Well Hello There

O.M.G. it has been a while.

Well, since last August anyways.


If you wonder whether the Love Goddess (and, you know, variations on Love) in the sign of theatrics, ego and flamboyantly having a Good Time could possibly translate into satisfyingly floozie scenes, entrances & drama – just think back to August 2011.

Could you go there again? Not necessarily with that person (?) but that vibe

Of course, this time around Venus in Leo is jinxed up by the Zap Zone – are we all too busy reinventing ourselves to have time for theatrical seductions/putting on a hot frock to consult the Oracle/becoming insanely fit and together to stop from becoming a Love Zombie? 

Mind you, even in evolutionary times, people keep on having sex, stupid cafe flirtations and strange thoughts regarding their lover…don’t they?

Guys, Venus is back into Leo until early October and there will be HEAPS about this in the Horoscopes because she is going to be squaring Mars in Scorpio (some of you need to sort your so-called lingerie collection and maybe do some more pelvics, pronto) in late September.

 But the short version of all this: Hair (Fabulous) – Dignity (Always) and Self-Control (Like A Diva).


Image: Harry Bennett – to illo Frank Kane’s Due Or Die

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Definitely feeling this transit.

Sun, Venus, Mars in Leo, despite all of that, I have not been to a hair salon in over a decade, mostly because of the impending crisis that would happen if someone messed my hair. But perhaps Venus in Leo trine Uranus is a good time to chance beauty, no?

catfish moon

well….leo is my 12th house… last august……SO OVERWORKED…no thanks. Plus the kids were with me since their dad was gone. I had 2 pets die(the 3rd and 4th ones in less than 3 months) in the same week. One was my precious dog of 15 years. UGH. To top it off, I was so wanting multivirgo and I to take off into real relationship mode. He did not. so now…..About to enter big work time and I am experiencing some losses. Bummer. but the kids’ dad is here, Multi virgo called a few weeks ago which I ignored. Then I… Read more »


August 2011 – the development of a 4 month relationship with a married Taurus (I’m married too, but with an ‘understanding’). He developed feelings he couldn’t handle and it all went bust in late November….gulit.
He felt gulty and couldn’t enjoy it for what it was…
Me : Libra Sun, Venus, Mars, Moon in Leo, Leo Ascendant.
All I know is that I desire so much more than conventional life accepts as the norm…

Oran Mor

Well, I clearly remember an incident last August where my ex-partner and I SHOULD have called it a day, but we hung on until the universe called it a day for us a few months down the line..

Now? Umm… Busy as all hell with creative projects, and slowly working things out with the lady who the universe delivered to show me that it was a bad idea hanging around aforementioned ex..


I don’t remember last August so I’m just going to imagine it was great and do the same for the now. I hope my focking Leo Saturn doesn’t pull some wierd psycho sheet. And I pray to God I don’t hear from any exes like some posters have.

12th house virgo

[sound of crickets]

Seems I haven’t been on a good Venus run since Neptune was in Aquarius, maybe Capricorn even.


The tightest aspect in my natal is that damn Mars-Venus square. (Mars Leo – Venus Scorpio). So I’ve been living that bitch my whole life.

This time around, they’ll almost be in the same position except reversed (Mars Scorpio – Venus Leo –> Is this what they call mutual reception?)

In any case, there will be VIBE aplenty this fall with that aspect!


Forgot to add that my 2nd tightest aspect is a Moon/Mars conjunction. Complicates things.

Aries Rising/Libra Sun. So I’ve been thinking my tightest aspect is like a reflection of those two ruling planets trying to sort it out.


even in evolutionary times people still having sex and stupid flirtations.
no. they dont. not me (and also others i know).
the last years took it away. with many other things too.
dont want to say thats good or bad. its both. but cant go back. dont know why. dont understand it. it’s just the way it is. try to accept it instead of cry because of what the lost.

Unconventional Libran state of mind

Yeah, lots of people I know have had big wake up calls and unexpected things happen. There’s a vibe, ‘Party’s over’ . The real new life is just getting started…


At my daughter’s lunch last month (Cancerian..July actually)… She and her fiance said I was actually quite like that guy Robbins…the motivational speaker.. And here I was thinking I was being pesimistic. I could not get the rental car that day to drive out of Palm Springs in 115f degree summer….Told them I cried all the way to the freeway… Guess that is positive for some…when you actually make it and can live to tell.. lol Of course I’m going to live to tell…I have peeps depending on me and they don’t know but their happiness is a motivating force…… Read more »


Omg i’m so already well into venus big time – but kataka is my 5th house and leo my 6th – we left gold coast home 8 days ago for 3 night stay at Nooooooosahhh, and we are still here, moving back to dream apartment tomoz for 7 nights. Rieeeaoow! non-stop sex and luxe – Bistro C make the best Grey Goose Expressos, I can’t stay away. my Gemboy arrives tomorrow for a few nights, can’t wait for him to meet his mirror image here, hough LL and I have already decided there’s only so much room in one relationship… Read more »


What to do if the Venusian bra trick and the flower in the corner of the house trick hasn’t worked?

