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So  how y’all doing with that Uranus square Pluto Zap Zone energy???

Insights? Breakthroughs? Merde Manifestations? Clarity? Strange shit?

(Subscribers, check your Daily Mystic for today as it’s got the most coherent advice re how to max out this ZZ energy in your favor that i can think of. If you subscribe today, it will still be sent to you – otherwise, you’ll get my next one: Chic In The Zap Zone + a pep talk for Saturn in Scorpio.

FYI, if you subscribe to Bliss Mystic or Mega Mystic but did NOT get it, please email me. Do not just sulk in silence. )

Back to the Zap Zone – i was at the Virgo dentists perfecting my smile and watching The Social Network on Happy Neptune Gas – cue genius insights & emotional releases.  Next day my teeth are so shiny & white, i keep smiling to the point peeps think i am high/having a hot Jupiter transit.

How did you go?


Image; Lara Stone by Mikael Jansson

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67 thoughts on “Queen Of The Zap

  1. Man, so much awesome and so much insanity.

    Have been getting amazing awesome creative work.

    Aaaand, the loonies have been acting up big time. Massive Pass Agg and or Direct Blame Agg.

    Wow. Giz me a headache. But the good stuff is AWESOME. The aggers are pissed, want me to fail.

    They are chinking my pshyce but the armor thickens.

  2. I have to say WOW!! Totally inundated with merde at the moment but I am juggling it well 😉 A few more big decisions to flow through and we should be a bit smoother, as long as nothing else explodes

  3. Just heard Sir Richard Branson speak live at a conference here in SF. Very inspiring as I’ve been wanting to flex entrepreneurial for awhile and it was galvanizing for me to see him in the flesh talking about the whole history of his companies.

    Also, he showed a new promo vid for Virgin Galactic…..I SO want to go on THAT ride someday!

    Back in my own life, though…..things always precarious, as usual, mostly financially precarious, which makes everything feel precarious… it’s just the norm, now, for me……has been that way for a good three to four years now and I’m just surfing it the best I can.

  4. I so tried to lay low yesterday, but walked headlong into an ambush of tired-old negative, backward views, which being an Aries, I simply couldn’t ignore. So I let rip which gave me the release and closure I needed to finally free myself from a nasty closed-minded group who have done nothing but bring me down over the years.

  5. computer went mental all fonts disappeared thank god for the aquarian and his fixation with gadgets I have backups and rebuild everything takes hours meanwhile I have a funny song stuck in my head and the adrenalin of the concept of losing my tool of the trade is epic. then I discovered an amazing new vital greens thing for the daily smothie. found some kindred spirits without looking for them and talked about myths and oral history and alchemy for hours.how we create reality by talking it into existence. oh and got in an argument w someone who’s good at what they do but falls apart on the details and might’ve lost respect for the way they operate.

  6. I’m doing ok with this energy. Back to exercise basics after wake-up call re injury. Found a fantastic vegan protein supplement. Mammoth declutter chez Chrysalis is ongoing. Revising CV and developing new work ops in case current situ doesn’t continue. Seeing it as an opportunity rather than a problem thanks to Mystic’s wise words in the dailies.
    Seeing a lawyer next week to talk through some options re my sham marriage. Hub going away for a couple of weeks for work, so I’ll have some much-needed breathing space.

  7. F**k.

    16 month Virgo crush who comes with so far very minimal LZ’ism, I no longer have any idea. I know I’d love him hardcore but so far it’s not flowed situation wise. We’ll see on Friday. Then, just as I’m feeling terribly whatevs about all of it 16 year Aries love of my life appears in very, very obscure situation, in very, very obscure pub in enormously populated city which I’m visiting for very brief period of time. One of those ‘wtf??’ scenarios where I’m reminded how much I deeply, utterly, full body, mind, spirit love this person (for half my life) and how mean it is that I can’t be with him. It’s pretty much set the scene for my entire adult life because when you feel like that and you just know, how is it possible to be normal?


    • Perhaps the Aries reappeared as contrast? The Universe providing you with emo to process and see how far you’ve come from the past and how, like it or not, you’re able to accept things as is.

