Has Pluto in Capricorn Morphed Your Money Policy?

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So, you know Pluto got into Capricorn in Jan 2008 and that there is been some Global Financial Fuquery since then, right?

I’m interested in if/how you peeps have morphed your money ideas & fiscal policy since then…My thoughts on it have totally evolved & Pluto is just getting to the quarter way point of this transit. FYI: It goes till 2024 and my personal feeling is that the ‘breakdown’ stage of restoring our unsustainable economic paradigm will go until 2018, when Uranus gets into Taurus. 2018 on is the rebuild era i.m.o.

Some things that have changed:

* I read the genius Extreme Money by Satyajit Das & now watch vids like The Top 15 Economic ‘Truth’ docos enough to be freaked out by high-frequency trading machines & derivatives + politicians who seem happy to leave all this to private sector “regulators” to govern. Pre Pluto in Cap, i had NO idea what they were.

* I’m now officially debt shy where-as pre-Pluto in Cap i used to think it was an honor and affirmation of one’s Awesome to be offered credit. Or more appropriately, to be offered debt. I am talking more credit cards here than debt you might use to buy an education, house or something productive. But in general debt free or deleveraging IS the new Rich.

* Without wanting to get too anarcha-wigwam about this, i think everyone is a bit more real and less status-whoring with one another. Yes, still like nice things obviously (gourmet food if you’re a foodie, designer labels if you’re a fashionista , fancy body alignment if you’ve got Aquarius Rising – whatever works) but that edge of designer-ism and leveraging up into an ever more beyond-you lifestyle that seemed to be around a LOT in the last days of Pluto in Saggo, seems to have dissipated.

* This is partly the influence from Neptune in Pisces + – now – Saturn in Scorpio but people are spending a LOT more on personal growth/health/wisdom than they are on THINGS. I actually don’t care for things. There is no single thing in my house that i would dash back in to save. Maybe my magical Raven Pic. Or my table with Runes carved all over it. But generally, Thing Lust no longer exists for me.

* I’ve noticed a lot of the people i know – men and women – do not want to get stuck in a relationship with someone financially crazy. Before Pluto in Cap, they might have tolerated it – now they’re not going their. Sexually Transmitted Debt is a terrifying thing. Ain’t nobody going to break OUR stride. Certainly not a mooching partner.

So…how have you morphed your $$$ beliefs and practice since 2008?

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80 thoughts on “Has Pluto in Capricorn Morphed Your Money Policy?

  1. I am less ‘Thing Orientated’ now than I have every been – it might just be partly down to maturity, but I no longer feel the need to buy cheap and cheerful quantity over long lasting quality. In late 2008 through 2009 I was pretty much rolling in the $$$ (I was in Australia at the time) and was very financially abundant, however it slipped through my fingers like tiny grains of sand.

    I’m now at the point where money is more a stepping stone – my priorities are realigned to my values, and I no longer NEED to spend, spend, spend – instead I prefer to wisely consider before making a purchase.

  2. In the beginning I got some good spending advice from my Libra sister. She taught me how to budget my money. I also got a good chunk of money from my late Grandma around this time. I was able to spend and splurge and save money at the same time.
    But then I moved in and was in a 10 month relationship with a dead beat guy. We did not have the same money values. “My is my money is my money, and your money is your money” He would always pressure me to by him weed videos games ice cream, cigarettes. He would ask me (as if I actually had a choice!!!) if I would buy him something, if I said no he would go into a bipolar rage. And since I was far away from everyone I would have to cave in. One day I was through, when he asked me if I would buy him ice cream. I said no, he went into a psycho rage, I went into the garage called my Libra sister. And she came and got me out of there with my mom and dad.
    Never again will I be serious with someone with a dead beat. Its not fair to me. I’ve kept my promise, and I am now with someone who respects me, actually pays for ME on dates.

    I’ve had Pluto on and off opposing my Jupiter in Cancer house 2
    But other than that, even when I do what’s right with money things happen that I have no control over. I’m under identity theft right now. fml I’m thinking this will get solved when Pluto gets off of my Jupiter. And then things can go back to the way they are suppose to be. And I can spend and save how I like. Also I realize the more bills I begin to pay the more I must take out of my monthly budget for food and clothes.