Also: oh my gosh, today I feel invisible.

electric eel libran

trust me. the opposite situation is not preferable. the WRONG people notice me.


What’s the Venusian bra trick? Know about Mystics peach flower (?) remedy …. but never heard @ bra trick..

electric eel libran

i think its that thing where u wear a red bra and put rose quartz in it.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Yes, yes, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I am feeling it already! August 2011 was a great period in between storms. I Got My Shit Together, started making money, was on a fabulous health routine, wrote every day, and despite some major bullshit going on felt happy and healthy for the first time in forever and was focusing on me me me. It kinda fell apart around December… Anyways, yes. I am feeling it already. I drove around today and purchased 10 billion little things I’ve been meaning to get, from groceries to books to, uh, moccasins. I also ordered these very Venus in… Read more »

Scorpio Sun/Rising

No idea what I was doing last August BUT… I’ve heard from “two” ex’s in the past 48 hours. How weird is that? Although Mystic did give us a heads up in the scopes so I just kind of chuckled when it happened. And yes, I’m totally detached. I don’t even have to try to be detached… I just am. My Zombie days are done. (but it IS kinda fun 😉 (yawn)


August 2011? Oh yes, please, I’d like to do that again.


Ha! Truly ‘well hello there’!

Just got back on Facebook after a sojourn so I could say hello to friends overseas – sucked in. Venus on my Sun obviously makes me sentimental.

Venus just finished her transit over my 1st house and is close to my Sun.

ekectric eel libran

gosh i hope its not like aug 2011. that means more sitting round the house fri and sat nites and feeling miserable about my lack of love life but pleased with all other aspects. maybe when venus goes imto virgo this natal venus in virgo will get some action.


Do you think Venus in Leo is going to help Obama get back into office considering he’s a leo??


I am convinced he will get reelected.

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

OMG. This is SO TIMELY!!!
HURRAH! Don’t want to jinx myself, but I have some FABULOUS plans for this astro!!!!!!!


Aug 2011 was a terrible time for me. Got an stomach infection, laptop crashed just as the semester started, met a friend that turned out to be a Qi Vampire. Love-wise, it was all dreams of having various boyfriends. Not something I want to relive. Maybe the Scorp-Leo square will be nicer to me.

if you fall... dive

my ex broke up with me last august. think loads of ego drama, diva competition on both sides, and him always trying to “show” me he was over it asap (leo rising). any possibilities with leo in venus this year? though i totes wore leopard lingerie today for no reason and rocked my naturally-big hair. also decided today i’m not that interested in going out on dates with random guys right now, or even hooking up… fuq them, i need to focus on me, and i don’t need the distraction of commitment-sex. couldn’t handle it. too pragmatic for leo venus,… Read more »

Unconventional Libran state of mind

Totes cool attitude coming through with your note on leopard print lingerie, big hair and playing your hand for yourself first – THAT perspective is SO Venus in Leo, healthy love for self care and treasuring yourself. Yes 🙂


Odd, last August I got a stomach infection as well. It was actually pancreatitis and I battled it for 9 months. I ended up with 25 lbs extra weight from the steroids that I had to take.
I feel like I’m just NOW coming back around. Although I still haven’t lost the weight, I did cut a bunch of length off my hair. I think I was using it to hide.
Best wishes to you Steph.


Is now a bad time to send a slightly flirtatious email? Like, RIGHT NOW?


Sigh. Ignore this. why i post these questions to a public blog is beyond me. Signing out for a while while I detox from this site. 😉


ah. thank YOU mystic xxx

Unconventional Libran state of mind

Ha! I knew it. I knew there was a reason why my hair and wardrobe are a ka-ching ching shake up the ring ring… 🙂 Last August I was trying to get my confidence together a bit more. It was a bit Leo Queenie in the romance area. V happy things that were on the horizon then, took turn and I steered my ship off that course to a new direction. These days I’m more harsh and less tolerant of fwittery than perhaps I need be but it serves me well. Less people on the periphery and more depth on… Read more »


I’m similar to you on some things there: right now I’m getting my voice back, not intimidated by differing even loud opinions, and also investing more in my core people.

Last August I did have great hair and sexual power. Don’t mind if that comes back at all =)

Unconventional Libran state of mind

Maybe it’s also the Jupiter in Gemini, Gemstar?!
Your point about great hair and sexual power 🙂 is v Venus in Leo.

