Pluto Direct Already

Happy Pluto Direct. Notice how it brings everything up – ancient angst, megalomania, lust, fierce independence urges…everything.

It’s like a psychological colonic lol.

Maybe do your own thing for a few days – intensely – less focus on other peeps biz and more on your own.

Summary of this weeks news: everything is at flashpoint, merde hitting the financial fan & some of the economic “policies” bring to mind what Einstein said about a problem not being able to be solved via the same consciousness that created it.

Speed Precis of my Zap Zone article (for subscribers): deleveraging is chic…you can do it emotionally as well as financially.

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Image: Steven Meisel – Vogue Italia

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125 thoughts on “Pluto Direct Already

  1. OMG. The Mother Ship Calls. Pluto direct and moi smack middle of my Uranus return. Get raised from the dead (or being an LZ) to be thrown up for a good ol’ bout of electrocution, zap zone indeed.

    The thoughts I’m embracing right now:
    Send the clearest YOU vibe out to the Universe to harken all that is yours. (Needless to say, you have to do some pretty stringent cleaning before you light that up).

    When others invite you to Violence, refuse. Your energy is better spent in Creation, freedom from the confines of the small and fearful mind. Even if usually it’s yours.

    You are where you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re meant to do right here, right now.

    I’d like to say that murky pool of crap doesn’t look familiar, but oh it does.

    • Refusing the invitation to violence, yes. Violence not just physical too can be subtle. I watched a thing once where the female protagonist was voicing her opinion about crap behaviour from a love interest, one line I remember was something like “all your attitude, putting things around behind my back, people messing with my mind … I Refuse.” not the best grammar but that wasn’t the point, it was more a halt at the gate thing. so, yes. x

    • and what if pluto direct happily squares your mars?
      violence wouldn’t exactly be easy to refuse. πŸ™

  2. Uranus Return? You are 84? Fuq hun i admire you for your ageless resilience & chic, not to mention your still highly active sex and dating life! xx

    Hey i love your general message lol

    • I sleep in silicone hanging upside down a darkened attic eave hun haha.. did I write Uranus return? I meant Uranus opposing my Sun. My synapses are zapped from sidling back and forth between the Amperes and Ohms.

      Like Watt the Farad??

      • I believe it is actually possible – there are some amazing people out there. THey seem to be brazenly individuated, doing their own Paleo or Vegan thing, taking a LOT of personal responsibility for their Awesome.
        I met a fireman in his 90s with a washboard stomach, did Yoga and Canadian air force exercises + a swim in the ocean every day, cool guy…said his secret was that he never retired, he had to as a fireman but he went off and learned carpentry. He was SHUNNED by people his own age though.

        • that’s inspiring!!! i wish the water wasn’t so cold here in california. some of the surfers i meet who go back and forth from here to hawaii are the healthiest looking people ever, eat total crap but i truly believe the ocean gives you minerals you need!!!

          • I don’t swim much these days (dislike of cold water shivvvvers), but a jog through Central Park NY on a regular basis is this Modern Gal’s idea of a 21st Century Uranian awesomeosphy and brazinity!

          • I do recommend cold water swim daily for health benefits! It helps lower inflammation and forces you to breathe. I personally swim in 68 deg water daily. if i could find a natural source that was 50, I’d do it!

            • Hmmmm…maybe I can build my way up! When I was a teenager and went to a camp in Northern California we used to do a lake swim every morning. I looovvveeeddd it, even though it was cold, it felt amazing!

              Ocean swimming is definitely harder though and easier to just turn around instead of making it across the lake and back.

              Man, now I’m dreaming about running away to a lake and hiding out for a couple of months. This high-stress, adderall poppin’, reluctant treadmill seshing, all-nighter life is killing my soul and health.

        • defintely regular yoga practice for the eternal youth thing. or good pilates. the two teachers I know are in better shape than most 20 year olds I see, and these women are in – or close to – their SIXTIES.

      • There’s an 80something at my yoga class who can bend her body in ways I couldn’t imagine. And last year I had an old lady who came into my work frequently go skydiv

        • an old french man i met while i was couchsurfing (like…hella old, 80s or 90s!) taught himself how to to the human flag in his 70s.

          i’ve also seen some people get insanely good at contortion despite taking it up later in life!

          omg this thread is making me so inspired to get back into my old habits, i want to be a contortionist grandma!

