Read more »


libra moon and saturn in natal sun (aqua). i have been saturn’s bitch my whole life and will never escape him.


a bit dramatic today!


I’m Aries with a huge Aries stellium, natal sat libra, so my Saturn return opposed my sun, venus, merc, and mars over this libra transit. Three years ago I was vibing Sarah Connor at the very beginning of Terminator. Now I am vibing Sarah Connor at the very end of Terminator.


oh also libra moon. moon-jup-saturn conjuct 4th house libra.

Little Miss Balance

I’m Libra Sun and wanting to punch Saturn right in his lesson-giving face right about now. Can’t wait for this period to finish! But also a little concerned given that Saturn is moving into Scorp; my heavily Scorpic chart is making me a little worried. :/ Give a girl a break, Saturn.


i’m feeling the same. i have saturn in libra natally but i’m scorpio rising so i don’t know what this means for me… i need a break soooo badly!


ho hum ….

No personal planets in Libra to speak of, however I always feel this weird lethargy when the planets are about to do a big shiftaroonie. Of course being a crab person the moon always has a bit of an impact, but the big guns like Saturn changing sign seem to leave me a bit melancholic and low vibing until the new theme is established.

I don’t like change. Which is weird coz I always considered myself a change freak … probably just gettin’ old.


School dream last night – well done.

Saturn’s been giving moon/pluto/jupiter a hard time for the last year. Now it’s setting its sights on the sun. The wkend’s full moon culminated in me losing the sentimentality I’ve built up + I finally threw everything out.

Fire fish.

Well I ‘only’ had Uranus in the 8th in libra but it’s squaring my natal Saturn and moon in the fifth in cancer …… So on some level I understand that my home life / marriage / relationships/ physical home was under constant deconstruction ( read complete merde explosion with lots of unexpected wtf where did that come from) there was also the death of a significant maternal figure … Makes sense now I say it actually …. I am infinititly stronger, more savey re finance and SO much clearer about what I want and what’s ok for me re… Read more »

12th house virgo

Hmpff. Since 2009, I realized I can communicate with dead people and all manner of beings not there. Not sure how that serves me in relationship. My love schemes are out of this world – as in highly unrealistic. Had an optimistic moment just now that perhaps my friend can beat cancer’s ass. Trying to use my imagination for the greater good, not just to sedate myself. It’s hard to be open hearted and accepting but felt a little easier to feel it all today. libra takes up most of my first. That full moon was rough. Let the new… Read more »


Ah finally! The explanation I’ve been looking for! Hearing about Saturn in Libra being so well behaved and all that nonsense…Mars, Pluto and Venus in Libra in or close to the degree span you mentioned. I have been Saturn’s bitch but just couldn’t figure out why. Phew! Now I feel a lot better. I guess this means despite all of the warnings, Saturn in Scorpio will indeed be a reprieve for me.


Interestingly, a lot of babies hanging in there past their due dates – waiting for their astro? Weighing up Saturn in Libra or Saturn in Scorpio …


As a multiple conjunct Cap… let me say that the last two and half years have been a rollercoaster. in fact, I can barely recall anything that happened in 2009-early 2012, as I was in a funk so bad my subconscious buried most memories beyond recognition. I spent 2009 broke… 2010/2011 led to psychotic episodes, broken friendships, being dumped by the first man I ever loved, a stagnant career… a general loss of direction if you will. but the last few months have really pulled me out of the dark… a new boyfriend (a healthy relationship at that), two months… Read more »


