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Hi Mystic,

My Gemini friend found these plush toys, while doing her every morning, quick scan of her current fave, hipster-ish websites.

We both love these, and I remember you writing about a class you held, where you got people to act out certain planets. So I think these dolls (with some astro appropriate modifications) would make an astrology consultation absolutely hilarious, and maybe a new form of therapy?

My Mars doll (Sagittarius) would be telling squaring Sun doll (Virgo), that her problem is she needs to chill out. Order some pizza, have a few drinks, spin a world globe and wherever my finger lands…jump online and book a flight NOW. Sun doll would respond with a lecture on empty calories, savings plans, and the current travel warnings for whatever-stan/land, while trying to ignore Mars doll’s best buddy, Uranus, who would totally not be helping the situation. I’m not sure how they’ll work things out. I’ll need to schedule a few appointments.

It would be funny to watch though, right?!

Oh, and Hipster Gemini friend has almost everything in Gemini and Sagittarius, so her dolls would just talk crap, until she passes out…or sees something shiny!
The Supportive Virgo

Dear Supportive Virgo,

Yes, genius idea. Is the Saturn toy big enough to sort of pick neurotically at or even perhaps punch around a bit? Generally speaking gestalt (which is what you’re referring to) involves the harming of inanimate cushions/toys as they are the proxy for, i don’t know, Popes and things.

We could definitely do something with this – by “we” i mean us. We could have huge boxes of toys, dolls for each signs, Japanese Slippers to drink and we’d all wear Muu-Muus.Β  It would be cathartic and calorie burning plus hopefully count as business coaching (some say you can’t succeed in work or business UNTIL you’ve dealt with your Saturn issues) so we could write off the cost of the toys, whacko woo-woo room we’d rented, Muu-Muus etc.


Oh and while i am here crapping on about plush toys – i met an extremely macho classic Aries recently. A medico, he boasted affably about how when HE walks into the room of his local Mercedes dealership, he educates the people who work there, with his superior torque knowledge. But you know, quick-witted, good hearted, professional, sports car obsessed classic Aries guy…APART FROM a plush toy collection. Not one. Several. Dozens. Displayed. W.T.F. does this mean?

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36 thoughts on “Plush Planetary Toy Astro Workshops

  1. It means just what you said it means, (posts and posts ago)
    Aries = lamb in sheeps clothing. xx (or words to that affect). xx

  2. Hahah! Wowsers! Where do I start with this post!! :) This sounds awwwwfully like the work I and a bunch of my friends/colleagues/ omshanti types ACTUALLY do!! So I find that heaps hilarious and I would seriously be up for being on the receiving end of this muu muu magic… I love anything with a muu muu involved! Leo Venus in Virgo, big hair loves a Mumu

    There is another form of counselling called Family Constellations where, very very long story short you tap into the knowing field and inanimate objects can be used to access information otherwise previously unknown to you…. So I think these plush planets could come in handy all over..

    Not sure what to say about Aries guy… where’s his Venus? Taurus in the 5th? Yikes!

    In other news MM I’m Loving this Neptunian Soup we seem to be in…. Everything seems to have turned into an oracle in my world atm :)

  3. Repressed childhood issues, lack of outlet for non mars attributes? Or is it one of those collections where it’s all vintage teddy bears and valued at same price as that Mercedes?

    Weird visual association with Saturn toy… Reminded me of dr.who fat baby episode (human fat was harvested to create spawn)…

  4. Maybe, Mystic, the macho Aries’s plush toy collection are actually his trophies / prizes demonstrating his fairground target-shooting acumen. As a good-hearted but Aries type, he may like guns n things but not to actually kill stuff. So he shoots at little wooden ducks, the red circle above the clown’s head, etc…?

  5. This is not as silly as it sounds. I’ve got two collections that could represent the individual star signs. One has twelve exactly, the other has eight plus one. Three short? What to do about this? It actually is the only way of dealing with each one separately. Otherwise it becomes a convoluted mess without proper boundaries. Business write-off for sure!

  6. re The Aries Macho Medico:

    i think he could be fun and fascinating for some aspects, but,
    he *educates* ppl *at the Mercedes*…???!!! :)


    firstly the “Mercedes” aspect, the fact the he *regularly* goes to a Mercedes dealer: is it a new kind of neo capitalistic hobby? or is he just pretending to be a Jay Kaysh type of guy?

    secondly i can imagine the poor people at the Mercy store who listen to his show from time to time pretending to be interested in but in fact they’re just pretending to, for it is their job to look caring about whatever the **** he is saying. and he obviously isn’t aware, his Ego being that gigantic.

    the toys part:
    that reminds me of a Gemini guy i was dating years ago. he was fun and ok in general, but then once he invited me chez lui to dinner and to my BIG SURPRISE his apartment was stuffed with every size/every colour of pig soft toys… everywhere….in the bed, in the kitchen, all around the couch….f***** dozens of pig soft toys all around…..!
    oh dear..! how you EVAH compete with those sweet nice puppets? i just ran, as fast as i could, straight away, thanking him for the “minestrone” and elegantly refusing his cadeau (a brand new pig soft toy).

