Astro-Query: An Aquarius Love Zombie Manifesto

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Dear Mystic

I represent Aqua Love Zombies of Melbourne (ALZM)

As a typical Aquarian with Venus in Aqua to boot, FFS, and with approx 85% of my friends and ex’s being Aquas, I can safely vouch for the fact that the love-scape for us is currently fuqued. Currently? Make that since forever. WHAT is going on? With all the Jupiters in baby and love zones and Neptunes getting the hell out and positive news in general for Aqua love, I am struggling to see any evidence of a romantic turn around. It’s been a long and hard road, and the re-emergence of my 2001 major babe Aqua heartbreaker back into my life in June for round two of heartbreak has only crushed me further…surrounded in rubble as we speak. How did I let him back in AGAIN? And WHEN is this going to end? Of all my Aqua comrades not one is successfully mating. Yes it’s all about the career right now, but surely we’re owed a break other than of the heart variety? Time frame?

*Trying very very hard to phoenix* Aquabomb

Dear Aquabomb,

WOW, and here i always thought that Aquarius people created Love Zombies. Of course, it’s perfectly easy for Aquarians to glide around quietly, looking like replicants but secretly harboring Love Zombie emotions. Isn’t it only when someone returns your call/shows emotion/wants you that you develop that renowned proximity phobia? This is strictly no offence – i’m Aqua Rising with Venus-Uranus here. I mean, shit.

So okay, Neptune is currently RIGHT at the start of Pisces, backed up basically nearly at 29 Aqua so you could still be having somewhat of a Neptune hangover. Neptune takes a while to clear, you know. Think of it as cosmic tequila. So you could still be processing the era from late the late 90s till recently. Check your dreams – they’ll let you know precisely where your processing is at.

Yes, Jupiter is boofing up the Aqua Love – as evidenced by major babe Aqua Heartbreaker back into your life for round two BUT given that was in June there will probably be a Round Three – when Jupiter gets to that point next April-May.  Is this helping lol?

Or how about this?

“ The answer is that you never, ever, rely on another person for your peace of mind. You have to learn to live with yourself. You have to learn to turn back your own sheets and set a table for one without feeling pathetic. You have to be strong and confident and pleased with yourself and never give the slightest impression that you can’t hack it without that certain someone. You have to fake the hell out of it.”
Armistead Maupin, More Tales of the City

I mean, it’s from a Taurus, but still.

And okay, at the moment, i am telling all Aqua-Aqua Rising peeps to go practically psychotic, like a primordial beast on the biz-career at the moment & psych evolution (thus doing Saturn and Pluto, you don’t ignore those two) and emerging from whatever Neptune did to your LOOK and then the love emerges. You read your scopes, yes?

Oh and i just had a flash that your major babe fuq-up heartbreaker guy will contact  you next Tuesday, grovelling and maybe even emo. At which point you – being another Aqua – will shudder and go looking for some ti-tree wipes with which to disinfect and purify your poor phone. Then you’ll go online to order some exotic mineral supplement and F-stalk the teacher from high school you had a crush on.


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69 thoughts on “Astro-Query: An Aquarius Love Zombie Manifesto

  1. Aqua sun in 7th house has meant that I once completely overemphasized the (often nonexistent and aspirational) primary relationship in my life/mind, a huge hurdle I’ve had to work hard to overcome…not the least b/c it also fed illusory perception of the other peeps and the relationship…which is if you think of it kind of insulting to the real warm humans in front of us.

