What Is Your Neptune Sign Meaning?

Nina Hagen holding Neptune tridentWhat is your Neptune sign meaning? None! Or rather, little. Neptune is more potent by house and aspect. It influences entire generations.

Neptune in your chart operates more like a drug than a planet. It’s where you can be whacko out of it, under the influence of some delusion so powerful that you really can’t see beyond it, the classic poet in the gutter albeit looking at the stars syndrome. Neptune squares are more challenging to handle than other aspects, but a little bit of Saturn (like linked to Neptune) is a huge help.

But think about this for a good time: Whatever Neptune is up to in your natal chart, is now like a 1000 times stronger than it ever was before, thanks to Neptune in Pisces, the sign that it rules.Β 

Are you feeling it? I sure am. I’ve got a pull toward Yoga/Pilates (away from The Iron) meditation and super-Jungian dream tripping every night AND the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, nothing dramatic but it’s there.

Neptune also influences art, music and general scenes. Neptune in Sagittarius gave us disco and Neptune in Lee was the golden age of cinema.

So for your Neptune sign meaning, think generation. Neptune in Pisces, for example, runs from 2011 until 2027. But for you, look to Neptune aspects to your Ascendant, Midheaven or inner planets.Β 

Images; Pierre & Gilles – Nina HagenΒ 

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catfish moon

neptune has been dancing back and forth all over my descendant. It was opposite my venus for awhile too. and is opposing it again.

I drink more, smoke more weed. My boyfriend drinks a ton. I always said I would never be with an alcoholic. HA. Never say never.

But we are happy.


I am experiencing Sun square Neptune… it’a not terribly fun but it’s not outwardly awful, I just feel unbelievably depressed, drained, spacey & stuck. All at once. Help, please!


So if I have my Neptune in the 1st house, conjunct my Sun and Uranus (and asteroid Pan!), then basically, I am not on drugs, I am drugs. Oh, and Pluto will be crossing all of that within the next year.

Am I feeling it? Understatement. With Pluto in the mix, I feel like some kind of phoenix doing the hoochie juice, and when I rise from my ashes, not only do I not know where my pants are, but I’m also in some alternate dimension with a wicked hangover.


Wow, I would love some interps from those in the no. I have Neptune conjunct my Sag sun 4th house. Also Jupiter sextile Neptune and Neptune sextile Pluto but I don’t know if they count? Also got Pisces intercepted in the &th…plenty of romantic delusions for sure….:)


Natal Neptune in scorp, 5th house, with a trine to Mars, saturn, pluto sextiles, all very nice. Now Saturn I know, I’m nearly coming round for the second return and lets say we are pretty sorted. Neptune ? its still a mystery. November begins a Neptune Saturn conj in my scorp 5th. So the last time that would have happened was 28 years ago ? Is that right ? Does saturn return to a natal neptune every 28 years? If so it was 1984. O M G. That was the year I shocked my family friends and myself, by dumping… Read more »

clued up wolf

you probably know this but that video is revered by many for being one of the first to use the emerging technology in that cut/copy low tech way – meanwhile people like OMD and peter gabriel were doing their high tech thing.


It was a great shoot and an exciting time. Shot in Rozelle, with ‘Mediate’ over a couple of days with a very small budget, MTV clip of the year ! . Interesting you mention Gabriel, we were working with him on another project. He had designed a no. of amusement park ‘rides’ that we pitched to the new Darling Harbour Authority. Ummm, they didn’t go for it though, they built a shopping centre instead ! Love Gabriel, a great example of English genius and chutzpah that the US just didn’t have at the time. I mean compare Sledgehammer to Born… Read more »

clued up wolf

well yeah, i see what you’ re getting at but think that’s a cultural thing though – they were experiencing the beginnings of the era we are seeing end now so they were navel gazing about the plight of the working man – working class man was released around that time in Oz too right? The decline of the blue collar worker an all. And they have a whole other rich musical history going on too. I think Peter Gabriel’s a genius and I’m not really that into the music of Springsteen except maybe i could bear to listen to… Read more »


Want to reply to so many of these but is a little bit tricky on my phone. This is a First World problem obviously.