  7. I just want to say this here (venting) as I can’t say it on Facebook, I am SO FUQING SICK of people FLAKING OUT ON ME when I MOST NEED THEM TO COME THROUGH, now more than ever. Friends and family who I thought would care and be there are barely in contact, and people who barely know me are being AMAZING and CONSTANTLY SUPPORTIVE. Jesus F. Christ. Someone dies and SHIT NEEDS TO HAPPEN and NO ONE APART FROM ME is CAPABLE of getting it together enough to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do they think I enjoy this?!?!!?!?!?!?!? NO!! but I am DOING IT ANYWAY without DISAPPEARING INTO THE BOTTOM OF A GIN BOTTLE OR SOME UNDEFINED LOCATION

    For Fuq’s Sake.

    I just want to be surrounded by NORMAL PEOPLE with the capacity for some semblance of LEADERSHIP, SYMPATHY, and NORMAL EMOTIONS.

    Does anyone think that DEAFENING SILENCE or PERFUNCTORY CONTACT from once-were-excellent people after the death of a relative is classified as SUPPORT?!

    AAAGHHHHHHHHHHH get fucked everything (apart from the 2-3 excellent people.).

    • PS I don’t want to be asked HOW I AM because obviously I AM FEELING LIKE SHIT but I do not want to lump that on anyone. I want key people to say “hey Pi, I am coming to pick you up and take you to the beach, I have packed some little things to eat and a lot of beer.” Or “Hi Pi, I am friends with the Very Busy And Important Doctor who you have been trying to contact for the past 10 days, I will call him.” Or “Hey,Pi. Where are you at with the arrangements for A, B and C? I’ll step in for that, let’s meet and I’ll take notes.” or “hi Pi, let’s get utterly shitfaced tonight, and drink many toasts to your beloved rello, the martinis are on me.”

      See? Simp-fuqing-le. *sigh*

    • and to date the only people who have managed to be genuinely excellent are Taureans and Librans. If that means anything.

      • Sometimes people go quiet because its something they don’t want to face.
        Others are just lazy self obsessed arseholes.

        May many excellent toros and Librans step in.

    • i have pass through this, and i had the same treat from peeps i thought would have been my closest intimate. so, double shock. and double pain.
      i just learnt to be my own first supportive best friend, then, it’s true, you never know, sometimes you get wise words and warm from strangest peeps you’d had never think of being so sympathetic.this also happened to me.
      the fact is that the topic per se is challenging. not everyone wants to really deal or is even capable to deal with all the emotions it might push off.
      moreover, we, western educated society, are not educated at all at dealing with the theme of death.
      we all project into it because it is such a rejected subject, but, no one understands that it is just a natural thing, like birth, love, sex, etc. indeed something that has to be approached with real respect, for what it teaches is so big and important.
      i wish you’ll be strong and elastic enough to pass through this moment with grace and understanding.
      hope you will be safe and protected enough to consent yourself to feel all the emotions you need to elaborate this very personal moment. be strong and take very good care. my thoughts are with you,

      • and if i were nearer i’d prob take you to the beach with loads of beers and some homemade fresh vegan panini.
        and a blanket in case we’d want to pass the night there and just look at the stars and say nothing at all.

        • oh … that would be great …. altho virtual, even just the lovely offer makes me feel better xxx

        • Oh pi… I love your let it out post… You say things I would just love to say… Isn’t it extraordinary how the key people in ones life aka loved ones waltz off at times like these… I had 2-3 bf fuq off when my loved one passed, then not even turn up to important invitation only events…. Important to me… It’s utterly surprising and worries me about the human condition and where our society is at….in this reality… Mm blog reality I would be the one that jumps in and asks what needs to be done and what job can you give me…. Then ill give you a massage… Love xx

      • I know – and I am sorry to hear that you understand from experience what it is like – and it *is* complicated. I agree with everything you have said. In the past I have been the person who ‘does not know what to say, so says nothing’ and I now realise how utterly wrong that is. Saying anything is good as long as it is kind and thoughtful. And it is in the days and weeks after the news that the world goes quiet but you realise that you still need the support that would normally come from within, but has been blown away by the event and there’s just dust, tumbleweeds and thunderstorms inside.