      Maybe the new normal is being able to choose someone else consciously, honestly, with all of your broken and beautiful bits when the “meant to be” thing hasn’t gone beyond meaning and worked it’s way up to being. I’d be curious to know if it flows with the Virgo after this.. maybe it’s just the few last dregs of letting go…

  8. I think I could be a MM textbook example of being propelled forward by the current square energy (in a good way) as sun, venus and merc in aries currently being zapped…

    Just about to buy first house, after renting big old delapidated house for 11 years…approved for small loan despite working casually, aided I suspect, by current mars scorp in my second house. Current scorp north node has been exactly opposite my taurus jupiter in 8th for the last few days, really supportive broker and conveyancer (women)…

    Little house is opposite a lake, (Neptune has moved into my 6th this year, via saturn and chiron).

    Such a big change it will be, to have my own place!!

  9. Sitting in clinic waiting room waiting to get a cyst cut out thinking I’m such a friggin baby!!! Wonder if I should leg it back to work to the dust & heat…..
    Other than that I’m wondering how a lil love can flourish in this astro? Started in early July & constantly in a bit of awe of it. Sometimes the old me expects disaster or to leg it but no no no I’m going on this adventure. Fuq fear. Fuq the old ways.

  10. I’m feng shui-ing my ass off and getting loads of interest in my work. Not LZ-ing it at all. Who has the time? I can barely fit in sleeping and eating. I have reflected a bit on what has gone right or wrong in the past few years. Is it wrong to say I hope karma is a bitch? Because I am way too busy to be concerned with setting the record straight for grown-ups who should know better.

    • Congrats! I agree. Too dang busy for Love Zombies or becoming one!
      As they saying goes, “the devil finds work for idle hands (or hearts).”

  11. Oh yeah – thoroughly totally zapped. Big stuff coming in left, irght and centre. Time to do the work, can’t duck it any longer….don’t want to duck it any longer.

  12. It has been both curse and gift. A family member has been seriously ill but in taking time off work to care for her I have been able to work on a new business plan I am keen on which wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Strange days indeed.

  13. Strange dream, I was due to be beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat, by a group of people wo were even being friendly to me. Somehow I was demure, accepting and complict in this. I was allowed to go into a room alone for a minute, I saw an open window, with bare feet,a t-shirt I just made a split decision and went through window and started delicately crossing roof tiles so as to not make a noise and make my escape. From a dark gloomy place through to sky and light and peace. Then I awoke abruptly and have had a super productive morning working on ‘my thing’ all morning.

    I felt like a radical change; no longer will I be used, beaten, down trodden, I just choose not to and elegantly climb through the window to a new brighter reality…Maybe it was my own ‘mind’ beaing me up with baseball bats…that I have said goodbye to…

  14. Well I have decided to burn off everything that isn’t pointed towards where I am going. This means closing down my blogs and giving away the Tarot reading. I need to primarily orientate myself towards my art, rather than writing about it….

    I ended up in a fabulous place on the Net last night, called Brain Pickings, which in turn led me to The Cult of Done Manifesto…. (via their permanent link “How to find your purpose and do what you love)

    The Cult of Done Manifesto

    1. There are three states of being. Not knowing, action and completion.
    2. Accept that everything is a draft. It helps to get it done.
    3. There is no editing stage.
    4. Pretending you know what you’re doing is almost the same as knowing what you are doing, so just accept that you know what you’re doing even if you don’t and do it.
    5. Banish procrastination. If you wait more than a week to get an idea done, abandon it.
    6. The point of being done is not to finish but to get other things done.
    7. Once you’re done you can throw it away.
    8. Laugh at perfection. It’s boring and keeps you from being done.
    9. People without dirty hands are wrong. Doing something makes you right.
    10. Failure counts as done. So do mistakes.
    11. Destruction is a variant of done.
    12. If you have an idea and publish it on the internet, that counts as a ghost of done.
    13. Done is the engine of more

    For me, # 12 – If you have an idea and publish it on the internet, that counts as a ghost of done. – really resonated. I need actually done stuff, not etheric ghosts of ideas.

