Astro-Weirding Incoming: Lets (Not) Go Crazy

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Well it’s great that the Moon is in Pisces (near Neptune these last few hours and for the next four, in case you’re wondering why the sudden woo-woo) but we ARE heading into a phase of severe astro-weirding (again) so figure out a way to stay cool & awesome (or triple-check your Scopes/ daily mystic email/oracle) and wait it OUT. In general, this is a good time to download depth insights and major inspiration straight from SOURCE, to heal & let go etc but not really to start things. Things DO start (amazing things) in this Eclipse Zone…but you don’t do official beginnings, ideally. It’s completely normal to feel half insanely fabulous and half totally freaked out at this time. I mean, honestly, the mutable signs do this sort of thing EVERY DAY.


Images: Enrique Badia RomeroΒ  – Modesty Blaise

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108 thoughts on “Astro-Weirding Incoming: Lets (Not) Go Crazy

  1. Ok, am late to jump into the convo, but this is just happened. Am recording here to show Saturn and its transit’s relevance to houses.

    Several hours ago I was mulling over the Scorp who appeared — again — and disappeared — again –. I honestly forgot the count. I am embarrassed to say this, but for a long time he would count as the unrequited love in my life. I dipped into being a LZ and swam out of it, thanks to him, yet something about him stayed behind. (My SN conjuncts his Leo Moon, my Libra Uranus conjuncts his SN – so there were lessons galore.) This time, I decided not to wish anything (that he appears, never appears again etc) but pull the perfect Pisces move – swim away. Just swim, disappear. There is nothing to delegitimize or legitimize.

    Then thinking about history, I discovered that today marks the 4th year I met the guy, and precisely on this date Saturn had entered my 7th house. And today Saturn left my natal 7th house.. And Sun is conj Saturn at the cusp. I wasn’t thinking about it in particular, but it sounds that I graduated from Saturn in 7th house academy.

    Oh well. Now off to Saturn in 8th house transit, I suspect that it carries way more serious tones.

      • I don’t know what to expect out of a Saturn transit – it is like Saturn digs the bottom of swamp and tells you “Hold this, smell this, feel this” πŸ™‚

        Oddly, I was swimming in a jelly like sea last night in my dream.

    • Congratulations on your Saturn Graduation! Love the understanding that there is nothing to de/legitimise. Thinking carefully about this one. Knowing when to persist and when to walk away is true grace. Well done.

      • It took a while to understand but the way I see delegitimize- it is a move to counter someone trying to exert control over you, not reacting/disappearing-to-your-world makes other’s actions irrelevant

  2. Sag rising/Gem Sun. Had 2 super crazy/angry irrational negative emotional out-bursts at my teenage son on Tues and Wed.- due to some minor stuff he did -but my tantrums really worried me -after the fact. I hadnt thought of it being due to anything astrological but now wonder if it would explain my horrible behaviour!!
    Am over it now and back on the track of giving thanks for the many positives in my life.

  3. Does this astro have anything to do with why fools from my past I’d long ago written off are suddenly contacting me? and all THIS WEEK?

    My bf thinks it’s because all my Facebook posts have shown me looking gorgeous and healthy in photos (what others said, not up myself :)), off on fab vacation, or throwing successful work parties, or about my man who loves me. He’s like “they’re all jocking you cuz your life is awesome.”

    Such weird logic in a way, but I spose it could be true? Got Jupiter in my sign, after all!

  4. So whatever happened these last couple of days saw my cat needing to be taken to the vet in the wee hours two days ago after becoming sick this week. It’s been an epic run and had me running on a mere 2 hours sleep (in bed at 4 and up at 6) to get her and move her to my local vet. Yes, many an anxious moment, tears and dollars but she’s home this afternoon and we’re watching her for the next couple of weeks.

    Emergency vet must have been having a rough night or been overly aflicted by the current astro as he didn’t seem keen for me to hang around and I wasn’t budging until I had at least preliminary info and a more realistic quote and he didn’t like my questions. At one point he actually said to me that he didn’t need someone like me stressing him out and he was tired. Um, sure it’s 2:30am now but this is your job, in fact I/we are your job and I don’t think it’s unrealistic to ask why it’s taking so long when you say you have a team of 15 people out back and I’m the only one here notwithstanding I am aware you have other animals to attend to out back and I certainly don’t appreciate what you’re inferring. All in a calm tone, all very centred and grounded. Eventually he came around all apology like etc.