  3. I cannot honestly say what’s changed for me (and my husband), other than the ‘vibe’. We are just so debt averse now. It started shortly after my daughter was born (2006), but has got worse and worse. I truly believe that the world is on a one-way ticket to massive change. Finally, all the (sensible) economists are starting to agree with the truly genius astrologers like you, dear Mystic, and Michael Lutin etc etc who’ve been discussing this for years. There’s no going back now. When I hear another politician or R/E agent or economist/banker/business person start talking about ‘recovery’ and getting back to the way it was, I just laugh. The ‘vibe’ is so powerful – as Mystic says: ‘get with it and evolve or else!’.

  4. growing up an anarchist, I have a joyful passion for not giving in to debt lust thing wish over my sitch. If I can make it, trade it, make a deal I will, last resort is money so I can buy things like food, but trade negotiations can’t get taxed nor regulated πŸ™‚

  5. No longer tolerate STD
    Thing lust is (unbelievably) a thing of the past (well except maybe for Fluevogs…anyone want to sell me theirs?)

    Spending more on skills/training/experiences/travel than things
    Also I somehow feel less “shoppers guilt” or penny-pinchy now that I only spend on things I truly value.
    Very debt shy.

  6. well, in germany the grundeinkommen idea has been catching on. Here it is in a nutshell:
    1) machines either can, or already do, do all our work for nothing.
    2) all the profits from these machines go to the top guys, who do nothing, while the rest if us either pretend to work, or pretend to look for jobs where we too will do nothing.
    3) get rid of the fat cats, the jobs where people do nothing and the bureaucracy needed to help people find jobs where they do nothing and, hey presto: there’s suddenly enough money around to give everybody a basic living wage, to live, just because they are ALIVE.

    It’s called post capitalist economic theory or something. It can work. and
    it’s the sort revolutionary pragmatism that I think pluto-Capricorn can sort out. Thoughts…?

    • I’m telling you, in the future there will be perpetual motion…machines will be obsolete…One will not have to work for a living…The energy you can channel from your Higher Nature (start with meditation now..start a flow) will be your currency. Don’t let this world distract you from you inner nature…it is your salvation.

  7. I don’t use or have credit cards anymore, so I simply cannot spend beyond my means.

    I’ve lived on very little since the economic downturn as that’s about the time I gave up my business and have been only marginally employed since then as well as I went through a period of total unemployment and ended up on welfare, so I certainly learned to live on next to nothing.
    Never was much of a materialist, but I do miss being able to travel……ah well, once I’m working more I’ll be able to do that. I have a professional degree and 15 years experience in my field, so when I do work, I make a good salary.

    I love the dollar stores here, and it’s easy to find low cost or free food here in the city, so it all works out. It’s a high-rent city, but I live in shared housing so that keeps costs down. I miss having my own house/apartment, though. So yeah, traveling and being able to live alone are the main things I miss right now………….

  8. I am the total reverse. I used to be really uptight and anxious about debt, any debt. I always spent under my means and paid things off as quick as possible. And even though I had extra money I couldn’t feel it. I would wear things until they were falling apart before buying anything new. Then, more recently I accumulated some debt. It was not a bunch of spending, just necessary stuff without the salary to cover it. I have been working on not seeing it as some kind of giant doom hanging over my head and I feel more comfortable now. It is quite clearly not the end of the world. It does not make me a bad or stupid person. Much more comfortable really.

  9. After realising that the world’s biggest markets are oil, arms and drugs
    I understood that governments, banks, big pharma etc. are just drug-runners, thieves and killers.

    This makes me feel much more relaxed than not knowing how the world works.

    So anyway, naturally your personal policy has to change with this information. If you get that the world market’s are kinda rigged to suit various things, it will follow you try to match that on some level as ethically as you can manage.

    And like you say, you avoid debt and wise up to standing outside the system as much as possible. Keep everything in the bank? Ha.

    Pluto in Capricorn’s business suit is like the Devil in Prada. He is that stylish fallen angel who can’t help outing himself, because at the end of the day, he wants you to know him. Bless his cashmere silk socks.

  10. There are many levels of trade; money is only one transaction, there are hidden economies too…look into the endless layers…The world of motherhood, community, charities…What about co-operatives?

