Astro-Query: How Can The Leo Figure-Skater Get Motivated Again?

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Hi Mystic,

I swore I’d refrain from asking silly questions, since you probably get so many e-mails from us, but this has been one that’s been especially bothering me lately, and I haven’t quite found something of the sort on your blog.

Ever since Neptune got into Pisces, I’ve been feeling the effects really strongly, most of which have been really great, but the worst is definitely the low energy despite having a chart full of fire (Sun, Venus, Mars in Leo; Moon, Uranus, Ceres, Saturn in Saggo).  I used to figure skate almost every day, but since that transit, I’ve barely gone once a month, and every time I try to get back into a routine, it’s been impossible.  I end up forcing myself to go, really enjoying it for an hour, but not going back for a month (or even more than that).  It’s driving me nuts because I sit inside at a desk in front of the computer all day at work.  I feel so restless there, but once I get home I’m wiped out.  The next morning it’s always so difficult to actually get my ass out of bed to go skate, and so the cycle continues on and on.   

So anyway, my question, what kind of transit would be great for getting back into a physical routine again?  Considering that this is more something that I loved and felt free to do before out of passion for the sport, not because I had to do for the sake of regimen.  I feel like I need something with a bit more oomph to kick start the engines; a helping of Virgo earth or a Saturn transit doesn’t help fuel a fire much.  Yet something that will keep the fires burning for a while too, at least more than say, the quick burst of energy you get from an Aries Moon.  

As always, your input is always so appreciated!  The new coach I had for a bit actually just called me earlier because he was concerned about my lack of attendance at the rink/was worried I’d quit.  I really miss skating, and I guess I just need a mix of inspiration and a good transit to help.

Lots of love,
Miss Leo

P.S. I hope your Aqua kitty is doing well; didn’t see any updates so hopefully everything went okay.

Dear Miss Leo,

Thank you – Tesla is actually heaps better! Okay, now your dilemma. I had to read this, like, three times. Because i could NOT believe my eyes. You are a LEO FIGURE SKATER.  This is unbelievable cool in and of itself. The pic above is of Jennifer Kirk, a Leo figure skating champion and the one below is of Peggy Fleming, Figure Skating legend and another Leo.

Your motivation is here and NOW – it is Mars in Sagittarius. This IS the transit of OOMPH. Think Katarina “Sagittarius” Witt to activate your Saggo Moon. Check your vitamins (see a naturopath?) get some snazzy new outfits in which to skate (sorry, but Leo types are always motivated by stunner-rama fresh outfits) watch Katarina doing Carmen & get it on with the Moon in Saggo this Friday. Whaddya think?

We can blame Neptune for many things (sitting up late at night with Blue Devil Hoochie Juice doing “research”, dating hot maniacs or becoming Love Zombies who date soulmates from a previous life in another dimension) but we can NOT blame Neptune for not doing figure skating. Especially not if you are a LEO!  Please send in a pic of you out there in gold lame doing your Leo Figure Skater thing on the ice.

Again, Mars in Saggo IS the oomph transit.  What does everything else need


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44 thoughts on “Astro-Query: How Can The Leo Figure-Skater Get Motivated Again?

  1. Katarina Witt. My childhood idol. I can’t skate to save myself (and living in sub-tropical climate kinda rules out any water near me freezing over for the Winter) but dammit I was going to learn and skate for her and impress her with my amazingness. Sigh. She was so talented and pretty and East German. That even impressed me. So much controversy when the USA skater (Debbie Thomas?) also chose Carmen as her 1988 long-program routine music. Ah memories…..

    Miss Leo, you are one lucky fire lady to be able to skate whenever you like and not fall on your arse! May you get back into it soon 🙂

  2. Dear Miss Leo,

    I hear you ! I have skipped a month of bootcamp (6.30 sat morns) and 2 boxing classes a week for a month in a row now. Today i force fed myself a green smoothie of kale and banana as i hadn’t had one for a month (i was previously having one a day – 1.5 litres) and i was sick of putting said kale from grocery store that orders it in for me twice a week, from fridge to compost bin.