    And ok, he wasn’t awful and I get it etc but it was absolutely uncalled for!

    Anyway picked her up early yesterday am and drove her to local vet where she stayed until today. Their bill much more… shall we say, realistic. Their view on the other bill was .. a bit ‘value ad’.. how polite!

    Emergency vet receptionist gave me the paperwork and a customer service satisfaction survey to complete. Mars tempts me from the sidelines to go for it and tell it like it is. Having the option seems enough for now.

    Anyway, on 2 hours sleep I had like 4 appts and squeezed a visit back to my vet in virtual mode and running on empty. I stayed sane albeit a little frayed around the edges but made it through and had a decent night’s sleep last night.

    • Did you wave the survey in her face and say, “Bitch, i have Mars up in my grill and am in the shadowzone of a retro on my natal. You wanna do this? Let’s do this.”

      So can’t believe you kept your cool. Amazing.

      Glad kitty’s on the mend at home. Glad you have had some sleep. What degree is your natal Merc, lovely?

      • Bahahaha.. with the look on her face I did get some er creative urges to reconstruct it shall we say, possibly with the design of the wet ink on the survey to enhance the surly look on her face πŸ˜‰

        Sigh.. but I didn’t and I don’t know how I held my s*it together really.. earth moon (cause asc Toro ain’t helping at the mo) and just letting myself be with my feelings NOT others stuff?

        Was a pretty harrowing couple of days. Glad she’s on the mend and thankyou!

        17 degrees… and since I know you have an amazing imagination.. picture my face.. a gambling smile and a look that says bring it!


  5. Oops sorry, my details are Sagg Sun, Scorp Rising, Gemini Moon. Mars in Sagg, Venus in Scorp.

    BTW I notice that Astrodienst did my calculations differently again. The above were my previous ones. I was born 24/11/1961 at 5.31am

    So is it just me or have the calculations changed or something….? I have been out of the loop for yonks dealing with the EX’s Fall Out. So good to see old mates….G’Day Fallen another who adores Scorps! Still?

  6. Oh Wow Mystic! This is why I have been acting odder than usual. Feel fab one minute and then like a Warrior Princess who wants to go lop off a few heads of those who should not breath my air! I have wasted so much time. Do you know I Facebooked all day? : o Who does that? I cannot believe I did that-admittedly I did fun stuff, fired off emails to liven up some dull(according to me of course) souls etc.

    Also out of the blue my Druggie Ex Scorp sends me a msg of love that totally threw me…..:( I am now going out with another Scorp! Fab guy not into substance abuse, health junkie etc. However I am tres cautious….he is away surfing and I am really missing him but acting chilled. A friend suggested he could be cavorting in bikini clad beauties whilst we are chilly here in OZ. I was amazed a girl friend could even suggest such a thing. Huh? How can people think like this?

    Galomph…galomph….I want to go eat salty chips and chocolate but shall desist. I need to get into my red bikini next month….: )

  7. Awesome daily email today, thanks Mystic x

    hey everyone, I am noticing there is a lot of planets in the 5-8 degrees at the mo’. Pluto, saturn. Uranus and Chiron. Something to ponder over the wild wkd… I have noticed that when there is a bunching in degrees it’s like a speedbump in the weirdlane. Like, I notice!

    Sure is trippy astro at the mo’

    • I have all of my house cusps in that 5-8 degree zone, and also natal Moon and Jupiter. It feels a bit like the acupuncture electrodes have been amped up to the max.

      Natally I have jupiter in Capricorn and I had that mogul transit already of Pluto over natal Jupiter .Maybe I can hitchhike another mini one now!

    • If i can’t pin shit on Mer rx, then what? Made an appt two weeks ago with director of my uni department for today– serious biz to finally complete my degree– and he didn’t show. No show. Mind you, this shit has been postoned once already, and it’s sooo not easy for me to get to and around campus. I’m so fucking hot right now I could spit fire! Raaaaahhhhh

      I don’t think I’m immune to rx Merc. Maybe all the other Scorps of the world are, but not me.