    Piscean neptune has dignity and possible conscious, self sacrifice for better, capricorn pluto redefining corporate protocol, activities and conservative agendas…aries uranus individuates against oppressive dated collective structure…

    Many people at the micro-business level are negotiating and exchanging honestly with good intentions for the present and future hope…it can be more than just a tangible or material deal!

    If I can serve or provide a service of use, good, benefit to someone or my friends, networks, then perhaps it can be arranged so they will supply what is required in return for the longer term benefit of not just me but all?

    • I live on a Co-operative….best move I ever made as far as shelter goes. I count my blessings everyday. The challenge is to co-inhabit with a diverse group of members & get on with each other. I promote the idea whenever I can because it makes housing affordable & keeps me/us connected in a way that seems to be dying out these days. Where I live I am surrounded by nature, full of wonders & hard work beating back the jungle! There are urban co-operatives popping up too & I think this might even be the year of co-operatives. I don’t have a mortgage & I can live on a shoestring so the Pluto Uranus thingy has made me feel even more fortunate to be where I am…..no credit card & no debt (phew!) with a window onto gorgeous green.

      • Yes this is what we probably aspire too, sustainable and self sufficient yet with creative possibility, and even though it is a challenge to work with the differences in human nature it is maturing and rewarding…I’m sure this is the answer but we are yet to get anywhere near this…Is definitely the dream, and we know of many people who are researching it as a genuine alternative to living

    • Much appreciated aquasun!

      My current trajectory feels somewhat claustrophobic as I’m paving back-up ‘stragery’ in case dreams and savings plunge south. I’ve always resisted the notion of professional degrees as a lifeline but have become quite spooked by recent events and impending poverty in this downturn/recession/recovery. As I’ve been tying myself into knots trying to suppress Neptunian perso and steeling myself for Capricorn corporate coggery yours was a wonderful reminder that expansive thought really makes the world go round and that my future is only as limited as I allow.

  11. Possibly: I no longer have any.

    I don’t really hang out with people for whom money is a prime concern, or at least we find the topic a bit tedious in general conversation. The US leadership seems to have resumed a business-as-usual policy but that’s out of step with the rest of the world, as far as I understand. Read the Fin Rev and it’s still about the market (as it always wld be I guess)

  12. Wow.. I was just having a conversation with a co-worker today about the financial crap he had been going thru since 2009. Hence what we have been talking about and morphing thru, I guess. Anywhoo… My financial situation is teaching me a painful lesson. I had a great situation at my last job where I was making a lot of money. Then they layed us off but gave us a lot of money. I decided to start my life over without a job, savings and unemployment and now paying for my lack of fund-aholic control. spent my money and have nothing to show for it. I got a job, that I honestly was very blessed to get and struggled because the salary was not covering my expenditures. It has been tuff. Now I will be starting a new job that will be more money and I hope I learned something.

      • To give you an idea as to how painful it has been.. I have an excel spreadsheet with my expected bills to be paid and when after each paycheck. LOL!! I think that is a good sign.

        Thanks Quin! xo!!

  13. Yes. Combined with a shitload of Uranus/Saturn 8th house stuff. I will never ever get tangled up with a man financially again. I was Ms Independent all my life and now have let myself get into a sitch I am sorely regretting, but learning from every day.

    Mystic, off topic but can I put in a request for a post re Danielle and Russell’s breakup? I loathe their shiny media selves but I really feel the need for something suitably non-haute in the midst of this relentless self-actualisation/depth psych trip I’m on. Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Ah, ok. Understood πŸ™‚ and am mortified if I’ve caused offence…. I am about to go down the separation road but thank god I won’t have to worry about being papped at every turn. Obvs everyone is more than their tabloid images. I should think before hitting send on occasions x

        • oh come on – don’t be hard on yourself – M is a ex-journo so knows the ropes – I thought it was a fab idea for a posting LOL x x

          • Haha I’m sure it’s cool – was suddenly worried I’d said something mortally offensive just as MM is about to do my Zeitgiest consult, lol

            • Deffo – she’s cool – I think I missed the opp for Zeitegist consults – sound fab! how did practice go on sunday ms thin-as-a-twig ? xxx

              • Yes I have enough Saturn action going on in my life without upsetting my trusty astrologer πŸ™‚
                Rehearsal was brilliant. Gig tomorrow… can’ t wait. Haven’t performed in a LONG time. Is it LZ to email the hot ex lover and tell him where I’m singing???

