Dating Drought: Why No Love Action?

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Hey Beautiful People, i am happy to announce a new Oracle Question – Dating Drought: Why No Love Action? – is now live.

As always, the dratted thing proves unerringly accurate, annoyingly so. Synchronicity, Dark Matter,

None of the several hundred potential answers mention Love Zombies BUT it has an automatic cut-out – if you ask it the same question too many times in the same Moon Cycle, it either squirts mugwort infused oxygen to jolt you out of the trance or supplies a snarky answer.

OH and yes, the Oracle is part of the subscription deal but i.m.o it is WAY better value than most fortune tellers/psychics etc. Especially as you’re getting horoscopes as well…

ENJOY…share your thoughts re this here if you like xx


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55 thoughts on “Dating Drought: Why No Love Action?

  1. Well this would have come in handy before Neptune moved into Pisces (for me). I need a question like “how to get this/these men off me” – not to sound full of myself but that’s what Neptune on my Pisces Asc is doing to me – it’s like I can’t go anywhere… All the transits atm except Pluto opp my Moon are pretty awesome on paper but IRL it’s not so much fun 😐

      • Depends what degree your rising is in. I have 1.54 Pisces Asc so it’s “live” right now. For more info read Howard Sasportas “Gods of Change” or go to Cafe Astrology online but no one tells it like HS or Mystic.

    • Ah yes the dreaming is full on. I’m also getting off my antidepressants (shrink agrees I probably don’t need them anymore, but they’re one of the most difficult to get off so teeny reductions at a time. A side effect if i miss a dose has always been mega dreaming but now its mega mega. Thanks for the heads up too in your amazing Zeitgeist Mystic xx

  2. I like the Oracle. Have beeing using the Tarot Card question mostly. Sometimes I chose the LZ questions but I like Tarot better.

    Tried the new question and it is right in sync with what I am working on. Living my life alone! I can’t rely on anyone and shouldn’t have to. But if he comes around to enjoy some time together then I am there! I just don’t understand the interragating questions I get when people find out I am single. And when I explain I am “kinda” seeing someone but not really. They ask, can you rely on him. Ummm.. why should do I? Until I get through this new phase in my life that I crazily started over at age 45 I will see what transpires. It has been an amazing, challenging, uplifting, depressing.. but bottomline, I am so Thankful to God that I am going through it! I was living a life of surviving vs living. I love it! Maybe some more bumps in my path coming up so let’s see how I handle them.


    • Yeah, dig it.

      Who will be the first to report max overload I wonder?

      No that aint a challenge or a self fullfilling prophecy disclosure πŸ™‚

      • It would be me. The Oracle always gives me a snarky answer. Not because of overuse because I keep asking the same about the same idiot every day duh!
        But i do love the oracle. I am paying much more attention to her.

  3. thank you mystic!

    so far the oracle has been 100% right about everything i have asked. well i can’t be for sure of the past life stuff but damn! this is the most accurate online oracle thingy i have ever used. online tarot wise i like
    Don’t ask it what you don’t want to know.

  4. Ha, amazing. Just tried it, probably NOT for the last time lets face it. I got ‘Investigate your Mars sign and house placement for some rad insights’ well yes indeed. My Mars in Sag/9th H is fully activated by the Mars in Sag transit right now. I am so RESTLESS it’s driving me mad, I kind of know I have to be in another country if I have any chance of finding love again.

  5. Hello. I have a question. Can anyone tell me what the moon in the 12th house means for relationships? I heard it’s not good and I can actually believe that for the person who’s astrology chart i was reading about. Can anyone tell me?

  6. WOW!!!!!! πŸ™‚
    i got

    “fate is at play – keep trying to be true to your highest self and something beautiful manifests for you before your next birthday”

    this and that *personal* LOL πŸ˜‰ email for Monday TOTALLY got me out of the blue of this deep heavy Pluto day and re-asset my confidence! thanks Diamond Encrusted Shiny Brilliant Mystic!

  7. *troll alert above*

    But back to the real stuff…. So stoked you’ve added this on the oracle mm…. I twirled the oracle last night to find I need to feng shui my desk…. I’m not sure what that will require but I will declutter and research fenging for desk… That has given me something to focus on that I can manage given I think I’m all alone at work today and have paperwork up to my ears….

    So the dailies were great I love it when you talk like that mm… So directive, I am bothered I have to wait till December to sign any contracts because I’d prefer to be out of here…. But obviously that will take time, I need to get a radio so i can listen to ABC but want to get a good one was going to get a whole system audio thing but won’t be rushing into that maybe ill just get a little radio thing this week… No tv no radio its good! ….. I’m not so happy about things getting more intense… I will def be faking Zen and at least I know some of the actual Zen things to do…. Like asking koans… Like…. Why is (coworker) she asshole? Contemplate that… Verycompassion building : ) I lost my shit last week, so its taken all weekend to convince myself I can come back with humble determination… Not let the bastards get me down…. But there is apretty big don’t care factor going on….

      • so that troll comment must have been removed? good it was a shocker….

        So Im stoked, I have to share, I feng shui’d my desk today, well I havent finished yet, but it feels great!!!! I already feel a shift in my energy and a bit more positive about work… I did spend some serious work time doing this but I figure is an important part of work too, to stay organised and on to it!!!!