  8. Yeh fuc mad is prob what others think because I just don’t fit the norm and have all these intense emotions…. I’m so upset still… Why is it (can hear the answer Saturn chiming in when I ask this) that when I’m desperately lonely and reaching out for support that my friends don’t or can’t be there? I have another friend having a similar issue and she is a Scorp! I am going mad w loneliness… Am going to channel it into art and fitness so my eyes do.t swim out of my head : (

  9. So I almost went all neptune with shoes. I walked away from the silver, hologram, flat, lace-up pair ~ obeyed my venus in virgo instincts. Then, I went into a shoe store and told the staff I was looking for boyish school-girl lace-up shoes and was led to the pre-pubescent boys school shoes area of the store. So I tried on a pair but the concept was neptune. I love the balance of masculine hard brown leather flat lace-ups ~ a man’s shoe ~ but with refined delicate pattern (feminine) detail. Got a pair in France, but Australia is *SO* parochial when it comes to style, among other things.

    My new film project this weekend requires flat shoes, which set me off on a shoe spree.

    So I walked out with a pair I did not expect ~ that statement sums up my entire new post-saturn wardrobe, btw.

    I can’t wait to see the look on my boyfriend’s cute Theseus face when I get off the plane tomorrow !!! πŸ™‚ Yey for life after my saturn transit – so happy again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

  10. It is fuqing weird. Mantra: stay cool stay cool stay cool.
    Alls I know is the weekly (sun+rising) scopes are BANG ON.

  11. You want weird? Today, I met violinist Sarah Chang, as organised by my college, which I thought was great until I went out for a drink and ended up drinking (And eating pizza with) the Alice Cooper band, who had just done a gig (that I was unaware of)….. WEIRD AND ALSO FORTUITOUS
    Synchronicity with my future life plans much? Eeeesh. Did my best to stay sane, fwiw. So Intense.

  12. 😯

    ‘It’s completely normal to feel half insanely fabulous and half totally freaked out at this time. I mean, honestly, the mutable signs do this sort of thing EVERY DAY.’

    This is very true! 😯

  13. Neptune is making me sleeeeepppyyyyy. Been in an out of one giant supernap all day (with the water dreams too…I dreamt I was at Burning Man but this time they decided to make it on a giant boat. Like a HUGE boat. And I saw dolphins. It was like a vacation in my head. lol)

  14. Maybe I’m suffering Neptunian confusion…. When is the weirding starting? When does the Eclipse Zone start? Why is next week’s weekly horoscope everything that happened to me this week!?

      • My sun sign definitely – I read it and it reflects exactly everything that has just happened and can’t possibly happen next week as all the people involved are gone!

        I’ll keep an eye on my rising sign. It definitely wasn’t anything that happened in my week.

  15. Sun, moon, and ascendant in Sag here. I am so ready to quit my job– I have at least three new possibilities brewing– that the idea of waiting is tortuous! Lol love that my latest horoscope acknowledges that I do whatever the hell I want, all the time. But seriously, I might heed the omens this time and sit it out… for as long as I can.

  16. What if…your boss decides to shift operations to another state, and is planning to start a new business on the current premises? Like…next Thursday?

    Mystic! Some help on how to tackle November? Like what is the worst case scenario? When I just cannot wait it out?

    I’m just banking on being a Gemini – Sun, Merc, Venus, Jupiter. With Scorp Rising.

  17. Hey folks – I’m looking for some advice please on the coming Mercury retrograde.
    The last retrograde exposed severe anti-social behaviour in someone, I & my family do business with regularly, from the day it went retrograde to the day it went direct, she became really unhinged & we were genuinely concerned that she was going to have a breakdown. Now we realise that this behaviour ( sociopathic ) has always been there, but she hides it very well & only those who get close enough to her get to spot it. Of course she realises this & then tries to push them out, not very nicely either, of her business. She has a rather high turn over of customers. Personally I don’t think it will be long before she is fully exposed more publicly then she currently is, but, today I had a meeting about moving my business elsewhere.
    tbh this isn’t a decision I want to rush into, but I am really aware of the mercury retrograde looming and don’t really want to wait ’till december to make my decision. Can anyone help me about the timing of this please. Thanks.