After experiencing ‘Neptune conjunct’ transits to two personal planets I feel like I know how to set myself up for these just a little bit better now. Maybe. Haha. Saturn trines neptune and MC in my natal chart – maybe that stabilises things? When uranus reaches 13 Aries it will join that equilateral triangle too. Zing!!

clued up wolf

OMG pi that’s going to be fuqing awesome for the art – sudden bouts of creative/ideas production based on a solid foundation of theory? You’re gonna go OFF – just remember that little treat’s a comin the next time you feel weighed down and all about ‘when’s it gonna happen’ x

catfish moon

I have never had Neptune conjunct transits, but it is conjuncting my descendant. In fact, I might not in this life.
I have had a number of oppositions.


My natal Neptune in Scorp with a Mars transit…no, of course not..none of my bits are on fire at all, I don’t know what you’re talking about. And I am absolutely, positively completely sane in regards to all love matters. LOL! Luckily I sprained my ankle, which has kept me out of most of the trouble available for me to get into. Organizing and cleaning instead!


5th h Scorp btw..


Natal Neptune in Saggo 3rd house trine Mercury in Leo 11th house and opposite Moon in Gem 9th house – in absolute creative nirvana and happily delusional as usual, loving this transit!



I have Natal Sagg Neptune at 21 degrees in 9th house conjunct MC and in opposition to Gemini Sun at 21 degrees in the 3rd. 😯

Creativity is soaring but I am no artist… 😯


Uh. Oh.
Did just buy some quality Tibetan incense though. Goood.


nice! I am addicted to incense. Especially rich copal resins!

Virgo Ellie

Neptune is in Scorpio for me.. 1st house, appearance, personality traits and outlook on life.. yup. Going through my appearance and personality traits dilemmas… realizing I need to change. Neptune is transiting my 5th house [creative expression, offspring (???) and romance]… So, if Neptune brings hightened experiences in these 2 areas.. I pray that it is good! xo!!


how do u find this out?

Virgo Ellie

Hi Fishy.. go to http://www.astro.com and register (free).

-At the top of the page click on “Horoscope Home”
-You will come to a page “Your free Horoscope at Astrodienst”.. below that you will see 1, 2, 3… that you click on. Click #2
-Choose “Extended Chart Selection”
-Fill in your birth date / time and other info
-After you have done that click on “Click here to show your chart”
-Your chart will show up (ta-da!!)
-Then locate “With Transits” and click on it.. it will show you what is transiting and where in your chart.

Good Luck!


I also have Neptune in Scorpio 1st House natal.
But, Neptune is transiting through Pisces in my 4th House.
What trouble did Neptune in your 4th cause? Good? Bad?
So far I am digging it.

Virgo Ellie

Hi Scorp.. Neptune is transiting my 5th which probably relates to romance for me. It is on hold right now so I am not sure what is going to happen.

What have you noticed lately regarding Home, Family, Ancestors and Emotional Ground? Have you noticed a shift in any of these areas?



Not sure if I notice any shifts.
I am redecorating my home, and art/music studios. I spent the last two years intensely researching my family ancestors.
Found out that my childhood stories of King Richard the Lionhearted is a great-great-grandfather was indeed correct.
Nothing shocking but, I guess quiet illuminating and exciting!

5th Could also bring creativity and Romance for you- both sound intriguing. πŸ˜‰


However, I am a bit shocked I am related to royalty, politicians and not more rebel rousers honestly!
I must be the black sheep of the family tree.

Virgo Ellie

I can’t forget that Chiron is standing right next to Neptune so I hope that is encouraging for the 5th house. πŸ™‚


My natal Chiron is in the 5th House also.


