Better Living Tips From NapoLEOn

Napoleon astrology

Voila Napoleon – ultra-Leo, Emperor and a man considered to be the greatest military genius of all time. This picture drew my attention because of what looks to be astrological detailing around the side of the awesome rug beneath his throne. You think?

Napoleon is also a fantastic astro example – he had Mars-Neptune conjunct in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. That’s Mars in a Grand Earth Trine involving all the outer planets. Cue history. He was Scorpio Rising at Zero Degrees. Yes, the birth chart of this revolutionary was eerily similar to the astro of now.

He was also Moon in Capricorn (great motivation for feeling  like nothing you do is ever good enough lol).

When not conquering, he was renowned for his (highly Leo) vanity.  These facts from the Daily Life Of Napoleon make me think he could actually have been Libra Rising…

* He had a horror of bad smells.

* He was obsessive about maintaining a cheerful demeanor – no hint or mention of fatigue – ever.

* Centuries before it was fashionable, he dry-skin brushed, sometimes twice a day.

* He spent two hours a day in a bath with rose water and almonds, often conducting his meetings from the bath.

* He adopted the bee as his personal symbol and had it added/embroidered onto everything he owned. Bees were considered symbols of hard work, ingenuity and – he felt – a reminder to extract the honey from life. Bee symbolism is also  blazingly magic, of course.

The concept of taking a symbol or a fortunate talisman and weaving it in all around your life is totes Leo. Think of Coco Chanel and her use of the number 5/the Lion Symbol.

So guys here is some take-home Leo-style wisdom from Napoleon: Adopt and use a personal symbol in your everyday life, smell sensational, always vibe UP (so as to inspire your troops) and dry skin body brushing at least once a day is fab for the lymphatics. We know this. And if Napoleon could find the time, so can we.


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Double Trouble Scorp

Wonderful post! I love info on someone’s life beside the public persona.

Also, the last sentence is so convincing! Mystic, you’re a great writer and motivator. Where’s your Leo? 🙂


Gorgeous post!!
Buying a couple body brushes for the family – meant to be good for ASD people too.


I just purchased a new brush for dry brushing! JUST! They wear out so must replace frequently…

Have a symbol…

Smell fabulous (or try to)

I do not know if I vibe up, but maybe


Well you know i had a moment while i was struggling to do everything yesterday afternoon, and i said to myself: You are not Napoleon.

Sure enough, i have some kind of virus. I wish i would stop thinking of my Piscean self as lazy sometimes.

Fire fish

Love the fish Mille! Love. That. Fish. Xx


What a great little Astro Napolean read. He was truly fascinating and terribly odd and ended being paraniod. Lord Byron had an obsession with N. He even had a carraige made to look just like N’s and Byron was a fanitical bather, of course he traveled with a tub and a menagerie of animals, like a fox, a peacock pair, ravens,ducks, a wolf… he was an Aquarian but antway this post made my day! I would love for you to your Astro on Byron sometime!

Little Joey

That Day in the life link is interesting – a great read

Sounds quite Libra rising I think – (a Scorp would have better security!)

I thought this “In particular, he wished his private apartments in each location to be identical, even down to the design and arrangement of the furniture” – sounds like Howard Hughes


p.s the title of this post is hilarious Mystic


this is freaky. I am drawing a tailsman/symbol/motif for biz card as we speak


Have adored Napoleon from my impressionable geek years as a library shuttered 3rd grader hoarding all manner of bios and prints on him, Josephine and the French Empire. Napoleon began my fascination with all things France though French-Toro-ex considered him a near sociopath.

The coronation robe portraits are among my favorite, saturated with ancient astro-pagan symbology, sumptuous detail and obvious egoistic delirium – it does seem a Leo orgy. And great call MM on the Libra rising, I always assumed the peek-a-boo scales were revolution-themed but maybe he was simply flashing his chart.


I love these posts. Sumptuous graphic, mythology, symbolism and an invitation to integrate them with your personal narrative. Awesome! 🙂

electric eel libran

i couldve swore there were stories about him not wanting josephine to bathe when he was coming home. that doesnt sound libran to me…sounds more scorp or sagg.

The Leo Socialite

Well dahlinks i am back from my sojourn in hell (don’t ask) and here is one of my favourite topics! What would Napoleon do? i often ask myself that – also what would cleopatra do? I find it helps to focus the mind and help me rise above the mediocrity that threatens every one of us on a daily basis. Even the most fabulous. dry skin brushing DOES work but you have to do it daily. napoleon was correct. He also only slept 5 hours a night but napped a lot, he could fall asleep whenever he liked for 20… Read more »


O god you had me at If Napoleon Could Find the Time So Can We. Funnily enough i brought back a picture of Napoleon to amuse some clients about a fortnight ago. We had been joking about the fact that Napoleon was a bit early born for the invention of the camera. Have been musing on the hexagram since watching a math doco three months ago, involving the geometry of the soap bubble and the beehive – was it a link posted from someone here?? – and its relation if any to the pentagram. And how much do i fqng… Read more »

Fire Fish

So fab to hear someone else’s Leo / Pisces tendencies arguing….My fish is ready for a nap too…. love the nap!


Oh me too. My Leo rising is busting a gut to get with the audacious scheming. My Pisces sun/stellium is going, ‘oh but it’s a beautiful day, a bird is singing, let’s sit and enjoy the lovely world’. My Cap stellium is looking at its watch going, ‘ffs, DO something’.
This is my daily, sometimes hourly battle 🙂


Oh and my Gem NN in 10th is saying, ‘wheee, look, other peeps to talk to, you can do that boring update of your CV some other time’ 🙂
OK – Cap wins, back to it

Fire Fish

lol! A bird is singing… so get that…

Fire Fish

Haha! Just when I thought my Leo sun was being all washed out with my Pisces rising Neptune MC and general watery vibe I look around at my home as I write away this afternoon and see Owls EVERYWHERE incense going in three places, scented candles awaiting nightfall and a very precise bathing ritual: brush salt coconut oil! lol Phew! Roar indeed 🙂


oh he heh i’m opposite…Pisces Sun Leo MC…skin nails hair clothes all taken care of… just looked around and realised i need to reinvigorate ritual house magic 🙂


Fab Mille, House magic is just so much fun and perfect weekend for it! On second glance I also seem to have a unicorn thing happening… not sure when that happened but I think I should draw the lion there lol

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