    • Hi willowwolf, this the first post i have written on this site, so lucky you, lol, but your situation is one where i may be able to help. I have followed Mystic since 1999 and have observed Astrology and it’s effect externally and internally for over 35 years. It’s kind of hard not knowing the practicalities of your business and how you will be affected if you stop doing business with this lady immediately, but this is how i see things: If we werent rapidly approaching the end of the year and Christmas, and i didn’t want to rush the decision, I would probably wait till after the two week shadow of a mercury retrograde has finished(11th December on my moon calendar, Mystic may have it at a day later] But can you afford to have a repeat scenario with this woman at this time of year when everybody is getting stressed and pressured, what to speak of the eclipses on the 14th and 29th November. The two week shadow of this coming Mercury retrograde started 24th October and in my experience if something needs to be achieved or changed it will have a higher success rate if done now rather than in a week or two or in the post Mercury two week shadow when people are trying to find their feet so to speak. I have some very important legal matters that I am trying to conclude in the next week as I sure as hell will not be, out of choice, signing anything until after the shadow. So if I cannot conclude in this time it will all probably stretch out into next year, what with holidays etc. But I prefer that than anything that may present itself after Mercury is direct and out of shadow and after everything is signed. Yikes! To tell you the truth, i really dislike it when Mercury retrogrades, the second and third weeks are the worst in my opinion. [Mercury is retro for three to three and a half weeks, not including the shadows either side]. The thing about Mercury retro is that it just doesnt affect things externally, it also makes communication difficult between people and between yourself and yourself. Alot more effort is required as Mercury travels further retro and sometimes it seems to me as if their is a veil between people that makes messages get scrambled even tho the person is standing in front of you. Hence the screw ups which could be major or minor, its like chinese whispers. I hope this helps. You need to weigh all this up quickly and decide whether to act or to wait.

    • Thank you lotusmoon, I am honored _/\_
      It is all rather complex and difficult to fully explain here. It is a bit of a balancing act on a knife edge at the best of times. But it involves my daughter & where her pony is stabled – along with neglect and ignorance. πŸ™ Fortunately many others are aware of the issues.
      The person is a Taurus with moon & mercury in Aries if that’s any help. Can’t make up my mind about the rising sign tho’ , possibly Gemini? ( would venus in first house explain dimples?) Communication is always on her terms & difficult at the best of times – it’s more like a school playground than a professionally run business.
      Like you said, my gut instinct is telling me to wait it out, tho’ I really would like to move before the retro, it would simply be too fast & the repercussions ( not just for us) would be awful.
      There are so many scorps involved in this, and Mystic has said in the scorp dailies that this mercury will barely affect us as there is so much going on in scorpio.
      I just hope that somehow this will be the retro that fully exposes the person for the fraud she is so that we can all move on.
      so thanks again lotusmoon for the clarification πŸ™‚

  18. OK…I’m freaking a bit now. I have been offered a promotion – which actually happened back @ end of September. I asked that I be given a few weeks to think about it, and to take care of some family business (death in family) before making a final decision. Didn’t feel I was in a good place to make a clear, detached choice in my best interest then. Gave serious thought to the direction I want to take the work, and the conditions I need met to get it done. Met with higher ups yesterday to finalize things, although we’d have some informal chats over the past few weeks about various aspects. Everything feels solid, and I am supposed to begin this new position Nov 1st….I’ve worked very hard for YEARS to get this opportunity. But now…..crap, I’m getting a bit scared to begin something new in November!!! Thoughts anyone?? Mystic??

    • Dude, my op is that since this situation dates back to Sept its not “new” as such, and you’re safe to proceed. Goddess knows im no astrologist tho! lol

      • I am kind of thinking along the same lines…this has been in the planning and seeding stages for going on two months; so its not exactly a “sudden” opportunity, more of a transition? And I have been at the ground floor of this area of my work since day one. I am going to just call this “the natural flow” of my career, lol. I would like to believe this is my reward for the hard lessons of Saturn in Libra I’ve had to learn the past couple of years.

        Was reading your post above about your ankle….hope you’re mending well you’ve had a tough time of it!

  19. The drawings are fantastic. I love sagg ( I always love anything sagg, it’s the 9th house sun-merc and sagg dsc)

    Reminds me of a cartoon strip that used to be in the sunday papers. He-men and scantily clad amazonian/bikini model women getting around in another era.