Natal Neptune in 4th conj IC in Scorp. Yes I’ve been drinking at home : ) and in bars. The last fortnight or so I’ve been hitting the blue devil pretty hard and in fact woke up this morning with that ‘ bleurrrgh… ok that’s IT I”m cleaning up my act as of now’ feeling. Have also learned meditation, got my old band back together for a one-off show and signed up for a performance workshop I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Also got an amazing Tarot reading. Transiting Neptune’s within cooee of my sun and will get back… Read more »


All I know is, I have been literally worshipping Neptune as a deity for a couple of months now, and I am so strengthened by it. I am not like a practicing pagan or anything. Sun-merc-mars-venus conjunct in Aries (well venus at zero taurus) with all four trine neptune, all four opposing pluto, and of course pluto sextile Neptune. Nep also square Jupiter, Jup conjunct moon and saturn. I am so fascinated by my chart but I’m still learning… Mega Mars Aries with gemini rising and libra moon.


Rookie question for sure

What does it mean, “Wherever Neptune is up to in your natal chart”

How do we find this out …………… πŸ™‚

Aries Virgo Rising

astro.com, plug in your birthday date and time details, check out your natal chart and transits, which are where the planets are in the sky now as they move through the houses of your chart.


Thank you so much for replying i’ll do that now!!!!


I don’t think I’ve got it right though. I’m in extended chart options and then i put my details in and its just my original birth chart…


figured it out !!! πŸ™‚

Virgo Ellie

I just re-read your post.. you figured it out!! Good! πŸ™‚

Virgo Ellie

AC…Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Is the chart coming up correctly?


My natal neptune is 14 degrees scorpio in 12th house, square to saturn in aquarius , i have never done pilattes and still do not have the inclination. Biglfe change happening with 18 yo daughter moving to africa for 4 months so bit whacked in the guts type of stuff happening. As a natal capricorn I’m pretty much over all the shite thats happening, something needs to give soon and hopefully I’ll get to keep my sanity.


Natal Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th. I’ve been delusional about partners and their relationships to me and with me, my whole life. I’m used to that one. Right now I have transiting Neptune in the 11th. I feel like I am ripe for joining something. Also am dreading letting go of a long time friendship that makes me nutty.


I have a question for you Astro Afficionados … Does it strike anyone else as deeply Neptunian that it was a film that apparently triggered the current nastiness in Libya? And also very Zap Zone-y, non?


Libya’s NN is 2 degrees Pisces so trans Neptune is just about conjunct…

Their Jupiter (beliefs, etc, religion) is 5 Aries so in the zz…I was thinking the same things and so peeked at their chart…

A movie (Neptune) to start a fire a la the zz makes sense.


Interesting point. It did cross my mind Zap-Zone meets Neptunian madness.


Neptune is transiting over my 9th House – my Natal Neptune is in Sagg.

Is that a bit like mutual reception? Would it make the Neptune affect more powerful to the chart?

In any case Neptune will eventually cross over my Ceres-Jupiter-Juno conj. in the 9th then my MC.
As my vocation is Neptunian I am expecting some interesting times in the next few years.


p.s. My natal Neptune is in the 6th House – my daily world will obviously fall away, I will become a mad cat lady who does alt therapy from dawn till dusk.


haha, I would think it would make it stronger x


Thanks Pea, good to know, I always like your interps too btw.


Neptune in my natal Scorp in the 8th house.
Am I awake or am I still dreaming…
Oh, and horny as Hell apparently.


Neptune at 15 Scorpio in 10th, conjunct MC and opposite Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Taurus. No squares, a trine to Venus in Cancer, a trine to Chiron in Pisces and with my natal Sun at 13 Gem, some other kind of angle that I can’t see translated on astro.com hate to think I’m being delusional with career right now…have walked away from one association after a lack of respect – first signs in last week of August and confirmed over 2nd week-end in September. My ability to walk away I’m attributing to Saturn transit because the last two and… Read more »


sorry but “Neptune squares are more difficult to handle than other aspects”??? DISAGREE.
How about Pluto squares? Lessons from hell.

