Felix Baumgartner – Multi Aries, Mars in Saggo

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner has made a record-breaking leap from the edge of space, landing safely in the New Mexico desert after freefalling from more than 39 kilometres above the Earth.

The 43-year-old floated down to Earth on a red and white parachute canopy, which he had opened after reaching an unofficial speed of 1137km/h in freefall.

The skydiver’s blood could have boiled if there were the slightest tear or crack in his pressurized spacesuit-like outfit, due to instant depressurization at the extreme altitude. …


From the SMH.


FYI Astro: Multiple Conjunct Aries – Chiron, Venus, Saturn Sun AND Mars in Sagittarius…Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto in Virgo-Moon in Gemini…

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Chances are, I’d totally dig the guy if I’d meet him, we have a rather interesting synastry.

Adore the quote from him you posted on FB


Absolutely amaxing! Can’t believe it was a helium balloon that pulled him up to space!!!

Good thing he did this prio to Mercury retro!!


you know i think this guys name comes out in english as “happy tree gardener” cute but “total psycho fire ball” would probably be more appropriate…


I think I am in love. Also his sun would be conjunct my venus and chiron. Mind you i’d want to be up there with him doing the jump 😉


Aww 🙂


Wow. I wonder how many valium he took. Geez that can’t be good for you. “I repeat. My vizer is fogging up.” Seriously crazy dude. He looked to be spinning head to tail head to tail, I wonder if he managed to keep his lunch down.


I’m perplexed – why would you want to do that when , in our lifetime at least, this feat is not within reach to others? No one can even come close to understanding the feelings, sensations and thoughts…


Actually, peeps are jumping off all kinds of things this morning… :mrgreen:



.if you see the telegraph full vid……all that tumbling around the point he hit the sound barrier!!!! man.
he’ll want a few kilos of epson salts in his bath tonight .
nice work .
onya Rammy.


You gotta wonder how you’d pull up the next day after 39 miles at 863 mph. A bit dizzy with a Sore head at least you’d think?

Domestic Triffid

I still think the original was the best 😀

This IS pretty cool, but I think for sheer balls it had to be Joseph Kittinger. From an open gondola. With his suit duct taped shut…

I DO *love* the fact that they shook hands afterwards. Way cool.


obviously its moon in gemini responsible for this…..what other moon sign would feel as emotionally prepared for this feat. gemini moon is perfect for that leap.

speaking as a gemini sun….i’m always down for anything…as long as my taurus moon is down too.

but then again my sun conjunct mars goes ahead and disregards what taurus moon wants hahahaha 😆


He’s Toro. Saturn is prominent. Gotta love that. Hi Sweets x


Hey Roxy Lady….

Happy Sunday to you…x

(well, dammit..he’s a Toro? G Dammit…)

That’s what Astrotheme chart shows..Is that the only chart going on?

Well, anyway, I’ll take my Rockstar arse off to home now…lol


Happy Sunday Sweets, on stayca messin’ around. How you ?
Was gonna keep my mouth shut, then saw post above you let cat outta the bag. I love his chart, Saturn is apex of Yod. Saturn rules falling, so very interesting. It really opened up my eyes to having my own falling Aries Saturn Rx in trine to Sag Mars.
His crazy ass jump happens as Mars is on my Mars quint Uranus – and he opened my astro doors of perception. So WoW RESPECT. 😀


You are having a Mars Return it sounds like?


They asked him how he felt and he said “I felt a lot of pressure in my head” – haha no kiddin.
Only going a zillion miles an hour, gawd lol.


haha, yeah perhaps only an Aries would say “pressure on my head”…lol

Tho seein’ how he fell out over Roswell and all, surprised an alien didn’t plum pluck him outta the sky…. 🙂

That ~is~ interesing about the “falling” and your chart Rox. x


Hi Mystic – you used a sunrise chart ? I always do a noon (solar) chart. What do you see as rising ? I see Leo ASC, Sun/ Saturn and Merc (fame, falling, new record) in 10. You ?


Just the thought scares the bejeebus outta me!