          • Two years of yoga and my body is still stiff as a board. It’s like I hit the yoga “wall” – I can’t seem to get any more flexible. It is really bothering me!

            • When I first started doing yoga my teacher said, “It will take fifteen years for all of you to bend your head all the way down to your thighs, unless you’re like Lucy and then it won’t ever happen.”

              I was coming off a workaholic era and into a more spiritual life. That moment taught me just to love something for what it is. I also learned that people with stronger joints
              are less flexible in general.
              So maybe that’s a plus. Don’t quote me without confirmation from a chiropractor but I recall her
              saying something like that.

              Enjoy the yoga buzz.

  3. Does Pluto Direct create meltdowns?? I had a meltdown last night…I melted so quickly I need a new keyboard and my computer is being brough back to life! Ugh… so tired of my job situation. Enough said! I am going to lay low, get ready for my birthday on Friday and enjoy the interview I am going to on my birthday! This too shall pass! I hope!

    • I have noticed my computer issues are related to Uranus or Merc… where is transit Uranus hitting your chart?

  4. It’s, oh, 9.45am CST & everything that is in the Aqua & Kataka for today has resonated strongly. Already. Including Kim’s contribution …….amazing! Thanks for the guidance and knowing ones on the right path xx. πŸ™‚

  5. Yep, my apprentice and I both checking it out in Tarot. Same cards over and over: World, Tower, Moon and also World, Tower, Strength. First lot is the Zap Zone on a large scale disrupting ALL institutions and exploding the myth, the second . . . well, you’ve got your earthquakes, mudslides, nuclear meltdowns. Yes. Global and personal. Being VERY careful, thanks Mystic x

    • I have always found moon difficult to read which is weird because I live by it, how do you interpret that on a globalscale? it always seems so. pesonal to me

    • and I love that you have an apprentice im writing about journeymen at the moment and am getting a real sense of how life has become so compartmentalised and a lot of that learning and mentoring and the fostering of that kind of handed down oral tradition is being lost.

      • Im not so sure? I respect your concern for narrating changing traditions and what I observe is that people online are sharing passions from 8-80 all accessing same info via forums, blogs, social media and teaching each other. Hackerspaces and Makerspaces meeting offline. I mean this is the natural way to learn no? And I believe points to the future of education and training. It’s exciting. People who are passionate rise to top of info because of their depth and breadth as their peers raise their reputation. No need for a teaching qualification in this space. I have one! Prior to which I served time in plenty of kitchens as an apprentice chef…What do you make of the DIY Youtube phenomena? Perfect for just in time learning. Perhaps a bit distracting for depth and breadth?

    • I have also drawn the tower several times in the last few weeks… just last night, queen of swords (me) with the tower and the devil- tres zap zone

    • Hi Ly jusy recognised you in here! You have set me on my 3 months transformational jag going from muffin topped to fab abs! Haha… X

  6. you know its weird but life is good, moon in libra has been benevolent. am slowly managing to disengage fr work in the throbbing metropolis and get it going on in my local area. decided yesterday thats how I do it now after suddenly getting 2 low key projects in the hood one which is totally in line w my ethics – not earning gazillions but covering rent and food – everything feels simple and easy. I am totally on the zap axis tho so who can tell what’s next?

    • Libra Moon is great for beautiful detachment. Yesterday, I was in the city in the late afternoon peak hour and I looked around at the tall buildings and their architecture and I decided I really really like it when Mercury and the Moon are in Libra – there’s a fuller appreciation of the finer details and I rocks my world!

      My local area is an escape. Two beautiful cafes (I call them best kept secrets) have recently opened in the past 4 months. My home and local community are a place I can hide away and get away from all the fray and cryptonite and I’m so grateful for that!

      • escape is a good word. i live in a leafy inner city hamlet – it has a totally village vibe to it. Have been sharing plant cuttings with the neighbours and chatting in the street like ye olde times. It’s nice. The view from my desk is trees swaying in the breeze.

    • AND the other thing i love is the second hand book shop down the road I just found a really old copy of the white goddess by robert graves and am struggling with wanting to read it instead of working. It looks amazing I might make the aquarian read it to me. Him reading me folk tales and fables is my favourite thing. One of the very first things we shared was poetry and stories.