        In some ways I have the perfect job for me in that Im out half the time and in a lovely building the other half, I can sit under a tree and see clients or on their verandah and then I get time in the office to work away at the computer and fax and scanner and all that stuff…. this suits me really…. but I crack it all the time… probs cause there is a awhole lot of other issues… but lets see if the fengin sorts it out : )

        Thanks mollybloom…. I just love your name fullstop.

        • well done then Plutonic Gem! good for you! let’s see how *i*’ll face the Zen like attitude today, (Monday morning here right now!) see you around! cheers πŸ™‚

    • Love your fake koans! I make some for my former desk neighbour Scorpio Buddhist. You can tell a real Buddhist cos they have a beautiful sense of humour and know you’re pulling the piss out of yourself or existence, not their religion.

      Once the two Real Buddhists were chatting about a particularly difficult concept and i randomly said it took me ages to work out the sound of one hand clapping. They said i was doing very well as most people spend years not working it out. My eyes widened and my heart fell and i said, Oh no! I must have got it wrong then! They really laughed.

      Here’s a koan to make you feel better:
      It is not good to hold onto shit, so is it bad to lose it?

  8. 😯

    I’m obsessed with the Oracle! 😯 😯

    Earlier this year I asked the oracle a question and the answer said that an animal was coming into my life and there will be a connection or something alike.

    Within about a month or so I heard about a little 3 month old puppy that needed a home. I didn’t know why this one was different but I knew I wanted her. A few people offered to take her and I didn’t think I would get her but the person who rescued her gave her to us. It’s been LOVE from the moment we met! She is now 8 months old, she’s a Pisces – she loves the water and completely obsessed with it! She is just beautiful and my god she makes us laugh – she really has brought so much to my life.

    It struck me about a month or so after getting the puppy that the oracle mentioned it – I was blown away when i remembered! 😯 😯

    Love the Oracle!

  9. Ha ha! Yes, I’ve had a dating drought for over three years, mostly of my own choice, but honestly, I never meet anyone in this big city………also, I don’t feel relaxed enough in my life to have a partner, don’t know how I’d fit that in, in a way that would be beneficial to me and not just cause a lot of stress. *sigh*

    I did the oracle and it said “Virgo incoming!” …..Oh no! I really don’t jibe with Virgos very well. I know a lot of them, I guess they feel familiar as my mom is a Virgo, but I don’t get along with my mom at all, so it’s not a positive familiarity. I’m Aqua sun with Pisces moon and a lot of stuff in Pisces, so Virgo just doesn’t compute for my Aqua and it wrankles my Pisces stuff, so…….

    Hmmmm…..well, I guess this says to me that the drought will continue! No matter, really, I’ve got a lot worse problems to sort out right now, in survival mode and all that…..

  10. I love the Oracle, it’s like my virtual too-truthful, best-intentions-at-heart gay best friend.

    It says I need a makeover. lol I’m in productivity/scheming mode now, but health makeover is already launched and beauty/fashion makeover forthcoming mid-November.

  11. LOL just gave it a whirl got “next solar eclipse – something radically cool….” Cool just come back from 2 lovely weeks with potential mate it’s being left to simmer to see what pans out…. Love the Oracle too not an abuser of it but yes always spot on.

  12. So I just gave the oracle a spin, such fun!

    So, basically, oracle was in a flattering mood.
    It said I’m like a ‘rain maker’ !! Ha. Nah. I take this as not to mean The Rain maker from the new Bruce Willis / Joseph Gordan-Levitt sci-fi filum *Looper* (I would scream if I really were like that Rain Maker).

    Oracle also says I that I am fussy…

    The latter is right but I would think that there’s a 1 in 12 chance with that response. ie. 1 in 12 people have venus in virgo which the zodiac suggests are fussy.

  13. Well I asked about the lack of dating/love action for fun – but it’s worked!!
    It said, “There is a Capricorn on the way!”.

    Now if I turn ‘on’ to ‘in’ it’s 100% accurate.
    2 3/4 year old Capricorn kicked my Gem in the head till he vacated the bed last night.

  14. Ok so WTF!! seriously what dark matter machine you got going on there!!!
    The Oracle pretty much just told me what you said in your zeitgeist!! Next sig partner you’ll meet through work but at a much higher level so get going..ok verbatum but still!!! I heart the oracle.. I may just stay up working now πŸ™‚

  15. I was *just* thinking I’d love this kind of question in the Oracle yesterday – in sync or what?! I gave it a spin and was told that something would happen at the next solar eclipse. Hmmm… mid-November. I’ve been in total self-actualising mode the last couple of months – the likes of which have never been seen round these parts before – so am definitely in love drought-age purgatory. There are much, much worse places to be…

  16. I just asked the new question and guess what: “a Capricorn is on his way”. Another one? Really? Dang my Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno force field! Dear universe, can I please a) have sex again one day and b) can it be with a man who isn’t a Cap? πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve had too much ex action just this week but no love action for years. why do they all appear at once 3 of them? did my head in. but they’ve all retreated now i hope.

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