Me: Venus square Pluto, Mars square Neptune.


Maybe because Neptune is slippery it is hard to handle?

Pluto is subtle like a brick to the head but maybe once you find the underlying trigger it bursts open into a volcanic golden phoenix?


Like I’ve said about a million times on this blog before I have Moon-Mars-Neptune dead conjunct in Sag so I’m basically insane. Also have it sextile my Venus. I can no longer see any wood from any trees with regards to myself so perhaps Neptune is having an effect.

Neptune in Pisces is trining my Scorpio mercury right now which really is one of the nicer transits I’ve had in a while.

fallen angel

Whoa, Neptune in Scorpio third house trines my Venus in Leo 11th house.. huh. Not sure how to interp that. Intense everyday sex/intuition in all things love and creative?


Would you have some interesting extravagances? Have neptune in scorpio in 3rd too, good aspect to mars conjunct pisces…Though late degrees…

Intense vampy intuition or insights for better or worse, power and determination with words, great for research & study (I have it sextile pluto conjunct uranus virgo).

Should you be writing for a glamour magazine? Or filming an over the top ostentatious cinematic piece? Great for fashion if your mars is happily linked…


Hey Graeme Abbott (Keys to Music 9-10am ABC Radio) is currently doing a program on composer Carlo Gesualdo reknowned for his music and murder (16th century). Madrigals and melanhcolia…How neptunian is that?


I think also about seeing through patterns of communication and being able to express them outwards – to the collective.
I can see the influence of this in your writing – a very venusian subject, and about breaking down mysteries to share (with a dramatic flourish, as a narrative) with a broader audience.

Rache (Aqua/Tauri)

Neptune conjunct Venus in Capricorn…here we go…


i’ve got neptune in capricorn and i feel like that’s a… contradiction? or it’s just a delusion that you should be working hard and being practical more frequently than is necessary?


unless there is more to it than that that should be analyzed in the chart (that’s probably the case)


According to my chart I have Neptune in Capricorn (1 degree) and capricorn is in my VII th house, ergo I assume neptune is in my 7th house..
Neptune is sextile pluto, opposing my ascendant (cancer) and square my midheaven. I have no effing clue what any of this means… :S Anyone?
I need something like astrology for dummies πŸ™


I’m pisces, don’t know if that’s relevant…


Wow. This song is the soundtrack to the most Neptunian relationship I’ve ever had with a Cap/Sag earlier this year. Total low Neptune nightmare (like 5 strong synastry conjunctions and a ridiculously Neptunian composite started whilst Neptune was in a bad aspect to both our Venus, doomed). This will forever remind me of weeping as he drove us at 100 miles an hour at 4am. Our entire scenario was conducted entirely without alcohol or drugs, it was all about sex. Ugh, I’m so damaged by it. Must. Forget.


get a LZ mantra from the previous LZ alert post Charley and everytime he pops in your head start the mantra like turning on the radio in your head.


This seems like a good song for Neptune on your Mind – Austra “Spellwork”


Neptune in Saggitarius, 3rd House

Good or bad?


No good or bad in astrology. G! Could u b mature ??

Very annoying. F!!


ive got neptune uranus in the 5th house, and now that this post mentions it I have been wanting to make something more than anything, right now neptune is transiting my 7th, and im going CRAZY with how much I want a girl already, CRAZY, and then the neptune square I have is to venus, yowza, and im pisces sun and pisces merc(chart ruler) so its even more intense, neptune better not just be an empty tease and longing, something has to happen already


I am an Aries with Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars conjunct, and Neptune is Trine all four in Sagg…