Yes, I just watched the video Scorp/Sun rising provided…

Yipes..but geeze, don’t he got anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon? 🙂


I watched a couple of YouTube ones on top of that one…… I actually thought the other way…… Don’t I have anything better to do on a Sunday arvo. I unexpectedly had an impromptu breakdown over arsehole ex while he’s falling from outta space. It’s literally raining men and I’m cryig over a fuqface!??


“Raining men”….lol…good one WOOHOO…

Sorry you were hurting darling.


With no pix on my tv…all I could hear were sounds…and he WAS screaming.. 😆


Hey, our daveyL has Aries Sun Gem Moon…

Jumped outta any space craft lately davey?

Oh, I see, you don’t have to…Your Moon is in the 12th house… 😉 x

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Love the astro connection!




Dude has space BALLS!


🙂 Ha ha.
Actually I heard that being in space fries the huevos due to proximity to solar flares which Earth’s atmosphere protects us from. So space balls are brave but infertile.
Tho I doubt Felix is too worried.


haha eep. someone mentioned temps could make body fluids boil out… which would of course eliminate any need for bathroom breaks. oy.!
his jump was badass, respect !


ha, yeah, if retaining water and feeling a tad bloated, just jump from space…


lol 🙂


I thought he was an Aires too but he’s a Bull… Zero Degrees: The Man Who Fell to Earth. Literally.


haha, I don’t know either way but he has Red Bull on his suit…if he were an Aries mighten he have Rockstar? (that’s what this Aries drinks… Couldn’t resist 😉 )


Good observation!


haha, I just drank one today 🙂

ramm-madam dingdong

WOW! .. My chart looks just like this!! No surprise really, as I was born on April 17, but a year earlier, 1968! So I have that same Yod configurement with Uranus – Neptune – firing towards my Sun at 27 degrees, right at the heart of my chart. But the intensity in my birth signature is toned down ‘a touch’ by my twin grand fire trines – which provide me with a ‘slightly’ broader focus. But I am a bit intense when I hook into my areas of interest, & find it difficult to disengage from them & then… Read more »

ramm-madam dingdong

.. plus, thanks to my aries stellium, (sun, venus, mercury, chiron, saturn & north node) I’ve been forever the youngster & find it a chore to ‘act-my-age’ .. I feel like now i’m only just starting to grow up, or is that just another new experience to be explored 😉


Yes, this morning I still could not reconcile how a Toro would be nuts enough to make that jump…My Saturn and Cap Moon and Toro Venus and Pluto in Virgo (“Earth to Sweetpea….Come in SP” would not…

No, I’m the Aries at Houston Control asking when he gets there “what the hell took ya so long?” 🙂


Love his chart! What else would you be doing with a chart like that? Love the big hug, too – friendly little bugger, no doubt!


And, you know, ‘Felix’ means happiness.


I could not get a copy and paste pix mill, but over here there used to be a Felix the Cat cartoon…does he have anything in the 5th house? hee

Tropic of Scorp

Haha. I remember Felix the cat!! Use to watch that as a kid… still remember the tune.

Felix the cat.. the wonderful wonderful cat.
Whenever he gets in a mix, he reaches into his bag of tricks.. 😀


Ola! I thought about him when i typed in the name Felix!!!

The version we know today appeared on December 14, 1919.

Sagittarian, baby!!! “Lucky cat” is how they chose that name.


haha guys..yes, I did the tune in my head too Tropic of Scorp….

Guess you would also have to be “lucky” to survive that fall as well mill!


Nail-biting moments. I too thought — “an Aries is taking the flight, I wonder what part of his chart is Sag, oh well, I will wait for Mystic’s take”


Unreal. Amazing to watch! I was sitting there thinking he had to be an Aries, really only an Aries could or would. Love that it’s Mars in Sag right now too.

Scorpio Sun/Rising

omg I watched this. It was unbelievable. I cried when he stepped off the step of the craft. It was simply amazing. I also heard that the color of “Blue” up there is so magnificent that an artist here on Earth could never capture it. I don’t know if Felix said that or not but when that little capsule door rolled open it was an incredible vision. I loved every moment of this. 🙂

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