    Sun and Mercury in Aries, Neptune in Sagg, Mars/Venus/Moon and Saturn in Gemini. WT..? i dont know if my astro can explain it.

    Something is booty blocking me, me- of course but why ? im not really sure if there’s anything else i can eradicate from my food intake (no bread/pasta/rice/alcohol/red meat/white meat/occasional piece of fish when im craving it,) but im flat as by the end of the day too not apinch of motivational mojo left in the well.

    I reckon Mystic is onto something, with vitamins, i will try and commit to an iron tablet a day instead of just once a month and see if this can bring me back.

    I hope you get your skating mojo back soon, and please let me know what your elixir is when you find it !

    Best of Luck Miss Leo,

    • Yea, I know what you mean about food! I eat healthy for the most part, but despite that my energy levels were totally zapped. Totally forgot vitamins existed; will have to go to a shop and find something that will work. Although nutrition bars are good for getting extra stuff since the body absorbs vitamins/minerals if you eat it with something (especially iron).

      If you do go with a daily iron intake, just be careful. At best you lose your appetite (when I was taking iron I couldn’t force myself to eat), and at worse iron poisoning. Sometimes there are doses that are around 15mg, perhaps that’s something to look for!

      And thank you!

  3. Usually I have a lot of intrinsic motivation but mine has been AWOL for the last four or five months. Last week I finally got it back and started triathlon training again but I couldn’t tell you how (my Aries Rising perhaps). In any case, it was a conscious decision after a few weeks of agonising, but as soon as I started I knew it was the right move.

    The fact that you used to skate every day suggests to me that you were very dedicated to your sport. Just reschedule your day and get back to that rink! Everything else will fall into place around the skating and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

    Good luck!

    • I’ve always been quite the little exerciser, but I’ve been getting lazier and lazier since Mars left Virgo back in July. I’m hopeless – I’m getting married in a couple of months and I’m less fit (and fatter) than I’ve been in over ten years, but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do a thing about it. To be fair, life’s pretty good right now, so I’m probably doing a loved up and happy thing, but it’s unusual for me to exercise so little.

      I’ve got Aries Rising, but it sounds like I need a little of whatever you’ve got to get me going again!

      • What got me started again was finally realising that I enjoy sloth and indulgence less than I enjoy the benefits of exercise. Exercise improves my energy, optimism, effectiveness and overall happiness.

        It sounds like now is the perfect time to start getting fit again and bringing that energy into your new married life. Good luck. (And being slim in your wedding photos wouldn’t hurt, would it?)

    • Thank you!

      I actually hadn’t been skating for very long (about nine months), although I did do dance for something like 12 years so bringing that to the ice helped a lot. If I exercise it just doesn’t feel right if I don’t go every day because I’ll feel really restless if I don’t go. On average I was skating 6 times a week, since a day of rest is generally a good thing in the long run.

  4. I’ve been the same – virtually no energy since the start of 2012, plus a killer desire to EAT ALL THE SUGARY THINGS!!! – and then over the last month I’ve suddenly started finding myself craving fruit and other suspiciously healthy things … and then on the weekend I went for my first bike ride in six months.

    I have still been sleeping a lot lately (think it’s because my body is constantly battling hayfever at this time of the year) but I am feeling lighter and more motivated to move. I think it has something to do with the fact that there is more sunlight now – it makes me want to leave the Leo cave and rejoin the world again after a longer than usual absence.

    I think many Leos have taken a battering from what I’ve observed of fellow cat-friends, plus what I’ve read on this forum.

    Here’s hoping we all get our mojo back ASAP! 🙂

    • Fruit is like nature’s candy 😀 I’ve been absolutely addicted to mango lately; it’s more filling than other fruits and you still get the energy boost. It’s a nice alternative to bananas (which btw are perfect before a workout).

      Maybe Mars in Saggo is affecting a lot of us Leos in a good way since it would be trining something along the way (right now it’s trining my natal Venus, next stop the Sun).