                • No – its ok if he is one of the many recipients on your mailing list – i.e. let EVERYONE know, then its not just focusing on him but about all your contacts

                • and then FORGET about it – because you don’t want to colour the night hoping and expetcing him to come – breaka leg sista!

      • Hadn’t heard about the break up over here!

        Oh, so sad…but hey, now I can have him… πŸ™‚

        Maybe we would not last but for a fling both being Arien and all…

        Hope this clip is not indicative of the ensuing situation..Unless of course he is the one to deserve it πŸ˜‰ lol

    • Want non-haute? Just go back a day or two and check out the Gem 1001-Sagg Dude soap opera. Plenty of potato chip fluff right there.

  14. omg. i need to pray before i enter into this business partnership with my aries lover. he wants me to be a stripper..and i honestly don’t think the profession is wrong i just think hows he going about it, is. O_o idk. i somewhat feel like it’s degrading myself but it’s great money. i have a set plan in a conservative route but he’ s broke and need help.

    • I think you have your answer in the last sentence – he’s broke and needs help. That may well be true but don’t let it be at your expense or sense of values/ self-worth.

    • HELLO OMG FUQ OFF – FINE if you want to do it for the money, to make the most of an amazing bod whatever but it is not HIS role to urge you into this as a biz model.

      And what would be HIS ROLE in this biz “partnership”???

      tell him to go fuq himself. Seriously. An embarassment to Arieans

      • amen! Glad you said it. MM!

        I’d never get into the sex industry by the urging of a male partner. What’s he going to do to earn his keep?

    • No moral or social finger-wag from me, however this is potentially leaps of exposure if your future trends along a more conservative path. As you know, sex work (U.S. definition) can ‘out’ and unfairly brand those who wish to remain relatively anonymous. Also it has a high turnover/burnout rate – qi vamp management, clients, colleagues and all.

      And it’s not really a partnership if you’re doing all the work, you question his business savvy and the proceeds are his lifeline. I cast no aspersions on your man, his intentions or your love but I’ve known a few well-paid escorts and as they tell it, partner-lovers who ‘manage’ women in sex work are a recipe for romantic, psychic and financial disaster. Despite my dire examples I wish you both much luck and prosperity with whatever choice you make.

    • God it’s so hard to say no to men who show you love, but seriously this guy is just showing you his need. Mostly of cash. What is he bringing to the table that you couldn’t bring yourself? Plus if he wasn’t in the picture would you be considering stripping? There’s nothing wrong with stripping in my mind, but I’m getting a sense of pressure being placed on you. When I’m unsure of what to do in situations like this I do a ‘pros and cons’ list. Be dispassionate and write out the best and the worst that could happen and then see what you can live with. Good luck!

    • “he’ s broke and need help.” Then tell him to go out and strip, if he’s that keen for the cash.
      There are several more things I’d like to say about his buisness model, but I think I’d get banned from the site if I did.

    • Sister, he’s not your “lover,” he’s a pimp. PIMP. Did I say that loud enough? PIMP!!!!

      They’ll eat you alive. Put whatever you can fit into a duffel bag and get moving! Get out of town and stay at a shelter or relative or friend’s house until you’re able to hold your own without becoming prey.

      I mean it: it’s a trap. Don’t take the bait!

      • And if he threatens to hurt you or himself if you leave, then that’s proof positive that this is a trap, he’s a pimp, and you need to bolt. Grab your toothbrush and go!

        • One more thing:

          You know who can be really helpful in these kinds of situations (as in, helping fleeing women)? Catholic nuns. No shit. Atleast in North America. They have a kind of Underground set up. So, find the nearest convent and inquire: you may find refuge there.

      • I agree. RUN!!!
        I had a partner who was broke urge me to strip and get into the escort/porn biz. I said, “No thanks” and dumped his arse.
        He was very controlling abusive person who still stalks me.

    • PerfectPisces – Please RUN away from this guy as fast as you can. He is not your “lover” he is your energy vampire.

      You are precious- YOU decide what you want to do. How convenient for HIM to set up a business plan with YOUR body! FUQ My eyeballs are nearly leaving their sockets in fury.

      What is he btw? Sun? Ascendant?