    I might even buy a print of the pisces one one day.

  20. I don’t know if I am going crazy but boy am I emotional right now. Another grieving process??? I am getting prepped for a new job starting on Monday and the positive treatment I am getting from my new boss is overwhelming. Like can this really be happening. I am in awe of what can happen after you have been tortured for a while but you stay true to who you are and believe that God will help you if you let him. I was crying last night and this morning. I am a mess.

    On the flip side the treatment I am getting at my current job, until my last day this Friday, is pathetic. I will give the owner 2 choices if he pushes me into the corner again (1) I am going or (2) I can stay to help.. otherwise refer to option #1. That is it. My health can’t take it anymore.

    I look forward to what might brewing behind the scenes for me.

    Good luck all!! Thanks Mystic! xo!!

          • Oh congratulations v.e. I have a grief process going on tooand it hard to believe it is happening sometimes, remember to take extra care while grieving replace all those lost fluids with h2o and lots of self love.. I d a new job with a wonderful caring interested team leader and in a place close to family friends beach and healthy lifestyle, diversity and progressive community Yeh!,

    • Sometimes getting positive attention can be overwhelming when you are used to being treated badly. I say breathe, take time out and get in touch with yourself whenever you feel overwhelmed. Remember you deserve to be treated well, you are a good person. Exercise/breathing/stretching/meditation are all good for this – follow your gut feelings but remember you are an adult who can deal with stuff now. xx

      • Thanks fluidfeline!! Friends were saying I should take time off or just leave but this company is so screwed up they process payroll for the previous week on Tuesday so my entire week pay has already been issued. I am kinda worried they may not pay me. Oh well.. I was planning on walking out anyway. Very interesting company that they think they do no wrong. They will be in trouble in about 6 months. I guarantee it!



    • Good for you Virgo Ellie..for my money, I’d go already. Keeping in mind, your current soon to be ex boss will never be satisfied no matter what you choose to do so might as well take some time to process emo, deal with ptsd and get yourself ready for your new era non?

      I think you deserve some pause/me time aside from the weekend? The Nubian Toro felt this way after she quit, and over the next few months constantly called me in wonder at what her new boss allowed/supported her. Best to your new start babe. x

      • Thanks fallen angel! While I am sitting there without work to do I am meditating.. LOL!! For the 4 people prior to me (within the last 3 months) who left they had a good-bye lunch. They are not doing one for me since I report to the owner and he doesn’t give a fuq!. As I enjoyed some time with great friends / co-workers last night it was mentioned that when you stand up for yourself you are shunned. Too bad! I am walking out of this company holding my head high! As I told my new boss “I can’t wait to start”. πŸ™‚


    • I agree with everyone else, Ellie – your health isn’t worth it and this guy will just find new ways to make you miserable – it’s a measure of the man that he can’t step up and be kind, or at least pleasantly professional, now that you are leaving.
      Don’t be surprised that you are crying and feeling emotional – it’s quite a normal reaction when you realise a hard chapter is ending. Best of luck for the move, keep us posted! xx

  21. On a different note:

    I’ve dreamed of someone showing me his bruised foot as an explanation/apology that he “wasn’t there/present”. I think I touched the bruise in the dream, but then was rather Aquarian and pointed at the icepacks in the fridge saying to put one on it if needed (compassion is me). Afterwards, we were rummaging in the kitchen to prepare meal but it was more like “ah yeah don’t worry, there’s some leftovers I can eat” – urgh, that sounds so wrong. Maybe I should have let him cook, considering he’s a cancer after all and I shouldn’t be happy with the nuture leftovers.

    Any ideas on the foot stuff?

    • Dreaming/bruised feet/feeling he wasn’t there all seem Neptunian to me. And while being one of the most compassionate signs, Cancerian’s need caring for too – pointing to icepacks and settling for serving leftovers because he is wounded. If it were me I’d be looking at those parts of myself first as the prime rule of dream interpretation is all persons/parts of the dream are parts of the dreamer’s psyche. (This is not always true but worth examining first). xx

      • Yes I know about people appearing in dreams being parts of the dreamer. I have a suspicion to what he represents, if that’s it.

        Thing is, those dreams of “him” have a different kind of feeling to it. There’s some kind of psy-link, at least towards my end. Dunno about him.