    But this is the process for Aqua. balancing that idealization with cold hard reality, and learning to prefer the real thing. And using overthinking for GOOD and not evil (often even writing of speculative fiction as a Uranian high weridness distractor). I’m getting over it in direct proportion to how much I cultivate SURRENDER. also, in effect, learning about control and how manipulation works. Oh, and learning to be more (factually) discerning and getting w/someone (a Cancer who would have scared me earlier in life) so actually impressive I don’t have to make it up has been KEY. No more LZ, and no more come here/go away BS. at least, so far lol! 🙂

  2. ‘Then you’ll go online to order some exotic mineral supplement and F-stalk the teacher from high school you had a crush on. ‘

    sounds about right me being aqua rising and proud of it.
    Not me right now but yep seems reasonable response from one aqua dude to another.
    I love being an aqua it doesn’t do my head in like the venus in kataka part of me I just dig the quirk very quietly

  3. Venus-Jupiter Aquarius, everything progressed in Aquarius…And no matter what inner work I do..openess, research etc.., there is a strange vibe I’m sending out. Only emotionally unavailable, non committed jerks that show up and leave in lightening speed.

    Did anyone notice the uranus venus hits feel like uncontrolable impulsive love zombie puppeting? I feel so out of control when it happens, and always regret the consequence. Ugh. How do we turn the energy to our benefit and find real love?

  4. Interesting about Neptune in the earliest degrees of Pisces affecting Aquas. I’m an Aqua Mars 23 deg. Lately I’ve had a few dreams, where the guy I’m dating, his mom is in them and she doesn’t seem all that fond of me. I wanted to ignore them and blow them off. But I couldn’t help but kind of wonder why I was having dreams of this.
    Well tonight I find out that his mom wants him to get back with his loser ex girl friend. Pretty weird. I guess his mom likes to hang out with his ex. I guess it’s good that I got the warnings from my subconscious, before I found out this news today. But if me and my guy get more serious, am I gonna have to put up with this? Will his mom ever be able to move on from her son’s (the guy I’m dating) past, and grow up, and respect his decisions, and be happy for him?
    I thought this kind of weirdness/awkwardness only happened in romantic comedies! His mom is a cancer and my guy and his ex had a long history…Cancers do have a rep for having the hardest time moving on from the past. (just saying)
    A new era of Saturn relationship tests?

    • I say “A new era of Saturn relationship tests”
      Because when it was in Libra, My Aries Sun got schooled by Saturn in relationships.
      So now it’s in a new era of Scorpio, looks like it’s my Mercury Taurus’ turn to get schooled in relationships.

  5. Ugh! says my Venus and NN Aqua. The asteroid goddess witches In Aquarius stand around in chorus: Aphrodite, Lamei, Sekhmet, Isis and Circe. They all say: let us enchant, and let us run wild with erotic energy but remember also that the human in the hand is a messy creature. We want the hot untouchable whom we make crackle with electricity, and an array of erotic equipment – (my Venus Aqua 3H in mutual reception with Uranus Libra 11H 🙂 We are not desirous of the messy human at this moment.

    I’ve known so many men. When i think i would like to be in a relationship right now a thousand little memories of ignorant and stupid behaviours, even amongst the great love, you know, come back to haunt me. And while i look fondly and thankfully on all that wonderful love, i also sigh with just a teensy tiny bit of tiredness at dancing through someone’s emotional minefield. After all, i have my own and i’m no fred astaire (yet). The one i want has got to be different from anything i have ever known, but i have a little more work to do myself yet. No time to waste on le Zombisme.

  6. Okay, so what if you’ve done as Armistad Maupin says and still nothing?

    Re the discussion above about the nodes – I’ve checked my chart and it looks like (it took me a while) my NN and SN are virtually on top of each other. Is this possible or am I doing it wrong?

    Also just realised the Kataka (with Aqua moon) I’ve had a thing for for way too long has his SN conjunct my moon in Leo. Could I have been messing with his mind without even realising it??? I’m nice honestly…I don’t do femme fatale…

    • NN is opposite SN. They are not planets; they are points and these two are opposite ends of a straight line, yes? So yes you’ll need to go back to the astro drawing board 🙂

    • Think of the SN as a magnetic crab claws to your moon ,and that goes for any one with south nod planet conjunctions…the nod is the stronger of the two.
      I don’t care for SN contacts , they seductive and hard to shake loose. And often not a whole lot of fun.