  7. Well this explains a LOT.
    Last night was very emotional, but productively so. As the Oracle says “When you come hit a wall in your own (imagined) limitations–just kick it In” YES!! Just what I needed.

  8. i did the iching which said i had to surrender to my landlord as he is more powerful then me, opposite advice to what the tenants union says!
    But who am i to argue with the sprit world? Landlord is a big bull tauras with pluto square mars. He gave me the original key to the place and due to ongoing no sleep, i lost it. First time in my life i ever lost a key. He is now punishing me and charging me $50 except he not even going to fix it as he not here and away for months. so i just have to hope i not get robbed. My mum says why does this keep happening to you? ( bad luck in housing)
    its called being vulnerable and byron bay. I am not the only one. People just say nothing and take it up the arse. But im no victim i am just planning my escape.

    • wow holy cow. i just met a guy in a cafe who totally blown my mind! turns out his sun is smack bang on my north node. @ tauras. He just told me stop complaining god i complain non stop, so sorry for those that have read my past dronings but its all changed.He was an angel and said forget psychics etc are still bound to the transitory. get on with being healed and love yourself.

  9. I was having such a meltdown I was LITERALLY considering wearing a crocodile dundee hat AT ALL TIMES for the rest of my life (day and night) and refusing to take it off, as some kind of act of defiance. Sort of like getting your face tattooed. I even went as far as writing a list of pros and cons. Is this normal Pluto Direct behaviour??? Fortunately the urge passed as quickly as it arose.

    Never have to worry about sunburn on face
    If go bald, no one will know
    May further career as country/western singer or person involved with crocodiles
    Can hang corks from hat as fly deterrent
    May be attractive to some potential partners
    Would be really funny in job interviews
    May be good to hide drugs/contraband in

    May not be able to fit other headgear (e.g. motorcycle helmet) over hat
    May be unattractive to (sane) potential partners
    May be uncomfortable to wear at night
    Also may require chin strap for swimming underwater
    Would make washing hair difficult, may have to remove hat in shower.
    May limit employment opportunities
    Would feel a little strange at formal occasiions, e.g. own wedding
    I would feel like a fuqing idiot

    • No such thing as a sane potential partner – so you can knock that one off the cons list. Shave your head and you will fulfil the bald pro item, and won’t have to worry about the cons hair washing item.

      However, I think those hats are ugly (and I have to wear one for work – and I’ll tell you what, you get a super sweaty head) so it was definitely lucky your urge subsided.

    • Anony-Aus are you a Saggo by any chance? I know a Saggo guy who wears a crocodile dundee hat. Croc teeth all the way round too. LOL

  10. Yeah, wow, things in my world are rosy again. I have a tight conjunction of North Node to Sun and Pluto so maybe I feel more grounded by the turning direct of Pluto.
    The pic says hope is restored after all my hard work and efforts on self and other things. I am a phoenix emerging. I have emerged from a pool of ‘WTF – was I thinking … back then’…


    Thanks for this post, Mystic! xxxx

  11. Stuff’s coming up alright, but I am oh so getting my awesome on…I’m expecting big things from the zap zone. I’ve got a mega plutonic chart (and Pluto’s in the 12th squaring my sun yeehaa!) and strong Uranus (in the 11th also squaring my sun) so yeah…I’m feeling it all.

    I can handle it though because I survived Pluto in Sag (and boy did that hit me hard). The girl who lived, that’s me πŸ™‚

    Ready for anything and making shit happen.

  12. meltdowns forsure, reevaluating unsustainable behavior.

    everyone around me is having some kind of flashpoint moment.

    • Yeah. This morning was disowned ( if in words only for now) by my mother dearest, for refusing to marry the perfect bloke kataka and sticking ( for now) with a far less suitable sagg who I have been with for two years. Either I am a Love Zombie, or I am fighting for something that matters… Hard to say. Feel like a truck ran over me. She is a bipolar Aries. This, after I have supported her for last 15 years.