        Anyway, the bruised foot had me thinking of Pisces/Neptune right away. Dreams that have been hurt/bruised in the past? Not being present because of bad experiences? I have nothin big in pisces, he has vesta at 0Β°. The composite venus, vesta, chiron is there.

        Weirdest stuff, after I wrote this, the oracle told me I might be too harsh on a family member and should be more compassionate. Not that he’s family in the traditional sense, more like by choice. Maybe.

          • Yeah tChrion is conj. the composite one. My own Chiron is in late Aries … opposing his Neptune haha πŸ™‚

            Dang. Sigh.

            A’right, well some three weeks ago I’ve sent him a text, in hindsight, it was possibly stupid to send it as text, but hell, I have my own insecs to deal with and it was something quite private to share, even if I didn’t go into detail, I did give a glimpse of things inside. No answer. The day after, I had some feeling of evasion. Did I breach boundaries?
            That night, I re-dreamed the scene in the parking lot, only that instead of a return “bye” he said “please, don’t give up talking to me”. But yeah well, it’s a dream right? It might just as well have been wishfull thinking.

    • I have lots of thoughts re foot stuff, and im also using a virtual keyboard sans spelcheck– so bear with me:

      In real life, on sept 1st, i fell (not unusual, have MS) and completely broke my left ankle (1st time) on both sides/orthopeadically separated my left foot from my leg. Rushed to hospital via squad, emergency surgery to reattach left foot to leg via steel pins and plates, still cant bear weight on it, etc.

      Pisces rising, Neptune conjunct north node (in Sagg). So, feet: yes. Left: feminine. Important, telling details.

      A week prior to my accident, i had scheduled myself for a total hystorectomy. Ive had a lot of trouble with my uterus historically, including a cancer scare, and while i wasnt facing uterine masses at present i was afraid that i would again in the not distant future (ie, symptoms were beginning again). My scheduled hystorectomy then was more of a preemptive strike, and less of a defensive move.

      Then i fall and my left foot gets knocked off my limb! Had to cancel the hystorectomy, of course. And u know what? My troublesome uterine symptoms have cleared up over the last four weeks, all by themselves.

      So my moral of my story is, i was erroneously pushing that hystorectomy. It wasnt right, atleast not at this time, and something else had to give (my ankle) to get me off that wrong track. The drs said that im lucky that i can still move my toes and didnt suffer any major blood loss from the ankle/leg break; i know that im lucky to have dodged an unnecessary hystorectomy too.

      In your dream analysis, consider which foot it was, and what the subject (you, maybe?) needs a break from, or needs to break. Maybe the bruise signifies an injury that wasnt breaking, but rather a hurt that persists? Or emo scars? Ice is numbing; u may have given the hurt a fleeting “touch”, but then went straight for the numbing stuff, and refused to connect again when you turned down the offer of freshly prepared food…

      Whats happening in the pisces area of your chart? Like, planets, transits, house, etc? That could b helpful to your piecing this together.

      • Urgh. Thanks for sharing your story. How is your foot doing now?

        Iirc, it was his left foot that was bruised above and below the ankle. Well Pisces in my chart is 10th house and cusp of 11th. Both Neptune and Chiron are transiting the 10th part. Neptune is within 3Β° of my Sun.

        Interesting take on the food. There sure is a lot of my wounds coming up dealing with his presence. I’ll have to see what I can do about finding out exactly what’s the issue within me and how to deal with it.

        • “Cusp” made me think “ankle”. Just free associating…

          You’ll work it out, no doubt πŸ˜‰

          My foot? Same as it ever was… same as it ever was. Thanks for asking xo

      • GD rx Merc! So glad i wasted an hour “typing” that to still not say what i mean to say!

        I mean: Therrs a place that is hurt and needs healed– go there. Via your touch and presence, the hurt will heal; the healing– the process, even– will sustain you.

        There, ffs.

      • Have you heard of recent science linking aerobic chlamydia virus with MS?

        Australian doc treated/treats his wife with combination of meds and has had success.

        Only trouble is it is very hard to find this virus even if looking for it, but theory makes sense and goes some way to explaining outbreak clusters

        I will look for it again, was on ABC , just cant remeber which program

  22. I have 5 planets in Scorpio…sun moon rising etc…this Neptune thing is so intense right now. What the —– is happening? im feeling it all. For weeks things have been whack. Now you’re telling me there’s more on its way? Oy!