      Best of luck to you!

  5. This past couple of weeks i havent felt like going to the gym . Iam a Taurus and frm December until now i have lost weight started running done a 5 k run for charity recently. Have never run ever and Iam 56 years old. I know Jupiter in my sign was the most amazing boost. Now all of a sudden i feel lousy. Whats wrong!!!!

  6. Miss Leo that is how I refer to my lovely two year old ringlet haired daughter…who is actually a sun Aries Tiger with mars in Leo…

    My friend who is a Taurus with a Picses 1st house and aries mercury and moon complained she had lost the ambitious drive she had for her work…I think she had a spiritual shift, her vision has changed, her focus is moving to something else…

    What are the critical elements here? Freedom? Movement and dance? Artistry? Autonomy of, for self? What about creative visualisation through celestial offerings?

    If uranus in Aries is trine to all your sag then can it be positive and innovative reinvention of the individual, channel through this new and exciting ice skating? What do the other planetary bodies do to wake up your wishes?

    • Aww that’s adorable! For some reason I always think of ringlets as being a Leo child thing. My sister had golden curls as a kid and she’s Leo Rising, and a Leo cousin still has his long golden curls too.

      Right now Mars is trining my Venus, but once it moves to 22-23 degrees, it will hit that Moon-Uranus-Ceres cluster (all conjunct by a degree). I’m curious to see how that will turn out!

      As for skating, I like it because it’s both artistic and athletic. Dance seemed too fragile? Rigid? Especially ballet. There’s a thrill when I get from skating that I don’t get elsewhere (enough to make me not seek that via driving fast for example, haha).

      • Thanks she does have fair soft ringlets…My husband (moon in capricorn) & I are perplexed as he is bald and my hair is dead straight (all that virgo)…

        Can I say while I was frantically peeling potatoes and washing vegetables at the sink I glimpsed to see her smiling and and playing her piano at the mirror she moved there, by herself to do her best Liberace performance…Totally her own thing…

        Mars should activate all the sag to encourage freedom, physical expression. Moon is currently in sag too now, so inspiration might be up!

  7. Hey there fellow Leo Lady!
    Firstly amazed and inspired and seriously WOW to be that graceful and elegant and super agile on ice… seriously! I have so much water in my chart that my feet resemble flippers so have been always so in awe of agile cat peops like yourself!
    Firstly as Mystic mentioned check the vitamin heh? Your vit D stores will be low after a winter working indoors and its super important for all the happy neurotransmitters like seratonin that not only regulate mood but also sleep… if in doubt take some cod liver all capsules or Vit D from your super helpful health food store…. or you know get yourself checked out by someone who isnt on a blog forum 🙂 but well what I’m also wondering about is your passion stores…. you know??? What else is happening in La Leonine Boudoir? I don’t mean to be personal but you know…. whats the vibe? I’ve been through a bit of ‘stuff” recently ( blah libra blah saturn blah Leo needing to clean incessantly) and my usual get active get shining look AMAZING just cause it feels good gig has gone a little awol…..
    So maybe just a little bit extra kitty nap time (seriously a nap fixes almost everything!) and a little bit of faking it till you realise your actually not faking it? I have my whiskers crossed for you!

    • Wow, thank you so much for the advice! Whenever I go to vitamin stores, I get lost among the various pills and potions and walk out with nothing usually. Sleep regulation is a huge issue I have, so giving serotonin a try might be worth it! Valerian root works, but I don’t care for the smell at all, and melatonin works for a week before the effects wear off.

      To be honest, I guess what was really throwing me off with my passion if that’s what you mean by a vibe was a lot of stuff that went on around the start of the year and escalated to awful proportions. I was seeking comfort through others, mainly guys; it was such a low-Leo thing, allowing myself to “feel better” by whomever would give me attention. It’s just a really bad cycle that’s not very satisfying at all, and it certainly didn’t make me happier. It was probably in the comments in another post, but someone said that Leos NEED creativity/something artistic in order to prevent themselves from becoming a Low-Leo and I completely agree!! We’re supposed to be independent creatures, none of this Love Zombie crap!