      • Oh hey I think I remember your post a while back, you have no chemistry with the kataka, is that right? I remember it because it resonated with me.
        I married Mr Sensible, because everyone liked him (I liked him too – I still do, but I don’t love him), great job, stable, etc etc, but no chemistry. I told myself it wouldn’t matter in the long run. More than a decade later I am in the process of unpicking my sham marriage / life. Don’t do what I did. Go with what’s in your heart, it will never let you down xx

        • Oh hey, haha, yes that was me probably. He is the most considerate, kindest man I have ever met. And so sweet, too. He has “waited” for me for two years, and according to his emails, is ok to wait longer. It is interesting to know that apparently his previous marriage fell apart because he had issues with premature ummm…youknowwhat. His wife apparently couldn’t handle it anymore and split. He comes from a wealthy family, so he still takes care of her and their two adorable daughters.

          If I said yes to him now, all my instability problems would be solved. My mother would be taken care of. I would only have to break the sagg’s heart and my own, right?

          The thing is, I am not sure, my sagg is a long term proposition, either. It’s like I have two completely opposite men in my life. From psych perspective, they may represent two opposing parts of myself, too, I am aware of that.

          But yes, I have been here before. I had a three year relationship with a very kind, giving man, who I liked but was not in love with. Disaster. I guess some women can do it. I don’t think I am one of them.

          My mom hates me now. You see, i have been her provider (if unsufficient) and my refusal to outright accept this port in the storm that would ‘make everything alright’ is mindboggling to her. She is also half in love with the kataka man, if she was only even 15 years younger….she would snap him up jin a sec.

          What a few days. And yet, after the storm, I feel rather calm, if sad at times. Resting my brain and body.

  13. Hmmm, weird question.

    So I met this guy while traveling when Pluto was directly on my Venus — whirlwhind romance, lived together for two months right off the bat in Spain, moved all over the world for one another with breaks in between but couldn’t make it work because we’re at different places in life (him:38, me:25).

    The last round of trying to make it work (May through July) was a disaster.

    I thought it was over and we both tried to move on, but now he’s getting some of his loose ends in order as am I and he’s going to be in California this or next week.

    Is this Pluto-related (end of the retrograde)?
    My gut is telling me not to see him, it will just end in more heartbreak.

    • Hmmmmmmmm. I had a similar thing, me = 25, him = 39! He’s been trying to get back into contact. I am just flat out ignoring him. He was never going to settle down – but I think he would look at me and see that that is what I want and was maybe trying to be with me in order to settle himself down.

      Gut instinct. It’s funny, because mostly you can trust them – but sometimes they are off. Mine is saying my recent ex-lover will come back to me, but logic and common-sense says this isn’t possible. I’m a constantly berating myself for even entertaining such a notion. I’m wondering about my intuition – is it on or off?

      • You never know — sometimes dudes just need some space and then they come back changed. I’ve seen it happen to two of my friends. The breakup was ugly, they separated, then months down the line the guys came crawling back ready to commit.

        Obvi not always the case, but yeah…

      • I thought I did before, but now I definitely have some trust issues.

        Just sent off an email basically saying that I don’t want to see him for my own well being, but feelings are still there (despite him knowing that I have moved on, um…physically with other people).

        If he was serious about being together and closing the long-distance gap I’d consider it, but for now I’m back in school and looking forward to a bunch of career opportunities, so I’m not so hung up on it as I was before. Basically I’ve set up some firm boundaries, but if he wants to work on it while respecting them I’d be open to it.

        I’ve gone all Saturn in my love life guys! Usually I’m all go with the flow, get swept away, etc. Saturn’s about to show up in my 7th house, guess I’m gearing up for that. lol

        • Long distance relationships consume so much energy, don’t they?

          As an Aqua sister, I can see the end of the Neptune era and fantasies… i’ve probably been around longer than you to remember the whole thing!

          I’m not sure how he can work on a relationship while not seeing you. And you sound like you made a good decision to not let him.

  14. Evolve or Evaporate might be the big theme … but this week it’s Morph or Meltdown.

    I’m in Morph mode. Everything might be intense and on edge but it feels exciting – that is, if you are tuning into the new energy that is zapping / re-charging our collective nervous system.

    This new energy will stretch you, confront you, push you around, create waves. It’s like a big cat that thinks it’s being playful …

    • Thank you! I was all excited about the ZZ and Pluto and the whole shebang but today was hardcore. I’ve even gone back to dreaming about planes that can’t take off. I honestly felt like I was fighting a meltdown all day. If only I’d thought to Morph! I’m excited about tomorrow. YES! Thanks for that! I like πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • This is awesome, my new mantra for the week. Fuck this meltdown, I’m morphing starting now!