  15. i don’t know… pluto’s sitting on the cusp of my 8th and all of a sudden i want money. for the first time in my life. i realized that my dream of the starving artist-honest poverty-blah blah blech is not only my parents’ freaking dream but it’s a fuqing myth. you can’t do shit when you’re poor. can’t help a single person cause nobody and i mean nobody takes you seriously. so you stay poor, and you get bitter, and you lose all your ideals anyway. it’s a fuqing trap. so i’ve gone from full-on gardening, survival stash of silver, cans, 50lb sacks of rice, salt, no debt, out in the backwoods (i caught a whiff of the global financial fuqery back in 2004 and maybe, having a new baby, freaked out just a teensy bit πŸ˜‰ ), to living without so much fear or stuff and ready to take on a student loan next year if i have to. and the year after, and after… i figure by the time i get out of school the zap zone will have come and gone, and the credit system will have long collapsed.
    total sea-change.

  16. We used to say—“In the 70’s and 80’s cocaine was God’s way of saying you had too much money. ” Then came THAT reality check.
    Then we said…” The more money we make the bigger our bills are…
    Now I say…. “Recycle ,Repair, Re-joy-ce”!
    I’m much happier now, and am also learnig to own and share my experiences that they may also help others ( chiron in scorpio).
    Champagne anyone, toast? !
    To a simpler life !!!!

  17. Pluto’s in my 7th now (along with Saturn/Neptune/Uranus…omg). Pre-Cap Pluto I thought of relationships/marriage as strictly business deals, in a sense. As in I wouldn’t want you if you couldn’t further me, support me, etc. (I know, total Stone Age mindset!) Now? I want someone who I can help, too, who will also help me. I want equality and to know I don’t need them to survive financially. I want to be able to stand on my own two feet, to pay on my own bills, and for trust/love/happiness/honesty, etc.

    I’m guessing my love life – and friendships/professional relationships – are all in for a very strange, intense, transformative time. Something life-changing and eternal’s insistently on the way. Then Pluto’s in my 8th Aqua. Damn.

  18. “Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award” (from the Amazon description)- Hahahahahahahahaha. That’s like Chopper Reid giving an award to the police for cleaning up crime. Extreme Irony.

      • i used to think it was an honor and affirmation of one’s Awesome to be offered credit. Or more appropriately, to be offered debt.

        You are so awesome ! I love most things you say but this is divine language

        and exactly how the marketing qi succubuses want you to feel !!!

  19. I’m kind of the opposite to everyone else. Pre 2009 I was scrooge central. Being a single parent scared the shit out of me and I kept my dollars close. But in the last couple of years I’ve opened up my wallet and been more prepared to go into debt for solid things such as renovating the house or taking my kids OS (i.e. educational). Could it be that I was being unrealistic before in how scared I was re money (Pluto in Sagg) and now my attitude has been readjusted to meet everyone else in the grounded middle ground. What do you think?

  20. Hasn’t effected me too well as far as growth goes; quite the opposite unfortunately. Like a good number of other students, I got myself into awful debt due to college. Certainly the classes were interesting, but helpful in the long run? Not really.

    Once upon a time, someone could pay for college while working part time. Now it’s the equivalent of pushing a new cheap or luxury car (whichever you choose to demolish) off of a cliff every year. There’s the ever prevailing pressure that if you don’t have a degree you can’t get anywhere in life. Sure you can wait for your lucky break if you don’t have a degree yet, but I can’t even count the number of times I was turned down for a job or my application didn’t qualify because I didn’t have a bachelor’s yet. But even with a degree, it’s extremely difficult to get a job unless you like working minimum wage (which I can assure you from experience, hardly gives you enough to eat never mind pay school loans). I can only hope that Pluto in Cap, being a generational thing, brings gigantic change to all of this. Not just for me, but for a lot of people.

    That said, the Uranus square Pluto has brought on way more growth; I now thankfully have a job I really like in the world of computers, even though I haven’t finished my degree yet. I’ve found that being a rebel against a traditional system is the way you have to be sometimes even if you don’t intend so at first. I’m glad to see my Pisces cousin has had the same transformation as well; she’s put school on hold due to the expense for a not so certain job outcome.