OK to continue the school analogy: I kept seeing this class on the timetable and thought it would be ‘good for me’ but was too interested in the beach. I raced in two minutes before the cut-off time with sand in my hair and slumped in a seat at the back and nothing to write on but an old packet of rollie papers. All the neat and tidy kids looked up from their ipads and sniggered and made jokes about how that was probably vodka in my water bottle. Come prizegiving day and they are all shocked that I receive… Read more »


eughh i had saturn over my midheaven (@24 libra) AND pluto (@29). good to know it will depart from there
i have natal saturn @10 scorp
the dreaded saturn return! :-p
in 2013, just when i want saturn to keep moving forward, it will go retrograde for 5 months !
all in all i can expect it to be about a year of great transformation, if i get with the vibe.. something for this fixed sign (leo sun + scorp mars & saturn) to grapple with… hopefully successfully!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Oh yeah, and my ex had a Libra moon, and I think that Saturn really affected him. He is very attached to his persona as an innovator and an entrepreneur. He moved to NYC for a startup he created and it imploded in 2005 with the stock crash. Spent the next four years rebulding… When I met him Saturn had just gotten into Libra and the was very optimistic about his new business. Over the course of the relationship the business did not take off like he had hoped. It was flatlining but not outright failing or succeeding. That his… Read more »

electric eel libran

men are such babies about their work. they so strongly identify with it that when it doesnt go well its like a part of them died. we women are lucky enough to be able to identify with more thAn who we are at work.


Nah, I’m the same way – and I totally went through the same process as the ex – Libra moon and all. Changed everything.

electric eel libran

well i guess that means you are more like a dude in that respect. most women split taking pride with their work persona, their wife or gf persona, their family persona, etc… men just dump it into one persona so when that gets fucked they just go nuts. i watched my father shrivel into an accelerated aging mess after retiring. why? no more work persona. he didnt take no pride in his family or husband persona..shit…no friends persona either.


I’ve seen this too, though I know not all specific men are like this.

catfish moon

oops…that was me

Gemini 1001

This is sooo right. my last three years have been terrificly transformational!!! I think it is because I have had saturn right on my Pluto? and in the 6th house (dont know what the 6th house stands for)??
In these last few days i know i should be activating the last of my evoloving plans… hehehe no more putting it off now!!!

Thanks Mystic

watery libran

These last three years have been hell – health problems, family problems, relationship problems, work problems. I guess I can hang out for four more days, hopefully I might even score a job after then?


Toro sun, scorp rising, Lib moon….it has been one hell of a few years with Saturn in Lib, so many and varied relationship realisations (mostly of the gronky, painful kind) these years have been years of intense study, within my field and spiritually. Loving the growth, and the knowing that even when things are up the spout with the heart/life/money/whatevs, that I will alchemize that shizer into some lovely gold, the real stuff, no fools allowed. My motto/prayer has become: if it is right make it more so, if it is not right take it away from me. Amazing the… Read more »

Ceramici (FG)

O! We must have been born within a day of each other – you are the closest twin have so far ‘met’. I have a Saggi asc tho, but only just.

Great motto – I like how it steps in toward ..


moon 22 libra
venus 24 cancer/kataka
couldn’t buy a decision

sun 3 leo…taking no prisioners…
it’s time to kick some ass–RAWR!!!

Virgo Ellie

Libra rising. I have determined that what I have learned the last 3 years is that I know what love is (me feeling and knowing it), realizing that I need to open up even more and stop ruining relationships because of my insecurities. I think the loving part was a maturity growth. The other two are part of the scheme to grow up even more. Hence probably why I am still single. I need to become more responsible with my money and my appearance. This means at home (how I furnish my home) and me phsycially. I love being independent… Read more »

Gordana:An Aries who does not like color red.

Im Libra rising. Huge lessons learned, i was defently a Saturn relationship bitch-love relationships, family, biz, my place in the society, my environment, maturity, communication, my looks. Its been hell of a ride, and i feel im hatching out. I feel like I have found myself again. Such clarity. In regards to MM previous post-im defently slutting it up, but in a mature way: I am so much more aware of my womanhood, my eros, my sexuality, and I feel that the Saturn in regards to men has been such a great teacher. I know what I want, and I… Read more »

Ceramici (FG)

Moon @ Libra 27 – As I pondered all this, I closed a door, a bowl dropped, chipped, and took with it, a little figurine I had made back in 2009 – smashed – quite brilliant actually – it had stronger ties than I realised to the most fuqed relationship I was ever in – the last rush of dirty water down the plug hole.

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