      • I got my NN and SN mixed up. It seems Kataka who I’ve had a crush on for for waaay too long has his NN conjunct my moon in Leo. My SN is in virgo where he has planets but none actually conjunct my SN if my calculations are correct.

        I suspect this means I would be good for him but he wouldn’t be so good for me.

        If NN means your future, and my NN is in pisces perhaps I would do better to tap into my piscean energy more?

  7. I have nothing in Aquarius in my chart but I love Armistead Maupin, More Tales of the City’s quote. That is SO me right now. I think it has always been me but this time around I am loving life! Being free to look for things to enjoy. Yes, this might be a contradiction to my posts about my love connection but he is not stopping me from living my life. He is just making me question my wants, needs and values about love.


    • yes love the quote too. You have to proud to take yourself out on a date. who else is as hot as you? NOBODY duh ! note to self start believing this gf. had an awesome interview yesterday was soooo well prepped i was almost sitting in the guys la with enthusisasm. but if I don;t get the job I was very happy with myself.

  8. Hi Mystic,

    I’m a Leo with moon in aqua.
    Is this why I am perpetually single…will I ever find that special someone??? Help!!


    • Hi SnazzyLeo.. let’s see if we can help. What planets are in your 5th and 7th house? Let’s look at what is also in your 1st house.

      • Hi Virgo Ellie,

        Thanks for responding. I believe my 1st House is Taurus, the 5th is Virgo and the 7th Scorpio. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide some insight.


        • Snazzy.. have you done your chart via (It’s free) This will help identify the influences in those houses you posted! If you need help with let me / us know!

          It gets better as we dig into our charts!! Have fun! It’s like a mystery unfolds into how we are.. 🙂

  9. All I can say is THANK YOU to Mystic for the head’s up on the Love Vampire energy over the past few days. Your words floated through my mind and I promptly put down my phone to not text the Ex.

  10. Aqua bestie…. Love zombie. Aqua ex…. Love zombie stalker. Best male friend’s girlfriend…. Love zombie stalked him into a relationship. Friend’s Aqua dad…. 30year long love zombie. I KNOW Aquarius can zombie boogie with the us!

  11. You know, the last few months I was totally in that “why don’t I have a boyfriend?” scenario but just recently I’ve come into a (and sorry if TMI) “friendship with benefits” arrangement and I think he’s going all love zombie on me. It’s such a turn off and has made me realise that I really can’t be fuqed with a relationship ATM. And yeah I’m totally in career mode and planning my next move/life changes so having someone just wanting to hang out with you and cuddle and that doesn’t seem productive lol

    I sound heaps mean eh but I’m really not! Although its probably why I’ve been single for so long lol

    Aqua – sun, mercury, mars

    • i’m so with you on that groove, Vuldaen, down to the previous oh what is going on that i’m not in a relationship right now Thing popping up, and then realising it’s not where my energy is right now. This astro energy is really important; can’t be wasted!

  12. not an aqua except for when you do the calculation with the little element/mode box… what is that called? secondary rulership? … but i have to say i think saturn in scorp is not going to help with the LZism. obsession has grown exponentially, and no amount of faking/distraction is helping. which is surprisingly ok most of the time… very weird.

  13. Well this certainly explains why when I asked the Oracle about X, why it said…yeah…forget about this guy for now and concentrate on other stuff…. LOL. He’s Aqua. I’m sure he’s too emo for now.

        • Ha! That should make you totally irresistable to him. I find many Aquas rather enjoy the torture of unrequited love and they adore someone who is clearly available but mysteriously kinda unavailable at the same time.

          • I’d normally feel confident about it seeing as I’ve a long track record (mostly good or decent) with Aquas, but he is the only one that has so much Cap in his chart…Cap Venus-Mars&Saturn. I’ve no experience peeps who have this arrangement. It should be exciting!