We get to choose who to open our heart to – and who to turn and run from! I love my core people; they give me a spark and I return the favour. Misplaced obligation and trust for people who don’t respect me is totes uggs.


I have Mars in Leo – and 1st house Last August I was too busy working my guts out on something that I thought was going to be the beginning of a wonderful future that turned into nothing much at all – to be engaging in much theatrical seduction. Although the thing I was working on did involve much ‘engaging’ with folk to encourage participation in a big event, so there was much turning on the charm etc. This time I’m going to be too busy working my guts out finishing off the thing that would be finished now if… Read more »


That Mars/Venus square is opposite/square my natal Venus. Bring it on!


Another meeting with the Ambivalent Leo is on the cards. Also I had his age wrong and mis-astro-stalked him as a result.
Lesson: Quit astro-stalking and just do what I do best.


Simply – August 2011 – no thanks. Ugh. WILL stick to revamping my hair/ creativity/ law of FABU-LEO-US!


Tempted to start by dyeing my hair that crimson!




Natal Venus in Leo here – I do so like the sounds of all that, I think…..(maybe need more info) ?! – thank you Mystic for this post, sounds like fun is on the up & up!

Virgo Ellie

Ok, I think it is weird that I use to live for the Oracle.. every day and now that you bring it up.. I have NO interest in asking questions about my love interest. It’s like I am not worried. I honestly feel like he is in my life for good. So, yes, I want to go back to how things were and as described in this Blog. We had a great time together… it was great! We disconnected since November 2011 so although our reconnect last month was not that great since I think we were both nervous… I… Read more »

12th house virgo

I still like the Oracle. Not for love interest news, but the house=witchery queue is pretty awesome.


Yeah. I never use it for love interest info, but I love the tarot card option and the archetype option and what do I need to know option =)

Unconventional Libran state of mind

I regularly use the Biz-Career option that is on this new Oracle version. But the Oracle sometimes comes back to me with the answer (to the Biz-Career question): ‘You didn’t ask about this but a a big/new love interest draws near’. Ah, thanks I guess, Oracle 🙂 but I really am not into it – romance is a mere flash in the pan for me at the mo!

fallen angel

Euuw. August 2011 was when I got Capricorned by yes, another Cappo. I’m saying euw because it was massive pursuit then uber rapid flat-lining. Did I look good? Yes. Did I have Lovers on Call when one of them decided to misbehave? Yes. Was I happy? Not so much. But the excess of sex endorphins made up for any sadness. I have Venus in Leo and now being book ended by La Leo on one hand and the Cappo on another. Talk about fire and ice, but the self-control is there. Or I should say the self-control thru sheer slog… Read more »

ekectric eel libran

lol i read capricorned as capricummed. small screen.


Double lol

fallen angel

I WISH it was Capricummed. But apparently it is no coincidence how the original man of steel Superman is Capricorn (I think). So is Jesus – for this argument’s sake let’s assume Dec. 25th has some authenticity. Translation: It ain’t happening cos they’re busy saving the world?? Have no idea. However, the Double Libran has initiated a flurry of contact to let me know he’s leaving LA for good and moving to Chicago. I’d ignored last weekend’s text message but would feel awful not sending him off..naturally this spurred on shared reminiscing about our 2010 summer to 2011 fall affair.… Read more »


I think it’s a nice sign that he wants to let you know he’s going Angel. It suggests he truly did (and still) cares xxo

fallen angel

Auuw fanks Shell.. he actually said he owed me a big thank you for everything I’d done and how gracious I was to him. We had a lovely summer together, now that I think about it I was his er.. longest relationship out here. I DO like that even while we’re lucidly aware it wasn’t going to last and last, we sort of didn’t really act that way. If there’s one thing you can count on with a Libran, it’s light and air. His reason for moving to Chicago? His last GF dumped him, then his dog died the next… Read more »

fallen angel

Oh double yuk! August 2011 was also when the Double Libran and I stopped seeing each other in any capacity.

Ah. So now the real goodbye.

fallen angel

Ok, Mystic said “satisfyingly floozie scenes”..but seriously?? Now the WHU is demanding to see me. I fabricated a consistent beau to allay this but DUH, forgot Uranians only get more fervent when one is acting like a fleeing refugee.

The sports bar footy (I know, can you imagine moi?) hour I’m meant to be spending with the Double Libran has now extended to an entire afternoon of mildly domestic activities associated with his move.

And thru all this? The infuriating CapriCan’t has not made a move. Grrr. Church (i.e. Sephora/Victoria’s Secret) beckons.

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