      I like it better cause morph makes me think of being conscious of simply doing the next right thing in the next moment…or you switch into meltdown and can’t claw you’re way out.

    • Love Morph or Meltdown!

      Certainly this was the theme of today chez 1001.

      And how easy was it to MORPH? Woke up with all the squares in my chart ready to burn pure rage, triggered both by Pluto and by the fqwittery surrounding me of last few days. But it was amazingly easy to use clarity of WILLPOWER and direct my energies well. Have a bit of an organising role at the mo and handled the constant qs and random details over top of my rapid fire deadline/meeting day with grace and smiles. The fw’s melt into the wallpaper while the zap-competent crew are all there. Even had time to check in with peeps needing emotional shoulder, and it was appreciated.

    • Yep, I was flying high until the last few days, things suddenly became tense between me and my girl, both Capi.
      But I can already see me turning the corner tonight, morphing. Let the energy flow!

  15. Phoenix fatigue has hit me. It’s almost my one year anniversary for taking my current job and changing my life and lifestyle entirely. I have come so damn far. I can do things I never thought possible. I’m fitter than ever and have the bestest friends I’ve had in a long time.

    I’m just so tired now. Physically and mentally exhausted.

    I can’t forsee how I can evolve further – truly. I mean, obviously I will, but I guess I’m currently in wait mode – waiting for that next catalyst for evolutionary action.

    • Phoenixing Fatigue (or Phatique) … yes.

      Well, congrats on riding with all the changes. πŸ˜‰

      The entire year has been like that for me – endless decluterring / radical change of diet / total re-assessment of family related stuff / profound and surprising changes in direction with creative biz projects etc.

      I thought I was going completely bats by the time we got to August. But spring has sprung (here in OZ, at least) and despite the exhaustion suddenly I’m quite enjoying the whole Morph experience.

    • take a breeather. impossible to evolve if you don’t rest.

      but i’m not a very balanced role model, i go sloth/sprint/sloth/sprint/sloth/sprint

    • I’ve been feeling the phoenix fatigue thing too. Getting regular Shiatsu massages lately has helped me get my yang back on big time. I don’t know where I’d be without my awesome Shiatsu chick (probably taking a nana nap…).

    • Yes i agree. Deep rest is totally key for these times. SOmetimes you can’t let the buzzy astro push you around πŸ™‚

  16. A couple of times already today I’ve acknowledged a few personal blocks & instead of doing the standard issue ‘work around them’ they’ve suddenly become superfluous & its full steam ahead, instead of sideways a little & maybe try again later. I’m a gen X with pluto conjunct uranus in the 10th, pluto has been on my asc for a while now…transformational phoenix mission almost accomplished, now that I’ve got my rebirth on, its all playing out in my career, truly awesome!

  17. Mostly I’m just distressed someone allowed a pool to get into that state.
    It reminds me of a house in Brisbane I stayed in, we overlooked the neighbour’s pool which was green and icky and full of cane toads that were loving it. And it was summer time!

  18. going to have a massage today. too tired to do anything else ! and this was after nearly quitting my job yesterday – just u know, walking out …

  19. Well, I live in Surry Hills here and as most Sydney-siders know, it’s an already edgy location. 9-5 ers mix with junkies and creative gen x-ers in great numbers in an area on the fringes of the city. Old china town like In Blade Runner on a wet Friday night…
    last couple of days the psychotic hum has reached breach point. No- one really seems fazed. Most stare almost disininterestedly at the young guy hawling industrial size garbage cans over an insanely busy 3 lane street yesterday….no one calls the cops. They just shut the doors. Batten down the hatches.

  20. Yes it’s about fiscal-ity in my world. Have put myself in debt learning about The Guru and how it is all managed, it’s strategy ‘n all & if it is worth my time
    (my time=my investment being Saturn ruled) & massive energy.

    THink it needs serious smudging. Don’t think he is my Kuma or Krishna Murti. has exhibited some Bad Guru biz behaviour or maybe it’s just a mystical thing ‘the universe will provide’.
    I reply to him ‘in the goddess i trust, the others pay cash’.

    • If by “The Guru” you’re referring to the Yoga school franchise? The Sun Herald did an article about that. Controversial… rip off.