Aries Virgo Rising

I’ve got Neptune in my 7th house of relationships..trying not to go all Love Zombie and dwelling on loves long past. Lately, I’ve been lucid dreaming of past lovers. neptune trines venus in my chart as well so it’s super potent for me. Anybody else with Neptune transiting the 7th?

zappity going zapalicious

Natal neptune in 4th house of scorpio, transiting my 8th trining my sun, natal nep., conjunct jupiter and chiron, sextile moon&mars,opposing pluto in 2nd /3rd house of virgo. I need and want fantastic opportunities in love considering the last 15 years suqed( neptune in 7th pluto in 5th). I have fallen back on in love since april slow cooking but it is getting warmer to steamy oh goddess smile on me so i can shine my light to share love to all that i can inspire to create more love.

Electric Eel Libran

oh geez i hope not. I have Neptune in my 12th near my ASC and of course squaring Venus.


So me right now. Neptune in House V With Neptune in the 5th House, you tightly associate creation with aspirations, and love with spirituality. It is the innermost part of you, the most elusive one, which you are willing to give. Your sentimental life brings into play the romanticism of passion, and beyond, the quest for a true vocation. Love is not an ordinary adventure, but a sacred mission. It is a necessity which may lead to a total devotion and to a freely accepted self-sacrifice. If this configuration prompts you to establish high standards for your affective life –… Read more »


Neptune in Capricorn, 1st house, square Mars in Aries (5th h) — BUT conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (also first house).

My first house is pretty loaded (Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus…all in Capricorn…all in a row)

I’m female so does that Neptune sq. Mars bizness that MM talks about in certain men do similar things to me? I have an addictive personality, to a point. Perhaps if I was a man, I’d be a total sleaze? I think Saturn puts an end to that real quick. Insight appreciated πŸ™‚

if you fall... dive

I’ve an ex with Saturn in Capricorn (5th house) square his Aries Mars (8th house). Yes, he’s an addictive personality. He likes some sleaze, but he’s a Cancer so he likes… committed sleaze… But not really, totes Taurus Venus there, as in once he has sleaze he has no respect for it. He doesn’t treat women well in the least, but he comes off as this sweet, sensitive guy. I think being with me really messed with him, as I’m a loaded Aries and my Sun/Moon/Venus/Merc ALL fell into his 8th house. It REALLY illustrated the ugliness of his personality,… Read more »


Help! Neptune and Jupiter in the 2nd in Scorpio. Any info would be fantastic!


Oh yes, after a LOOOONG dry spell, some money coming in. But I must truly LABOR for it, read, start from ultimate bottom.


Oh yes, I’ve just started a diary that doubles as a dream diary, which is extraordinary for me as I have not committed to regular writing or journalling ever before, but now I feel I absolutely have to, in order to tame time/Saturn, I’m really feeling that the last 20 years which have been extraordinarily difficult because of the disabilities of my loved ones, has become a time lacuna, one day merged into the next without definition and that thought absolutely horrifies me. My natal Neptune is trine Asc, conj Mars, Sq Jupiter and trans Neptune is now opp Sun… Read more »


my Neptun is in 4th house in Scorpio in conjunction with Mercury, Venus, and Sun…


my neptune is also in my fourth house (scorpio) where it has one oppostion, three squares, two trines and two sextiles. mad times, how about you?


Neptune transiting first house, but natally in the 10th squaring saturn in the 7th.

Magic is definitely afoot! Synchronicity abounds, and just leaped ahead a bit in my spiritual journey.


I feel something, but it’s mostly panic -no matter how hard I try to calm down. I can’t escape that feeling that some shit’s about to go down in the next year or so. Neptune is conjunct my Scorpio ascendant and square Jupiter and my MC in Leo (9th house). Lots of tears lately, mourning over old stuff, but then Neptune also opposes my Taurus Moon. :/


Neptune is square my natal moon (taurus 9th) and this has definitely raised a lot of emotional issues. I’m already living abroad but to mix it up even more is a little unsettling. Doing my best with it…

If you have any suggestions or strategies, please share!