    Had an odd dream/visualisation where I was walking along a beach, and all the seashells were made of porcelain, and I was quite happily walking on them, feeling them crunch under my feet…..

    PS: Mr Triffid’s work has just gone from “Oh Crap” to “You bastards !”. He sent off 5 job applications last night 😀 We’re facing forward – he gets Zapped and I read him Mystics advice about using it as fuel 😀

  15. Welll, let’s just say I shoudn’t have tried to do anything social on my birthday. Half of the friends who said they would come join me didn’t, and the friends that did come got into verbal combat. Mystic asked in the Daily Mystic, “Hasn’t this intense astro-weirding brought out the strangest crap in some people?” You would not believe.

    • That’s rude of them to fight on your birthday. they sound a bit selfish. Maybe, it’s time to branch out and make new friendlier, friends who actually get-along?
      Cheers to you!
      Happy Birthday!

  16. I was late deciding to go to an expensive conference, and they put the price up another $110… so after being really angry with myself I decided I didn’t want to support the conference organisers anyway. It was way over priced and targeted at mega business, which isn’t really me in the end. Instead I remembered that PhD application time is again here, and if I was annoyed at letting the conference ticket slip through my fingers, I’d be really pissed off letting another year of treading water happen by not applying for post grad studies and leaving this city where nothing much is happening for me. So I’m doing it. Not thinking too much, just doing it. At least if I get accepted I can then make a real decision about what I want to do, instead of just floating in vague possibility land. And instead of schmoozing with mining company managers, it’ll be working on how to get more people joyously riding bicycles around Australian cities. This seems more in line with the current astro :)

  17. I spent ZZ at the dentist too :) No happy Neptune gas for me, but I am fuqing amazed at how white my teeth are (not bleached, just cleaned and polished) and have been walking around grinning like the cat that got the cream all day.

    Other than that, no freaky shit to report (one of the joys of being a fuqwit free zone). I’m just cleaning and packing up shit ready for move from Ghetto de Saturnalien to Palace de Saturnalien in early November.

  18. I had an amazing awesomely fabulous meeting of minds with the uber-Aquarian where we revisited our 3rd house collaboration plans.

    I had to deal with some 4th house expectations that cause me tension. I’m mature about it, no need to confront and talk it out with the domineering, fixed and flaky; I’ll just go about my own direction and keep out of their reach which serves to A) keep me on my path, B) keep them happy by my not confronting them. I like your advice Mystic about not stirring up the crazy’s but staying clear.

    I talked out a few dilemmas with my friend the Aquarian with Neptune transiting 1st house which was very healing.

    The Uber-Virgo has made some plans for us to do something terribly daring and can best be described as a Mars in 8th house activity, so of course I’ll be safe, but won’t get comfy or lazy so I should be kept on my toes and concentrating. Exciting.

  19. So strange, the last two days my ex has been so passive aggressive and freaky to me, and today he texted me talking about how we could great “platonic” friends but spelt it “plutonic”….. eerie, no?

  20. I just have to thank the commenter (sorry – I can’t even remember which thread it was on and so I can’t go back and find your name), who recommended Living Libations gear. I got the self dentistry kit, cos OMG, the pain and the cost of multiple failed root canals plus now two gaps where teeth once were, and holy moly the neem stuff works, it absolutely bloody works and the dentapick is my new best friend. Whoever you are, I’m sending waves of blessings and well wishes for clueing me in to this.

    • fuq yeah neem and blessings to the indians who listed it officially in their medica thing so pharma companies will never be able to pate.t the seed. I use it inmy haur its wicked, am happy for your teeth and gums it wasnt me but I love succcess stories x

    • Thanks for this ! I’ve been umming and ahhing over the dental kit – my teeth are dreadful after spending a year vomiting due to pregnancy problems….

      I will go ahead and make the investment now 😀

      • Absolutely the best investment I’ve made Domestic Triffid, and I really wasn’t sure I could afford it, but it’s actually incredibly economical because you only use a drop of each of the enamelizer and tooth drops at a time. I’ve had mine for about a month and both bottles are still practically full.

    • The dental kit is the best thing I’ve splashed out on for a while. I love my dentapick, and brushing my teeth with the oils etc makes them feel so nice. I’m never buying toothpaste again!