  21. Well I’m buggered. We got the new garage door put on and finished yesterday and I have spent 5 hours today Phoenixing the space πŸ˜€ Put up a wall of shelves, devolved the Great Wall of Book Boxes, used leftover lumber to make a mega-table for myself. Swept, all the time thinking “out with the old, in with the new”… and …

    VOILA !!!! I have my studio back, bigger, brighter and more space than before YAY !!!!

    …but I’m too buggered to move my supplies back in, so the Family Triffid is going to have to cope with clay on the breakfast bar for one more night πŸ˜€

    I hit a wall yesterday trying to slump mold a large bowl using my new texture mat – completely ran out of space – and was rolling the clay out with it hanging off the edge going “Fuq this I am doing the garage TOMORROW !”

    *I need a massage too !*

    • The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam has much tosay about Clay
      and the Potter.
      Enjoy your shed-studio art room, may creation be with you πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks Pegasus ! Just filled it will supplies and put up drying shelves for my ceramics… I feel a huge amount of potential in that space…. Its just lovely. Am having lunch and am back into it this arvo πŸ˜€

  22. Everything I’ve been trying not to lose my Zen over for the past month fell into place today. The world is my oyster (and Pluto is still my bitch – bless his dark little heart) I’d be so up for a Plutonalia celebration right now if it weren’t for the fact I have to get up at sparrows fart and drive to Melbourne for a 2 hour dental appointment tomorrow morning.

  23. Love that Joshua Petker image on the dailies. It’s beautiful.

    Watching the news I am very pleased I only suffer from middle class problems.

  24. Pluto direct. Ahhhh that’s better! πŸ˜€ Went for a run this arvo. I over did it a bit but was full of energy and wanted to make up for being a lazy cow yesterday. My Venus in Libra can be somewhat lazy. Thank god for my Saggo moon!! If I had moon in Taurus I’d never get off the sofa!

    Seeing an acupuncturist this week for my dry & itchy skin (the downside of Cap Asc). It’s outta control. Feel like i’m being eaten alive by ants 😯 Must be itching to Phoenix?

    • Scorp, you’ve probably done all this but as always this is me with my 2c…
      I find that the simplest sorbolene cream I can find – Redwin is cool – applied after showed all over bod is great for dry skin. This was my saviour when I lived in a ridiculously dry climate and very hot showers (cold winters) dried the hell out of my skin. Took a week to settle I think.
      Also if I don’t need to wear delicate clothing, I use an oil like baby oil or a good veg oil (olive oil, whatever) while in the shower . The water sort of washed it off a little, the towel does a bit more and there’s a nice silky residue after all that, protecting skin. Also drinking lots of water.

        • I have way too much Yang energy (masculine/fire etc – makes sense. My Saggo moon is strong). That’s what the Chinese doctor told me last time I went.
          I think the problem might be hormonal or allergy related. If I take an anti-histamine I’m fine.
          Thanks for the 2c. πŸ™‚

          • Hey Scorpy lovely! I’ve been experiencing the itching too in the last 2 weeks or so. Spring pollens etc; though took 1 Clarentyne (sp?) and felt way worse (drys up everything!). I’m at the Sunshine Coast on hols (since end of Aug) and my awesome gay Gem BFF/flatmate heard a newstory about pollen outbreak up here (we’re living on the Gold Coast). I haven’t had hayfever since my son was @ 2, so 10 years or so ago. Anyway it rained yesterday here for the first time in 3 months apparently and all my symptoms disappeared. And for the astro record I’m certain my Jupiter return (3rd house conj IC) in April brought me my Gem BFF gayboy – super compatible, and I’ve told my Libra Love (LL), I won’t ever live without him πŸ™‚ My Gem that is!

            • Hi FF, funny you mention pollens. On the second day of the itching, I was thinking WTF is going on? It’s never been this bad… Then I turned the radio on and they mentioned high levels of pollen in the air. Hmm.. interesting.
              I used to take Clarentyne but switched to Telfast. It works for over 48hrs for me πŸ™‚

              Nice Jupes return pressie. Mine’s in the 4th house. I got a rent increase 😯 LOL and moved out because I didn’t like it there for many reasons. Found a peaceful and quiet new home straight away but I’m starting to dislike this place too. Weird smells emanating from neighbours below. UGH. Can’t stand it!! I’ll be moving again soon no doubt.