  23. Yes definitely feel more than half insanely fab
    am putting my attention on that part

    No the dichotomy referred to by mystic is not new =)

  24. “It’s completely normal to feel half insanely fabulous and half totally freaked out at this time. I mean, honestly, the mutable signs do this sort of thing EVERY DAY.”

    As a Gem Rising, Virgo Moon … tell me about it. Oh I can do this in 15min turns … buuhuuu woe is me, everythings so dreary … ah eff em, go crack some nuts girl …. buuuhuuu. Hell. At least I am getting slowly better at slapping myself out of buuhuuu phase.

    Btw, the weekly scopes for gemini sounds really bleak?

    • Virgo-Sun Gem-Moon, and yes, we mutables do exist in perpetual flux, so much so, I’m suspicious to the point of paranoia of my more grounded moments, often accusing myself of denial or having forgotten something major, like that feeling of not having turned the oven off.

      • Exactly! Absolutely.

        When I am feeling clear and calm and like there’s no doubt to my “truth” I am waiting for the hammer to fall, to wake up.

        But I think I rather live with that risk, the other state is just not fun.

    • Virgo/Virgo. Being a mutable is such a pain in the ass. I seriously don’t know what I want most of the time, but I just have to have it.

    • Good golly i feel ALL of the above. Pisces Sun, Sag Rising, Sag Moon. (Gem Desc, obvs, and Lilith Pluto Virgo 10/11 house– do these count? Possibly not.)

  25. MM, your Daily Mystic email for Thursday really resonates with me.

    The mid-November eclipse will exactly conjunct my Sun, and it feels so right when you say this month is a time for processing the insights that seem to be coming on an almost daily basis now.

    It’s uncanny how you so consistently tap into the astrological flow.

    • Hey gbs, you say the eclipse will be exactly conjunct your sun, does that mean you were born on a November 13? Just asking–because I was born on the same date, and the eclipse will be conjunct my sun too.

  26. Pisces rising here – this was me when I had time to myself, before beautiful but time-demanding child πŸ™‚ Reminds me of my early morning rituals at the river …

    • You know those.. how you think you look/ how you really look type posts on FB? Well that first pic is how I think I look!! lol….. The reality would be a whole lot more ..’what was I thinking going swimming in a muu muu’ πŸ™‚

    • See bottom of page, unsure if there’s a better site to view them. Cosmic wondrousness, very Barbarella. I love how the poses seem to emulate constellational patterns. And though arguably the most gratuitous pose in history, Aries is my fave.

    • Astro, Modesty Blaise… and Elvis. You are too good to me. Then i get the Daily Mystic – always good but so much detail lately, i can really chew on it. Honestly, how does it get so right?

    • Where on earth do you find the amazing Art work you do Mystic. I lurve the illos-particularly the Sagg one of course! : > I just get such a buzz from your site. Methinks you should be declared an Aussie Treasure-an Icon. xxx

  27. Whenever Pisces astro weirding goes on, I feel grounded and confident. Not sure why that is. Pisces is in my6th/7th. I’m so Neptunian most days, it’s like the Pisces-Neptune stuff cures it – a “taking a bite of the dog that bit you” sort if thing.

    • 12th house Virgo that trends Neptunian with Pisces in my 5th/6th also and I must say I feel the same way. Though the astroweirding and the same natal Virgo Sun-Saturn Leo-Merc oppositions occupying Neptune’s transit prevail for this Moon, and will deffo keep me in hibernation mode, the house energy has me feeling pretty ‘solid’ at the moment.

      Also, thanks for the Modesty zodiac prints! Just yesterday I was thinking of this, one of my all-time fave films and the beautiful Monica Vitti – sensational!

  28. now I’m kind of glad that yesterdays job interview didn’t work out. even the oracle said afterwards, that my best biz strategy right now is to wait.. the question is just for what? the right offer? right job? *sigh* thought that the zap zone is all about evolving and not stopping, lol

  29. Yes, it IS weird πŸ™‚

    Reuniting with my lover this weekend. Doing some new film things in the studio ~ is neptune for me. Putting up a polite smile and keeping my cool in a tough situation. oo x

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