      But things are a lot better now though! I just have to be strict with skating now until I really get that passion back. Mystic is right though, new outfits are really really encouraging! And I’ve been working on cleaning up more and keeping things neater, or gradually working towards that, haha. And baths, omg I never took time for these before I redecorated my bathroom recently. They’re so mentally soothing it’s unbelievable. (Merc in Cancer in 6th, go figure haha).

      And I bet you could learn! Practice!

  8. Thank god there are other people feeling this. I thought I was some type of freak just opting out. The Leo in me has been hibernating and it’s been giving me the serious pip.

    • The early leos and aquarians & taurus poeple will need to adjust to the intensity of the new saturn in scorpio….

      It really means new tests and challenges, and the more insight & resolve over that the better…

      Am finding new interest in chemical potencies of homeopathy, mineral salts, dietary function for happier health and vitality…

      How about mindfulness with benefit of scorpio saturn trine pisces neptune?…Calm frayed nerves!

      Early degrees cancer moon here, early degrees pisces mercury and scorpio Ceres also…

  9. I have less energy than i used to due to an underlying condition since 2010 and i’m a person with squares to Mars aplenty and a fair bit of fire in my chart including Leo MC, so i’ve found it really hard to accept. Anyway, i was struggling to exercise when i got home, especially if i ran errands or appointments after work. You can’t exercise on a full stomach so by the time i finished and ate dinner at around 9pm i’d be going to bed on a reasonably full stomach or just staying up, and trying to get up 6am, when i need 8-9 hrs (depending on how underlying the condition dedcides to be). I bought a bike and had no time or energy to fit that in as well. Imagine my guilty surprise when bike shop calls for my free tune up after 6 weeks and i realise i’ve ridden the fqer twice! ANd if i missed a day exercise i felt so guilty too (what is that, Mars in Cap? Saturn 6th house? General Piscean self shittery?)

    Then one day the Oracle suggested i couldn’t “let go of the struggle”. I thought that has got to be right. Despite less energy than i used to have, i have to remember i was a powerhouse and didn’t know it. So if people with normal (or lower energy levels than i had) can do this then there has to be a way.

    Now i get up earlier and exercise at the start of the day. It’s tough at times but i can shorten the routine if it’s a shit morning and still get what i need in. When i get home tired i can sloth out without guilt. If i happen to have energy i can get on my bike.

    Baby steps. Pick one thing to change about your time or habit and stick with it for at least a week or so. You clearly need rest, so get it. Put it into your routine. Get a Support Team. Mine began with my Scorp beautician, then my Aries Counsellor (Mystic once joked about the idea of an Aries Counsellor – i actually have one), and a Cap bodyworker. I even count the amazing Toro hairdresser whose decisions are more astro appropriate than she even knows. They’re cheerful, inspiringly hard working, nonjudgmental, and they love me. They’re also tough as nails and wouldn’t lie to me in a pink fit. They watch me carefully and they help me with boundaries, being softer with myself and also doing the real hard yards. A Leo needs a support team. I mean they used to be called the help or the staff (Leo SN me 😉 ) but now they’re dear respected professionals. Royalty were never afraid to ask for assistance for their awesome so why should any Leo be? 🙂

    And yes to the gorgeous new outfit for skating. What Leo doesn’t require something appropriately hot? You reshape your time to fit in the rest you need AND move your body over the ice. Maybe even something different like dance classes, more social and fun, until you are roaring to get back on the ice. Good luck xx

      • Thank you Scorporation! Appreciate that…it was a bit embarrassing putting this on the blog…trivia? should be managing it well? I’ve jumped out of a moving car, slammed a 6″4′ Slav man onto the ground, made and lost a small fortune etc etc but daily exercise and energy levels…? This Mutable realised she has key points in 3 Fixed signs. The little things are the hardest!