      • Yeah, I love the taste and my mouth feels lovely and herbally clean, like sparkling clean. The bit of enamel the dentist chipped off my back molar when removing the other one is being gradually replaced, I’m certain of it, the stuff is miraculous.

    • It was me!!!! No worries! I’m so glad people have gotten turned on to her stuff. I never buy anything else now. Except coconut oil for my body/face.

      Hoping to spread more goodness like this when I start consulting for health/nutrition/healing sessions. Just finishing up a course now so will have a nice little certificate to show off :)

  21. What a year we’ve had. Total change of location and family set-up this year thanks to fourth house uranus. Yesterday’s low-grade merde feelings wiped by a long arduous meditation which left me feeling free and this morning, even though aching all over from Pilates this week, felt the strongest and most controlled ever in mat class. I don’t mind feeling great!

  22. My higher self (does that merit some capital letters ?), anyway, is speaking to me in a scrappy Brooklyn accent like this.
    “Just get the fuq over yourself. ” And stuff like that, and it’s working.

    Never had a plastic gigantic dinosaur to ride but I did have a blow up whale from Marineland, Niagara Falls as a kid once.

    LIKE her shoes !

  23. Avoiding loonies. Deflecting negativity. Mega insights. Getting the Awesome/Phoenixing in a slow but steady manner.

    Insight of the day: What is for you WILL NOT pass you by.

  24. Work is remarkably quiet for me. The shit is hitting the fan but not anything I can help with or resolve. Project ends tomorrow but my job ended last week.

    So quietly planning my holiday and shoe shopping and thinking about revamping my internet dating profile with professional photos….. I need a good corporate head shot too. I guess that’s kind of phoenixing??

  25. Feeling good, back in control! Got my health on today, planning a healthy, productive, and moderate weekend.

    Optimistic and not freaking out about the future, just taking it moment by moment doing the next right thing. Striving for more balance..

  26. Am really happy!
    Work picking up again, website closer to completion, then as I am testing a new hypnotic procedure my dad agreed to
    give a go! Healing and family can be tricky but if it works it feels extra wonderful.

    But I did cry this month for the first time in ages… Sometimes life in this world seems so painful, even if it’s not directly my pain!

    Had to do another dreaded vaccination for my spectrum boy, it was not received well and had him sick this last month & back to walking on his heels… Dr.’s just shrug, it’s so frustrating & disorienting having to be the expert yourself, the lack of interest is astounding to me. If you aren’t curious about medicine why study it?
    Anyway minimal zappage overall, lots coming up I am looking fwd to.

  27. Feeling a little better today but laying low. Feeling something coming other than my birthday on Friday with an job interview. This week s*cked! I just can’t figure it out. So, I am going to try and lay low but watch the scene from the outside and see what happens. I don’t have a good feeling about some things! But I guess that is the way it goes!

  28. I think you’re both right. I just couldn’t believe it, of all the people, in all the places, of all the nights etc. Perhaps it’s the final lesson of Saturn in Libra? That would make sense, my last physical contact with him was at the start of this transit. Perhaps I’m just never going to get closure with this and the lesson is to just to accept. As for the Virgo, I’ll be interested to see how he makes me feel tomorrow and I feel less anxious about seeing him actuallly, the Aries always does that. If I can survive him etc. Thanks for listening as always!

  29. Think it’s best to have the big talk about new love interest with parents tonight…culture dictates that their opinion eclipses my own (or that’s how it feels like atm).

    Now that I know that I am experiencing the zap zone Pluto transiting 4th house, Uranus 7th house I know why i’m thinking and feeling the way I am lately. I know I’m not LZing…kept everything under check + set firm boundries which I’m proud of. I’m 21 and things are changing and exciting…ish but definately nerve-wracking!

    Any advice on what to keep in mind when talking to the folks?

  30. Ugh….. totally lost it today at work and went off on unauthentic co-worker who continuously bad mouths me to competitor. WENT OFF. Oh well i blame it on mars, zap zone or a combination. I am usually really good about following my mantra: respond and not react. Not today