The Alternative Dimension of D-List Reality Leo

Hulk Hogan is a multiple Leo conjunct with Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo as his signature aspect. It manifests as fierce anti-fragility and phoenix power. And he channels it through a D-List Reality Leo prism. He’s Teflon. Any inner planet connected to Pluto hooks you into your generation. You embody your people and age with your fan base.

Breaking News: Hulk Hogan says the leaking of his sex tape is the “worst thing” that’s ever happened to him.

The wrestling star has been rocked after X-rated footage of himself and Heather Clem – the estranged wife of his close friend Bubba the Love Sponge – appeared online, and he is determined to find out who wanted to “hurt” him by revealing the footage to the world.”  

There is a whole alternate dimension populated entirely by D-List Leo wrestlers, phone psychics, and porn stars. They’re perma-tanned and always ready for their close-up.

Nobody has adequately mapped the galaxy of D-List Reality Leo. They’re like 21st Century versions of the characters in The Day Of the Locust. They benefitted amazingly from the cosmetic enhancement and sports medicine industries that shot up in the late Nineties. No graceful fade-outs for anyone with Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo. Not so long as there’s botox, tanning injections, peptides and pure, indomitable Plutonic power of will.

Call him vulgar, but many people would be delighted to get to their second Saturn Return (age 59) “not knowing how the sex tape got leaked.”


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Power isn’t just Plutonic. It’s a solar-Leo thing too.

Messy Leo

Bwahaha! We have the same birth day, Aug 11. But I only have Sun in Leo, but still, I always feel a special thing for peeps with my birth day. Poor ol fruit loop.


I feel bad for him too 🙁


FWIW, he didn’t look that bad for an aging, steroid-ridden vintage wrestler. Meanwhile, I think somehow we’ve emerged into the “age of sex tapes” … everyone’s doing it (and likely has been?) but now we’re just more prone to being exposed.

Maybe in five years sex tapes will be the norm?


HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA!! I don’t mean to laugh at other people’s troubles, but this one fully deserves it through and through!! Anything to get attention, right? How Leo-like!!

Little Joey

That feather boa is the “worst thing” that ever happened to him.


He was my inspiration as a child.. Blonde wife with breasts, acting mental, big and powerful but most of all a champion. Now he screws other guys ladies and is still rich, can pull off funky clothing..and wants revenge. He’s still my inspiration!!!


Yeah some dreams never get old. And old Leo’s get mangy but they do rock prison orange.


Hahahahah, Prison Orange lol, like the California Celeb Tan. I needed this laugh,! xxx khe khe khe khe khe khe! ;0$$$

Electric Eel Libran

Did you watch the cartoon too?

Miss Leo

He should not be allowed to be a Leo.


Only a Leo would not allow a Leo to be Leo on the grounds that they are just too Leo.

But then, as a Leo, I feel like Leo DiCaprio should actually be a Leo because he is called Leo.

Miss Leo

Lol, Leo is especially unfitting for a Scorpio.


Yeah well he is.
As a Leo rising I am outraged that Mr Hogan be called D-list.
Show me the list.
Who wrote it?
I’m not so sure about Mr Love-Sponge but all Leos should be assumed to be triple A-list.
The other day I saw a photo of a female wrestler. Big blonde…Figured she must be a Leo. and yep
….are ALL wrestlers Leo??


So true, so true. He is definitely triple A grade something…




Anyone who can claim to have had
een-tim-eet relations with Bubba
the Love sponge’s ex is apples with me. 🙂


This is not really related but its egoic, so perhaps it is? Have just found a lovely chart type on, that generates an audio/visual animation of your personal aspects over time. Go to extended charts, then to Special Charts, then Sound Horoscopes – from there you can look at Mundane (usual aspects) or Personal (transits). The Mundane mode has more control over the animation.


Thx! It’s pretty fun.


“…estranged wife of his close friend…” Yeah…. Okay.


Hey guys,

This is somewhat unrelated but I thought I’d bring it up it concerns my Leo sun and rising girlfriend.

Long story short she lies a lot! Little things just to make a story sound more interesting and get that “omg” factor!

And I used to just let it go but now I can’t help but make that comment, “Reaaaaaaaaaaaaally..? THAT really happened!


Oh see now I find myself leaping to the defence of your Leo friend. Don’t be too hard on her… we Leo types don’t see that kind of thing as a ‘lie’, we see it as more like a kind of public service to humanity, to extract the best possible outcome for any incident regardless of pesky technicalities of what might not have actually, well, happened 🙂 I am Leo rising and I have to confess I do this myself but I would never ever do it at someone else’s expense, only to entertain my audience. If it’s any consolation… Read more »


I’m with you on this, Chrysalis


It’s called POETIC LICENSE! You are a fishy. You should know all about this stuff.


I am Leo sun and rising and I just want to support your girlfriend by saying that a Leo’s main aim in life is to entertain. So, if unimportant things like facts get in the way of telling a good story they are the first thing out the window. Hope that helps.


and in the big scheme of things ( and we do like big) is it important? Is she lovable, loyal,cuddly? well be happy. I see it as enhancing mediocity its a life long community service.project to you all.




Yes, the upshot being that you tend to take every word with a grain of salt. Gilding the lilly ? another leo trait ?


I tend to exaggerate a bit, like “I was in line for two hours!!” When really I was in line for eight minutes – but it seemed like two hours.


pfft, sex tape pr is so old,

no one wants to see this!




I don’t want to see his PR exercise but I am not sure he is as ashamed as he makes out as I read he has a total Fassbender. Amazing after all those steroids…

fallen angel

Precisely. And what is the fascination with self-video? Funny though, we were amidst an er..interesting position when La Leo gasps from behind, “I REALLY need to video this.”

I quickly pant back, “Not with the proper lighting you don’t.”

End of story.

fallen angel

grrr, meant not without the proper lighting.. I mean, production hello?


Good god just realized the sweet Toro ex still has his hands on my one and only inebriated foray into such rubbish. I’ll ask it be annihilated but that’s all I can do as he’s halfway around the world.

Oh, and the production value was flawless, but I’m a Virgo w/Libra rising – Spielberg couldn’t produce it well enough for me to admire uncritically, and for virgins this manner of chintz just isn’t a jumping off point in pilot negotiations as it is for some D-list alley cats.



Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

WOW. Also note the predominance of yellow, and the fact that the feather boa kind of resembles a lion’s mane.

And his close freind…..”Bubba the Love Sponge”—what the??!! With a moniker like that, I’d love to know his astro!


i know. some mane.


herdy her ! bubba’s birthday is 21 April 1966 !


Are phone psychics verboten for those seeking to have high qi? I ask because I recently saw one at a market who was actually really good, and have been considering dialling her number for a phone reading, lol…


I once had an excellent reading in a clothes shop! Walked in and they had a psychic sitting in a corner – guess they have to earn a living somewhere. Never could find her again as the shop closed.

Electric Eel Libran

too funny!


Hilarious – and I thought I had problems LOL

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