Confused By Horoscope Dates?

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Confused by horoscope dates? Wondering how you can be one Sun sign in one set of scopes and then a different one in another? Here is an easy explanation.

The so-called Zodiac signs or Sun Signs reflect the movement of the Sun around a “belt” of constellations.  If you were born on – say – March 10, when the Sun was well and truly in Pisces, then your “Sun Sign” is straightforward. You’re a Pisces. Or rather, the Sun was in Pisces when you were born.

But every year, the Sun changes signs at slightly different times. So for example, the Sun might leave Pisces for Aries on March 21 in one year and then on March 22 the next. So when you see Horoscope dates, they often default to the date the Sun’s shifting sign that year. It’s just easier that way.

The best way to deal with this is to establish once and for all the degree and sign of your Sun at the time of your birth and stick to that. You can get one of my Astral DNA birth chart reports or check it out for free on Astrodienst.  There is no such thing as a ‘cusp’ – your Sun is in one constellation or another.

But for really rad results and to take the question of horoscope dates out of the picture altogether, read for your Rising sign.

My Horoscopes work for both and they’re not so much a definitive, predictive fatalistic read as they are my take on the vibe influencing each sign or rising sign.  Horoscopes are not supposed to tell you what to do; they’re more like inspiration as to how best navigate the current atmosphere, according to your sign.

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