  14. I have Venus in Aqua and I need my space. I have never been with an aqua man or anyone with much aqua in their chart. I love Gem air (I have Gem NN) in safe doses. Too much air annoys the fuq out of my Cap stellium. I’m not sure I could be with anyone who was as aqua as my Venus if that makes sense. There would be no connection. Too much space between.

  15. Ha, totally. My recent aquatic sun Venus aqua has turned love zombie on me, I finally have some space from the constant stalking and let her rip emotional tantrums, manipulations etc to process what was a very nice start to our connection into control hell. I still love the guy but he has been nothing short of mental and I am burned out. All evading aqua is a myth. I’m on love zombie slayer mode and he’s finally coming back to life but mate, you.need to sort your life out. He is nearly all air chart as well.

    • “emotional tantrums” EXACTLY what my Aqua friend is doing. Never seen anything like it from him. Anyone know when this is going to end?

      • Wow…this is so interesting. My Aqua Sun/Venus love interest has been doing same thing. I put it down to his Scorp rising, his Pluto conjunct my Moon and general Aqua emotional retardation issues. But maybe there is a general LZ malaise for Aquamales at mo’? I’m Aqua Sun, Rising, Mars, Saturn but don’t even have a smidge of LZ compunctions. What is going on?!!!

          • I think MM or someone has said hear that ingnoring an aqua is like catnip to them, I cloed the door on my LZ past only to turn and find the Ex had gone all LZ on me in the past 2 weeks. Jees. Its nice to be chased for a change but I know it won’t last he”ll fly off into space very soon but the difference will be l will not waste a nano- except writing this post of course. LZ be gone

            • that kind of want is never flattery to me. if you have cocked up enough to get to that stage I’m going to kick your arse, it’s not roleplay. I have said as much in the past too but this aqua is not like the other ones. Tres emotional connection junkie.

    • Sorry, but all-evading aqua is NOT a myth. Mystic’s description above (” Isn’t it only when someone returns your call/shows emotion/wants you that you develop that renowned proximity phobia?”) is quite correct for what I’ve witnessed this year. My aqua sun and venus babe has a zap-zone trigger on her moon, and that’s been her excuse for not wanting to touch intimacy with a ten-foot-pole the past few months. Sure we can play house and have merry hoochie-juice-fueled sex that we’ll barely remember the next morning, but intimacy? No sir. She says if I wait for a couple years she’ll probably come back around. Now if only I can just put my taurus moon in the parts locker for awhile…

      • I was jesting, I know it’s true for many. I was dating an anti aqua aqua, not your typical aqua? how old are you both, this sounds young? I am sagg moon.venus/neptune with uranus,merc.sun conjunct so maybe I am not as sensitive to the staying put of a toro moon, my biggest ltr was with a toro moon, I attract them and I can’t imagine that would bode well at-all for your emotional sanity/happy bovine possession qualities. The aqua thinks he is a robot, but really, when I withdrew my emotional investment he flipped. Much hunting and chasing. Not why I did it of course. Emotional intimacy rocks. Find someone your speed of heart. I highly recommend toro moons. Even for this sadge one.

  16. me aqua as well. with uranian electrical venus at degree. cant even think/pronounce the word ‘committement’ without feeling sick. so, i’ll shut up. but then, i suspect in other times other dimensions there would exist a proper form of ‘c**mm*******nt’ for us uranians too. 🙂 hope so.

  17. Oh Mystic, your flashes.. I was giggling after your dailies that a long-gone interest would show up.. because I wished just as Saturn went into Scorp that may he NEVER contact me EVER again… And he did.

    Now what? Maybe he will disappear again. But with SN connection, this one is becoming a gooey story.

    Aqua-peeps, brace yourselves..

    Gemricorn, once Mystic told me SN connections never work out well, but you learn a lot. She was, as usual, totally correct, to the point.

    • I agree. The worst relationshits I’ve been in had some stupid strong SN involvement.
      I’ve been fighting my NN in a lot of relationship matters and now I’m so over SN that I’m looking for NN things.