Oh and Neptune is natally in my 4th house of Sagg… which then ties back with my Taurus moon in 9th (ruled by Sagg). Most definitely had a lot of skewed views of how my upbringing was and those old issues seem to be rising lately… doesn’t matter how far away I move I still have to deal with them… the DEEP ones are now emerging so it seems… trying my best to stay present.


If I go just a bit further… Natally Mercury is in Pisces (the way I think and manifest my world) for me in the 7th (relationships always of great importance to me), so with Neptune in Pisces that would amplify this right? Or does it have to be conjunct or have some other aspect to do so?


I think you should read up on culture shock. This should also be known as transition shock as the stages are relevant to any kind of change process, and you are experiencing two layers of this. Remember one thing: stress is an essential challenge for growth. Therefore stress is to be respected. Get to know its signs and symptoms by observing and allowing them to be. Make room for stress, don’t push it away. Somewhat like a guest in your home. You’ll learn to live with it, to understand its needs and…well, hopefully you’ll find the house you share ends… Read more »


Thank you for your words of wisdom I can feel your patience and sincerity and I thoroughly appreciate it milleunaotte. Reading your advice about embracing the stress and just letting it be makes a lot of sense and I will try to practice this. I did seek a naturopath yesterday to help with a liver tonic and some flower essences which has indeed been helpful and I’ve stopped the excessive worrying and crying. Learning how to communicate my needs has gotten a little easier as I’ve gotten older, but when I really feel stretched it becomes harder, for some reason… Read more »


Neptune 12th house. U turned straight back from home after work yesterday on a hunch to stop a suicide. Dramatic results – catalyst for change for that person. I look forward to sleeping nights (though always late) because my sleep feels less like an off button and very much like i’m reprogramming during the night. But somehow it seems the ideal sleep duration should be an extra hour than it is. Also some freak mermaid magic happening, like random flowers from men and amped up eyes and smiles and flirting from men everywhere. This could be Venus but i don’t… Read more »

Electric Eel Libran

I totally feel you about the “suicide stop” thing. I was lucky enough to happen to be there right when I a friend was about to pluck himself out from this life a few years ago. Of course he didn’t do it. It really reminds us that life is so fragile. He was a Cancer though and was low in his US RDA(recommended daily allowance) of bitch-slaps. I still think about that day. we don’t have spring here but i’ve also noticed an increase in number of guys hitting on normally invisible moi. Nothings come of it but hey it’s… Read more »


I hope those people are both very grateful to have you both appear and that both are better or at least will be.

Oran Mor

I have Neptune directly opposite my natal Sun at present… Enough said..

Oran Mor

Also just remembered that Pluto is currently sitting on my natal Neptune… Yep… All that sorta thing, haha..


A little while back that Mars in Virgo was opposite my Sun in Pisces and it was relentless. Mars transited my Pluto (plus Lilith) in Virgo too. I just never felt right: burning and striving and driven but feeling very much a tug of war with my nature, like who i am wasn’t really good enough, and my efforts weren’t helping me to be better, just showing me up for all that i’m not. This astro is better for me. I don’t know what it’s like to be a Virgo but probably nothing like it is being Piscean, and i… Read more »


Mind you, in my case that was grinding over a natal Pluto opposition Sun, which has that deep doubt of self effect anyway.


is there any supportive planet out there? or just one challenge after the other…. f.c
yes, yes, just a matter of handling.
but no. i dont know how.


I think that’s Jupiter


Jupiter on my Asc. Fatty Boom Boom Jupiter is all I can think of Jove!
Isn’t it more about the aspects than any particular planet?


Yes though if you had mars chiron conjunction with pluto opposition like me (1st/ 7th houses) you would be working tirelessly with a freakish abundance of energy, and then periodically crash into total sickness, then the jupiter (conjunct my ascendant (12th) house comes to the rescue…Sometimes though it’s the other way round!