  21. Since 2008 I have radically changed for sure, I married a guy-the Druggie Scorp with the foolish assumption that a loving home and family would give him a better alternative to heroin. So bought him a Ute so he could go to work-paid for his smokes(which I detest) as it helped him stay off the heroin(lesser of the two evils I thought). So after many moons of mayhem, chaos and tears aplenty I bid him goodbye and he went back to living in Kings Cross. Whereas I truly was left with a “Sexually Transmitted Debt is a terrifying thing”( fabo saying MM). It is all good however as I have learned much and bear the Scorp no malice-just real sadness at such a waste of a magnificent man.

    I have noticed changes as I created an account on RSVP.com.au and met some really great guys but no matter how lovely they are-if they do not have a job or any sort of addiction to anything-I refuse to get entangled. I am so over rescuing guys. I still rescue animals and birds etc -just not the male human variety!

    I am still dealing with the fall out from the Scorp-working long hours to pay bills, payback credit card debt etc. I detest debt and have become very creative with clothes, what i cook, recycling etc.

    The problem is how do I divorce someone living on the street-as he has no address. Furthermore it costs $1500 for me to divorce him and him nothing as he is unemployed! How fair is that-pray do tell? I so wish he would divorce me but he declares his undying love etc. So….I have to save up for that too….

    • Sorry to sound all Virgo but it will be the best $1,500 you spend. You need to be free of this guys as my vibe is wonderful things and much prosperity to come – don’t let this hang over your head as unresolved biz – you’ll be glad ou did the work in 18 months. Sorry for a stong psychic flash to tell you this xxx

        • Thanks Scorpiorising-but what do you mean by he could rack up more debt? Would I be still responsible even though we are separated? Horror upon horrors! πŸ™

      • Ah thanks Anonymous(?) for that psychic flash-much appreciated. Y’know I am even still paying funeral insurance for him so I can bury him if he OD’s πŸ™ . How tragic is that? I have kept it secret as my family would kill me if they knew-but I want to be able to make sure he is looked after at the end. Actually….it will not be a burial…I would have to nuke him as it costs less.

      • Kels, definitely mental health is way more important than money, but doing 3 jobs now is so exhausting. I guess I just have to get my act together. The funny thing is I am dating another Scorp now!! However, he is not into any addictions whatsoever and is responsible and a devoted Dad etc. Mad surfer, driven etc….and sexy….ah I flusheth even as I speaketh of him!! ; >

  22. the big changes include not relying on one source of income anymore. I’m diversifying which also nourishes my soul purpose too. 2 for the price of 1.

    also ditched fiscally irresponsible biz partner…

    and while i still desire sex and a relationship the idea of marrying a debt ridden loser is not appealing anymore. he needs to be able to pull his own weight from now on.

  23. I’m much more interested in $$ than I was in the past, but that might be due to having gone into business for myself in the past few years. I’ve always been a bit squeamish about debt, but I got myself a mortgage around the time I started my business (a high risk strategy!), so I’ve been learning to tolerate it while paying it down as fast as I can. The really great thing is that business is going brilliantly so far, so (fingers crossed) I should be able to get rid of the mortgage pretty swiftly.

    • Yes, it’s a great expression – and, from recollection, one that’s been used a lot in feminist legal theory (in Australia, at least) to describe a series of cases from the 90s involving women seeking to set aside guarantees they had entered into to secure the business loans of their (typically now ex-) husbands. The man’s business would go belly up and the woman would end up on the hook for the loan.

      • Yes and depending how good her lawyer was she could plead ‘I didn’t know’ even where she would appear to be well educated.

        • Yes, that’s because a ‘guarantee’ is a tricky thing – you are guaranteeing to pay ALL debt – not just a set amount. So, beware!! There are large numbers of these cases, where people have been taken advantage of by determined banks. The way out? To make sure the guarantor gets independent legal advice before signing. There are cases of people (elderly parents etc) who don’t even speak English being asked to sign their lives away as guarantors for a stupid adult child of theirs etc.

  24. I brought an old run down house last year and have spent the past year tarting it up. I don’t earn any money, but have no debts/mortgage and my bills are low. Whilst I’d love a job, it seems to be alluding me currently. Extra money would only create desires for things I don’t really need.

  25. Couldn’t agree more, in the 90’s I managed to live happily without credit and disregarded any need for it and then at the turn of the century got caught up in the desire of living ahead of myself… I’ve since returned to my original ethos and live with zero credit tolerance.

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