      • I am almost to the point of skipping people’s Sun/Rising, but delve directly into their SN position. Seriously. In my experience, SN contacts are about some big lessons from a life you can’t even remember now..And none of these lessons is fun — eye popping in retrospect? Sure.

          • opposite of NN- that little symbol that looks like leo. it’s supposed to signify your past lives or where you’re coming from, as opposed to the north, which is where you’re going.

              • Well you can do what you please, but I did not like what happened when I dated men who had planets conjunct my SN or I had planets conjunct theirs. It always started so wonderful like you knew them forever, but always ended full of drama. The sort of relationship you never forget because it was so terrible.

        • totally there with you- SN is flipping huge. it’s the old “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it” thing maybe? our default state we fall into when unconscious? i had a teacher who’s sole astro lesson was about the SN- blew my mind completely with its relevance. astrology for the soul by jan spiller is a good book.

          • The worst part of SN stuff is that it is so damned attractive. It’s like someone put a delicious warm hot tub there when you are freezing expecting you not to go in there. It’s a trap!!!

            NN sucks ass because …if you are like me…you are instantly repelled from such a person or at the very least, you are reluctant to make contact or do anything about it.

            • Oh dear! My Gem’s Sun/Saturn all over my SN, I have a stellium on his SN!!!!
              Ah well, what a nice spa bath of love on a cold day, lol. 🙂

  18. Aiight astro peeps… any insight would be soo appreciated … having a love zombie hangover. I don’t quite know what happened to me but…

    In the last few weeks I developed a crush/fling with a guy MUCH younger than me… this has NEVER happened to me before and normally I’d be much more cautious but suddenly? it was feeling ok right? … wrong….

    I am 29 degrees of Gem, ruled by saturn.

    He is 29 degrees of Aqua with a trining libra moon (29 degrees). His ascendant on my south node (Piscean!)

    What is with being the Saturn cougar when he has saturn on his moon? I felt like I was under a weird spell …

    Despite being beautiful when we were together – when we were apart he turned out to be of course – aloof, non communicative regardless of plans, kept me waiting without a word, boring basic embarrassing childish lack of personal responsibility stuff and it was over in a flash. But now I feel soooo stupid. And so freaked my radar was off because I pride myself on those instincts. Just saturn kicking my ass? Reasserting my boundaries?

    My mars is at 26 degrees of Taurus so I’m also having a neptune square hangover but.. when does it actually become safe to start trusting my instincts again when it comes to guys? when it’s 5 degrees away? … ten?

    feeling like such an idiot!!!! seriously… how wide is that orb as a delusional danger zone? I’ll stay inside the house with my phone off til then.

    • Had something similiar happen to me – Gem Sun, Aqua rising – my sun, his venus, his sun, my mars. Felt light in his company, felt good…

      A friend helped me redirect it – it’s the young[er] male energy you’re bouncing off and responding to. Yep, lost weight, styled up, felt bouncy and happy.

      But then OPENED MY EYES. Actually it was a photo of Demi Moore that did it for me. I looked at her and went ‘I am soooo not that’ and, with that thought, woke up.

      If seems as if he lacks your sense of what’s appropriate behaviour based on your values. Non-matching values is not a good sign…

      If he’s brought you back to life and allowed you to rediscover the beautiful woman within, then take that woman, bring her to the outside and look for someone who’s on the same wave length as you re values.


  19. concur totally… have been waiting for romantic action, none to be seen. Instead am up to wherever in work, work, work for the next three weeks solid (at uni, average of an assignment due every 3.5 days for the remainder of semester).

    We did a “Leadership” exercise in class the other day, to tune in on “What is important to you”, major challenges etc.

    Problem is (being that I am this high in work, etc) – what is important to me is SO not this. What IS important is relationships. Wherevr the fq they are. Came home loud and clear in this exercise.