    • Wow Mille! Seriously when I grow up to be a big lion fish I wanna be just like you! 🙂 lol. What awesome insight. And yes was only just saying to someone the other day that ‘people like me need staff’ jokingly! And when I look around I have an incredible support team. Couldn’t do it all without them. Sunshine, sleep and support team!! Go girl! Xx

    • Nice one Millsie-Baby,
      Will take a leaf out of your boo re time change me thinks.
      Still walking the dog and woring as gardener so getting exercise there … just feel lie something softer like yoga rather than whacking stuff at boxing at the mo.
      x Peace beautiful

  10. Peggy at the bottom looks like Kate Middleton

    Miss Leo ice skater , are you in the position to hire a sports psychologist?

    i know an athlete who was in a similar slump and he got out of it after two sessions with this guy.

    • I actually never even thought of doing that since I’ve always been a bit of a self-experimenter (Aqua rising, lol). My job provides wonderful health insurance for us, so it would be well worth it to see one I think. Some time ago a nutritionist was extremely helpful in the same way even after just a few sessions.

      Thanks for the suggestion! 😀

  11. Btw, in case i haven’t said enough (!) the Zap Zone astro is livewire stuff! Sometimes it buzzes, often it makes me irritable, and simultaneously on high pitch but enervated, completely drained.

    I’m Mars sq Pluto Mars sq Uranus Mars sq Sun Mars sq Merc Pluto opp Sun and Uranus opp Merc. But i’ve learned to be really serious about trying to go with the energy ebb and flow of this ZZ, instead of asserting sheer willpower to get things done til exhaustion.

    Uranus is transiting my Aries Merc and Chiron, Pluto is transiting my Mars and at some point i will have a Saturn opposition to my Saturn in Taurus. Beware burnout!

  12. Dear Miss Leo, try adding a reward for skating regimen completion (and ONLY for skating completion) into the equation. Also, maybe try a daily sublingual B12. Which Houses/aspects/planets would these steps be a nod to?

    • Hahaha food is the reward! The amount I eat when I don’t skate is so awfully meager; I hate it. I can’t eat carbs unless I exercise every day otherwise it goes straight to storage. Lately I was getting so sick of barely eating anything substantial (especially since acquiring a desk-job).

      All of the Leo stuff is in 7th, my Saturn is in 10th, and what I call “the cluster” is in 11th. Mars loosely trines that cluster, Saturn trines the Sun, My chart has tons of squares though with other stuff,

  13. Cat-people: get your vitamin D levels and thyroid checked (especially if you are a female of A Certain Age), and ask your nearest & dearest how bad you snore. If you are a window-rattler, get a sleep study done. You may have sleep apnea. Leos especially must have their sleep to shine. I’ve been using a CPAP machine at night since March, and I feel much better. OK, it isn’t the sexiest device in the world, but it’s so nice to go the entire day and not feel like I’m going to conk out from exhaustion around noon!

  14. “Love Zombies who date soulmates from a previous life in another dimension” Ouch!! That hurt! Hahaha so me right now. I have venus in the 12 house. Things are better and I dont think anymore that Im crazy… any recommendation? Love from México.

  15. Maybe you no longer enjoy your job and your psyche has temporarily removed your skating to get you to pay attention. As much as you love your skating, maybe the whole of you wants ‘everything’ to feel that way now !

    You could try a variety of other things for now that will keep you in shape for when you get back to it. Tap dancing or tennis anyone !

  16. Hmm. Interesting. These are things that cross my mind:

    Maybe break the training sessions down into smaller pieces. Shorter times, or just work on one setof skills each session? That way you are there but don’t have to psych yourself up too far to be there?

    Training buddy? Someone who comes to pick you up for training? So no getting out of it.

    Just go with the lack of motivation – maybe your bod wants to rest – low energy is low energy. Cld be a time to focus inward. Or look at a complementary sport – yoga?? Ballet?? Speed skating? Are you bored, maybe?

    Nutritionist? Personal trainer?

    Why is work so draining – has something changed there?