Oh I know, it certainly feels that way.

Lovely, lovely Jupiter.


So if Neptune’s transiting my third house then I’m doing Pilates in a boatshed on the lake just up the road. Excellent, it explains all. It has made one pass over my natal Saturn and I’m looking forward to it’s return to offset the square to Jupiter as I’m thinking Neptune and Jupiter in opposition are my excuse for self indulgence. Also tackling meditation and kind of looking for spiritual inspiration to offset the zapping of the last 12 months. πŸ™‚


That was me, recent arrival, and learning the astro.


pilates in a boatshed… that would be so wonderful. any outdoorsy waterside exercise …. ohh HAHA I have just clicked, my 6th house is ruled by Saggitarius! And Neptune lives there too.
where was i… oh yes enjoy the shed xx


Neptune is conjunct my Sun on the Descendant, so I’ve always muddled through life based on intuitions and signs, but since February I’ve had a different level of access to my intuition altogether. It feels great, like having a wise ally in your corner. And I’m really beginning to feel the Scorping. An inner radiation of core energy, getting clear and focused about what I want and don’t want, a willingness to let go of those things that no longer serve a purpose, embracing my “inner executive” (but maybe that’s my Progressed Sun and Moon in Capricorn talking). Life feels… Read more »


Ditto being bang on the Descendant, only conjunct Lilith and Mercury.

Lifetime membership to Love Zombiedom I fear …

Oh and midlife Neptune square Neptune around the corner, to look forward to.


Neptune is in my 12 house in sagg, any help on what that means? From what I read 12 house is ruled by Pisces, and Neptune rules Pisces so guessing that means something, good?


Yes, I find it good having Neptune in the 12th (though mine is in Scorpio). It took a while to “tap into” it, but over time realized it makes me very intuitive (despite otherwise having a slew of more mental, concrete facts-type of placements). It can make you psychic.


Zero degrees Capricorn, trining my Venus at zero Virgo, and Mars at 7 Virgo. Squaring my Sun AND Mercury both at 29 Virgo. My Moon is 10 Capricorn but I never want to call that a conjunction because it’s just a little TOO far (though astro.com wants to call it one, whatever). Anyway, I am completely obsessed with my fantasies and always have been. It’s really hard for me to remember that a thought I have, esp one I had while “under the influence” isn’t true, esp in the love realm. I hate it!! and this post is very relevant… Read more »


oh and a sextile to Pluto at 3 Scorpio, but I never think about sextiles so I forgot to mention it.


That’s probably it right there. Neptune in sexy little sextile to Pluto.


oh good point! And my other aspects explain why I am deciding to just ignore that its there.


hey ive got neptune sextiling pluto too-what do you reckon that means?
And its opposing Saturn-thats probably not good… :-S


and squaring my natal neptune..this is getting complicated..


that’s generational Neptune sextile Pluto…lasts a while just changes signs. Not often significant personal meaning but does affect generations. I have it too, and i’m sure heaps of people here do.


oh yeah, that IS true. the mystery continues!!


Yeh I haz it


I’m Neptuned the fuq out but still highly functional… weird and vivid dream madness all week, moderate consumption of Blue Devil Hootchie juice this evening, sucked in to watching shit tv show – but at the same time magic is clearly afoot, amzing trippy shit happening all week, signs everywhere, and things just falling into place (apart from today, when magic was interrupted by incompetent fuqwits fuqing shit up – mostly the useless fuqwits at Virgin Mobile, who can go suck it – the other incompetents have rectified their retardedness and are forgiven).


Ha! I had exactly the same type of day. Generally I feel like everything is falling into place, as it should be, etc. But today….incompetent idiots at every turn. It was a rant an hour from me today, sheesh!


I am a highly functioning flake during intense Neptunian transits I almost typed hangovers!
I can drink and not get a hangover. I consider it luck and don’t want to push it it any further this week.

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