              • As a glass half full Pisces riser I’ve gotta say there has to be an upside to your Jupes return. Maybe your next place will be yr utopia?? Optimism eg: today I drove from Noosa to Bris to collect my teens for school hols straight from school. Everything on schedule. Then as we left their Dad’s house my Leoboy says “what’s that noise?” Me: “oh that’s just the wind through the new roof racks” NO! Flat tyre, so hour delay led to travel in peak hour back to Noosa. But upside we apparently avoided viscious storm πŸ™‚ xx

          • Hey, I’m a Scorp with a Sag moon/Venus Libra also had a load of itching issues, everywhere, face, head, body. Very weird! Also got too much Yang and a serious Yin deficiency, just about to start another round of ultra vile herbs. TCM is the best though, works. Try jojoba oil, find it makes a huge difference to my skin in general and help the dry itch.

            • yeah, we have very similar astro Charley. I got venus in Libra too & MC. But you have way more Libra than that I know. I have a Virgo stellium (mars/Uranus/Pluto). Forgot what your rising sign is.

              I don’t like the feel of oil on my skin. I prefer a moisturiser. Cannot do the TCM herbs AT ALL and I’ve tried many times. So hopefully my acupuncturist can fix my meridians or something without giving me vile gunk to drink. Cos I ain’t takin it!

              I’m seeing him tomorrow, so I shall report back if it’s anything interesting.

              • soz to butt in but am happy to see you in a guise I recognise πŸ˜‰ how are you? x

                You can stick the tcm in capsules and swallow them in warm water – takes half an hour longer before you can eat but that’s what my herbalist told me to do.

                • Thanks for the very handy tip but unless I develop some life threatening illness that can only be cured by TCM medicine, it will remain a last resort. In the past they’ve given me bark to brew as tea. Disgusting!!! Can’t put that in a capsule. Life’s too short to be consuming unpleasant things. Having to eat well and exercise is enough of a chore! Only do it because I HAVE to and it’s good for me (Virgo stellium). Why can’t I live off corn chips, toast and coffee!! Sucks!
                  My body is like a fragile bird but my mind/spirit is like The Terminator! Such a huge disconnect between the two.

                  I actually saw a Qi Gong massage therapist today. Same principles as Acupuncture but sans needles. He asked to see my tongue… “You have too much fire…”
                  Well, I am a dragon in Chinese astro. πŸ˜†

                  Life’s okay. Woke up this morning thinking “Life is meant to be endured, not enjoyed” That’s my Saturnine insight for today but I am in a very flat and dark moonie mood today. Always feel like that during a Saggo moon. It hits my south node in Sagg in 12th!

                  • wow that IS dark – luckily the moon moves on a daily basis – qi gong is crazy I used to get massages from one of those he did the martial art as well – mad buttock massage – i recommend xxx

                    • Well, I am a Scorp with Pluto on my Asc! I don’t consider that dark. Sombre, yes.

                      Damn I missed out! I love a good buttock massage πŸ™‚

  25. Been basically spending the last two days in bed, used the flue my son attached me to do eff all but pulling back into self.

    Biggest realization:

    The reactions (or lack there of, but that in itself is a reaction) of others do NOT define me. My reaction to their reaction (and my values, beliefs and all that stuff) defines me. Or something like that.

  26. I was wondering why do I feel so terrible! I don’t want to do anything and I feel so worthless! Everything is falling apart πŸ™
    Damn you, Pluto, and to think that as a child I liked your work in these Disney movies πŸ˜€
    But, really, I have never been closer to the thought of just getting a loan, packing my things and going to the other hemisphere.

  27. I hope I’m getting my Awesome on. It’s manifesting in hard core declutter. I am loving the zing I’m getting from chucking stuff I thought I couldn’t do without. Photos. Old writing that I don’t need to keep. Journals. All the ‘just in case’ crap – gone. I swear it’s my new high. I’m actually waking up in the middle of the night thinking of things I can throw away… stuff I thought was immovable. You get the picture.
    Have totes revamped my working style/structure as well. That is, I reinvented it in an hour. Amazing.
    Rather annoyingly I pulled a muscle v badly which has stopped my running training. BUT am doing the proper rehab and will be back on the track I hope by the end of this week. Have learned so much about how to prevent injury in the future it was almost worth it.
    Like many have said here, I am LOVING this energy.