    • Breaking down workouts into smaller chunks is my current plan actually. Since I skate before work, it would be a bad idea to wear myself out too much before I get there.

      Work isn’t so much draining in the sense that I don’t like it, but it’s my first full time job, and there’s been A LOT of learning here since it’s in the computer field. I fit in there pretty well, and I wouldn’t trade this because I like it so much. But a long day is a long day, and the drives are long-ish, and when I get home I just want to crash.

      The job I had prior made me really sick (I was so stressed because my boss was borderline abusive), and I feel like, despite the fact that I left there months and months ago, I’m still physically healing from that. I left that job straight for this one and never really got the break I badly needed. Thankfully I have some days off coming up though. 🙂

      I really appreciate the insight though. All too often I keep trying to blaze away, and I don’t rest at the right times or in the right ways.

  17. My energy levels sucked, then I saw a dietician who recommended I eat 10 small low GI meals a day and exercised between each, and POW, hello energy. It was something to do with insulin/blood sugar. They did tests. Whatever, it worked.

    My other advice is develop an unsuitable crush on someone at the ice-rink.

    • Eating smaller meals totally works!

      And oh gosh, there was someone at the rink that I had a massive crush on a while ago; I was so sad when he moved away! The first time I met him I’d badly fallen on one of my knees/sprained it. He picked me up off of the ice and carried me tragic maiden style to the side. Sooooo embarrassing, but it’s funny now

  18. Well i have nothing in Leo maybe Baast if I remember correctly. Yet I really identify with you guys. The only fire I have is Saturn in Aries and I do have Mars sextile my ascendent. Ok so I’m a Libra I could blame Saturn & I’ve loads of Neptune /122th stuff too, but this is different.
    For me it’s been my meditation practise, I’ve really struggled with it. Gone are the jumping out of bed at 5am and now I’m struggling to get up between 6.30 & 7 🙁
    Leo is in my 9th, rules the 10th, which tho’ quite full is all in Virgo. So whatever it is it’s hitting me there. And I’m getting over run by cats ( gemini ones too) …..long story.

  19. 😯

    I’m in training for triathlons. Each day i set myself a goal after training for the following day. I’ve set my intention and I’m already preparing for the next day before I’ve got off my bike.

    For me, it’s just about showing up – I respect all the hard that I’ve already put in, I’m going to show up at least for that. I’m highly motivated for lots of reasons. I had to started small and grew into training. I feel a lack of motivation but I’m not going to let myself be governed by it, I’d never get anything done!

    Start small – SHOW up to the rink every single day and push away your lack of motivation because it’s always going to be there, don’t give it your energy! Good luck! 😯

    Oh and I should declare I’m a Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th house and also a triple conjunct Gemini – energy central – with Pisces Rising 😯

  20. Thank you so much for posting this, Mystic! And I appreciate all of the comments left by everyone. I swear I will try to read them later on (it’s been such a hectic week and a half). Right now I’m off to go skating for the second day in a row; a lot of you have really helped motivate me as well. Best of luck to anyone else trying to get out of a rut!

  21. Wow. Now that I know other people are going through this I can say something – I thought I… I don’t know what I thought actually. For twenty years or more I’ve walked/hiked everyday – 30 mins to an hour. Through 5 pregnancies, with babies in prams, rain, hail, sunshine. Then on the first rainy day of autumn earlier this year I stopped. I started parking my car in an undercover car park near my work & reading during my half-hour walking window. I haven’t gained any weight – due to my paleo and fasting regime perhaps. I’ve been looking into chronic calorie deprivation as a possible cause of my lackluster. But the thing is (and three sessions of hot yoga proved it) my body is actually stronger than ever and my energy levels are FINE. I just feel immobilised.

    Anyway. Enough about me. Darling I can’t see any astro transit keeping a Leo down for any length of time – the need to shine will win. You’ll be back – perhaps you really do just need a rest? Have you tried body focusing? Its a technique whereby you open a dialogue with the body and it tells you what it needs. Worth a google.

    d xx

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