        I know that I need to realise people are doing what seems to be enough and they do care somehow, and that there is a point where I must limit my needs and expectations of others and rely on myself – but the shit part is, this is really really hard work and v lonely and so sad I don’t know where to begin even if the whole world turned up on my doorstep tomorrow with beautiful flowers and 365 offers of hugs, breakfast, lunch and dinner and long, mind-clearing hikes along remote bushland trails. I do have one person who is here for me but this person has their own grieving to do and it is not fair of me to lean on them.

        I am allowing myself to go through all of this and I can only do what I can I guess.

        thanks mollybloom. xxx

        • Sorry Pi love, this sounds intense. You expect more because you are more. It’s terrible to feel like you do this moment, it’s a head turning wtf realization about people who are weak and can’t love skillfully like you. Your incredibly grounded compassion is much needed in the world. Loads of hugs and blessings of pink clouds of heart light surrounding you!

          • It’s been a gigantic lesson, that’s for sure…I don’t want to be hard on others and at the same time I don’t know how to ask for more face time, who would be best to ask, nor what I would do if I got it..?! brain zap. Am finding it impossible to make decisions or get anywhere quickly.. this is normal I understand. This is living innit. thanks beautiful. I was wondering how things were going for you too, chez vous.. xxx

    • Dearest Pi,

      Get used to it, the people flaking out bit. It’s a sign of the times. It never stops hurting when people you thought you could count on dessert you, but eventually you do cultivate a kind of resiliency.

      Resiliency is the ace up your sleeve! Also, the flake-outs create a space in your circle where new, supportive people can reside in your life. It sounds to me that you are in the transitory phase of this social metamorphosis: totally the most difficult time.

      Stay faith full and strong, and open to new people. Keep an eye to what you do have and what can come. You’re doing all the right things. The rest will follow.

      Big Love to you. xoxo

      • (I just finished Saturn in Libra/7th house, where I have Moon, Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury. Your scenario really resontes for me. Stay the course!)

    • thats when you figure out who you can count on.
      it sucks and i feel you. i dont know why people cant mean what they say.

      • The difference between close friends and buddies.
        When someone dies and your friends go radio silent they aren’t close friends, just buttholes.
        Either keep them as drinking or hobby buddies or cut them loose.
        I feel ya though. Had a few close friends get flakey so demoted them.

    • Dear Pi,
      I’m sorry the people who should be standing beside you have scarpered.
      I hope a new closeness comes from the ones who do come forward.
      I have a song up my sleeve for times like these … The Cramps – People ain’t no good ….nothing like a good sing along to scare off the blue feeling of being unsupported through tough times.
      I’m sorry you lost a beloved family member, i hope you get to give them a good send off.
      Wish i could come whisk you away for a day of fun and lightness.
      Much hugs and love beautiful one,
      PS maybe a good declutter of unavailable facebook friends next dark moon might make you feel a little lighter ?

    • Thanks guys. I realise how ranty my comment sounded – sorry about that Mystic.

      It’s the death-admin that the N&D are flaking out on mostly – mainly the demented, damaged Leonic Pisces ex-partner/ partner? carer? WTF who knows, who is doing fuq-all other than Qi-Vampiring the hell out of everyone.

      And yes a couple of friends who I thought would be there a bit more in various ways, are really not. :( oh well who cares. Scorpio rising, you’re right, I have demoted them, in my mind at least.

  8. I cant believe it.. though i should… I have just spent half a day dreaming up how I can go back to my old, and now preferred life of massaging 3 days a week, working at the organic food van on the weekend… living on little but feeling bliss, not always happy no, but my body and mind was deeply relaxed at times… Then I go to my horoscopes for tomorrow and it says, in my words, not to think about going back to old work paradigm!!!! NO NO nO…. can you believe it!!!

    I am deeply unhappy where Im at right now, and then my rising sign horoscope states for tomorrow that this trial is almost over and I will start to feel better soon…. well bejeezus…. I look forward to that!!!!

    Im really trying to work out how to be proactive about this and to change the circumstances Im not happy with…. but its not happening overnight…. thats for sure.. it appears it may take time… so in the meantime Im having to deal with this state of being and there is some kind of lesson in this… and Im not going to have a crap time and not get the lesson in it I tell you!!!!

  9. I love that Saturn is the only plush toy that is smiling. That says it all really. Misery-inducing at first, but oh how we reap the results! (She says, pre-Saturn Return…)

    • because saturn is an ass and he knows it. sadistic bastard! look at that face! Lol

  10. so did they remove the pluto doll cos you know of his astronomical demotion?

  11. I can see these used in astro therapy….i don’t know if there is such a thing as astro therapy but there must be, somewhere.

    Client breaks down during a Saturn return and has to face Saturn…
    Client has a forty-something Uranus-transit and is given the Sun to cling onto.
    Client loses a loved one and does a role-play with pluto and moon waltzing while Venus throws herself on the floor and Mars goes out to buy a new home with the inheritance…