  28. thanks Mystic for the guide in daily. I have been teetering on the brink of a cold. Now I see my body is telling me to purge.

  29. Does Pluto direct caused functioning malfunction ? Monday: Cruisy slow but productive and positive day.
    Tuesday: name your obstacle. And in multiples of two. Two broken down cars in peak hour traffic. Two crazy people- one yelling random abuse from his bike, the other having an episode next to chosen lunch location … Whole day was a mix of fatigue and fear. There are others but I’m just sooo tired

  30. I am always late to the party.
    I have Pluto transhite-ing on my 3rd House of Communications.
    It’s not been that bad.
    Learning to be more concise in communication. I have been researching conspiracy theories, film-noirs and the arts all regarding secrets very Scorponic stuff lately.
    I actually dig Pluto. It’s not superficial or fluffy, very dark, deep and intense, rather sexy mysterious energy.
    Caught the new Joaquin Phoenix film about “Scientology” in The Master.

    I am trying to figure out how to really work the Pluto in my chart.
    Besides deep, dark research topics, I have been sorting through old boxes of stuff. Most of it brings back great memories.
    De-cluttering what needs to go.

  31. yea pluto direct!!!! In my 5th house.

    still squaring my natal pluto.

    I will let you know how it all turns out for me after this final square….still wearing dark clothes, got rid of almost all my pastels. Still planning my rebirth tattoos…in dark colors of course.

    5th house….my son moved away. It was so hard and hurt so bad. He is homesick, but that doesn’t mean he is returning. πŸ™

    I have a stepdaughter now. We recently crossed a bridge where she says she loves me easily and comes to me for affection. πŸ™‚

  32. oh goodness!

    I swear the past 48 hrs have been frantic….friends breaking up with their boyfriends/girlfriends…..disasters….car wrecks.

    I’m still good but I’m supporting cast. It’s been busy.

  33. Pluto direct in 4th house! Mental-emotional and everything in between breakdown….crumbling inside but trying to project a strong extrerior.

    What is it like having pluto transit 4th house? advice tips please.

    Right now feeling rebellious against family, overwhelming emotions, struggles with parents over new potential and stress of knowing theres an intense academic year ahead of me. I’m usually the type to talk out things and quite articulate in expressing my needs/thoughts but since a few days feeling stuck and unable to find my voice. Scared that i’m pushing it down which is building resentment which will inevitably lead to a nasty blowup.

    • Zap-POW! Pluto just gate-crashed your private Family Love Zombie trance party. Everything changes, ready or not!

      You are “mute” and “stuck” because you are in shock. You’ve just realised that [ fill in the blank ] has been a major theme in all your family interactions.

      Is that how it feels today?

      • Thanks so much for the response!

        I’ve been mulling over/sitting with the qs you asked and the only thing i can think of is that a high level of trust has always underlined my familial relationships. But with the introduction of a new love interest things have been in the air regarding trust between my parents and I.

        I turned 21 last week and feel like growing a set of wings and want to fly away and explore but still want the security of a rope attaching me to home.

        Just so many emotions…today is not as bad as yesterday: tears flowing etc.

        Pluto transiting 4th conjunct Uranus transiting 7th…i’m still a newbie with this but does it mean a struggle between family/love life?

    • (replying this way because the comment formatting goes a bit mental at this point – lol)

      This is about all I can offer …

      The energy Pluto brings is all about deep transformation which often means any assumptions and expectations you have about your family (which seems to be the focus right now) get turned upside down and inside out. All in the name of growth!

      For many peeps it can mean weeks / months of tantrums and power struggles …

      Then, bit by bit it all sinks in that the battle for independence is within and they need to learn new skills to handle their feelings so can they feel grounded again.

      Finally there comes the realisation that the whole adventure is about love – good simple love. πŸ™‚

      Parents both support *and* challenge us, often at the same time – you know that. It seems here that the new love interest just happens to be a catalyst for change – the birth of the NEW you.

      PS: Consider getting a chart reading from a high quality astrologer – it’s the fastest way to learn about this stuff! Count it as birthday prezzie to yourself.

  34. I just wanted to say, that without the reassuring Daily Mystic, I would have just gone nuts. The energy is feral today! Everyone is mad as cut snakes!