    One thing we had to do was write “What are you going to do in the next 3-4 days to bring your desired future into being?”

    Struggling for a bit between the assignments, but I did write:

    Find your still calm centre.
    Slow down.
    Trust yourself.
    Its coming.

    I do find it very hard to mentally “Slow down!” but this is all I can do.

    I am dreaming of weddings (last night went to big private pre-royal wedding bash for Kate and Wills) so hopefully this is a good sign ???

    • Aqua Lion, I am the Aquabomb of this sad little story! Leo rising. Totally crazy, but I dream about royal weddings too! Have married Will a few times even, Taurus mum was so delighted! (yes Mystic, the quote was totes appropes…swallowing pride to take it from a Taurus, LOL)

  20. OMG, this is EXACTLY what is going on with my Aqua friend!! His Cancer ex pops back up, he proposes, because that is what she said she always wanted (and supposedly why she left before), she accepts, all is happy, happy and then WHAM – she changes her mind. Now she doesn’t want to move in, doesn’t want to get married, won’t have sex with him but wants him to support her and she is keeping the ring. WTF? He’s having a major breakdown. I feel so bad for him and I have no idea how to help him through this.

    • oh wow…I have a friend too who is Cancer who keeps messing with poor Aqua d00d too. How crazy is that? I don’t even know how they even got together in the first place because they are TOO different. People were always like wtf? when they found out they were a couple.

      • It’s beyond crazy. I’ve know him 20 years, she’s totally not his type. Forgot to mention, she also threatened to kill him if he ever cheats on her LOL But he is “in love” so he is hanging in, and losing his mind at the same time.

        So happy to be single 🙂

        • I’m an Aqua sun and I’ve always found people with a bit of Cancer in their chart irresistable – a Cancer Sun and Mercury combo has croped up more than once in my *ahem* romantic past. I’ve never understood it, but it’s like catnip to me.

  21. Thank god another Aqua has confirmed how I’ve been feeling. I have been a love zombie for the past 3 months thanks to another Aqua. We’re kind of each other’s love zombies, actually, but the glacial facades would never let us show it to the other..though we’ve had a few slip ups..anyway, I’m combating it by starting a new badass job that stands to bring in quite a bit of revenue for me. It’s going to be hard, but for some reason I’m really up for the challenge this time. I’m pretty sure that I just won’t have the time to indulge in love zombie thoughts and Facebook stalkery, replaying the passive aggressive songs that he posts which I’m more than positive are about our situation. Nope, I’ll be too busy being a badass.

  22. I concur with the toro quote. Find yourself. Trust yourself. Then all else will follow.

    As a recovering love zombie (recidivist mental psychic stalker ) I get the mental spin aquas get themselves into. We over think EVERYTHING .

    And the more you obsess about what ‘should be’ happening… The more you’ll miss the opportunities that are tangibly there.

    • So very true, unfortunately … Aqua Sun, Virgo Moon, Gem Rising and Mercury in Aqua … think think spin spin round round. Nightmare!

      My problem is creative coupling not romantic, but right now the situation is just hanging there. That was linked to career, so yeah … stalled, on hold or total re-arrangement of plans needed.

      Things looked to go up at the start of April with another boost in June and it effin looked like almost there right after the new moon and then wham 3 days later I did a (probably) overeager move (why oh why do I always forget I am dealing with a crab sun/taurus moon) and then silence and I don’t know how to deal with it because I do not know the reason for it.

      So I’ve decided I’ll just focus on fully enjoying my practice as is, honing my skills and be self sufficient as much as possible. And stop the think-train.

      Funny, I don’t feel pathetic when I am alone, I actually quite enjoy it.

    • “And the more you obsess about what ‘should be’ happening… The more you’ll miss the opportunities that are tangibly there.”

      Summary of my life.

    • And the more you obsess about what ‘should be’ happening… The more you’ll miss the opportunities that are tangibly there.
      LOVE THIS.

      From The Overthinker

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